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Boyfriend Suga

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  • dating yoongi would not be the most adventurous relationship lbr
  • he has his moments
  • like that time, for your anniversary he took you to (country you want to visit) where he surprised you by being responsible and bringing the first aid kit
  • and photographer yoongi came out
  • he snapped loads of pics of you, saying you were his muse and acting cute af
  • but 90% of the time, you two lay around
  • there’s a lot of napping
  • not much fighting either
  • (which is good)
  • the relationship is very mild and calm and relaxing
  • it’s as if you’ve both been together for 50+ years
  • the other bangtan boys call you their grandparents
  • “now, kids,” jimin will say, a smile already lighting up his face so you KNOW he’s gonna say something smart. “we have to keep quite. we don’t want to disturb our grandparents, do we?”
  • but yoongi doesn’t mind one bit. “yeah, that’s right. keep it down or else you’ll all be in trouble”
  • and he means it
  • grandpa yoongi don’t fuck around
  • you don’t know this (and he’ll never admit it) but yoongi puts a lot of thought into his appearance before seeing you. but not too much to where it’s obvious
  • he’ll spent maybe 20 mins in front of the bathroom mirror, fixing his hair, changing shirts, tilting his hat to the swaggest, sexiest degree
  • but if you compliment him he’s like “psssh, please, babe. I’m just naturally perfect. u jelly?”

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  • he might not be the most energetic boyfriend but he shows he cares in little ways
  • like “accidentally” leaving his clothes at your place, so that you’ll wear them and look so cute and precious in his baggy clothes
  • or kissing your forehead when you’re asleep
  • or running you a bath
  • (then joining in, so it’s more for him but still, you’re relaxed, right?)
  • don’t be surprised if he falls asleep on you during movie night
  • don’t be surprised if he falls asleep on you all the time, it’s just who he is
  • he still dreams of being a rock, you know
  • and sleeping is good practice for it
  • his skin is so warm, he’s like your personal heater
  • asking him to sing for you, even though he sounds like a dying cat, but he gets so passionate if it’s a song he loves (or wrote). and he tries his best to make you happy
  • even though you end up just laughing your ass off
  • he doesn’t like fighting, it requires too much energy
  • which means that if you’re genuinely mad about something, he’ll just sit there ignoring you, which riles you up even more
  • he only ever argues back if he feels like he’s right and you’re wrong
  • then you best hope there’s an empty plot waiting for you in the graveyard because min yoongi will destroy you, bury you and hold the damn ceremony himself
  • and after an hour of him sassing and fighting with you, there’s a timid knock on the door
  • “guys?” it’s taehyung’s voice. “are you two still fighting?”
  • he, more than any of the other boys, hates it when his “grandparents” fight
  • generally, suga doesn’t get jealous
  • and he dgaf about your past, like, you could have slept with everyone or no one and he doesn’t care. as long as he has you now and you love him, then what importance is your past?
  • he’s mainly just too lazy to get jealous more than anything
  • but if one of the boys is being too clingy (probably one of the younger ones) then he might get annoyed that you’re not spending more time with him, so he’ll have his judging face on
  • but if he does get jealous, then he’s like a volcano about to explode. he’ll try internalizing it (fighting is really so much effort) but he’ll do something risky to prove that you’re his
  • like rest his hand on your thigh, then slowly slide it up
  • don’t bother trying to stop him
  • when he has his mind on something, then min yoongi will do it and be the best at it
  • he’s very dedicated when he has a goal
  • yoongi likes when you play with his hair
  • and take care of it, like help him treat the damaged ends
  • or pull it when he’s going down on you
  • basically, he likes you touching his hair
  • genuinely cares more about personality than looks (and maybe gender, if that japan interview is anything to go by (I’ve heard the translations were wrong but whatever)) so if you’re self conscious about having small boobs, or stretch marks, or hairy arms, or bad acne, then this boy will be genuinely confused because
  • “jagi, you know I love you, right? so then why are you worrying about stupid things like that? if I gave a shit then I wouldn’t love you like I do, would I?”
  • he’s an ultimate d-boy and won’t let you forget it
  • so expect many trips to his hometown of Daegu, meeting his family and friends and hearing him brag 25/8 about being the most successful man from Daegu
  • he knows how to get his way with you, aegyo-ing himself into your good books
  • but don’t expect aegyo to work on him (he lives with flower boy seokjin and aegyo trash jimin, this boy is immune) so you’ll never convince him to let you listen to his mixtape before ARMY’s
  • he wants his mixtape to be 100000000% perfect
  • and even if the ARMY’s don’t know it, they mean a lot to him. and he would hate that his fans, the people who supported his talent and his career, that made him into the man he is today, wouldn’t be the first to hear his music
  • of course he loves you, don’t doubt that just because you hear his mixtape at the same time the rest of the world does
  • he just really appreciates his supporters and they’re never last place in his life
  • yoongi doesn’t talk much about his feelings though
  • but if you ask then he’s not afraid to show them, if that makes sense
  • like, while he’s not an open book, he also knows there’s nothing wrong with a man having emotions and talking about them
  • he also doesn’t care much about being caught doing sexual acts
  • like, he will go down on you on the kitchen table, giving no shits about his dongsaengs in the next room. but if, say, kookie walks in for some banana milk then r.i.p maknae because yoongi will make it seem like it’s all your fault and how dare you interrupt his meal gtfo or prepare to die
  • he’s also a hardcore cuddler
  • so while the relationship may not be like living on the edge, that’s not a bad thing
  • it’s obvious there’s so much love and care and at the end of the day, isn’t that what everyone wants?

