his little smile at the end tho

Got7 when you sit on their lap and snuggle up to them


At first, when you climbed on his lap, he would all giggly, making fun of you a little. He just loved to make you blush. But in the end he wouldn’t let you get off so easily, since he actually thought you were to cute for this world.

“Wait, stay, stay! I didn’t want to make fun of you.”

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He would be wondering what the hell you were trying to do, but as soon as he realized you were sitting on his lap, snuggling up to him, he would smile widely. He would hug you back, just being very happy to have you in his life. As soon as he got bored tho, he would try to start a make out session.

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That little sunshine

He would absolutly love it, holding you tighter and burying his face in the crook of your neck, telling you how cute you were. Moments like that would be his favorite about your relationship.

“Yah (Y/N), how can you be so adorable?”

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When you suddenly tried to climb on his lap, he would be like ‘Wtf is she doing’. But he would melt quite fast when you snuggled up to him, telling him you wanted to cuddle. He wouldn’t be able to hide his smile, thinking how lucky he was. However, when dance training starts, be prepared to get pushed of.

that savage

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I don’t know why, but he doesn’t seem like the type of boyfriend who would love to have you on his lap. He would start laughing when you sat down on his lap, thinking it was somehow cute. But he would get enough very soon, asking you to cuddle in another position.

“I mean, this is quite cute, but my legs are gone dead… Let’s move to the couch?”

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Mark would also love it. He might seem like a 'Bad Boy’ with his tattoos and stuff, but he would just love you being all cute and adorable. He would most probably be used to it, helping you to get on his lap and pulling you closer. The two of you would understand each other without words.

“Come here, jagi~~”

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Bam Bam:


Proud af. First thing he would do is a selfie with you on his lap, wanting everybody to see that you were his and only his. He wouldn’t even mind someone coming in. If he was in a cuddly mood that day, he would also snuggle up to you. If he wasn’t, he might get bored after some time.

“You know, I love cuddling and stuff, but we could go shopping!”

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Hey guys~~

I hope you like this reaction, please send me in your reaction requests :)

Should I make BTS or Monsta X Version?

EXO & makeouts


• caresses your cheeks and behind your ear while he drives you crazy with his warm lips

• totally will bite on your lips if you made a small moan

• whispers intangible things against your mouth but it’s probably something like “god, you’re so beautiful” and “did you like that?”

• a hard core butt grabber, beware


• so sweet and gentle and takes his time, kissing you all over your face

• giggles in between kisses, esp when you put your hands underneath his shirt

• says some really corny shit when you both pull away for a quick breath “have you always looked this perfect or is it my kisses?”

• twirls your hair around with his fingers as he kisses you, probably intentionally to make you moan his name


• him kissing you is always unexpected but welcomed nonetheless

• likes to lay or sit in between your thighs when making out, probably squeezing them every so often

• pulls away when he hears your breath hitching, and smiles while leaning his head against yours “take your time, baby”

• goes crazy when you bite his lips, and he’ll do the same in return until moving down to give little nips at your neck


• you’d think he’d be rated R, but all he wants to do is hold hands aww

• is hella impatient tho and most makeout sessions would end in something more, but he’s learned to relax and take his time

• this is when he comes up with most of his cheesy nicknames for you, esp if you ever dared to moan his name “oooohhhhhhhh baekhyun ;;;;;; yeee that’s my name”

• will guide your hand and silently beg you to play with his hair and relaxes into your touch when you do


• a GOD at French kissing oh my lord

• grabs your neck with one hand to keep you steady against his own lips, while his other finds its way around your lower back or your thighs

• boy is not shy with letting you hear how you make him feel, he’s moaning and breathing hard and not making it easy on you tbfh “Why don’t we do this every single day until we die?”

• you’ll find yourself between his legs or sitting completely on top of him at some point


• has no idea what to do with his shaky hands until you guide them somewhere

• sits like a stiff rock and lets you do whatever, until he starts to get the hang of it and feels more relaxed pressed up against you

• he’ll sound like he just woke up when he decides to make some noises, deep morning voice and everything “do you wanna move to the bed?”

• his tall af legs will wrap around you somehow, so you’re kinda cuddling and making out at the same time


• his huge and plump lips will pretty much devour yours, don’t deny it

• doesn’t use his hands too much, but will occasionally tug on your hair and link your fingers with his

• his weakness is when you’re wearing something kinda revealing, he’ll trace his fingers over your thighs ever so slightly and smiles when he feels your goosebumps “you cold, y/n?”

• melts when you wrap your arms around his waist completely


• wants to hear little praises from you

• oml PLEASE use any nickname when you’re kissing him, he’ll legit do anything and everything for you if you called him by a special name

• it’s almost unbearable bc he’ll always pull away and give you such an intense dreamy look, then go back to roughly kissing you, and repeating it “I could do this forever with you”

• loves giving Eskimo kisses afterwards


• a deer in the headlights sometimes, but he catches on what you like and don’t like

• loves pleasing you more than anything, so just make one sound and he’ll keep doing it

• open-mouthed kisses will leave him breathless and he’ll totally prop you up on his lap to have better access

• pretends as if he doesn’t have time for makeout sessions but he’s always the one initiating them lmao

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RFA HEADCANONS: They Get Jealous~

(It’s almost midnight, what am I doing with my life. ANYWAYS. It would be so great if someone would request something *hint hint* *wink wonk* because it’s hard trying to be creative. Lel.)


RFA~ they get jealous. V+Saeran included.



Yoosung has always been a more jealous type. Literally, if he even sees you talking to anyone other than him, he can’t help but feel a little uneasy.

So, he would go to the restroom for a brief few seconds, and when he gets back..

You’re. Talking. To. Another. Guy??

Now, he didn’t know that this ‘other guy’ was a cousin you haven’t seen in a while.

His stomach goes in knots, and he balls up his fists, wanting nothing more than to go push the guy away from you.

Sadly, he is probably too shy to just walk up there, but for a few moments, he tries to gather up his courage to go take you back.

When he realizes he’s just too nervous, he starts to think that he lost you, and starts tearing up a bit.

At this point, you’d be like “damn boi, how long it take to pee?” And start to look around..well, o shit, your cute blondie is just standing all the way back there.

