his little kiss what a cutie

Making Out with Peter Parker would include..

- first of all

- look at peter he’s so in love with you he couldn’t even focus for the gif


- anyways

- you two cuties are literally a blushing mess

- happened while watching a movie at his place

- may just left to go get dinner

- him glancing at you

- holding your hand

- ‘hey (y/n) c-can i kiss you’

- ‘peter we’ve been dating for four months why do you keep asking’


- but the little angel was so gentle

- truth is he really doesn’t want to pressure you

- or break boundaries

- what a caring baby AWAWAW

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stargazer606  asked:

Can you RFA gang being left alone with their new baby for the first time. Like MC had to go grab diapers or something and they are alone with the baby for the first tine

◉ Yoosung 

  • For a while he just watched the baby sleeping
  • He leaned over the crib and contemplated touching the babies little feet
  • But he didn’t want to disturb the infants sleep
  • It was odd for him to be the only one home
  • He wasn’t exactly worried…
  • But it was just strange to think that you weren’t there if he needed help
  • Eventually he got on LOLOL while he waited for you and the baby napped
  • He was in the middle of playing when he heard soft cries coming from the crib
  • It took him a second to remember that you weren’t home
  • Freaked out and jumped up to get the baby
    • “Awww…are we hungry little guy?”
  • He picked him up so delicately and held him in his arms
  • Grabbed a bottle from the fridge and prepared it while rocking the baby
    • “Wanna watch daddy beat some monsters while you eat?” he smiled, “your dad is so good, he can play with one hand!”
  • He felt pretty proud of himself and his multitasking abilities
  • Explained everything he was doing in the game
  • Every now and then he’d stop to give a light kiss to the babies head
  • And he laughed when he got excited at defeating a monster and the baby smiled
    • “Oh! You like that? No one can beat your dad!”
  • He was just about to stop playing when you came home
    • “Oh, he’s awake? How is everything?” you asked
    • “Great, honey. He just ate…and I think he likes watching me play”
  • You laughed as you brought your bags inside
    • “Now don’t start using the baby as an excuse to get online.”
    • “No! He laughed I swear!” he gave you a kiss

◉ Jumin

  • He’s not worried at all when you have to leave and fetch diapers
  • After all, he’s Jumin Han
  • He can handle anything
  • He’s feeling pretty confident until the baby starts crying
  • He holds her at eye level
    • “Now, what’s the matter…”
  • Right, she can’t talk
    • “You’ve just eaten…so you can’t be hungry…”
  • He checks her diaper, but it’s dry
    • “Now, how did MC do this?”
  • He holds her to his chest and starts to pat her back
  • Thinking maybe she needs to burp?
  • After several minutes of her still crying he is starting to get worried
  • He doesn’t want MC to come back and think he can’t handle his child
  • As he begins to rock her he hums a little bit
  • To his surprise she starts to quiet down and relax
    • “Oh? You like that?”
  • He puts on some soft opera music and hums along for her
  • Pretty soon her eyes are closing and she drifts off to sleep
  • Just as you come home
  • You can hear him humming as you creep into the bedroom
  • You smile wide
  • And see him laying her down gently in the crib
  • He closes the door behind you both and silently follows you back to the main room
    • “How was she?” you smile
    • “Just fine, perfect as always,” he kisses you

◉ Zen

  • Ummm…wait, what?
  • Okay he is a little panicky
  • It’s not that he doesn’t want to, but he is scared of doing something wrong
  • Has you show where everything is like 5 times
    • “Zen, babe, you know what to do. Stop psyching yourself out,” you laugh
    • “You’re right…I’m sorry,” he takes a deep breath and holds the baby
  • Watches as you leave the apartment
  • Stares down at the baby in his arms for a while and smiles at how cute she is
  • He doesn’t know what to do at first
    • “Wanna help me run some lines?”
  • Sits with her on the couch and reads from his script
    • “I’ve listened to your lies for the last time, Rebecca!” he reads
  • The baby smiles and coos a little laugh
    • “No, you’re supposed to be upset you little cutie. Don’t worry, we have plenty of time to practice,” he kisses her forehead
  • She’s making little faces and he can’t help but take out his phone
    • “Mommy will want to see this!”
  • He’s taking selfies and short videos and sending them to you
    • “Me and the little actress in training are having a good time! Miss you!”
  • When she falls asleep he doesn’t want to put her down
  • Finally you come home and see them quietly sitting together, her nestled in his arms
    • “Why don’t you put her in her crib?” you say sweetly as you place a hand on his shoulder
  • He’s looking down on her and running a finger on her cheek
    • “I will…in a minute,” he smiles

◉ Jaehee

  • She’s got this honestly 
  • She has the babies whole schedule planned out
  • Feeding and nap times
  • She knows approximately how many diapers you guys go through in a day etc
  • She is supermom
  • And she urges you to go out and get some time for yourself
    • “Bring me back a pastry and a coffee from the cafe, please,” she smiles and calls to you as you leave the apartment
  • Plays her favorite Zen musical on the television while she rocks the baby
    • “This is the best number,” she whispers
  • Sings along to it
  • And the baby smiles
  • She’d never let anyone else hear her singing, though
  • Dances a bit while she rocks the baby
    • “I’ll take you to all of the shows you want when you get a little older. Maybe you’ll be an actor like Zen! Oh, but you don’t have to. You can be anything you want and I’ll still love you”
  • She almost lost track of time and rushes to get a bottle prepared
  • Just as it is warm enough he starts to get fussy
    • “I know, I know, here you go baby”
  • Her favorite thing is feeding him
  • Well, almost favorite thing
  • She loves when he falls asleep after eating
  • Which he always does
  • She places his sleeping frame gently in the crib
  • And presses a finger to her lips to let you know that you need to be quiet as you enter the apartment once again
    • “Your coffee and pastry as requested,” you whisper and hand them to her
    • “Thank you so much, I really needed this,” she sighs and gives you a quick kiss before taking a sip

◉ Saeyoung

  • It’s all fun and games until the reality hits that he’s alone with a tiny human that needs him
  • He’s read enough book and articles on the internet to take care of his own child
  • Sighs and reassures himself
  • Places her in his sling as he makes her a bottle
  • He LOVES baby wearing
  • Keeps his hands free
  • So nervous that he’s acting like he’s never made a bottle before in his life
  • Testing the heat on his skin over and over because he’s worried it might be just a little too warm
  • Finally it’s good enough and he sits down to feed her
    • “You have milk, daddy has chips!”
  • Pops a few HBC in his mouth
  • Drops a couple crumbs on her
    • “Whoops!” wipes them off, “don’t tell mommy” >.>….
  • Notices she looks a little weird
    • “What’s that face? You can’t have any chips yet you don’t have teeth”
  • Takes the bottle from her and starts to pat her back for a burp
  • And she spits up all over him
    • “Noooo! My hoodie!” T_T
  • Okay but he laughs a little
  • Takes it off and throws it in the wash
    • “You’re the first and hopefully the last girl to ever puke on me…you’re lucky you’re cute”
  • Grabs a book and holds her in the rocking chair
    • “I know you’re little, but I think you’ll like this story”
  • Reads to her until she falls asleep
  • And even he is dozing off a bit when you come home
  • You take her from him and put her in the crib
    • “Where is your hoodie?” you ask when you notice he isn’t wearing it
    • “She destroyed it,” he cries
  • You just laugh and laugh
    • “I wish I could have been here to see that,” you kiss him
    • “It’s not funny!” he pouts
On Fire

Request: “Can you do a Harry hook imagine where your the daughter of hades Amanda her hair accidentally burns him? Love your page❤️❤️❤️”

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: None

A/N: I’m taking Harry Hook requests/imagines! [Request here]

It had been a while since you went back to the Isle, two years to be precise. After being at Auradon Prep you, Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay were back. Everyone had went their separate ways, Mal went to go find Uma. Evie went to the shops. While Carlos and Jay went to go find Gil for god knows what reason.

“My my my look at you.” You turned around and there he was you had guessed it. The voice belonged to Harry Hook.

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NCT DREAM’s reaction to their first kiss with their S/O.


This boy helped to write baby don’t like it so I don’t think he’ll be that shy compared to the others. He’s also the eldest so I see him being a lot more mature about it. But he will still crack under your touch because it was something new. All these feelings will be going through him and he wouldn’t know what to do, especially once the kiss ended because he would desperately want more.

