his mom is pretty though


Evidence #2395874 that Kishimoto did not take notes while writing Naruto: Shukaku was originally the spirit of a Sunagakure elder. Naruto Vol. 11, Ch. 97

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I don't understand how Olly still loves his mom even though she's neglected him for pretty much his whole life? He doesn't even seem a little resentful that she fucked him up and made his life a lot harder than it needed to be. Like when I see pictures of Olly as an adult hugging her I don't understand why he would love her. since it seems that theyve never bonded.

it’s actually really common for kids who come from abusive or neglectful homes to sympathize with the abuser. Olly has always been desperate for his mom’s love and approval and has always had a weird guilt in his mind that he is the reason she is miserable or that he messed up her life after he saw pictures of his mom happy before him, so he overcompensates for that trying to be the best son possible using his gang earnings to pay for her apartment food bills bails checking up on her buying her gifts taking her out to lunch anything for her to see him in a positive light. she’s all he has and he has a fear of being alone. His grandfather committed suicide way before he was born, his grandmother Nana died in his childhood, he has no aunts or uncles and no real relationship with distant family members  and never knew his father so he clings to his mom and constantly worries about her

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Heelloo can o have some Instagram hc for deku, todoroki and Bakugou? Do they always like s/o or crush pictures and who they follow? I think it can be really fun 😻

I love these hcs! Very cute!


Midoriya Izuku 緑谷 出久

• His Instagram is pretty much just nice scenery. It’s also little posts about important things that happened in his life.

• For example, he’ll always post the cake he had for his birthday, and he posted his hero costume. Also, tons of pictures of All Might, that one’s a given.

• His Insta is private because his mom doesn’t want random people following him on social media. Yeah, that might be a little overprotective, but he agrees with her.

• Izuku is the type who will accidentally like someone’s 120-week-old post. Save him.

• He’s following his crush and they follow him back. He likes all of their pictures, but he never knows when he should comment on it or not.

• He gets put in a bunch of group DMs and he’ll usually only respond if someone asks him a question directly or when he’s mentioned.


Bakugō Katsuki 爆豪 勝己


• His Instagram is definitely a “dude’s Instagram.” Random cars, lots of action scenes from movies, and explosions (usually his own).

• He has little to no pictures of himself on there. If someone’s trying to find a picture of him, good luck, since there probably aren’t any that exist.

• He follows his crush. He’s actually following everyone from class 1-A, surprisingly. According to him, it’s because he wants to see how much better his life is than their boring ones.

• In reality, it’s actually because it would be weird if he was only following one or two people close to him, since he “has no friends and hates everyone in the class.”

• Bakugou doesn’t like any posts, but he does comment a lot. Kirishima posted some random challenge again. Bakugou comments “stop.” Kaminari is posting more memes. Bakugou comments “why.” His crush posted a picture. Bakugou does not comment.

• He doesn’t comment on any of Deku’s pictures because he knows Deku’s mom in always checking his Instagram. Everyone else is pretty much fair game though.


Todoroki Shōto 轟 焦棟


• He doesn’t really use his account to post anything, he just has it to check up on his friends. The least he’ll have is a profile picture and maybe one or two posts of the sky or trees.

• He doesn’t check his account too much, so if someone comments or puts him in a group DM, he probably won’t reply for a while.

• If he does reply, everyone makes a big deal out of it, since he’s notorious for leaving people on read. Sometimes he just can’t think of anything to say.

• Follows his crush. He doesn’t comment anything on their pictures, but he does like all of them.

• Speaking of liking, he doesn’t know what he should or shouldn’t like. He ends up liking people’s 100-week-old posts just because. He pretty much spams people, but it’s not intentional.

• He likes it when he’s involved in the group DMs for the class. It’s fun for him to get to talk to his friends outside of school, he’s never really had that experience before.

Andres Carriedo


- Really chill

-Unless he’s drunk

-Violent drunk

- Doesn’t do drugs

- Just drinks

- Really decent guy when he’s sober

- Has Aspergers

- Doesn’t love Flavio anymore. Cares for him as a friend

- Klaus drugs him when he starts bitching/ranting at a bar

- He hates it

-But he’s also curious as to where Klaus is getting these drugs

- And why he had them in the first place?

- Was it really just for him?

- Has a hard time expressing his feelings

- Like even talking about them is hard for him

- He tries though

- Pretty fucking lazy

- Loves his mom and misses her

- Sucks at bets

- Like honestly

- He loses a lot of money that way

- Hella good dancer, not gonna lie

- Would protect Luciano and Flavio with his life

- Yeah even Luciano even though they don’t get along that well

- Klaus, Flavio and Louis are his best friends

- They help him with his Aspergers

- Yeah even Louis

- Though Louis isn’t great at it, he tries

- The least suicidal out of the three

- He’s not suicidal but he’s not scared of dying

- He’s more of “Whatever happens, happens.”