“Yoosung? Come over here! I’d like you to meet my cousin…wait, are you crying?”

“Wha- cousin?! Oh..! Uhm..I- I wasn’t crying..!! I yawned! Aha. Hi. Nice to meet you, (C/N)..!”



Uhm. Who are you talking to?

He is pissed off when he see’s you talking to one of his better looking security guards.


He’s probably gonna start getting really touchy on you, (kink) and grip you by the waist h a r d.

Casually starts questioning the security guard as to wHY WAS HE TALKING TO YOU?

you’d get really embarrassed, and tell jumin to stop making a scene, buT HE IS JUST “NO” NO ONE ELSE CAN LOOK AT YOU LIKE THAT?

Straight out fires the guy. Oops.

“Jumin, what the hell?! Why would you fire him? He wasn’t trying to steal me away! I love you, and only you.”

“…Hm. I don’t like people eyeing you like that. That’s for me to do, no one else. ..(Y/N)..you know I love you. I only want what’s best for you.”



You two will be at one of Zen’s musicals, just enjoying the show..wheN THIS IDIOT JUST DECIDES TO START FLIRTING WITH YOU???

You try to tell the guy, you don’t swing that way?? But he doesn’t listen??

Jaehee goes into extreme jealous woman mode, and actually lashes out on the guy.

“She said she doesn’t go that way. Do you not get what she meant? Are you that idiotic? Do I seriously have to show you who she BELONGS to?”

Will casually start making out with you right then and there.

The guy will scoff and walk off, giving Jaehee the middle finger.

Jaehee awkwardly pulls away, refusing to make eye contact. She’ll probably start nervously running her hand though her hair.

She apologizes??

Nono, sweetie. No need to apologize. You’re a d o r a b l e.

You both end up leaving the theater, just so you can cuddle the rest of the night in peace.

“Jaehee, it’s fine. If anything, I thought it was cute..now, come here and love me, baby girl~”

Will high key melt at being called baby girl.

“I’m glad that you could just put the situation behind you so quickly..but, I’m warning you. Next time, I may not be so calm. You’re mine, (Y/N).”



Everywhere you went you seemed to get hit on in one way or another. Normally, Zen would brush it off, knowing that you only had eyes for him.

But oh.

One day. ONE DAY. He’s just had enough.

“Hey, cutie~ I lost my number, mind if I-”

“Yeah, she does mind, actually. Back. Off.”

He would roll his sleeves up, intimidating the guy with his muscles.

“Woah, chill. I was just being nice to the lad-”

“well, that lady happens to be taken. Now, if you ever so kindly..back the hell off, that would be great.”




He’s already a big fan on Pda, but ohhh, it’s gonna increase.

You practically can’t be farther than 5 inches away from him from then on.

“Zen, you know you’re the only one I see..”

“I know, Princess. I’m sorry, it’s just becoming so frequent..I want people to know not to mess with you.”



You two will be joking around, and then you’ll probably trip into someone. (Klutz.)

They’ll help you up, and give you a cheeky smile.


They’ll pull some lame pick up line, like “oh, you fell for me kdkfkfk ha.”


B A C K O F F M Y W I F E???

His normally cheerful attitude is gonna change real quick.

He will get really serious, and pull you closer to him, making sure you aren’t hurt from falling, first. (Or diseased from the guy.)

High key starts sassing the guy.

Starts to laugh, and gives the guy a lil chest bump thing, as they 'make up’

Yeah, well. Seven stole his wallet out of his pocket.

That guy just lost everything, lol.

His money, his ID card, his credit card, business cards.


“Well, you got over that fast. I’m impressed.”

“Heh. Babe, look what I got!”

“IS THAT HIS- oh my god. You’re evil. I love it.”



He’s so gentle, he just stands there awkwardly, shifting his weight on a different foot, waiting for you to hurry up.

You were at an art museum, and this guy came up to you, trying to show you the “best art works” there. He started cracking jokes, and yOU WERE LAUGHING AT THEM?

you didn’t know it was bothering V so much, but he was literally starting to tear up?

He wanted to step in, but if you were having fun, and you were happy.. He would stand it.

He actually felt his heart sink when the guy gave you his email address.

“Yeah, email me sometime. I can teach you a lot more!”

You sighed the moment the guy left, and crumpled up the paper, tossing it in the trash.

“What a waste. I didn’t want to be rude, but God..he was showing the worst pi- V? What’s wrong?”

“Oh..Nothing. Don’t worry about me. Shall we go over here?”



Saeran: (Mild spoiler?? Maybe??)

Literally doesn’t like you talking to anyone.


He’s not the kind of guy that is like “oh, you can’t do this, you can’t do that.” But it’s easy to get him jealous.

In fact, he got jealous of his own brother.


“Yeah? Well if you like his jokes so much, why don’t you just date him instead?!”

Ends up getting in a huge fight with Saeyoung.

Low key starts trying to crack jokes (and fails) to keep up with his brother.

He starts getting so frustrated, thinking he was never going to be as good as his brother. That you would leave him for Saeyoung.

Poor smol bean. You had to reassure him that he was the only Choi for you..in fact, he was the only one at all for you.

“Saeran. You know that I love you, right?”



“….I..love you too, I guess..”

“YOU GUESS? IS OUR LOVE IN QUESTION.” (He freaks out a bit when you say this, lel)

“Wha- no! No.. I..Uhm, I love you, (Y/N). I really do.”

Three’s a Crowd (Part 12)

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Member: Taehyung x Reader x OC

Type: Poly Au, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10. Part 11.