Originally posted by nctech


He would be so hyper during and it but after it he will be completely dazed. I feel like he’s one to giggle because of the excitement. My baby’s so soft, I just see him doing something like this. It wouldn’t stop you two from kissing though and you would find it adorable that he was so excited. Like Mark, he would feel a lot of feelings but he would only focus on them after the kiss. During the kiss he will be too caught up in the moment but after he’ll just be quiet and process everything.

Originally posted by kunxxxsol


Jeno is probably the quietest member in nct dream so I don’t think he’ll say much after the kiss but he would send you a small, sweet smile to reassure you. He will want more but he wouldn’t know if he should just lock your lips again. After the kiss, he will be quieter than normal and you would have to ask him if he’s okay. “I’m not that bad of a kisser, am I?”

"Of course not, you’re amazing.” He would say, smiling into the sentence.


He would be sort of like Renjun and would be hyper during it but even after it, he will be rushing with excitement. Smiling to himself like a little kid but trying to hide it because he didn’t want to show you how easily you effected him. It would make him the happiest person alive as soon as yours and his lips touch for the first time.

Originally posted by 1aeil


I feel like he’ll be extremely happy and show off a little during the kiss. Like he would definitely be the one in control of the kiss but after it, he would blush like a little baby. He would try to hide it though by smiling and quickly looking away. Once he knew that the pinkness had gone, he would look back at you and give you the sweetest smile. He would love you so damn much and he knew that, that kiss shown that.

*just pretend that he isn’t moving his hands.*


Another member that I think would be hyper during it. What I mean by hyper is always smiling and acting like a cutie. This boy is one of the noisiest in dream so he will have something to say after the kiss. It doesn’t mean that he won’t feel a bit shy. After he mentioned that it took him by surprise, he would begin to blush as he remembered how your lips felt. All he would want to do is pull you back and connect your lips again.


He will be so shy during the kiss. I feel like jisung would be one of shyest, not necessarily because he’s the youngest but because he just seems that way to me. His cheeks will turn pink as soon as your lips connect. This would probably cause him to be hesitant in the kiss but eventually he would kiss back and his cheeks will start to glow even brighter. After the kiss, he would try his best to hide it but you quickly realised and would just giggle at him.


-he wouldn’t notice too much at first due to your silence, but the moment you spoke he’d immediately start babying you when he noticed the change in your voice- 

*without caring what the others thought, he’d kneel in front of you talking to you in soft voice* 
“Oh babygirl, my little cutie.” 
“Do you want me to bring your stuffie?” 

Originally posted by amaniwy


-his face would go red the second he saw a change in your body language; he always knew when you’d go into little space, the others would start questioning about your child like behaviour- 

*Yugyeom asks why you’re acting like a 5-year-old; Mark turns to you, protectively pulling you close then kisses the top of your head* 
“Because she’s my little girl, that’s why.”
*immediately starts tending to you*
“Babygirl, do you want me to take you the room and put cartoons on for you?” “I can get you some strawberry milk or juice and some snacks too.~” 

Originally posted by ggot7


-he’d be too preoccupied with laughing his ass off with Yugyeom to notice it at first, but then he watch as you crawled down onto the floor while looking for your sippy cup- 

*moving over to you, he help you off the floor even though the members curiously stared*
“Are you looking for your sippy cup, princess?”
*you’d shyly nod in response*
“Okay, sit down sweet girl- I’ll go get it for you.” “What do you want in it juice or milk?” 

Originally posted by dailybamx2


-after learning watching you in the past he could tell just by the change in your eyes- 

*still being shy about exposing your littleness to others, he’d lead you to the bedroom* 
“Here babygirl, lemme put on The Little Mermaid for you..” 
*you’d eagerly clap then sweetly ask if you could have snacks and juice* 
“Of course, pumpkin, Daddy will be right back okay?” 

Originally posted by nguyentuti


-he wouldn’t mind you being in little space around the others, especially since he had briefly explained it to them before after the last time it happened- 

*automatically notices your littleness through your shy gestures* 
“Don’t be shy babygirl, it’s okay if you wanna be little.” *kisses your forehead and the tip of your nose* 

Originally posted by pinkhoodiemark


-his heart would warm at the sight of you drifting in little space, though he’d be shy about letting the members see you like that for the first time; he’d just allow you to be little- 

“My little girl, are you okay?” 
*the members would slightly tease him as his voice softened with you* 
*you’d immediately look worried, but he’d shake his head before you were able to say anything* 

“Sh, It’s okay babygirl- if you wanna be little, you can- don’t pay attention to them okay?” 
“I’ll explain it to them later, Daddy will take care of everything.” 

Originally posted by 2jaekisses


-as soon as he heard you little voice as you called him ‘Daddy’ he knew you were in little space; the other would try to poke fun, especially the maknaes but with a simple glare they’d stop immediately- 

“What is it, my love? What do you need?” 
*you rest your head on his shoulder and mumble ‘sippy’* 
“Okay, princess- Okay. What do you want in it?” “While I’m in the kitchen do you want anything else?” 

Originally posted by dani-okem

Dating Taeyong includes...

Originally posted by nctjay

  • He would be so shy in the beginning, blushing whenever you complimented him or showed affection in any way
  • He would be so proud to call you his girlfriend, holding your hand whenever you both went out so everyone knew
  • He would love spoiling you, especially on your bday or valentines day
  • He would remember little things about you like your favorite scent, colour, song and surprise you all the time

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I Can Be Normal, Watch!

Originally posted by wdtfsklaine

Request: can you write a jerome imagine where he captures the reader and keeps the reader safe and doesnt hurt them because he likes the reader and so then he wants to take her on a date. he tries to act normal but fails like he punches a guy or gets mad and pulls out a knife ALSO I WANTED TO SAY THAT YOU ARE SO PRETTY (im the same age and i look like a toe compared to you fyi) AND SO TALENTED I LOVE YOUR WRITING SO MUCH

Request #2: Can you do a Jerome x reader imagine where he hears the reader sing in a bar and is captivated? Maybe some fluff?

Fandom: Jerome Valeska x Reader

Note: I combined two requests together. this contains kidnapping, swearing, violence, weapons, blood, and fluff. gif isn’t mine but i wanted to use it because it made me laugh.

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Cheat (Part II) - Klaus Mikaelson

Part 1: Cheat

Pairing: Klaus x Reader

Requested: No

Rating: Smut

“You what?!? What the fuck Klaus.” I shouted at Klaus as I tried getting up, searching for my clothes.

“I didn’t-it didn’t…y/n, please listen.”

“You asshole!”

“It’s not what you think.”

“Bullshit!!!” I said, throwing a book at him. It bounced off his chest and fell. He bent over to pick it up and inspect it in his hand. He looked back up at me, his eyes welling up with tears

“It didn’t mean anything. I swear. I didn’t mean it.”

“If you didn’t mean it, you wouldn’t have done it.” I ran into our room and tried to find my backpack, quickly throwing in a few shirts, some underwear and some socks. His loud footsteps followed in soon after.

“Love, what are you doing?” He mumbled quietly. Klaus was standing in the doorway, with his hands behind his back, staring down at his feet.


“Why? Please don’t leave y/n. I love you. Goddammit I didn’t mean it. Why don’t you believe me. It was one time, it will never happen again I promise. I swear on my life that it won’t. You love me don’t you? If you love me, give me another chance. I won’t mess up again y/n.”

“Klaus, stop.”

“No y/n, I’m not going to stop. I love you. I love you too much to give up on this. It was one mistake. I’m going to make everything better again, I promise. I’ll give you everything you need, everything you want. I just need you in my life. The only reason I did it was because I was missing you. You were spending all those hours with those so called friends of you, I never got to see you. We were drunk y/n. I couldn’t even get it up! I was horny but it wasn’t you, it didn’t feel right. No one makes you feel the way i do. It was the worst mistake of my life.” He lost his breath along his small ramble. He clutched onto the collar of his shirt which was lazily hung over his broad shoulders


“Okay, what?” His eyes flickered up.

“I’ll give you another chance.”

He slowly made his way over to me. His arms wrapped around my sides and he held onto the back of my head.

“Thank god. I fucking love you y/n. Please don’t ever leave.”

I pulled back a little, “Klaus?”

“You said you’d give me everything I want right?”


“Eat me out?”

“Of course cutie pie”

He picked me up, holding my bum and carried me to our bed. He laid me out and pulled down my pants, along with my panties.

“Is this really what you want love?”

“Yes Klaus. Hurry up already.”

I ran my hands through his tousled hair, pulling him in for a lingering kiss.

“You’re so beautiful.” He mumbled into the kiss.

