his little smile at the end is so cute though

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I can ask for fluff? Oh my gosh! Thank you! The only thing I can think of is cuddling? Oh! How about, like morning after cuddles? And like how s/o would wake them up? Or if you've already done that can you do the guys reaction to waking up being the little spoon? ( I am a tiny person who loves to be the big spoon, no seriously I'm 5'2" ish.) but um yes, the boys deserve so much better, and I can't talk about or else I'll cry more. Thank you again!

I haven’t written a morning after thing yet, but I’m more so in a cuddly mood so I couldn’t do it justice. So here are some headcanons for the bros waking up as the little spoon!



  • Surprised (pleasantly surprised though)
  • How did his tiny ass s/o end up wrapped around him?
  • He definitely wants more of this
  • Probably snuggles his back closer to their chest with a sigh
  • Tempted to skip his training because this is perfect
  • Would probably end up waking them up by turning around and kissing their face
  • It’s cute he can’t help it
  • Smooches everywhere until they’re pushing at his face with squeals of ‘stop it’
  • Wouldn’t mind waking up like this erryday


  • A small smile would spread across the face when he realizes the position
  • Sighs in content
  • Has to hide the blush on his face when Gladio wakes up
  • Makes s/o’s favorite breakfast as a token of appreciation
  • Being the little spoon gave him butterflies, not that anyone would be able to see that
  • He would love to be the little spoon on occasion


  • Actually loves being the little spoon
  • Is super pleased to awaken in this position
  • 10/10 chance he’s blushing
  • Has to bury his face in the pillows to hide his face, and to conceal his giggling
  • Yes, giggling
  • Being the little spoon makes him really giggly
  • Will be 5x more affectionate all day after waking up as the little spoon. (Eskimo kisses, butterfly kisses, hugs,etc)


  • Would probably squeal especially when they pull him in closer
  • 100% a blushing mess
  • Starts giggling when they mutter something sleepily in his ear
  • 10/10 would pull the blanket higher and melt into his s/o’s arms
  • Never wants to leave his new ‘spot’
  • Whines when his s/o wakes up and moves away until they come back
  • Wants to be the little spoon more often after that 
bts reacts; his crush kisses him on the cheek

hey, hey!
second react; woop! woop! [I know, im a dick]
anyway, hope you enjoy this. and thanks for reading!

Rap Mon-
he’d get really giggly and soft, but flirty as hell.
a big smile would spread across his face, and he wouldn’t even try and hide it at all. it was there and he really didn’t care.
his heart would pound a little faster then before, and he’d get embarrassed at first because of the guys teasing but then he soon realised; *I just got kissed on the cheek by y/n, why should I be embarrassed?*

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this little shit would tease you until you wanna cry, saying “oh, you like me don’t you. you like me a lot.” or “why don’t you kiss me on the lips this time.”, and this would turn you cheeks bright red. even though he was right, you just assume he was teasing, but he was being deadly serious.
he really wants you to kiss him on the lips.

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mr. tongue technology would be embarrassed as fuck, the boys knew he liked you and would tease him about it. he’d act like he had “swag” and “didn’t give a shit”, but he really did. inside he was dying, and he had to force himself not to smile as wide as rap mon would.
after a while he’d go in his bedroom though and smile about it for hours, writing songs about how much he loved you.

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jhope would be screaming, after you kissed him he’d do nothing but brag and brag about how you kissed him- obviously when your not there.
he’d be jumping and shouting about how much he loves you and that he wished you loved him back.
he couldn’t hold it in, by the end of his little “outburst” everyone had left the room because they didn’t want a headache from all the yelling.

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god, this little ball of cuteness would be so happy and he would show it. he’d probably hug you tightly, or even kiss you on the cheek back- obviously wanting to kiss you else were.
it’d make him beyond happy that you showed the littlest bit of affection towards him. he’d be a mess from all his giggling and nervous laughing.

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what a smol bean. he’d shut down, he wouldn’t speak, he wouldn’t move. he’d just stand there, as red as a tomato, looking almost paralysed as he was so still.
it’d shock him, he’d never think that you’d kiss him on the cheek. even though you’ve known each other for ages now.
he’d be a little ball fluffiness- but when is he not?

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our little kookie would be jungshook. just, he’d be so shocked and just confused in general. but suddenly, after a few moments, the cocky side of jungkook would come out, he’d tease and pick on you. complimenting you on your awkwardness and cuteness after getting embarrassed because of his teasing.
however, inside would be a complete different story- he be screaming because of excitement, he’d tell himself that there’s a hope for you two and that you could possibly go out at some point.

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nct dream reaction: as your secret admirer

It wasn’t a surprise to them when you pulled a flower from your locker, a small handwritten note attached with a cheesy line that formed a gentle smile on your features. In fact, it was almost everyday that you would open your locker to find a small gift with a heart felt note to accompany. It seemed everywhere you turned there was something waiting for you, something cute and meaningful that left you in a fluffy mess. “Who do you think it is?” You would ask him, only to receive a shrug in response, already knowing the answer. “I don’t know… Do you like it though?”


He wasn’t quite sure why this was the route he decided to take. Though you two were already friends, he wanted a way of showing you that you meant so much more. But with the constant fear of rejection, he did it in a form that was much less obvious. He knew what you liked, and never got the same thing twice; always wanting to shower you in surprises. He knew it was risky, in fact, he was almost sure you might have already caught on.

“You know, this handwriting looks really familiar.”

Despite the vague assumptions you would make, he continued to play dumb. “It looks pretty average to me.” He wasn’t ready to slip up yet, and probably not for a long time. Spending all his pocket money didn’t seem so wasteful when the outcome was seeing your shining smile, even through the small storms of life.

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It was a struggle, every time he stood in the market or the florist, trying to decide on whether he should pull your favorite flower or buy a new kind of treat. You two weren’t friends, just acquaintances. He had already known he liked you before, but he really decided to start pulling the crazy stunt of being a secret admirer after a small project you two had been partnered with in class. At first, he just did it to see your reaction, worried that it might have been too much when he noticed your friends teasing about it. But he came to realize that you actually liked the gifts.

“It was the cutest thing ever. I wonder how they knew my favorite flower?”

Ah yes, this is what spiked his interest in treating you to even more. With the little money he had, he would always buy a small item before school, slipping into your bag or locker along with a note during breaks where you couldn’t catch him. He wasn’t quite ready to admit it was him, even when he got a little upset of you assuming it was someone else. “Maybe it was just a lucky guess.”

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He wasn’t so worried that you wouldn’t like the gifts, or that the notes were too cheesy, or even if he was found out. The only thing he was worried about was if he was going further than he anticipated. He remembered a time where your friends wouldn’t stop teasing you about the gifts, and seeing you get embarrassed and flustered almost made him feel bad. He was glad to know that, despite the fake insults you threw with the pressure from your friends, you genuinely did like the small gestures.

“I don’t know who you are, but this is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done for me.”

He recalled the time you had apologized to no one in particular about the harsh words you had said, not realizing the boy was around to hear it. So instead of backing down in spite of rejection, he just passed off the gifts a bit more secretly, so you wouldn’t have to deal with the silly judgment of your friends (and so he could see the smile you embraced when you were alone).

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He was a nervous wreck every time he thought you were coming close to finding out it was him. Though he teased you to no end about the cute little gestures of this “mysterious person,” it was really just mocking himself in the end. Sometimes he’d fret on what to get you, or that his notes were written too obviously, but in the end it always seemed to make you happy. Sometimes he felt bad though, that he teased you too much about the gifts and notes and how you actually thought they were cute.

“Can’t you be nice for one second? You obviously don’t have the sincerity to do such a thing yourself.”

Funny to think that he actually does, and technically you’re defending him. It was refreshing, because he knew you liked the gifts. It was risky, because he didn’t want you to find out. And it was hard work, mocking himself but also making you feel bad for someone whom you don’t necessarily know. “Geez, sorry. I guess if you’re happy, I am too.”

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One of those ‘it’s-not-stalking-just-admiring-from-afar’ kind of deals. He knew more about you than one may have thought, nothing strange, but just general facts. He’d leave a flower with its meaning and why he chose it, or a snack with a cheesy pick-up line to bring up your spirit. He knew when you were sad, when you were happy, and what to do on those specific occasions. At first he didn’t think it would work, trying to make you a little happier during a rough time by sending gifts, but it seemed to help a bunch.. even if it was just a note with a piece of loving encouragement.

“Maybe it’s not so bad when you have someone looking out for you every step of the way.”

Some people found it weird that you had someone watching your back, but you couldn’t care less, and he loved that. Seeing you ignore the comments you’d receive about his actions, and just generally appreciating them, is what kept them coming. “I’ll always be here for you, don’t worry about a thing.” Maybe someday he would be with you physically as well, just maybe.

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For a loud mouth, he was pretty good at keeping his small gestures hidden. Though there were times where he was little too loud when you’d find the little gifts and notes in your bag or on your desk, in which he ended up running away before you could see who it was that was squealing in the distance. Because of his young age, he didn’t really have the pocket money to buy you much, so gifts were always extra special and the notes were filled with silly jokes and rambling nonsense. Yet at the end of the day, you couldn’t ask for anything better.

“These notes never really make a lot of sense, but they’re still cute. You’re just mad you don’t have any.”

He knew your friends liked to tease you about the occurrences, and he was initially going to give up… but after seeing you defend his actions, he was even more motivated. “I could write a whole essay of nonsense, and they’d still love it?” His assumptions may have been a little far off, but he was ready to walk to the edge of the world for your appreciation.

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This kid is quite awkward, so actually approaching you was out of the question. In fact, he went as far as to force his friends to pass on the gifts, even if it was just setting things on your desk or slipping things into your locker. He was not willing to risk being caught. His gifts were usually handmade, occasionally a snack or plush doll was slipped into the mix, but he didn’t have much money. At first, he thought it was dumb to make crafts instead of buying a gift, but after seeing your cute reaction to them, he became less insecure about the habit.

“All this time and effort put into making something just for me? Awe man, how am I even worth it?”

Despite knowing your adoration to his actions, he was kind of upset watching you find them, knowing that you didn’t know who it was. “You’re worth more to me than you think.” From then on, maybe being caught wasn’t such a bad idea, if it meant you’d probably adore him as much as you adore his gestures. 