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NSFW Alphabet: Alec Lightwood

NSFW Alphabet: Alec Lightwood 

Warnings: NSFW obviously ; nsfw visual

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A = Aftercare: He gets embarrassingly awkward and clumsy when he’s helping you shower, it’s adorable.
B = Body part: For him it had to be your hands. They were so soft and delicate and he loved the feeling against his skin. For you, it was his back. Those back muscles drove you crazy.
C = Cum: At first, he used a condom but then you both tried without it, so now he cums inside you. Only inside of you.
D = Dirty Secret: Alec loves when you dominate him, he has never said it out loud tho. He also loves pegging. One day you brought it up and asked him if he was up for it, and now he loves it so much.
E = Experience: Honestly, he didn’t have experience at all. He asked Izzy for advice on the subject. But at the end of the day you were teaching him little by little.
F = Favorite Position (credit to @dominant-edge)

G = Goofy: He’s always smiling and giggling. Sometimes he gets shy and he can’t help it. He just loves you so much.
H = Hair: He loves laying his head on your chest or your lap, and feeling your hands play with his hair. Lightly scratching his scalp. And he would moan so loud when you pulled on it.
I = Intimacy: Even if he’s super awkward, he would try to make it very romantic. It was the small details that made everything better. 
J = Jack Off: When he was showering, he would remember you on your knees, looking up at him while you sucked him off.
K = Kink: Praise kink, he would get so turned on when you praised him for being a good boy.
L = Location: Apart from your room, your favorite place was his office. On top of his desk, or when you were under it…

M = Motivation: Being the Head of the Institute was hard, he was stressed. But he knew you would help him loosen up by the end of the day.
N = NO: He was up for anything, but anal on you wasn’t one of them. Of course he wanted to, he was comfortable enough and you both trusted each other, but he was scared of doing something wrong and hurting you.
O = Oral: Surprisingly, he was very skilled with his mouth and his fingers, so he was excellent at giving. But he also loved receiving, the way you would look at him while his cock was in your mouth drove him crazy.
P = Pace: If he was mad or stressed, he would go fast and hard. He made love to you almost every night, so he went slow, enjoying the moment.
Q = Quickie: Before every mission. It was basically a good luck charm. And you both were happy and relaxed through it.
R = Risk: Getting caught. It was exhilarating, fucking you in a closet or in one of the training rooms, where anyone can walk in any second.
S = Stamina: You two were totally grateful for that stamina rune, it made you go for hours and hours.
T = Toy: There was a strap-on hidden on a box in the closet. That was his favorite and you loved using it on him.
U = Unfair: You would walk to his office if he was ignoring you that day, wearing something tight. You would sit on his lap, “reading” some reports and you took the opportunity to grind on him. He would hold your hips as a warning. You would stop when you felt his boner and would leave him like that.
V = Volume: You did moan a lot but it wasn’t so loud, but his whines were. It was so hot to hear him whine whenever you teased him.
W = Wild Card: read Location
X = X-Ray: Let’s just say that it’s big and thick and you loved it.
Y = Yearning: You two fucked like rabbits. It was insane, and your hormones were through the roof. Alec tried to control himself but he always gave in.
Z = ZZZ: Feeling content, you would lay one leg on top of his and lay your head on his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat. He was always the one to fall asleep first with a smile on his face.

“Do you think daddy would like this?” Your daughter’s voice snapped you back to reality as you turned around and saw her holding her latest masterpiece. It was a picture of a flower with hearts and glitter surrounding it, she loved coloring pictures but making pictures for Harry was her favorite. You couldn’t help but smile as you walked over to her and kneeled down to her eye level.

“He’s going to love it.” She just gave you a big smile as she handed you the picture, you quickly stood up and headed towards the fridge. “Lets hang it in our special spot shall we love?” You asked and when you turned to look over your shoulder you smiled when you saw her nodding her head and clapping her hands together.

“Yes the special spot! So he will see it when he gets home!” Her voice was full of excitement as she danced around the kitchen, you laughed as you turned and watched her. She was the spitting image of her father, dimple and all. Her brown curls were tucked away from her face with a headband and as she danced her dress swayed back and
fourth causing her to giggle and dance around more.

She bounced her way out of the kitchen making you laugh and shake your head as you imagined that if Harry was home he would’ve joined her in her excitement dance and it would’ve ended in a fit of giggles and a tickle fight on the couch in the next room. You couldn’t help but sigh as you looked around and the reality set in, Harry was gone for three more weeks. You knew he didn’t like being away for long periods of time but you also knew that this was his job and he didn’t have a choice sometimes.

You were in the middle of cooking dinner when your phone rang, you knew by the ringtone that it was Harry. You smiled as you quickly hit answer and put it on speaker phone so you could continue cooking.

“Hiya petal!” You smiled bigger as his voice filled the kitchen, “what ya doin love?” You added the diced vegetables to the pot of soup you had on the stove.

“Just makin dinner, what are you up too?” You heard noises in the background but you knew he was probably out and about in whatever city he was in at the moment.

“Ah it is about dinner time isn’t it?” His voice was soft and you found yourself nodding as if he could see you. “How is she doing? Think talking to her would be a bad idea?” You continued to stir the pot as he spoke.

“Think she would love that, she is doing better now.” As if on queue you heard little feet coming down the stairs and heading towards the kitchen. “Lovey, I think someone wants to talk to you.” You said as your daughter appeared in the doorway of the kitchen, her smile was big as she heard noises coming from the phone on the counter.

“Daddy!” You smiled wide as she made her way towards you by the stove. “Daddy, where are you? What city are you in? Do they have good food there? Mommy is making chicken soup because it’s cold outside! Is it cold where you are?” You had to hold back your laugh as she spilled out question after question, you heard Harry chuckle a bit on the other end of the phone.

“Hi my little love!” She reached up and grabbed the phone off the counter and held it in her tiny hands. You saw her walk around the island and climb up into one of the stools so she could get comfortable. “Well where I am at now is a bit chilly.” You could tell he was smiling by the way his voice sounded. “The food is good, nothin beats ya mum’s cooking tho.” You rolled your eyes at his comment and you knew if he was home he would’ve shot you a little wink.

“Do you miss me daddy? I miss you a lot! Like more than I miss Christmas time! And ya know I love Christmas!” You turned around and your smile fell a bit when you saw your daughter’s face. She was smiling still but you knew it was slightly forced and her eyes were getting a bit watery.

“Oh my little love,” you heard Harry take a deep breath. “I miss ya so much that I can’t even tell ya how much! They don’t even have a word fo it!” You watched as her face lit up a bit as he spoke. You could tell by Harry’s tone that he was probably fighting back tears.

He hated not being able to hug his daughter and kiss her worries away. He knew she wasn’t used to this part of his work, she had always been too little to really understand when he was on the road but now that she was getting older she took it harder when he left for weeks at a time.