He lowered himself to my core and blew cold air over my entrance. It sent shivers down my body. He pressed a flat tongue on my clit, adding and taking away pressure.

“You’re so good at that Klaus.”

“Mmm?” He moaned against my clit.

His tongue swirled circles around my throbbing clit. He took his fingers and ran them along my entrance, collecting the wetness. Klaus stuck two fingers inside of me and pumped them in and out at a slow pace.

“Tell me what you want darling.”


“Anything for my girl.”

He moved his fingers faster and sucked my clit between his lips.

“I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum for me y/n.”

Once I was settled from my high, Klaus wrapped himself around me and cuddled into my side. He nestled his head into the crook of my neck. After a moment of silence I spoke up.

“Why’d you do it?”

anonymous asked:

Hi PJ, hope you're doing good! Since "it's the most wonderful time of the year" (lol) how about HC for RFA+V and Saeran going to an RFA Christmas party: MC ends up under the mistletoe with another member (ошо) but OMG you can't go against Christmas rules, what do they do?! Thank you so much, have a nice day/night <3

~Oh! This goes with my icon right now haha. I’m going to have fun with this one tbh thank you for the request! (ノ^∇^)

◉ Yoosung

  • He bumped into you on accident
  •  And you spilled your drink on your dress
    • “I’m so sorry!!”
  • He was so flustered
  • Just stuttering
    • “No! Let me get you something hold on!” he ran off
    • “Yoosung it’s FINE!”
  • You tried to run after him to stop him
  • But he was long gone
  • He came running back with a napkin for you
  • Almost ran into you again in the doorway
    • “H-Here…” he held it up for you
  • You were both holding the cloth napkin when you each looked up to see mistletoe above you
  • Yoosung blushed
    • “You’re with V…I couldn’t…” his blush deepened
    • “Yoosung, you’re so cute. It’s just a harmless kiss, it’s supposed to be fun!” you laughed
  • He got a serious look on his face and bent down to press his lips on yours for a quick kiss
  • His lips were soft!
  • You noticed it was quiet now and the whole RFA was looking at you two
    • “Why did it get so quiet?” V asked (he can’t see, yo)
    • “MC and Yoosung got caught under the mistletoe,” Jumin said flatly with disinterest
  • Yoosung started to protest but V just laughed
    • “Haha, I’m just glad it wasn’t Zen,” he chuckled
    • WHAT IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!” Yoosung and Zen yelled at the same time
  • You had to spend the rest of the night comforting them both
    • “I’m a gentleman! What could he mean by that…” Zen cried
    • “I’m just as good looking and manly as Zen is, damn it. I could steal a girl, too…why did he say that…” Yoosung was brooding in a corner

◉ Jumin

  • You asked if he had any new pictures of Elizabeth 3rd
  • You wanted a cat but Zen was allergic
  • So much to Zens dismay, Jumin was always sharing photos with you
  • He was flipping through blurry pictures of her for you when you realized you were standing underneath the mistletoe
  • Jumin just stared up for a second before looking at you
    • “This is a tradition, right? It’s quite strange, but-”
  • Before you knew it he was kissing you
    • “Your lips are pleasant,” he smiled
  • The sound of your boyfriends scream could be heard for miles
  • Jaehee was holding Zen back because he looked like he was about to fight Jumin
    • “Violence isn’t the answer Zen,” she sighed
  • But Jumin didn’t flinch
    • “You’re being ridiculous and dramatic as always. I was only following holiday traditions. Aren’t you the one always telling me to be less of a robot and become more involved?”
  • You had to run over and comfort him to help him calm down
    • “Zen, please…it’s all in good fun…”
  • He sighed and held your hands
    • “What an angel. So sweet even after that jerk violated you…” he cried, “let’s get you home so you can brush your teeth you must be so disgusted right now. Don’t worry I’ll do whatever it takes tonight to make sure you forget all about it.”

◉ Zen

  • He made his way over to you to talk about his new role
  • He was really excited about it
  • It was a few minutes before he realized where you were standing
  • He glanced up and his cheeks got red
  • You were with Jumin but…
  • It was just a fun little tradition, right?
  • It was dangerous but he smiled and leaned in to kiss you
  • He was feeling the beast™ might be unleashed OMG
  • But a hard tug on his ponytail pulled him away from you and his thoughts
    • “You’ll step away now if you know what’s best for you,” Jumin warned with a seething tone
    • HEY! Touch me again and I won’t sit still, trust fund freak!”
  • Zen slapped Jumin’s hand away from his hair
  • Jumin didn’t even bother to look at him again he was just all over you making sure you were okay
    • “Would you like me to proceed with harassment charges, my sweet? It would really be no probl-”
    • “Harass-…OVER MISTLETOE?!” Zen was fuming but it turned into a sly smile, “I mean…I don’t blame you for being jealous…I am incredibly handsome and-”
  • Zen was talking to himself now
  • Jumin was coddling you and walking you towards the door
    • “…no problem at all I will have assistant Kang gather the necessary paperwork to get this rolling and brand him for the person he is I just hope you’re okay…” Jumins voice trailed off

◉ Jaehee

  • She was bringing in a bunch of baked goods she had made herself for the party!
  • But was struggling to carry them all
  • You ran to help her because she was about to drop all of it
  • Poor dear
    • “Thank you so much!” she smiled warmly
    • “No problem, these smell so yummy!”
  • You were both holding the containers and looking up now at the mistletoe above you
  • She blushed
    • “Tis the season, I guess?” you shrugged
  • You both leaned in and kissed
  • The flash of a camera interrupted you
  • Both of you turned to see the RFA FREAKING OUT
  • Saeyoung had his phone out snapping photos
  • Yoosung’s face was as red as Saeyoung’s hair
  • Jumin was coughing into his glass of wine
  • V was in a deep conversation with a lamp
  • And Zen…your boyfriend
  • Looked like he was about to drop dead
  • Literally ran over and scooped you up
  • Practically ran you home before the beast was unleashed

◉ Saeyoung

  • This guy
  • He was wearing one of those headbands with the mistletoe dangling from it
  • He was going around trying to kiss everyone, honestly
  • Zen almost punched him
  • Jumin ran away
  • He was too scared to ask Jaehee
  • Finally he got to you
    • “A good luck Christmas kiss for my soon-to-be sister in law?”
  • You shrugged
    • “Okay, a quick one because it’s Christmas!”
  • Finally someone would kiss him!!
  • He leaned in and planted a firm kiss on your lips
  • Saeran zoomed over in a second and pulled you away from him
  • Then proceeded to pour his drink over Saeyoung
    • “You need to cool down. Don’t touch her again, you idiot.”
  • You gave him an apologetic look as Saeran whisked you away but Saeyoung just laughed

◉ V

  • You were helping him around since he wasn’t familiar with the space
  • He was just wanting a cup for his drink so you walked him to the kitchen and left him by the doorway while you grabbed it 
  • He heard you giggling when you returned
    • “What’s so funny?”
    • “Well…we’re actually under the mistletoe right now,” you replied
    • “Oh, how fun! I don’t want to overstep my bounds or anything though…” he said shyly
  • You got on your toes and kissed him
  • He blushed!!!
  • Yoosung slammed his plate down
  • He had the look of fury in his eyes and narrowed in on V
  • Saeyoung poked his cheek
    • “Ooooh…Cutie Yoosung is jealousss,” he taunted
    • SO?!…What if I am, that’s MY girlfriend he’s kissing!”
  • He was so mad
  • He smacked Saeyoung’s hand away
    • “I’m sorry, Yoosung. I didn’t think you’d be so upset?” V explained
  • You had to go over and give Yoosung a big hug and an even bigger kiss to get him calmed down

◉ Saeran

  • He was helping you rehang some decor that had fallen down
  • You were on a little stool and almost the same height as him
  • He held the ribbon for the mistletoe while you tacked it in the wall
  • And then you turned at the same time to look at each other and your faces were inches apart
  • And you smiled and pushed your lips into his own for a kiss
  • He didn’t pull away
  • And when you did, his face was beet red
  • His look of shock turned into annoyance when Saeyoung teased him
    • “Ooooh, so cute and shy, my brother! Don’t get any ideas, now!”
  • Both you and Saeyoung laughed
  • He scoffed
    • “That’s it I’m leaving.”
  • He brushed past you while mumbling about Saeyoung being a dumb ass
    • “Thanks for all the help, Saeran!”
  • Saeyoung slid next to you with his phone and showed you a picture of Saeran with red cheeks and wide eyes
  • You both cracked up laughing
  • Neither of you would ever let him live this down

It was far too early in the morning for a human to be awake.
The timing made you groan silently into the pillow as your body stirred around in the sheets; The soft glow from the television forced your eyes to adjust in the darkness–
Ouch, it stung a bit.

