his misery is beautiful

Mystically with all her beauty
The moon captivated the yearning sea
Alluring as she was
He fell in love with her
She controlled his every ebb and flow
He ached day after day
Only to touch her…
His sorrowful waves
Destined to crash upon the shore
In all his misery
Until one day the beautiful moon
Shined down on him
Touching every drop that he was made of
Soothing as she was
He no longer felt pain and grief
His heart was filled with love
She made him complete
And so began the love affair of
The moon and the sea

Friends ( Dick Grayson x Reader )

Summary: Dick visits (y/n) after a little sorta of argument with Kori… Or not.?

Pairings: Dick Grayson x Reader

Warnings: 3 bad words (if you don’t count hell 2..haha)

a/n: SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTSSS.. PLES HELP KLAUS.. BECAUSE AJSNSAHHA.. I can’t spoil.. Anyways, writing this was quite the journey.. Considering I’ve never felt this myself because I’ve never properly talked to a boy… Hahahahahahahah… I’m awkward excuse me.

A repetitive jingle echoed through your room awaking you from slumber. You opened your eyes wide in annoyance. The infuriating jingle, you somehow chose as your ringtone, continued to play. You were going to change it soon, but never actually did it. You sat up right and seized your phone, looking at why the noise was being made. Dick was calling you once again. You say once again, because he’s has been calling you almost everyday of this week ever since an argument occurred between him and Kori which led them to a take a small break from each other. He had been ranting to you, his best friend for several years, about how both of them could easily get along again if they just did this or that, but there was always a but. You answered it and placed it on speaker.

“hey (y/n), I’m on my way over!” Dick’s voice happily sprung from the phone.

You eyes widened even more. You haven’t even taken a shower. You didn’t have much food to even offer either. All you had was some leftover pasta and water. Worst of all, your ‘humble’ abode was squalid and garnished with trash all around. You questioned why you didn’t bother to accomplish anything earlier, but now was not the time to think about it.

“I thought you were in Blüdhaven!” You responded showing your shock. You were trying your best to sound happily surprised which you were at the back of your mind. The true emotion that was prominent was panic.

“I’ve decided to come back and hangout with my bestest friend!” His voice filled with such ecstasy.

Friend was a common term between the two of you. You would call him friend and he would do the same. People around you both would pleasantly regard you as friends. You did not care about the respective titles in your first few years of friendship. You were happy being friends with him, until one day. He informed you of his first kiss. During this, he completely fell for Barbara. You could only listen in quiet misery to his praises of how beautiful and amazing she was. Then was Kori, and much of the rest is an inordinate mess.  You were always happy for him when he was happy, and that just always seemed to be the case. All his past girlfriends has done one thing you never could; jumping over the small gap between girl friend. That small tiny gap was a thing people regularly called ‘friend zone’, but you called it the dark abyss that no single human can come back from. That was a giant risk and anyways it was a cycle. Friend to Girlfriend to ex. You didn’t want to get caught up in the predictable moment.

“Uhm. In how many minutes exactly will you be here?” You asked standing up and brisk walking over to the closet. You rummaged through the different types of articles in fastest way possible.

“In about thirty minutes, ugh..” He stopped and sighed over the phone. “Make that forty-five, traffic..” He continued.

“Okay, talk to you later byeeee.” You ended leaving him to hang up.

You found a (t/s) and pants pairing greatly together. You scurried back over to the nightstand and dialed a familiar number.

“Hi, Could I order a pizza?”

You threw the last crumpled paper into the trash bin in triumph. You and the apartment were all clean and there was pizza. It seemed like no tragedy would arise from those subjects, but you knew that you would still be able to screw up immensely.

A knock came from the door and you slowly walked over thinking what exactly to say.

‘Hey Dick..? or Howdy partner? Wait why the hell would I even say that.. Um.. Ahoy? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MIND THINK NORMALLY? WHY ARE YOU EVEN WORRYING?”

You were too caught up in your thoughts that you walked right into the door earning a concerned look from the other side of the wall.