“I love you daddy!” You smiled as she blew a kiss to the phone. “That was a kiss! Did you feel it?” You heard Harry laugh lightly and heard a kissy noise.

“I felt it! Just gave you one back!” She smiled and patted her cheek. You turned the stove off before making your way over to her. “I love you quite a lot, can I talk to ya mum a bit? You go wash up for super!” She pouted as you helped her down off the stool. She slowly made her way out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

“You love me quite a lot as well?” You knew he was rolling his eyes at your question. You noticed the line got quiet and you had to check to make sure the call didn’t get dropped. “Harry?” You took the phone off speaker and held it to your ear, you heard the sound of a door opening and shutting and what sounded like footsteps. “Harry can you hear me?” Your voice was a bit loud due to the fact you weren’t sure if he could hear you or not.

“Can hear you just fine love.” You felt the phone slip from your hands and land on the counter as his voice came from in front of you. You couldn’t believe the sight that was in front of you. He was standing in the doorway of the kitchen with a bag at his feet.

“Harry!” Your voice came out as a squeal as you crashed into him. His arms wrapped around your waist as yours wrapped around his neck. You were soon being lifted off the ground as you felt his face burry into your neck.

“Missed you my love.” You felt him kiss your neck a few times and as you both heard the sound of feet hitting the bottom of the stairs you felt your own feet being placed back on the ground. “Is that my little love?” He unwrapped himself from you and bent down as he faced the doorway. Your daughter’s face was one of shock and excitement.

“Daddy! You’re home!” The excitement in her voice was enough to make you smile ear too ear. You watched Harry open his arms as she went running towards him. You stepped back and watched him pick her up and twirl her around and place kisses all over her face making the sound of her laughter fill the room.

“I’m home,” he stopped spinner her and turned his head to look at you, his dimple was prominent as he smiled wide. “I’m home with my two girls, just in time for super.” He shot you a wink and you just rolled you eyes. You still couldn’t believe he was home, he was in the kitchen holding your daughter, he was going to be here for a while by the looks of his bag on the floor by his feet and you couldn’t be happier.

Hugging Wanna One

inspired off my dream lmao

i really need to stop writing things that aren’t requested. oh well.

ty @woojiniee for helping/suffering with me. you practically wrote half of this post ily.

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[a quick fic, definitely not my best work? but i thought of this scene after thinking about what might cause taakitz to grow as close as they did in such a short amount of time? i concluded late-night cooking :^) (maybe i should make this a mini series bc theres no actual cooking in this one) 

anyways read away. spoilers for lunar interlude 4 and everything prior to it i guess. also its 6am and i havent slept, take pity on me vghjbjn]

Taako stares up at the ceiling of his private quarters. He’s so, so tired- the Director has them all training heavily for something she won’t even tell them about. She seems unsettled, though; maybe even frightened, so even Taako agrees to the extra training. Still, despite his aching bones- Thanks, Magnus- he can’t sleep.

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Her Accidentally Walking into a Wall and Getting a Nose Bleed: BTS


He would instantly revert back to his motherly self, grabbing a couple of tissues and laying you on the ground since there was no couch around. He would be dead worried.


He would dead-ass laugh his head off while calling you a dumbass, but in a nicer way. Would still be the first one to help you, though.


Jump up and not run or scramble to you, but friggen fly with a worried expression asking whether you were fine. Whenever he’d see the blood he’d scream.

Rap Monster:

He will get so frustrated, but like internally, and on the outside he’d be blank because it has happened so many times and he’d warned you of stuff like that even more and he’s just like “???”


JiMin hated seeing you in any sort of pain so whenever he saw the blood he was nearly going over-protective calling the ambulance and then telling your parents you’re near death. He’d prolly end up trying to make you happy with his smile tho, since the members would have a little bit more rationale at that moment.


He’d probably be right beside you as it was about to happen, so he’d actually accidentally save you from that and instead of walking into a wall and getting a nosebleed, you’d just hit your side and it wouldn’t even be painful.


You walk into the wall:
JungKook: “Lmaooooo”
Sees blood: “Oh fuckity frick frack.”

lee daehwi as your soulmate

imagine having daehwi as ur soulmate where u have the date u meet written on ur wrist

(as requested!)

  • ur soulmate clue isnt really visible for awhile just bc ure like. a tiny kid for the first majority of ur life lol
  • for awhile u just have a smudge of ink on ur wrist so,,, u dont rlly have a choice but to let it be
  • once u start to get older, the markings on ur wrist start to become more and more clear

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  • okay so woozi is the kid who hates everyone and everything
  • 24/7 glaring at every living creature
  • the only times you actually see him smile is while he is playing music
  • and the best part is that he will deny that he was smiling when he’s confronted about it
  • obviously you love to see him all flustered and red when you tell him he plays realy well
  • so you do it every time you hear him play
  • and this shortie does this cute thing in which he places his sleeve on his red cheek
  • like aegyo-what?
  • this is it and nothing can give you any more joy
  • you are actually friends with woozi
  • and everyone is so surprised like???
  • the kid?? who hates everyone?? actually likes someone??
  • but youre the only one who knows that woozi doesnt particulary HATES everyone
  • he just prefers music over people
  • except you
  • like he will stop everything when he sees you just to talk to you
  • and i might have stated earlier that the only times oyu see him smile is when he plays music
  • but little do you know that his face lights up every time he sees yuo
  • so stop denying it like even a blind person can see it
  • even tho woozi doesnt want to admit it he might maybe have a teeny tiny huge crush on you
  • and woozi being woozi doesnt know how to tell you
  • so he ends up writing a song for you
  • but while he is making it, he accidentally ignores you for days
  • and those days turn into weeks
  • and you start to doubt yourself, thinking you’ve done something that upsetted him
  • like maybe you went too far with telling him he only smiled while making music
  • so one day you go up to the music room
  • and youre preparing to fight if necessary like the kid is unpredictable
  • but when you enter the room you can hear someone singing
  • and youre like “it cant be!!!”
  • so you take a look and yes it can
  • surprise surprise
  • its woozi!!!
  • and he’s like too concentrated to notice you
  • and when you listen better, you can hear him sing something aboUT YOU
  • so obviously you shed a little tear and sniffed
  • woozi turned around sharply and oh shit its you
  • he immediately starts apologizing but before he can go on
  • and so you listen to the full song, not really listening and just admiring woozi’s voice and face
BTS reaction to going camping with their s/o

Anon said:Hi!!!! can i request a BTS reaction for going camping with them in the woods? you are an experienced camper and take them too all the hiking and swimming and fishing places and just go on fun wilderness adventures together. thank you so much!!! i love your reactions!! you are so awesome!! <3


This baby is prepared. He might not be as good as you, but knowing that his s/o liked camping, he would spend hours trying to learn all things he could. He would ask for you to teach him stuff every now and then, that’s for sure. He may not be that keen on hiking tho, so it’ll take a little bit of convincing from you for him to do it.


