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𝓅𝓇𝑜𝒸𝓇𝒶𝓈𝓉𝒾𝓃𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 𝒶𝑒𝓈𝓉𝒽𝑒𝓉𝒾𝒸 𝓅𝑜𝓈𝓉  ↬ 
𝓃𝒶𝓅𝑜𝓁𝑒𝑜𝓃 𝓈𝑜𝓁𝑜 & 𝒶𝓂𝑜𝓇𝒶 𝒾𝓃𝒸𝒶𝓃𝓉𝒶𝓇𝑒 

you can all thank @ciacowboy for the level of sass and eyerolls that are exchanged between these two underscored by plenty of “fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck ur hot” that inspired this 5 am piece of trash

Oh my GoD does anyone remember me crying about that Ryan Ross looking dude I met at midnight on the train ? I just saw him again in Starbucks I’m losing my shit

SMUT Imagine: Impatient Part 2


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Your P.O.V.

The meeting ended and we were finally allowed to go. J and I got up to our penthouse and as soon as we were up, I pulled him by his jacket close to me so I could kiss him. He kissed me back and pushed me against the wall.His lips were so warm against mine. Then he bit my bottom lip and it caused me to open my mouth. He used that chance to push his long tongue in my mouth which caused me to moan.

His hands touched my body hungrily and I loved it. J’s lips moved from my lips to my neck. He peppered kisses until he found my sweet spot. ‘’Aw fuck Puddin’’ I breathed out as he started sucking on my skin to leave a visible mark that I was his. It felt so good. ‘’I can’t wait to fuck you babe’’ He purred and then took off my shirt, throwing it somewhere on the floor. I giggled at him because he was so impatient today.

J picked me up so my legs were straddling his waist and his hands were on my bum. Then he took us to our lovely master bedroom. Excitement and lust were mixed in my body and I could see that in his eyes as well. Before I knew it, he threw me on the bed. I watched as J stood by the edge of the bed and undressed himself, this time getting me impatient.

Just to be a tease, I took off my bra and then leaned against the big pillows. He licked his lips as he saw my bare chest visible just for him. ‘’Come on daddy’’ I meowed at him and made his eyes turn darker. J was only in his boxers when he climbed in bed and headed straight between my legs. ‘’These..’’ he started with a deeper voice and pinched my leggings. ‘’..are awfully in the way’’ He continued and then dragged them off. He looked into my eyes eagerly as he lowered himself between my legs.

J wrapped his strong arms around my legs and started to kiss my inner thighs. His warm lips felt amazing against my skin. Slowly he started to kiss a trail from my knees closer to my heat. He took his time and it frustrated me. I wanted to feel him now. ‘’Daddyyy’’ I whined and tried to buck my hips. He stopped me with his strong arms. Then he pressed a kiss against my undies, making me gasp from the sudden touch.

‘’Seems like you’re the impatient one kitten’’ He chuckled at me. Then he bit my lace undies and looked straight into my eyes as he pulled them off with his shiny teeth. The sight was so hot and it nearly made me moan. His hands touched my legs softly until he threw the undies across the room. I opened my legs wide for him and smiled, knowing that he could see my wetness right in front of him. He licked his lips and looked at me like I was his last meal.

‘’Eat all you want’’ I encouraged him and then did a ‘come here’ gesture with my finger. J smiled and got back between my legs. ‘’Hold on tight’’ He told me and then held my legs tightly so I wouldn’t squirm. I bit my lower lip and then he licked my slit hungrily. My head fell back against the pillows as J started to eat me out.

His tongue tasted me closely and he kept eye contact whilst doing it. A moan escaped my lips as he started to give my clit some much needed attention. He nibbled it with his teeth a little harshly ,but I liked it. ‘’Oh yes daddy’’ I breathed out and then tangled my fingers in his green hair. J knew exactly what I liked. So he freed one of his arms and then pushed two fingers inside me while he was sucking on my throbbing clit. My heart started to beat faster from the pleasure I was getting.

‘’You taste so sweet babe’’ He let me know with such a raspy voice. His fingers brushed against my G-spot and it made me arch my back. J noticed and added some pace to his fingers, curling them each time at my sensitive spot. I started to moan more as he repeated the lovely action. A knot started to form in my stomach and I knew my orgasm was close. ‘’I..I’m close’’ I whimpered and bucked my hips against his face. Suddenly he pulled out his fingers and stopped everything. He looked at me darkly, so hungrily and so passionately.

