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Holding You Back (Smut)

A/N: I’m in Prague this week with a friend and I set this to upload on it’s own so hopefully it works. A little trigger warning towards the end.
Requested to write a smut about the videos of the boys playing billiard in Glasgow and using some vibes from There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back too.

Word count: 5,323

“I swear he’s looking at you again” Ollie grinned, smiling at me widely. He put a couple of bottles with liquor back on their place, not taking his friendly eyes of me.

“Who?” I asked, grabbing two more glasses from the counter. I poured vodka in them both first, then some red bull before putting ice in both glasses.

“The tall, dark-haired guy” he said, nodding in the direction of the billiard tables in the other end of the bar.

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anonymous asked:

Smut prompt: David and Killian are best friends and Killian's "lady of the night" is Emma. But he doesn't know emma is davids little sister.

*unbeta’d so sorry for mistakes*

Just a silly, baby bit. Ended up being smutless ;).

They’d met a month ago. She was chasing some guy (part of her job) and had turned up at the bar that he worked at. The guy was a bust - had left hours ago - but she was not.

She was interesting, enigmatic and beautiful.

She explained she was new to town, so he insisted on buying her a drink. They talked until it was closing hour, the  other bartender picking up the slack for the totally beguiled Killian.
(She seemed just as smitten, Will his coworker had teased the next day.)


Moving back to Storybrooke had been a fresh start after a bad break up. Her brother had coaxed her home after many years of trying, wanting to mend their fractured relationship. But that was still in it’s infancy, gently working back into each other’s lives after almost a decade wasn’t simple.

And meeting Killian was a not expected development.

She’d not dated in forever. Really thought that maybe that part of her life was over: too many assholes leaving their mark. But he was different. He was warm, funny and devastatingly handsome.

Perhaps she should have declined the offer of a drink, but she was technically off the clock and she found she wanted to (despite herself). They were so similar yet different all at the same time.

Three days later she returned, hair curled, a floral dress that toed the line between casual and dressy was topped with her ever present leather jacket. She took a seat at the bar and waited for him to notice her.

He smiled and she was already falling for him.


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Let’s Meet At Luke’s Part 3

Catch up on Let’s Meet At Lukes!

                “Yes! Yes you did!” Rory laughed as Dean chuckled, shaking his head. “I do not ever remember telling you I’d watch you walk around a book store and shop for 6 or 7 hours,” Dean said as he looked down at her. Rory smiled softly at him. “Today’s been a lot of fun,” she said as she turned toward him, staring up into his hazel eyes. “You know, Rory, I thought for sure that when I left, I’d never see you again, but, now that I have…” he whispered leaning closer to her.

               Rory smiled and leaned up, their lips inches apart. She could smell the mint he’d sucked on after finishing his cup of coffee. Which, she could still smell a hint of as well; Rory closed her eyes, anxious to feel his lips on hers again. Suddenly, her phone began to ring, causing her to jump back, Dean doing the same as he cleared his throat and rubbed his neck awkwardly. Rory’s eyes were wide as she dug around in her purse pulling her phone out and seeing a missed call from her mother. “Sorry about that,” she said smiling as she shoved her phone back into her purse. “Don’t worry about it, I should get you home anyways,” Dean sputtered as he walked her back to her car. “You know, we should go out again, this was a lot of fun. What are you doing tomorrow night?” Rory asked as they stopped at her car.

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Release (Bucky x Steve x Reader- NSFW)

Originally posted by piscesandpercy

Prompt: I absolutely love your writing and I’m so excited that you’re taking requests again, even if it’s tentatively. I wanted to ask if you could do another Bucky x Steve x reader smut? I’m a horndog and I’m so embarrassed to be requesting this, and u totally get it if you don’t write it. I love your writings, and I hope you have a great day!! <3 <3

Man, I would love a Steve x Bucky x Reader when they’re all on a mission together and after the last day (and a particularly hard day) they take the pressure off one another by indulging in frenzy of hot rough sex.

A/N: Well, mysterious anons, today is your lucky day. Because I like a little threesome every now and again with these two fellas too. Thanks for requesting! 

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Bullet Proof- Chapter 10

Hey guys, so so sorry that this took so long to post! Life has been insane! I promise I’ll be better at posting fics over the summer. I want to thank @em-m-j, @jordan202 and everyone else in the GC for encouraging me to keep going even though I was crazy busy and lost inspiration.

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Amelia Shepherd woke up feeling blissfully happy. She couldn’t quite place why, but she had a feeling it had everything to do with the warm figure that was currently pressed against her back. Owen. Somehow in the middle of the night they had gotten even closer than they had been when they went to sleep, and their legs had become tangled together. His strong arms were still wrapped around her, and though the intimacy of it all terrified her, she felt incredibly safe. How pitiful was it that the only times she has gotten a proper sleep in the past 2 weeks were when Owen was nearby. God how had she become so attached to someone this quickly. Instantly panic set in her chest and the urge to run took over her brain. She was trying to figure out how should could untangle herself from Owen without waking him when she felt him stir beside her. His arm pulled her closer and all the fears left her mind. So what if it was fast? She had this amazing man sleeping beside her, who brought her into his bed just to sleep because he knew she needed it. She turned around in his embrace to meet his gaze.

