his mom is pretty though

Andres Carriedo


- Really chill

-Unless he’s drunk

-Violent drunk

- Doesn’t do drugs

- Just drinks

- Really decent guy when he’s sober

- Has Aspergers

- Doesn’t love Flavio anymore. Cares for him as a friend

- Klaus drugs him when he starts bitching/ranting at a bar

- He hates it

-But he’s also curious as to where Klaus is getting these drugs

- And why he had them in the first place?

- Was it really just for him?

- Has a hard time expressing his feelings

- Like even talking about them is hard for him

- He tries though

- Pretty fucking lazy

- Loves his mom and misses her

- Sucks at bets

- Like honestly

- He loses a lot of money that way

- Hella good dancer, not gonna lie

- Would protect Luciano and Flavio with his life

- Yeah even Luciano even though they don’t get along that well

- Klaus, Flavio and Louis are his best friends

- They help him with his Aspergers

- Yeah even Louis

- Though Louis isn’t great at it, he tries

- The least suicidal out of the three

- He’s not suicidal but he’s not scared of dying

- He’s more of “Whatever happens, happens.”

Skinny Love (Ch. 2)


Dan awoke to streams of sunlight peeking from underneath his blinds. The clock on his phone read 7:12 am. He had just enough time to get ready and eat breakfast before school.

He put on his favorite gray sweater, paired with skinny jeans and sneakers, and stuffed his sketchbook into his book bag. Not wanting to wake his mom, he tiptoed through the kitchen quietly, grabbing a granola bar before heading out the door. 

Overall, the kid had a pretty okay life. 

His dad and mom split when he was younger, and his mom got most of the custody. His stepdad Martin was pretty great, though. And his family was alright financially. He was grateful that he never had to worry about having a supportive home life.

Dan was on track to being accepted to a good school and getting an art degree. Maybe after that, he would illustrate children’s books or design for some company, or maybe just live a quiet life of painting and sketching. Of course, he hoped one day that his works would be in a museum. Then he could impact more people, make a bigger statement. Although Dan’s life was quiet, his art was anything but. 

The piece he was most proud of was a pair of lungs, colors an ombre from red to purple, pride colors. The lungs were painted with glitter and soft roses. On the left lung, there is a hole through which one can see haphazard stitching as if the lung were trying to heal itself.

 Dan did it to protest his country’s homophobic tendencies, the rise of the alt-right with Trump’s election, and to show that if we do not breathe together we do not breathe at all. 

It was featured in his school’s art show and won first place. It got over 100,000 notes on Tumblr. He even sold prints of some of his art, 50% of the proceeds going towards reputable human rights charities. 

Dan was a positive force, and he would let nothing get in his way. He was a genuinely good person. 

Sitting in his first-period class, he pondered what his next project would be. Perhaps he could make something bigger out of his dream-inspired sketches.

The teacher droned on about asymptotes and other math related things and Dan tried his best to pay attention but to no avail. He just couldn’t focus today.

Most of his morning classes went the same way. At lunch, he sat with his best friend PJ. They talked about the usual stuff, video games, art, music, art, then video games again. Dan could forget for a minute that strange things were happening to him. PJ was always like that. Green eyes full of light, a grin full of mischief, and a sense of humor that could distract one from the toughest of problems. Dan considered himself lucky to be his friend. He could almost convince himself that things were normal until PJ changed the conversation from their usual topics.

“Have you seen the new kid yet?“ he asked Dan. 

"No. There’s a new kid?” Their school was small, so a new kid was fairly big news.

“Yeah. He’s like. Edgy.”

“What do you mean?”

“He showed up to chemistry today with black skinny jeans, a black t-shirt, and a black leather jacket. Oh, and his hair’s black as well.”

“Seems a little old to still be in an emo phase.”

“Exactly. And he hasn’t really talked to anybody. I was scared he would shoot up the classroom any minute.”

“What’s his name? Is he in here?” Dan asked, looking around the cafeteria.

“No, I don’t see him. His name’s Phil I think.”

“Is he hot?”

“Yeah. Leather jackets make everyone hot.”

“Interesting. Maybe I’ll have a new man by the end of the day.” Dan wiggled his eyebrows and PJ laughed. 