‘’Why’d you do that?’’ I whined and pouted. ‘’Because I can’’ He snickered and then took off his boxers.  His member was looking so hard that it excited me. J climbed closer to my face and kissed me so I could taste myself. What a dirty kiss.  ‘’Turn around for daddy’’ He whispered against my lips. I nodded and then got on my stomach so my back was exposed to him.

J ran his hands on my sides softly, but then he gave my bum a smack, making me gasp in surprise, but I loved it. ‘’Do you like it rough?’’ He hissed at me and then waited for me to answer. ‘’Yes-AH’’ I whimpered ,but another smack caught me off guard. J smacked my bum a couple more times until tears stung my eyes. Even tho it hurt a little, the pleasure was stronger. Now he rubbed my reddened skin with his hands to smooth it out. ‘’Now be a good girl and get on all four’’ He purred softly.

I did as told and then bit my lip. He was turning me on so much it was like magic. My arousal was running down my leg and I was ready to beg for his big cock. Luckily J was just as horny so there was no need to beg. He grabbed my hips, or as he liked to say ‘love handles’ and positioned himself on my entrance. Finally he slid his cock in me and it made me moan out in pure pleasure.

His length filled me up completely and my eyes rolled to the back of my head. ‘’Fuck you’re so tight’’He grunted deeply and then stopped so I could adjust to his size. I felt his warm yet harsh hand move from my hip to my hair and he yanked me up a little so I had to hold the black bedpost for support. ‘’Fuck me’’ I dared him and needed to feel some friction. He didn’t have to hear me twice.

J started to thrust in and out of me, first with a normal rhythm. His big size stretched my soft walls and caused me to moan loudly, not being able to hold it back. I wanted him to fuck me like never before, that’s how horny he got me. Quickly our bedroom was filled with the sound of skin slapping together and our moans. ‘’You take me so well babe’’ J grunted out sexily and started to push himself harder into me. 

‘’Mm I love you cock’’ I smiled, but a quick and hard thrust made me gasp. Then he pushed he forwards, causing me to loose my grip of the bedpost and land on my face against the mattress. I looked to my side as J pushed my cheek against the sheets. He loved taking control in bed and I loved that he took control over me. He was unusually rough, sometimes sweet, but when we wanted it rough, it was that. He wasn’t like a normal man who would break role in the middle of everything - thank God for that.

‘’Don’t make a sound unless I tell you to’’ He spat deeply at me and then used his other hand to spank my ass. I gritted my teeth together so I wouldn’t make a sound. His cock kept rubbing against my soft, yet so wet walls and the pleasure was driving me insane. Being quiet was super hard and I knew I’d fail. Suddenly he slowed down and looked at me so hungrily. He pulled out and that caused me to bite my bottom lip hard, but it wasn’t enough to keep a small moan to myself.

‘’What did I tell you ?’’ He licked his lips and then turned me around so I was on my back, my chest visible to him. I met his darkened eyes. ‘’Not to make a sound’’ I whimpered quietly and wanted him to fuck me again. ‘’Exactly’’ He just whispered and then spread my legs. My legs found their way on his shoulders and he pushed himself inside of me without warning and started thrusting with a quick pace. His arms wrapped around my legs as he fucked me hard.

I wanted to moan and scream out his name, but he didn’t allow me to. I had to bite my lip so hard I could nearly taste the irony flavor of blood. My tits bounced as he fucked me and he pleasure was adding up inside of me. The tip of his big cock hit my G-spot and it sent waves of a wonderful feeling through me. ‘’Struggling, are we?’’ Mr. J panted, obviously coming closer to his own orgasm as well. I looked into his eyes and tried to plead for a chance to moan.

‘’Go ahead, let everyone know who you belong to’’ He encouraged me and I was so relieved that I could speak. He started to pound harder, making me squirm under his touch. ‘’Daddy!’’ I cried out loudly and started to roll my hips against his. Sweat started to cover both of our bodies. ‘’Mr J..Fuck fuck..yes’’ I moaned loudly and started to struggle. I squeezed the sheets with my hands hard and my breathing got unstable. ‘’Oh doll.. you feel so good around my cock..’’ J panted again and gritted his teeth.

