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“So, are you gonna tell them?”

Yuri quirks a little grin and nuzzles back into Otabek’s shoulder from where they are, curled together on their bed with Yuri’s back to Otabek’s chest.

“What kind of question is that?” he teases. He can practically feel Otabek roll his eyes.

“You know what I mean,” Otabek mumbles, pressing a kiss to the spot behind Yuri’s ear.

“They’ll find out either way but, yeah, I’m gonna tell them,” Yuri replies, glancing down at the gold band around his left hand ring finger. “They’re having me over for dinner on Friday, I’ll just let them know then,” Yuri explains.

“No extravagant way of revealing it to them?” Otabek questions, teasing tone in his voice.

“Victor would enjoy that too much,” Yuri tells Otabek who laughs a little.

“How do you think they’ll take it?” Otabek inquires. Yuri pauses to think and sighs.

“I don’t know, it could go a lot of different ways.”

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“It is not so that the good detective should act, eh? I perceive your thought. He must be full of energy. He must rush to and fro. He should prostrate himself on the dusty road and seek the marks of tyres through a little glass. He must gather up the cigarette-end, the fallen match? That is your idea, is it not?”

His eyes challenged us. “But I - Hercule Poirot - tell you that it is not so! The true clues are within - here!” He tapped his forehead. “See you, I need not have left London. It would have been sufficient for me to sit quietly in my rooms there. All that matters is the little grey cells within. Secretly and silently they do their part, until suddenly I call for a map, and I lay my finger on a spot - so - and I say: the Prime Minister is there! And it is so! With method and logic one can accomplish anything!”

- Agatha Christie, Poirot Investigates: The Kidnapped Prime Minister

Day 30: Magnus + Max

Magnus had almost missed seeing him. He’d been so focused on finding Alexander when he’d portalled into the Institute, that he’d passed the room, his mind working the different places Alec could be that it took a couple of seconds before he realized when he’d just seen.

He backtracked and sure enough, standing on several stacks of boxes, a little boy was trying to slide a fishing rod through the tiny space left by the slightly open window, leading into the next room.

The boy was so engrossed in what he was doing that he didn’t even notice Magnus walking up to him, and leaning against the wall adjacent to the boy’s impromptu fishing spot . Magnus studied the tiny rugrat for several seconds, the focus of those eyes—brown he thought they were—the way the boy didn’t let the blond hair that fell over his eyes distract him from achieving his goals.

He had to admire the tenacity, especially because it reminded him in no small part of Alexander.

But tenacity, no matter how much a person had it in spades could not retrieve whatever it was that the boy wanted to get from the next room, and some seconds later, he released a deep sigh, a sigh that had Magnus’s mouth twitching at how tortured and long-suffering it sounded, and turned around.

The boy didn’t jump or act startled. In fact, he looked more curious than surprised.

And yeah, his eyes were brown.

“You’re looking for Alec.” It was a statement, not a question.

Magnus nodded.

“I’m Max,” the rugrat said as he extended his hand.

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“Ringo’s girlfriend, Maureen Cox, was also from Liverpool. She was a fan whose dream had come true. She had started out as one of the hundreds of teenage girls who queued day after day at the Cavern to get close to the front of the stage for the best possible view of the Beatles and in the hope that they might catch the eye of one. Every fan had a favourite, and Ringo was hers. She wouldn’t have called herself a fanatic – she would only queue, she said, for two or three hours while some girls were there all day – but she did run after Ringo in the street one day to get his autograph when she spotted him getting out of his car. She was seventeen, had just left school and was learning to be a hairdresser. Then, one day, it happened for her. Again, she and I had little in common but she was jolly and friendly, more relaxed than Cynthia. We got on but I felt there was definitely a north–south divide among the wives and girlfriends. And I had the definite impression that the girls from the north felt they had a prior claim to the boys”

The girls from the north def had dibs on the boys. Def Mo had some claim to Geo, too.

This photo was taken while filming the concert scene in A Hard Day’s Night. I’d only know Maureen and Astrid a few days….