There was a large
“ Are you still watching? ”
message written across the screen. Watching what?
Oh, yeah– You and Seven had been binge watching some house hunting program for awhile before the both of you had eventually drifted off to sleep. Huh, You didn’t even remember falling asleep. Seven must have stayed up a bit later for the TV to still be on.

Speaking of which, The apparent snoring quickly caught your attention. With your chin resting in the palm of your hand, You admired Saeyoung contently. He was lost in dream land, all sprawled out on the mattress like that. Seeing him like this filled you with gratitude at his persistence to get a new, bigger bed when you had moved in. He sure wasn’t kidding when he said he was a bed hog– Sheesh.
It made you smile as you held back a giggle, rubbing your eyes with a yawn as you slowly felt yourself begin to wake more.

His feet dangled off the bed dangerously, it reminded you of the time he hid for hours, just waiting for you to come to bed; Pretending to be the boogie man and tightly grabbing your legs right as you were about to drift off to sleep.
“ Boo! ”
He boomed as he playfully bit at your ankles, a squeak had left your mouth as you kicked and whined. You had nearly given him a black eye that night, His antics will be the death of him; You assure yourself.

With a long stretch and a lot of mental preparation, You finally manage to pull yourself out of bed. It was fairly warm in the bedroom, so you weren’t really surprised at the fact that you and him were stripped down to your underwear. It didn’t bother you, But with Saeran hanging around; Most likely it wouldn’t be very proper to sport such a bold fashion statement so early in the morning. He’d be scarred for quite awhile if he woke up to a sight such as that.

Soft mumbling quickly distracts you from your thoughts, you place your hands over your chest as you admire the sight below you. Seven, sleepily blabbering to himself as he stirs around in the bed.
“ –anks longcat.. ”
The gibberish made you snicker, Was he dreaming about long-cat? What a cutie. He always reminded you of a puppy dog with the way you cooed and awed over half the things he did. The honeymoon stage was such a dream, you were enjoying every second of it. A warm smile lingers on your face as your fingers subconsciously reach out to brush a strand of bright red hair from his forehead. The urge to boop his nose was just too strong, you softly gave that a soft poke before deciding you should leave your sleeping beauty to rest for a little while longer. Although true loves kiss would be nice to wake up to, you decided against it.

Clothes were scattered across the floor, Oh gosh– This was a mess. The weekend usually left half the house looking like this, You’d have to make a mental note to tidy things up later today.

Ah, Laundry.. Yikes. Saeran’s pocket knife got thrown into the wash a few weeks ago and no one had ever managed to fix it, the blade stuck too deep into the side of the machine; so clean clothes were scarce now days. You’d never seen two grown men fight over a pair of boxer shorts covered with tiny drawings of cacti before. What a war zone you lived in.
The only thing that stood out was a yellow and black hoodie hanging up on the mini traffic cone coat rack Seven had up on his wall. You reached out and grabbed it, it felt pretty soft and still had a slight laundry smell to it– it’ll have to work, You decided.

You tugged the material over your head, it slipped on like a charm seeing the weight and height difference you and Seven had. It looked like a short, off the shoulder dress on you. it went down half your thighs and exposed a large portion of your shoulder.
Cute. You thought to yourself as you posed a few times for the mirror– You were enjoying this a little more than you’d like to admit. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, but the sizing difference made you resemble a doll. It made you curious to see how the rest of his clothes looked on you. Not that you’d try it obviously! Ha.. Well, maybe. For science– of course!

What about his glasses? You giggled slightly as you snuck them off of the night stand, Pushing them up onto your face. They slid down the bridge of your nose too much and blurred your vision; But you still liked the whole oversized look. Wow, Who knew loitering in your boyfriends clothes would be such a confidence boost.

“ Practicing your cosplay skills, Yeah?
A sudden voice frightened you to no end, Making you jump and turn, clenching your fists in the sleeves. The glasses rode down the bridge of your nose making you look somewhat librarian. Seven was propped up over some pillows in the bed, Looking horribly tired yet humored at the same time. His hands were behind his head in a rather relaxed fashion.
Your face burnt up with embarrassment, How long has he been watching you?

“ Ya'know– ” He stirred around, his voice sounding lower and less refined– It made your insides twirl, that morning voice never failed to make you giddy.

“ If you wanted to crossdress you could have told me. Coulda done it together! Couple gender-bend. Hell yeah. ”
He chuckled out loud, looking you up and down a little too slowly. His eyes met yours, they were soft with a slight flicker of mischief behind them. Once you realized he wasn’t frustrated with you was when you laughed along side him,
Pulling on the hem of the sweater to tug it down lower under his gaze.

“ Id love for you to try and fit your butt into my skinny jeans. ”

You stick your tongue out playfully, to which he mirrors.

“ Just dont pop the buttons off– Okay? ”

He pretended to be offended as he gasped loudly before quickly erupting into laughter at the thought, loudly protesting against you calling his butt big.

“ This butt is 80 percent honey buddha and 20 percent squats from picking up lost chips that fall to the ground okay? ”

He suddenly got very serious, staring off into the distance, forcing his voice to sound gruff and deep.

“ Ive lost many-a-chip to a cold unforgiving floor. Five seconds just isnt enough for them, They deserve so much more… ”
He was sitting up in bed now, his eyes so glazed over you actually believed he was seriously about to burst into tears any second now.

“ Woah, Didn’t mean to bring on the flashbacks! ”
You hold your hands up in innocence, He pretended to use the edge of the sheets as a handkerchief; wiping away his invisible tears with a gruff sniffle.

” We’ll have an prayer session later today for all those forgotten chips that got lost too soon.
They’re with the big potatoes now, Love.
You played along, clutching a hand to your heart in honor of all that sweetly salty goodness– Wasted. Such a shame. You both began to giggle after a few moments of silence at how silly this was. It was always a warm environment with Seven. He could even be so upset yet still have that warm comforting appeal to him, One of the many things you’d fallen in love with.

“ So lil’ S, Care to hop on the train to snoozeville? ”

He yawned mid sentence– Stretching out as far as his arms could as he snuggled back into bed. He looked rather small in that bed all by himself, you admitted.

Choo choo. Hehe, I’ll pay for the tickets– Come on. Trains leavin’ soon babe. ”
He snuggled his face into the sheets as he rolled onto his side– Looking over at you with big puppy dog eyes and extended arms.

“ Lil S? ”
You questioned with a smile and raised brow, making your way over to the mattress to join him. It was so early, no one would mind if you two got some more extra hours in. Maybe Saeran, He’d have to make his own breakfast.

“ Yup. You’re the mini me. Lil Seven, Although I have multiple of those.. ”
You practically jumped into the bed, he grabbed the glasses off your face and reached behind him, placing them on his nightstand with a slight clink.

” Shall we number you? ”
You two were face to face; His eyes had big purple bags under them, a pang of guilt rang through your stomach at the fact of waking him. He probably stayed up pretty late last night. You thought about his words for a moment, letting them sink it.

“ Hm. I wanna be.. Lil’ S, number 69. ”
You waggled your eyebrows in a teasing fashion, He stuck out his tongue playfully at the gesture.

“ Okay, You’ll be the nasty one. ”
The two of you laughed softly, You took this chance to cuddle into his chest and just rolled with it. He didn’t mind though, Wrapping you up in his arms and pulling you even closer to his body.

“ My little S… ” He murmured softly into your hair, planting tiny kisses in random spots as he grazed his fingers up and down your back underneath the hoodie; causing goosebumps to appear on your skin. You both ended up falling asleep together like this, you cuddled into him and his face buried into your hair. Surrounded by Seven, as if he was a blanket.
It was the best way to start off a morning.

HOO this is the first time ive written like this in a super long time holy shit hopefully im not too rusty but i just love this idea?? early morning cuddles?? mc having some little fashion show with sevens things?? snuggling back into sleep? sign me up boyos

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The gang when their S/O is sick

i love this aaaa and im sorry for taking so long!

-wont smoke around them
-puts on their favorite music for them!!!
-won’t hang out with the gang until s/o feels better
-always carries cough drops
-“your cough is soundin’ better every day!”
-always sending them cute letters!
-moves the garbage pail so they can easily throw out their tissues
-will totally try to find a cure for the common cold

-takes off of work to stay with them
-“my poor sick baby…”
-tells them funny stories about times he was sick
-he once sneezed and got snot in ponyboy’s hair :o
-always has spare tissues
-honestly so caring??
-“don’t thank me, doll. i know you’d do the same for me.”