“Hey,” he breathed, surprised she was awake.

“Hey,” she replied shyly. She noticed how bright it was in the room. “Oh god what time is it? How long did I sleep for?” She made a move to get up but Owen pulled her back down into his embrace.

“Don’t worry, it’s not even nine. We all worked so much these past few days, no one will expect us before eleven.”

“Eleven?” Amelia asked coyly while looking at the clock. “Detective Hunt that’s over two hours from now, what ever will we do with all that time?”

He grinned back at her and inched closer, “well Doctor Shepherd, I can think of a few things.”

He leaned down over Amelia and captured her lips in a long slow kiss. She shifted under him giving herself better access to his lips. His hands roamed under the baggy shirt he had lent her. It dwarfed her slender frame and he was surprised just how small she felt under his hands. He shifted so his body was now fully covering hers, and Amelia eagerly rose to meet him. The kiss that had begun slow was now frantic and heated. His hands felt like fire on her bare skin and she let hers eagerly explore his back. Her hands found the hem of his shirt and she yanked, trying to pull it off. It got stuck around his head and their kiss was broken. They dissolved into a fit of giggles.

“Why Miss Shepherd if you want something all you have to do is ask. You don’t have to strangle me with my t-shirt in the process.” Owen laughed.

“That’s Doctor Shepherd to you,” she said with determination, pulling his shirt over his head and throwing across the room.

“Oh we’re playing dirty now are we Doctor.” Owen teased raising his eyebrows.

Amelia laughed at his mock seriousness and dove in for another kiss. His strong arms ran up and down her body and she shuddered under his amazing touch. She let her own arms explore his muscular back as she pulled him closer to her.

With one swift motion Owen rid her of her shirt, only breaking their kiss for seconds before diving back in with more passion.

Before they knew it they had both rid each other of their remaining clothing, and there was nothing left between them. Amelia started up at Owen biting her lip. She suddenly felt nervous. It’s not like she’d never been with a guy before, far from that. But there was a feeling when she was with Owen that this was real, it was special. He wasn’t just some guy she spent the night with and forgot in the morning. In fact she had spent the night with him, even though nothing happened, and now here she was still in his bed.

There was a moment of silent between them where neither moved, but it wasn’t awkward, it just built the anticipation of what they both knew was about to happen.

Owen looked down into her eyes and claimed her lips in another searing kiss. He moved his hands down to her hips and pushed himself into her. She moaned at the contact which urged Owen forward setting a rhythm with his strokes. Amelia ran her hands through his hair and gripped the back of his neck keeping his mouth fused to hers.

Amelia didn’t understand how she could feel so connected to a man she had only recently met. But there was something about Owen that made her feel safe, like the knew everything about him, and trusted him completely.

Amelia was brought out of sleep by the smell of bacon and coffee. She rolled over and looked at the clock, it was a little after ten. She must have fallen back asleep. Owen had worn her out. She blushed thinking about what that man had done to her. She got out of bed and grabbed the shirt Owen had lent her,which had somehow ended up all the way across the room.

She left Owen’s bedroom and walked into the kitchen. She was surprised to see Owen, clad only in boxers, frying bacon while simultaneously scrambling eggs. He moved to throw some toast in the toaster while keeping one hand working on the bacon. The way he juggled the pots and pans made Amelia wonder if he’d ever worked as a chef.

“Well Master Chef, what are you whipping up for breakfast?”

Owen startled, obviously not having heard her come in. “Morning sleepyhead, I thought I was going to have to eat all this food myself.”

“Hey,” Amelia protested. “It’s not my fault someone wore me out this morning.”

Owen grinned at her clearly proud of himself. Amelia crossed over to him and wrapped her arms around his waist from behind. He turned and kissed her cheek before continuing to finish breakfast. At that moment the door to the apartment opened and Teddy rushed in.

“Oh!” She said surprised. “Sorry I am interrupting. I just came home to change before I head to the precinct for the day.”

Amelia blushed and took a step away from Owen. He however didn’t seem phased at all.

“No worries, do you want to join us for breakfast?” Owen asked turning back to the stove.

“Sure,” Teddy replied shocked at how chill Owen was about all of this. He was usually one to keep his personal life very private, it was surprising to see him so calm and comfortable around Amelia. She made her way to her bedroom to change leaving Amelia and Owen alone.

“Did you see that?” Owen asked a still embarrassed Amelia. “She was wearing the same thing she wore yesterday, and I know she was not at work last night, so where was she?”

Amelia stared back at him blankly still not sure how to process what happened. “How were you so calm about all that?”

“About what? Teddy not coming home last night? She’s a grown up, she can do what she wants. But I am still very curious.”

“No that’s not what I meant,” Amelia corrected. “We are in your kitchen, in the morning. It’s pretty obvious I stayed here last night. I mean I’m wearing your t-shirt, you’re in boxers. It doesn’t take a detective to figure this one out.”

“I don’t see the problem,” Owen replied taking a step towards her. “She already knew something was going on with us, this just affirms it. She’s my best friend, we live together, I can’t keep anything from her. And I don’t want to. Do you?”