“You okay over there, (y/n)?” He asked as you stood right back up, obtaining a slight ache all over your body.

“Yeah, I’m alright.” You responded trying to sound as fine as you could be. You twisted the knob of the door to see the raven haired and blue eyed man himself. You smiled happily at him and he returned it right back. You gestured for him to come in. He walked in looking around as you closed the door behind him.

“I see you’re not the same. I expected a the same messy (y/n) scrambling to fix her papers last month.” He teased causing you to furrow your eyes in anger. “Listen, Grayson. I’m a changed woman who is completely hygienic.” You crossed your arms.

“You sure you didn’t just wake up forty-five minutes ago and rushed to clean the place.” He asked raising an eyebrow.

“ugh fine I did. I hate you.” You admitted in defeat. “Anyways, one of the things I did do during those forty-five minutes was order a pizza.” You pointed at the pizza box on the table. He quickly sprinted over and opened the box grabbing a slice of pizza. You slowly followed and sat down on the couch.

“and I see you’re still the chatty Dick Grayson.” You rolled your eyes as he instantly devoured the pizza. “Hey! it’s part of my charm.” He responded smirking. He sat down beside you and placed an arm over your shoulder. You instantly blushed at this sudden action of his, quickly picking up your phone. “So, I was thinking we could watch ‘a series of unfortunate events.’” You commented scrolling through the various shows on Netflix until the said show.

“Yeah, sure. I’m up for whatever, even the unfortunate. As long as i’m with you..” He smiled as his arm was still over your shoulder. The only thing heard in your mind was incoherent screaming followed by a phrase of ‘what the fuck’s’. You grasp the event that was occurring at the moment. Your mind was at a complete blank.

You played the first episode and theme song commenced. During the episode he would make his usually witty comments, but this time there was a strange addition, flirty remarks. He would compliment you add compare to some female characters based on their charm, intelligence and much more causing you to stay flustered. He also seemed to hug you more intimately. It was truly a strange thing, considering you were both ‘friends’. Once the last episode ended it was seven in the evening and Dick just yawned in response.

“Well that truly was a cliffhanger, wasn’t it babe.” He asked his eyes somewhat closed. You fully froze up at the nickname he gave you, babe. You stuttered at those few and simple words. “u-u-h, ye-yeah.” You mumbled barely audible. You looked out the window to see the moon shining brightly in the night sky.

“You sh-should stay the night.” You continued stuttering. You regretted those words immediately after it escaped your mouth. It was dark, yes, but probably had to head back to the mansion, but at the same time you didn’t want to seem like a bad host.

“Of course. Do you mind if I sleep with you?” He asked standing up.

You nodded, but once again regretted the action asking yourself what the actual fuck you were doing. You were letting your best friend sleep with you.

“uh. I need to go change first.” You quickly responded running into your bedroom and shutting the door.

‘what are you doing.’ were the words reiterating in your mind as you picked out a tank top and pajamas to wear. You quickly changed attire and threw the rest into the laundry.

You opened the door to see a shirtless Dick Grayson.

You weren’t okay at all. Your best friend who you love dearly was shirtless and about to sleep with you. Soon you found yourselves sleeping on the edges of each side of the bed until Dick got close to you and hugged you. You faced him with the most confused face ever and he just kis-

You sprung up from you bed. You checked beside you to see no Dick Grayson at all.

“it was just a dream.” You sighed. You then heard you phone ringing the annoying jingle. You groaned in response and picked it up. You answered the call and placed it on full speaker.

“hey (y/n), I’m on my way over!”

AU!Hook: a meta

Hook was written by Rumple and the Author as a coward one handed pirate with an allergy to rum problem. You know what else was written in there? Or actually not written? Liam. There was no Liam.

So it makes sense that Killian is a self doubting, shy man. He had no brother to take care of him. No one had loved Killian Jones in this reality. He probably had a terrible childhood and was deck boy and worked in ships ever since a little kid. No one taught him how to swordfight, no one clasped his shoulder and told him he was doing a good job, ever. He was probably the victim of abuse and beating since a young age, and he probably lost his hand in punishment or something.

