his little smile!

Me : mob has been smiling and expressing emotion so much more since the series began, and it’s great and he’s doing okay!

Me .02 seconds later : *war flashbacks of all the times mob has hit 100% and how much more frequently it occurs and /???% right now/*

Me :……………………..okay so maybe he’s not doing okay.

Me :…………………..but his little smiles!


Sometimes I think about why James was so popular and loved everywhere he went and inspite of some of his action when he was younger, Lily was able to fall in love with him eventually. Not the hair - maybe the hair - but above all things, it was his fucking smile. When Lily was having a bad day, she realised her feelings for him were quite strong. He changed her awful day just sending her one of his grins, but at that moment he didn’t tease her with the “alright, Evans?”. He just smiled - and he didn’t even know she was having a bad day - and simply walked away, still not knowing he made her feel a little - a lot - better. Then in the next days, living with him was like realising the world was not ending and everything sounded quite positive and lighter around him. She needed him in those dark times. Everyone, Remus and Sirius especially, did.

And that’s why not having him around in the next years must have been really painful.