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Teaching your boyfriend Bucky how to properly wrap gifts for the team? 💓💓

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“Bucky you’re doing it wrong-”

“What do you mean I’m doing it wrong, there’s no wrong way to do it-”

“No, no that’s not how you-”

“Doll, would you stop-”

“Buck you can’t keep- OW! Gosh definitely not like that!”

Upon walking past his best friend’s room, Steve was rather disturbed upon hearing the course of events that was unraveling behind the door. He stopped, stood on the other side of the door, and listened carefully for a few more moments.

“For the love of God, Buck we don’t do it like that anymore!”

“How am I supposed to know! I haven’t done this in 70 years!”

“Yeah, I can sorta tell.”

“Well that was just low.” 

Steve’s face blushed beat red and he quickly scurried away from the door, shamefully trying to escape the mental image of the debacle he’d just heard. A smirk laced his lips however at the idea of his best friend having lost his touch with women, but it was quickly wiped off of his face when the image of the two of you at it plagued him again.

Little did he know of course, that the things he’d perceived to be sins behind closed doors, were anything but. 

“Okay so if I fold the paper like this…”

“You take the tape, and stick it over top of the folded corner to make sure everything stays in place!” You said happily as you watched your somewhat disheveled boyfriend finally get the hang of holiday gift wrapping.

“Hey, I did it!” He beamed, holding up the brightly coloured box in his hand, admiring his work.

“Well it sure did take a lot of work.” You giggled as you both sat on the floor, scattered remnants of the previously discarded attempts of wrapping surrounding you.

Both in Christmas sweaters, you’d spent the entire morning desperately trying to teach Bucky how to properly wrap gifts for the team. It had been a challenge to say the least.

“Now that you’ve gotten the solid box shape down, we gotta move on to non solid gifts - like the sweater you bought for Steve.”

“You mean I have to learn how to do this for other shapes too?”

“Yes, Buck, you do.”

By the end of the day, you’d managed to teach him how to wrap every shape imaginable, which meant more bickering, which meant the entire team gathering with their ears pressed to Bucky’s door, trying to decipher exactly what the heck was going on in there.

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okay so i think i “”understand” ghost quartet except for the arabian nights shah part so like,, pls explain if you can

arabian nights is the hardest timeline for me to get too! i’ll try to break it down as best as i can, and i might describe some obvious stuff, but i’m just going to go over the whole thing! 

the set-up is a little different from the original arabian nights as the story is based on, similar to how the usher plotline doesn’t exactly match the one for poe’s the fall of the house of usher.


brent as shah zaman, the monarch of iran. in the original story, he’s the brother of the main character, but in this one, he is the main: he’s a man who’s lost his faith in women after he was cheated on by his first wife, so he keeps on marrying women and killing them the next day. 

gelsey as scheherazade, the shah’s wife (who he intends to kill). except, the night before she’s supposed to be killed, she tells a story that ends with a cliffhanger; thus, he decides to keep her alive. she does this for 1001 nights. 

brittain as dunyazad, scheherazade’s sister. she encourages her sister throughout the tale, effectively, but doesn’t do much. 

dave as… david. this isn’t really the same thing, since he’s not a character in arabian nights and he’s also the character of the subway driver from the subway plotline. but he’s in the fourteenth-century castle of shah zaman, playing the piano for thelonious monk. not relevant to the narrative, really. 

in chronological order, the songs go: monk, bad men, midnight (kind of), then tango dancer. 

in monk, scheherazade has been telling a story (the story from the usher plotline) to shah zaman and her sister. this is thus after they are married while everyone is alive. meanwhile, dunyazad notices the door which david is serenading; this is one out of two times that david is mentioned/seen. 

bad men starts again with scheherazade telling a story. the shah says that when he kills her, he will miss her; he will throw a great feast and then he will go back to his room for forty-two years. 

by tango dancer, dunyazad has died and scheherazade is left… empty. she’s out of stories to tell, she’s a shadow of who she was, and most of all, she’s alone. rose red comes by for a piece of stardust (which is a story, as clarified by lights out) but instead, scheherazade tells her of her dream the night before where she saw her younger self and asked her for a dance. thus, rose red gets the stardust. 

everything is kind of fuzzy within here, this is the least fleshed out timeline after all. somewhere between bad men and tango dancer, dunyazad dies and scheherazade is left alone. 

what messes me up most is the fact that the shah does hole himself up in his room for forty-two years, but he doesn’t seem to kill scheherazade. most people believe that shah zaman ends up as the “man in iran” that the astronomer references who can speak to ghosts– connection lying in the man having not spoken to anyone for forty-two years, and the shah locking himself in his room for forty-two years– and i agree with it. it’s just that… scheherazade lives. so. i guess i don’t really understand that aspect, no matter how many times i listen. 

i can answer any other questions, i hope this is a decent explanation! 