Daddy Daughter Day

A/n: This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Movie Challenge and @babypieandwhiskey Cam’s Darndest Things writing Challenge. I enjoyed writing this and found it really cute. I want to thank @i-dont-know-how-to-write for giving some input and help. Enjoy, reblog, and like.

Word Count: 890ish

Warnings: Cuteness, Fluff, Potatoes

Prompt: 45. You can’t play with the potato; I need to cook it!

Movie: Lion King

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As Dean rolled over in the bed he felt the cold spot that you had left knowing that it was his turn to watch your daughter, so you and sam can do a hunt.

As Dean laid with his eyes closed he heard the door creak open and little feet run into his room and climb into the bed with a struggle. He smiled as he felt his daughter, Nova, climb beside him and cuddle into his chest.

“Daddy wakes up” the small voice whispered softly as poked him-him in the stomach. Waiting for him to open his Dean. Dean rolled over as he chuckled knowing that his daughter would be persistent.

“Daaad, wake up you buttface” Nova giggled as she climbed over Dean trying to go on the other side. Her father arms snaked around her and started to tickle her as she laughed.

“Good Morning Munchkin” Dean cooed as he kissed his daughter’s forehead and got up from bed.

Walking to the bunkers kitchen Dean heard little feet directly behind him and he smiled looking behind him finding her trying to walk like him.

“Are you copying me?” Dean furrowed his eyebrows playfully as Nova chuckled at his actions. Picking her up as they entered the kitchen he sat her on the counter.

“What’s for breakfast sweet cakes,” he asked as he waited for the thinking child to answer.

“Hmm…How about pancakes and potatoes” she hummed happily as she thought about her decision.

“Okay you get potatoes and I make the pancake batter. Plus I’ll add in eggs” he explained as he took her off the counter to do her job for the morning.

As Dean began cooking he had a hunch to turn around and look for Nova. When he turned he saw her dancing with the potatoes in her hands.

“POTATOESSSSSSS” she yelled as she dances silly in her own world. Dean snickered but quickly stopped to try and give a stern look.One she noticed him looking she stopped and they had an awkward stare, Dean wanting to laugh but keeping a straight face. Giving her a stern look.

“Nova, You can’t play with the potato; I need to cook it!” Dean said as his daughter huffed and gave him the potatoes and walked away mumbling.

“Aww man…haters gonna hate potatoes gonna potate” she mumbled quietly but so dean could hear as she did a little dance.

Dean shook his head and chuckled as he began cooking breakfast for the two of them. Thinking of what to do for the day.


“So what do you what to do today love bug” Dean said as he shifted her hair into her little ponytails with her hair clips.

“Can we watch movies daddy?” she asked as she looked up at Dean knowing he would never tell her no.

“Sure love bug,” Dean kissed her head lightly. “Go pick your movies while I clean up.”

Nova ran to get her movies coming back with Lion King, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Up.

“You ready munchkin?” She nodded her head as she sat on the couch and her dad put Lion king in for her.

“Let’s start the movie night,” he says as she shushes him and he fakes offended at her gesture to make her giggle.

Throughout the beginning, Dean and Nova sang along to all the words. Once Nova had calmed down she sat on the opposite couch as him.The scene of Mufasa’s death was beginning and Dean little sniffles as Simba try and wake his up from death.

“Ladybug are you okay,”Dean cooed she shook her yes as she wiped tears away from her wet eyes.

“Mufasa died?” Nova sobs got a little louder as Simba cried.

“Do you want a hug?” While shaking her head yes she climbed down from her couch and cuddled with as he comforts her about the movie and they finished it with her in his hands.


Coming in from the hunt all you wanted to do was cuddle up with your daughter and husband while sleeping. As you walked down the stairs you heard music from Alvin and the chipmunks being played. Knowing that they had a movie day. Not to wake them you turn off the TV and went to take your daughter from Dean’s arms. You kissed her forehead as you walked her to the room and laid her down.

“Goodnight sweetheart,” you say as you get up and see Dean leaning in the doorway watching you.

“How was the hunt?” he asks as he holds you in his arms and breathes in your scent that he missed all day.

“Horrible because I was away from you guys,” you mumbled into his chest as you sighed and felt him kiss the top of your head.