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Cute Moments // Jay Park

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Pairing: Jay x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: You do aegyo for the first time for Jay and he completely loses his mind over how adorable you are - requested by @13my-imaginary-world13

A/N: I lowkey live for fluffy Jay Park OH MY GOD

Sleeping over at Jay’s house had since become a regular occurrence since you had both started officially dating after many months of keeping things on the down-low for the sake of both of your careers. But now that everything was out in the open, you could come and go as little or a much as you liked – however you always chose the latter. No matter how busy you both got, Jay knew he could always rely on you already being in his bed late at night for him to crawl in beside so he could wrap his arms around you, snuggling up to and falling asleep with you.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon. Both you and Jay had decided against going out together and doing something fun in the city and instead opted for a duvet day underneath a tonne of blankets on his plush sofa, right in front of his huge T.V as you both watched random shows on Netflix – mostly Jay picking out lame chick flicks for you both to watch and poke fun at.

After the third round of popcorn and gummy bears had been devoured, and the next cheesy rom-com being chosen by your lovely boyfriend, you nestled yourself in between his legs – resting your back against his firm chest as his arms tightly encased you while he gave you small, chaste kisses along your neckline.

“Jaaaaaay~ Stoooooop” you whined cutely, trying to pay attention to the movie before you felt Jay pout his lips against your nape in distaste behind you. You let a small chuckle pass your lips as you could feel his playful annoyance radiate from his body, turning yourself around to face him, straddling him as you did so.

“You’re so mean baby~ you won’t even let me give you my little kisses” he tiled his head as he continued to pout – talking in a cute baby type voice that made you giggle to no end.

“Oh my god, if only Simon and Gray could see you now~ I love that you only really do aegyo for me though” you nuzzled your nose against his, adoring the cute, boyish smile that took place on his soft, attractive features as he raised his hands, pressing them flush against your cheeks and squeezing them together.

“Yeah, but you’ve never even done aegyo for me once…not even before we started dating” he scoffed, moving your cheeks in all directions despite your protests for him to desist.

“Buh – I thot you din reary rike aegyo” you attempted to utter while he continued to puff your cheeks up, completely dying of laughter and gasping for air at the sounds that were coming out of your mouth and the look of your cheeks all squished together.

“Sorry baby – I can’t hear a word you’re saying , you’ll have to speak louder!” he almost doubled over, feeling tears of laughter beginning to fall from his eyes at how funny and adorable you looked, taking his hands away from your face to finally let you speak.

You cleared your throat as you shot him daggers “I SAID – I thought you didn’t really like aegyo…I didn’t know you wanted to see me do it for you?” you poked him in the middle of his chest before he caught you by your index finger and sticking it in his mouth and playfully biting on it – making you squeal and giggle in delight at how goofy he was acting in that moment.

“I don’t really…but I’m not gonna deny that I’ve thought about how fucking cute you would look and sound doing aegyo…calling me oppa and asking me to give you a kiss goodnight~” he bit his lip slightly before trying to hide his embarrassed smile – all the while you widened your eyes. “My boyfriend, big scary tattooed rapper guy…is being all soft and completely losing his shit over aegyo….” you internally died as he looked at you with his puppy dog eyes that he knew could get you to do absolutely anything for him – and he was so right.

You rolled your own eyes back at him “You want me to ask you for a kiss goodnight?” you whined before he nodded quickly, bouncing you up and down on his knees as he impatiently waited for you to grant his wish.

You sighed, putting your hands up to your cheeks and cupping them as you looked into his eyes, wiggling your butt before you said “Oppa…can you give me a kiss goodnight? I can’t sleep without it” as you pursed your lips together and watched nothing less than complete glee spread across your boyfriends stupid face.

“AHHHHHHH!” he squealed, shoving his face into the crook of your neck as both of his cheeks burned a bright, ruby red. You burst out laughing, not being able to deny how much you loved to see him become so rosy cheeked and shy, thanks to you. You pulled his head back, ruffling his bed-head hair, now taking your opportunity to grab his cheeks with both of your hands and squishing his face together.

“Man, I wish I could have recorded that…you shoulda seen your face!”

“Do it again and I might consider letting you” he chuckled, smiling at you before he kissed you softly, pulling you further up his lap. You could feel him smiling through the kiss – making you smile uncontrollably in turn as you leaned back, giving him one final kiss on his forehead before turning around to face the T.V again, enjoying the precious free time you had to spend with your boyfriend for the rest of the day.

sixth year jily
  • james knowing that he went too far and trying to stay low profile
  • lily being mad at james but not really because deep down she knows that it wasnt exactly his fault
  • lily starting to hang with the marauders more just to piss off snivellus
  • james secretly being so glad that she does hang out with them
  • lily laughing her ass off at their jokes and pranks
  • lily starting to plan some pranks with them
  • james slowly falling more in love with her
  • but james being respectful and caring too much about her to ruin their friendship
  • peter, sirius and remus seeing right through him
  • peter, sirius and remus teasing him and lily being absolutely oblivious
  • lily having growing feelings for james
  • marlene calling lily out on her feelings and lily denying
  • lily staring at james when he speaks with his hands and laughs a little too loud at dinner
  • lily thinking about james when she’s studying in the library
  • lily frantically realizing that she does have feelings for james
  • james being oblivious as well
  • james being absolutely ridiculous always but trying to look super cool (old habits die hard)
  • peter, sirius and remus teasing the BOTH of them because they are so damn obvious
  • but lily and james staying oblivous still
  • lily and james pining for each other
  • james not being able to focus in class because of lily
  • lily cheering a little more than usual at quidditch matches
  • and blusing when james smiles when they won and runs a hand though his hair
  • maybe some cute dates they dont know is dates? basically remus sirus and peter ditching them last minute for a hogsmeade’s trip
  • james and lily having so much fun just the two of them and ending it by staring at each other’s eyes for ten minutes before lily clears her throat and awkwardly says bye
  • after gryffindor wins the cup, party in the common room and james and lily are slightly drunk and they almost kiss but they’re interrupted by a way more drunk sirius and the moment is ruined and they’re too shy to talk about it after
  • james and lily starting to sit next to each other in every class because they have so much to tell each other
  • james and lily having silent conversations at the gryffindor table when their friends start to be ridiculous
  • james and lily studying together in the library and in the park
  • james and lily simply enjoying each other’s presence next to them
  • lily stealing james’ clothes for the weekends
  • james resting his head on her stomach when they hang out near the lake
  • basically sixth year jily is good friends slowly falling for each other and being totally oblivious about it and i love it

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Here it comes: "“Bite me.” with Ladrien pretty please =3=

“Bite me,” Ladybug grumbled to herself, tossing the tabloid to the side. She glanced back at the park on the other side of the low wall and sighed.

“Ladybug?” Adrien looked up at her from the street below. The soft blue scarf she had made him was wrapped around his neck and his cheeks were pink from the cold. “What are you doing up there?”

“Adrien,” she smiled, dropping down. “What are you doing here?”

“I think I asked you first,” he winked, sticking his hands in his pockets for warmth. “It’s freezing out.”

As if his comment made the temperature real, Ladybug shivered, rubbing her arms. “I guess it is,” she laughed softly. “I hadn’t really noticed before.”

He tilted his head, studying her. “Is everything okay?”

Her eyes tracked back up the wall. She could see the edges of the tabloid newspaper she had left there fluttering in the soft breeze. “It’s nothing really.”

Adrien followed her gaze. “More dumb stuff in those fake newspapers?”

Her shoulders slumped slightly. “They seem real enough.”

He smiled softly and put a tentative hand on her shoulder. “Paris is lucky to have you and no amount of libelous journalism is going to change that.”

“I just feel like I’ve been messing up a lot lately, you know? And yeah, the Cure fixes everything at the end, but they aren’t wrong when they say I’ve gotten sloppy.” Her skin felt warm under his hand even through the magic material of her suit. She had to stop herself from rubbing her cheek against it. “I think I’ve just had a lot on my plate lately and I’m getting too distracted.”

Adrien frowned, dropping his hand. “Doesn’t Chat Noir help you?”

“Of course he does,” she answered quickly, trying not to mourn the loss of contact. “Jumping bugs, without Chat, I wouldn’t be able to do any of it.”

Adrien flushed and ducked his head. “You, uh, you never told me why you’re out on such a cold night.”

“Oh.” Ladybug glanced back up at the wall with an embarrassed expression. “I came out to brood?”

He chuckled. “Sorry I interrupted.”

“I’m not. Seriously, I really appreciate you talking to me. It’s helped,” she beamed, knowing her smile was a little too wide but unable to help herself. He looked way too cute in the scarf.

He ducked his head again with a shy smile. “I’m glad.”

“And why are you out so late?”

“It’s really not that late.”

She looked up at the night sky. “I guess not. It’s just been getting dark so much earlier.”

“A shoot ended early and I slipped out for a little time to myself,” he admitted. “I should probably start heading back though.” He bit his lip and then unwound the scarf from around his neck. “Why don’t you wear this the rest of the night? I don’t like the thought of you being out much longer without something warm.”

Ladybug took the scarf reverently and held it out in front of herself for a moment. “I don’t know if I can–”

Adrien held up a hand. “I’d be honored. That’s my favorite scarf,” he smiled. “And now we’ll have a reason to see each other again.”

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Kiss, Kiss, Fall in Love!~

Hey everyone! Here’s an FFXV headcanon requested by the wonderful @itshaejinju. If the title weren’t indication enough…

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Welcome to the XV Host Club!

“Headcanon request: what if the cast of ff15 were to be a host club like they meet the cast of Ouran Host Club? Who would like who and what position would they play? Hmm!”

Tagging the lovely crowd: @themissimmortal @ohgodsnowwhat @stunninglyignis @blindbae @insomniacapples @chocobro-hijinks @crown-city-moogle @chocobabyporcelain plus @bespectacled-girl @stephicness @misaki-kurenai @rubyphilomela @femmescientia @alicemoonwonderland since I saw you liked my previous headcanons ^^ (for some reason I can’t tag misssarahdoll or mistressoli…)


*I was only able to do this for most of the main men of FFXV (I say most because I’m not entirely comfortable writing Ardyn). I’m really sorry if you also wanted to see the girls! Depending on the reception of this headcanon, maybe I’ll make a separate HC for the girls. :3

*The division is as follows: Host Type, Maybe You’re My Love? (aka who they are most likely to become friends with) and Kiss, Kiss, Stay Away? (aka who they almost certainly dislike/are freaked out by/who they bully, in Gladio’s case)

*There’s a little bonus content at the end for each character, a little more insight into the crossover, if you will.