Dan sat in his third-period class, right after lunch. He was doodling on the edge of his notebook when the teacher cleared her throat. 

“As some of you may already know, we have a new student.” Dan’s head whipped up. “I expect you all to treat him with the same respect and kindness you would want if you started at a new school. Come on in and introduce yourself, sweetie.” The teacher motioned toward the door and in walked the man. Like, the. man. The one who kept Dan up at night sketching. 

He was tall, just like in the dreams. His clothes fit his body everywhere just right. He had his hands stuffed into his leather jacket pockets, and his black book bag had metal studs on it. His icy blue eyes held nonchalance. He was so, so beautiful. 

Dan’s eyes were wide as he stared at the guy, mouth slightly agape in shock. 

It couldn’t be. 

But it is. 

But how?

“Hi, I’m Phil.” his voice was deep. The exact same voice Dan heard tell him, ‘I’m yours’. 

“Where are you from, Phil?” the teacher asked.

“I moved here from Lancashire.” Phil surveyed the room as if someone would challenge him. He made eye contact with Dan. It made Dan’s heart drop into his stomach. Phil only looked at him a second before moving on, which gave Dan the impression that Phil didn’t know him, or at least was pretending not to. 

“Alright, sweetie. You can go ahead and have a seat.”

Dan’s pulse was too fast.

The only open seat was next to him. 


I am probably going to regret saying this…

but in light of all the nastiness against those “making it about Larry,” I would like to respectfully point out that when a long time partner’s parent dies, you are intimately, intricately involved. you are their support system. you are their sounding board. you are the person who holds them when they cry. you are the person who tries to take care of everything so that your partner can spend time grieving with their family. and if you knew your partner’s parent well, you are also grieving for them too.

commenting about Harry looking sad, isn’t making this about Larry. it’s acknowledging that hey, it’s probably pretty shitty for Harry too. he’s devastated for Jay’s loss, and for Louis’ loss, and is doing everything he can to be a support to the family and to his partner. that isn’t “making it about Larry” that is acknowledging the emotional burden that a partner willingly takes on when something horrible like this happens.

amazingmsme  asked:

I'm not sure if you like Jared, cause not every one likes him, but if you do then how about Jared's stomach? If you don't then maybe Evan's?

Aaahh sorry I don’t like Jared that much, but I can do Evan!

  • Evan’s stomach is actually pretty sensitive, though only his mom and later on Jared and Zoe (and possibly Connor depending on what your headcanons are) know this
  • It’s the type of sensitivity where he flinches if someone even moves close to it, which has gotten him into awkward situations before
  • Naturally he’s always conscious of this and therefore crosses his arms a lot in order to not end up in another Awkward Situation
  • If we’re going for the headcanon where he and Connor become close, then this defense mechanism eases as they grow closer and Connor tickles him there with glee
  • Zoe tickles him sometimes while they’re together, but they never really make it into the stage of their relationship where tickling is a natural thing
  • When Jared finds out he will poke him whenever Evan starts stressing over things too much, but he won’t do it if he sees that Evan won’t be able to handle it
  • It’s probably a 9 and definitely one of the worst spots on his body

send me a character + body part, and I will tell you my headcanon about that spot being ticklish and will rate it on a scale from 1 to 10

myotomespace  asked:

27 + 29 ? 😯

Hey, dear! Thanks for the questions! 

27: Do you like or hate the MC?

I love the MC, but sometimes I think she can be kind of dumb (and I don’t always like her very much. My most fave MC’s are in Nobu and Ieyasu’s routes. My least favorite are in Saizo and Mitsuhide’s) So it really depends. I admire her at times and find her too naive at others. I like it when she grows a bit, and changes for the better.

29: Did any scene make you laugh out loud?