“How was she today?” you asked as you looked up at your loving husband. Smelling the scent of whiskey, gunpowder, and soap that you loved so much.

“She was amazing. I learn new things about her every day,” you both laughed as you look at your precious creation dream. Hoping that she dreamed the sweetest thing and nothing bad.

“Let’s go to sleep love” he yawns while you both walked to your room to sleep for the rest of the night.


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Two Loves (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Request: about a lifetime ago @bisexual-maximoff asked me to write sth with Bucky as a dad of a boy. Here ya go!! I hope you like it, sweetie! and I’m sorry about the long delay.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 470

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Two Loves

“Daddy!!! There’s mommy!!!”

The smile of the long-haired man quirked up to the excitement of his son, a 4-year-old little boy he was carrying to his side with his left arm as he held a small bouquet of your favorite flowers in his right. His eyes sparked when he spotted you in the crew of people exiting the international arrivals section.

Your job had required for you to leave the country for two weeks and it was completely unexpected, that’s why you had to do your packing with just a day of anticipation and lots of nerves about leaving your boys. But now you were here, dragging your baggage in the direction of the loves of your life, the two reasons you woke up every morning.

Bucky opened his right arm for you to seep under it, you round them with yours and closed your eyes contently.

“We’ve missed you, doll”

His lips brushed yours tenderly and you reciprocate the soft kiss placing your hands in his scruff and massaging his hair with the tips of your fingers.

You ended the kiss when you felt a small pair of hands reclaiming your attention.


“Look at my baby boy!” you exclaimed extending your arms for him to get into them and placing small kisses all over his little face when he did, making him giggle “Theo did you have fun with daddy?”

“Yes! We went to the beach with uncle Steve and to the zoo with Cooper, Lila, and Nathaniel and we fed the monkeys! And I ate a lot of burgers! Like every day!”

“That’s awesome sweetie! Sounds like lots of fun!”

You gambled with the locks of his hair, suiting them to the side as you send Bucky a death glare and he gave you an apologetic look as he handed you the flowers with a pout and sorry eyes.

“They’re beautiful James, thank you”

“Just like you, doll. But you’re way more beautiful.”

You blushed like you had blushed the first time he ever called you beautiful 7 years ago when you met when the city was being attacked. He found you hiding in what was left of the library and he moved you to a safe place because someone has to make sure that ‘the beautiful girl’ was ok. You could never have imagined that would be the start of a beautiful stage of your life, but you wouldn’t like it any other way.

This is how you wanted to spend the rest of your life, with the two loves of your life.

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Coliver Valentines Day

Just felt like writin’ a lil somethin. Enjoy!

Oliver moaned under Connor’s hands, the tension in his body seeping out of every pore. The deeper his hands rubbed, the deeper Oliver moaned, his eyes fluttering closed.

“A little to the left,” he groaned.

“Right here?” asked Connor, his voice low and sultry as he moved his hands to the spot Oliver requested, smirking darkly when he heard the languid moan of the other man when he applied the pressure.

“Right there,” Oliver confirmed.

They fell in a comfortable silence, save for the occasional groan from Oliver, and the low volume of the music coming from the living room. The scent from the cinnamon candle on the night stand, coupled with the single low lit lamp and the soft warm sheets, could make the man fall asleep right here. He’s never felt pampered like this before.

“Let me know when you want to switch,” he said quietly.

“Switch?” Connor asked, his hands a gentle rub now.

“Yeah, don’t you want a massage too?”

“Oh no, Ollie, this is about you,” he murmured.

“You sure?”

“Very sure,” he said, shifting his position straddled over Oliver’s hips to lean down and press his lips to his back.

“We’re both so busy,” a kiss, “I wanted to show,” another kiss, “just how much,” another, “I love being with you,” two more as he moved from between his shoulder blades down his spine, “how much I love taking care of you like this.” Connor darted his tongue out and trailed down the length of his spine, just where the cleft of Oliver’s ass begins.

“You would stop there, wouldn’t you?” shivered Oliver.

