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harry's never the living room and your hiding in the kitchen not making a would just watching and listening as he interacts with your newborn boy . . .

“Kept your mum up all night, yeah?” He’s on his tummy on the carpet, shirt off, only wearing boxers, your baby next to his head on his back, chewing on his little fist.

“You don’t know your mum jus’ yet but she needs her beauty sleep,” his lips on the babies belly as he presses sweet kisses to it, your baby giggling and holding his hair as he tickles his little tummy with his lips.


“I’m not letting you damn yourself!”

- Chapter 6: Family, The Awakening

art by @ichigomaniac


1 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut

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Seoul; the party capital of the world. At least that’s what you’d heard at university from the girls who hadn’t spent their adolescence in exile. They would all squark with delight as they exchanged crazy stories about unrequited love and getting so drunk they blacked out and still can’t remember a thing; of course that was merely Sarah Holt’s way of justifying kissing her best friends boyfriend at social gatherings, but that was none of your business.

You had always been the foreigner, sent to England after your parents died in a plane crash at the tender age of fourteen. To say the girls from school lived up to their British stereotypes would be an understatement, they all relished in the unveiling of your sob story. Unfortunately the past wasn’t a talent show and the truth did you no favours, it only weighed heavily on your heart. Admittedly life wasn’t all bad being Park Jimin’s younger sister, he was the youngest billionaire in South Korea after all, much to your friends’ envy. A teeny part of you anticipated catching up with your older brother, not that you shared anything in common beyond DNA.

After spending three years almost five thousand miles away from your childhood home, the limousine finally pulled up to the manor house. It was still the same as you remembered it; shapely colourful shrubs adorned the surrounding fields as soon as the gates opened. A beautiful cherry blossom tree swayed calmly in the summer breeze right outside the front door, it was so surreal returning home after spending so long avoiding it.

“Y/N? Is that you?” A voice you recognised straight away asked, though it seemed much manlier in comparison to three years ago.

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look at this sweet, smiling boy

When Velma grabs the beakers...

…as if by magic, they gain…

…little reflections!

And when the mummy wants the coin…

…his little mummy tummy does…

…it does… uh….

…ok, I’m not actually sure what it’s doing.

But the phrase “mummy tummy” makes me laugh an unreasonable amount.

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TBH when I first got into the fandom one of my main issues with Jimin was his size. It made me sad to look at how frail he was, and to hear him speak about himself the way he did. I would cry for hours about it, especially since both my SO and I have dealt with eating disorders (his was anorexia and mine was severe overeating) so it hit hard. I wanted nothing more than to run up to him and hug him, and then help him get healthy. Seeing his little tummy now fills me with the purest joy.

I can relate to this so much. My favorite part is when Jimin says things like “don’t expect abs this year”, “my stomach is like a chocolate bar that someone smudged the lines off”, “I ate so much today” or when we get blessed with pictures/footage of Jimin eating.

ABS Jimin who???????? It’s all about TUMMY JIMIN.


Idk what this just turned into… just… if you ask me anything it’ll just turn into some kind of Jimin appreciation post. If you send me an ask about Jimins eyes and I’ll spam you with 100 pictures of them. Lol.

Can we talk about how great it was to see Sam lounging on Jody's couch?

He was clearly so comfortable there. He felt safe and at home, and he was happy to just be there with Jody and Dean, eating pizza and having some down time.

He was practically lying on that couch, he was so comfortable, resting his pizza on his tummy.

The little grins he kept sharing with the two of them were so great to see. I know the scene was short, but it means so much to me to see them like that.

We haven’t seen this side of Sam in weeks, months, and I love that we were given it, no matter how short it lasted.

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Harry's newborn baby taking a nap on his tummy is something I live for, thinking about kills me

You’re trying to hurt me…

They’re both so sleepy, and his little babe is tummy to tummy with him, sleeping just like he does. Arms with the tiniest wrist rolls draped over his sides, head nuzzled up close enough to kiss. Using his belly like it’s the best pillow in the world. Harry has a film on in front of him, a cup of coffee on the coffee table, but he hasn’t taken a sip, and he couldn’t tell you a single thing about the movie. He’s listening to all of the contented little noises his sleepy baby is making as they’re lulled to sleep by his steady breathing and the gentle rise and fall of his belly. All the tiny snuffles and squeaks. Watching as they stretch in their sleep and he gears up for it to be followed by a cry, but instead the baby gives a little satisfied sound and settles back down. Harry’s hand smoothing up and down their back tenderly, fingertips drifting up and over their head, massaging tiny palms with just his thumb. So in awe of how he helped to create this sweet little creature. How they were just once a bump, and now they’re here snuggled up on him. He just wants to hold on to everything they do. He never wants to forget any of it. How soft and milky sweet they smell, how delicate their skin feels after a bath. He reaches to tickle the side of their cheek with the pad of his finger, smiling when their lips curl up in a reflexive little smirk. He can’t wait to make them smile properly, to get all of the slobbery baby kisses he can possibly have. For now though, he never wants to move from this sofa. He didn’t think it was possible to love someone this much. He was wrong. xx.

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Hug him from behind, rubbing and feeling his little tummy, and then making fun/tease of him because he has his shirt tucked like an old man xx

Are we talking about this gif, here? 

