his manicure

Gambit is a pretty bi, he goes out in nice clothes clothes, spends hours looking good, gets manicures, paints his nails. Flirts with everyone in the club and ends up taking three people home that night.

Cyclops is a nervous bi, he does not know how he ended up in a club but is fairly certain that Remy dragged him here, he’s still wearing one of his weirdly coloured sweaters. Guys who are into nerdy guys keep flirting with him and he won’t stop blushing. Someone help him.

Wolverine is an animal magnetism bi. He’s just sitting angrily at a bar but keeps attracting people over. I really don’t get it.


Hay guys this handsome man right here this is my little brother. Hes a super swell guy. He has his own lawn manicure business and when ges not cutting yards he’s taking care of his son. He’s always looking out for other people and putting himself last. He has an amazon wishlist,he kind of did for fun for himself. But if you guys could share his list I would appreciate it! https://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/3J9LL009J9UDE/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_an_wl_o_g4SCybKC9MQMK


Magnus’ things: magic

Magnus sent his magic in every direction, catching the oncoming demons in quick succession. His power was incredible, the way he could direct it, control it, bend it to his will. He chanced a glance at his face, his cat eyes glowing brightly, catching the light of his magic and gleaming beautifully. His body was moving in a fluid grace, conjuring magic around him, killing demons with an effortless wave of his hand, a flick of his perfectly manicured finger. He felt his breath rush out of him at the sight. At the vision of this man performing magic so powerful it could destroy everyone in the room if he so wished.

- Take me to church by @m-aleciseverything

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For the mafia au, is Hong Kong feeding info about the mafia to England, or is he telling China about what England is finding and what he's up too? And what are the extent of Hong Kong's loyalty to either?

in the far east syndicate, they refer to HONG KONG🇭🇰 as “the tiger cub” because (1) bless his heart, hk tries to play in the big leagues when hes really a spoiled little emperor princeling; (he was born into a life of excess and privilege; he didnt have to get blood and mud underneath his perfectly manicured fingernails)
(2) you mess with the tiger cub, you fuck with the dragon🇨🇳

hk likes to think hes proving his worth by slinging dope and schmoozing with cops who are popping around a little too close to home a little too often, but at the end of the day, his conspiracy theories are just headaches for the rest of the asians who have Bigger Situations🇷🇺 to care about. luckily for hk’s rich ass, the only person more incompetent at juggling this game of cat-and-mouse is ENGLAND🇬🇧

both JAPAN🇯🇵 and SOUTH KOREA🇰🇷 have their eyes and ears on hk at all times, because they know hes the most precious thing in the world to china. hence, theres not much hk does that doesnt get back to them

meanwhile, if china wasnt already dealing with a Situation Fifteen Years in the Making🇷🇺, hk’s ass would be on a kiddie leash. china is a terrible parent™ 

  • любовь моя = lubov moya = my love
  • 我最亲爱的 = wǒ zuì qīn ài de = my dearest
  • these two lowkey cant stand each other but they have to pretend like they do

the world belongs to you an eastern promises mafia au series

Things about John Watson that would surprise me

* He runs a haberdashery store

* He can summon the wind by standing on a hill and turning around three times

*He was never in the army but in fact spent four years at art school in Belgium

* He collects fence palings

* He gets his legs waxed fortnightly

*Mary is his sister

*He performed a vasectomy on himself while still a medical student

*He has book cases filled with join-the-dots books

*He’s a horse whisperer

*His middle name is actually Gladstone

*He’s an Earl

*He once gave Mycroft a manicure

*His sister Harry was a semi finalist in the Great British Bake Off and was disqualified after she ate two pounds of fruit that had been soaked in sherry

*He and Harry are an ice-skating duet and have performed in Disney On Ice

*He is a drug addict

*He runs a small shop where he repairs small electrical goods

*He shops at Topman

*He is actually brunette

*He keeps sea monkeys and names them after characters from Famous Five books

*He faints at the sight of blood

*He is is the WBF champion in the lightweight division

*He makes all his own clothes

*He disguised himself as Mary and shot Sherlock

*He collects vintage handbags

Things that wouldn’t surprise me about John Watson:

*He is emotionally and physically attracted to men and women

*He hasn’t forgiven Mary

*He doesn’t like sea monkeys

*He really, really likes Sherlock

Belated Inktober #29

so anna and i occasionally toss around ideas for an extremely ridiculous au in which jack atlas is a fashion designer/occasional model, when the actual models are NOT DISPLAYING HIS OUTFITS TO BEST ADVANTAGE

ok ok but 5′3 alexander angrily craning his neck up at ppl when he rants their asses off

alexander who sleeps in mulligan’s oversized sweaters 

alexander who has the loudest and most embarrassing laugh ever

alexander who has to literally be carried off by his friends from his office like every night

alexander who makes a 50-minute powerpoint presentation explaining why he is in love with john laurens and eliza on each and every one of their anniversaries

alexander who more often than not sometimes forget to brush his teeth

alexander who outgrows his hair by mistake and is always too busy to cut it so he always looks like a wild pirate

alexander who is both artistically eloquent and painfully blunt 

alexander who lets lafayette do his manicure and make-up 

alexander who is an active member in LGBT+ activist groups 

he punched so many dudes for spewing nasty insults about bisexuality/bi folks it’s ridiculous 

