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Opm ep 12: Saigenos moments in both the sub and dub

Daisuki’s Subs:
S: “Oh! I’m out!”
G: “Master! You are safe!”
S: “Hey, Genos! We’re done here. Let’s go.”
G: “Did you defeat their leader?”
S: “Yeah, he was really strong. Maybe the strongest I’ve faced.”
G: “I see. So without you, Master, the prophecy about the earth’s destruction would have come true.”
S: “Nah. Turns out you can’t trust prophecies to begin with.”

*Tatsumaki’s insults*
S: “G-Genos. Say something.”
G: “Yes, sir. Listen, spoiled brat. Shut up and get lost, or get beat down.”
S: “That’s it! Yeah!”

T: “Unforgivable. Me, a brat? I’m older than you!”

S: “Genos?!”
B: “Cut it out, Tornado. You’re part of the Association – a hero, right?”
S: “Genos… Your joints are all bent the wrong way. Here, I’ll fix you up. Oh sorry, your arm came off!”

P: “Who do we have here?”
G: “A great man who is a hero for fun…and profit. And…his disciple.”

English dub’s additions:
S: “Cool! Out for real.”
G: “THERE YOU ARE–! Glad you are safe, Master!”
S: “Oh hey Genos! We’re done here. Let’s go.”
G: “Were you able to defeat their leader?”
S: “Yeah, he was really strong too. Maybe the strongest I’ve ever faced.”
G: “I see. So without you, Master, the prophecy about the destruction of the earth would have come true. Once again, you saved us all!”
S: “Nah, it’s these prophecies, turns out you can’t trust ‘em at all.”

*Tatsumaki’s insults*
S: “Ey, Genos, say something to her.”
G: “Sir. Look, spoiled brat! Shut up and get lost, or pay the price.”
S: “That’s it, YEAH!”

T: “Unforgivable. So I’m a brat, huh? I’m older than you, METAL JACKASS!!”

S: “Whoaa, Genos?!”
B: “That’s enough, Tornado. This sort of behavior isn’t becoming of a hero, now is it?”
S: “Hey Genos. Your uh, your joints are all bent the wrong way! Here I’ll fix you up. O-oh!! U-Sorry, your arm came off.”

P: “Who do we have here?”
G: “Who you ask? A Great Man who is a hero for fun…and profit. With…his Disciple.”

Seventeen watching you walking down the runway

A/N: this is my first gif reaction so forgive me if it isn’t what you wanted agh ><

S. Coups:

He’d watch you sway your hips as you were showing off those revealing high fashion clothes and dirty thoughts would run through his mind uncontrollably. He’d  imagine how he’d roam his hands all over those sexy, bare thighs tonight and lick his lips as a result. A problem would start to form inside his pants and he has to suppress thoughts about how he’d lay you on the bed and ravish you wildly after the fashion show.

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Jeonghan would be much like coups and would have trouble to suppress his naughty thoughts. He watched you walk down the runway, confident and fierce, your swaying  hips, short skirt and high heels driving him crazy. It’d take every ounce of his strength not to jump on the catwalk, kidnap you and pull you into an empty room to just take you right then and there. He bites his bottom lip hard to keep from doing so. When you’d glance in his direction to see his reaction, he’d throw you lustful looks, letting you know you’ll be in for a ton of fun tonight.

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Joshua is a cutiepie, he’d be completely mesmerized by your appearance, totally captivated by the way you moved and feeling lucky you wanted to be with him. He’d be so proud of you and how you own that catwalk. When you’d look in his direction, you’d only find loving and adoring looks on his face. He couldn’t stop thinking about how gorgeous you look and how much he wants to press his lips on yours.

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Jun would be the cutest omg. He’d see you playing the crowd, blowing kisses as you showed off those expensive designer clothes that fit your body like a glove. You’d look in his direction, smile and throw a cheeky wink at him and he’d be left baffled. Was your wink meant for him? He’d look around him, trying to find someone your wink could’ve been directed at but it seemed you meant him after all. He couldn’t believe you just openly flirted with him omg. 