-feeds them hot soup
-“i know it’s real hot, baby, but it’ll help you”
-might take a day or two off work
-an expert at taking care of sick ppl bc he’s taken care of everyone in the gang when they were sick at least once
-watches so many movies with them which is a surprise bc he’s really not a movie person
-picks up their dry cleaning????
-deep talks with them late at night
-prob tells the story of when soda got snot in pony’s hair

-a tad bit of a germophobe? but will Try His Best to help them
-wears latex gloves around them probably :P
-but there are still cheek and neck and forehead kisses. LOTS OF THEM
-always brings them food to eat after work
-makes s/o lots of tea!
-totally bakes them cookies (or at least tries)
-keeps track of how many days they’ve been sick on a lil calendar

-gives them his sister’s old stuffed animals (much to her dismay but she understands s/o is sick so she deals with it)
-gives s/o a bell to ring if they need anything
-when they ring it he goes “you rang?”
-basically a butler
-“*fake posh accent* will there be anything else?”
-“a fever ain’t gonna stop me from kissin’ my girl!

-randomly holds a tissue up to their nose and says “blow”
-checks their temperature by putting his lips to their forehead
-“that’s a bad fever, man.”
-prob greased their hair in their sleep as a lil joke hehe
-reminds them to do little things
-“make sure you eat, you hear?”
-will still kiss them bc he doesn’t care if he gets sick too

-visits them at their house every day
-thinks their sneezes are so cute!
-lets them lay their head on his shoulder
-offers to clean their house for them what a cutie
-brings them magazines to keep them entertained
-“i love takin’ care of you.”
-never leaves their side until they say it’s okay

(requests are open!)


Hi everyone! Here I come with a new Harry story. I really liked writing this one so, hopefully, you all like it as well. 

Before getting into the story I wanted you to know REQUESTS ARE OPEN! however, It’ll take me a bit of time writing them (I don’t have as much free time as on holidays)

Nothing else just… Enjoy!!! :)

Harry and I laid on the garden’s ground, doing nothing but enjoying the serenity of the evening. As time went by, the sun got closer and closer to the horizon, leaving behind a wide range of warm colours, revealing a lovely landscape in front of us.

Doing this was something common in us, we would always spend the last summer evenings in the backyard realising how lucky we were to get to see such a beautiful phenomenon everyday.

The soft currents of air hit on our faces, giving a pleasing tickle on them and making the situation inviting to fall asleep. I turned to the side staring at him. His eyes were shut, hiding his green orbs, lips parted and chest lifting up and down in a calm pace, he was asleep.

I loved the way he looked when he was lost in his dreams, like if nothing could worry or torture him at all.

The stare didn’t last long, as he suddenly opened his eyes, without previous expectation “What are you smiling at, love?” “Harry, you scared me! Weren’t you sleeping?” he chuckled at my reaction “Well yeah, or at least trying so… but the feeling of your eyes on me wouldn’t let me” I bit my lip in embarrassment, moving my eyes away from his “Sorry” “No, don’t be sorry. I love it when I have your eyes on me” “Why?” he picked me by the chin and made me lock eyes with him “Because I can see love in them” that, and a kiss on the forehead were enough to make me feel an inner butterfly explosion “Just love for you” he delicately brushed my lips with his pads before placing a kiss on them.

After some minutes of peaceful silence, enjoying the warmth his body radiated, I heard the groan of his stomach begging for food. The awkward cough he let out to hide it made me laugh “Some cutie hungry out there?” “Mee” “Any suggestions on what to eat?” He shrugged, before answering “Dunno, whatever… the last one to get in the kitchen cooks!” Between childlike chuckles he stood up and ran towards the inside of the house, throwing some soil at me in the process “Hey you little cheater, wait!”

* Few days later *

Harry’s POV:

“… Here you have another type of ring, it’s the most demanded between many women” the shop assistant placed a shiny diamond ring in front of me “It’s really beautiful, but it seems to be quite expensive” “Well, compared to others it’s not that expensive but… sure it isn’t the cheapest of all” “How much?” “Six hundred dollars” my eyes opened wide but I tried my best to play it cool “Mmm, how about something a bit cheaper?” She nodded, walking to the next one “Here we have… ” I stopped listening when I spotted a simple but at the same time nice ring, that was definitely the one “Sorry for interrupting you, but I’ve just found the perfect one” “Oh, which one?” I smiled pointed at it “Uh, are you sure you want that one? I can show you others way more elaborated” I shook my head “No, it isn’t necessary thanks, I know that’s the one” she finally gave up her attempt to change my mind “Okay, come with me then”


From the moment I stepped out of the store onwards, I couldn’t think of anything else than in the events about to occur that same night: the setting of the situation, the nervousness my words would be filled of, her reaction, and the most important part, her answer. The idea of taking this step had been wandering around my mind for a long time. I knew she was the only thing I wanted to wake up to the rest of my life, her voice was the only thing I wanted to hear during our late night conversations, her characteristic clumsiness was the only thing I wanted to laugh to; but the fear and insecurity made me back down, until today.

I ran every of the errands Jess left me enthusiastically, dancing and singing all around the house, I was on cloud nine.

When I was about to move on to the other task the doorbell rang. At the other side of the door a young postman awaited me “Hi, may I help you?” “Good morning, is this Harry Styles?” I nodded “This is for you” He said, handing me a white envelope. I furrowed my eyebrows at the sight of it, I definitely wasn’t expecting anything like that. I tried to see who the emitter was but the only thing written on it was my name and address  “What’s this?” “I don’t know, but it seems like something important, my boss told me to give it to you in hand. Could you sign here please, I’ve got more work ahead” His comment made me come out from my wondering “Yeah, sorry” “Thank you”

I sat on the sofa, envelope in hand. Just one possible emitter came up to my mind, and I prayed for it not be the one. My hands began to slightly shake, and an uncomfortable sensation settled in my chest. Something inside me told me nothing would be the same after opening it, and that was what scared me the most, I had never had that feeling.

‘You can’t be like this forever’ I told myself before opening the envelop, worry intensifying as I revealed more of the paper contained.

‘Appreciated Mr. Styles,

My duty as Colonel of the United States Army is to make you aware our country needs your support.

We demand all our best soldiers to seek for our nation’s protection.

As a consequence we recruit you, Mr. Harry Edward Styles to fight for United States’ sake.

As you must know, you applied voluntarily for the army, therefore, you have no chance to refuse, it is a soldier’s duty and a fact that had to be taken into account before having decided to make such an important decision.

The duration of the mission is undefined.

The date of departure will be the 16th of September at eight o'clock in the morning. An official army bus will pick you up that day and time.

Yours Faithfully,

Colonel of the United States Army.’

As I read every word inked in the paper, the previous bliss I felt went away completely, this being replaced by a mixture of worry and outrage, outrage for my foolishness back when I applied for it. I noticed how tears began forming at the back of my eyes, making my vision blurry, I wiped them off sloppily and read the letter once again and again trying to find anything on it revealing it all had been a joke, but as time disappeared, my hopes did as well.

I let out a long sigh, throwing the paper away, and bringing my eyes to the picture of Jess that decorated the wall. Today was supposed to be the happiest day of her life and I was going to spoil it telling her I was leaving, without being certain whether I was coming back or not. That wasn’t fair, she deserved someone who could be by her side, not me.

The problem was I was too selfish to let her go.


“Curly, I’m home!” The sound of her voice brought me back to reality, an awful reality. I brushed my face with my hands, trying to take it as easy as possible and have the best look so she didn’t notice the upcoming news, when she walked into the living room with her bright smile, I found it pretty hard not to feel a stab of pain “Hey love, how was your day?” She collapsed on the couch and I gave her a gentle kiss, she then searched for my embrace “Good, as always. What about you?” "The usual, nothing out of the ordinary” she looked up to me with loving eyes, nuzzling into my neck and spreading kisses all over it “You have no idea how much I wanted the day to end, I just looked forward cuddling like this” she gave me a deeper kiss and I felt a bitter sensation on my chest, that was going to be one of our last kisses before my departure. When she pulled away with a frown drawn on her face, a lump made its home in my throat “Hazz, is everything okay?” There was a silence, my head hung low. I wasn’t able to pronounce a thing and the soft brush of her fingers on me didn’t do any better “Honey, I know you the best, you’re worried about something, it’s obvious. Please tell me so I can help you”

Just more silence.