My review of SW: TLJ (spoilers)

Star wars, star wars, what do I have to say? Well, it was a good movie definitely, an 8/10 IMHO. TLJ had its strengths but definitely a few weaknesses that just spoiled it a little for me.

To start, Oscar Isaac was definitely one of the shining moments of the film. He was just so charismatic and likeable that I fell even more in love with Poe. Even though they wrote his character to the Angry Hispanic stereotype, Oscar delivered an amazing performance with moments of softness and emotions amidst all the chaos. His heart eyes at Finn was too much for my heart ♥️ Not to mention, he was really pretty in the film. Like REALLY pretty. And his relationship with his 2 space moms, absolutely loved it. Though it was pretty unnecessary for Leia to slap him, my poor baby.

Apart from my obvious love for Poe, I also loved Finn’s entire journey with Rose and how my little ex-stormtroooper just can’t stop himself from trying to do good. His story arc form starting the film about to leave and save only Rey, to discovering that together with Rose they had a chance to save the Resistance cruiser, and to finally deciding to sacrifice himself to give the resistance base some time just resonated with me. Rose was just lovely as well. She was just so pure and loving and cute and uhhhhh I just want to hug her so bad. Anddd, that line it how they’re not gonna win the war by fighting those we hate but by saving those we love, it just left me in tears. (pretty sure my friends were embarrassed they were watching the film with me hehe) One thing that didn’t sit well with me though, was how they made Finn and Rose’s journey be the bridge that caused the first order to find out about vice admiral Holdo’s plans. But meh, you don’t always get what you want.

Next part of the film that I liked was just Rey and Luke’s scenes on the Jedi Island. There were so many funny little moments, a few parallels to Empire strikes back and just Luke being Luke. I didn’t like how they make Rey’s character so tied to Kylo tho. I just couldn’t bring myself to enjoy how reliant they made Rey’s character development in this film to Kylo. Yes they share a force bond and yes Rey spend most of the film trying to bring Kylo to the light with her but like that entire convo abt how she’s nothing but not to him… that boy doesn’t deserve your saving Rey. On top of that, they’re pushing Rey into the “naive little girl who always sees the best in everyone” role that just seemed a little ooc to me. She’s survived pretty long by herself dealing with illegal traders and junkers, I’m pretty sure she’s not that naive.

Finally, all the scenes with Leia. I just loved them, she always seemed to change the air around her and always seemed to make things seem better. Everyone in the theatre was always extra silent and attentive whenever she was on. And that scene where she used the force, it killed me. Ohhh and “In Loving Memory Of Our Princess Carrie Fisher”. Let’s just say there were a few tears.

All in all, what made The last Jedi wasn’t amazing individual performances or the number of beautifully shot scenes, it was how the film was in its root, a star wars movie. While there were parallels to the empire strikes back, it didn’t mirror it as much as I feared it would.

P.S. Force Ghost Yoda is a little shit and I love it.

P. P. S. This is just my take on the film and I’m pretty sure it’s very different from many others.

I am probably going to regret saying this…

but in light of all the nastiness against those “making it about Larry,” I would like to respectfully point out that when a long time partner’s parent dies, you are intimately, intricately involved. you are their support system. you are their sounding board. you are the person who holds them when they cry. you are the person who tries to take care of everything so that your partner can spend time grieving with their family. and if you knew your partner’s parent well, you are also grieving for them too.

commenting about Harry looking sad, isn’t making this about Larry. it’s acknowledging that hey, it’s probably pretty shitty for Harry too. he’s devastated for Jay’s loss, and for Louis’ loss, and is doing everything he can to be a support to the family and to his partner. that isn’t “making it about Larry” that is acknowledging the emotional burden that a partner willingly takes on when something horrible like this happens.

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Let's get some fluffy Yooseven up in here! How would they act or take care of the other when they're sick or in a bad mood after a long day? (◕ᴗ◕✿)

AGGRESSIVELY DABS B/C OF THIS ASK even though it took me five years to respond to (listen I am a depressed individual with finals coming up that’s my only excuse)