He was so hot. I brought my hand to my clit that was throbbing and hungry for more attention. Then I started to rub circles on it to bring me closer to my orgasm. J licked his lips as he saw what I was doing. ‘’You filthy little slut..’’ He chuckled darkly, but it was obvious he was struggling to talk straight as well. I just tried to smile at him, but whenever he saw I was nearly taking control of myself, he gave me harder thrusts that made me moan out loudly again.

‘’I’m so fucking close’’ I warned him and then gulped. J bent closer to my face and then put his hand around my throat. ‘’Look into my eyes when you come’’ He demanded sternly. I nodded and then felt like I was on the edge. Suddenly my orgasm ripped through my body hard, washing away every other sense in my body than feeling.My walls tightened around J’s cock and it didn’t take long for him to follow and I felt him squirting his load inside of me.

I bet I was moaning his name loudly, but I was so taken over the pleasure that I didn’t even notice it. J slowed down so he could ride down our high. Then he pulled out and I started to pant, catching my breath. His cum dripped down on my ass and then onto the sheets. He laid down on the bed next to me and I smiled. His cheeks were a little redder even tho it seemed impossible for someone as white as him.’’Damn’’ He breathed out and looked at me. I squeezed my legs together and shut my eyes for a second because I was so sensitive after the powerful orgasm he gave me. 

J pulled me closer to his body and I nuzzled into the crook of his neck. He smelled like sex and it made me giggle. ‘’You fuck me so good J’’ I let him know with a tired voice. His fingers drew patterns on my back. ‘’Vice versa girl’’ he let me know with his raspy voice that seemed even raspier from all the grunting and moaning. 

Jared Leto Imagine - Fighting

Anonymous said:Can i get a Jared Leto imagine where he & the reader gets into a fight and the reader leaves and drives around the town and jared is left home worrying and when the reader comes home she finds jared crying in a little ball in their bed 

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Your P.O.V.

Sometimes Jared knew how to be a pain in the ass. He got so mad when I talked to my ex on facebook and now we were fighting over it. 

‘’I can’t believe that you think I’m into him! Isn’t it pretty obvious that I’m with you?’’ I growled and threw my hands in air from frustration. Jared clenched his jaw and the vein under his eye was more visible. ‘’Why would you talk to him?’’ He asked me loudly and seemed extremely pissed. ‘’He asked me how I was doing and I just fucking answered him Jared. Calm your tits!’’ I spat and then crossed my arms. He was so jealous.

‘’Don’t talk to me like that’’ He hissed ,making me roll my eyes. ‘’Whatever’’ I spat and then grabbed the car keys, leaving the house by slamming the door hard. I would have to drive around the town to calm down. I hated fighting with Jared. It just made me sad and frustrated. So I looked around the summery town before getting into my black car and starting the engine. HE could be by himself for a while if he was so angry.


After an hour of driving around, I had decided to go and buy some vegan chocolate and grab two coffees from his favourite cafe. The fight was stupid and I just wanted to make up with him so hopefully this would do that. I got back home and I walked inside with the chocolate and coffees in my hands.

‘’Jared baby I’m back!’’ I yelled calmly and shut the door with my leg. I couldn’t see him in the hall so I decided to walk upstairs and straight to our bedroom. I opened the white door and saw him in bed. He was hugging a pillow and crying. Seeing him crying broke my heart. ‘’Jared..’’ I cooed softly and walked up to him, placing the drinks and the chocolate on the nightstand. Then I got in bed, wrapping my arm around him and throwing the pillow away. He hugged me and held me close to his strong chest.

‘’I’m so sorry’’ He apologized while nuzzling himself even closer. ‘’Oh hush it’s okay..It was a stupid fight anyway and I’m sorry too’’ I admitted while tracing my fingers on his bicep. Jared could be scary and all, but he was also a big sweetheart who cried over fights. He probably thought that I left him. ‘’I got us some coffee and  chocolate’’ I whispered, knowing how much he loved that. He pulled back a little and faced me with a smile even tho his eyes were red from crying.

‘’I love you so much Y/N. I really thought that you were going to break up with me’’ He admitted and cupped my face, petting my cheek with his thumb. I put my hand above his and enjoyed his touch. ‘’I wouldn’t leave you so easily Jared. I love you’’ I cooed softly, letting him know that he really meant the world to me. ‘’What would I do without you?’’ He sighed and then pressed a kiss on my forehead.