Oh honey, I feel sorry for you… He wouldn’t like the idea, but after tons of begs from his s/o he would eventually go with you, just because he loves you, and he knows that he is not the most romantic person (I disagree but oh well), so he will he doing this to make you smile, and actually he will end up having lots of fun, he will NEVER admit it tho. He would love going fishing the most, just sitting there, talking to each other, in pure calmness. 


He would like the idea, whatever makes his s/o happy will make him super happy too. He would ask the most stupid things tho: “Wait, but how do you do this?”, “How do you get food out here?”, “Want me to order pizza?”. For his safety, I’d recommend you go hiking in a not so tall place. This guy is a The Destructor™. He would love going fishing or swimming the most, Long talks are his favourite, and plus he gets to see you in a swimsuit (😏)(this boi).


(ignore Jimin) (If you want to) (I know is difficult)

HA HA HA no. Next! 

Jk, actually I really think he would do it, agreeing the instant you said it. He loves you and would do anything to make you happy, even if that meant facing his fears. He will be scared 89% of the time tho, just protect him and you both would be good. Hiking? Will take a bit of convincing… But as I said, he will do anything for you. Fishing? As long as you are with him talking, making lame jokes and laughing, then he’d love it.


He will say no at fist, just to piss you off, but after a while he would come to you, hugging you and whispering: “I was just joking, love. I took Friday, Saturday and Sunday free so we could go camping, I already made my bags.”. He would be a sweetheart, even if you know way more than him, he will offer to help you every time, trying really hard not to fuck the tent up, and if he did be prepared for some natural aegyo and him saying sorry. He would go hiking with you, as well as fishing and he would love going swimming! He loves to swim, and just as Namjoon, seeing you in a swimsuit made everything way better.


Do you even know this boy? Hell yes, he would ask you to go camping the second you told him you liked it. He would make a disaster, making you laugh, but he is just trying to have a good time, which is the idea of going in the first place. He would be amazed of how much you know: “How do you do that so easily? Let me try!!” *a few moments later* “BABY! I need a little bit of help here”. He would love to go swimming with you, and will go hiking if you asked him too. He would go fishing too, but this kid would be so loud he scared all the fishes away, but again, he will make you laugh.


He accepted, and off you went. And Oh! Surprise! He’s actually really good at this shit too 😒. No, but honestly, I think this boy knows how to defend himself, at least a bit more than the rest (excepting our Jinnie who went to the jungle). If you had been together for a while, then he would ask for help, if not, then he will struggle until you went there and help him, not even asking if he needed it. In my opinion he would be the best out of everyone in hiking (HAVE YOU SEEN THOSE ARMS HOLY SHIT). He would love to go swimming, this kid loves swimming, and he will be okay with fishing, even if he didn’t love it, as long as you were by his side he was okay with everything.

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This is the third and last part of my story Expecting. Thank you to the anon who requested it with so many details, it made it easier for me obviously. I’m sorry for it being so short. I know the end isn’t great as well but I wasn’t feeling well when I wrote it and I desperately needed to finish it. I hope you like it tho xx (I know that a lot of people don’t really like stories that involves kids and pregnancy stuff and to be completely honest, I don’t either but I’m still quite happy with this little story)

Part 1

Part 2

Joe smiled to himself as he finally climbed under the sheets next to his girlfriend. Y/N cuddled closer to him as he wrapped an arm around her and just as they were about to fall asleep, it was on again. And they both let out a sigh in frustration. “I’ll do it.” Joe offered as he lifted himself up but Y/N was already out of the bed. “No, it’s fine. It’s my turn.” His girlfriend smiled at him before stepping into the room where the crying was coming from. 

Y/N rubbed her tired eyes before bending to pick up her baby girl, Evie, in her arms and she started to move from side to side to sooth her down. As she tried to fight back a yawn, she felt a hand on the small of her back and Joe smiled up at her before picking up their baby boy, Harry. But despite the humming and the movements, they wouldn’t stop crying and they had already done everything they had to. Y/N sat down on the floor, her back against the wall as she was still holding Evie tightly and carefully against her chest and Joe did the same, the exhausting sound of the babies still echoing in the room. “I just want to sleep,for even just an hour.” Y/N said, just above a whisper as she leaned her head onto his shoulder. Joe softly kissed the top of her head before leaning his own against hers. “Me too.” Joe replied, brushing a thumb against Harry’s cheek.

The couple was exhausted and they hadn’t been sleeping very well ever since the babies were home. But they knew it would be hard and they had accepted it.

Joe lifted his head up as he heard some footsteps coming closer to the room and he frowned but his face softened as he watched Jack and Conor step into the room. And the siblings felt worried as they laid their eyes on their younger sister and their mate. The bags under their eyes were falling to the floor. Jack instantly kneeled down in front of his twin sister and brushed his fingers against her cheek. Y/N lifted her head up at the touch and smiled up at her brothers. “We came here to check on you.” Conor spoke up as he gently took Harry from Joe’s arms as he got up, fighting back a yawn. “And you both desperately need to sleep.” Jack continued as he repeated his brother’s actions, allowing Y/N to get up as well. Y/N kissed Jack’s cheek and then Conor’s as they both made their way to the living room to settle on the couch. “Thank you.” She said as the siblings all smiled at each other and Joe took Y/N’s hand to lead them both into their bedroom, quickly settling on their bed and falling asleep.