Considering all this, it makes sense that he is who he is in the fanfiction version of the EF.

Now, here comes a lad with strange clothes that believes he (Hook) can beat Blackbeard. Henry is (probably) the first person in Hook’s entire life to believe in him. And after that, this gorgeous woman is looking at him with doey eyes and is telling him that in another reality, not only he is great with a sword, but that he is close to her?

Of course he’s willing to die for them. There are the first two people to believe in him, to encourage him and he’d give anything to go back to that reality where he is more than what he is now. Where he is loved.

And kill me because I never thought I could love Killian Jones more than I already did and they pull this crap on me. Damn. And yes, it all comes back to Liam. Without Liam, no one ever loved or believed in Hook. Until Henry showed up.

Kill me…

Clace Fanfiction // Rated M

“Did you just - Clary!

Jace immediately flinches back as he feels something tickling his cheek. He glances over at Clary who simply sits there looking innocently in his eyes, yet a grin on her face.

Jace touches his cheek and then looks at his now with paint colored fingers, trying to look mad but still having the hint of a smile on his face.

Clary’s face brights up as she takes some paint on her fingers and before Jace can realize the color finds a new home - on his nose.

“Clary, seriously, I know I’m a masterpiece but that really doesn’t mean you need to paint on me.” He rubs his nose.

“I’m not doing it because you’re a masterpiece, idiot.”

“Then why?”

Clary just shrugs, crossing her legs on his bed, leaning back and playing with the paint and paint brushes.

She is wearing one of his for her way too big t-shirts and some short shorts. Her red hair is pulled back in a messy bun being hold together by two pencils. Jace immediately feels the urge to get the pencils out of her hair and feel the soft fabric sliding through his fingers, but instead he concentrates on the demon book in front of him.

Well, he tries.
He almost thought that he would get along with learning as paint hits his cheek again, making him jump in frustration.

“Clary, you - ”

But he is cut off as he hears her laughing, the sound echoing in the whole room. He watches how she closes her bright green eyes and puts a hand on her stomach to calm herself. She looks so much like the girl he met months ago in pandemonium, the girl who recklessly stumbled in his life and totally turned everything upside down, making him see thing by thing in a different light with every single word she says. The girl before all this happend.

Like with all of them, the events that happened changed her. She was still Clary - his Clary, with the same childish and colorful mind and loud radiant beauty to always get him out of his misery.

She doesn’t even see it when the color hits her forehead.

“Jace Herondale!”

But now it’s Jace’s time to laugh as he brings his face closer to hers, touching his nose with hers so that hers is now shining bright blue.

“Yes, angel?”

Clary grins as she leans in for a kiss, slightly touching her lips to his. Jace immediately kisses her back, with a little more force than her. As always when they kiss it sets his world spinning and his mind is empty and full of a hundred things at the same time. He takes hold of her hips as she draws her fingers across his back -

It’s only then he realized that her fingers were full of paint, now spread all over his back.

Clary grins but Jace fast gets grip of her and a few heart beats later she is lying spread on his bed with his body pushing her down. He kisses a trail down from her lips to her jaw, making her moan in a whisper and grip his shirt in her fists as he murmurs her name against her warm skin. She shifts underneath him and slowly rocks her hips against his.

Before he can’t resist her any longer, he drowns his whole hands in the color and then brings them back on Clary’s bare stomach. She lets out a hiss as the cold paint touches her skin, but Jace holds her down.

“May I?” He asks with a deep voice glancing at his shirt on her. He plays with the ends of it as she slowly nods and he lifts it over her head, throwing it to the side. He lets out and somehow animalistic groan as he watches her nearly naked chest before he sets his fingers on her ribs and spreads the color all over her, his fingers almost not even touching her. She helds in a breath as his fingers come to the space between her breasts, painting that too.

He reaches behind her but she is faster and already puts her bra off. Jace can now feel himself getting harder with ever minute passing. He doesn’t know how long he can contain himself as he swallows hard before setting his mouth down to kiss along her breasts, sucking on her nipples and then biting slightly so her fingers combine with his hair and she moans his name.