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phil's nails are so pretty :( the beds are just naturally long and beautiful

phils nails are so beautifully shaped and well manicured and his hands just overall look like they came straight out of an oil painting :(

Tip Toe

Pairing: Hermione Granger x Draco Malfoy

AU: Modern, non-magical, high school AU

Word Count: 1,223

Written For: muclbloods + the iconic yellow BMW

Draco has loathed Hermione Granger from a safe, perfectly practical distance for about as long as he can remember.

She’d shown up on the first day of sixth grade with her powder-blue Kipling backpack stuffed with five individually labeled plastic folders—fucking color-coded, too—and she’d proceeded to beat him at everything.


If he got a 99 on an algebra test, she got a 100. If he was publicly praised by their English teacher for his astute use of simile in an essay, she was invited to participate in a district-wide writing contest. She took pristine notes on college-rule notepaper and she stole the state spelling bee trophy right out of his elegant, neatly-manicured hands after he misspelled the word ‘sanctimonious’ and she won the mock Continental Congress debate in their eighth grade history class—while playing as Alexander Hamilton.

She made him feel like the fucking coyote in those old Saturday morning cartoons; wily and arrogant and always just on the cusp of winning—until she inevitably arrived with her laminated book reports and her environmentally-safe highlighters and her ridiculous fucking ergonomically designed mechanical pencils—just in time to either push him off a cliff or directly into the path of an oncoming train.

He hated her.

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two random headcanons about dueling culture: 

  • the most hardcore duelists are obsessed with keeping their hands clean and smooth and their nails buffed/cut/manicured. since they’re so emotionally attached to their cards and their decks, it’s sort of like a ritualistic way of honoring thyself + honoring the cards. you wouldn’t eat food with dirty hands, right?? so don’t touch decks with dirty hands and untrimmed nails!! so gross
  • given kaiba’s and yuugi’s proclivities for wearing the same shit to every duel (kaiba’s white trench coat is no less than dueling regalia), a lot of duelists adopt “wear the same thing to every duel” as a dueling superstition/good luck charm, and it becomes a very fashion-forward thing, people get all intense about the clothes they pick for their battle outfits, they blow major cash on clothing, and then swap things out if an outfit isn’t ~lucky enough
Peaches // Sehun

// Six — A lip gloss kiss
// Slightly suggestive
// Requested by @sehunsmile

“Close your eyes, Sehun.”

He gives me a sort of look where he’s hesitant, wondering if I’m about to ask him to do something ridiculous. His signature lip licking habit appears while one of his perfectly manicured eyebrows quirks higher than the other. He settles down some of his drafting sketches onto the table before giving me his full and absolute attention. “Why?”

“Because I want to do something.”

“Then why can’t I have my eyes open for it?”

I perch my head under a bent wrist, “Because it’s embarrassing and it’ll be easier if your eyes are closed.”

Sehun graces my cheekbone with his knuckles, grazing them over the smooth skin before trawling his touch under my jawline. “But I like looking at you.” 

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Il materiale di origine: Jordan Strauss, Alex John Beck

Top row: Original full-size photo (left) is decent - look at how beautifully manicured his hand is(!) - but I find it too dark and heavy, and Oscar’s exquisite facial features get lost in the whole thing. (Plus, that piece of white lint on his sleeve arm is driving me nuts.) I cropped it to a facial portrait (right) and changed the lighting, amongst other parameters, so you can see his face better.
Middle row: Filters that look good with some photos look terrible with others. The filter that looks pretty good with the first photo (left), looks horrendous with the second photo (middle). Even lightening up the effect (right) doesn’t help.
Bottom row: Once I’ve found a filter I like, I usually have to do additional editing to get it to suit my taste. The unedited filter version (left) has too much yellow in it for me, and I’m not fond of the heavy shadow on the tip of his nose and the other dark marks on his face. I also ended up softening his beard for the final version (right).

@losethehours Here is my process of thinking. Thank you for taking an interest in my work.

I’m at the nail salon and an elderly gentleman came in, and inquired about getting a manicure for his wife. He said that she has alzheimer’s and can’t speak. He picked out a color for her and then went and wheeled her in. Now he is sitting with her, just gently helping her to keep her hands still for the polish. He picked a beautiful deep rose pink for her.

I am trying not to cry it is so sweet.