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i really like how you did soulmate!jungkook! could i request a soulmate au with donghyuck/haechan?
haechan!soulmate anon! can i actually get it in bulletpoint form? eventually if you want to write it all out, that would be great, but i rlly like reading things quickly. thanks, i love you!!

- anonymous

  • ok so in this au you have a timer counting down to when you will meet your soulmate

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.... ok so could you do the RFA reacting to seeing mc naked for the first time? (Female please).... I know I am a sinner

OMGG this reminds me of the post by @complexwish​ where the Zen, Jumin and 707 walk in on MC and each other showering!! please check it out, it’s really cute!


  • he’d be as red as a tomato loool 
  • he also can’t stop replaying the scene in his head 
  • dammit yoosung y u such a pervert!! >
  • he feels more embarrassed than MC herself tho lmao 
  • little bb Yoosung is too innocent for it
  • doesn’t look at MC in the eyes for a week after that 
  • almost seems like he’s avoiding her like he owes her money


  • he just flat out stared at her, eyes wide until she pushed him away
  • like he was so stunned he couldn’t react in time
  • so that’s what MC looked like
  • *nose starts bleeding*
  • OMG 
  • cannot believe himself and hides his face in embarrassment 
  • has a hard time taming his beast within after that 
  • totally awkward around her for the next 28343487387 months


  • she screamed when she saw MC and slammed the door close 
  • her chest was heaving, she was so flustered and started turning red
  • “I- I’m so sorry MC! I didn’t mean to come in, I didn’t know you we’re in there!”
  • no matter how many times MC told her it was okay, she still kept apologizing 
  • started to make a schedule?? for when MC would be changing so she wouldn’t make the same mistake 
  • also taught MC how to use locks on doors lmao


  • he casually walked into the bathroom and just looked at MC
  • he had no reaction like i mean he blinked a couple times and then just calmly walked out, closing the door quietly 
  • “Excuse me, MC. My apologies.”
  • He sat down on his bed and held his head in his hands
  • He could feel the heat rushing through his cheeks and his heart beat was really intense
  • Stay cool Jumin, you’re a grown ass man what’s so much to freak out over a female body
  • Pours himself a glass of water and chokes as his mind flies back to the image he saw of MC


  • he really needed to go to the bathroom so he didn’t realize MC wasn’t in her room 
  • so when he walked in, his mouth flew open
  • he stood there for a sec before he turned around and stomped outta the bathroom
  • he tried distracting himself by gaming but all he kept thinking about was MC
  • he lost several games and finally he got too frustrated to try again 
  • tries to pretend like it never happened and acts real sheepishly in front of MC 

:) if you wanted NSFW I AM SORRY LMAO

~Cherry L.

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Freezing in the snow with the Hamilsquad? ☺️

coming right up!

5 - freezing in the snow

You rubbed your hands together, cupping them gently and blowing into them. You were only met with a bit of warmth until you were greeted with more cold air. You bit your lip and looked to Herc, shivering slightly. He opened his arms out to you and you quickly rushed to him. You snuggled up into his chest, slipping your hands into his pockets as he wrapped his arms around you.

“Knew you’d get cold.” Herc chuckled, kissing your head. 

“S-Shut up.” You grumbled, but Herc only laughed more. 

“Look. Laf’s here to save the day.”

You turned to look at your other boyfriend who had come out of the cabin, a stack of clothes in his hands. It only took him a moment to get you wrapped up in a puffy jacket, a thick scarf, a beanie, and warm gloves.