Right so.

After letting his fingers - which are full of paint - massaging her breasts one last time, he sets up, taking his shirt of.

Clary also gets up, taking the paint and now being the one to distribute the color over his body, always first kisses the place before the color is following. Her lips wander through his whole chest and Jace releases her hair from the pencils, feeling it through his fingers.

Her fingers meanwhile keep painting him, going through every line as if he is coming to life under them.

“Clary” he breathes, looking down at his red and yellow and blue and green chest that looks from the colors like hers.

He reaches for her jeans to unbutton them and moments later his are also lying somewhere on the floor, spread across his room. He kisses down the parts on her stomach where there isn’t any color, moan after moan escaping from Clary as he breathes against her inner thighs and looks up at her, his eyes asking for permission.

Clary bites her lip as she slowly nods, lifting her hips to him as he reaches for the white slip with his teeth and slowly pulls it down her legs, kissing them as he makes his way back up.

“Your… Your b-bed sheets, they will be…” Clary pauses before she continues “full of paint.” She manages to say during those muffled moans.

“Screw the bed sheets”, he growls as he kisses her between her thighs, his tongue sliding up and down making her take hold of his hair and pull on it, but before she can even really get into the touch of his tongue on her, he quickly straightens up, the bulge in his pants now painfully visible. He howers above her and for a few minutes just blankly stares at her.

He always thinks that she is beautiful, the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, but right now lying under him, completely naked and with paint all over her body, her eyes shining from lust and her red hair all over the pillows, almost like a red halo… he thinks his heart might burst of love for her. She looks worriedly in his eyes questioning why he takes so long but he kisses her doubts and self conscious away as she pulls his boxer shorts down, pulling him closer to her.

“Don’t you even try to hold down your moans” he whispers seductively as he suddenly grins. “Or screams.”

She pushes him and he slides into her, hiding his face in her neck as he hears her louder growing moans of pleasure, accidentally pushing the - really unnecessary - paint brushes of the bed. Clary wraps her legs around his hips as she throws her head back and starts shaking as Jace wraps his arms around her, unable to stop thinking about how perfectly they are made for each other. It doesn’t take long before both of them come, their bodies a colorful mess together and their voices filling the whole room. Jace crashes on Clary but pulls her on top so he won’t smash her, Clary now lying on his chest, trying to calm her heavily breathes.

After some time of comfortable silence to calm down, Jace murmurs.

“You know, we should probably take a shower to get the whole color off.”

Clary looks up to see Jace’s wide grin.

“But, why?” Robert asked, almost sinking to his knees from the despair of losing the only thing he had ever wanted. “Why would she choose to run with a man who has already fathered four bastard daughters? A secondborn son who can only bring her misery and shame?”

Ned smiled sadly at his friend. “You saw her beauty but never the iron underneath. He did.”

The day they said their vows before the heart tree of the godswood of King’s Landing, Elia cried and called Lyanna “sister” with all her heart. There was no bedding ceremony for the bride was no maiden and her belly already swollen with a little wolf of Dorne.

Oberyn and Lyanna did not wait long after the birth of Arya Martell; they left for Essos and the Free Cities with their five children and came back ten years later with four more - Jon, Torrhen, Lyarra and Rodrick.

Arya eventually went back to Braavos with Obara to create their own sellswords company; Nymeria became Arianne’s most trusted advisor along with Tyene; Sarella joined her mother and took the lead of the Feathered Kiss; Lyarra married her cousin Aegon against everyone’s opinion and together they ruled as one iron hand; Jon went North and joined the Night’s Watch whereas Torrhen followed his father’s path in matters of love and Rodrick could not leave his sister’s side, so he became the master of whisperers after the unexpected death of Varys.

Baby on the Brain

So the lovely sheriffswan posted this earlier today: I need a one shot where Emma jumps on Killian after they’ve been through a session of babysitting because it makes her think about their future and it makes her all mushy and craving him.