Amelia kept her eyes glued to the floor despite Owens proximity to her. “Well…. no I don’t want to keep it from people, but this is so new, we are still figuring it out ourselves. Bringing more people in just complicates things.”

Owen took another step towards her, he lifted her chin gently with his fingers forcing her to look into his eyes. “Amelia, I know you’re worried about this. I’m scared too. My track record isn’t exactly stellar, but I want to try together. And that means including those who are important in our lives. I don’t want this to just be some dirty little secret.”

Amelia met his eyes and smiled. “Well it can be a little dirty can’t it?” She joked breaking the tension. He laughed, and she continued. “I get what you’re saying. I’d be lying if I said this didn’t terrify me, but I’m hoping it’ll be worth it. And if giving this a real shot means telling people that are important then so be it.”

He smiled at her pulling her towards him and claiming her lips in a tender kiss.

“Woah sorry to interrupt, but I was invited for breakfast,” Teddy said entering the kitchen. Owen and Amelia pulled apart, but Amelia tried her best to be comfortable with Teddy’s presence.

They all sat down and ate breakfast together, and Amelia was surprised how easy it was. Conversation flowed and she and Teddy actually had a lot in common. She found that she wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Although despite her and Owen’s urging, Teddy remained very tight lipped about where she had been the night before.

Owen looked at the clock and was shocked to realize it was almost 11. “We really should get into work. I know the Chief told us to take some time, but he’ll be mad if we don’t come in soon, you know how Chief Sloan is.”

“That I do,” Teddy replied. “Come on Amelia,” she said turning to the brunette, “we need to get you some clothes. You can exactly wear Owen’s t-shirt to work.”

Amelia blushed, but followed the detective into her room.

“I appreciate the gesture Teddy, but you don’t have to do this, I can just go home and change.”

“Nonsense,” Teddy said shaking her head. “You’re already here, why go home when I have a full closet. Besides, we are basically the same size. Well maybe except for height.” Teddy added with a smirk.

Teddy set forward rummaging through her closet for something to lend Amelia. While waiting the doctor found her eyes wandering around the room. She had gotten a look when she was in there the other day, but hadn’t looked closely. She noticed Teddy had the same picture Owen had in his room. The one with the group of people in army uniforms. Her and Owen and the woman who looked a lot like Owen. Again she found herself wondering who she was. She must be a sister, but why had Owen never mentioned her, it was obvious from the photo they were close.

“Here you go,” Teddy said as she emerged from the closet. “I’m not sure how you feel about dresses, but I figured with the height difference it was a safer option.”

“Thanks so much Teddy,” Amelia said sincerely. “I really appreciate this.”

“No worries,” Teddy smiled at the other woman. “I’m an only child, Megan was the closest thing I had to a sister.” She glanced at the photo Amelia had been looking at. “It’s nice to have something like that again, I really do hope we can be friends.”

Amelia had a lot of questions, but she knew this wasn’t the time or place. Instead she squeezed the other woman’s hand, “I hope so too.”

They were interrupted by a knock on the door.

“You two better hurry up, the Chief just called. We’ve got another body.”

Amelia pulled up at the crime scene behind Owen and Teddy. She had chosen to take her own vehicle which was at Owen’s place, rather than arrive with them and cause questions. Though her and Owen agreed that people who are closer with them should know, they both agreed to keep on the down low at work.

“Edwards, what do we have.” Amelia asked greeting her assistant.

“A body was found just lying out here in the park. We thought it was a random shooting, but when we ran his ID we found he works for the same company as the rest of our victims. I think we have a mass murderer on our hands.”

“Alright thanks Steph,” Amelia said walking across the field towards their victim. When she was almost at the body she heard a click come from under her feet. She froze on the spot.

Owen saw what happened and wondered why she suddenly froze. He made a move to walk towards her but she called out before he could, “No Owen wait, just stay there!”

“Amelia what’s wrong?” he asked, his eyes meeting hers in a worried look.

“I think I just stepped on a pressure plate,” she looked up to meet his eyes. “I’m pretty sure I just triggered a bomb.”

e)(o  Halloween AU

A/N: I wote this because I’m a hoe for Halloween and supernatural stuff and I hope everyone likes it! I actually came up with a lot of ideas whilst writing this, so if anyone is interested in me continuing this as a series please tell me! x

Summary: See what happens when EXO as supernatural creatures meet in a secret lounge on Halloween (sorry this is a shitty summary I didn’t know what to write lol)

warnings: blood, gore, death, mentions of sex (literally pure sin)


My 6 inch heels clacked on the empty pavement as I strut down the lonely, narrow street. What would be painful for normal human kind felt numb to me. I’d worn these shoes for the past years, never taking them off for longer than a few hours. The moon lit up the night, almost too bright for someone of my kind. The pathetic young man’s desperate cry was still present in my head.