“Laf, honey,” Herc laughed a little, leaning against the railing and looking out at the pristine layer of snow. You had rented up a cabin for your holiday. You were right in the middle of a winter wonderland. He turned back and looked at you, suddenly noticed the extra layers on your body. “She’s good.”

Laf bit his lip before readjusting your beanie once more. He cupped your face, smiling a little. He could see the color come back into your face and your lips were no longer as blue. 

“Alright, ma chérie.” He kissed your cheek and you leaned into his touch. “But, if you’re still cold -”

“I’ll come back to you.” You grinned. “Thanks, Laf.” You kissed his cheek and tucked your gloved hands into your thick infinity scarf for more warmth. You walked out into the snow carefully, being careful of any ice you could slip on. 

You grinned once you saw John and Alex just ahead of you. You started to say hi to the both of them, but you hesitated as Alex’s eyes widened at the sight of you. You squealed as he quickly grabbed you by your waist. 

“Hi, darling! Stand here, please?” He laughed a little nervously, holding you just in front of him. He kissed your cheek and held you tighter. “You look so cute, you know. Look so warm and soft.”

“U-Um, okay.” You laughed, but gave him an odd look. “What’s going -” 

You turned and saw John holding up a snowball. He quickly lowered his arm once he saw you in front of Alex. You quickly realized what you were in the middle of, your eyes widening.

“That’s cheating!” John yelled, cheeks and nose red from the cold.

“You didn’t say anything about using hostages, Jack!”

You managed to get out of Alex’s grasp and pushed him back. “Alexander! How dare you use me as a hostage!” 

“I’ll get him for you, baby.” John grinned, already pulling his arm back as you stood closer to him. 

“No, no.” You smirked, stopping John with a touch on his forearm. “Let me.” 

Laf and Herc could hear you three laughing from further down the hill. Herc lets out a little ooh once you hit Alex in the face with a snowball. You’re quick to run away, laughing along with John. 

Laf wrapped his arms around Herc from where they sat on the porch.

“Why don’t we team up and,” He paused for a moment, trying to think of the right words. “show them how it is done?” Laf purred. 

Herc grinned, pulling Laf in for a kiss. “Thought you’d never ask.”

NCT 127 Reaction to Their S/O Getting Excited When an American Artist Releases a New Song

Anonymous asked -  NCT 127 reaction to their gf getting excited over her favorite American artist releasing a new song and replaying it all day and singing (no good) to it lmao

Unfortunately my gifs don’t work atm guys so there won’t be any!



Is embarrassed for you, he knows the other members can hear you singing and lets face it, you’re too excited to even care what you sound like when singing to it. When he notices you have an audience he would sigh and attempt to stop you or at least make you aware that you’re a laughing stock right now. He would laugh when you refuse to stop and to save you from being the only one being humiliated he starts dancing next to you.

‘Umm Y/N… You seem to have a very big crowd, do you think maybe it’s time to stop?’


Lets face it, Johnny would definitely be on the hype train. Even if he had never heard of the artist himself he’d just be so happy you like an American artist that he couldn’t help himself but get excited with you. God forbid if it was an artist he was a big fan of himself because there’d be absolutely nothing stopping the both of you playing the song on repeat for the next month. Would learn all the lyrics and sing along beside you, he doesn’t even try to sing either as you aren’t trying too hard yourself.

‘Wooo heck yeah America yet another tune for Johnny’s station!’


He’d watch over you slightly concerned, you probably hadn’t even noticed he was there tbh. Thankfully for your sake if any of the members were curious as to what the sound was he’d tell them to go away and protect the little pride you had left. After watching you for a while he’d find it cute how excited you were getting over this one song and after a while he may even unconsciously start singing along to the lyrics that were now stuck in his head.

‘Haechan please go away, no don’t you dare film them!’ 


Jealous tbh, even more so if you were fawning over how good looking the artist is. Would stand in the doorway and just stand silently, glaring at you as you sang and danced away not paying attention to him at all. Due to him wanting to be p e t t y he wouldn’t actually talk to you the whole time or beg for your attention, instead he gives you the silent treatment until you finally realise his presence. This didn’t work out too well as he was like that for a good hour or so until you actually noticed him.

*Muttering* ‘I just want to be loved…’


Would just be super annoyed. He looked back on the time when Cherry Bomb was released and you didn’t play it nowhere near as much as this song, which is where his annoyance stemmed from. He would casually walk into your room, walk straight to the plug for your stereo and take it out not saying a word the whole time. Ofc you look at him like wtf you doing dude like the nerve he actually had but he’d just stare you dead in the eyes with the plug in his hand. You saw something that made you come to the conclusion to just play the song at home when Doyoung isn’t around.