Her frown disappeared only to be replaced by a earnest stare “Harry, what the hell is happening”

This was the moment.

Jessica’s POV:

The uncomfortable feeling in the upper part of my stomach grew and grew wider with his silence. Usually, when Harry had to tell something he just went straight at it and didn’t create this much tension, right now he was doing exactly the opposite, which meant the thing wasn’t any good. I looked down at his hands, they were intertwined and rubbed nervously against each other.

The heartbreaking look he gave me when he raised his head shattered me into thousands of pieces.

“You know before we knew each other I applied for the army, right?”

“Uhm… Yeah"  

“Today a guy brought me a letter… from the army… it said-”

“No… Harry please no” I interrupted him, knowing since that precise moment what his next words were going to be. He couldn’t do more than facing downwards “I’m so sorry…” Suddenly I felt out of breath, a heavy weight in my chest oppressed me. I noticed that hideous itching in my nose which showed up only when I was about to cry “No Harry. No, no, no! Please tell me this is a prank, where’s the camera? Harry tell me this is whatever you want but don’t you dare to tell me this is true” his sorrowful gaze intensified more as he said his next words “Jess, this is real… I’m leaving tomorrow” I couldn’t hold my tears anymore, he immediately wrapped his arms around me and whispered soothing words to my ear “Shh love, we’ll make it through this, don’t cry please, it breaks my heart, you don’t know how much It does” and although I knew he tried to calm me down, his words only made me cry more.

What was going to happen since this? Was I going to see the love of my life again? How was I going to carry on without him? A bunch of questions came to my mind and increased my worry. “Harry, I’m so afraid, I don’t want to lose you” he moved from the couch and squatted in front of me, holding my hand tightly “Baby, you don’t have to fear anything. Everything’s gonna be okay, you’re not going to lose me, I promise” he delicately kissed the back of my hand, looking straight at my eyes “C’mon Harry, you know that isn’t true, in the war nothing’s certain, once you’re there you don’t know what will happen next” more tears streamed down my face “Listen to me, when I say I swear I’m coming back, I mean it. I don’t care if that’s the last thing I do in my entire life” The confidence and determination in his words eased my state and gave me that glint of hope I needed, he always fulfilled his promises after all.

He got up and offered me his hand “Get up” I did as he said “Okay, this wasn’t the way I planned it. I wanted this night to be the one you remembered as the happiest of your life not the saddest” I tilted my head in confusion “Jess, six years ago, I didn’t know what love was, nor I believed in it; six years ago, I couldn’t figure myself head over heels for someone; six years ago I didn’t know what having a home was… six years ago I didn’t have you. A year later, I spotted a cute lost girl in the middle of the station and something today still unknown told me ‘Why don’t you go and help her?’ I did so, and when you looked at me with those naive eyes, I knew you were coming into my life to change it completely… I was right” he made a pause, trying not to let his emotions get through the speech “Even though you knew my past wasn’t a good one, you didn’t stop seeing me as something way better than the piece of shit I was, you helped me find the real inner me, you made me a better person… you… saved me” his deep voice dimmed as he said his last words, I knew he was reminiscing those times. I gently tucked some strands of his hair on his ear, trying to bring him back to reality. He kneeled down and opened a small box he got out from his back pocket, revealing the most beautiful ring I had ever seen “I know it isn’t the best moment to ask this but… will you marry me?” A broad smile drew in my face as I went down to the floor and kissed him intensely, breathing out against his lips “Of course I’ll marry you” his eyes brightened. He cupped my face and brought his lips against mine again, moving slowly in sync. My heartbeat rose with every single brush; this kiss was meaningful, with it he established his promise of coming back “Love, with this ring I swear to you I’ll fight with all my strength to come back. I’ll be here to make you my wife and be by your side forever, okay?” “Okay.”

Harry’s POV:

We got lost in our orbs. Jess’ chocolate eyes were still swollen due to all the tears, yet she looked like an angel.

I didn’t want to believe that was one of the last opportunities I had to see the glisten of her gaze before leaving for a long time.

She picked my hand in a warm, soft grip “This is going to be so hard” another time tears began forming in her eyes “Don’t cry, I hate to see you like this” I placed a kiss on her wet pomule, moving to her cheek. My lips slowly dragged from there and ended up on hers, brushing but not reaching the kiss. She closed her eyes and sighed at the feeling, squeezing my sides “Please…” her cinnamon scent hit me, creating a sea of lumps in my stomach. I cupped her cheek with one hand, while the other brought her closer. The kiss was needy, we tried to get the most of each other, feel all the love expressed with it. 

As it got more intense a bunch of images came to my mind; the morning kisses I used to steal taking advantage she was asleep, the secret touches we would share before anyone knew about our relationship, the days we used to spend sprawled in bed, sharing our deepest thoughts; the moments of mutual support…  all that now had to be kept under lock and key in my memories.

The familiar taste of the kiss contained a new ingredient: sadness; at one point I was able to notice a tear slip into it.   

Her lips felt so damn good it was painful.

When air began to lack, we pulled away and rested our foreheads against each other. Her hot breath fanned over my lips and with her hands she traced figures over my chest, beneath my shirt, making small shivers travel down my spine.

In that moment I realised I needed to make her feel loved one last time before I left. I wanted to prove my commitment and leave her clear she was the one thing I was going to fight for.

But before I could say a thing she let out a faint whisper “Harry, make love to me. Prove me you mean it when you say you’ll fight to come back”

And so I did.

I grabbed her hand and kissed its back, meeting her gaze, and lifting us up. I brushed the little facial hair I had against it, tickling the area and provoking ethereal giggles come out of her mouth, which made me smile “C’mere” she said, I brought my lips to hers and they danced along at a slow, sensual rhythm.

I captured every single brush in my mind, I was going to miss her so much…

Her hands travelled from my back up to my hair, tugging delicately at it, and making the hair on my arms rise. I broke the kiss trailing all the way of her neck, breathing in her scent. She let out a whimper when I placed a wet kiss on her soft spot, and a gasp when I cupped the back of her thighs to wrap her legs around me, carrying her to the bedroom.

Once there I sat her carefully in the middle of the mattress, like the valuable treasure she was. I crawled to meet her and admired the blessing I had right in front of my eyes, looking back at me with the same admiration. She sat on her knees and moved upwards to leave a chaste kiss on my forehead, moving away just to pull the hem of my shirt upwards and get rid of it. I breathed out a “You’re so beautiful” and she began tracing the figures inked on my skin, leaving a kiss on them when she finished. I let out a long sigh and threw my head back, enjoying the feeling of her plump lips exploring my chest in the sweetest way.

During her journey down my torso she came across the scar which laid upon on one of my sides. She stared at it, finally spreading kisses over it “I love you”. That pecks she left on my scar, which was the mark of a dark past, a past she shed a light on, reminded me of the many scars she helped me heal, I’m not talking only about the physical ones but the ones of the soul as well.

I unbuttoned her shirt slowly, I didn’t have any rush, this was about expressing all our feelings without words and we needed to take our time. Once her piece of cloth was removed and laid next to mine, I attached my lips to her chest, as I unclasped her bra. I had to feel her against me. We both moaned at the contact, as she straddled me. I placed my hands around her waist and brushed my lips against her collarbone, travelling down the valley of her breasts as she whimpered closing her eyes “H- Harry, kiss me” I looked up to her and remembered that very first time we kissed. It was the most clumsy yet adorable moment ever. She tried to make the first movement but completely failed. I still can make out the moment when she turned around and walked to me with really determined steps just to end up tripping and falling on my arms. She radiated shame and her cheeks were beyond red. In that moment I realised she was the most beautiful person in planet Earth, so I moved my head downwards and kissed her.

I did the same this time, obeying her orders. This one had more passion, our mouths fought against each other, our hands roamed all over our bodies. I moved forward laying her on her back and now I was the one hovering. I unbuttoned her jeans and left feather kisses on the smooth skin of her hips and legs as I slid them down, following I got rid of mine.

Now the only barrier among us was our underwear.

As my eyes travelled up her body I met her slightly red cheeks. I brushed my pads against them and let out a snicker. That blush made me reminisce the most magical experience in my life: our first time. I was the first person to touch her, to see her in her most vulnerable state. She was genuinely nervous and, when she tried to cover the beauty of her innocent body from my gaze, I felt I could burst right there in fondness. That night I didn’t do anything else that whispering sweet nothings to her ear to make her feel comfortable and safe between my arms. “So many years since the first time but you still blush… I love you so much” I nuzzled my head on her neck, sucking on her soft spot, the moan she let out sounded like heaven for me. I slided down to her breasts, paying attention to both of them, I craved for hearing that sound again. As I got lower I noticed she was ready for what we both desired so much. I looked to her and she nodded, allowing me to slide her last piece of cloth, looking directly at her eyes, following, I did the same with mine.