„Please don’t kill me,“ he had begged. And then I remember my breathy laugh as his blood was dripping down my chin and onto my chest. My previously red dress now had a deep, blood red stain on its front. The smell lingered in my nose, but sadly it would soon be gone. I licked around my lips, trying to get every last drop of the sweet, red liquid I lived on. From around the corner I could hear children’s excited shouts and squeals as they went from house to house, asking for candy. It’s funny, really. Don’t adults always tell their kids not to take candy from strangers? Halloween had always been obscure to me, back in my days we didn’t celebrate it. Not the way they do now. It’s not about scaring ghosts and evil creatures away no more. It’s about parties and dressing up and candy. Oh how I hate the word candy. Although scaring us creatures of the night away had never worked anyways. We’ll always find our way back to you, you just wait, humans.

There they came. A little girl, dressed as a princess with bright hair and a blue dress bounced past me, her eyes following my figure just shortly, as she was fixed on the next house she would knock on. Silly, silly little girl. Who knows what would await her behind the door? I could think of a few things. The next group of kids I passed seemed to give me more attention. A girl dressed as a cowgirl stared at the red stains on my skin as if she was possessed. I chuckled and fastened my steps. From afar I could make out the music playing in my favorite club. Not that vampires go to clubs, no way, the music is deafeningly loud for us. But this club is different. Out the backdoor of it, that’s where I was really headed. I slowly got sick of walking and started running. Given human speed, it would’ve taken me another 20 minutes to reach my destination. Now it took me less than one. Fake spider webs and skeletons were hanging on the front wall of the building, attracting young people just like death attracted demons. The bouncer stared at my chest, I wasn’t sure whether it was the fact that my boobs looked great tonight or if it was the blood, but I didn’t mind. One sweet smile in his direction and he let me in, hypnotized by my spell.

“Thank you,” I coaxed, my voice dripping like honey as I ran my nails along his neck. The lively pulse underneath his skin captured my senses for a second. The guy was lucky I had just fed. The music that could even be harmful to humans felt like hammers pounding against my eardrums. Yet I enjoyed the scene in front of me. Drunk, sweaty bodies rubbing against each other on the dance floor, vibrating vivacity lingering in the air. I often wondered what being alive felt like, since I had no memory left of it. A young woman smiled in my direction, complementing my ‘costume’ with her eyes. Silly, silly girl. I smiled back, flashing my sharp teeth at her, at which she seemed to light up even more. If only she knew. But she didn’t, and because it was Halloween, no one did. Halloween was the one and only night monsters could freely walk among humans, not having to worry about showing too much of themselves, because nowadays costumes got more and more realistic. Silly humans, can’t tell tomato sauce from their own kind’s blood. My eyes fixed on the black door with the small 'private’ sign on it. The strong smell of death crept into my nose the second I had entered the lounge. It was a stone old room without windows. Red satin sofas lined the walls, at the back of the room was a bar, held in dark wood. Old lamps spent sparse, pale light, but not that I needed it anyway. The dark ceiling had cracks in it, here and there was a dried splash of what could’ve only been blood. It was fairly quiet, my steps drawing attention to my figure walking through the room, familiar faces looking my way as I smirked at them, heading straight for the bar. Chanyeol’s red hair was the first thing I noticed about him, and as the demon turned my way I stared into his fully jet black eyes. Underneath his half-opened black shirt I could make out scars from years ago, as well as some new ones.

“Ah, I love Halloween,” I sighed, leaning against the frame of the bar, letting my eyes run over the few visitors that were in the lounge. All of them frequenters, just like me. It was too early for a lot of guests to be here already, but I liked being early. It’s not like I had any duties. In the corner of the room I spotted Xiumin and Chen, sitting comfortably by a table across from each other. Xiumin’s green hair wasn’t what made him special. It sure drew attention to him, but not nearly as much as his cat pupils did. He wore a silver leather jacket and black skinny pants. For some reason warlocks always seemed to adapt to the current fashion perfectly. Being around 350 years old, he didn’t mind people staring at his special eyes anymore. And neither did his best friend, and by best I mean only friend who was still alive. Other than Xiumin, who simply had different kind of eyes, Chen had a third eye on his forehead. There was no way he could ever explain that to human kind, but he didn’t need to. His abilities allowed him to make the eye disappear with the snap of two fingers whenever he went outside. He gave me a quick wave when he noticed my look on him, and I returned it. Behind me, Chanyeol cleared his throat.

“You got blood?” I asked, now spinning around to look at the only demon I knew personally and didn’t feel the deep desire to kill.

“Other than the blood that’s in my veins, I don’t,” he replied, making me huff.

“Stop acting as if you’re more human than I am, black eye,” I said, making him chuckle. When he sent me an apologetic look, I shrugged and made my way over to the wall-length mirror in the corner of the room. No one knows how long he’s been there, but the dreamy boy with the white clothes and black ruffled hair always made my day better. I jumped when a black snake suddenly crawled out from underneath a table, raised in front of me and hissed dangerously. I felt the urge to kick it, but I wasn’t in the mood for a bar fight, so I simply raised my voice.

“Who’s missing a black, very pesky snake?”

Seconds later Xiumin knelt in front of me, picking the animal up and hanging it around his neck like a piece of jewelery. Its tongue moved in and out of its mouth as it relaxed at the smell of its owner.