*Death stare*


He’d love it so much tbh, he’s nowhere near as extra as Johnny though. He’d want to join in with you since it looked as if you were having a blast plus it was an excuse to hang out together all day. He would constantly laugh at how cute you looked when you got all excited, would be the type to take secret photos and videos of you just for himself to look back on. Would learn all the lyrics for you so you could turn the solo song into a duet with you both but dw he doesn’t take the singing seriously and so doesn’t try to sing either since it’s all fun and games.

‘I lived in America for four years of course I can learn these lyrics in record time.’ 


He was planning to just leave you be and not get involved in your antics but soon his members started to complain about the constant repeat of the song and the terrible singing accompanied with it. He went to go ask you to keep it down but when he saw you and how much fun you were having he suddenly felt flustered. 1) Just seeing you like this made him blush since you were so adorable and 2) Did he really want to be the one that stopped your fun? Of course not so instead he joined you, well sat on the bed and listened to you fangirling excitedly.

‘Y/N…Erm, can I sit here? You look like you’re having a lot of fun.’


Mark would most likely know of the artist or had heard a bit about him at least so he would be able to relate to you being excited. You both would have been waiting for the song to drop and once it does you both got hyped together and put it on straight away. He was surprised how quick it took you to pick up on the lyrics and how you were already up and dancing to the beat. The first coupe of times the song was replayed he spent sitting laughing and making small remarks about how good you were and quite honestly, just building up your confidence.

‘Yeahh Jagiya~ seriously you’re dancing is even better than ours and I’m not even kidding.’


His reaction would be somewhat similar to Yuta’s except he wouldn’t be quiet about it, instead he’d be very much demanding. For the first couple of times you replayed the song he’d sit there smiling thinking this wasn’t going to last that long and you’d give him the attention that he craved soon, how wrong he was though. You must’ve replayed it like 10 times now and he was sitting there pouting, he tried making groaning noises and yawning to get your attention but it was no use. He turned clingy real quick and wrapped his arms around you begging for affection.

‘Y/N that’s enough of that song now you love me more. Come cuddle me or kiss me I need attention~’

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Draco: *cringes*

Harry: *drawing his wand* …How did you get in our house?

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Can i request Jaehwan as your boyfriend?

Originally posted by kimsjaehwan

thanks for requesting!! 

also, sorry if it jumps everywhere lol bc i had so many ideas for this hfdkfnsdnf

- actual boyfriend material

- loves to sing to u like once u two were cuddling and he was playing w ur hair and he started singing gently to u and u just

- knocked out right then and there

- bc his voice was so soothing?? and rlly beautiful and u couldn’t help but drift off

- ok ok ok on that topic, jaehwan loves to serenade u

- anytime anywhere

- most likely around wanna one tbh LMFAO

- sings to u all ur favorite songs or whatever fits the mood

- also did i hear karaoke dates??

- its either u two vs wanna one or the two of u going against each other lol

- and he always wins gtg

- also, lots of selfies!!

- have u seen his selfies??? thEY LOOK SO NICE AND BOYFRIEND MATERIAL

- i love it

- jaehwan likes to take a lot bc he likes to look back at them

- back hugs

- lots and lots of them

- he will back hug u anywhere LOL

- even if u two are meeting up for a date, he will run up to you and tackle u into a back hug

- u normally yell at him for that but you’ve gotten so used to it - it doesn’t matter anymore LOL

- when he does it at home, u two usually do that little waddle u know

- but its ok bc u look so cute doing that!!

- once jisung caught u guys doing that and he always acts like he’s disgusted by ur pda LMAO

- jaehwan: hyung is just jealous bc he cant get a gf hahAHAHA - please stop hitting me,,,

- likes the play the guitar for u when the two of u are relaxing

- and sings sometimes u which is a mistake bc u always end up knocking out LOL

- u couldnt help it - have u heard his voice? it was like heaven

- bc he’s so in love with you, he loves to write songs about u a lot or he will make up some on the spot whenever he’s with u

- and u just blush bc!!! he was so cute!! how can a person be this cute

- and also his laugh LOL

- que u telling jokes just so u can get him to laugh

- once u two got kicked out of a store bc u made him laugh so much that people got scared