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Soonyoung would be cool about it, or at least act like he was. He’d watch you carefully, taking in every step you’d take and would try to seem cool and composed while he was actually getting turned on as hell. He’d try not letting it show, scared he’d break your concentration if you’d look his way. Dirty thoughts would run through his mind, something got hard in his pants but his face wouldn’t give anything away. Damn that boy.

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Wonwoo would be adorable. He’d watch you walk down that runway, glamorous, gorgeous and confident and think he’s in heaven or something. He’d be completely drawn to the way you moved, like you put a spell on him. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you for one second, a gasp would leave his lips as you’d turn around and look his way, smiling and winking at him.

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Ahw look at this innocent fluffball! He’d be very surprised seeing this totally new side of you: confident, fierce and sexy. He was used to cute, smol you so this was all very new to him, getting him all shy about it. He wouldn’t be able to hold back nervous smiles and giggles when you’d look in his direction. But would he like this new side of you? Hell yes he would! He’d even like to see it more now!

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This doesn’t come as a surprise i guess. The little shit would be smiling widely through the entire thing, feeling invincible as he knew you’re his while everyone in the crowd would be thirsting after you and it gave him immense pleasure. ‘Yeah that’s right, that gorgeous godess is mine, tough luck everyone!’

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Mingyu. Sigh. This one. Mingyu would certainly likey-likey what he’d see in front of him. And he wouldn’t keep it a secret at all. This boy is thirsty af and seeing you in those tight clothes and high heels only made it worse. You’d look in his direction to see his reaction, only to find him nodding his head like an idiot and licking the little bit of drool from the corner of his mouth. You’re in for a lot of touchies after the show.

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Minghao, the cheeky little bastard. Watching you would make him absolutely euphoric and cheerful but as soon as you’d look in his direction he’d attack you with one of those irresistable winks, which he knew would make you weak. He’d make it seem like he was the one teasing you while he already had a problem in his pants from the moment you got on the catwalk.

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Seungkwan omg this one is so much fun. Poor baby. He’d be completely overwhelmed by your appearance, he’d never seen you so sexy before. He’d be startled af and would have trouble handling all the feelings and emotions that would suddenly run through his mind and body. He’d start breathing heavily as he’d get turned on like there was no tomorrow, just from seeing you dressed like a sexy godess and walking down the catwalk, swaying your hips. You’d look in his direction and smile and he’d be done.

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This. Way too handsome. Little. Shit. omg. He’d be like totally into it you know, yeah watching you parade down that runway, fiercely and confident and most of all hella sexy. Hansol would very much likey. When you’d look in his direction, he’d mouth your name and throw you a hand heart, supporting you and at the same time making you weak with his sexy expressions. He’d know exactly what he was doing. Damn you, vernon.

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Ahw, cutie! Just like woozi, he’d be completely surprised by this hella sexy side of you but he’d be just like ‘Wow, jagi!’ instead of getting shy. You’d see his gaping mouth and big eyes as he watched you sway your hips sexily and you’d smile at his cute reaction. But now you triggered something so prepare for requests such as dressing more sexy when you’re with him or like private fashion shows for him alone. You made this cutie have dirty thoughts, shame on you!

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TBBT: The Brain Bowl Incubation (10x8)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead.

First a confession. I’m not only a fan of TBBT and ShAmy, I am literally in love with Jim Parsons. 😍 I have a huge crush on him and not only think he is the sweetest, funniest and most amusing guy but also I find him extremely attractive. (And by extremely I actually mean HOT AF). 🔥 I’m just saying, unlike other reviews, this one will be very biased and subjective to my infatuation with him. So of course, I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! I enjoyed everything Shamy but was more than happy to finally have Raj in the limelight too.