I couldnt shake it from my mind. This is my first smutty scene (be gentle on me) and Im still pretty new at this whole fanfiction thing, so hopefully this doesnt disappoint. This is un-beta’d. I honestly didnt even re-read it (no time) so hopefully there arent a lot of errors!

Word count: 2455

Rating: M

She had to admit, when her mom and dad first asked her to babysit Neal for their first post-baby date night, she was a bit apprehensive. Other than her false memories with Henry in the lost year, she really doesn’t have a lot of baby experience… her and babies have never really seen eye-to-eye. Killian had seen the apprehension when she hung up the phone after agreeing to the plans, and offered to come along and keep her company.

Stupid pirate, always being so considerate and gentlemanly.

But now, as they are nearly two hours in to their babysitting adventure together, she cant wipe the smile off of her face. Neal was fed and bathed and put to bed without a single hiccup, and it was all thanks to Killian. He is GREAT with Neal. How did a 300-and-some-odd-year-old pirate become a baby whisperer?

She must have been staring for too long in silence after he sat back down on the sofa because she was broken from her thoughts when he cleared his throat and quipped an eyebrow up, “Is there something on my face, love?”

A decidingly un-lady-like snort leaves her mouth and she shakes her head with the grin on her face before replying with a quiet, “nothing.”

“Open book, love, don’t make me force it out of you.”

Emma cant help but roll her eyes, sometimes this open book thing is extremely annoying because they have only been dating for a couple of months and now is not the time to have a discussion about how good he is with babies, and what a great father he would be, and does he want children? Because these thoughts are the only things occupying her brain and she cant seem to shake it no matter how hard she tries.

“It’s nothing of consequence, Killian.” She says with a small smile and a glimmer in her eyes that says ‘please don’t make me say it.’

His eyes shift between hers and she lets out a breath she didn’t know she was holding in when he seems to decide he will drop it for now.

“Alright, Swan. But Im only granting you a temporary reprieve,” that crooked grin of his lights up his face as he leans in and kisses her cheek softly. “Do you want a hot chocolate, love?”

She smiles and watches him get up busying himself in the kitchen. Her mind drifting back to the thoughts of domestic bliss with the famous Captain Hook and how ridiculously right it seems to feel. She cant help the quiet chuckle that emanates from her chest and is so very thankful he was making too much noise to hear it because she is already lucky he dropped the subject once.

Another hour passes and Mary Margaret and David get home. Emma is very grateful because it has been difficult trying to mask her thoughts from Killian this whole time. He keeps looking at her quizzically and she knows he’s burning with questions about what’s got her all flushed.

“How was he? He wasn’t too much trouble for you, I hope,” Mary Margaret said with her signature smile.

“He was a perfect gentleman, mom. Everything a prince should be,” she smiled and kissed her mom on the cheek before heading over to her dad to do the same. “We’ll get out of your hair so you can finish the rest of your date night. He is fast asleep and has been for an hour. So you should have some peace and quiet”

Her mother’s cheeks turned slightly pink at the implication and she glanced sideways to David before clearing her throat and saying, “Thanks again, you two, for watching him. We really appreciate.”

“It was a pleasure, Snow. The little lad is a joy to be around. Don’t hesitate to ask again.” Killian said with an extremely genuine smile before hugging her mother gently and Emma’s mind went right back to that forbidden territory she was trying to avoid. He really was so great with Neal, and she could’ve swore she read something in his eyes that looked like longing when he glanced in the direction of the nursery.

It was a quiet walk back to Emma’s apartment by the docks. Killian kept wanting to broach the subject about what was on her mind earlier, but he was too lost in his own thoughts to bother. Instead, he enjoyed the warmth of her palm in his and let his mind wonder to thoughts of a son or daughter of his own. Something he had long thought was never going to happen for him. He so desperately wished he could ask Emma how she felt about the subject, but his Swan is nothing if not a little skittish when it comes to commitment and long-term talks and he would kick himself for eternity if he scared her away.