Noctis Lucis Caelum

- Host Type: He tried to pull off the Princely Type, and it didn’t quite work out. The others thought that maybe the Cool Type or Bad Boy persona would suit him better, and so he tested them out for a while. The guests, while they enjoyed these kinds of Noctis, admitted that they truly fell in love with the lovable dork behind his sulky and edgy facade. Since then, he has been dubbed the Natural Type.

- On days that he’s feeling particularly mischevious, the Chosen King pairs up with Prompto to do the Little Devil act. The two can play either top or bottom, but Noctis mostly dominates. On many an occasion, Gladio will tease him and pull off a Honey and Mori-type of act for the guests. This usually ends with one red-faced brunette and the other in the clinic trying to recover from laughing so much.

- Maybe You’re My Love?

a) Haruhi: Noct likes her blunt honesty, plus the fact that she’s pretty chill despite being around the other Hosts practically 24/7. She, on the other hand, likes the fact that he’s so down-to earth despite being literal royalty (unlike a couple of rich bastards she knows). Noctis enjoys hearing her stories about commoner life, while Haruhi enjoys his stories about the group’s travels around Lucis.

b) Hikaru and Kaoru: Noct gets along with them like a house on fire. He helps them with their pranks against Tamaki…provided they also affect the other chocobros in some way as well (except for Ignis…the twins barely escaped with their lives the first, and last, time they tried!). They’re also video game buddies, Noctis introducing them to King’s Knight while they tell him about all the latest games on the market. He gets along with Kaoru better though, getting into arguments with the mutually hot-headed Hikaru plenty of times.

c) Mori: Whenever Noct is looking for some peace and quiet, the Wild Type Host is his go-to. Mori’s calm and solid presence is quite comforting to the Prince. Once he finds out about Piyo and Pome (the chicken and tanuki from the manga), he becomes their co-caretaker alongside Prompto.

- Kiss, Kiss, Stay Away?

(a) Kyoya: To be honest, the Ootori boy unnerves Noctis a lot. The kind yet chilly smile, the crazy sense of cunning…it was like meeting a money-making verson of Ardyn, for Astrals sake! Eventually seeing the Shadow King’s caring side when it comes to the other Hosts makes Noct less wary of Kyoya. Still, he never interacts with the Cool Type unless absolutely necessary.

(b) Honey: Noctis doesn’t hate Honey, definitely not. However, the young Haninozuka heir completely baffles him. How is he so tiny when he’s actually the eldest and strongest of the Hosts? What sort of stomach does he possess to be able to eat that much cake in one day? Oh-kay, he actually has a sadistic side to him…is he insane or something? Most importantly, what the hell is up with that rabbit?! Noctis only approaches Honey when armed with caution, fascination and cake.

Bonus Content!: The twins tried playing a prank on Noctis once for shits and giggles. His reaction was priceless! The Hitachiins were laughing their asses off…until Noctis almost summoned Ramuh. The clincher? It just so happened that the club’s theme for that day was based on Free! (Renge’s idea), complete with poolside hosting.

Needless to say, they never pranked him again.


Prompto Argentum

- Host Type: The resident sunshine boy can actually play one of two types, depending on his customer set for the day. His usual clientele consists of girls his age or older women. With the former, he plays the part of the Boy Next Door: the sweet and wonderful one-who-got-away kind of person. If dealing with the older crowd, the Little Brother Type works out best for him. The mesdames fall at his feet with this, showering him with gifts and affection. Hell, even a couple of them offered to be his Sugar Mama! (He politely refused these offers, though.)

- On days that he’s feeling particularly mischevious, the gunslinger pairs up with Noctis to do the Little Devil act. The two can play either top or bottom, but Prompto mostly goes along with the scenarios Noct chooses.

- Maybe You’re My Love?

a) Tamaki: Like definitely attracts like! Tamaki is all over Prompto, mainly because of (1) the latter’s sunny and talkative disposition and (2) the fact that Prom is a commoner. The Host King pretty much assaults our beloved chocobutt with so many questions about his life as one of the masses, being careful to avoid testy topics though such as Prompto’s childhood and his parents. The two dog lovers also bond over stories of Antoinette and Pryna, Tamaki letting Prompto come over to Suoh Mansion #2 to meet Antoinette at some point.

b) Honey: These two are practically inseparable. Sweets, cute things…these two could talk for hours on end! Admittedly, when Prompto first saw Honey fight, he got a little freaked out. That lasted for all of two seconds, though. He soon after begged the Haninozuka heir to teach him how to fight like that so that he could better protect his friends on the battlefield.

c) Mori: The Morinozuka heir pretty much views Prompto as another Honey, so he’s very protective of him. The blond never fails to put a smile on the normally stoic teen’s face, especially when talking about animals he’s seen on their travels. Mori has an album given to him by Prompto, filled with snapshots of all the fauna in Lucis (mostly chocobos, though!). Once he finds out about Piyo and Pome, he becomes their co-caretaker alongside Noctis.

- Kiss, Kiss, Stay Away?

a) Hikaru and Kaoru: Prompto gets along just fine with the Hitachiin twins. Hell, he even documents all of the results of their pranks (especially if he had a hand in them)!  The problem? He doesn’t like the fact that he’s normally the target of their pranks out of all the chocobros. 

b) Kyoya: The Shadow King unnerves Prompto, for similar reasons as Noctis. But what especially scares him is Kyoya’s ability to gather information (plus that impressive police force…). Of course, the Ootori boy knows of Prompto’s past, plus all the implications of the barcode on his wrist. However, since this doesn’t affect him or the other Hosts in the slightest, Kyoya agrees to keep the gunner’s secret for him. Despite this, Prompto pretty much avoids Kyoya altogether.

Bonus Content!: Haruhi is a little put off by Prompto’s exuberance. It just reminds her a little too much of Tamaki, y’know? However, she also deeply admires his sincerity and strength of character, as it reminds her of herself. Haruhi, when not busy, takes up Prompto’s offers to browse his photo collection, paying close attention to his stories.


Gladiolus Amicitia

- Host Type: Like Prompto, his persona depends on his clients for the day (and trust me, this man gets a lot of kinds of people). His default type, however, is surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on your point of view) the Princely Type. His looks, natural charm, and silver tongue make him perfect for the role of a rugged prince. Younger clients are treated to a slightly different experience, the Big Brother persona coming into play. He still treats them as royalty, thought there is an underlying sense of familial affection stemming from the fact that he has a younger sister. For guests who are into roleplay, he becomes their Knight in Shining Armor, a more chivalrous version of his normal Shield tendencies.

-  On many an occasion, Gladio will tease Noctis and pull off a Honey and Mori-type of act for the guests. This usually ends with Gladio in the clinic with a stomachache from laughing so hard and so much.

- Maybe You’re My Love?

a) Haruhi: Of course he has a soft spot for the Host Club’s secret princess! Haruhi reminds him a lot of Iris, so he tends to dote on her like a mother hen. The Natural Type appreciates his company, he being able to help her keep focused on her studies either by personally tutoring her or by scaring Tamaki and the Hitachiins away.

b) Kyoya: Gladio is mostly unfazed by Kyoya’s attitude and methods. While he can seem a little bit shady about it, the Cool Type’s resourcefulness is something that the Shield admires. He and Kyoya frequently discuss books in their spare time, especially since the latter is also quite fond of historical literature. Another hobby the two share is people-watching, usually making a little contest of how accurately they can guess at a person’s background with just a quick glance.

c) Honey (and by extension, Mori): The cousins are wonderful sparring partners for Gladio, especially Honey! For a shrimp, the Haninozuka heir sure can strike hard and fast. He takes to training physically and mentally with the two every day after hosting, Yasuchika and Satoshi even calling Gladio “Big Brother”.

- Kiss, Kiss, Go Away?

a) Tamaki: It’s not that he hates the Host King. Gladio is actually downright amused by Tamaki’s antics, especially whenever he goes to his Corner of Despair. He just isn’t a fan of the fact that he’s so flippant all the damn time, plus the fact that he keeps disturbing Haruhi. Tamaki is someone Gladio takes great pleasure in intimidating and messing around with.

b) Hikaru and Kaoru: To be honest, he mostly gets along with the Hitachiins. The twins love hearing Gladio’s stories about the other bros, especially the embarrassing ones from childhood regarding Noctis and Ignis. They also love his stories of travel, being big on travelling themselves. Their pranking though…is another story altogether. While Gladio can appreciate a good prank, he hates being the target of one. He embarrasses the hell out of the twins if they try to prank him, or at the very least, puts them in headlocks until they cry ‘uncle’ and apologize.

Bonus Content!: Chika idolizes both Gladio’s physical strength and strength of will, especially after he heard about the Fall of Insomnia from the large man. Gladio helps Chika, on the other hand, realize that there are many forms of strength, similarly to how Tamaki helped out Honey.


Ignis Stupeo Scientia

- Host Type: Given the fact that he has had to deal with many different types of people over the years as part of his training to be Royal Adviser, Ignis is the most flexible out of everyone. Give him any persona, he can and will play that part to perfection (just don’t try giving him Boy Lolita again; that was just hella awkward for the others). His default host type, however, is the Cool Type. From his confidence to his graceful movements…Holy Astrals, for someone whose name means “Fire”, Ignis is cooler than even Shiva. Like Gladio, he gets guests who are into roleplay as well. His most highly requested roles are those of Teacher, Smooth Criminal, and Butler.

- Maybe You’re My Love?

a) Haruhi: She and Specs are practically attached at the hip. Haruhi is a fan of the man’s overall countenance and personality. She does her best to emulate him, becoming a more responsible person in the process. Ignis, on the other hand, really admires the Natural Type’s quiet determination (plus the fact that she seems to have the most common sense of the group). Of course the two bond over cooking, exchanging new recipehs recipes every time they meet.

b) Kyoya: Apart from being the Cool Types (and Team Moms) of their respective groups, Ignis and Kyoya get along quite well because of their smarts, establishing a friendly rivalry of sorts. The strategist is impressed with the fact that a high schooler can go toe to toe with him in a battle of wits, even besting him at times. Kyoya, on the other hand, treats Ignis as a teacher of sorts, eager to learn any and all tricks he can in order to further give him an advantage in becoming head of the Ootori group.

c) Mori: In a room mostly full of noisy idiots brats people, Mori is Iggy’s shelter from the storm, if you will. Whenever he needs a break from taking care of the other bros or helping Kyoya get the other Hosts under control, he turns to the young Morinozuka for company. The two have deep conversations about many things, mostly about their concerns regarding their friends.

