his lost women

Joe GIllis turns up dead at the beginning of Sunset Boulevard (1950), photographed by John F Seitz.  John was born in Chicago and had 163 cinematography credits.  He was nominated seven times for an Oscar but never won.  His career began with a 1916 short and ended in 1960. with his penultimate film in 1959, the poverty row production Island of Lost Women.  His other films among the best 1.001 are Captain January with Shirley Temple, This Gun for Hire, Double Indemnity, The Lost Weekend, Detective Story, and Invaders From Mars.

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Barbershop Quartet (Steve/Bucky/Natasha/Sam), “alright who ate the last piece of chocolate cake i thought we ALL agreed to share it?!”

“Oh, Steve’s gonna be pissed,” Sam said, pointing at the empty cake stand with his fork as Natasha diced an onion. “When did that disappear?”

“You’re asking me?”

“I know you just got in, but, since you’re all-knowing—”

Natasha flicked a piece of onion at him. “I don’t know where you boys keep getting that idea. And no, I don’t know when it disappeared. But you’re right. Steve was looking forward to us dreamily staring into each other’s eyes as we quartered that last piece.”

“It would’ve been a fork fight and he knows it,” Bucky said. He manned the stove, melting butter in a cast iron pan with his left hand because they were out of clean potholders. “You see him today, Sam? You were both outta bed when I got around.”

“He was up before me,” Sam said, returning to whisking the eggs and milk for their omelets. “I ran on my own. Figured somebody called him in on high-level Avengers business.”

“Uh-uh,” Natasha said as she scraped the onion into a bowl for Bucky and then moved on to a green pepper. “I was just at the Tower before I came here. Things are so slow Maria’s making mimosas.”

It was just after seven o’clock in the morning. The light slanting in the windows of Sam’s house hadn’t quite lost the gray tinge of dawn yet.

“Huh,” Sam said, staring at the cake stand.

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