his little smile at the end tho


This is the third and last part of my story Expecting. Thank you to the anon who requested it with so many details, it made it easier for me obviously. I’m sorry for it being so short. I know the end isn’t great as well but I wasn’t feeling well when I wrote it and I desperately needed to finish it. I hope you like it tho xx (I know that a lot of people don’t really like stories that involves kids and pregnancy stuff and to be completely honest, I don’t either but I’m still quite happy with this little story)

Part 1

Part 2

Joe smiled to himself as he finally climbed under the sheets next to his girlfriend. Y/N cuddled closer to him as he wrapped an arm around her and just as they were about to fall asleep, it was on again. And they both let out a sigh in frustration. “I’ll do it.” Joe offered as he lifted himself up but Y/N was already out of the bed. “No, it’s fine. It’s my turn.” His girlfriend smiled at him before stepping into the room where the crying was coming from. 

Y/N rubbed her tired eyes before bending to pick up her baby girl, Evie, in her arms and she started to move from side to side to sooth her down. As she tried to fight back a yawn, she felt a hand on the small of her back and Joe smiled up at her before picking up their baby boy, Harry. But despite the humming and the movements, they wouldn’t stop crying and they had already done everything they had to. Y/N sat down on the floor, her back against the wall as she was still holding Evie tightly and carefully against her chest and Joe did the same, the exhausting sound of the babies still echoing in the room. “I just want to sleep,for even just an hour.” Y/N said, just above a whisper as she leaned her head onto his shoulder. Joe softly kissed the top of her head before leaning his own against hers. “Me too.” Joe replied, brushing a thumb against Harry’s cheek.

The couple was exhausted and they hadn’t been sleeping very well ever since the babies were home. But they knew it would be hard and they had accepted it.

Joe lifted his head up as he heard some footsteps coming closer to the room and he frowned but his face softened as he watched Jack and Conor step into the room. And the siblings felt worried as they laid their eyes on their younger sister and their mate. The bags under their eyes were falling to the floor. Jack instantly kneeled down in front of his twin sister and brushed his fingers against her cheek. Y/N lifted her head up at the touch and smiled up at her brothers. “We came here to check on you.” Conor spoke up as he gently took Harry from Joe’s arms as he got up, fighting back a yawn. “And you both desperately need to sleep.” Jack continued as he repeated his brother’s actions, allowing Y/N to get up as well. Y/N kissed Jack’s cheek and then Conor’s as they both made their way to the living room to settle on the couch. “Thank you.” She said as the siblings all smiled at each other and Joe took Y/N’s hand to lead them both into their bedroom, quickly settling on their bed and falling asleep.

The brothers simply sat down on the couch, the babies in their arms. Jack was cuddling Evie and a smile grew on his lips. He loved taking care of his niece and she was so beautiful. Jack turned his head at the sound of Conor’s voice and his smile grew again. He watched his older brother sing to his nephew and soon enough, the twins were asleep, followed by the Maynard brothers.

Y/N blinked a few times before opening her eyes fully. She turned around and buried her face into Joe’s chest, his arm holding her tightly and he groaned. “Do you hear that?” She whispered, looking up to her lover whose eyes were still closed. “What?” He mumbled, half asleep. “Silence.” Y/N stated and a smile was forming on Joe’s lips as he pressed his lips on her forehead.

And a few minutes later, the couple was up and Y/N couldn’t help the smile as she watched her brothers both asleep on the couch, each holding their twins and she quickly snapped a picture. And Joe wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. “They make great uncles.” Joe admitted and Y/N simply hummed in agreement. She was glad to have her family by her side because she knew that she could count on them. Whenever. Wherever. And for whatever.

[AFF] The Smile In the Mirror

Title: The Smile In the Mirror
Author: RuinedReverie
Pairing: Baekhyun/Chanyeol, bff!Chanyeol/Jongin
Status: Complete
Length: Short Story
Rating: NC-17
Genre:  Angst, Psychological Thriller, Artist/Doctor/Bartender!AU
Warnings: Chance of inaccuracies, speech impediment, mental/psychological disorder

Summary: Chanyeol is a bartender with a speech impediment who sails through life with little words. All of that changes when he meets a captivating young man at the tail end of his shift one night.

Reasons Why You Submitted: that plot twist tho???? please read this and be blown away the way i was i was so impressed because i was so hookeddddd and the ending will just… wow really. read this


Right I’m gonna go on a little rant and idk if anybody is gonna see this but…. Most people only talk about Caspar looking at Joe like Joe is his world but seriously Joe loves Caspar just as much maybe even more… Sorry rant over. Joe’s little smile at the end of the second GIF tho .. Too cute xx

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NCT YUTA REACTION: What would the first time with NCT be like with their girlfriend.

Here is Yuta’s version for this reaction! Thanks for sending an ask for him too! Misso was sad he didn’t enter the first version!



Yuta would try to be de “masculine guy” he always say he is. Trying to look cool and confident (he’d really be tho) to make her feel secure in his arms. Kissing her lips shyly at first but then deepening as they got more and more excited.

He would be smiling at her all the time. A little blush in his cheeks.

As Hansol (not a YuSol shipper here - I’m lying), it would be a sweet but sexy moment, but he wouldn’t take things slow! If he could, he’d do everything at the same time. Yuta just wanted to keep making they feel that awesome together. In the end, he’d be surprisingly shy while looking in her eyes.


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~ADM Pandacchi

He walks in the door with a smile on his face, the kind people wear in movies after they realize they’re in love. But this isn’t a movie, and that goofy little grin isn’t part of an act. Armin’s just returned home from his third official date with Jean, someone he never expected to have so much in common with, and it had gone well. Very well, in fact, considering the night had ended with a kiss. Chaste and shy, but a kiss nonetheless.

He’s humming to himself as he closes the apartment door, all but floating his way to the living room. And then his gaze falls on Eren, sitting on the couch looking cross, and the humming stops. It’s odd to find him at home like this on a Friday night. Normally he’d be long gone by now, off doing whatever it is he does at those clubs he likes.

“Everything okay? You look kind of ticked off.” Not that that’s anything particularly out of the ordinary. Armin learned early on in their friendship that Eren had a short fuse when it came to his temper, but talking through it helps sometimes. Not always, but that doesn’t mean he’s not willing to give it a try. “Did your plans for tonight get cancelled or something?”


A fun little story

So, when my friends and I play Pokémon Go in town, we always end up walking along this really long road and dabbing at ever car we meet.
It’s super silly but it’s sooo fun
We’ve had tons of people smiling at us and doing thumbs up, lots of children dabbing back at us and getting really excited.
A few people in cars dabbing back at us.
One dude who put his middle finger up through his window (his friends dabbed at us tho so watchu gon do?)

But my personal favourite is definitely a guy on a motorcycle who literally let go of the handles and dabbed at us, while still driving.

He’s my idol.

I always think of Ogiwara as Kuroko first crush. It’s like that elementary crush that you have with someone who’s stick by your side, always be there for you and just happened to make you smile a lot. Later, he grew out of it as he grew up and because Ogiwara moved away. If might ended when Ogiwara disappeared from the radar after Teiko event.

Kagami tho. Kagami is someone Kuroko never thought that he would fall for. But then after getting to know him, really know him, Kuroko discovered what kind of person Kagami is. He reminds Kuroko a little of Ogiwara but at the same time he’s not. He’s the lovable dork that somehow cared a lot when he accepted you under his wings. And that’s how he fall hard for Kagami.