- Kiss, Kiss, Go Away?

a) Tamaki: The Host King is somewhat scared of Ignis at first, even screaming that there were two Kyoyas in the room before bolting. When he eventually calmed down, he tried to become friends with him the same way he did with Kyoya. Ignis tolerates Tamaki’s shenanigans for the most part, but when things get too crazy for his tastes…a glint of the knife, and the Princely Type runs for the hills.

b) Hikaru and Kaoru: The Hitachiins treat him with a fearful sort of respect, knowing full well not to mess around with Ignis even on a good day (the were mentally scarred from the first and last time they tried to prank him). They are also annoyed and in awe of how, whenever Specs gets wind of one of their pranks, he’s able to put in perfect countermeasures. They end up bugging him about this for a while, much to Iggy’s annoyance. All Ignis had to do for them to leave him alone is glare over the rim of his glasses, the gesture sending them to the other side of the room.

Bonus Content!: Like with Noctis, Ignis is simply baffled with Honey’s entire nature and being. He hides it better though. He, for the most part, is content with not finding the answers to the questions he has regarding Honey. The only thing that both scares and amuses him about the young Haninozuka is his insatiable appetite for sweets. He was once asked by Honey to prepare the cakes for the latter’s nightly cake fest with Usa-chan…

…Ignis never wanted to do that again.


Cor Leonis

- Host Type: Cor is the one who manages the XV Host Club, making sure that the others don’t get into any trouble with the customers. Occasionally, however, he receives a request himself. He is definitely the Strong and Silent Type during these rare moments, the ladies constantly making bets on who would break open the Marshal’s professional exterior. Even rarer are requests for roleplay. These occasions he typically decides to grace with his Military Superior persona, punishing any and all of his ‘bad subordinates’.

- Maybe You’re My Love?

a) Kyoya: The two get along well as fellow handlers of their respective groups, usually meeting up to exchange ideas on how to increase guest count and the like. He admires Kyoya’s business sense, which is so developed at such a young age. The Ootori boy, on the other hand, admires Cor’s management skills with regards to keeping the men of XV in line.

b) Mori: While Cor is currently doing this gig at the whims of the Prince and his friends, his first priority will always be as Marshal of the Crownsguard. Whenever Gladio and the others are busy, he usually asks Mori to be his sparring partner, not wanting his skills with the blade to rust even for a second. The Wild Type deeply respects the Immortal, and ends up becoming his disciple in the course of their training.

c) Honey: Cor first heard of Honey through his military reports, that particular compilation containing the subject “Biggest Threats to National Security”. Disbelieving at first, he proceeded to challenge the young Haninozuka to a duel, only for him to lose…badly, much to his embarrassment. Since then, he’s been training in Honey’s family dojo apart from his normal sword practice bouts with Mori, trying to absorb all he could in order to further help him take down the Nif threat in Lucis.

- Kiss, Kiss, Go Away?

a) Hikaru and Kaoru: Cor admires the sense of cunning that the twins share, plus the strength of their bond in order to be able to communicate without words. What irks him is the way they’re utilizing that strength, channeling their energy into pranks and tricks. He constantly reprimands the two for their actions, Kaoru slightly less than Hikaru.

b) Tamaki: The Immortal is sympathetic of Tamaki’s situation, and respects the strength of Tamaki’s heart and mind. The thing that ticks him off about the Host King is the same thing that Ignis is pissed about: the teen’s flamboyant nature. While he recognizes it as a possible coping mechanism, Cor wishes that Tamaki could’ve picked a more practical and productive way to go about it.

Bonus Content!: Cor and Kasanoda met one day when the latter came to visit Haruhi. The two immediately engaged in a staring match, lasting quite a long time before being interrupted by the Natural Type. Since then, whenever the two lock eyes, they give each other a little smile and a nod out of respect for the other’s sheer strength of will.


Ravus Nox Fleuret

- Host Type: Ravus projects himself as a no-nonsense, cold and uncaring person, only showing care to those he truly loves and cares about. He is the other Cool Type of the XV Host Club, seemingly the toughest shell to crack among all the hosts. However, for those customers who took the time to patiently get him to come out of his shell, he is known as the Secret Prince. He is very tender with those guests, taking care to truly make them feel like they were his entire world.

- Maybe You’re My Love?

a) Haruhi: Much like with Gladio seeing Iris in the Natural Type, Ravus sees Lunafreya in Haruhi. He is strict yet kind with her, making sure that she doesn’t overexert herself like Luna tends to do. Sometimes, he’ll even forcibly snatch away her materials or ask Kyoya if he (Ravus) can do her share of the work instead, even resorting to making bargains with the Shadow King just so Haruhi can relax even for a little while.

b) Kyoya: Their constant interaction because of Haruhi has caused the two to become quite close. They are each other’s most trusted confidant, Kyoya with his doubts at being able to become the head of the Ootori group and Ravus with his uncertainties for the future of the world (and more importantly, of his sister and of Noctis). They perfectly understand each other, knowing the importance of behaving like the bad guy sometimes to truly protect the ones they love.

c) Honey: Surprisingly, Ravus didn’t want to hit this small ball of bunny-related cuteness, as is his normal response to that kind of person. He was, in fact, drawn into Honey’s pace the moment they met, much like how Kyoya was with Tamaki. Ravus comes over to Honey’s house quite often, the only other person able to attend Honey’s cake parties with Usa-chan.

- Kiss, Kiss, Go Away?

a) Tamaki: The reason for his dislike of the Host King is simple: He reminds him too much of Loqi. The young general is quite the flamboyant man himself, pissing him off during their rare conversations with long-winded speeches on how much he hates Cor, and what he wanted to do to him. Tamaki’s monologues on beauty and the like are a painful reminder of that, one which he wishes to shut down as soon as possible.

b) Hikaru: Ravus could tell the two apart from the minute he saw them, and immediately distinguished that Hikaru would be more trouble for him than Kaoru could ever be. The two go out of their way to snipe at each other whenever the guests are gone, Ravus calling the younger man out on his immature behavior and Hikaru telling the High Commander where he can go and stick his complaints.

Bonus Content!: There are times where Ravus iss a little less annoyed with Tamaki: when the students of Ouran are allowed to bring their pets to school. Ravus instantly fell in love with Antoinette, calling over Umbra and Pryna for them to have a little playdate of sorts. The day was filled with talk about dogs, their care, etc.

The next day, Ravus tripped Tamaki as the teen was about to give another speech on the importance of looking good.


Nyx Ulric

- Host Type: Nyx is definitely the Wild Type in every literal sense of the word. The man’s confident and debonair aura practically scream of a tantalizing type of danger, one that you would glad to find yourself being in. He charms the pants off of his clients, most of them thrill-seekers like he is. Roleplay requests have him either as the Roguish Hero or the Smooth Criminal like Ignis.

- Maybe You’re My Love?

a) Hikaru and Kaoru: The two troublemakers make an instant connection with the Glaive, a mutual love of adventure and mischief permanently binding them together. The three go on epic prank sprees, prompting everyone in the vicinity to run for their lives. Hikaru and Kaoru love hearing about Nyx’s missions outside of Insomnia, especially those which involved direct battle with the Nifs.

b) Tamaki: Nyx’s natural charisma initially causes Tamaki to become a bit defensive of his popularity and position, causing the two to have a little hosting competition of sorts to see who the ultimate charmer really was. The pair came to a draw, and have been close ever since. Tamaki loves hearing stories about Nyx’s espionage and rescue missions, and greatly admires his sense of loyalty to his King and to the people of Insomnia. The Princely Type’s selfless nature, on the other hand, resonates deeply with Nyx.

c) Haruhi: When Nyx first met the Natural Type, he was immediately filled with the desire to protect and care for her the way he wanted to do so for his sister if she hadn’t passed away. Together with Gladio and Ravus, they form the Haruhi Protection Squad: their goal being to help her out with anything they can do within their power. Haruhi is grateful for his help, though initially put off by his arrogance.

- Kiss, Kiss, Go Away?

Actually, just one person:

Kyoya: He is very distrustful of the young Ootori, going so far as to call his methods “shady” to the young man’s face and comparing him to Luche. Another thing that pisses the Glaive off about Kyoya is his uncanny ability to gather information and use it as power to do with as he damn pleases. The Ootori boy takes it all in stride though, sniping back only as needed since he is aware of the reason for Nyx’s wariness. 

Bonus Content!: Nyx heard about the Marshal’s defeat at the hands of Honey, and proceeded to challenge him himself, even going so far as to say that the young Morinozuka could also join in on the battle and that he could take both of them at once. The battle was surprisingly even, Nyx winning by only a hair because it was time for Honey to eat his mid-afternoon snack.

He conveniently leaves that part out though, when telling the others of the battle.

Thanks for reading this! Hope you enjoyed it :3

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Can I have RFA+V+Saeran with a tomboy and nerdy MC? Thank you!