“I apologize for his behavior, he is not usually like this,” Xiumin said, smiling at me in repentance. Having a warlock as powerful as Xiumin apologize to you for a such thing was definitely not a downside, so I decided to accept his excuse and smiled back at my friend. His pupils were big due to the darkness, but they still kept the cat-like shape I had gotten used to long ago. As he walked away I continued my way through the labyrinth of tables, over to the mirror. All I gazed at was my own reflection. I waited a few seconds, knowing Yixing it would take him a few moments to notice me, so I leaned against a pillar behind me. For the second time this night I got startled, my annoyance rising as Kai’s fluffy haired head peeked out from behind, or rather through the mirror.

“Goddamn Kai! How many times have I told you to stop doing that?” I complained.

“Exactly 42 times that is, m'lady,” he spoke, sitting down on the floor in a cross-legged position. He’d never told me how he died, I assume he didn’t remember himself, but his clothes looked like they were from another century and the way the ghost spoke was only slowly adapting to the 21st century slang.

“Hello,” Lay’s soft voice spoke as he appeared in the mirror next to me. I watched him hug me, but all I felt was a gentle breeze of air coming my way. Both Xiumin and Chen had wasted entire nights trying to get him out of the mirror, but nothing seemed to work, and there he was, stuck inside his little world that was whatever was behind the dirty glass. I smiled at him gently.

“You know, they’ll catch you one day if you walk around with all that blood on you,” he worried, gazing at my dress.

“That gent is right, m'lady!” Kai spoke, looking up at me innocently.

“Don’t worry, it’s Halloween,” I explained. “No one suspects anything on Halloween.”

“Oooh Halloween,” Lay swooned. “I miss Halloween…”

I had never felt protective of anyone, not before I had encountered the dreamy, messy haired Yixing inside the mirror, and even to the 'I-take-everything-you-say-literally’ – Kai I felt a little like a mother.

“Thy evening shall be hallowed, then!” he exclaimed and with another quick move he was gone. Through the ceiling. Yixing tried to follow him with his eyes, but he only had so much room to look from where he was captured.

“Do you remember Halloween?” I asked him.

“When I was little I dressed up as a bunny and we played the game with the apples…,” he said. His voice always sounded as if he was deep in thoughts, somewhere completely else, but somehow still here. “If you excuse me.”

And then, before I could say anything else, he disappeared as well. Just on time, because that’s when I smelled it. Blood. Flesh. My nose held high, I strut down the room, stopping at the table Kyungsoo sat at. You see, zombies aren’t the way people portray them to be in the movies. They’re not stupid, they can in fact speak very normally and they’re not thinking about eating brains all day long. Although it probably was what Kyungsoo was thinking about at that moment. I’d seen him around a few times, seen him feed a few times. And let me tell you, if one says vampires are messy eaters they haven’t seen a zombie eat. The pieces spread out in front of him I could only identify as parts of a brain, still covered in delicious smelling blood that made my insides tingle.

“You mind sharing?” I swiftly asked, but quickly moved backwards when he growled at me threateningly. From previous experience I knew that zombies weren’t to mess with, not even if you are a vampire. Once your brain’s gone, your immortality is as well, so I slowly walked away, slightly annoyed that I didn’t get any of the blood when the smell was still blinding all my senses. That changed quickly as I roamed the room with my eyes once more. I grinned when I spotted Sehun next to Baekhyun, sitting on a sofa, their feet on the small table in front of them. I could see the little drips of blood on Sehun’s skin from afar.

“You got a lil something there,” I said, confident his vampire hearing was good enough to understand me while I pointed at my neck, showing him the spot I was talking about.

“Wanna lick it off?” he replied, smirking at me from across the room. I debated whether to go over for a second, but when I recalled the countless hours I had spent with Baekyhun and Sehun, both being of my kind, remembering how they could make me feel, my vampire speed carried me onto Sehun’s lap in the blink of an eye. I didn’t say hi or greet them in any other way because I was too busy licking and kissing Sehun’s neck, tasting not only the blood but also his own taste. He always smelled like the woods, like nature. I assumed it was because that’s where he spent most of his time. Baekhyun, on the other hand, carried the scent of roses, which ignited my cells as he moved behind me and began planting kisses on my shoulder. I threw my head back and closed my eyes, allowing Sehun to bite along my front neck, where the young man’s blood still stuck to me like a precious perfume. From somewhere I could hear an indignant hem and voices. Slowly, I pushed the two men off me and met eyes with the black ones of Chanyeol. He was shaking his head in disgust.

“What is it with you vampires and having orgies wherever you go?” he questioned.

“Wanna join?” Baekhyun asked the demon, who he was surprisingly good friends with, smirking at me.

“Let the kids have some fun,” Chen threw in from across the room.

“Kids?” Sehun protested. “You’re not that much older than me!”

“Son, I’ve already drank with Shakespeare, don’t provoke me,” Chen spoke calmly. Sehun shut up at his words, but sent him a glare nonetheless. Suddenly, Baekhyun and Sehun both stared at me as the three of us listened closely. Somewhere outside the building we could hear howling.