The brothers simply sat down on the couch, the babies in their arms. Jack was cuddling Evie and a smile grew on his lips. He loved taking care of his niece and she was so beautiful. Jack turned his head at the sound of Conor’s voice and his smile grew again. He watched his older brother sing to his nephew and soon enough, the twins were asleep, followed by the Maynard brothers.

Y/N blinked a few times before opening her eyes fully. She turned around and buried her face into Joe’s chest, his arm holding her tightly and he groaned. “Do you hear that?” She whispered, looking up to her lover whose eyes were still closed. “What?” He mumbled, half asleep. “Silence.” Y/N stated and a smile was forming on Joe’s lips as he pressed his lips on her forehead.

And a few minutes later, the couple was up and Y/N couldn’t help the smile as she watched her brothers both asleep on the couch, each holding their twins and she quickly snapped a picture. And Joe wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. “They make great uncles.” Joe admitted and Y/N simply hummed in agreement. She was glad to have her family by her side because she knew that she could count on them. Whenever. Wherever. And for whatever.

anonymous asked:

13, klance. (Am I late?)

(you’re not late, this is a little shitty and unbeta’d.  Enjoy~)

“Of course you’d believe that…”  Lance sighed, breaking the silence that had settled since Keith had exploded.  They were in the training room, gladiator shut down at Lance’s command.  

“I believe it because it’s true.”  Keith huffed, standing defensively when his jackless arms crossed over his chest.

“It’s ridiculous!”  Lance countered, frowning at the other with a hand on his hip.  “Even Allura agrees that jerk was out of line!”

“Just because it’s hard to hear doesn’t make something not fact.”  The slightly taller of the two groaned and stormed over to the firey halfbreed.  He sandwhiched Keith’s cheeks together with his hands and focused the other boy to look him in the eye.

“You. Are. Not. A. Monster.”  He stated plainly and clearly, like he was repeating something for the hundredth time to someone who wasn’t listening.  Which was more or less what he was doing.  “All you are right now is an idiot sandwhich.”  Lance huffed, blowing a piece of hair from Keith’s forehead to watch the way the boys nose scruched up. 

“The galra are monsters Lance, they can’t be the bad guy and the symbol of peace.”  Keith mumbled, voice slightly morphed by Lance’s grip.

“Sure they can.”  Lance rolled his eyes.  “And even if they couldn’t be, Black didn’t not choose you because you’re part galra.  Give him more credit than that, geez.”

“I wouldn’t blame him if he did.”  Keith shrugged, trying and failing to look away as Lance contiuned to hold his face in place.

“I would!”  The cuban stated firmly and loudly.  “I’d be pretty damn pissed if Black threw away everything and looked at your mothers genetics to decide if you could be a leader or not.  That’s not how leadership works.”

“But it would’ve been something Black considered.”  Keith claimed.

“No, no it would not have been!  None of the team has ever looked at you differently because you’re galran.  Allura was the one with beef but she’s not a pilot.  Therefore, it never would have been a problem.  Got it?”  The response he got was silence before Keith finally relented, shrugging just a little.  That was enough for Lance, at least for now.  The current Black Paladin dropped his hands from Keith’s cheeks.

“You’re not a monster.”  He repeated, pressing a soft kiss to Keith’s lips with a smile.  “I don’t date monsters.”  Keith blushed a little at the words, smiling to himself, before Lance ruined it.  “I just date boys who clearly aren’t as good at flying as me~.  That’s why Black choose me, clearly.”  He joked in that sing-song voice Keith had began to undestand these past few months.  Lance wasn’t mocking him, just lightening the moment.  The cuban grabbed his hand and began to drag him from the training room.  Keith let him.

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imagine ikon as boyfriends. thanks!

iKon would all be sweet boyfriends, speaking from the bottom of my heart. All of them are cinnamon buns who would protect and love you thick and thin, even as a boyfriend. 

I even threw in a “what would ikon do to comfort you when you’re upset/sad” kind of thing in there for the majority of the members.  Hints of crack material on the way from here just bear with me, it’s currently 3:16 am writing this. Enjoy! - Erikah <3

Jinhwan:  He’s a sweetheart who loves his girlfriend whole-heartedly. He isn’t afraid to be affectionate in public, even if it’s in places where he shouldn’t be showing affection at all. To him, you deserve the world and all of his heart. He’s a simple guy, but he likes to spoil you with all of his love. He would pull through in the roughest times and take care of you as much as he can. I see him as someone who would call you just because he missed hearing your voice. And he wouldn’t hide his emotions from you or let you forget how much he loves you. He’s so sappy and so sweet I cry

Yunhyung: I see him as a playful boyfriend. He really likes to be around you because he can just be himself. Sometimes he would tease you, maybe a little too much. Although he’s very playful, there are times when you need someone to help you stand up, and he’s there to hold you. He may crack a few jokes here and there, but he would still be your shoulder to cry on. And at the end of the day, you’re in his arms whispering sweet nothings to each other. He really loves you, and you can’t forget that. He also would share different types of lip balm with you but that’s a different story

Bobby/Jiwon: I also see Bobby as a very playful and extremely sweet boyfriend. He really likes you and is comfortable around you, and he’s not afraid to show it. Sometimes his shirtless-ness and his cute nicknames for you get you flustered, he’s totally weak for that shit. You’re his precious little ladybug, nothing can ever change that. But when things don’t go too well and you’re on the verge of exploding, he’s serious when he needs to be. He’s there as your shoulder to cry on and someone you can rely on or rant to. And he won’t hesitate to hold your hand and help you through those times when you just need to break down. And after your serious meltdown, he’s there with a carton of ice cream, offering cuddles and your favorite movie.  Ultimate boyfriend material FUCK ME UP

B.I/Hanbin: As a boyfriend, he has two personalities. HE’S NOT TWO FACED OK JUST HEAR ME OUT  For example, when out in public, he’s all grabbing your butt and being an extra loud but sweet boyfriend. But at home and in private, he’s an adorable sweetheart who would would hold you and let you know he loves you through little kisses and handholds and cuddles, all that good stuff. He would rather much show you love and affection in silence because he sees that as a much better way and the proper way to be a good boyfriend to you. He basically has two different sides to him, but both sides are always ready to hold your hand and let you know that they love you. At home or at the studio, he isn’t afraid to show the world, and show you, that you’re his. 

