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Level of fluffyness and scruffyness 200%


KARAMEL APPRECIATION WEEK || Kara x Mon-El || S02E05 || *loudwhisper* “MON-EL!”


NCT Drea reaction to you surprising them with a puppy

Mark- You would walk into the NCT dorms to be met by Taeyong who was looking at you strangely as you held the excited ball of fluff. “Hey Taeyong oppa. Mark’s room is that way right?” He would just nod with a puzzled look on his face. You walk into Mark and Haechan’s room where Mark was only half awake. You set the fluff ball down on his stomach and say hi to Haechan and wait for Mark’s reaction. As soon as the little puppy started licking his face he woke up and started kissing him back. He didn’t even realise you were there. “Oh Jagiya! Hi You brought me a puppy. I love you so much.” And the rest of the day would be watching movies, stuffing your faces, and playing with the little puppy.

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Renjun- He would be with Chenle as you came into the dorm with a black pug puppy on a leash. The other boy would start cooing at the puppy which caught his attention but because of where he was he couldn’t see the little puppy and only saw the other boys saying how cute something was. He got mad but insecure so he got up to go over towards you and he saw the little blak pug wagging it’s curly little tail excitedly from all the attention. Renjun forgets he was ever slightly jealous and sit down on the floor to play with him. He would love this little guy so much and would sneak him treats when you weren’t looking.

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Jeno- He would come over to your house for a movie marathon date and when he rung the doorbell to your house he was met with a bark and you screaming. When you opened the door you were holding a little black and white spotted puppy. He immediately fell in love with the little girl. He took off his shoes and the two of you headed up to your room puppy not in tow. About half way through the first movie you hear Jeno laughing and you look over to see your new puppy smothering Jeno in kisses. For the rest of the date your puppy sits between you and Jeno occasionally going to you or him to give some kisses.

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Haechan- This puppy was as sassy as him. When you first came over to the dorms with the little puppy the rest of Dream minus Mark were already crowded around you and the puppy. Haechan being Haechan got jealous and yelled at the boys to back off of you and you just laughed when you picked up the puppy and Haechan saw him. While the rest of the 00’ line and Chenle and Jisung had no problem with the small dog as soon as Haechan came over and tried to give it attention the puppy would walk over to you or the other boys ignoring Haechan completely. Everyone found it hilarious, well everyone except Haechan. Mark finally woke up and the little puppy went to him not problem cause Haechan to hate this cute little puppy. Once you had got seated on the couch the puppy lied on your stomach and you were giving it a lot of attention. Haechan didn’t like this puppy already and now he had to fight for your attention with it. Oh hell no. He was determined to make this puppy like him. After many, many, many hours the puppy finally warmed up to Haechan. But he still didn’t like he had to compete for your attention now.

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Jaemin- NaNa had texted you around five at night saying that practice was done and he wanted to see you. Your family had just gotten a cute little black lab puppy and you decided to take him over to the boys dorm. You got his leash and headed over to the NCT dorms. You rung the doorbell and Taeil opened the door and got attacked by your little puppy. You picked him up, took off your shoes and went into the dorm. Taeyong had informed you Jaemin was in the shower and he would be out in about 10 minutes. During those ten minutes Jisung and sat beside you and you had started talking about the dog while he was petting him. You and Jisung talked about a lot while you were waiting for Jaemin to get out of the shower and as Jaemin walked into the room your little puppy decided to jump on Jisung so as NaNa walked in he saw you almost all over Jisung try to get the hyper little puppy off of him. Jaemin was not happy at the sight of you sprawled over the maknae. He sat down right next to you his hair still wet. “Yah Jagiya. What are you doing?” Not saying anything you held up the little black lab and Jaemin fell in love, all of his worries faded away.

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Chenle- He would ask you to come over during the NCT movie marathon and you decided to take over your little Pomsky (pomeranian husky mix) to make it a little more interesting. When Johnny opened the door for you, you and little pup were greeted with a massive blanket and pillow fort with all seventeen of the boys in or around it. Johnny escorts you and the puppy to where Chenle was. When he saw the little puppy his eyes lit up. Let’s just say the puppy had more attention the movie.

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Jisung- It would be about 9am when you got a text from Mark saying that Jisung wasn’t feeling well and he asked if you could come over to cheer him up. Of course you agreed and you decided that bringing along your new puppy might make him feel even better. When you got to the door Mark greeted you saying he was thankful you were here. When Mark saw the puppy he knew that he made the right decision asking you to come over to cheer up your sick boyfriend. He took you to Jisung’s room where he was still sound asleep. You set the puppy down on the floor and peck Jisung’s forehead to wake him up. Well it failed so you picked up the puppy that was lying obediently at your feet and set him on Jisung while he kissed his face, waking him up. He saw the cute puppy and then you and sat up, shyly giving you a peck on the cheek. The day was filled with puppy kisses, movies, and asking Taeyong and Doyoung to make you two food.

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Vixx as Pets
  • N: a cute lil guinea pig that loves running around and snuggles next to you and poops in a corner so you won't be bothered by it
  • Ken: a canary that's surprisingly good at picking up the melodies of songs and tweeting it back to you
  • Leo: a black cat that sleeps a lot but will perk up when you have some food for it; it also loves tummy rubs
  • Ravi: a parrot that says its own name whenever it flaps its way into your face
  • Hongbin: the most beautiful fucking fish you've ever seen I mean look at those scales damn
  • Hyuk: a small little puppy that sleeps with his body draped over your face and pees on your crotch so it looks like you did it

우리 세후니 너무 귀요워ㅠㅠ

↪ a fan wanted to shake hands with sehun but he shook his head and made a sad face (t/n: fans aren’t allowed to touch during fansign)

i. he hates texting. “i’d rather hear your voice,” he says, and so he calls me every night. but he texts, too. i get a “have a good day, beautiful” text every morning. he doesn’t hide behind the screen, either - everything he texts he says face to face. the first time he called me perfect i was so caught off guard.

ii. we hang out all the time - whenever we can. it doesn’t matter what we do, although our personal favourites are movies, whether at home or at the theatre. we’re a team. we were complete without each other, but together we are a team.

iii. he blends into my life so seamlessly - my friends love him, as do my family. and he loves them right back. he understands when i pick them over him, even though he does do a little puppy dog face. his smile when we see each other again, though, is beautiful.

iv. one time we broke up. it was messy and dark and the worst, but the part i remember the most is how he still respected and cared for me. he knew every inch of my soul, but he didn’t say a word to anyone. he watched out for me. “i will never stop caring,” he told me. and i believe him.

v. i honestly cannot explain how happy he makes me. he is my best, best friend. i am young and so is he, but i can honestly say that i don’t see this relationship ever ending except in marriage.

—  Reasons why he’s the best boyfriend ever // lily rose.