Connor chuckled, warm breath brushing over the skin. “Don’t worry, Ollie. Later.” Whispering the last part, he reached out and gave Oliver’s ass a playful squeeze.

“What’s next, then?” Oliver asked after a while.

“How about a bath?”

“A bath?” Oliver asked, turning to face him.

“Mhm, a long, hot bath. I remembered when you did it for me, I wanna do it for you,” whispered Connor, leaning in and pecking Oliver on the lips.

“Want me to help?” he asked, lips lingering against Connor’s.

“No, no, you stay here and relax. It’ll be ready in a bit.” He said, rolling off the bed and moving to the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

Oliver stared at the ceiling, alone with his thoughts. He rolled his shoulders, shocked at how Connor worked every knot out of his muscles. The way his warm hands pressed and glided over his back and shoulders, knowing just how much pressure to apply and when. He inhaled deep, the cinnamon candle sweetly filling his nose. He turned and looked at the dimly lit lamps around the apartment, how they made the whole place ambient, intimate, like the only thing that mattered in the world was the two of love, lights not acquired. He pinched the silk red sheets between his fingers, absorbing the way the soft fabric flowed through them. Oliver thought back to his previous Valentines, most of them, as far as he could remember, consisted of watching movies alone with chocolate and a bottle of merlot, or a half-hearted card with nothing written in it given by his boyfriends at the time. The thought of a massage or romantic bath never crossed his mind.

It’s funny how life can change sometimes, he thought.

The sound of the bathroom door opening snapped him out of his thoughts.

“Okay it’s ready,” called Connor.

Oliver hopped off the bed, wobbling slightly due to the jelly-like state of his relaxed body, and felt his eyes widen a little when he saw the bathroom. It was dark, save for the few electrical candles that sat on the sink and closed toilet. The room smelled of calming lavender, and the tub was full to the brim with  fluffy bubbles. He chuckled when he saw Connor’s dark hair sticking out through the foam.

“Come here,” he murmured. Oliver smiled and carefully lowered himself in the tub, stretching out as much as his long legs could. Connor, sitting behind him, reached and wrapped his arms around Oliver’s waste, pulling him close. Oliver leant back, resting his head on his chest. After a moment in silence, save for the gentle splashing of water around them, Oliver felt his eyes close and his breathing get heavier.

“Don’t fall asleep on me, there’s still more to come, you know,” joked Connor, cupping water in his hand and letting it fall lazily into Oliver’s hair.

“I won’t, but could you blame me?” Oliver said, turning his head so his ear was pressed over the spot where Connor’s heart is.

“So, I did good?” he asked, rubbing light circles into Oliver’s side with his other hand.

“You outdid yourself.”

“You know this means you’re going to have to go all out next year, right?” joked Connor. Oliver’s heart flipped at the thought of this, this love, this interaction and connection, happening next year.

“You can count on it,” Oliver said, turning his body, raising on his arms and capturing Connor’s lips in a deep kiss. Groaning, Connor adjusted so Oliver could straddle his lap and brought Oliver’s head closer, deepening it. They pulled away panting.

“I love you, thank you for this,” Oliver murmured, resting his forehead on Connor’s.

“I love you, anything for you.”


-Anon request

Charles had addressed Alex first- everyone had noticed his uncharacteristically depressed mood recently but it was the telepath who finally stood up and tried to talk it out of him. However, the younger mutant had merely shrugged him off and stormed out of the mansion in the direction of the bunker.

Your room was on the side of one of the left wings that protruded forward and offered a view of Alex’s window. While sat in the bay window reading, you spotted him out of the corner of your eye and gave him a little wave.

He returned it with a small smile and wave of his own.

An idea occurring to you, you grabbed a large notebook and marker and scrawled down ‘What’s up with you? Seem down.’

Holding it up for him to see, his shoulders slumped a little before he searched around his room for a moment, a minute later holding up a notepad that read ‘Tired of drama.’

What kind of drama?’


That seemed a point you couldn’t continue, so you sat in your window for a long while, mulling over possible responses.You knew what you wanted to say- you wanted to help Alex through whatever this was- but the trouble was finding the right words. Finally deciding on the right words, you found that, when you went to hold it up, his lights were off and the window was empty.