- jaehwan: they were overreacting idk what they mean people were scared

- you: jaehwan,,,,there was a little girl crying bc she got scared of ur laugh

- jaehwan: ok in my defense u made me lAUGH TOO MUCH

- u two are a mess i s2g fdnskjfdsnfds

- ok but anyways, fights w jaehwan will be kind of rough but he likes the problem to be solved quickly bc he hates the thought of the two of u dragging on a fight

- bc he cant bear the thought of dragging the fight, he would be quick to confront u about it

- would rather come w an agreement from both sides instead of just making one side happy (even if he thinks u deserve the world and being happy, he wants to take care of his own happiness too)

- once u two came to an agreement, he would apologize and wrap u in his arms tightly bc he missed u lots

- and the rest of the night cuddling lol

- ok besides that, he is also the perfect gentleman

- he opens doors for you, keeps you under the umbrella even if it means he would be getting soaked in the rain, walking you home at night bc hes scared that you might get hurt, ect

- also the type to take care of u when ur sick, like bring u soup or painkillers or even singing to u if it meant to ease ur headache and stuff

- bc u always take care of him and he always wanted to return the favor

- he cares vvvv much about you and whenever u accidentally put urself in danger or something, he won’t be afraid to scold you

- bc hes always worried about ur health lol and he knew if he wasn’t there, who else would take care of you beside yourself?

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May I please ask how the allies would react to when walking in a park, they turn around to see one angry little duckling trying to chase and scare them, moments later they then see an army of angry ducklings ready for battle against the allies?

(This ask was so much fun for us! We couldn’t stop laughing while we were writing! Please send more, we love the asks!)

-Admins Sarah and Jay

Alfred: “Huh? Oh hey little dude…oh more little dudes! AWESOME! This is like Pokemon!”

Alfred would turn and see the little duck nipping at his heels and laugh. To him it would be adorable, soon he would be humming music and dancing around watching the duckling go after his shoelaces, though once the army showed up it would be game on. With a smirk on his lips he would pull out the Ash Ketchum hat from his jacket and put it on backwards as he jumps out of the way of the ducklings and laugh before having them follow him through the park. 

Arthur: “Oh dear…go home little one…oh there’s more of you, bloody hell it’s an army!”

One little duckling wouldn’t bother Arthur, because one with a bad attitude is cute. Who wouldn’t love a little blond thing with a bad attitude? *cough Arthur cough* Though if it kept nipping at him he would just shoo it away with his hands and sigh as he kept walking…but then the duckling army would appear and the Brit would freak out. As the numbers of the duckling army grew he would walk faster and try to ignore them before looking down and staring the ducklings down, “I’m not your mother! Go home!”. Though if that twat Francis comes by with breadcrumbs, Arthur would run faster, hoping they don’t follow him out of the park.

Francis: *Ahem*..”AHHHHHH! Merde!* What do they want with me?!”

Francis, at first, would think one duckling would be cute, no harm done, right? But once the army stirs up he would scream. I mean, who wants little ducks ruining his new shoes?! In the end, he would happen to ‘walk’ past Arthur, dropping some breadcrumbs near him…and on him. But not his problem, right?

Ivan: “Awww! Look! They’re so cute. Hello little duckies!…Oh. Angry ducklings”

Ivan…he probably wouldn’t be that phased, to be perfectly honest. He would see them as his army. Even if they looked angry, there’s a good chance that won’t stop him from picking them up and dropping them on his enemies with a smile.

Matthew: “U-Uh..Why are you following me-why are you trying to bite my ankles! Hey..! Stop that…Please?…”

Matthew would actually be freaked out. He would stand in place until they got to him but slightly shake as they begin to quack and nip at his ankles. He would bend down in hopes to calm them down, only resulting in the leader going to bite his nose as he runs away screaming.

Yao: “Awww! You’re so cute! No, no biting, good duckling!”

Yao would love the duckling and once it got close enough, he would scoop it up and pet it. He would pout and scold the little duckling for trying to nip his finger, but soon would pull out some small snacks to feed the duckling. Though once the army of ducklings showed up, Yao would sit down on a grassy hill and pull out snacks for them all as he laughed and pet them all. Soon going home with a small army of adorable ducklings all his own.

Couple items with NCT

Request: “Heyo~ can I request a couple items with NCT? Like what would your couple item be with a member?💕 If its too long to do all just U and 127 please~”

A/N: This was so cute!! I hope y’all like this a lot!


I feel like Taeil would like to have little couple things with you, he wouldn’t go for something too crazy. He would prefer something like a cute little necklace that he can hide under his t-shirt and took it out whenever he misses you or accidentally reminding him of you when he looks at it in the mirror.