Donghyuk: He’s sweetheart boyfriend number 2! Like Jinhwan, he’s the boyfriend who shows you affection and love even at the hardest of times. He never gives up on his special girl, there’s no denying that. If he could give the world to you, he would do it in a heartbeat. In addition to being a sweetie pie, he’s the playful type as well. He teases you and calls you princess because it makes you weak, and he’ll even grab at your butt to get you more flustered. He’s never afraid to love you in public or in front of the boys. But there are times when you’re not your best, and he knows that. He’s not the best at comforting you 100%, but he would always try for you and cheer you up until he sees that beautiful smile of yours. I’m so weak for this man I’m so tired UGH

Junhoe: I see him as the “best friend” kind of boyfriend. Basically, he acts like your best friend and isn’t all that lovey dovey or affectionate. He’s a sassy guy, so he has that side of him where he likes to tease you. But he doesn’t like it when other people do it you. He knows people can take their teasing too far on you, and sometimes you would get hurt over it. He hates seeing you upset or hurt, it pains his heart. But he will always try his best to cheer you up and make you feel better and probably fight the person who made you upset because that’s his baby and no one hurts his baby OnO.  Although he’s your best friend, at the end of the day he’s still your boyfriend. He’s still the sweetheart who would hold you and take care of you because you’re his sweet little darling who he loves so much. He’s secretly a sap tho he just doesn’t like to show it 

Chanwoo: Since he’s new to relationships, I see him as an awkward boyfriend. He’s new to the world of dating so give him a break. Although he’s already dating you, he still sees you as his crush. He gets those butterflies in his stomach every time you smile at him and it gets him so shy and nervous. Heck, he’s even sweating at just holding your hand. Cuddling with him during a movie gets a bit difficult though. He’s pretty nervous like, what if I’m too sweaty? what if I’m holding them too tight? this isn’t going to end well… poor baby, he just loves you so much I cry.  But as you turn to look at him, he can feel your heartbeat. It’s just as fast as his. Yes, he gets nervous when he looks at you. Yes, he gets shy when you call him baby. He still can’t believe that you’re his. Even if he’s still a little awkward, he still cherishes you. You’re his sweet little angel, and nothing can change that. It’ll take a little time for him to get comfortable with you, but don’t ever doubt for a second that he loves you so much. he’s such a tol cutie just smother him with love please

Sf9 To You Being Short And Trying To Kiss Them

Inseong: looks at you with love and affection but will tease you from time to time about it. “So do you want me to get down there and kiss you myself or how long do I have wait here?” Ends up bending down anyways to kiss you himself. 

 Youngbin: He knows you’re short so he never hesitates to grab you softly by the waist and pull u in-and-up a little for a small kiss. Will never reject a kiss from you anyways. 

  Jaeyoon: Loves to tease you endlessly about it but will sit down for you (even in public for ex. On a bench at the mall while his other members are standing and socializing) and have you sit on his lap to give him a kiss. Will wrap his arms around you too but for sure do not try to kiss him too long because he probably will turn it into a makeout session (even in public)

  Rowoon: Will melt every single time he sees you trying to tiptoe to kiss him. “Your so cute ahhh!” Eventually he will have to lean forward and have you tiptoe to kiss him as you are cupping his face with your hands so you’d get an easy balance but the scene will look like it came straight out from a manga.

  Dawon: He really isn’t that tall even if you were any shorter than him it still wouldn’t be a problem. He would probably kiss you himself by having his arms around your shoulder (if you were to the side of him) and turn his head to kiss you. (Could by while you were walking down  the street). 

 Zuho: Hes a soft giant that will laugh and make fun of you if he sees you struggling. Probably wont embarrass you in public so kisses will most likely be when you two are sitting down at a restaurant and etc. Even if he’s still alot taller, it’s still a whole better and easier for him to just lean his head down and kiss you when sitting. 

  Taeyang: Wrap both his arms around ur neck in a form of a hug and lean down a little to kiss you straight on. Smiles into the kiss and rub against your nose playfully afterward. “Princess, I’ll do the kissing from now on so you won’t have to struggle.“ 

  Hwiyoung: Shy baby is shy in public and will get a little pink in the cheeks. Takes you to a corner and have u against the wall as he throws an arm over u for shield and lean in for a small peck. Will smile so big afterwards and run away. 

 Chani: Clueless boy, doesn’t know what to do. Will be sort of shy to help u initiate the kiss because he was already nervous to receive it (he wants it tho) so will just watch you try. Ends up successful though where once he sees you tiptoeing, he will automatically bend his knees a bit and freeze up; taking the kiss. Afterwards you two will continue what you were doing and he himself will act casual even though he’s internally freaking out.

school days maizawa headcanons (cause why not)

• When aizawa first discovers hizashi is scared of insects, he buys a fake cockroach and leaves it on hizashi’s desk the next morning. It backfires pretty badly ‘cause hizashi activates his quirk and screams his lungs out.

• During their first months at UA they have to fight each other (hizashi on the hero team and aizawa on the villain one) and aizawa surrenders two minutes into the battle 'cause he thinks hizashi is too loud and doesn’t want anything to do with that.

• Hizashi really wants to be friends with aizawa from the very beginning but the battle discourages him because he thinks aizawa can’t stand him and his quirk but then one day he proves to be wrong when aizawa approaches him on his free will during lunch break. hizashi almost screams in surprise and happiness (he manages to stay fairly quiet tho) and before he can say anything, aizawa speaks first “i’m not here for you… it’s just that this is the best spot to catch sight of cats” “uh he likes cats” it’s the first thing hizashi thinks “cute…” he says nothing in response because he does know aizawa told half the truth. How can he tell? He catches aizawa eye him every now and then and he’s fairly sure that’s a little smile right there on his face. He mentally thanks all the cats in the world.

