his little tummy

“I’m not letting you damn yourself!”

- Chapter 6: Family, The Awakening

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BTS Scenario | Riding

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 Warnings: Smut

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1 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut

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Slipped my mind

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Anonymous asked: #37??? (’Welcome to fatherhood’)

Anonymous asked: Please could you do 99 and make it angsty if possible? Thank you! X (How could you forget your son’s birthday?)

Anonymous asked: “Welcome back. Now fucking help me.” !!

I combined all three of these and it turned into a full blown one shot.

Also special shoutout to @harryimaginedstories. She knows. 

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Hi! I love your blog and I wanted to ask you to do a top 5 for Haikyuu but I saw your masterpost and you have basically EVERYTHING! Ahhh! BUT!!! What about a top 5 of our volleyball babies sleeping? :3

This is such a nice one :’) 

1. BOKUTO (+ Akaashi)

2. Baby boy Yamaguchi

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3. Sleeping blueberry Kageyama Tobio (and his little tummy)

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4. Nishinoya & Tanaka (brotp goals)

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5. Tsukishima blocking-out-the-haters Kei

- bonus:

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stronger ❖ jongin (3)

Oh snap, you were going to fall for real.

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fluff, angst, dad!jongin au, ceo!jongin, daddy tbh, smut (in future), age gap, if you don’t like, don’t read | velvet

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We said we were going to have rice❞ you widened your eyes stopping the shopping cart and looking down at Taeoh that was sitting in it, playing with a stuffed animal that he picked up from the kindergarten. The baby looked up at you and shook his head.

Beef❞ he said again, continuing to play with his toy. You sighed heavily, rolling your eyes to the sky.

Okay, hear me out, little thing❞ you called him poking a little on his cheek and starting to move the cart again, your eyes searching for the things you needed to cook the bibimbap.

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look at this sweet, smiling boy

chapter lll: cold feet?

summary:  Eddie Kasprak and Richie despise each other, it’s just too bad that they’re anonymously best pals on tumblr. This is gonna be good…

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i’m want to add a boppin playlist for this fic so please send me songs/playlists you’ve made in dedication to the fic! it will be linked in every chapter (and maybe a sequel???) and we’ll all need some music to cry to after this chapter

a/n: thank you to my amazing beta, who helped me out even though they’re going through some tough times. follow them on tumblr @losvcr <3

also!!! some amazing art was made!!! by @lovscr!!! here’s the art

btw im sorry in advance

It had been a week since Richie agreed to meet up with nervous-plants.

‘Today’s the day.’ Richie thought to himself, while messing around with his guitar before he had to head over to Rainbow Bouquet. He was extremely excited to meet nervous-plants, but he couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

‘What if he’s really a 70 year old man who wants to wear my skin as a jacket?’ and ‘What if he’s a serial killer who wants to stuff my corpse in his closet?!’ were some of the uneasy strings of thought that drifted through his head.

Unfortunately, Richie knew that one of his troubled thoughts was extremely plausible:

‘What if he’s perfectly fine, but he realizes that how pathetic I am?’

Richie had been neglected in his childhood, and as a result of his parent’s disregard, he looked for any circumstance where he could draw attention to himself. That led him to be called “annoying” and “obnoxious” for as long as he could remember. It was a touchy subject for him, to always be known as the detestable and pathetic friend.

It made it even harder when his Eddie knew how pathetic he was.

Richie knew how obvious his kind-of crush on Eddie was. He was attracted to Eds from the moment he saw Eddie carrying boxes into his new store. The problem was that Eddie detested Richie.


Richie had been thrilled when he overheard Eddie’s snarky comments and witty remarks, thinking that they would be best of friends. Turns out, Eddie thought Richie was more repulsive than expected.

As much as it hurt Richie that Eddie didn’t reciprocate his feelings, Richie knew it was for the best. Richie was dead weight. He brought people down, and Richie had come to terms with this.

Richie checked his watch and swore, seeing that he was at least fifteen minutes late, knowing Eddie would be frustrated with him (again).

Richie bolted out of For The Record and skidded into Rainbow Bouquet. He saw Eddie cleaning the windows and let himself smile at the sight of the pink adorned boy on his tiptoes, trying to reach the top of the glass.

Eddie turned around and raised his eyebrow when he saw Richie. Richie stood in front him with his shoulders rolled back and gave him a mock salute.

“Richie Tozier, reporting for duty!”

Eddie folded his arms and popped out his hip. “You’re late.”

Richie rubbed the back of his neck and sheepishly said, “Sorry ‘bout that, shortstack.”

Eddie rolled his eyes, and led Richie over to a group of bonsai trees. “I need you to lightly water them, and groom them.” Eddie passed him a pair of shears. “By the way, I have to check out early today.”

‘Oh, shit.’ Richie thought, thinking of where he needed to be tonight. “But, I need to leave early tonight!”

Eddie just shrugged his shoulders. “I guess we’ll just close early, then.”

As Richie examined the shears in his hands, his curiosity got the best of him. “So… Where are you going tonight?” He inquired, trying to appear nonchalant.

“Oh… Um… I have a… date.” Eddie replied hesitantly.

Richie felt a sharp pang of jealousy strike his stomach and asked, “Seriously, Eds? You have a date? Better alert the newscasters! Now for tonight’s news, the guy who everyone thought would die alone, Eddie Kaspbrak, has a date for the first time in a goddam century!”