We both moaned at the feeling, not only because of being body against body but soul against soul. “Hold on love, let me get your necklace out” She frowned as I undid the clasp “I just want you to wear the ring while doing this”

“I love you”

“I love you too.”

And with that we connected our bodies, becoming one.

The room filled with our moans, tender touches and specially, love.


Jessica’s POV:


The sun was rising, which meant there were only a few hours left before Harry’s departure.

I woke up not noticing anything beside me, which made me open my eyes instantly, did I sleep in and he left without saying goodbye? I got out of bed and reached for one of harry’s sweatshirts, rushing downstairs “Harry?” there was no answer “Harry?!” the same as before, I ran searching for him in all the rooms the house had, until I found his slightly bowed figure looking at the landscape our garden led to. I let out a long breath in relief, the hideous feeling leaving my stomach. “Hey, I didn’t find you anywhere, I was afraid you left without saying goodbye” he turned around to see me “Morning beautiful. I’ve been here all the time, I’d never do that to you” “What time is it?” “Seven“ “Only an hour left” “yeah…” we didn’t say anything else, the both of us staring at the rays of sun which gradually showed up from the horizon.

“I’ll write you whenever I have the opportunity” I smiled, looking down to my jewelled finger “Couldn’t wait longer to hear those words” he threw his arm across my back and brought me closer to him “I’m very proud of you” “Why?” “Because you’re taking this the best way. I knew you were strong, but this has left me with no words” I grinned “At first I didn’t process it the best way, but who would? I mean it’s hard to listen your boyfriend-” “Now fiancé” he corrected me, making me let out a loud laugh “Excuse me sir, as I was saying, it’s hard to listen from your fiancé he is going to the war for an unknown period of time. But you promised you were coming back and I fully trust in you… besides it’s not use to freak about this, it wouldn’t change a thing, would it?” “No, and that’s why I love you baby, you are the most mature woman I’ve ever met” I smiled, resting my head on his shoulder.

The sound of the doorbell made us automatically intertwine hands “It’s the time” I sadly nodded. We walked to the door, once we opened it a tall middle aged man stood in front of us “Good morning, I’m Colonel Franklin Western, I’ve come to pick up soldier Mr. Harry Styles” “Yeah, that’s me. Could you give me a minute?” “I will be waiting for you in the bus, don’t take too long please” “Thanks” Harry turned to face me “I love you, I love you endlessly, please don’t forget it. I’ll be back I promise. I’ll be back to make you my wife and to be by your side forever. I’ll fight for you, okay?” I nodded as a lump settled in my throat “Harry I’ll wait for you, even if it’s for a thousand years, when you come back I’ll be right here with my arms wide opened” he kissed me, that was going to be our last kiss for a while. I got the most of the moment, to remember the sensation of his lips against mine for as much time as I could. Our heavy breaths fanned against each other’s lips. I brought my hands to the clasp of my necklace undoing it “Take it with you okay? As a reminder that I’m with you, no matter we’re oceans away” He gave me warm smile as I placed it on him “See you soon Jess” “See you soon Harry”.

* A year later*

“Jess, I’ve just seen the postman, should we go and check?” My best friend Zoey said “What are we waiting for?” Every time the postman appeared I ran to the postbox in attempt to find a letter from Harry. After a whole year I haven’t received anything from him, yet I believed he was fighting to get back to me. I picked the lot of letters and searched for his one, I didn’t find anything. “Nothing… there’s nothing!” Disappointment was the only thing I could feel at that moment, but as I said before, after a year without news from him I got used to the feeling “Uhm Jess, I think you haven’t looked well enough…” “What do you mean?” “There’s one letter left” I frowned and looked inside, a white envelope appeared on my vision “It must be another bill…” “Well, why don’t you pick it and see?” I introduced my hand and picked it, my fingers covered the emitter. For an unknown reason I felt very nervous “Jess, move your hand so you can see who is it from" “I know Zoe but… I’m nervous” “Oh C'mon Jess!” She laughed and took it from my hand, once she read what was written the giggles stopped “Uhm here you have Jess” ‘From: Soldier Harry Edward Styles’ “Oh my… Zoey!” I covered my mouth with my hands and began to shake “Jess are you shaking?” “H- he’s alive… He’s alive!” I shouted “I knew he was going to keep his promise!” I hugged my brunette friend “Let’s get in so you can read it” we walked towards the house “ I’ll leave you some time to read it in private. I’ll prepare us something to eat” “Thanks, You’re the best friend ever” She smiled “Yeah yeah, now go and read that fluffy letter” While I made my way to the garden I felt how nervousness took control of my body. Once there I opened it quickly, I took a deep breath, preparing myself for his words:

'Monday 7th of September


It’s been a year since I left, and I’m here writing you this letter, I’m keeping my promise!

You haven’t got any idea of how much I miss you baby, I know you do too.

I’ve written you a bunch of letters during all this time but I think you haven’t received any of them because there’s been no answer back from you. I understand it, the colonel told us of a hundred letters sent, twenty only reach their destinations, I hope i’m lucky this time and you get to read this.

Things here are being hard, not gonna lie, but the thought of one day coming back home to you and our bright future helps me take this as easy as the situación allows it.

I want to mention that I dream of you every single night, imagining I’m in front of you admiring how good you look on your wedding dress, staring at your eyes and listening those words I’m yearning to hear from you “I do”.

Before I go to sleep and when I wake up I kiss the necklace you gave me. I feel somehow I’m kissing you, although it’s way too far from being that.

I’ve made some friends here, their names are Louis, Liam and Niall. During this time we’ve had the opportunity to get to know our stories, they all have something to fight for and they work hard everyday to reach their purposes. We all take care of each other. I was wondering if you’re okay with them attending our wedding, they’re very nice lads and we’ve grown really strong bonds.

As I assume you’ve never received any of my previous letters, you must be very worried and even have started to think I wasn’t able to keep my promise. If this letter reaches you I want you to stop thinking that way because I’m alive and giving my everything.

If you receive this reply me, I need to read how you’re feeling.

Stay strong, please.

I love you, always,


As I read the letter I felt a great relief. His words made me renew my hope. I ran to the studio to write another one as a reply for him, placing on it all the feelings I got to experiment during all that awful year.  

*6 months later *

The rays of sunlight hitting on my face made me wake up from my deep sleep, I snuggled in the pillow that replaced Harry’s body. Breathing in his fresh scent as if he was right there, probably because of the shirt I was wearing, which was his. I brought the pillow closer to me noticing it was harder than usual “What’s this?” I frowned propping myself up “Morning baby!” I opened my eyes wide, being unable to pronounce any word “Hey, are you okay?” The bewilderment didn’t let me say a thing “I-I-I… Harry!!!” I immediately hugged him as tears of happiness slid down my cheeks. He opened his arms taking me into the embrace “God I missed you so much… I can’t believe I’m here” he broke the hug and began spreading kisses all over my face and neck as I giggled. I straddled him and went to tug at his curls, finding there were none “Where’s your hair?” He laughed “I had to cut it, they didn’t allow anyone to have a longer hair than this one” he pointed his brand new haircut “Oh, I’ll miss your curls… but I have nothing against this one, looks really good on you” he chuckled, and the sound made shivers travel down my spine, how I missed his voice, his touch, everything about him. “This year and a half has been the hardest in my life. Not knowing how you were or felt killed me everyday” he moved his head downwards his face ending in contact with my chest “Baby I know, I’ve felt that way too… but now you’re here, with me, we don’t have any reason to be sad anymore” I wrapped my arms around him and held him tightly “Ouch!” he whimpered in pain “What?” “I’ve got some bruises on my chest” I moved away and got rid of his shirt. His chest was stained with purple spots and some scars “Oh Harry” I pushed him down the bed and placed a kiss on every foreign spot in his torso, in attempt to reduce the pain. “Better?” “Yeah…” he answered as he closed his eyes.

I let out a snicker when I saw how his chest lifted and went down with every breath, he was falling asleep. With a raspy voice he said “Let’s continue sleeping, I want to cuddle with my baby” to what I answered “And I want to wrap my arms around you and never let you go” We slid in the covers, closing our eyes. Time after I heard some snores coming out from his mouth, that sound which irritated me before, now made me the happiest woman in the world. Little by little I took off to the land of dreams with him.