I know this took AGES and I’m so sorry. I hope I can make up for it with the quality??? (probably not)

- when he finds out, he’s extremely excited
- you can play video games together!
- he’s lowkey sad because he thought it would be romantic for him to teach you how to play them
- it really helps your relationship because the fact that you’re both really nerdy allows you to share a lot of pleasant and interesting conversations
- concerning your appearance and your style he doesn’t mind it at all
- on the other hand, he finds you really cool and he respects you a lot
- it does bother him a bit though that you seem a lot tougher than him
- you might look and act more manly than him, but don’t you dare say it
- he will either explode or murder you

- not what he was expecting you to be like but
- you’re his MC, you are beautiful to him no matter what
- and when you start talking about the last tv series you watched and the last game you completed he melts
- he finds your passionate side so cute
- he’s not very good with technology, though
- which gives you an excuse to spend time with him and teach him everything you know about computers
- it’s quite frustrating since he can’t even turn on a laptop, but he lets out those little embarrassed giggles when he does something wrong and how can you resist him
- he LoVES IT when you wear his clothes
- so he leaves his shirts and sweaters around the house on purpose so that you can find them and try them on
- and you gladly do so, knowing that you wearing his clothes is a hUUUUge turn on for him

- she finds you very unique and has no problem with you whatsoever
- and she enjoys the fact that you two are so different
- occasionally when you two have some free time together you love dressing each other up
- she will take her prettiest dresses, skirts and blouses and force you to try them on
- and then she’ll tell you how gorgeous you look and maybe convince you to use one of her dresses to go on a date
- only once though
- and then it’s her turn
- she’s so used to wearing her uniform that wearing comfortable and casual clothes is very strange to her
- but she looks adorable and you also do her hair to make it look more messy
- looks like a completely different person
- in this case you’re the one giving her your sweaters
- and she secretly loves wearing them while working
- it comforts her and it’s a piece of you she can keep while you’re apart
- and she looks extremely cute in them

- poor Jaehee
- as soon as he finds out about your passion for videogames and nerdy stuff he asks her to do research for him
- he is very interested in your passions and he wants to look cool to you
- so he secretly spends hours reading Jaehee’s reports and
- that’s love bitch
- he finds your appearance intriguing as well
- since the women he interacts with on a daily basis are all formally dressed, elegant and serious looking, the sight of you is refreshing
- he especially likes your boyish attitude and thinks it’s extremely cute
- I mean he’s bi anyway so even if you were a boy he wouldn’t care
-sometimes he will even play videogames with you
- but I’ll leave that for other headcanons because I love this concept

- hell yeah
- for some reason he takes it as some sort of challenge
- he uses every occasion he can get to confront you
- “I dare you to beat me at LOLOL three times in a row”
- ”I bet you can’t name 10 episodes of this show”
- it’s all in good spirit though
- he LOOOOVES acting girly around you to jokingly mock you
- he’s really good at it too
- and sometimes he will just sit on your lap wearing one of his wigs and wait for you to push him off
- or steal some of your hair products and clothes and replace them with makeup and dresses
- not that he doesn’t like you without makeup or acting masculine
- he just loves seeing your little blushy face when you give in and decide to try on the clothes he provided you and show them to him

- he doesn’t care about looks at all
- so when he sees you for the first time he doesn’t even think “oh this is weird”&#157; or “not what I was expecting”
- and you’re also a little nerd!
- when you let him know, he just smiles gently
- just like the others, he’s very supportive of your interests and passions
- he even asks you to teach him how to play video games and educate him on certain comics and shows
- in return, though, he wants to teach you how to paint and take pretty and meaningful pictures
- he’ll end up only taking shots of you but he tried
- loves your short hair
- it’s so nice to comb his fingers through it and feel how soft it is
- or to ruffle it when you do something cute
- boy is in love

- he’s so thankful to you every day because you accepted him and stood by his side
- he couldn’t care less about anything else
- but he adores your style
- it’s kinda similar to his
- and you share a passion for computers
- he teaches you some of the things he’s learned at mint eye
- like Jaehee, he loves wearing your sweaters
- again, I’ll go deeper with this in another set of headcanons because it’s the cutest thing
- he feels so tiny and fragile in your presence
- and since he finds your appearance is rather intimidating to him he is so afraid of letting you down or not meeting his expectations
- I mean when he’s not hacking he’s just a little insecure boy who loves ice cream
- but you make sure to remind him every day that he is important and that you’re not going to leave him
- and give him your sweater
- it works every time

Seventeen watching you play with a puppy // reaction

So you’re at the company building with an svt member when all of a sudden, a cute little puppy comes waddling across practice room to you. Who wouldn’t be soft watching you (their crush) play with a lil pup? :,,,,)

request reactions and scenarios on my page if you’d like :)


Okay but have yall seen this guy with dogs? THEY ALL JUST LOVE HIM AND HE LOVES THEM BACK, LIKE HOW BEAUTIFUL dsfkasfjdshkj. But if a dog were to choose to snuggle with you over him, he’d probably be all like “damn that’s new” and watch you for a few moments as you caress the little guy. He’d soon join in on the fun and ask if he could hold the puppy too.

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I wouldn’t be surprised to find Jeonghan a little jealous of all the affection you’re giving the dog. So after he’s had enough of you hugging the puppy, he’d probably say something like “hey, I still exist you know.”

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I don’t think Josh would mind you spending a whole lot of time playing with a random puppy but he’d definitely find the way you cuddle with the dog really really really cute. If anything, he’d sit down next to you as you play with the puppy and maybe pet it a few times. extra cuddle points if the name of the dog is pikachu

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If you’re spending too much time on the puppy, you can expect Junhui to say something along the lines of “Look, I know this dog is cute and all, and it definitely deserves a lot of love and affection, but you know who eLSe needs love and affection? ;)” enough said.

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He’d probably squeal at the sight of the dog and join you in playing with it, but when he realizes you’re spending waaay too much time and affection on the dog, he’ll start pouting and asking you to spend time with just him. If you refuse to let go of the dog enough times, you can sure as hell bet he’s gonna sNATCH THE FREAKING DOG AND RUN AWAY WITH IT until you get tired. He’ll only give up then lmao.

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Okay out of all of svt, I think Wonwoo would be the least interested in dogs, BUT as the charming intellectual he is, he would probably share some random dog facts with you as you pet the puppy. i love me a nerdy guy, someone get me a wonwoo. I’m pretty sure he’d pay attention to you more than the dog when you’re showing affection to it ;)

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You’re just about to hang out with Jihoon at his studio, but a puppy shows up along the way and you go nUtS while Jihoon’s all like “oh cool, a dog???” While you’re holding the puppy, he would probably talk to it with cute little phrases like “hey, where did you come from, little guy?” I’M SOFT. After hanging out with the puppy for awhile, you’d probably beg Jihoon to let you bring the cute fluffball along, but he would refuse, saying you don’t even know who it belongs to. But if you charm him well enough with a cute pout and beg him some more (with justification ofc), he might just give in. He’ll even carry the puppy to the studio himself !! jskdafdhfgadjh my sOul.

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BOY, SEOKMIN WILL LITERALLY MELT AT THE SIGHT OF A PUPPY. HE’LL PICK IT UP WITH NO HESITATION AND SING TO IT WHILE SPINNING AND YOU’LL HAVE TO YELL AT HIM LIKE, “SEOKMIN, YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE THE PUPPY THROW UP IF YOU KEEP SPINNING VIOLENTLY LIKE THAT.” So he’d stop and come to you so you could finally pet him. If you give the puppy little kisses while it’s in Seokmin’s arms, he’d have a huge grin on his face and think to himself, wow I really wish I was a dog right now BYEBYEBYE.

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Puppygyu x puppy is double the adorable. This guy would be totally down to play around with the puppy/get attention from it. But if the puppy likes you better than Mingyu, he won’t push in giving it too much affection and would just watch you be all cute with the puppy yourself. He’d love a girl who is good with dogs and would 10/10 (naega hoSH) die if you snuggle it against your face, so expect big smiles from him :’)

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He’d have a very cool composure when encountering the dog and would enjoy petting it with you, but when you pick up the little puppy and treat it like a delicate baby, he’s gonna break out in the cutest smile. He’d be imagining the both of you raising a dog like a child omgg <3

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Oh boy, prepare for jealous Seungkwan. This kid will probably scrunch up the puppy’s face and make cute noises, but the puppy won’t like it so it would go to you. So while the dog is playing with you, Seungkwan is off to the side just watching you, ready to explode in jealousy. But once you start being suuuper cutesy with the puppy, he’ll turn all soft and maybe crack a lip smile before muttering to himself “jeez is she only like this with dogs? bc this isn’t fair >:(.

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He’d be petting the puppy with you at first, reveling in its adorable presence. But when you decide to pick it up and boop your nose with the dog’s nose, the shyest/cutest grin would appear on his face. He probably wouldn’t be too shy to say “you guys are cute.”

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YALL CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS GIF THOUGH??&^*&/? I didn’t know Chan was kinda scared of dogs??? Anyways, he’d be hesitant to walk up to the dog, so you’d go in first and end up playing with it for awhile. Chan would enjoy just watching you pet the little guy and would feel pretty warm and fuzzy inside when he sees you smile at it.

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Work Out Session // The8

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Genre: fluff

Word count: 782

You were on the comfy couch of your apartment cuddling peacefully with your boyfriend Minghao with the TV playing in the back when he suddenly stood up as if something just hit his leg.

“What the heck??” you whined at the sudden separation from his warmth.

“Sorry Y/N I completely forgot I promised Chan I’d go to the gym and then have dinner with him today. I gotta go soon or I’ll be late.” he replied straightening his shirt and looking for his phone.

“Oh come on~” you whined more with a pout. He pouted back at you but then apologized and insisted that he had to go again. Little did he know you felt extra stubborn today.

You caught him in a tight back hug right before he opened the front door and said “goodbye”.

“Come on let go baby.” He laughed lightly pulling on your hands but you still held them tightly around his stomach. “I’ll be late if I don’t leave now.”.

“Don’t go~ how can you even work out in these clothes?” you whined and argued back.

“I have a locker at the gym with my work out clothes.” he responded smartly.

“Ok ok well um…what if you pull a muscle?”

“We’re very careful when we work out. We always do a  proper-”

“Yeah yeah alright but you know you don’t really need to work out. You’re fine just the way you are right now.”

“Aww..thank you so much but Chan doesn’t want to be alone and I’ve fallen behind on some upper body stuff my self recently.”

“Ok um..just do it here.”


“Yeah! Yeah come here.” you exclaimed finally letting go of his stomach and grabbing his wrist to pull him back to the living room where you then carefully started moving your coffee table to the side a little.

“Y/N what are you doing?” Minghao laughed at little watching you push the glass table with some trouble.

“I’m making space.” you replied quickly then went back to focusing on the table. When you were finally done you gestured to the empty carpet space you made.


“Get down. Do a sit up or something.”

“Are you serious?” he laughed “Hun, this is ridiculous.”

“No no come here.” you said once again pulling him by his wrists to sit down on the carpet. “Here, I’ll even hold your feet down.” you smiled.

“This is so weird though.” he continued laughing.

“It’s only weird if you think it is so come on!” you insisted firmly but even you couldn’t help but chuckle at how you were doing everything you could think of to make him stay.

“Alright alright!” Minghao said laying down to do a sit up.

You expected things to go rather comically but to your surprise when you leaned forward to take a peek at what he would look like doing a sit up and then he came up and his face ended up only about 10 cm from your face, you froze in shock and Minghao laughed at your cute response. You might have been feeling stubborn that day but he was feeling cocky. And so he went back down to come up again and this time lean in even closer, and then even closer the next time and then he finally gave you a little peck on the lips the fourth time.