Johnny would like something simple but obvious at the same time, like wearing the same jackets but different t-shirts underneth or similar combinations like that. But I can also see him doing a whole matching outfit with you.


This guy would go on other level and would have matching hoodies with you, with an original design that he found really cool. And it’s the most normal thing for him to send you a message in the middle of the night just to remind you to wear your hoodie tomorrow.


Yuta would definitely want to have matching rings, basically, promise rings. They would be beautiful, probably silver and with small yet beautiful details everywhere. He would never take it off, and he would scold you if you do.


I heared that Kun loves going shopping, so you guys get crazy when it comes to matching things, but the most precious thing y’all have is cute keychains when you had each other’s apartments keys on them. From the moment y'all brought those, neither of you ever lost your keys again.


Doyoung would choose matching things that can easily go unnoticed like shoes or cute socks. I just don’t think that he would be the kind of person who likes matching things.


This cutie loves wearing lots of piercings, so it’s an earing for sure. But Ten would want to chose them with you and, if it’s possible, pierce each one of your ears in the same place and doing it in that exact moment.


I feel like Jaehyun would be a mix of Johnny and Taeyong, buying matching t-shirts on purpose but combining the outfits in different ways so it’s not that obvious.


I can imagine him buying both of you matching bracelets and never taking it off for any reason in the world. And he never told you, but he secretly also believes that it’s like his lucky charm. He won’t be confident in the stage without putting it on.


I feel like Mark wouldn’t feel too comfortable with having matching stuff either so, like Doyoung, he would always buy little but cool things like simple beanies or glasses.


This baby would love to have lots of plushies that he can hug and kiss whenever he misses you, and he loves it even more when they’re Moomin ones. Do you remember when he said that his bed had so many of those plushies that he doesn’t have space for himself? That’s a 100% your fault! But you have to face the exact same problem every night so it’s fine. Both of you find this something adorable and, honestly, everyone does.


Jeno would be pretty similar to Winwin, buying you matching bracelets and never taking them off. When he’s in public he’s always low-key wanting for someone to ask him about the bracelet so he has an excuse to talk about you.


You would always buy matching caps because he just looks so good with them¿??? And Donghyuck would always tease you because of it. “Thanks babe, I know I look amazing with them on, you didn’t have to be so obvious.”


You guys would have matching phone cases for sure. And not only one but lots of different ones. Y'all decided to change them every month in the day of your anniversary so you could count your months together in really original and cute way. Goals. :’)


I feel like Chenle would go for something simple like matching wallpapers. But you’ll be those cute couples who takes pictures doing the same pose and putting it in each other’s phone, completing the photo once you put the phones side by side. But it’s really hard to make the photos match perfectly so y’all had the same wallpaper for a whole year, lmao.


He would love to have matching outfits with you, from head to toe. At least once in the month you’ll have this message from him saying “What are you going to wear today? Do you want to match?” And is the cutest thing ever, the members can’t help themselves but take millions of photos of y’all.

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Heeeey :D Soy nueva aquí, y vengo a dejar una pequeña petición :D Necesito ver a el pequeño Fedi y a Allistor en su momento mas pervertido, a ver hasta donde han llegado >:D

“Tenemos muchos juegos, pero mi favorito es cuando me pone esa cola de Gato o ese juego de piel para manos y pies. Me encanta”


@may-u: Heeeey: D I’m new here, and leave a small order: D I need to see the little Fedi and an Allistor in his most perverted moment, a see how far you’ve come >:D

Fedi: Ah … Alistair, Please … Do not play anymore … Ah ~ Give it to me … Give me what I want!

Alistair: How cute you look when you’re so honest, Fella ~

Fedi: Ah ~ Alistair … more … please … Give me more …

Alistair: You are a playful kitten.

Fedi: I love you so much, Alistair

Alistair: Me too

“We have a lot of games, but my favorite is when I put that tail of Gato or that game of skin for hands and feet. I love”

( @eldestkettle drew me an adorable baby Dice and in return for all they’ve done for me I worked my magic on it. u wu <3 )

( … course i realized too late i should’ve made his skin light purple like it sorta is in canon but wh oops )

( Still heckin’ adorable. Look at my widdol Dice boy. )

( Also, please do not take his pacifier. Or even make a motion to grab at it while it’s in his mouth. He’ll cry. Really, really loud. Do not. 10/10 do not recommend. )

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Otabek, Georgi, and Seung-Gil are watching as their skating s/o is about to perform. How do they react when their s/o blows them a kiss before they start?

