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Please may I have Darcy & Jane friendship bonding with a side of: “That is the tenth demon summoning this week holy shit.”

Darcy threw the demon-containment system that Dr. Strange had wisely deemed a permanent necessity for their lab and pulled out her cell phone.

“Does it really count as a summoning if we technically didn’t call on them?”

She paused before hitting the send button. Questions like that deserved exaggerated expressions of tolerance. “Jane,” she paused, ensuring she infused her voice with enough sarcastic sweetness, “ Honey. Just because your weird gadget somehow plays the perfect imitation of a demonic pan flute and it’s not actually you doing the summoning does not mean it wasn’t a summoning.” 


“No.” She held up a finger. “I’m right on this one. It’s a summoning. That’s probably the only reason why Strange is okay with being on my speed dial.” 

With that she hit the call button. Unsurprisingly, the man picked up quickly and after a short “it happened again,” he sighed and said he would be right over. Darcy hurriedly expressed her thanks and hung up, catching the pout on Jane’s face as she was Angry Puttering around her desk. Angry Puttering was a lot like normal puttering; it just involved slightly more curses and furrowed brows. A nuance not everyone got. Luckily for both of them, Darcy was fluent in all things Dr. Foster.

“I know, I know. You’re disappointed they all want to talk corporeal possession and shady deals not Science!.”

Jane began tightening a screw very vehemently, grunting her response out with each turn. “You’d think,” turn,” that if a piece of science equipment,” turn, “ is what summoned them,” turn, “they’d at least be willing to explain the details of their existence.” Turn. “For research purposes.”

Darcy worried what it meant that she actually agreed with that train of thought, and sympathetically gave her boss’ shoulder a pat. “Don’t worry, sport. You’ll get ‘em someday.”

The scientist nodded determinedly, and moments later straightened with a wild gleam starting. “Maybe… if I-”

“Don’t even go there!” Darcy forcibly put Jane’s butt onto the stool next to her and held her down by her shoulders, looking her directly in the eye. It was important to be clear in times insanity. “You are not selling your soul to research the occult first-hand.”

Jane looked down at the screwdriver still in her hands.

“I wasn’t going to.”

Darcy didn’t accept that for a one moment, and kept staring until her friend finally met her eyes again; this time with an impatient glare.

“Okay, I was gonna try and barter, but I wasn’t going to actually sell my soul. Promise.”

Both women’s eyes narrowed as they stared at each other. After a long moment, Darcy nodded with a muttered “uh huh” and walked back to her workstation, skeptically eyeing Jane. When the scientist stuck her tongue out and went back to puttering, she put her earbuds in, hoping to drown out the eery humming that came from the contained demon. But before she turned her music on, Jane began muttering to herself.

“I wonder what the going rate for a soul is…. I’m sure Stephen could get it back anyway.”

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highkey wtf did ramses do to make the entire house hate him... i haven't been watching the feeds but i don't see the logic?

He pulled a Da’Vonne and had the nerve to enter a room without permission. The one shady thing Ramses has done was lie about the skywriting but Alex, Jillian, Cody, and Jessica also lied about that so where are their threats of boldly harm?

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"Don't listen to them. Don't you EVER listen to them!" With tomco please

Sure I can! I still support the heacanon that demons are seen as warriors and not highly regarded in other dimensions. It’s probably not going to happen, but it’s fun to write about.

Send me an angst prompt! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/163370890407/send-me-a-pairing-and-a-line-of-dialogue-and-ill

“Don’t TOUCH him!” Tom screamed. He cut in between Marco and the group of monsters, sent to capture Marco by Miss Heinous. Tom picked Marco up, and threw him out of the way, so he fell to the ground, but somewhere safe.

“This doesn’t concern you, demon.” The monster minion narrowed his eyes and Tom growled. His eyes were glowing a dangerous red and he was surrounded by fire. “Go back to your liege. They’ll be missing their guard.” He hissed. Tom raged and collected a large ball of fire over his head with his hands.

“Marco IS MY LIEGE!” Tom screamed, throwing it. The monster got blasted back into a tree, leaving a mark where he was burnt. The other three monsters let out a battle cry and charged at him. Tom fought two of them while the third tried to attack and capture Marco.