A small and innocent smile spread on your face before he came up and kissed you once again. The next time he came up though, you lifted your right hand and cupped his face to hold him in the kiss. It was gentle and sweet yet still passionate and you wanted it to last as long as it could. But sadly enough, he broke the kiss slowly. He used his hands to push his body back so that his legs could lay flat and then he told you to come close and you gladly crawled up to sit on his lap with your legs on either side.

He then pulled you into another kiss and was the first one to deepen the kiss to which you responded happily. His hands rested calmly on your waist while yours hanged over his shoulders. The kissing went on for another few minutes in which had rolled you over to lay you flat on the carpet with him on top of you. You two broke away for some air when you looked at him and giggled a little.

“See, isn’t it so much better here?” you asked confidently to which Minghao smiled.

“Yeah. Yeah it is.”

“So, are you gonna stay?”

“No. I’m still leaving.”

“Ugh!” you sighed looking away with a frown.

EXO react to picking new houses with their child

Funny, I actually enjoyed this when I was younger. ^^’ Thank you for your request m’dear. <3

*Gifs do not belong to me as always. Credit where it’s due. 

Xiumin: He’d love keeping his little daughter in his arms while observing a potentially new home. He listens intently to the realtor while granting his little girl soft, subtle smiles to keep her engaged as well. “See angel? This might be your new room. It’s nice isn’t it?” He keeps her entertained by asking her about the new house while exploring each area of the new home. 

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Luhan: “You don’t like this room? But it’s just like your old one princess! This house is even close to a park. Don’t you like that?” He’s trying his best to impress his aloof daughter, as she casually observes the new home with evident nonchalance. Luhan will have basically taken on the role of the realtor in an attempt to ‘sell’ the idea of the new home to his little girl, so the change of moving isn’t as overwhelming for her. 

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Kris: He loves watching his little son ask about every little bit of the new home, genuine, innocent curiosity flickering through his eyes. Yifan’s little boy would point to newer things such as the fireplace, the jacuzzi outdoors, etc, asking what they are, while listening intently to Kris’s explanations. “We’ll be using this for winter, to keep you and your sister warm,” he explains the fireplace cooly, every so often giving the realtor a look of “we’re definitely interested in this home.” 

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Suho: “See jagi? He’s already adjusting!” Suho would point out to his unconvinced wife, leading her to what may be their son’s new room only to find their little boy surrounding by a myriad of his own toys as he comments gleefully on how big the room is. Suho would sheepishly chuckle as his wife gives him a stern look for allowing their son to take a whole backpack full of toys while they look at new houses. “Well, he would’ve gotten bored if I didn’t let him jagi…” 

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Lay: Yixing would love watching his little girl quietly observe the new home, eyes widened with awe and perplexity. She would point out her favorite parts of the home modestly to the realtor, much to Yixing’s satisfaction. “You’re being so good angel,” he would praise her quietly, patting her head benignly, as he continues to keep her close by his side, having her small fingers wrap around his one digit. 

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Baekhyun: At first, his little daughter isn’t completely sold on the enjoyment of viewing houses, which is visible in her apathetic expressions. But, once Baek shows his little girl her ‘new’ bedroom, that’s when she’ll become her usual animated self. “You can’t claim that room down the hall! That’s for your mother and I! This one is perfectly fine princess. It has enough space for all your things!” He’ll try and make it up to his daughter by promising to buy her her favorite ice cream, to no avail, as she’s pretty much steadfast on having the biggest room in the house. Baek would grant the realtor an exasperated look before muttering playfully “kids these days!” 

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Chen: His little son doesn’t mind searching for new houses even if it’s tedious and gradual, all he wants is a bigger room than his baby sister, much to Jongdae’s elation. He’ll get blithe amusement from questioning his son just on how much he wants this room. “So, you don’t care what house we get, as long as your room is better than your sister’s? Even if your room is the same size as the one you have now it’s fine? Or if you have to share a room with your mother and I, it’s okay as long as it’s bigger?” His little boy will grimace as Jongdae bursts into fits of laughter. “Technically, *emphasis on ‘technically’* it would be your room.” In the end, he’ll surprise his son with his own king size room. 

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Chanyeol: He relishes in how effervescent his son is, which is displayed lucidly by the way his little boy never releases hold of Chanyeol’s hand as they explore the entirety of the new home. It would be his wife that ends up talking and investing with the realtor, while he and their little boy end up adventuring the house to the point where his son ends up tiring himself out from all their amusements. “I think he likes it jagi!” Chanyeol would end up chuckling aloud, slightly amused.   

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D.O: His daughter is incredibly well mannered and cordial much to the realtor’s awe. Kyungsoo wouldn’t have to watch over his little girl so heavily, knowing how mellowed and easy going his little girl is in these situations. While the realtor wisks his wife away, Kyungsoo would stand beside his little girl commenting on her remarkable behavior as she calmly dips a toe into the shallow jacuzzi the house offers. “It’s nice right? If we end up with this one, for being so good, you can invite two friends for a pool party. We’ll even get you a new, cute swimsuit since you just learned.” Smiling benignly, he’ll pat her head while she giggles with buoyancy. 

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Tao: He wants to dress himself and his little daughter up impeccably to make a striking appearance and presence when it comes time to view new houses. Though his little girl doesn’t understand the logic, Tao is as insistent as ever. “Yes! This is necessary princess! Don’t you want the people selling the house to have a good impression on us? Besides, I picked this dress out for you a month ago, and you still haven’t worn it! This is the perfect time to princess. Look how cute you look~” Oh how much he’d fuss and gush over his little princess. 

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Kai: His little boy is disheartened with having to leave the old house and isn’t exactly prepared for such a daunting adjustment. So, Jongin would take great satisfaction in essentially ‘selling’ the idea of the new house to his little boy, to get him to be less unnerved and dismayed about moving out. “This is going to be your new room buddy. How cool is that? And the best part is, it’s all yours. You won’t have to share a room with your little sister anymore.” Hearing this would definitely lessen his son’s worries, since he’s been pining for a room all to himself for months now. 

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Sehun: His son inherited a lot of Sehun’s signature ‘sassiness’ and this would be evident when searching throughly for new homes. His little boy would merely glance over each part of the house nonchalantly saying little to nothing throughout the duration of the house tour. “What do you think of it buddy?” Sehun will finally ask his son who would merely shrug commenting on how there’s not much in the house. He’d chuckle with amusement. “Not yet. When we move in then there’ll be lots of things. Including a pool. You could invite your friends over once we move in.” That gets his little boy to display a slight smile. 

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Hope you enjoyed my loves. <3


pull my heart strings

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Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Female Reader
Rating: Soft M
Summary: You meet Sebastian at a press event for his next movie, and something about you flusters him, making him embarrassed, much to your amusement. 
Author’s Note: Hi, hello! My last Seb story got so much support, so thank you so much! It was definitely unexpected, but amazing. I got another request after I wrote that one, so here it is. General disclaimer: I don’t know Sebastian, or anything about his life. Any similarities are pure coincidence. No disrespect is intended to anyone mentioned.

If anyone told you that your new job would mean that you’re regularly rubbing elbows with the world’s hottest celebrities, you would have first laughed in their face, and then ran in the other direction.

It’s not like you’re afraid, really, but you deal with your fair share of anxiety, and being around all these people who are clearly better off in life than you are makes you more than a little nervous. You’re an event coordinator for a hotel in New York City that regularly hosts weddings, graduation parties and sometimes, charity events.

The first time you met a celebrity, you were so starstruck you could barely get a word out. Soon, though, you were so busy making sure everything was going off without a hitch that you forgot how nervous you had been. 

Today was another big day. The hotel was hosting a fundraiser and press event for a movie, and you were close to hyperventilating at the front desk as you frantically checked to make sure the entire staff was on time.

“You’re going to have a heart attack if you don’t calm down.” One of the receptionists said quietly as he smiled at the guests entering the building.  

“I’m fine.” You say, but you’re not even being very reassuring to yourself. “Just want to make sure everything goes perfectly.”

“Well, don’t look now, but your guests of honor are here.” He murmurs, and your head snaps up, and your eyes widen as you see a few people that you recognize, including one Sebastian Stan, who you’ve had a massive crush on for years

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Hello, it’s the anon who asked about submitting a picture :3 How do you think the RFA members would react to seeing MC in this? (Also yea this is a sketch of MC in a maid cat costume that I happened to do in class one day oops :p)


Author’s note: SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG I JUST WANTED TO MAKE IT PERFECT!! & btw omg this lil sketch is so cute


  • He had been playing his game alllllll day
  • And you had tried EVERYTHING to get him to pay attention to you
  • But apparently there was some super important tournament going on today???
  • So, desperate times calls for desperate measures
  • “Yoosunggggggg!”
  • “MC, I love you, but I’m super-duper busy right now!!”
  • “Just turn around, please.”
  • Yoosung sighed and turned around
  • “Okay, but I only-“
  • You smiled when he stopped mid-sentence
  • “Do you like it?”
  • Yoosung’s face turned bright red
  • “I-I…”
  • He quickly spun around in his chair and pressed a button
  • “Uhh, hey guys? I’m gonna have to sit this round out. Bye!”
  • He spun back around and rested his chin on his hand
  • “You have my full attention.”
  • You bent down and kissed his lips
  • “Thanks, but you never answered my question.”
  • “Oh?”
  • “…Do you like it?”
  • “No. I LOVE IT!!!”
  • He stood up and hugged you, spinning you around
  • “Y-Yoosung I’m getting d-dizzy!”
  • He stopped and put you down
  • “Sorry, I couldn’t help it…”
  • You laughed, “That’s okay, I’m glad you like it so much!”
  • He smiled before removing your cat ears and putting them on his head
  • “Do they look cute on me, too?”
  • “Adorable.”