-Otabek is watching you with a small smile
-He’s not one to really show emotion, but you can tell he’s eager to see your routine
-Otababe’s back is straight and leaning forward, giving away his impatience
-He was too fuckin cute,
-So, as he watched you skate to the center of the rink, he leans over
-”Davai!” He shouts, and his voice, despite everyone else’s cheering, is loud and strong, and when you hear it
-You cant help but blush
-Because you can hear it brimming with pride
-”Holy shit!! Thats my s/o out there, and they’re gonna skate! They’re going to perform and I just can’t believe how amazing they are!”
-Otababe’s a wonder with words, but the way his voice carries his words always touches your heart in the loveliest ways
-So, beaming, you blow him a kiss
-His reaction is fuckin adorable holy shit thIS D W E EB
-Otababe blinks owlishly, as if stunned
-This nerd even looks around as if there was someone else you could have possibly been looking at
-But then when he finally realizes it was him
-His smile widens even more, and a bashful blush washes over his face
-And he leans over further in his seat, shouting with a voice full of
-”Davai, Y/N! Davai!”

-Georgi is so excited to see you skate
-But like, in a cool way
-He’s got a beaming grin on his face, his eyes are shining
-When you make your way to the center of the rink, you see him in the benches, and you smile
-Georgi’s so proud of you, he holds his hands up in the shape of a heart
-He loves you so much and is so fucking proud he feels like bursting
-What a mushy nerd
-”Y/N!!” He shouts, “I LOVE YOU!! GOOD LUCK!! DAVAI!!”
-You can’t help but blush jfc
-You’re gonna embarrass me Georgi GOSH…..
-You laugh slightly and blow him a kiss
-He blushes bright red, and gapes for a second
-Holy shit omg my s/o just blew me a kiss did you guys see that oh mY GOD???
-But this boi looks so fuckin pleased and happy
-He lets out a thrilled laugh
-He even does a little hop, he’s so c u te
-And blows you a kiss back for good luck
-And also because he loves you YEAH WE GET IT SWEETIE, GODDAMN

-Seung-Gil acts like a cool motherfucker and all that but
-He’s clapping along with everyone, and has a small smile on his lips
-Not like Otababe, but like, a cool, relaxed, tiny smile
-He knows you’re gonna ace this shit
-Seung-Gil lowkey wants to catch your eye though so he can reassure you that he believes in you and that yuo got this
-So as you slowly make your way to the center of the rink, scanning the benches to where he told you he would be
-He hesitantly waves his hands, hoping to catch your attention
-You look completely relieved when you see him
-Seung-Gil’s smile grows a little, and he gives you a thumbs up, nodding
-Supportive Bf
-And you just look so relieved, and you feel so much better
-You smile, and laugh a little, you feel almost silly for feeling nervous
-And you blow him a kiss
-Boy goes rigid af
-Like?? um?? what??? Affection?? In front of everyone??? What??
-He looks around making sure no one saw
-He’s blushin up a storm, and clears his throat slightly, but he just sighs
-Sends you another smile, with a kind of “Alright, alright, you got me.” kind of tone to it
-And he has to put a hand over his heart to settle it down, goddamn

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can u do vixx for when u ask if they can hold something and u give them ur hand please

N would wrinkle his nose cutely and be like ‘Really? This is so cheesy….’, but at the same time he’d find it kind of adorable that you were to shy to just initiate the hand holding.

Hongbin would look down at your hands for a moment and register what just happened before turning bright pink and laughing to cove it up like ‘Oh, you meant hold your hand? Oh, I can do that….’ 

Ken would find your little trick hilarious and he’d either playfully say no and then  tug you over, give you a kiss, and be like ‘I can do this instead!’ or he’d squeeze your hand and be like ‘Wow, I’ve never held something so soft in my life!’ 

Leo would for once in his life let a small chuckle escape him and then he’d just intwine your fingers and keep going on with his life. He seems like the type to turn around and be like ‘I can hold your bag for you if you want though’ and you’d be like ‘No, Leo my hand is enough…..’ 

Ravi would start giggling like a schoolboy and be like ‘Can you do that again because I want to take a video of it and post it on my instagram tagged with how CUTE you are!’ 

Hyuk would probably tease you and be like ‘That’s so weak, are you trying to be cute? C’mon, I know you can do better~!’ and then he’d proceed to make you do embarrassing cutesy things until he’s satisfied and only then would he hold your hand. 