“Let me go!” Marco cried, kicking it in the face. The monster growled and Marco threw them away. The other monster grabbed Tom by the shoulders, and flipped him down, so he fell on his back hard.

“Quit fooling yourself.” He growled. “You’re a demon. A war machine meant for fighting for a princess. That’s all you’re doing now, isn’t it?” He asked. Tom’s eyes lit up again and he kicked the monster off of him.

“I am the prince of the underworld! And I am protecting Marco because I love him! And he loves me!” Tom yelled. “I’m not JUST a warrior!” He then tried. The monster continued to lunge at Tom, who kept dodging.

“You are! And you know you are!” The monster yelled. Tom gritted his teeth and kept lunging at the monster. “You’re a demon! You’re disposable! A million more demons can be made from flames and used as a servant! We can make one that won’t talk back! You think the princess Marco would ever love you?” He asked. Tom fell back, the question actually making him think. He then shook his head and looked up.

“Yes! He would love me! He DOES love me!” Tom cried.

“Princess Marco is an interdimensional icon. She’s freed the princesses at St. Ogal’s and is regarded as a hero to most. That’s why Heinous wants her so badly… and that’s why she could never care about you!” He hissed. “All you are is an accessory. To fight and DIE in battle!” He continued, pushing him down again. The other two monsters joined in at fighting Tom, who gave up at fighting them at one point.

“HEY!”  A voice cried. The monsters backed off, looking over at Marco who was staring at them. One still had Tom by the neck and horn, the demon was whimpering and squirming, trying to get away. “Let GO OF HIM!” Marco demanded.

“It’s a demon.” One of the monsters hissed. “You can get a new one.” He then smiled sickly and tightened his grip around Tom’s neck. Tom sputtered something and kicked his legs. “This one actually seems to be a defect. What sort of good soldier gets captured this easily?” He asked. “I’ll just get rid of this one.” He growled.

“Stop it!” Marco ran forward and pushed the monster back hard. He dropped Tom to the ground who gasped for breath. “Oh Tom!” Marco cried, throwing his arms around the demon. He then looked up at the monsters with furious eyes. “Don’t touch him! Don’t you ever touch him again!” Marco screamed.

“We aren’t here for something so worthless!” The other monster hissed. “We’re here following orders to bring YOU to Heinous! Trust me… we want nothing to do with your defective demon.” He growled. “Keep your guard.”

“He’s not MINE! He’s his own person!” Marco hissed back. “Now get back!” He demanded. He jumped up and kicked one of the monsters square in the nose, so he toppled over back into the portal. One went to try and grab him, but he fell back into the portal with his ally. Marco then narrowed his eyes at the last one. “Leave.” He commanded.

The monster narrowed his eyes at Tom and went to leave. “You’re nothing, not to Marco, not to anyone. You’re nothing more than the dozens of other demons we have at the academy.” He growled, before leaving. Marco huffed and watched him go, watching the portal close behind him, gritting his teeth.

“They always get fought off so easily.” Marco muttered. “Well at least they’re-” Marco turned around and cut off mid sentence. Tom was standing with his arms wrapped around himself and tears flooding down his face, watching where the monster had left. “Tom?” Marco asked, but the demon just ignored him. “Tom!” He cried, wrapping him up in his arms. The demon clung onto Marco and sobbed.

“Marco I’m sorry I’m so so sorry.” Tom sobbed, holding onto the human tighter.

“Tom, you didn’t do anything! You didn’t do anything at all!” He brushed Tom’s hair away and the demon sobbed harder.

“It’s true! All of it’s true!” He cried. “I-I really am nothing… I just thought that you’d see me as something more. But it’s not fair to ask that of you and… Oh Marco!” Tom sobbed and Marco held him close, rubbing his back soothingly.

“Tom don’t say that. Don’t ever say that. You’re worth so much more than you think, and so much more than that horrible monster said you were!” Marco insisted. But Tom just pulled away.