Regularly. The blushy Yukimura scenes, the Nobu and his mom scenes, etc. I am pretty easy to amuse though. So don’t use me as a measurement.

other than the obvious bad part of dehorning goats (you know, cutting off their horns and then burning the stump so it doesn’t regrow sucks for them) , it sure makes it a lot harder to steer them/hold them still/etc!!!! one time a (dehorned) goat was deep in the wooded area kind of just waiting for her to get tired-ish and eventually she was in a position where i could make contact so i quickly grabbed her shoulder area. but to do that i have to be like real close and low to the ground so i had like no footing and of course just got dragged around for awhile. anyway i love her

her son though is bigger than her and lots of people are scared of him but tbh he’s no problem he’s got big horns and if he’s about to hurt you , you can just grab those and then he’s pretty good. his mom though!!!!! she doesn’t take any fuckin shit!!!!! when she doesn’t want to be restrained (which she has to be sometimes for shots and health checks and stuff) she lets you know!! she bites!! yeah i love her

piratekender  asked:

Let's get some fluffy Yooseven up in here! How would they act or take care of the other when they're sick or in a bad mood after a long day? (◕ᴗ◕✿)

AGGRESSIVELY DABS B/C OF THIS ASK even though it took me five years to respond to (listen I am a depressed individual with finals coming up that’s my only excuse)

~Admin MP

  • If Yoosung was sick, Seven would try his honest to god best
  • But he’s never taken care of himself when he’s sick (he just suffers and powers through it) 
  • But….it’s Yoosung….Yoosung is precious cargo??
  • So he sort of just bundles Yoosung up in a bunch of blankets and is like “what do you need…??” 
  • He dies when Yoosung sniffles and says in a pouty voice, “I want cuddles.”
  • They both get distracted for like fifteen minutes because of cuddles
  • Seven gets back to business after that, though, and makes sure Yoosung is comfortable before going to the store to pick shit up, texting Yoosung the whole time so he’s not lonely (and he’s worried, okay)
  • He ends up skimming an article about what to do when you’re sick and buys literally everything the article suggests
  • So he has a huge ass haul and he comes back, sifting through it all and getting the right medicine somehow (He’s relying a lot on wikihow)
  • Yoosung has blankets wrapped around him up to his neck, he has a pout on, his nose is bright red, and he’s sniffling
  • He’s so fucking cute but he also can’t breathe out of his nose
  • Seven gives him medicine and makes him soup and tea but Yoosung is too sleepy to eat or drink anything so he ends up just falling asleep leaning against Seven who is watching anime on low (thankfully there’s subtitles)
  • If Seven was sick, Yoosung would go into Mom mode
  • He’d ask his mom for a bit of advice even though he pretty much has it on lock down
  • While Seven is whining on his bed, Yoosung gives him some dusty ass medicine he found in the back of Seven’s cabinet from the last time he got sick and Yoosung got him medicine (it’s almost expired and Yoosung rolls his eyes at Seven’s determination to Suffer)
  • When Seven passes out from the medicine Yoosung gave him, Yoosung goes to the store and stocks up, buying just what he needs (and making sure to get extra although he has a feeling he’ll be the one taking care of Seven from now on)
  • By the time he gets back, Seven’s woken up and is looking around grumpily and confused
  • Yoosung tries not to laugh at the look on his face and just goes over to him, sitting next to him and running his hands through Seven’s sweaty hair
  • Then he gives Seven more medicine, puts Vick’s on his chest (blushing the whole time, and Seven’s not sick enough that he doesn’t tease him about it), gives him some orange juice, and makes him lie down again
  • Seven is the type to try and pretend he’s not as sick as he is so Yoosung always has to make sure he doesn’t run away to try and work 
  • But eventually Seven stops trying to sneak away and snuggles up against Yoosung

anonymous asked:

Do you have any headcanons for Gary on Mother's Day, seeing as his mother is dead/missing

He always drops off a gift on Delia’s porch. Even when he’s away traveling, he always sends her something. He never gives it to her face-to-face because he’s too embarrassed, and there’s always the lingering thought, “That’s Ash’s mom, not mine.” Delia is nevertheless touched.

Ash might have been annoyed, and a little possessive, as a child. As he gets older, though, he doesn’t mind so much. His mom is pretty great after all. Besides, Gary shares his grandfather as a father figure, so why can’t Gary have Delia as a motherly one?

[High school AU with alive Mama Stilinski because why not?]


“Oh, god.” Stiles moans, head tipped back as Derek spreads kisses all over his neck. He uses his grip on Derek’s hair to bring him into another wet kiss, throws a leg over his lap. “I have – I have a bed.” He says when Derek moves back to his neck. “We should totally use it.” Derek hums in agreement but doesn’t let go of Stiles, only pulls him closer and starts to unbutton his pants.