Eddie’s relatively calm face twisted up in anger. “Yeah, Rich. Believe it or not, someone who’s as pathetic as me is capable of getting a date.”


Richie’s face immediately fell. “Oh, Eds, I didn’t mean-”

“Just shove it, douchebag. I get that you hate me, but sometimes, you really are too fucking mean.” Eddie mumbled as he walked away.


Eddie was way too anxious. He was already on his fourth time cleaning the counters this afternoon.

He was extremely excited to meet trashmouthrt, but at the same time, he was incredibly nervous. He just kept on thinking about the possible disasters that could happen tonight. It didn’t help that Richie was putting him on edge.

He decided to immerse himself in his work until 5, when he was supposed to get ready to head over to Persephone’s Coffee, and meet trashmouthrt.

Trashmouthrt had told Eddie to bring a pink rose to put on the table, and that he would wear a denim jacket.

It was almost time for Eddie to start getting ready to go, so he decided to check in.



we still good for tonight?


The reply was almost instantaneous.



totally! you getting cold feet?


definitely not. persephone’s coffee with a pink rose, right?


you got it sunshine


That nickname gave Eddie a strange feeling. It was like he couldn’t remember something. ‘Who else calls me sunshine?’

Shaking it off, Eddie shouted, “Hey, I’m closing up. Hurry! ” Eddie saw Richie run out of the storage room, holding a denim jacket.

Eddie frowned and started to get a headache. ‘Why am I feeling so much deja vu today?

Richie looked at Eddie and began to say, “Listen Eds, I’m really so-”

“Save it for someone who cares, Tozier. Just get out before I lock you in.”

Richie nodded and walked out the door. Eddie saw him walk down the street to his motorcycle, and drive off.

Eddie pinched his nose and rubbed his tummy a little, because it was hurting from how nervous he was. He finished his routine of reorganizing the plants, flipping the light switch on and off twelve times, and wiping down the counters one last time.

Eddie was just about to walk out the door when he dashed back in the store and grabbed the pink rose.


Richie drove back to his apartment and spruced up a little before checking the time. Knowing that he had five minutes before he had to be at the cafe, he slid on his denim jacket and spritzed on some cologne. He took a deep breath and shook out his limbs before walking out the door.

The ride to the cafe was extremely quick, and it barely gave Richie any time to organize his thoughts.

Once he pulled up at the cafe, he hopped off the bike and prayed a collective prayer to every deity he knew that he didn’t smell like exhaust.

The cafe Richie had chosen to meet nervous-plants at was one of his long time favorites. It was extremely comfy and it gave off a warm, happy vibe. With the fairy lights strung inside and out, he couldn’t help but think of Eddie, knowing that he would appreciate this place. He just hoped that nervous-plants was thinking the same thing.

Richie walked up to the front door of the cafe, closed his eyes and walked in.

Once he was actually in the cafe, he automatically glanced at all of the tables to see if there was one with that was inhabited with a pink rose. Richie almost let out a sigh, but then he saw a table in the corner. It was occupied by a person with their back towards Richie. Richie looked at the table and…

A pink rose.

His stomach jumped and he slowly and hesitantly stepped towards the unknown person, and he started to get an unusual sense of deja vu.

‘That hair looks weirdly familiar. Do I know someone with that shirt?’

That’s when Richie saw the person’s profile, lit up by the warm and soft lights of the cafe.

‘Oh my god. Oh my shit, oh fuck.’

Richie frantically stepped backwards and raced out the door. As he ran, he tripped on the pavement and came down with a slam. He saw his hand bleeding, but he didn’t really feel it.

Richie picked himself up and pushed his hair out of his face. He spotted his motorcycle and sprinted towards it. He revved up his bike and sped down the street. Richie felt tears streaming down his face, getting blown in his hair because of the wind.



Eddie was getting anxious. He had been waiting at Persephone’s Coffee for nearly an hour, and there was no sign of trashmouthrt. He ignored his anxiety, decided to wait a while longer.

‘Maybe there’s traffic.’

The wait turned into two hours. He checked his messages and there was nothing new from trashmouthrt. He sent him a quick message.



hey is everything ok?


After that, he began to feel dirty, and wiped down the seats and table with antiseptic wipes.

At three hours, he started to feel dirty again, and he started to clean his already pristine cast and hands with the wipes. 17 minutes after that, the barista came up to Eddie and told him that they were closing up.

Eddie felt tears sting his eyes, but refused to cry. He gathered his stuff with as much dignity as he could; He decided to bring the rose with him too.

Once he was out of the godforsaken cafe and back in his car, he began to cry, sobs wracking his body. He knew he was being indulgent for allowing himself to cry, but after everything building up on him for the past three months, it was this moment that the dam broke and his repressed emotions flooded his mind.

After a couple of minutes, he looked at the blush pink rose resting on the dash and contemplated tearing it up, but instead, kissed it gently with tear blurred vision. He felt the velvet-like softness of the petals against his lips, and for some reason unknown to Eddie, he began to cry harder.

‘I knew it was too good to be true.’


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When Velma grabs the beakers...

…as if by magic, they gain…

…little reflections!

And when the mummy wants the coin…

…his little mummy tummy does…

…it does… uh….

…ok, I’m not actually sure what it’s doing.

But the phrase “mummy tummy” makes me laugh an unreasonable amount.