Not that it would ever happen anyways. He still cant believe she has welcomed him into her heart, he is so undeserving of the love she shows him. A villain doesn’t deserve a happy ending, he knows this well after a lifetime of hate and misery. He certainly cant expect his beautiful Swan to want to mother his would-be children too.

They walked up the steps to her apartment and entered it in silence. He hasn’t officially moved in yet, still keeping his room at Granny’s, but he spends most nights here with Emma and Henry. He doesn’t push the subject, always waiting for his Swan to take the lead. And lead she does, because before the door even clicked shut she had him pushed up against it in a passionate kiss.

Emma’s mind is racing as they walk in silence. She cant believe he hasn’t pushed the subject, not that she’s complaining… she really doesn’t want to have that conversation. It is far too soon. He’s never one to drop a subject so easily and she knows it’s coming… but she cant help but notice the gears turning in his mind. He is obviously deep in thought, and she really wants to know what’s got him so distracted.

Instead of asking him what’s on his mind, she enjoys the moment of silence to let her mind wonder to a little boy with black, messy hair and bright green eyes and a little girl with golden hair and piercing blue eyes clinging onto her pirate and giggling away while he tells them a swashbuckling tale from his days as the dreaded Captain Hook.

There’s a desire that is shooting through her bones, directly to her core when she sees his smiling face laughing and playing along with their hypothetical children. By the time they make it to the steps of her apartment, she is very thankful Henry is spending the night at Regina’s because she knows full well that she will not be keeping quiet tonight. The last 3 hours have been nothing but one ovary shot after another watching Killian baby talk to Neal and she just cant contain it anymore. The second the door opens she pushes him against it and kisses him. Trying to push all the emotion she’s feeling but is too scared to say through the kiss so he can feel her cravings for their future together.

Killian responds with a low growl at the back of his throat and immediately picks her up. She wraps her legs around his hips and he starts blindly walking towards the kitchen without breaking the kiss, knowing the counter is as far as he was going to make it at the rate she’s setting.

As soon as her ass hits the counter she is shoving his jacket off his shoulder and reaching for the buttons of his shirt. Giving up almost immediately and ripping through them.

He chuckled darkly, shooting even more desire straight to her core, “My, my Swan, you seem a little rushed.” He kissed down her jaw, to her ear and then down her neck to her collar bone before stopping and brushing some of her hair away from her face and looking her in the eyes. “Tell me, love, does this have anything to do with what was on your mind earlier that you refused to speak about?”

Emma was NOT having this conversation; no way, no how. So instead of answering, she started to work at his belt and jeans while kissing his neck, but his hand stopped hers and he brought them to his mouth; kissing one knuckle at a time. “Answer me, love… or should I just go back to my room at Grannys?”

The look he gave her was nothing less than a challenge… God he can be so infuriating. “Seriously? You really think you can stop now?” She paused for a moment so she could grind her hips up against him, his extremely hard member ready and awaiting her, and she smiled wickedly, “because it seems to me that we’ve passed the point of no return.”

He growled again and started back at torturing her neck and making his way down to her bra, pulling the cup down in a swift movement and latching his mouth over her nipple. She keened and arched her back, a low moan escaping her lips as his scruff scrapped her breast deliciously while his mouth works over her rosy. She returns her hands to their previous work and his pants are on the ground in no time.

“You are entirely too dressed, love,” his voice dripping with sex, sending another jolt of heat to her already aching core before he expertly unclasped her bra (he got really good at that freakishly fast for a pirate used to laced corsets) and started at the button on her jeans.

Once her jeans were kicked off, he started to kiss his way down her stomach, heading for the area she needs him most. But right now she doesn’t want his mouth on her, she needs to be filled to the hilt with him and she needs him now. So she tugs on his hair and brings his mouth to hers. Kissing him fiercely before latching her legs around his ass and tugging him to her. “I need you Killian, please,” she begs when they break the kiss for air.

“As you wish, my love,” he replies before grabbing his member and guiding it to her entrance. “Bloody hell, Swan, you’re dripping wet,” he growls out as he glides into her already quivering sheath.