Sighing, you were just about to go to bed in defeat when you heard a soft knock at your door. Opening it, you frowned slightly and whispered, “Alex? What’re you doing here?”

Instead of answering, the teen bit his lower lip and took a scrunched up piece of paper from his pocket and slowly unfolded it to show you ‘I don’t know what to do…’

A soft smile played on your lips and, taking Alex’s free hand, you held up the notepad you had earlier written on and didn’t have to voice what it read.

Let me help?

Fic: Safety [Percy, Vox Machina | 6,400 words | T]

[AO3 | FFN | More Fic]

In the early days of their adventures, the members of Vox Machina get to know their gunslinger.


Vex is flat on her back on the packed-dirt ground, the better to warm her feet by the campfire without overheating the rest of her, when the soft sound of rustling cloth alerts her to someone moving nearby. Squinting one eye open, she glances over to see that her fellow night-watcher, the human newcomer to their little team, has left his post at the edge of the campsite to sit down on a fallen log nearer to her. In the dim, flickering glow of firelight, she can just make out a furrowed brow behind the glint of his glasses.

“Don’t worry, darling,” she says softly. “Trinket will spot anything we miss, and Tiberius said something about setting an alarm spell before he dropped off.”

Percy rubs his arms and glances over his shoulder at the sleeping forms of the rest of the party, although he really can’t be seeing much with his human vision. “It was cold,” he says, so quietly she has to push herself up on her elbows to hear better. “Thought I’d warm up by the fire for a while. I can go back to patrolling in a moment.”

“You don’t need to justify yourself to me,” Vex says. “To any of us, really. Believe it or not, we’ve figured out that this isn’t really something you’ve done before. We’re not going to give you a hard time.”

Percy shoots her a look that makes her stifle a laugh.

“Okay,” she says, lowering herself back to rest her head on the ground, “we’ll totally give you a hard time. But we won’t mean it, not really. You wouldn’t be here, otherwise.”

“I don’t wish to sound ungrateful.” He pulls out his strange little weapon and adjusts bits and pieces of the machinery in a way that’s as mysterious to her as Tiberius’ spells. “But that was more luck than anything else. If you all hadn’t happened upon my cell…”

“All right,” Vex says, “then you’re lucky. The way things have been going, we could use a little luck around here.”

He makes a strangled sound that she eventually diagnoses as a particularly weak laugh. “I wouldn’t say I’m lucky.”

Vex shrugs, digging her shoulder blades into the dirt. “You’re alive. I don’t know about you, but for me, some days, that’s lucky enough.”

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fictionisthebetterreality  asked:

Heyy sooo I'm not sure if your requests are still opennnn, but if they are lets imagine Akaashi is really scared of bugs and then him bo kuroo and tsukki go on a picnic or he finds a spider in the apartment when he's alone and has to like board himself up in the bathroom or something, idk I just find the idea of Akaashi being scared of bugs so cute for some reason

It’s been exactly an hour since Kuroo, Bokuto, and Tsukishima left to go run errands.

It’s also been thirty-five minutes since Akaashi spotted the spider in the kitchen, and it’s been exactly thirty-four minutes since he locked himself up in the closet.

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So, I still can’t really believe this but here we go. After I posted my first Drarry Drabble about a month ago, some of you asked me to continue it and I did just that to say thank you for 4k followers! The sequel starts where the first one ends, now from Draco’s point of view. Or: Draco’s reaction to seeing Hagrid carry a lifeless Harry. 

~2,5k words, no smut, angsty. 

He kept staring at the spot between two fir trees, the spot where messy, black hair and a ragged jacket had been swallowed by darkness just minutes earlier, until bridge and trees and sky were indistinguishable and the sting in his eyes forced him to blink. 

The tears came automatically, ran freely down his cheeks and didn’t care that he hadn’t asked for them. They didn’t give a damn about him being a Malfoy.

The crying drained the little energy he had left, but trying to hold it back made it worse, so choking on his tears and letting his shoulders shake with every sob was all he could do for several minutes. Wishing his feet would just give in under his weight and let him faint, he took in a deep, unsteady breath, and wiped his face with his dusty sleeve when he realised they wouldn’t do him this favour.