Because, I swear to Jesus Christ, this is the cutest outfit I think he’s ever worn? My favourite fashion choice for the summer is literally to wear my t-shirts tucked into my trousers or my shorts and it makes me so happy that he wore that…

He’d be ready to go out for a night at Sam and Tomo’s, knowing that it was just a cosy night in with beers and board games because it’s been ages since they’ve seen him, with mutual friends and a cuddle with Sid. The missus would have been invited to join them, but, she’d already made an appointment with the sofa and a bundle of wedding magazines to make some final touches and add some final additions to their wedding, allowing him the night off to enjoy himself.

Standing in the kitchen as he slipped his house keys into his jean pocket, one boot on and one boot sitting on the tiles, his back to the door as he became oblivious to the missus appearing in the doorway with a smirk on her face.

“Babe?” He’d called out through the house, slipping his foot into his boot before jumping and looking over his shoulder, her arms around his waist and she pressed her face to the space of his back, “oh, hello.”

“Hmm,” she’d hum in delight, eyes shut, “love you. You smell nice.”

“I love you, too,” he’d smile softly, “you want me to get you the wine from the top shelf? Is that why you’re being so cuddly? What do you want from me, hm?”

“Nothing,” she’d mumble into his t-shirt, nudging her nose into his spine, “you look silly. You know only old men tuck their shirts in like this?”

“Maybe I am an old man. I’m getting some greys, you know? You could be marrying someone who’s actually 50 and has kids already,” he’d tease and laugh, turning round in her arms and wrapping his around her neck, holding her to his chest, “thought it looked like a good outfit for a cosy night in. Don’t you think so?”

“Hmm. It might grow on me, Peaches,” she’d murmur against his chest, “gon’a miss you tonight. Give my love to Sid.”

“Of course,” he’d chuckle, kissing her forehead, “sure you don’t want to come tonight? I’m sure the girls would love to talk to you about the wedding plans you’ve got going on in here,” he’d smile and tap her head softly, “you’ve got some lovely ideas up in here. Share them with someone else.”

“I’m okay here tonight. I’ve got some Say Yes To The Dress episodes to watch and your mum sent through some links for food and caterers since we’ve not decided. Oh, and Gemma sent some playlists through for the reception,” she’d smile and press up on her toes to kiss his cheek, a soft blush on his cheeks, “go and have fun without me for once. You deserve it.” xx


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Ahh I need more daddy CEO Harry thoughts, they make me weak. I want to see him with a baby so bad 😭

I really think him during the pregnancy is the sweetest thing. But, since you want Daddy! CEO, here is a little something for you. 

He creeps into the nursery right after he gets himself dressed for work, initially just wanting to say a small goodbye and kissing her check before leaving. But, when he sees her bright eyes already awake, her mouth forming into a gummy smile, he can’t help but stay for a few minutes to admire her. 

“Hey my little darling, why are you awake sweetie?” He whispers, leaning his arm over and gently caressing his hand over her little tummy, the warmth of her tummy and the onesie filling him with pure love. “Good morning, do you want to have some cuddles? Hm.” He whispers down to her, trying to hold himself back from lifting her out of the crib, knowing that getting her back to sleep and out of his arms will be a struggle. With a heavy sigh, he gives into her adoring, bright eyes, carefully picking her up, pressing her to his chest. 

“Hey, ah, none of that,” he whispers as she whimpers against him, not seeming to settle straight away, “It’s okay, it’s just Daddy, I have you, sweetheart.” He soothes, rubbing her back as he grabs her blanket and drapes it around her, her whimpering stopping. “Is that what you wanted? Your blanket?” He hums, “I have to leave in a few minutes, can you be good fo’ mummy? She is really tired. Do you think you can wait for me to get home before fussing?” he continues to speak to her in a low tone, getting nothing but a few baby gurgles in return. He chuckles to himself, her whimpering starting again as he bites his lip. “Alright, shhh. I have you… Let’s get you something in your tummy, you’re probably hungry.. you’re like me, you’re grumpy when you are hungry.’ He mumbles, carefully walking out of the nursery and making his way downstairs towards the kitchen, doing his best to keep his little girl as quiet as possible, not wanting to wake Elise. 

He rests on the couch and perches himself to watch the sunset as it slowly rises, his baby girl drinking the bottle of formula in his hand… "There you go, that’s it..” he yawns, feeding her the last bit of the bottle before he carefully lifts her to rest on his shoulder to rub her back and burp her. He stands to his feet and walks around the living room, her whimpering starting again…. 

Elise enters and he sighs, disappointed he couldn’t keep the little one quiet for too long. Sighing even further when his little girl spits up on his clean work shirt, “Hm, not a morning person I see.” He mumbles, continuing to rub his daughters back before carefully handing her to Elise, his hands already making their way to the buttons of his shirt. 

“She will fall asleep soon, already fed and cuddled her,” … “Shit, I am late.” His eyes grow wide as he notices the time, his hand reaching for the clothes basket on the coffee table full of clean shirts neither he or Elise has managed to properly put away yet. “I love you, be a good girl for mummy,” He kisses his little girl’s cheek as she settled in Elise’s arms, “And I love you too, get some sleep when she is asleep, I will do the clothes when I get home, I promise. Just please sleep.” He whispers, kissing her forehead before having to hurry out the door, shirtless and with his shirt clasped in his hands.