1. Opening scene:

How cute were Sheldon and Amy “playing in the lab”. 😊 It’s so nice to see them spending time in something they both enjoy and love. I also love anytime Amy is in the lab. I think she looks “sexy scientist” adorable with her lab coat and hair pulled back. Go Amy!!! And the #ForScience reference, yay! Because we have now officially confirmed Sheldon gets turned on by science talk. Btw, have the writers been reading our Tumblr? 😒 

Umm, can we just take a moment (and a deep breath) to appreciate Sheldon’s arm porn! 😉 Woah!

2. Rajesh meets Isabella

Let me get all things Raj out there. I really appreciate the writers giving Raj a story line other than playing annoying third wheel to Howard and Bernie. FINALLY! 🙌 Seeing him in this episode reminds me just how talented Kunal is playing Raj and how many missed opportunities his character has had.  

I hurt for Raj. He’s a great guy. He goes out of his way to let the girl know his interested. (How sweet how he prepared dinner and took care of everything so Isabella could join him. Reminds me how he set up a date at the library with Lucy to make her comfortable with not talking). Raj is a such a sweet guy so its painful to watch at times. I really hope the writers are not setting him up for another failure. I liked Isabella, granted we don’t know much about her. But we know she is hard working, sharp and feisty. There is potential in that story line (as there has been with other of Raj’s girls). I just hope the writers can do it justice. Please? 🙏

I get the feeling Raj isn’t really free to be himself with the rest of the gang. He didn’t tell them about him breaking up with Emily and Claire and now he lied about Isabella. I knew his lie would catch up to him and after the experiences he just had with his previous relationships, he should know better than to start a potential relationship by lying since that’s exactly what got him in trouble the last time. It shows how immature Raj can be regarding relationships.

BTW, I feel the writers really didn’t wrap up these other story lines and its kind of disappointing. He now can talk to woman, but he is certainly clueless as to everything else.  

BONUS: Raj standing in the bathroom door and saying bye to Isabella “Just know every time I come in here, I’ll be thinking of you”. Lol! 😂😂😂 Poor Raj.

3. Sheldon is so ecstatic with his creation

How paternal is Sheldon going to be when he has children? 💖 He was so excited in the lab when Amy announced the experiment had worked he could barely stand still. And then he was bragging to Bernadette about their creation. He looks so proud every time he mentions one of the experiments achievements.

This episode brought back awesome memories when the group found out Sheldon had been speaking to Amy for 4 months and he said they had conversations about having a baby because they would create a superior genetic being.

In Sheldon’s words in season 4, “Amy pointed out that between the two of us, our genetic material has the potential of producing the first in a line of intellectually superior, benign overlords to guide humanity to a brighter tomorrow”. 

Sheldon has always been interested in this but know he doesn’t want it formed in a test tube like in S4. He wants to do it the old fashioned way (coitus). In this episode they changed set and clothes, so this means that it happened over the course of few days (Sheldon referenced 36 hours). It means Sheldon had time to think about engaging in intercourse and grew more determined with each hour that went by. ⌚

If he knows him and Amy are eventually going to get married, why does he want to drop his underpants ASAP? Hmmm? Is it possible that Dr. Cooper just wants to be intimate with Amy just because? Otherwise, why would he track her cycle? 😉 Come on Sheldon. You know you want it. 

BONUS: Amy’s “Well I turned this one into a functioning boyfriend. So, sky is the limit”. 😂 Sheldon wasn’t even offended. Just check out his smile. It says “Yes, you did and I’m okay with that”.

4. Sheldon suggests the next step

Amy surely thought the next step was a replica of the study. But Sheldon’s suggestion… Oh my!!! How many of you had a tiny heart attack with the next line?