  • You lost a bet to Seven on who could drink the most PhD. Pepper
  • And of course he used your boyfriend’s allergy against you
  • So when Zen walked into the house and turned on the lights
  • There you were, in the middle of the room
  • In a maid cat costume
  • “Nyaaaaa!”
  • “MC?”
  • “Y-Yes, master?”
  • And with that Zen’s face turned BRIGHT RED
  • “U-Uhhh, take off the maid costume.”
  • You looked at the ground
  • “Okay…”
  • And leave it off.”
  • You looked back up at him and smiled
  • “As you wish-“
  • You turned around and walked away
  • “-Master.”
  • Before you could move another step, you heard Zen call out
  • “Oh, and MC?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “…Leave the cat ears on.”
  • “I thought you hated cats?”
  • “I do… but you might get to change that.”
  • You swore you could hear his smirk


  • Jaehee called you and said she was going to be home late
  • So you took this an opportunity to surprise her, and slipped on something you were saving for a rainy day
  • And two hours later, your prey Jaehee arrived
  • “MC, I’m home!”
  • You hopped up and walked over to her
  • “Do you want me to get your bag for you?”
  • She nodded handing you your bag
  • She looked at you and then walked into the kitchen
  • Not even a reaction! I wasn’t expecting that…
  • No more than two seconds later, Jaehee walked back out of the kitchen and gave you a confused look
  • “W-What are you wearing?”
  • You smiled, “Oh, this? I thought you didn’t notice!”
  • “It took me a couple seconds to fully comprehend what I was seeing…”
  • “But, you like it?”
  • She walked over and placed her hands on your hips
  • “I like everything you wear. You’re supposed to be a cat maid, right?”
  • “Yeah!”
  • She stood back and smirked
  • “Well, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be making dinner?”
  • You laughed and grabbed her hand
  • “How about you go put on your costume and we can make dinner together!”
  • “Y-you got me one?”
  • You turned and gave her a devilish grin
  • “Of course.”


  • You already know how this gonna end
  • You walked out of your closet and looked at yourself in the mirror
  • “Juuuminnnnnn!!”
  • “What?”
  • “Come here! I think you’ll like what I have on!!”
  • “Fine, I’ll be there in a second.”
  • You bounced up and down with anticipation
  • “MC, you know-“
  • He stopped mid-sentence
  • “So??”
  • His eyes widened as he slowly approached you
  • I know that look…
  • Just as you were about to suggest… doing something else, he spun around and walked out of the room
  • “Jumin?”
  • “Stay there!”
  • “…okay.”
  • He walked back into the room holding Elly
  • “Here, hold Elizabeth.”
  • You took the cat and gave him a confused look
  • “Okay, now smile!”
  • You blinked as the camera flash went off
  • “Stay still and give Elizabeth a kiss!! We can put it on our Christmas card!”
  • “JUMIN.”
  • actually they do end up getting a little frisky later though I mean come on she’s in a cat maid outfit


  • “Okay, you can look now!”
  • Seven removed his hands from his eyes
  • “M-MC?”
  • You smiled at his now bright red face
  • “So… you like it?”
  • Seven dashed out of the room before you could question him
  • He could have at least said I looked cute or something…
  • After five minutes, you started to get a little concerned
  • “Uhh… Seven? I can take-“
  • “TAH-DAH!”
  • “Oh. My. God.”
  • Seven gave you a wink
  • But you didn’t notice
  • You were still staring at THE MATCHING MAID CAT COSTUME HE HAD ON
Art and stuff

So about 2 years ago when I was at my art school(I’m still there but I’m not actually THERE there at the moment) I was taking my Drawing II class; on the first day I was kinda late so I just kinda tiptoed in and took a seat. For the most part of the first week I kinda just stayed in my spot and kept to myself like I usually do(until I make so friends). Then as the second week rolled in, I wasn’t late this time thankfully, but I noticed this cute asian guy come in and I suddenly felt my heart skip a few beats! Was this guy in the right class?! Am I in the right class?! Why haven’t I noticed him before?! He was so incredibly handsome! I’m sorry! *COVERS FACE* He was tall, and he had some long silky soft looking black hair, and he always wore hipster-ish laid-back kinda style of clothes. I just kept thinking “Wow he’s really cute!”

The weeks in class went on and I never really talked to him. I’m a pretty shy person so it’d be hard for me, especially if I’m trying to talk to a cute guy! Aaaahh but I really wanted to! I just couldn’t! Soon I started to realize that I would stare at him… A lot…! Sometimes intentionally and sometimes not. I’m just silently crushing on him while thinking, “I wonder where he’s from… Oh, he’s from Hong Kong? That’s cool!… He changed his name to a common american name but I wonder what his real name is… His hair is sooo soft and fluffy looking! I wish I could touch it without being weird… I like his clothes. So simple yet so stylish at the same time.. I wonder if he’d like me in any way…”! All of this is happening in my head until I realize that he happened to glance my way! We’re holding eye contact for a few seconds and wait… He smiled at me!! Just a cute little smile of acknowledgement, and I smile back! This happened a lot; sometimes I caught myself staring at him out of admiration and the fact that he’s handsome and other times I’m just thinking about something else like what I’m going to eat later and he just happens to be in my line of vision! But he always gives me a cute little smile and I smile back and quickly look away thinking, “Oh my god, this is the 8th damn time you’ve caught me staring at you today! I’m so sorry! Please don’t think I’m a weirdo trying to stalk you!” Sometimes if his hair would get in the way he’d get this hairpin stick and hold it in his mouth while he’d fix his hair up in a bun or a ponytail to put the hairpin in! I’d try not to stare! I honestly did but… *SIGH* 

Sometimes when I had to get up for something I’d have to walk past his drawing desk and I’d take a look at his work and his drawings were SO.FREAKING.GOOD! There was so much detail and shade and value and shit and I’m just thinking “Damn can you teach me?!” Even though I found myself still staring at him I noticed that he would sometimes already be looking at me too. I could feel my heart doing some crazy things when that would happen! One time the class had to gather around our professors computer to look at something and we both happened to stand next to each other! I wasn’t even trying to actually do it, but it just happened?! Girl, I don’t think I’ve ever seen myself blush before,(I’m light so it’d probably show up)but I probably was at that moment! My face was on fire! My heart was about to explode! Like I said before, he’s pretty tall! Well mostly everybody is gonna be taller than me, since I’m only 5'2 but still! Did he purposely stand next to me? Did the universe align for us to stand next to each other for these few minutes?! Am I just being stupid and this is all a coincidence?! I don’t know but I’m pretty happy either way! 

One day, I think it was around finals or something, he was talking to a friend about his drawing project and saying he didn’t think it was that good and that he could’ve done better(artist’s favorite set of words), and I suddenly said that I think it’s really good, that there’s a lot of detail and that I think he worked really hard on it… Wait.. Did I just say that out loud? To him? Without hesitation? Then he got adorably cute and shy and modest saying that he didn’t think it was that good enough for me to say that. That moment probably added a year or 2 to my life! Not much happened between us due to my shyness and him likely being the same way, but when the semester ended I’d still think about him and wonder what it’d be like if we were friends. 

When the next semester started we didn’t have any other classes together but sometimes I’d randomly see him. Of course my dumb self was to shy to try to speak or quietly get his attention! But one day my friend and I were walking and a guy from her class walked by and greeted her and stuff and I happened to look at the guy next to him and it was the cute asian guy I’m crushing on!!! My heart started beating so fast! And to my surprise he brightened up and smiled at me and waved! You could literally see his mood brighten up just be seeing me. Even though we don’t know each others names and have never really talked to each other, I never knew I could do that to someone! It was an amazing little feeling. After we went our own ways I told my friend about him being in my drawing class and how I had a crush on him. She agreed with me that he was definitely cute and that I should try to get to know him! I wanted to but… Arrrghh! 

So towards the end of a semester I get a call from my dad saying school was getting a little too expensive at the moment and I’d have to take a break for a while. NOOOOO!!! Ok I hate school and doing work but I didn’t want to leave my friends and this boy I’m so badly crushing on! Why is this happening?! Why?! On the last day, when everyones packing up to go home for the break, we happen to find each other again! He was standing with a small group of some friends, but kinda off to the side in his own little world, but still listening to them, and he looks up and visibly brightens up like the sun and smiles at me and gives me this cute little shy wave. The fact that he takes his mind off what his friends were saying just to look at me and wave really made me happy. Of course I do the same, but I was feeling sad since this would probably be the last time I see him again. But I was glad I somehow saw him again before I left!

I still wonder if he’s still there, but he’ll have graduated by the time I get back there. The Lord and the universe we’re probably throwing me all these signs, wishing they could just hit me, saying “Girl, I’ve been throwing y'all together randomly for a reason! Why aren’t you picking up my signs! This could’ve been your 1st boyfriend!”. But if I stick around in the art industry maybe we’ll see each other again? And maybe I’ll have some confidence this time!

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Hi Cait! :) I'm in the mood for Daddy James, Uncle Remus and Uncle Sirius. Do you have any thoughts/headcanons on if James and Lily survived and Sirius wasn't arrested? Like the relationship they would have with their kids and stuff? Anything please! Thank you!! <3

YESSSSS omg the Potters as a happy family with Uncle Sirius and Uncle Remus is my kink tbh 😂

  • First let’s just imagine family gatherings and holidays, no one’s sad, no one’s in jail, no one’s fucking DEAD, everything is wonderful
  • Harry’s first word is “shit” and he says it during Thanksgiving dinner and everyone glares at James and Sirius
  • But Lily’s in the background stifling a laugh and trying to hide that she’s blushing because he totally got it from her, it’s her favorite swear word 
  • “SHIT SHIT SHIT” –baby Harry, gleefully bouncing in his playpen, because Sirius keeps encouraging him 
  • Also, whatever you do don’t think about Daddy James carrying Harry in one of those baby backpacks
  • Pictures of James with Harry in the backpack smiling and waving on top of a mountain they and Lily just hiked
  • My heart just imploded it’s fine
  • At first Remus is afraid to be around toddler Harry because he’s a werewolf and remembers what happened to him at that age 
  • But he loves that little boy more than anything and the fear doesn’t last long
  • Lily and James joke about having Harry’s favorite uncles move in because they’re already at the house so often
  • They’re referred to as uncle moony and uncle padfoot until one day they’re over for dinner and there’s a moment of silence while everyone’s eating
  • And suddenly Sirius gasps out of nowhere, slams the table, points at himself and just yells “THE DOGFATHER” like the godfather :’) 
  • Harry drops his peas from his high chair and starts crying because Sirius was sO LOUD and Lily groans but the name still sticks 
  • Once a month Sirius takes Harry to Florean Fortescue’s for ice cream because dammit he loves spoiling his godson
  • He even lets Harry get two scoops
  • Can you imagine the birthday parties for Harry? so extra. 
  • And all their friends and their kids would come!! The Longbottoms and a lot of other kids Harry would later go to Hogwarts with??? Omg 
  • And like??? If Remus or Sirius ever had kids??? They’d honestly probably all make it their goal to have enough kids to make the Marauders 2.0
  • Look out Minerva
  • Toddler Harry calling Lily “Evans” when he gets annoyed with her because that’s what James still sometimes does 
  • And it’s just so cute he usually gets his way 
  • Sirius and Remus babysitting Harry so James and Lily can have a real date night and they’re actually really good caretakers??
  • Even if Harry did scrape his knee falling off Sirius’s back while he was being Padfoot
  • And even though Remus’s eyebrows ended up blue because of Harry’s little-kid accidental magic
  • James and Lily come back to Sirius and Remus almost falling asleep on the couch and Harry smiling happily from his playpen
  • I could go on for hours about this but just omg wow their lives would have been so happy and they all deserve the best wtf i’m crying

Cait :)


[ Yifan | Thieving Hearts ]

\ First Touch


You nodded, smiling when he threaded your fingers together and led you back towards the house, your bag slung over his shoulder.