He came back… he came back for me, as he promised.


Bts being a fake boyfriend.

Requested from anonymous.Here yah go!

Rap Monster: He would get away with so many things by taking this opportunity. You would assume he’s really acting and that it is perfect acting, but he’s really not. When he sees you he would start doing things like touching your cheek and saying “My Baby” in front of your parents.

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Suga: He would agree to do it, but is a little hurt that he has to pretend, he wouldn’t show it tho. Things would get awkward tho as he tries to say sweet things to you. “You…lil…cutie..”

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J-Hope: Okay having him as a fake boyfriend might be a little to hard lol. He would be super okay with pretending to be your guy, he wouldn’t try to embarrass you in front of your parents, but he is just too excited. “OVER HERE JAGI” But really all his crazy emotions that are showing is really how excited he feels inside.

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Jin: You: “Quick my parents coming, wrap your arms around me. Jin: “Or I can kiss you.” You: “What?”Jin: “Pucker up”

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Jimin: As you introduce him as your bf to your parents, he would try to act normal as possible, cause he’s really happy at the moment. But it would be hard for him, as his smile continue to stretch from ear to ear.

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Taehyung: Of course he would say yes to the offer. But Lets say you guys have dinner with your parents, he would be distracted and probably end up being confused when your dad ask “How long you two been dating”

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Jungkook: Even though he likes you, he would still laugh a little when you say you love him back, cause he knows your acting but you don’t know that he actually means it when he says he love you.

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Safe Haven

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x reader
Word Count: 1,221ish
T/W: Fluff and slight angst (anxiety)
A/N: For Adorable Anon’s Request: “OK so Philip x reader where the reader is scared shitless of thunderstorms (aka me hahaha) and one night it’s storming really bad and Philip wakes up to the reader crying and he helps her calm down and go back to sleep?” Ironically, I have a 7 day forecast of possible rain and it was a downpour last night!

It had to be at least 3 o’clock in the morning when Philip stirred. Thunder was cracking outside and it was near impossible for him to sleep, but he tried. Lightning lit up the room for a second, it was quiet, until another clap of thunder sounded off. Turning over in frustration from lack of sleep, he saw you. You were sitting up, knees tucked into your chest and tears streaming down your face. He waited to say anything, as another flash of light came from behind the curtains, it gave just enough light for him to see you. Rubbing your palms repetitively against the top of your thighs, you cried, gasping silently for air, staring straight ahead. 

“Baby?” Philip asked, but you didn’t respond. 

He sat up thinking of things he could do, watching your methodical movement. As soon as the thunder rumbled you stopped breathing so heavily, as if waiting for the cursed sound to strike fear into you again, and sure enough it didn’t fail. A loud sound filled the room along with the downpour of rain. You closed your eyes and hugged your knees. Philip desperately wanted to help, but this was the first time he had seen you this scared, he wasn’t judging, he just wanted to help but didn’t quite know how. 

“Wh-what can I-”

“I don’t feel safe!” you cried, partially yelling out of fear. 

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AAAAAAA THANK YOU SO MUCH. You are a super sweet lil’ bean! -admin Mimi


This sweet little bean, he’d probably be really shy about asking for a kiss but when it finally happens he’d have that precious heart melting smile and pepper their crush ALLL the little kisses all over their face and warm hugs.

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This sweet puppy would probably try to coax his crush into kissing him without actually asking, being super affectionate and cuddly. When they finally do he’d be super excited and ask for more kisses and cuddles.

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I feel like Kibum would probably keep lowkey suggesting he and his crush kiss without saying it outright? Like “Oh let’s watch these romcoms.” and being all snuggly. Maybe kiss his crush on the cheek until he got what he wanted. And then have that adorable cheeky smile on his face.

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Ah, this cutie patootie. He’d probably be super cuddly, all soft face caresses and nose boops. He probably wouldn’t even be fixing for his crush to kiss him, the crush would just go for it and Minho would have a big dopey grin on his face. [Admin Mimi- Ahh my bias <3]

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This precious little bean would probably just gush all the affection on his crush. So when his crush kisses him for the first time he’d be super extra about it and squeal about it, giving his crush all the kisses.

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[I’m sorry I’m not very good at this yet I’m like TT - Admin Mimi]

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IM ALWAYS A SLUT FOR MM IMAGINE BLOGS lololol anyways... Can I make a request of the rfa meeting their child after mc gave birth? (And for jaehee either they had a donor or both of them meeting the kid they adopted) Thanks in advance!!!

HAHA YEAH IM A SLUT FOR THEM TOO!!! i made this blog to provide my fellow mm imagine lovers with that good shit. i hope this fit your request!

♥ When the doctor called Yoosung in to see you and your child, hE RAN INTO THE OPERATION ROOM SO QUICK.
♥ He’d just see you cradling the little bundle of joy and he’d just stop in the doorway and start crying.
♥ He can’t stop smiling, he wants to hold them so bad but he’d be patient and gentle.
♥ Regardless on how sweaty or tired you were, he’d still say you were glowing and you were so beautiful.
♥ When he got to hold his child for the first time, he would just get so emotional.
“I’m so blessed that I got to experience this all with someone as wonderful as you, MC.”

♥ He’d insist on a homebirth, he didn’t want fans to intrude during the operation.
♥ He’d get a doctor to go to his apartment to assist you with the procedure.
♥ He’d let you hold his hand while you were in labor, he’d keep motivating you and kept a positive attitude.
♥ His heart would melt once he heard the cries of his child.
♥ He’d take a bunch of photos of you resting with your newborn and he’d set it as his lock screen. It was his motivation to work hard from now on.
♥ You, Zen, and the baby would do so much stuff together to make up for the stuff he never got to do with his family in his childhood.
“I hope this baby will grow up to be just as beautiful as me you, MC!”

Jaehee (I made this one adoption):
♥ The day you and Jaehee would finally get to meet your new adopted child would be the best day of her life.
♥ Jumin would finally be nice enough to give her an entire week off to bond with her child.
♥ When they hand Jaehee the lil baby, she closes her eyes and just breathes. She finally, for once, looks at peace and not stressed.
♥ Holding the baby really does ease her nerves and reminds her that all that hard work paid off.
♥ She’d read to the baby all the time, it’s what she loves to do most in her free time. She’s the best mommy ever
“I wonder what they’ll be when they grow up. Whatever it is, I’ll support them no matter what. Unless they don’t like coffee.

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I know they're not on your group list in your description but could you do Shinee reacting to you waking them up with kisses


Jinki would smile that signature smile of his and admire how cute you’re being. “How did I get so lucky?”


Jonghyun would be playful about it, chuckling a little to himself and teasing you. “Couldn’t resist me even in my sleep, huh?”


Diva Key here would probably not wake up in as bright of a mood. He’d be concerned that you were kissing his bare face or something of the sort. “Jagiya, I love you and all, but you’re interrupting my beauty sleep..”


This cutie would honestly probably be the one to be waking you up with kisses, actually.


He’d be shy. Despite being your boyfriend, you can never cease to find things to do that make him blush and hide. “Babe, what are you doing?”

Thank you for asking, lovely anon!~

~Scout Yoongi

BTS’ reaction to their gf’s lips tasting sweet because she had eaten something sweet beforehand.

HI hope you like it anonie, It might be odd or have small mistakes cuz I’m doing this at 1am but regardless! I really do hope you enjoy it. ~~~

Jin/Kim Seokjin- 

“Let’s go get you to eat more sweets so I can taste it more often.” He’d make you eat more, done. Loves the taste wants more of it. :)

Suga/Min Yoongi-

Yoongi would give you a look, a pretty sexy look just kinda saying: I’ll be tasting something sweeter later I’ll be kissing you a lot more now, and I know you’re not complaining.

J-Hope/Jung Hoseok-

After kissing you he would smile. “Ah what did you eat? Your lips taste sweet~” Licks his lips then kisses you again. 

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon- 

“Very sweet,” He’d be a little suprised but very happy. “Don’t tell what you ate, let me keep kissing you so I can guess.”

Jimin/Park Jimin-

Rude af man Jimin would sort of smirk, “You’re my good girl, right?” cue holds your face. “Then let me kiss you again and again.” 

V/Kim Taehyung- 

 Tae would be such a cutie, smiles and giggles. “Pleaseee kiss me again!” probably poking his cheeks for extra cuteness and convincing. 

Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook-

“What are you eating that makes me want to kiss you more hmm~?” Would tease you, golden maknae would tease you because you’re a couple and you tease.