• During UA’s school festival aizawa ends up being dress up as a maid 'cause the girls are low on personal (don’t ask the details here i’m just spoiling myself let me spoil you all too) and “aizawa-kun is cuter than me in a skirt, that’s not even fair”. He can’t really say no even though he wants to run away with all his usually inexistent might. When he first sees him, hizashi laughs his ass off, mocking him with not so quiet “cuuute too cute, aizawa-chaaan~"s. hizashi is not going to admit out loud he finds aizawa cute in a skirt simply because he thinks he’s cute all the time… When aizawa ends up being pretty popular with his male upperclassmen, hizashi can’t stop glaring at them even though they can’t see him. He loses it when this guy tries to peek under aizawa’s skirt: he runs across the room and plants himself in front of aizawa and with a fluent movement rises his skirt to reveal the other’s not a girl at all. Silence falls across the cafè and the molesters (according to hizashi) flee, ashamed. Hizashi leaves right after without even looking at aizawa. When later on the day hizashi meets aizawa, he quickly says he’s sorry, "no, don’t be” aizawa replies “that thing you did gave me the chance to run, the costumers were kind of unsettled and the girls sent me away” “still… i feel bad” “why did you do that?” “they thought you were a girl” “yeah… so what.” “…nothing just–” he hesitates but then again, fuck it “-i don’t want anyone else thinking you’re cute, that’s all”. whether aizawa thinks he’s joking or not, he doesn’t know but since the other says nothing about it, he guesses he’s safe for now.

BURY ME IN MAIZAWA (i finally discovered the ship name thank you pixiv)

Trans Bitty Headcanons
  • He doesn’t tell the team at first because he’s too afraid. It’s so much more terrifying than coming out to them as gay for some reason. He doesn’t have a 1 in 4, maybe more statistic to fall back on this time
  • He got top surgery in high school, so the scars have basically healed by now and it’s not like any of the guys would notice them anyway lbr
  • He hasn’t been on HRT too long though so his jaw isn’t as pronounced as he would like when he first moves up to Samwell. The guys chirp him nonstop for his “baby face” and it doesn’t hurt the way Bits was worried it would because they’re smiling at him and ruffling his hair when they do it
  • But he ends up telling Shitty right after coming out to him as gay. He didn’t have any flashcards prepared for this, but it’s Shitty and he feels so comfortable right now. Not telling any of his new friends has been unexpectedly stressful
  • Ofc Shitty takes it all in stride and it winds up really strengthening their relationship
  • Shitty is so proud of this little kid, who’s already the shortest guy on the team and tends toward traditionally feminine hobbies (lbr tho everyone is fucking ecstatic to have him baking for them. why would they ever question it)
  • He never tells Jack that his fear of checking stems from the bullying he had suffered in high school and even before and being so much smaller than all of the guys he played with
  • They just get up ungodly early and work and having someone like Jack, who’s taller and stronger and honestly way more intimidating than any of his bullies in Georgia, doing whatever he can to help Bitty get over this fear is so touching
  • When he meets Lardo, she already knows (thanks Shitty)
  • If she helps him keep track of shark week before HRT stops it altogether, none of the guys have to know
  • Lardo becomes his confidant in almost every part of his life actually
  • He tells her first when he realizes he’s falling for Jack and they spend the next few weeks/months sharing looks over breakfast whenever Shitty or Jack does something stupid that ofc they find endearing

Ok i’ll stop now. Just consider trans Bitty please


Request: Can I have one where ur Jack’s little sis (not that young tho) and u were swimming or something with everyone somewhere and u hit ur head or something and they have to carry you out and u get stitches !!

Word Count: 604

Pairing: Jack Gilinsky X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I rolled my eyes as the guys played basketball obnoxiously loud, “what are we gonna do with them Zan?” I asked leaning my face down by the dog, he licked my cheek making me laugh. I watched my brother get the ball from Johnson, only to end falling on his ass, good one. 

I smiled, sliding into the pool, instantly feeling cooler since I was no longer having the sun beating down on me. I dipped my head back in the water, making my hair get wet and stay slicked back. “Be careful.” Jack called, making me roll my eyes and my face warm up. “I’m fourteen, I can swim perfectly fine on my own.” I responded, laughing under my breath as he grew annoyed with my response. 

I went underneath the water, easily swimming to the other side of the pool, popping up I saw Zan watching me excitedly, crazy dog, but I love him. I continued doing this for a while, enjoying the feeling of the water rushing passed me.

I let out a sigh of content as I popped up out of the water, catching up on my air since I was under for a while. “Zan!” I shrieked as he jumped in, practically landing on top of me, making me move to the side, resulting in me smacking the side of my head on the pool edge. 

I gripped the edge of the pool as I felt light headed for a moment, “Jesus, Y/N!” Jack practically jumped in the pool, along with Hayes who was getting Zan out of the way. “Are you okay?” Jack asked, grabbing my arms as I let go of the pool edge, I gripped onto him and winced. “Shit, you’re bleeding.” He mumbled and I widened my eyes, trying to reach up to touch my head. “No.” He pulled my hand back down, gently tugging me along with him to get out of the pool. 

“I can get out on my own.” I pulled myself out of his grip, trying to walk up the steps but I almost fell over, Johnson grabbed my arms, steadying me as I got out of the water. Aside from my brother, he was the one I trusted the most here. “It doesn’t look too bad.” Johnson mumbled, trying to make me feel better as Sammy put a towel over my shoulders. “Ha-ha.” I remarked to the blonde who was still holding onto me as Jack dried himself off quickly. 

“Come on.” Jack mumbled, lifting me up as we went to the car, “am I going to need stitches?” I asked nervously, surprised I haven’t cried yet, considering my head hurt like a mother effer. “Probably.” He answered honestly, tightening his hold on me when I wrapped my arms around his neck tighter. “I’m scared.” I admitted quietly, so no one else would hear. 

“It’s gonna be fine.” He assured me, setting me down so I could get in the car. 


I squeezed the hell out of Jack’s hand every time the doctor started putting in another stitch, “almost done.” The nurse smiled, and I just stayed still, obviously not being able to move my head. I widened my eyes at Jack as they started putting in the last one, he mimicked my face, trying to entertain me, but it didn’t work very well. 

“Told you it would be fine.” Jack smiled, and for once I didn’t mind him babying me, it was the closest thing to comfort I was gonna get right now. I sighed as he kissed my forehead quickly, “you scared me so god damn bad.”