He was completely at a loss. Didn’t know where to go from there. His hand ghosted over his lips, just where Potter had touched them, where his breath had tickled them, and Draco felt like throwing up. A humiliating sound escaped him when he imagined the curse hitting Potter’s chest right where his hand had rested, the racing heartbeat he had felt then having probably fallen silent already. 

He couldn’t keep standing there, he then decided, it was impossible to stand that kind of torture even a second longer. Swallowing hard even though it hurt his dry throat, he turned around, his breath still uneven from his breakdown, and made his way back to the castle. Only then did he feel the headache and the sting in his cheek, his vision blurring again when he remembered that Potter had done that, for reasons he could not yet bring himself to think about.

Sudden noises made him look up, and he found himself standing in the empty entrance hall. Breathing, and the shuffling of feet. He hadn’t been walking for very long, so whoever it was, they must have been nearby earlier. Draco’s pulse quickened and he felt like he should think of something to say, but his head was empty and all sane thought had left it on the bridge to the forest.

Then, when he let his eyes flick over to the stairs, he saw them: Holding hands, trembling, eyes set on him accusingly, waiting for something to happen – maybe for him to speak? To explain himself? Whatever it was, their eyes seemed to grow bigger with each second that passed, and even though Draco might have felt uncomfortable or embarrassed otherwise, he didn’t feel anything at all. 

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Are you afraid of the Dark || Rosaplier

Rosanna woke up the following day alone, she looked around the room, wondering if he had just gotten up early. The bathroom door still ajar as she left it, everything else vacant and a mess. She looked down where he had laid, touching it, his spot on the bed no longer warm from his body. He had to have left sometime in the middle of the night.
She frowned, brows crinkling in worry and overthinking. She got to her feet, looking over at the alarm clock, noticing how late she slept in. She must have needed it, but that was just more time they hadn’t been together. What was Dark doing?! She might have trusted him a little more, but this was… really sudden. Especially after…. Her eyes looked at the mess on the floor. That.
She sighed, grabbing her phone dialing Mark’s number quick. Straight to voicemail. Dialed again. Voicemail. One more time to be safe. “You’ve reached…” VOICEMAIL. Her heart shot to her throat now, worry taking over more than the paranoia and overthinking now. That might have been Dark, but that was also Mark. What if something happened?! She quickly wiggled her feet into a loose pair of sneakers, still tied. Grabbing a hoodie, not bothering to look for something warmer. “Cookie mommy will be back” she called her over shoulder as the door went to shut in a thud. She walked the halls fast, out the door faster, down Greek row in a quick pace, landing her to the Gamma doorstep. She punched in the familiar code, she had programmed in her head like clock work now. None of the boys were out and about, as to be expected, so she couldn’t even ask them had they’d seen the boy. She quickened her struts down to his door and didn’t even tap or knock, going for the handle.


Ian was propped up against the exit, waving back and saying his goodbyes to each of the kids as their parents carted them away. A good percentage of the parents paid him little to no attention, some saying their daily thanks for putting up with their troublemakers. Though as far as Ian was concerned they were far from trouble, each one having their own way of brightening up his day. His eyes ran over the parking lot, spotting an unfamiliar car pulling in, head tilting as he studied it. Yev had taken his hand the moment the boy spotted the car, pulling it lightly, obviously intending to lead him over. A small chuckle left Ian’s lips as he trailed after the boy, bending slightly before scooping him up. “Is that your daddy?” he hummed, bouncing him slightly in his arms as he approached the car.

prompt 11: first snow

prompt: #11 “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”
pairing: Lulias [elias x luca]

First Snow

Elias was all set to tear into Luca for skipping class, but the words disappeared when he saw his boyfriend playing in the snow.

Luca spun under the slow rain of white flakes, his chin jutting out as he tried to catch one on his tongue. When he finally did, he grimaced and laughed, muttering, “tastes like nothin’ every year.” Then he stomped around a little more, twisting around after every few steps to watch the progress of his footprints. Every time, Elias was sure Luca’s eyes would stray and spot him, huddled under the arches of the courtyard’s walkway, but Luca never did.