Joe GIllis turns up dead at the beginning of Sunset Boulevard (1950), photographed by John F Seitz.  John was born in Chicago and had 163 cinematography credits.  He was nominated seven times for an Oscar but never won.  His career began with a 1916 short and ended in 1960. with his penultimate film in 1959, the poverty row production Island of Lost Women.  His other films among the best 1.001 are Captain January with Shirley Temple, This Gun for Hire, Double Indemnity, The Lost Weekend, Detective Story, and Invaders From Mars.

Yamcha is Cool

And yeah, I joke about him and even laugh at the ‘yamcha died lol’ jokes. But holy shit, if there was someone the fandom tore apart, it’s Yamcha. I like VegeBul but can I get some fanfics where Yamcha doesn’t fucking abuse Bulma? Or turns into a jealous, stalker ex? Or heaven forbid, a fucking rapist.

Bulma is abusive her damn self, verbally, but ya’ll ignore that. Also you really think the Z Gang is just gonna treat Yamcha normally if he laid a hand on Bulma? Bulma I can see hitting someone in rage. Yamcha? Oh jeez I mean, he’d have to be shit faced drunk.

I’m on the fence with cheating. I mean I do like the headcanon that once Yamcha lost his fear around women, he did enjoy the attention. Now I don’t think he sexually cheated. Maybe flirted or even lead some girls on. I don’t approve of it but that’s another story.

Also, Yamcha is cool.

Also, yeah we all have anger problems. Maybe Yamcha did get upset Bulma was pregnant by Vegeta, but do ya’ll have to portray him as that jealous ass ex who pisses fire Everytime he sees Bulma look in Vegeta’s direction? Or my favorite, 'If I can’t have her, no one can’ Yamcha. Ya’ll just love to tear that man apart and fix him up to be some ridged GI Joe action Figure.

If Yamcha forgave Tien, I don’t see why ya’ll assume he’s bitter and angry at Vegeta. He even jokes with the man and even laughs at jokes about himself. I don’t remember the author, but shout out to the fanfic author who wrote about Yamcha actually helping Vegeta cook Bra her favorite meal. I mean no one has to write them as besties, but I feel like Yamcha is cool with Vegeta.

I want Yamcha asking Vegeta to train and laughing as the prince cuts in a few jokes and starts training.

I want Vegeta delivering an invitation to Trunks’ birthday to him because Bulma was so damn busy with work.

Bulma inviting Uncle Yamcha to spend some vacation time with the family.

I want Yamcha volunteering to babysit! When Trunks gets cranky, I want Puar to shapeshift to get things under control.

But ya’ll can’t even fucking do that. Ya’ll can have Krillin fucking 18 while at Bulma’s party but ya’ll can’t make Yamcha a respectable man who

A) Has his own career!

B) Is supportive of Bulma even when it comes to Vegeta

C) A guy who just wants a family

I hate VegeBul fics where Yamcha is there to be the 'awful, abusive boyfriend’ and disappears off the face of the Earth only to show up and stay in his angry corner.

I completely understand 'angry but upset for a reason’ Yamcha during and after the Cell saga. But y'all know good and well he and Bulma sat down and talked things out. There’s no doubt in my mind they didn’t end their feelings in a respectable manner.

I’m honestly just trying to find some good, wholesome fanfic, and then this shit pops up and now I can’t read the rest because I know what’s going to happen.

Jesus people. Let the fictional man has his respect.

Now before ya’ll start, yes, everyone has an AU or whatever, but this, all of this with Yamcha is becoming a bad trope. Like it’s a force of habit when writing his character. Like that’s all some.of ya’ll insert him in the story for, to bring some drama.


*insert Sonic Kid Rant scream*

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Barbershop Quartet (Steve/Bucky/Natasha/Sam), “alright who ate the last piece of chocolate cake i thought we ALL agreed to share it?!”

“Oh, Steve’s gonna be pissed,” Sam said, pointing at the empty cake stand with his fork as Natasha diced an onion. “When did that disappear?”

“You’re asking me?”

“I know you just got in, but, since you’re all-knowing—”

Natasha flicked a piece of onion at him. “I don’t know where you boys keep getting that idea. And no, I don’t know when it disappeared. But you’re right. Steve was looking forward to us dreamily staring into each other’s eyes as we quartered that last piece.”

“It would’ve been a fork fight and he knows it,” Bucky said. He manned the stove, melting butter in a cast iron pan with his left hand because they were out of clean potholders. “You see him today, Sam? You were both outta bed when I got around.”

“He was up before me,” Sam said, returning to whisking the eggs and milk for their omelets. “I ran on my own. Figured somebody called him in on high-level Avengers business.”

“Uh-uh,” Natasha said as she scraped the onion into a bowl for Bucky and then moved on to a green pepper. “I was just at the Tower before I came here. Things are so slow Maria’s making mimosas.”

It was just after seven o’clock in the morning. The light slanting in the windows of Sam’s house hadn’t quite lost the gray tinge of dawn yet.

“Huh,” Sam said, staring at the cake stand.

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