“Werewolves,” I grumbled through gritted teeth. Chanyeol immediately shook his head in my direction. He was trying to remind me of what happened. Last week I’d had a fight in here, a couple tables got smashed and some of the blood spots on the ceiling might have been caused by me.

“What was I supposed to do? He threatened to hunt in my territory!” I defended myself, knowing what Chanyeol was thinking about.

“You could’ve solved your disagreements somewhere else than in my lounge,” he spoke calmly. I huffed and leaned back into the soft sofa, Sehun and Baekhyun on either side of me. “Don’t you dare start something like that again.”

“We’ll continue this later,” Baekhyun muttered under his breath, referring to the fact that we had just started making out a few minutes ago.

“Oh please, that’s what you call whispering? Even I heard that, and my ears are pretty much non existent,” Kyungsoo now threw in, making Sehun chuckle lightly. That moment the door on my left opened, and I could smell the dog before I had even taken a look at him. His name was Suho and he was the leader of the biggest pack of werewolves I’d ever encountered. But that didn’t intimidate me one bit. His leather jacket hugged his muscular body tightly as he coolly walked through the lounge. I snarled at him dangerously.

“Calm your tits, blood sucker,” he spit. “I’m just here to have a drink. Or a couple.”

My eyes followed his every move like a predator eying their prey, and so did Sehun and Baekhyun’s. Chanyeol handed him a drink, and in silence we watched him down one, two, three shots in a row. He only gave short answers when Chanyeol asked him what he was up to. When he ran his hand through his hair I only noticed how fed up he seemed. Then he pulled his phone from his pocket, checking the lit up screen.

“What did you say that was called?” Lay asked from his mirror in the corner, directing everyone’s eyes to his interested gaze. At his words, Suho smiled. That’s right, werewolves sometimes smile.

“It’s a smart phone,” he told the boy in the mirror, walking over to him. At that moment I was convinced: Only Lay could turn an alpha into a puppy.

“How can it be smart? It’s a metal box, isn’t it?” the black haired boy questioned, rubbing his head in confusion. Suho came closer, chuckling.

“Here, this is called taking a 'selfie’,” he said before holding up the phone so the camera pointed to the mirror where Lay stood. Sehun snorted in amusement next to me. After the short click the wolf checked the screen, but just as we all had expected, his face fell. Taking a photo of Lay was impossible, he simply didn’t show up on it. Meanwhile I was distracted by a very needy Baekhyun nibbling my neck, licking off the remaining blood, humming in content.

“Baek,” I whispered, signaling him to stop before someone would start complaining again.

“I’m so hungry,” he whined. “I hope some stupid human finds their way in here tonight, I’m dying of hunger.”

“Alloweth me to remindeth you that thou are already dead, sir,” Kai suddenly spoke, appearing from the ceiling. Baekhyun shot him an annoyed glance, but I grinned. That second the black door opens another time, and I am met with a familiar face. The girl who had smiled at me in the Club was looking inside, and I smiled innocently when I spied her. I could practically hear Sehun’s fangs grow bigger as the girl remembered my face and came inside. When she spotted the predatory way every single person in the room looked at her, it was already too late to turn around. And for once in this evening, all creatures in the room seemed to agree on something.

Torture Chamber

Crowley imagine requested by anon! This imagine has been edited for reposting to fill in my skeletal beginner’s writing with details. Hope you like it!

WARNING- Smut (innuendos count? CROWLEY GETS ANTSY OKAY), torture

“Y/n! Get in here!” Dean’s furious voice called from the filing room, more commonly used as a dungeon, his growl echoing around the Men of Letter’s library, volume carrying in the spacious air. You let the book of lore you were studying fall to the thick mahogany table with a deafening thud, your disturbance of the silence reverberating from bookshelf to bookshelf as you reluctantly made your way over to the sound of Dean’s cursing. When you reached the doorway, propping yourself against the wooden frame, three pairs of eyes snapped up to welcome you; Sam, Dean, and the King of Hell himself, wearing a dirty little smile on his blood stained lips, carrying himself with the confidence of a man who wasn’t shackled in a stranger’s literal dungeon, filling you with a feeling of intrusion, as if you were walking in on him in his own home.

“There’s my favourite huntress!” Crowley smirked, voice like an oil slick. Dean raised his demon blade to the demon’s stubble-ridden cheek again, threatening him without words, the demon’s flinch transforming seamlessly into a chuckle, his head, which had tilted back at the chill of the blade, leveled, his tongue catching crimson droplet as he swept it over his mouth. Damn, you hated when they enjoyed the torture. It completely defeated the purpose, which is why, you assumed, he put in such a potent effort to appear unfazed by his various wounds, scarlet blood clotting over his chest from his numerous lacerations, fabric sealed to his healing injuries, his face displaying only crude intentions, not a sliver of pain visible on his features.

“He won’t squeal!” Dean spat through gritted teeth, his muscles tense, jaw clenched in aggravation at the demon’s unwillingness to show vulnerability, delaying your success on your future hunt by withholding valuable information. Sam was sorting through a selection of carving knives, his jaw hardened similarly to his brother’s, fiddling with the assortment of weapons, his posture rigid with his lack of patience.