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ok the pic that phil tweeted of dan in the totoro onesie gave me serious little!dan feels so if u want maybe u could please write sfw little!dan just like wearing onesies and coloring and being cutie

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another kinda short drabble-y one


- “Daddy!” Dan yells, looking up from his picture.

- Phil comes into the room from where he had been in the office responding to emails. “Danny!”

- “Color with me!”

- “Of course, baby,” Phil says with a smile, sitting cross legged on the carpet beside Dan, who’s rolled up the sleeves on his (Read: Phil’s) Totoro onesie as he colors and drinks juice from his favorite Winnie the Poo sippy cup. “What’re you making?”

-Blushing, Dan covers up his paper. “Daddy, don’t look, ‘s a secret.”

-”Okay, I won’t look, I promise.” Content to just sit there and watch Dan, Phil waits patiently for Dan’s myseterious picture to be done, occasionally glancing at the clock, because it’s almost time to put Dan for a nap. After a couple more minutes, Dan proudly presents his picture to Phil- a bright yellow shape that’s meant to be Pooh, a pastel pink piglet, and two people who must be Dan and Phil. At the top, in blue crayon, Dan’s written ‘for Daddy’. “This is very nice, baby, I’m going to go put it on the fridge.” Dan giggles and watches Phil go, waiting for him to come back, then climbing into Phil’s lap.

- “Daddy, I- I wanna watch Pooh!”

- Standing up and making sure to support Dan, who wraps his legs around Phil’s waist, Phil shakes his head. “I think it’s time for your nap, Danny.”

- “Don’t wanna,” Dan complains, frowning when Phil pops a paci into his mouth.

- Gently bouncing Dan up and down as he walks, eventually Phil gets to their room. “We’ll watch cartoons in here then, okay?” Dan nods, quickly becoming enthralled by the bright color of Steven Universe. But not even ten minutes pass before Dan’s asleep, tucked into Phil’s side, pacifier bobbing ever so slightly. “Night, baby,” Phil whispers, unable to resist kissing Dan’s forehead because he looks so cute.



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I'm here for the 2k anniversary!!!1! "Brandy" by Looking Glass Love u so much btw

- listen here -
Helping Peter get ready for an event

  • He would have been invited to a super A-list dinner with Tony
  • Super nervous smiley lil boy
  • He would have bought a nice tux and too much hair gel
  • You’d fix his tie
  • It’d be a dark, wine-red tie uhm yes pLEAse
  • “How do you know how to do this? I can’t even tie the tie, dude”
  • You’d laugh a little and push against his chest with your palm
  • “I looked it up, dork”
  • Cute giggly kisses

Ahh thank you so muchH <33 and wOAH DUDE I LOVE THIS SONG IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR IT FOR SO LONG ??? THANK YOU ???? :’))

2K CELEBRATION: Send me a song and I’ll give you a Parker scenario + short headcanon list to match!

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what type of animals would the lords keep as pets? 😛

Nobunaga: Get this man some flamingoes. Flashy as all heck.

Mitsuhide is the Tachibana Makoto of SLBP. This guy will have cats. Rubbing up on him. Everywhere. So many cats.

Yukimura: I was about to say dog, but then I had A BETTER IDEA. YUKI HAS A PET PIG. HE LOVES HIS LITTLE PIGGY AND IT LOVES HIM. or it’s probably a big piggy, idk.

Saizo: Doesn’t he have crows?

Masamune: Please imagine our sweet mochi-child with a happy little cockatiel.

Kojuro: Doesn’t he already have a turtle? Is he caring for that turtle properly? BONTENMARU R U OK ???

Hideyoshi looks like he’d have a chinchilla or a hamster or ferret or something. A cute little rodent critter.

Inuchiyo, unsurprisingly, has a dog. It is the HUGEST dog in existence but it is a total sweetheart. and such a wuss. This dog is SLBP scooby-doo okay

Ieyasu: I can imagine Ieyasu with a docile bunny to comfort him.

Mitsunari might have a pretty fish. Low-maintenance, so it doesn’t interfere with his reading.

Shingen: Please. You know somewhere in the war camp he has a domesticated tiger prowling around.

Kenshin looks like he’d have peacocks or koi. Something elegant and classy.

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2 (because you're cute), and 8 (top 5 jimin looks) i love you!!!!

2. a picture of me
sdhjfg please i love u ashley ur the cute one :((( im gonna cheat and repost one from a little while ago 

8. top 5 jimin looks
yes i love these asks i could talk abt his style forever hjsdfg and these are only some !! i have way too many faves (i’ll put this under a readmore so it’s not 5 miles long lol)

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