“We lock that door, drop our underpants a little and make a baby?”. OMG!!! 😲😲😲Then his eyes!!! His flirty smile!!! His eyebrows and the little nod! Amy’s face was a perfect reflection of my face too. Lol! Holy moley Sheldon! Are you trying to kill us?😵

I also caught him say “We need to stop for magnets on the way HOME”. He didn’t call it Penny’s apartment. Penny’s apartment looks less like her apartment. It’s tidy and her fridge pictures are gone. He doesn’t even mention his apartment. Home is know wherever he is with Amy. 🏠 

5. Flirty Sheldon

Let me just… ASDFGHGJIUHIKGTFDFGSDTJHM. 🙈 Daaaamn! Jim Parsons is one handsome man!!! He’s my GILF. You know, guy I’d like to… friend. Hahaha. 😹 Just kidding. Or maybe not, who knows. I know it’s meant to be Sheldon awkward and funny but it’s a tall order when the actor is so handsome. 😍 It is amusing to see Sheldon in this form. (I would love to see Amy like this too. We caught a glimpse with the Star Trek doctor uniform and Snow White. I though she was hot.)

So, Dr. Cooper pulled out all his tricks:

  • The ass. (Gosh Amy, slap it. It looks juicy.)
  • Needlessly and freakishly explicit talk. (Am I the only one wondering what he said? Talk dirty to me, Dr. Cooper.)
  • Rose petals, jazz music, candles and oysters (which is an aphrodisiac). 
  • His voice “Well, Hello.” (That’s the part my panties would have dropped without me touching them if I was Amy.
  • Sheldon’s hair, clothes, musk – in his inner thighs, and then stood, towering over her. (Ovaries explosion at this point).
  • “Anything you’d like to pet?” (Yes Sheldon!!! Yes! I can think of a few thing to pet. I’m sure there are many volunteers in the fandom. 🙋)

And Amy, hanging tight.

Finally, the Flamenco. Can we get a copy of the outtakes ASAP? Jim Parsons physical comedy is always wonderful to watch. 👏👏👏 He breaks out of his shell with these scenes. (Bazinga pool, anyone?) But its not all laughs, he has some moves. And his beautiful face, hoo! “You guys are aroused, right?” Yes, Sheldon. Many of us are. 😆

5. Okay, Amy. What gives?

It would be easy to say “wth Amy”. But I kind of get it. She is playing cool. 😎 She doesn’t want a baby now. They are just getting the hang of living together. And she know there is a ring. Also remember she couldn’t have predicted or expected this from her boyfriend. I love that the roles are reversed and its him chasing her. 👍💖😊 It was many years of seeing poor Amy in that awkward position. It’s good to have Sheldon have a taste of his own medicine. Aside, Amy must be thinking what the hell got into Sheldon. She must think this is some kind of joke. So I get it.  

That being said, it felt kind of out of character for our dirty, dirty, dirty girl. Which is why I lmbo when I saw her at the end all hot and flustered. 🙊That’s the Amy we know and love. 

This episode was just what I needed to get out of my post election blues. Many thoughts are lingering. Could coitus be coming soon for our favorite power couple? Can we get an update on the guys navigation system? Can we see Penny and Leonard doing something sweet, romantic and fun? And finally, how much Mayim has to be laughing with Jim’s antics while taping these episodes?

It’s a wrap for now but I’m so looking forward to next week. Jelly Shelly is a fave after Drunk Shelly. I think I’m going to go brush my teeth and call it a night ;) Good night fandom! Love you guys because you get my wicked sense of humor. Thank you for that.

every time you fight with luke because of this long distance relationship or because he’s being an asshole you guys would stop texting each other and you don’t facetime as much for many hours until you receive a text from him in the middle of the night and he’d be like you should look at this place in our flat and you’d find a little present he had left there before he went away and little did you know the same thing would happen a lot, where you fight and he tells you there’s a present for you until he runs out of presents and shows up as a present because hey it’s been too long and he has a box for you with condoms in it literally and that little smile on his face omg please


sweet bb rabi