“How long have you been at him?” You asked, heaving yourself away from the doorway, walking into the dungeon, leaning your back against the corner of a metal filing cabinet, your eyes glazing over the demon, locking on Dean’s, your disregard for the demon a mere instinct. Crowley, displeased by your blatant display of ignoring him, perked up in his seat, barely hissing when the eldest Winchester eased against the tip of his blade.

“Days. Usually, they only last a few minutes, but they have surprising stamina this time around.” Crowley oozed, the innuendo obvious, his gravelly voice infiltrating the air, raising gooseflesh on your arms. Sam absentmindedly slid his hand over the small selection of torture instruments, throwing a dart as casually as one can into Crowley’s neck, the demon hissing as his flesh steamed. The hunter had laced the tip with holy water, genius as always. Crowley tore the dart from his neck, letting it fall to the concrete, thick-banded iron chains jingling.

“He seems to like you, Y/n. Why don’t you… work your magic?” Sam ordered more than he suggested, grinning flatly, lips pressed together in a weary line, passing off his blade to you, slick with slimy blood. His brother followed him away, the cabinets sliding closed behind you with an ominous clank, the shift shivering through your body as you worked your way to a standing position, eyes dropping to the demon. Crowley grinned, possessing the nerve to wink at you, his eyes flitting up and down your body in a swift, almost subtle movement, his teeth biting down on his lower lip.

“Alone at last.” He teased, hands opening and closing as he rattled his constraints, wiggling his fingers as he twisted his wrists, shifting in his seat. You clicked your tongue at his poorly efforts, striding closer to his beaten, battered, and bloody form, twirling the knife between your fingers, metal casting the a dim glint of light against the brick interior.

“Keep your socks up, Crowley. This is strictly professional.” You said, voice hard with unfeeling steel as you stood before him, hands on the table, knife underneath your palm, your shoulders leaning forward. Crowley inhaled slowly, staring at your low-slung tank top with starving eyes, smiling at what he saw, dark eyes deepening with lust. How very predictable. Men, no matter their state of mortality, were so easily manipulated.

“Why don’t we skip the interrogation, head down a different route?” He suggested, inching forward in his seat, perching as close to you as he could, his voice dropping to a sultry whisper. He reeked of blood and expensive cologne, his well-tailored suit riveted with slices and stab wounds, glossy material stained with shine-dulling patches of gore. “What do you say, love? Skip the stabbing, keep the chains?” You scoffed, weapon twisting in your palm, digging the blade into his arm, his swallowed scream reverberating against your eardrums, his lips thinning as he grunted, eyes glaring up into yours, pupils dilating, shocked that you had stabbed him, like you hadn’t been down this road before. He craned his neck, spine crackling as you extracted the knife from his arm, clearing his throat. “Or we could play dirty. Have to admit, it’ a bit of a turn on.” He sleazed, eyes raking over your form as you wiped the blade on the thigh of your denim jeans. A bead of sweat dripped on your brow, the taste of bile in your mouth. You drew the blade along his cheek as Dean had, twisting the blade, watching the demon flinch beneath you, his chest rising and falling steadily. He was unafraid, for the most part. Infuriating.

“This could all be over if you just tell us how to translate the tablet.” You breathed, calm despite your white-knuckle grip on the handle of the blade held against the man’s face. Crowley winked again, tilting his head away from your blade, smiling when you followed his movements.

“When home freezes over,“ he exhaled, grin widening at your eye roll, tongue sweeping over his lips again. "You look ravishing, love. It could be this lighting, or perhaps it’s my blood splattered on your face, but you look absolutely stunning tonight.” He flirted, his posture seductive, fingers gesturing to the ruby droplets soaking into your shirt, the colour sparse, but present nonetheless. “Let’s you and I get out of here, I’ll buy you a drink, we can rent a room…” You drew the knife away from his face, opting to push your weight through the blade and onto Crowley’s finger, the bone snapping as his index finger broke away from the rest of his hand. Crowley screamed, agony flashing across his face. His breathing was labored, his face drenched in sweat and drying blood, eyes wide with surprise and pain. “Oh, you’ll regret that later, darling.” He whispered, licking the red from around his lips, waggling his fingers in your direction as is he were gesturing for you to step closer. He raised his eyebrows, waiting for you to connect he dots, smiling smugly when the horror on your face displayed that you understood his… invitation. You sneered at him, your face inches from his, knife pressing into the tender skin at his throat, hovering one vicious slice away from severing an artery.

“Tell. Me.” You rasped, your breath washing over his face. Crowley leaned a centimeter closer to you, causing your lips to part unwillingly, his proximity invoking instinctual reactions. He leaned away then, snickering, arrogance painting his smiling lips.

“Beg?” He offered, head tilting to the side, hands crossing atop the table, eyes dancing at your aggravation. You drove the blade of your knife through the back of his hand, cementing him to the table, his guttural grunt ricocheting from the walls of the torture chamber.

“Pretty please?” You asked sweetly, leaning over the blade, sugar tainting your brutality. Crowley, choking on a cry, stared blatantly at your cleavage, somehow still vulgar enough to avoid your eye when you held his life in your hands. You retracted the knife as he nodded his head.