He remembered doing the same as a child, but always while in the company of his older brother, Klaus; his first winter memory was hopping into an imprint left by Klaus’ boots. He wondered if Luca had ever had anyone to compare footprints with.  

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Little Monster

hi can you do a request where your surprising your husband of 3 years jake pitts at download festival with you son zack (2 )and jake doesnt know your there until he sees you in the corner of his eye and smiles and then your son runs across the stage to him and everyone laughs as jake picks him up , thank you

“You little shit…” I mutter under my breath as I spot Zack, my son, trying to sneak out of the room with his blanket in tow behind him. Ever since Jake got him it for his birthday before he left for tour, he wouldn’t set it down.

I quickly run up to him and grab him, holding him on my hip as he giggles.

“We can’t go out there yet, buddy. We gotta wait until daddy’s music starts playing.” I try to explain to him, although I know the moment I set him down he’s going to try and run off again.

“Daddy!” Zack giggles out, before cuddling his blanket into his face. I roll my eyes playfully, but I still grin nonetheless.

Then, all of a sudden, the door opens up.

“Shit!” I exclaim as I see Ashley standing there, his eyes wide and a look of confusion on his face.

“What on earth-” he starts to say before Zack interrupts him, “Shit!”

I pinch the bridge of my nose before he starts to giggle again. Just drop it, Y/N….

“Please, do not tell Jake I am here. It’s a surprise.” I stress out to Ashley, desperately hoping he keeps his mouth shut.

“I won’t see anything, but you might want to keep the little monster quiet. I could hear him laughing from outside the door.” Ashley says with a grin of amusement.

Then he leans in and gives me a quick hug, “It’s good seeing you.” He says to me before walking off. I close the door behind him before reaching back, grabbing a skippy cup of milk out of the bag and handing it off to Zack.

Just as he takes it the music starts to play and he near drops it, though I catch it on time.

“Daddy!” He says, clapping and giggling.

I grin too, making my way out of the room to the side of the stage.

It’s always so amazing to see Jake playing up on stage, having the absolute time of his life. He puts his heart and soul into the music, and that’s what makes it so special. I’m absolutely lucky to have him as a husband, and I couldn’t be more proud of what he’s accomplished in his life.

I barely notice the Zack has wriggled out of my arms, and before I know it, is running across the stage in between songs. Thank god it was in a slight break. As soon as Jake sees him, Zack hugs onto his legs tightly, shouting ‘Daddy!’ over and over again.

The crowd laughs and 'awes’ at the moment, and Jake doesn’t hesitate to pick him up as a grin breaks across his face. I can see him mouthing 'little monster’, our nickname for him, and Zack laughing before Jake looks up and our eyes meet. I smile over at him, a blush making its way across my cheeks and butterflies in my stomach as if it’s the first time I’ve met him.

Immediately he walks across the stage, embracing me in a big hug with Zack in between us.

“I’ve missed you so much.” He says into my hair before pulling away, placing a chaste kiss on my lips. I can hear Zack squealing, say 'ew’ in the background, but it doesn’t really faze me.

“We’ve missed you too.” I say as soon as we break away.

“Hey, I know your wife and kid are here, but let’s finish up the show first and then you can bond.” Andy jokes from the stage, causing everyone to either crack a grin or laugh.

“Go amaze the crowd, rockstar.” I say to Jake as he passes Zack to me.

He smiles at me, “I’ll be right back, darling, and my little monster.” He says to us before heading back out onstage.

As he plays the show, he keeps looking back at us, smiling, waving, making funny faces, basically anything you can think of.

I can’t help but grin during it all. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband. I couldn’t have asked for a better family.

Inspired by anarchyaustralia’s blurb here

You slide into your boyfriend’s lap, his hand finding your bare thigh just below the hem of your skirt as your arm hooks around his neck, “did you get a chance to check out my handiwork?” You smirk, your free hand rising to press a couple fingers against the purple mark you left at the base of his neck the night before. 

