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Headcanons about TFP Ratchet, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Wheeljack, Smokescreen, Ultra Magnus, and Optimus having a bad day but received a quick peck on the lips from his shy s/o to cheer him up?

Yup! This is pretty similar to one I did about some cons. 


-You bounce up to his pede, and he passes you by, without a second glance. You wonder if you’ve done something wrong.

-Not right now, S/O. He’s not in the mood. No, he will not lift you up! No! Fine, if you’ll stay quiet. He lifts you up, and you kiss him on the lips.

-His optics widen, and he pulls back. That was something you’d never done before. He suddenly feels warmth spread outward from his spark.

-After that, his day seems to magically improve.


-He was frustrated. They’d lost another energon mine to the cons. When would things finally turn out right? You find him, and ask if he’s alright.

-He buzzes angrily at your question. His day sucked. He lifts you, and was prepared to tell you all about it. What he’s not prepared for is the kiss he gets on the mask.

-He leans into your kiss, then pulls back, whirring happily. Thank you, S/O!

-The team goes out again, and this time, they acquire quite a bit of the much needed energon. He believes it’s thanks to you.


-Dealing with Ultra Magnus all day had made Wheeljack a little tense. He didn’t mean to brush you off, he was just distracted.

-When he eventually does notice you begging for his attention, he lifts you up.

-You kiss him, and his frustrations melt away, as if they never were.

-While the kiss didn’t make his day improve all that much, it did help him handle things with a better attitude.


-He screwed up on a mission, again, and got another stern talking to. He was holding you in his hand, ranting non stop about how he was only trying to help.

-You need to find some way to shut him up. When he brings you close to his face plates, you put your hand on his cheek, and smash your lips on his.

-He’s more than a little surprised. His optics grow huge, and he puts you down. He’s excited, but frozen. You’d never done that, before. 

-Later, the team sets out. He returns, and brags to you about securing the relic without mishap.

Ultra Magnus

-The team refused to follow the rules, and he wouldn’t have it. This is why he doesn’t work with children.

-You get the idea to show him some affection, and ask him to lift you up. He does so without question.

-You kiss him, and he yanks his helm back in surprise. The feeling in his spark was a strange, though not unwelcome, one.

-The rest of the day goes relatively smooth with the other bots. He’s not superstitious, but this is the one time he’s willing to attribute it to a good luck kiss.

Optimus Prime

-The Autobots could not afford another loss like the one they suffered today. Optimus was stressed, depressed, and low on energon. 

-He solemnly lifts you to his face, when you ask him. You quickly kiss him, and back away. 

-He smiles at the gesture, and at your shy retreat. He thanks you. Optimus is reminded that things could be a lot worse.

-He is no longer discouraged by their losses, and reminds the team to remain hopeful.

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I have this complicated HC that if Knockout ever had a son or daughter, he would prep and prettify them so much. Make sure that their paint and wax are always maintained, and decorate them with the finest crystals on special occation. Its more or less him wanting his child having the luxury he and Breakdown never got to had, so Its not like hes trying to control them. They would always be his and his conjux's little bitlet. Plus if the child was a pacifist, he and BD wouldnt force them fight.


No, but, Knockout has always been a personal favorite of mine. He and Breakdown’s kid would probably be one of the safest in that time and age; and even though he’d spoil the FUCK out of them, he’d still teach them with the morals that are hard to find in a regrowing society. He wants his little starry-opticed bitlet to grow up to be a strong, respectable ‘bot; with a childhood they can remember fondly. Something Knockout wishes he had himself.

Current favorite thing: Starscream waking up after a really satisfying recharge cycle, his systems humming only partially online, and only being able to speak in clicks and tired, muddled warbles muffled against his berth while the rest of him lazily boots up 😌😌😌

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Human s/o was playing truth and dare with Jack, Miko, & Raf. They chose truth & Miko asks cheekily "Do you think they deserve you?" thinking she'll get some sarcastic answer. Instead they replied "No. S/he don't deserve me. S/he deserves better & I'm no where good enough for her/him." with a bittersweet smile. What they didn't know is that the bots overheard this. Hcs (TFP bots of your choice) react to this?

I’m only going to do four, because I’ve seen this in another place, and I don’t want to be too repetitive.


He’s shocked. Miko would actually ask a question like that?  And you actually believe that about yourself? No, if anything he doesn’t deserve you. He sneaks away, and doesn’t say a word. You never know he was there, but he makes sure that you do know you’re loved.


He stands at the door with drooping shoulders. He slowly walks up to you, making sure you know he’s coming. He asks you if you really meant that. When you say yes he picks you up, and nuzzles you. You’re more than worthy of his love. You’re his little angel. 


His optics grow wide, and his mouth shuts tight. You didn’t just berate yourself like that did you? Then it hits him: you low-key just insulted his taste! Rude! He furrows his brows, and quietly stomps off. You will feel loved, dammit. He’ll make you feel like you deserve him if it’s the last thing he does!

Ultra Magnus

Nonononono. Human. Why do you feel this way? He is nothing without you. He keeps you organized, yes, but you keep him sane. That’s so much more than he’s ever done for you. He sneaks away. He won’t tell you he heard, but he will take you aside, and (stiffly) tell you that you mean the universe to him.

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Shadow chirrped as her carrier held her close to his chest. Her little blue optics looked up at him, her little tail tapped his arm, her little clawd didgits grasped his much bigger ones. She was two months old, she couldn’t talk yet but she could crawl everywhere. Her audials twitched happily as she nuzzled his chest seemingly oh so innocent at the time.