his little wiggle though

So, I guess The Princess Bride is canonically in this universe now...

Context: My Dragonborn Ranger had parted from the party for a time due to massive guilt over accidentally blowing off the legs and eye of our Drow Bard. The Bard’s sister, the Cleric, came looking for him a few times, and eventually he let her find him. After a surprisingly earnest conversation, the topic turned to his plans for after he caught up with and killed the lifelong target of his revenge…

Voxan(Ranger): Honestly, I don’t really know… Just call me Inigo Montoya.

Eden(Cleric): That’s an interesting name, what kind of name is it? What’s it from?

Voxan: Oh, it’s from this book I loved when I was a kid, and that was the character who was on a revenge quest of his own. It never really explicitly stated his race, though… Probably for a little more wiggle room for the reader, I guess… It’s a good book, I highly recommend it.

Eden: Well, it sounds cool. Do you have a copy I can borrow?

Voxan: Well, not really, but I’m sure I can find one.

And that is not only how did the Princess Bride become canon, but also how Voxan took on a new side-quest to find a copy of it…

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Have you ever seen that video of the guy havinf surgery then meeting his wife/girlfriend again while on drugs and just starts saying things like "you married me??? Im so lucky wow youre so beautiful" i love it so much. can you write a sterek like that where stiles has surgery and is just complimenting derek while on the drugs omg?? thank you ily

Derek leans forward as Stiles’ eyes flutter open, touches his hand carefully. 


Stiles scrunches his face up, squints at him groggily, “Who’re you?”

“I’m Derek,” he says hesitantly, reminding himself the doctor did say this could happen. It’s not long term. It’s not a terrible spell gone wrong. Derek will be remembered by the most important person in his life eventually. He swallows hard, tries not to panic. “I’m your husband.”

Stiles’ eyes go wide, “You’re what— you’re my— you?

Derek tamps down on the flash of hurt, “Yeah, I’m sor—”

“Holy bananas, how’d I— how’d I get you to marry me? You’re so beautiful.”

Derek laughs, “So’re you.”

"Yeah, but,” Stiles points weakly at Derek’s mouth, “Look at’your teeth, oh my god, how do they even— s’cute. Am I— Are you sure?”

"Pretty sure,” Derek promises, squeezes his hand, “There was a ceremony and everything.”

“What?” Stiles sits up a little, blinks wildly, “Did we really— I mean— really?”

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