Stiles squeezes his eyes shut, tries to ignore the way the gear shift is digging uncomfortably under his ass. Even though this is not the first time they kiss, it’s the first time Stiles feels this burning need inside his chest. A need so strong that almost makes him forget about everything around them.

“Come on.” He tries again, pokes at Derek’s chest until he pulls back to give him an annoyed look. Stiles rolls his eyes, gives him a ‘are you kidding me’ look in response. Even though car sex is something Stiles totally wants try in the future, he’d rather not do it while they are parked right in front of his house. “Do you really want to be arrested by my dad for public indecency?” The frightened look on Derek’s face is hilarious. Stiles doesn’t think he actually got over the entire 'hurt him and you’ll never see me coming’ talk.

“Fine.” Derek grunts, turns to open the door. “Hurry up.”

Stiles doesn’t need to be told twice.

Derek’s kisses are amazing. His mouth was made for kissing and his tongue is a work a art.

Stiles doesn’t think he’ll ever get over how incredible it feels to have Derek’s mouth against his. It’s the most amazing thing in the world and he can only hope that sex will be just as good, because at this point there’s no going back.

They are having sex today. Stiles and Derek are having sex.

Derek’s dick is going to touch Stiles’.

Hell fucking yeah.

“Upstairs.” Derek groans pushing Stiles against the door.

Upstairs? Stiles frowns confused. He doesn’t know that place. He only knows the hall and that door and Derek’s chest and his hands and his voice and –

“Right here.” He moans, helps Derek get rid of his stupid jacket. “Upstairs is too far. Fuck me right here.”

“Shut up.” Derek says against his neck, hot breath making Stiles shiver. “If your parents find us they are going to kill me.”

“God, will you just stop thinking? There’s no one home.” He says, grins when Derek nods and goes back to kissing him, using those amazing lips to drive Stiles crazy and –

“I think you should rethink that statement.”

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You’ll Always Be My Favorite New Year’s Kiss

Hey guys. So this is a story that just wouldn’t get out of my head until I put it on paper. I hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think. And remember feedback is greatly appreciated and always welcome. :)


As you sat down on the couch and watched your little ones get excited because it was almost time for the ball drop you snuck a glance at your husband Niall. You smiled watching him interact with your seven and three year old daughters. Your six month old twins were in their chairs sleeping and you just smiled watching your happy family. As you watched them together your mind started to wander thinking about to all the New Year’s Eve kisses you’ve shared with their father. A small smile curved your lips as you took a trip down memory lane.


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It’s really faint, but I just noticed that on a couple of the pictures Alcorn Studios posted (original post in link):

Hater has a note on his mirror reminding him to call his mom sometime… and that’s pretty adorable (though, I guess Peepers could’ve wrote it and put it there for him, but it’s still sorta sweet)

Also, I really wanna see the full storyboards for these deleted scenes, just out of curiosity. And I guess they sorta confirm that Wander takes tongue baths like a cat, but maybe only in situations where bathing water isn’t available, since he ends up taking a waterfall shower in the episode? (does it count if it’s a deleted scene though?) Poor Hater though, lol. I’m sure he’s tore through at least a dozen towels just trying to dry off his horns.

(YN) Meets Ashton's Family (Requested)

You were having a swim party with some of your friends and family and you told Ashton to come over, so he came. You didn’t notice that he brought his mom, brother and sister with him though. You were wearing a pretty sexy swimsuit so when you got out of the pool, soaking wet, your top left little to the imagination and you saw Ashton so you bounded over to him and jumped into his arms. He took you in right away and laughed. “(YN), i have some people i’d like you to meet?” “Huh?” you ask and jump back down onto your feet and look past Ashton to see three people standing there, giving you small waves. “Your family?” you ask and he laughs. “Yeah, this is my mom, Anne Marie, my sister, Lauren and finally my brother Harry.” “Nice to meet you.” you say and hide behind Ashton. “Give me your jacket.” You tell him and he shakes his head before taking it off and putting it on you, so you were more covered up. “I’m sorry.” you say and Anne Marie laughs. “Don’t be, you look like a fun girl and you obviously make Ashton happy, so, thank you instead. I have a feeling we’ll be getting along just fine, (YN).”