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Okay, so for any of you tired of the salt or tired of me complaining about Sharon Raydor’s death or James Duff don’t bother reading beyond this point. You have been warned. Rant will follow.

I just read his latest interview and if I hadn’t been infuriated before, I certainly am now. Every time he opens his mouth he just makes things worse. Basically what you get from this interview is that it’s the fans (Mary’s fans) fault for reacting in such a ridiculous and irriational way to a television show.

I find it interesting that while he continues to use Mary as a shield to hide behind and continues to say he killed Sharon off because he couldn’t end the show the way he wanted with her still alive(though why he needed or wanted it to go down that way I still haven’t figured out and he still hasn’t commented) he has yet to offer up any kind of explanation about why he lied to the fans about season 6. Why he offered it up as a gift and said we would be satisfied and gratified. He’s never commented on that, at least as far as anything I’ve seen.

So, here is my take on the article.

Maybe the fact that there is no hope is what has the fans most upset because they weren’t done yet.

GOD, people really don’t get it. We all understood Major Crimes was finished. We aren’t IDIOTS. We had accepted it. Yes, many of us hoped it might get picked up by another network but that inferno of rage did NOT happen because we were upset that there was no hope for MC to get picked up. That INFERNO was created over the senseless killing off of Sharon Raydor. END OF FUCKING STORY.

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I feel rlly dumb because I was playing No more dream in normal mode and then I looked at the picture in the background while playing and started laughing so hard I failed because it looked (to ne at least) like tae was shoving a paper in his mouth...

Lol, I get distracted by them all the time! Just try again and try not to laugh lol, doesn’t make you dumb!


Mostly-vegetarian Sero meets carnivorous Kirishima, loss of trust ensues 


not sure what i was trying to do, but here’s this height chart i guess??

  • Keith: *shrugs* Yeah, you might call us rivals, but I would kiss you if you asked.
  • Lance, blushing: What?
  • Keith, also blushing: What?
  • Pidge, eating popcorn in the background: *cups hands around their mouth* He said he would kiss you if you asked!

They’re too nice to fight each other what are you even talking about.

so taako and kravitz are on a date, probably like a later date, and kravitz is really getting into Backstory Territory and is explaining his sort of state of being… undead, generally ageless and immortal and also carrying an aspect of the raven queen and taako’s just like “yeah ok cool cool” and kravitz explains that the raven queen can exist through him and when she calls he has to answer and taako just immediately picks up on the fact that she can possibly hear through him and he’s like

“hey can she hear me like, right now?”

“um… probably, i mean–”

taako is waving a hand in front of kravitz’s face like “heeeello, is this thing on, hey, R.Q., listen I–”

and kravitz is just dumbfounded like… what is he doing no stop and taako’s like

“hey listen im taako, sure you’ve heard of me, kind of a big deal, it’s a pleasure. listen, im gonna fuck your son, okay?”

cue kravitz fluffing like a ghibli character, dark cheeks even darker somehow and is like “woah woah, taako what–”

but taako continues like, “no i really gotta put all this out on the table like, your son is super great and im really into him, and also im going to totally ride his dick. i hope that’s okay!”

and kravitz just covers taako’s mouth finally and they get into this like play wrestling session except kravitz is absolutely stronger than taako so he wins and he’s just like HEAVING like OH BOY PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS

and the raven queen just like whispers in the back of his mind like “get it, son.”