his mouth is a black hole everything gets sucked in

op 17th anniversary - day one: laugher

just days before this dinner, vivi was watching the country that she loves with all her heart being destroyed from the inside. she watched so many people die and lost many that she cared about. the past two years have been nothing but pain and turmoil for her as she trudged on, fueled almost solely by her endless love for others and dreams of peace. 

but she can still laugh. she’s experienced so much sorrow that it could break a person, but she refuses to break. everyone who looked at her was amazed that she could still smile after everything that she’s seen. 

this scene stuck with me, even though it’s something so small, because it really drives home the point that there’s always tomorrow. you may face incredible sorrows one day that threaten to destroy you, but it won’t last forever. there will be a time in the future where you will be able to smile and laugh again. no matter what comes your way or however hopeless the present and the future seem, just remember that you will be able to laugh one day from the bottom of your heart once more. you are never alone. you have friends who support you and who long to see you smile again.

Post Break-Up Sex

“Post break-up sex that helps you forget your ex” …But what if the sex is with your ex? p.s michael has blue hair in this cause i said so

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