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i’m trying to get back into writing, and into it in the 5sos fandom, so….

boyfriend!michael at the zoo for the lovely @michaelsprite❤️

“Michael, come on!” You whined, gently tugging on his flannel shirt, as both of his hands were occupied with typing a caption onto the Snapchat photo he had just taken.
“Hang on, babe - I need to send this to Luke!”
Michael giggled loudly as he hit send, shoving his phone into his pocket with one hand and grabbing yours in the other.

So far on your trip to the zoo, Michael had taken photos of a camel, a Southern hairy-nosed wombat and a Black-footed Tree-rat; all with the express purpose of sending them to Luke with the caption ‘IT YOU’.

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Endlessly (family!Luke)

(a/n: These are not my pictures, if they’re yours and you’d like credit or them taken down please let me know! Enjoy!)

November 21st,  2015

“I look like a house!” I pouted, turning sideways in the mirror.

It was the day of my baby shower and to say that I was dreading it was an understatement. Savannah was throwing this huge party at one of the fancy restaurants in the city and invited everyone and their mother. My parents were flying in for the weekend along with Luke’s. I think that was partially adding to my nerves, because while I’d met Liz and Andy and Luke had met my parents, they’d never met each other.

“You look adorable!” Luke sighed, trying to tie his tie behind me, “I, on the other hand, look a messy.”

He was wearing a pair of nice skinny jeans, a white button up with the sleeves rolled up and a teal tie to compliment my dress. When we’d gone baby shopping Savannah insisted that I invest in at least one cute maternity dress, so I settled on a a red Chevron patterned dress that was light weight and easy to layer, and topped it off with some simple teal accessories.

“Luke, you couldn’t look a mess if you tried,” I laughed, helping him straighten his tie. I could tell he was just as nervous about the parent thing as I was, he just did a little better job at hiding it.

“Come on you,” I giggled, standing on my tip toes to kiss his nose, “let’s go party like we’re about to have a baby.”

“Well, when you put it that way!” he rolled his eyes at me as I followed him to the car.

By the time we got to the shower most of the people who’d RSVP’d were there, mainly people who were work and school friends of mine and work colleagues of Luke’s.

“There she is!!” Savannah chimed, hurrying over to me with open arms, “I’m so glad you guys are finally here! What do you think?”

The small room was filled with tons of orange and teal balloons and little cute stuffed giraffes and elephants scattered around the room. We’d decided on teal and orange instead of just blue to give us more options and so it was a little whimsical.

“Sav, it’s amazing!” I smiled, “you’ve out done yourself yet again.”

“Only the best for my bestie and my lil god son in there,” she giggled, patting my belly.

“Baby Daddy,” she smiled at Luke.

“Savannah,” he laughed, embracing my small but very much insane best friend.

“Here!” she said, handing them to us both, “they’re mandatory, so don’t fight me on this one!” She pulled out two sashes from her small bad slung over her shoulder, one teal for me that said “Mommy to be” and an orange one for Luke that said “Daddy to be”.

We both sighed, knowing that we had no choice when it came to her. We slid into our sashes and began making the rounds. Most of the mingling was answering the basic questions: are you excited? Do you have the nursery set up? What are you gonna do when Luke goes on tour? And the most pressing question of all: Are you guys gonna get married now? We answered each one with a smile on our faces, saying every time that we’re taking it one day at a time.

Finally, I saw my parents walk in the door, my mom holding a small teal gift bag and my dad toting a huge box.

“I wonder what that is,” I whispered to Luke, nodding in their general direction.

“I couldn’t tell ya,” he laughed, “but looks who’s behind them.”

And sure enough behind my parents were Andy and Liz, both also holding presents.

We made our way to the door to greet our parents.

“Ria!” my mom squealed setting down her bag and hugging me, “okay, let’s see you then! Turn to the side!”

I did so, placing my hands on my hips.

“Hi little guy!” my mother cooed at my belly, patting it lightly, “I’m Gigi Stacy and this is your Grandpa Bob and we are just so excited to meet you.”

I felt the little dude kick where her hand was causing her to jump a little then smile.

“I think he knows who you are from all the stories I’ve told him,” I laughed, turning my attention to my dad, “Do you need help Daddy?”

“Nothing you can help me with sweetie,” he smiled softly at me, “Lucas! Come help me with this before she decides to take it herself.”

“I’ll be right back Mum,” he said to Liz, hurrying over to help my. I figured since they were in such close proximity that now was as good a time as any to introduce them.

“Mom,” I said grabbing her hand and leading her to where Luke’s parents stood, “there are some people I’d like you to meet.”

We stopped just in front of the other set of parents.

“Hi Liz!” I said with a smile.

“Hello dear,” she smiled sweetly, hugging me almost as tightly as my own mother had.

“Andy,” I said with a nod.

“Didn’t I tell you we were hugging family dear?” he laughed, opening his arms.

“Well,” I said, my mother still right next to me, “I’d like you guys to meet my mother, Stacy.”

“Oh, it’s so nice to finally meet you!” she said with a huge smile hugging them both, “Luke told us all about you guys when he came to visit. He’s a wonderful, you two did an amazing job raising him.”

“Well thank you Stacy,” Liz grinned, “we’re quite fond of Maria as well. She’s a lovely girl.”

“We need to get together sometime after the baby’s born,” my mom suggested, looping her arm around Liz’s, “we can share baby pictures and what not!”

“They’re gonna be inseparable, aren’t they?” I asked Andy, who was still standing next to me.

“I’m afraid so,” he laughed, “we’ll I should go find our seats dear. I’m sure we’ll talk later.”