~Admin MP

  • If Yoosung was sick, Seven would try his honest to god best
  • But he’s never taken care of himself when he’s sick (he just suffers and powers through it) 
  • But….it’s Yoosung….Yoosung is precious cargo??
  • So he sort of just bundles Yoosung up in a bunch of blankets and is like “what do you need…??” 
  • He dies when Yoosung sniffles and says in a pouty voice, “I want cuddles.”
  • They both get distracted for like fifteen minutes because of cuddles
  • Seven gets back to business after that, though, and makes sure Yoosung is comfortable before going to the store to pick shit up, texting Yoosung the whole time so he’s not lonely (and he’s worried, okay)
  • He ends up skimming an article about what to do when you’re sick and buys literally everything the article suggests
  • So he has a huge ass haul and he comes back, sifting through it all and getting the right medicine somehow (He’s relying a lot on wikihow)
  • Yoosung has blankets wrapped around him up to his neck, he has a pout on, his nose is bright red, and he’s sniffling
  • He’s so fucking cute but he also can’t breathe out of his nose
  • Seven gives him medicine and makes him soup and tea but Yoosung is too sleepy to eat or drink anything so he ends up just falling asleep leaning against Seven who is watching anime on low (thankfully there’s subtitles)
  • If Seven was sick, Yoosung would go into Mom mode
  • He’d ask his mom for a bit of advice even though he pretty much has it on lock down
  • While Seven is whining on his bed, Yoosung gives him some dusty ass medicine he found in the back of Seven’s cabinet from the last time he got sick and Yoosung got him medicine (it’s almost expired and Yoosung rolls his eyes at Seven’s determination to Suffer)
  • When Seven passes out from the medicine Yoosung gave him, Yoosung goes to the store and stocks up, buying just what he needs (and making sure to get extra although he has a feeling he’ll be the one taking care of Seven from now on)
  • By the time he gets back, Seven’s woken up and is looking around grumpily and confused
  • Yoosung tries not to laugh at the look on his face and just goes over to him, sitting next to him and running his hands through Seven’s sweaty hair
  • Then he gives Seven more medicine, puts Vick’s on his chest (blushing the whole time, and Seven’s not sick enough that he doesn’t tease him about it), gives him some orange juice, and makes him lie down again
  • Seven is the type to try and pretend he’s not as sick as he is so Yoosung always has to make sure he doesn’t run away to try and work 
  • But eventually Seven stops trying to sneak away and snuggles up against Yoosung

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Do you have any headcanons for Gary on Mother's Day, seeing as his mother is dead/missing

He always drops off a gift on Delia’s porch. Even when he’s away traveling, he always sends her something. He never gives it to her face-to-face because he’s too embarrassed, and there’s always the lingering thought, “That’s Ash’s mom, not mine.” Delia is nevertheless touched.

Ash might have been annoyed, and a little possessive, as a child. As he gets older, though, he doesn’t mind so much. His mom is pretty great after all. Besides, Gary shares his grandfather as a father figure, so why can’t Gary have Delia as a motherly one?

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That scene with Ui insulting Hairu actually shows Ui to be a bit in a negative light. I mean if you put "I hate people from the bottom" into the context that he was raised by a wealthy family, it shows him to be a bit of snob at her expense. (off topic: I have often wondered how close Ui's family is to the CCG. Arima didn't bring him into his defiance against the organization, likely because he knew his family were to closely invested in it).

I actually love this about Ui’s personality! I don’t agree with his morals personally, but from the outside it’s interesting to see a character who seems pretty mellow and good-natured– right up until his principles are challenged. The fact that he’s a chain smoker is a great glimpse at how high-strung he actually is, what with his extremely rigid idea of “justice”, and the pressure everyone has put on him to be “the last hope for the CCG”. 

And Ui’s an absolute bigot when it comes to ghouls. He doesn’t try to hide it, not even face-to-face with the Q’s or Haise, a half-ghoul by victim of medical abuse. He’s openly contemptuous towards Haise, and can’t stand the special attention Arima gives him (using “he’s dangerous” as a facade to hide his bias).

I’m positive Arima (literally Captain Observant) saw this and kept Ui out of the “Free Kaneki Ken” operation for his close-mindedness alone. Even though he’s pretty much Arima’s mom-friend, his beliefs inevitably distanced himself from earning his trust.

Side-note: despite their friendship, Ui is the polar opposite of Hirako, which makes the caring dynamic between the three of them really interesting imo. It must’ve been difficult for both Hirako and Arima to hear how much Ui hated/mistrusted Haise when 1) The Plan™ involved Kaneki killing Arima and 2) Arima was a half-ghoul himself.

but but but~!!! I do wonder if Ui was onto him

(or if he wanted to talk about Hairu. Double gut-punch if he stumbles into Kanou’s lab and finds her corpse in some terrible way or another).

It’s really faint, but I just noticed that on a couple of the pictures Alcorn Studios posted (original post in link):

Hater has a note on his mirror reminding him to call his mom sometime… and that’s pretty adorable (though, I guess Peepers could’ve wrote it and put it there for him, but it’s still sorta sweet)

Also, I really wanna see the full storyboards for these deleted scenes, just out of curiosity. And I guess they sorta confirm that Wander takes tongue baths like a cat, but maybe only in situations where bathing water isn’t available, since he ends up taking a waterfall shower in the episode? (does it count if it’s a deleted scene though?) Poor Hater though, lol. I’m sure he’s tore through at least a dozen towels just trying to dry off his horns.