You were quite expecting the shocked gazes when you got inside, yet it didn’t mean you welcomed them.

It wasn’t very nice, being stared at by a tall wolf with weird ears and his mate, along with Jongdae and Haerin, who decided to join Chanyeol and Jimin downstairs. Kris noticed their staring and he sighed.

“Take a picture, guys. It lasts longer.” He rolled his eyes and the youngest girl was the only one to react with a blush, hiding her face away, but as she turned her head to the side, she revealed her neck..and the bruise on it.

Oh. oh. Jongdae finally decided to taint his little mate?

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every relationship starts with a kiss | peter parker x reader

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A knock on your window stopped you from studying your Spanish textbook. (okay, you weren’t really studying, more like staring at the words in utter frustration for your test tomorrow). You looked up from your book and saw the one and only Spider-Man hanging (literally) outside of your window. You smiled and ran over to it to let him in.

As soon as the young hero climbed in he took off his mask and gave you a hug. Even though he just spent a good couple of hours outside in the cold, he still felt warm and you were grateful that he was sharing his body heat with you. 

“I got you something.” Peter said when he released you from his arms, much to your disappointment. You smiled. “What is it?” 

“Close your eyes.” You gave Peter a look, saying; “really?”  but you did so anyways. Peter gave you a soft smile even though you didn’t see it cause it meant a lot to him that you would trust him enough to close your eyes. After all he knew you were very cautious about things. One time when he snuck into your room, it was dark and you somehow ended up beating him with a baseball bat.

Peter reached into his back pocket (yes, his suit has a pocket) and he took out his surprise. He looked back to your cute little face before giving you some odd instructions. “Open your mouth a bit.” You obliged, even though you were worried about what this could mean. 

Peter than popped the surprise into your mouth and you immediately opened your eyes, when your mouth recognized the flavor. “You got me kisses?” You questioned. Peter nodded as he took out the rest of the Hershey kisses which were in that kiss shaped bag.

You smiled. “See this is why our relationship works.” You then gave the boy a kiss on the cheek before taking the bag from him like a greedy little kid. 

“Hey I want some!” Whined Peter. And that was how you spent the rest of your night.

GOT7 Reaction: Rubbing Their Pregnant S/O’s Belly And Talking To It

~Literally I just give up on the titles~

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Markeu: S O F T M A R K E U. So so soft. You guys are cuddled up in bed right. You’re almost asleep as you’ve both had a long day. And he just kinda wiggles down the bed slowly as not to disturb you. But it’s sort of hard for him not to as he’s pushing asude your shirt and chuckling to himself about how quickly the bump is growing already. You roll your eyes but kind of just smile because wow he’s so cute just gentle whispering things to the baby. Things he’s told you you aren’t allowed to hear. Even though you can vaguely make out that he’s telling your unborn daughter she’s so beautiful and she’s precious and that he’ll never love anything more than her. You’re almost a little salty about it but you get where he’s coming from. He kisses your belly a few times through his process and ends up falling asleep there. What a dork. 😭

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Jaebummie: Has a whole ritual for this. You’ve both showered and gotten into comfy pajamas. You’ll have the comfiest spot on the bed and he’ll be putting something on the tv. He’ll set his pillows next to your stomach so he can relax. It’s like he’s hanging out with an old friend. But he’s really just gonna mumble incoherent things to your belly as he tries not to fall asleep watching the tv. His hand will softly rub over your belly and you’ve grown used to it because it used to tickle like hell. And he even sings your baby boy a song before he falls asleep. It’s literally the cutest and stupidest thing you’ve seen in your entire life because Jaebum usually falls asleep halfway through the second verse of his song and you have to try so hard not to laugh at him.

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Jiaer: Mostly just cuddles your belly. Sings some songs his mom used to sing to him when he was a child. He tells her how beautiful she’ll be. Tells her to take her time growing and be strong like you. He tells her how much he loves you. And how lucky she is to have you as a mom. You’ve cried a couple of times because he genuinely just speaks from his heart and tells her what he feels. If he’s sad he tells her, and then thanks her for listening with kisses to your stomach. He tells her she’s a good listener. He tells her that he hopes one day she finds a love like he has for you. And that life is hard but no matter what she’ll always have the both of you to fall back on. He tells her that life is up and down and just being happy is important. You’re sure he’ll be the best dad.

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Savage: Literally has a special camera for every momemt that is pregnancy related. He records like half hour videos of his talks to your belly. Most of them are things he’s learned throughout his life so far. You just like listening to his voice. It’s really smooth ans has this soft tone to it when he’s speaking to your little girl. He tells her how much he loves her, and how she’ll be the most beautiful girl in the world. And it never really matters where you end up. Couch. Bedroom. Sometimes you’re in the bathtub and you literally want to kill him. But he’s so serious about it and when he feels the need to talk he does. So you let him. It’s like he’s found the actual love of his life for the second time and you almost cry while watching it.

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Sunshine: Literally serenades your son for the longest time. Like an hour. “Youngjae….” “He should know how to sing before he’s born though.” Has full blown conversations with your stomach as if your unborn son will answer back. “Yeah today was a long day, how was it for you….?…. oh wow man that must have been one crazy day…… i can’t believe that happened wow. So crazy.” Brings Coco on the bed to try and explain that you’re having a baby but Coco just licks his face and your belly when Youngjae points at it. Kisses your stomach and tells your son to hurry growing so he can meet him. You almost cry because Youngjae is too cute.

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Kunpimook: He doesn’t take it as seriously as anyone else. He does it a lot a lot, but it isn’t serious. He tells your daughter he loves her and that she’s gonna be the most chic and fashionable baby ever. You kinda like wanna punch him but hey. He asks her to forgive his weirdness because he knows some day she’s gonna see that he was known as dab boi to aghase. That he literally was a little shit most of the time. But he also tells her that he will love her no matter what. That he will be proud of her no matter how weird she is. And that he hopes she can be proud of his weirdness and embrace her own as well. “Being like everyone else is the scary thing. Being weird and different is the good thing.” He kisses your belly and tells her that he will never let her date. “Not until you’re 35 and it’ll only be to Yugyeom’s son because I’ll know him. There your marriage is set and I can live peacefully.” Will be a protective dad. Promises to be there to make sure she’s okay. You hate that he’s still a meme. But he’s your meme and he’ll be a great dad.

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Gyeombriel: Makes up his own songs to sing to your son. “~please learn to use the potty soon so I don’t have to touch your poop.~” “Yugyeom!” “What?” Has his moments where he doesn’t take it serious. And then he’ll sit down some days and just gently rub your belly while saying everything that he wamts to get off of his chest. Like how he hopes he’ll grow to be healthy and smart. And how he wants to be the best father he can be. How he will always be there to hear your sadness or anxieties. Your depressions and happiness. “You’re a human. I’m a human. We don’t get to choose what we feel. I know that. I want you to know that I’m here to make your life better. And I’ll do my best. Tell me if I’m slacking. Tell me if I hurt you. Tell me and I’ll make it better. I’m your dad. I’m the one that’s supposed to be here for you. I’ll never judge you. I’ll make sure you know that.” 😭😢 You literally cry. And he cries. And you both smile awkwardly after because he said exactly what you wanted to say. But probably more eloquently. Yugyeom will be the best father.

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White Lace - TOP

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Summary: Spring cleaning with your husband and kids (yeah that’s all I got for this summary)

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None really

A/N: I’m so sorry! I’ve been absent for quite some time, except for all the reblogs I’ve made. I’ve been caught up with school and I promise I’ll be posting more in the next week. This is the first time I wrote for TOP I hope you like it! Remember my inbox is always open! Send me anything from random words to enouragements and requests!

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“Mommy! Mommy, what’s this dress for?” Your four-year-old daughter asked you. Your husband, Choi Seunghyun sat on your shared bed with your one-year-old son in his lap. A wide smile spread on his face when he saw what dress she was looking at.

It was decided when both your son and your daughter started to sneeze early in the morning, that it was time for spring cleaning. Both you and Seunghyun had taken off from work and were spending time with your kids as you attempted to clean the house together. It ended up with you doing most of the work, Seunghyun playing with the kids, and you sneaking pictures of them on both his and your phone.

When it was time to clean your room, your daughter, Areum, had made it her job to go through your closet. Of course, she went straight to your dress and heels, putting on the footwear and gaining a few inches with the cost of losing a portion of her balance. Seunghyun was with your son, Ki Joon. They were playing on your bed together, playing with the fresh new white sheets on the bed.

“That’s my wedding dress Areum. I wore when I got married to appa.” You said, a smile forming at the memory. You looked to Seunghyun, a smile already aimed at your direction. The memory was a fond one like it a wedding should be but it was even better. Your wedding was planned to be a perfect wedding, family and friends only, maybe a few people from work you both liked, and the perfect venue with the perfect decorations and setting. It was supposed to be the perfect normal wedding, but nothing is ever normal with Seunghyun and his friends or you at times.

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Pocky Game

Link on AO3: here
Boku no Hero Academia | Bakugou x Kirishima

Content Warnings: mmmm PG-13

They were playing the goddamn pocky game. They were playing it during their break and they were all being a bunch of wimps in Bakugou’s opinion. Everybody had chickened out at the last minute. Most all at the same time. Not one person had been bold enough to keep going, to teeter the line. It was such an easy game of chicken to win! Why didn’t anyone have the goddamn balls?!

All of them were laughing, embarrassed and red faced – all having a ball yet no one had fucking won the game yet. Bakugou grit his teeth in annoyance at the circle of people having a good fucking time being losers. Finally, the blonde couldn’t stand it anymore. Someone had to fucking win and of course it would be him. Angrily he got up from his seat and stomped over into the circle, plopping down onto an empty chair and yanking on Kirishima’s shirt to him.

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