“No! I’m not!” Tom cried. “Ask anybody! Anybody in any dimension who knows about demons and they’ll tell you the same thing! We’re worth NOTHING! I’m worth nothing! I’m just a warrior meant for fighting… ask anyone!” Tom dared. “Everyone tells me the same thing! I’m worthless! I’m replaceable! I’m-”

“Don’t listen to them! Don’t you EVER listen to them!” Marco demanded, cutting Tom off. His harsh tone made Tom jump a little. “They’re all lying to you! All of them! You’re worth everything! You’re worth everything to me!” Marco exclaimed. “Tom look at me.” He grabbed Tom’s face in his hands and pulled him into a kiss. Tom looked at Marco with wide eyes, tears still falling down his face. “Tom, please try to understand. You’re so important, to me and to Star and to Janna and even my mom and dad adore you.” Marco assured.

“I just… I just want to be good enough for you…” Tom closed his eyes and let more tears fall away and Marco scooped him up in a hug. Tom sobbed and held onto the human, and Marco covered his face in kisses. He just held Tom for a long time, letting him cry and holding him close.

“You’re good enough. You’ll always be enough.” Marco promised. He pulled back and gave Tom a deep kiss causing the demon to blush. “Never talk like that, never ever talk like that. They’re all wrong.” He continued. Tom sniffled and nuzzled Marco’s hoodie, nodding. “Look at me.” Marco told him. Tom looked up, still with tears pooling up in his eyes But Marco gave him a warm smile and kissed away the falling tears. “Perfect. You’re perfect.”

Oh, is it Guzma meta day? Well, let me try my hand at it.

Don’t you think the interaction between him and Kukui at Malie Gardens is just so interesting? There’s a lot of things going unsaid, a lot more implied, and everything is just never elaborated on. The two obviously know each other on a personal level, although how close they were is never expounded upon.

Here we have Guzma, the boss of Team Skull. Unlike his tryhard minions, he’s legitimately someone dangerous in terms of Pokemon battles, as evidenced by his powerful team and the trophies in his house. Despite being such a powerful and talented trainer, he was passed over for Captaincy when he was younger, and that fueled his motivation to rebel against Alola’s traditions.

And then we have Kukui, the eccentric yet upbeat professor that aspires to create a Pokemon League of Alola’s own. He’s also a powerful trainer in his own right, having fought Kanto’s Gym Leaders and Elite Four (although it’s implied he ultimately lost to Lance), and he’s widely respected by everyone in Alola. He follows the traditions without fail, and he manages to get the Pokemon League running under his direction. His influence is immense, and it cannot be understated.

And yet, he too was never made a Captain when he was younger.

So, what happened? Two talented, powerful trainers who failed to make Captain in their youth, end up confronting the same problem from different ends: Alola’s traditions.

Look at their confrontation again. Guzma actually sympathizes with Kukui’s desire to do something different, to break the traditions that seem to stagnate everyone. He doesn’t actually agree with what he’s doing (because he thinks he’s the strongest trainer, of course), but it’s a clear sign that he and Kukui actually think similarly concerning that issue.

What’s even more surprising is that Kukui doesn’t even refute him. He doesn’t even disagree! What the professor takes issue with is Guzma identifying them both as people who failed to make Captain. Doesn’t it strike you as strange that, in a culture that worships tradition like Alola, that Kukui sees that as objectionable?

Additionally, Kukui sounds more defensive in the conversation than anything, and it’s the only moment in the game where you can see him – friendly and approachable Professor Kukui – act snide toward someone. Him saying that he could have made Captain but chose not to sounds more like him trying to justify not becoming one to himself. Obviously he made something out of himself while Guzma ran away to form a gang, but it’s strikingly odd that Kukui momentarily lowers himself to Guzma’s level.

Given the way Guzma wants to destroy everything Kukui cares about, there’s definitely some animosity on both their parts. What could have happened between them? Unfortunately, the game never gives us an answer, as whatever backstory is completely dropped right after the scene is over.

But it’s an interesting thing to think about. Both Guzma and Kukui were rejected as captains; the former let resentment take hold and began to openly rebel against tradition, while the latter used it to further himself and open himself up to work with tradition to ultimately change it. It probably wasn’t exactly their goal, but their motivations are the same in nature.