She grabbed his shoulders for purchase, digging her nails into him as she gasps, burying her face into the crook of his neck and whimpering his name. She squeezed her legs tighter around him and rotated her hips against his for more of the friction she so desperately needed. Which elicited another growl from Killian before he started to move in and out of her.

They started slowly, but the pace quickly picked up as their need for one another built to a breaking point. Emma was nearly tumbling over the edge in an embarrassingly quick amount of time, and Killian could feel her walls quivering and quaking around him. He changed his angle slightly and found the spot in her that he knew would take her over.

She moaned and dug her heels into his ass, trying to keep him where she needed him as she felt the pressure building in her. She was whispering his name over and over like a prayer when she heard him command “Come for me, love.”

His gruff voice was all she needed to send her over the edge. Her orgasm washed over her as her vision went white. Killian’s thrusts started to become erratic as her orgasm continued at a mind-numbing rate. Wave after wave of ecstasy crashing over her, in easily the most amazing climax of her life. He finally tumbled over the edge after her, she felt the warmth of his seed shooting into her as he groaned and collapsed into her arms.

They sat like that for a few minutes, basking in the glow of their orgasms and allowing their heart rates to drop.

Emma knew he was going to ask her again, and instead of waiting she decided to just go for it. She kissed his neck gently and whispered, “You are amazing with Neal. And it made me wonder…” She paused and gulped down hard. Not knowing how to say what she wanted to say, but also wanting desperately to know the answer. He leaned back and made eye contact with her, cupping her cheek in his hand and brushing his thumb gently over her chin. Waiting patiently for her to continue. “Well – I – I was wondering – if –” she sighed and rubbed her eyes with the palms of her hands. Dropping them in defeat and finally blurting out, “Do you want kids? You know, of your own? We’ve never talked about it, and I know it’s probably too soon and you probably think Im a crazy person, but seeing you with Neal tonight it’s all I could think about and – ”

But whatever she was going to say was cut off by a kiss. She was thankful because she was rambling and god knows what would’ve fallen out of her mouth next had he not stopped her.

When he broke the kiss and leaned his forehead against hers she saw tears glistening in his eyes. He continued to stroke her cheek with his thumb when he finally spoke, “When I was the young Lieutenant Jones I always wanted a wife and children, but then darkness took me and it was something I never thought about. Too busy with enacting my revenge and all that. You know,” he paused for a moment and Emma recognized the guilt in his eyes at his wasted years, a look that always breaks her heart because she’s seen it before, countless times. “Then I met you, and all I could hope for was that you would see me as a good man and give me a chance. I never got far enough in my dream of winning your heart to even consider children.”

Emma kissed him sweetly and smiled, “Well, Captain Jones, you’ve won my heart. What are your dreams now?”

“Nothing would make me happier than to have a family one day, with you.” He kissed her nose softly, and watched as a single tear streamed down her cheek and a smile spread clear across her face. He gently wiped the tear with his thumb and smiled back.

“Good,” she whispered against his lips before kissing him again. At least this time they made it to the bedroom.

the-darker-we-get  asked:

You managed to tap directly into my headcanons with that smut. Whenever I play the game, and I notice with amusement that corvo can strike a nice chord on the harp but is hapless with a piano, I always think "well he can clearly play the harp". But, in the music room, when I noticed that there is a piano there too, headcanon was that jessamine bought him a harp, had it moves up there, and that they would play together as much as they could - because she could play piano.

It’s also the room with her portrait in it, which makes me think that perhaps she gifted the room to Corvo—as he is a prominent court figure and does live in the palace, so why shouldn’t he have a room other than his quarters? And one of the first things he did was ask to hang a portrait of her so that even when she can’t come play, he can always play music for her.

And of course with this being Dishonored and my low chaos head canons, you just know the moment he went back into that room on the night he goes after Burrows, you know he walks in and reaches for the harp strings and looks up at that painting and despite all the ache and misery deep in his bones, he still manages to create something beautiful, fingers ghosting over the strings, guided by the memory of another life. And smiles.