I watched from the top of the stairs as my mother and Luke’s laughed at each other’s stories from our childhoods. Andy found my dad, shaking his hand as he helped him and Luke with the ginormous package. And then my eyes fell on Luke, the adorable boy who I’d watched grow into a man before my eyes. He was going to be a great dad, I could feel it. He was naturally great with kids, a very patient person and already had the bad dad jokes down. I apparently caught his eye as I people watched, winking at me before continuing on with the conversation with the fathers.

“This is your family Tommy,” I whispered, looking down at my protruding stomach, “they’re a little weird but they love you already.”

A sudden sharp pain hit me almost knocking me off my feet. I stumbled a little but found the nearest chair so I could sit down. Savannah was instantly at my side.

“What’s wrong?” she ask worriedly.

“I don’t know,” I shook my head, “but somethings not right.”

“Mar,” she said quietly, “did you spill something?”

I looked down to see a pool of what looked like water at my feet.

“Oh shit,” I groaned, “go get Luke, my water just broke.”

A Few Hours Later

I sat in the dimly lit hospital bed holding the tiny little human in my arms. Luke was a rambling idiot by the time we got to the hospital while I was the calm one. The tables soon turned as my contractions came faster and closer together. I think the words ‘This is your fucking fault Hemmings and so help me God I’m going to kill you if I make it out of this alive!’, were tossed around a few times, while he spoke softly and soothingly, trying to calm me down. It was a long night, about ten hours of labor, but it was so worth it.

“So,” I cooed at the little one wrapped in a little blanket, “what’d do you think so far Tommy? You’ve already made Daddy cry and you’re only a few hours old! That’s quite the accomplishment.”

He stirred a little in my arms then opened his little eyes, looking up at me. He had Luke’s bright blue eyes, but almost a full head of dark hair. He was going to be a unique looking boy, that was for sure.  

“Your uncles are gonna be up in a few hours to see you along with your Auntie Savannah and all of your grandparents.” I chuckled lightly, “I know you don’t know this, but they were so happy that you came while they were here. Everyone’s been so excited to meet you, little guy.”

After he fell back asleep I reached for my phone that was next to the bed, scrolling through Facebook and Twitter to see a massive amount of messages of congratulations. Fans of the boys already asking when they could see pictures of the little Hemmings. I answered a few of them before setting my phone down, closing my eyes for a bit.

I awoke to the night nurse knocking on the door, wanting to take some vitals of Tommy and I.

“I promise I’ll just be a few minutes, then I’ll let you guys get back to sleep,” she promised, taking Tommy from my arms.

I stretched them a little, not realizing just how stiff they’d become. I sat fully up now, wide awake.

“Have you seen Luke?” I asked, rubbing my eyes a little.

As if on cue a knock came from the doorway, Luke standing there with coffee and what looked like donuts.

“You rang?” he giggled, walking over to set the bags and coffee down on the table next to me and settling back into the recliner next to the bed.

“You’re wonderful, you know that Hemmings?” I smiled as he handed me the coffee.

“Eh,” he shrugged, taking a sip of his “I try.”

“Does Dad wanna hold the little guy?” the nurse asked, motioning to Luke.

“Uh,” his eyes widened, “sure!”

I giggled at his awkwardness as she handed the baby over to him. He instantly stiffened up, much like I had when I first held him.

“Make sure you support his head,” she said, adjusting his arms a little, “just like that. Relax, Dad, you’ve got it.”

She gave him a reassuring smile before leaving the room.

“Luke?” I said quietly.

“Yeah?” he said, never taking his eyes off the Tommy.

“You’re not gonna break him,” I laughed, “like she said, relax.”

He took a deep breath, his shoulders finally loosening. I smiled as I watched him holding the baby, our baby. He was in just as much awe as I was at the fact that this was really happening, that we were now solely responsible for raising another human being.  

“Do you wanna come sit up here with me?” I asked, scooting over and patting the spot next to me.

He nodded, handed me the baby and climbed onto the bed, wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

“He’s got your eyes, ya know?” I asked, looking between them.

“And he’s got your crazy hair,” he chuckled.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I laughed, nudging his shoulder a little.

We sat there happily in silence, admiring our little bundle.

“Hey, Maria?” Luke said softly.

“Hey, Luke?” I grinned, looking up at him.

“I wanted to ask you something,” he said, shifting around as he dug in his pocket for something.

“Ask away!” I smiled.

He pulled a small silver ring out of his pocket. It had gorgeous little swirls around the large stone in the middle. It almost looked like a galaxy with all the specks of different colors.

“I got this down in the gift shop when I was going to get coffee. I know it’s really lame and cheesy and not nearly the amazing ring that you deserve, but I saw it and I just had to get it. Ever since I met you I’ve been head over heels for you. I fell in love with you, all of you, even when people told me that I was crazy. You’re my best friend and partner in crime, and also parenting now. I want to make you the happiest person on the planet for the rest of my life, and I’m really hoping that you’ll let me.”

“Luke,” I breathed, not knowing what to say next.

“I’m not saying we have to get married now, or even in the next few years. I’m perfectly happy with calling you my fiance until we get everything settled with this little guy,”

“And the band?” I asked.

“And the band,” he laughed, then changing his expression back to serious, “Look, there’s no guarantee that this is gonna be easy, in fact I’d be a little concerned if it were easy. And I know I’m not perfect, but I’m perfect for you, just like you are for me. What I’m trying to ask is,”

I held my breath,

“Will you marry me, eventually?” he laughed as the last part left his lips.

I looked down at Tommy in my arms and Luke holding me in his, knowing that this was all I needed.

“Of course!” I smiled, reaching up to bring his lips to mine.

“You don’t have to wear the ring,” he said against my lips, “I’m sure it’s not what you expected-”

I cut him off, placing my finger on his lips.

“Luke, it’s perfect.” I said, holding up my left hand so he could slip on the ring, “and besides, since when are we the type of people to do the expected?”