Calum lets out a huff at the touch, his fingers pressing into your thigh as his eyes go slightly hooded, “yeah,” he murmurs, swallowing thickly and tilting his head back as his other hand slides up your back, “the guys had a good laugh about it." 

You hum and lean down when his hand finds the nape of your neck and gently guides your head down, your lips brushing just above the spot, "you want another?” You murmur, kissing a little higher before you gently nip at his skin, earning a gasp from his lips. 

“Want them everywhere,” he admits as your lips brush against his neck.

Inspired by this headcanon from ansemsapprentice.

- - - - 

Ienzo wasn’t sure how long he’d been sitting there among the flowers and the tombstones. Though judging by the painful cramp in his left leg, he estimated about an hour.

“Ienzo? Where are you?”

Or judging by the near frantic tone of Even’s voice, several hours could’ve been more likely. The approaching sound of rapid footsteps told him he’d been spotted, and he pushed himself stiffly to his feet and brushed off his clothes. He glanced one last time at the pair of gravestones facing him. 

Just as he prepared to turn around, tears blurred his vision and he hastily dried his eyes on his sleeve with a little more force than was necessary. No. He was always so meticulous about which emotions he let himself display in front of other people. He hated crying. Hated how small and vulnerable it made him look and feel.

But despite his best efforts, the tears he’d been withholding for the past month trickled down his face, a droplet landing upon his shoe. The footsteps came to a halt behind him but still Ienzo didn’t turn around. He couldn’t. So he hid his face with his sleeve instead, listening as Even took a deep breath as though on the verge of launching into one of his usual sharp reprimands.

But it never came.

Instead there was only a heavy silence. Then suddenly he felt a surprisingly gentle hand on his shoulder. Ienzo sniffled and stubbornly refused to face Even. More silence.

“It’s all right to let yourself grieve, child. Crying is nothing to be ashamed of.”

The hand hesitated then left his shoulder. Before Ienzo’s mind could register what he was doing, he had finally turned around, taken a step forward, thrown his small arms around his caretaker, and buried his face in the other’s lab coat. He let the choked sobs come now, too tired to hold them back any longer. Tears streamed freely down his cheeks but he didn’t care anymore.

“I m-miss them,” he found himself mumbling, voice muffled by fabric. “I-I’ve tried focusing on my s-tudies - try to stop th-thinking about them but it’s really - it’s really–” His small voice dissolved into another sob before growing silent once again.

“But it’s difficult,” Even finished for him. “You’ve been studying very hard lately and your work in the labs is exemplary. Your parents would be proud.”

Ienzo merely sniffed in reply, face still obscured by untidy hair and Even’s coat.

They stayed like that for several minutes, arms around the other, quiet, surrounded by flowers and tombstones until finally Ienzo pulled away, wiping his eyes once more.

“Whenever you are ready,” Even said after a moment, (surreptitiously trying to smooth his coat down where Ienzo had wrinkled it) “we should return to the castle. Lord Ansem was very worried. He will be glad to see that you’re safe from harm.”

Once Ienzo had regained his composure, they set off toward the cemetery gates and out onto the street. They walked in silence, each lost in their own thoughts until they neared the marketplace and Even felt a light tug on his sleeve.

“Thank you.”

‘couldn’t be any more merry’: hlwily 12 days of christmas (2015) #4

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I’m introducing someone very special in this one! Hope you enjoy! I’m sorry this one is a bit on the shorter side. It’s just supposed to be a cute little scene. 

12 Days 2015 Post & days 1-3


December 25, 2031: 6:43am

Harry woke up to a foot nudging his cheek, and a crick in his shoulder. He had one leg escaping the duvet and an arm draped in the direction of the baby between you. The little foot left his face as she squirmed around.  

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Niall should be used to it at this point. The way Harry gets after Niall’s been spotted with someone else, getting a little close to whisper in someone’s ear during a night out. He sees the glint in Harry’s eyes when he leans in, takes a sharp breath as Harry’s hand grips his arse, the other palming at his dick before he pulls away.

It’s all over in a second, but Niall glances to the left and knows the camera got it all. Bloody hell.

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