“Bring me the tablet.” He hissed, raising his eyes to yours, chocolate irises expanding with… respect, was it? You swooped down over the table, pressing your lips to his, tasting the salty bitterness of his blood as his tongue traced yours, deepening the contact instantly, his shackled hands brushing just barely over your abdomen. You leaned back, turning on your heel, walking away from the demon, putting in the extra effort needed to throw a little more sway into your hips than usual. Crowley groaned hungrily from his chair, making you laugh. “Glad we see eye to eye.” You added, closing the cabinet doors, peering at him through the sliver you kept open to gauge his reaction, his lower body shifting in his seat, his head shaking, a weak chuckle slipping through his lips.

“A pleasure, love. Your interrogations are always welcome.” He ensured before the metal blocked him from view, sealing him away.

The Blood Feast - Oswald Insight during S2E17

Originally posted by crysiscobblepot

(thank you @crysiscobblepot for the gif)

Oh yeah this story made me so damn happy, I loved writting it <3

It’s a detailed description about Gotham S2E17 events from Oswald’s point of view (the parts we got to see and the parts we would have loved to see )

Warnings/TW: psychopathic behavior, blood, violence, murder, torture, cannibalism

My thanks to @queencobblefreezestuff (you’re my MVP) and @mistressofcobblepot

@aya-fay, @amandajuly81 @under-oswalds-umbrella, @thequeenofgothamxo, @luciebell-writes, @minpov, @jokesterwrites I love you all

and my lovely @gotham-city-tales (I hope it’s not too hard for you)

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Based on the request: Could you possibly write one where Crowley flirts with the reader physically when no ones looking and kinda falls into his lust. Then maybe he seduces her or something but Dean and/or Sam find out and come after Crowley. Thank you and your work is absolutely gold 🙌🏼❤️ by @randomvlogstuff 

Pairing: Crowley/reader

Warnings: none

Authors note: This was really something new for me… I would be really happy about some feedback and I hope that you like it!! Thank you a lot for your request

You are sitting in the Impala, after a long and hard hunt. The wendigo was really something new to you and those creatures are creepy, even for you as a hunter with a lot of experience. So you and the boys are happy to finally get back home, to the bunker. Dean is driving his baby through the night and you can recognize how tired he is by the fact that his typical rock music isn’t on but some calm songs in the radio. While he tries his best to keep his eyes open, Sam is sleeping on the seat next to him. His head is leaned against the window with closed eyes. He is in this position for at least two hours already and given by how loud he is snoring, he won’t wake up in a long time. You are sitting on the backseat of the Impala, looking out of the window and try to figure out where the hell you actually are but you only see the miles after miles of highway in the middle of nowhere. Not a single car passed you the last hour and you can’t wait to finally lay in your bed.

“Hello Boys“, you hear a well- known voice and all of a sudden Crowley sits next to you in the car. “What the –” you start surprised but he holds his finger against your mouth. “psst” he whispers with a smirk. “Or do you want to wake up moose?” You shake your head slightly and he takes his finger away. “Good girl” Crowley chuckles lightly, taking care that his voice isn’t loud enough for Dean to hear. When you turn your head to him you realize how close he is actually sitting to you. Only a few inches of air are between your left leg and the demon in the fancy dark suit and even in the darkness of the night you can perfectly see his paisley tie around his throat.
“What are you doing here?” you ask confused, pressing your legs together. Something about having him so close to you is making you nervous.

“Hell was boring, so i thought that i just come and visit my favorite little hunter”. His lips form into his typical ironic smirk and he gives you a wink. Now you are really happy about how dark it is in the car because the redness of your blush fills your cheeks. Of course, he is just flirting a bit but that doesn’t make it better. You have a soft spot for him, something about him being caring but yet dominant makes your legs shiver. Suddenly you feel something on your leg.

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anonymous asked:

if you're taking prompts, could you please write pynch + fake dating? i love your writing so much!

Thank you! Ok here we go…

It had started as a joke. Ronan had been walking across the lawn at school with Adam and Gansey when Kavinksy had approached. Ronan attempted to ignore him but all of a sudden he was in his path, invading his space. Kavinsky had a habit of invading personal space. He had talked and after he’d insulted them all and expressed sharp words and even sharper smirks, he’d once again insinuated Ronan’s relationship with Gansey.

“That is how you like it though, isn’t it, Lynch? Or should I be asking Dick.” He turned to Gansey. “Slow and dirty, right?”

Before either of them could say a word, Adam spoke up.

“Loud, too,” he said and they all turned to him. “That’s how he likes it. Slow, dirty and loud.” He stared at Kavinsky, a smirk on his face at his open shock. “But that’s none of your business really, is it?”

Ronan gaped at him and then gaped at him some more as he took hold of his hand, entwining their fingers.

He’d dragged Ronan away and called him “babe”, and Ronan had yet to speak, but eventually Gansey spoke in his silence.

“What was that?” He asked and Adam had smirked again and Ronan had wondered where he got that dirty smile from.

He kept walking, pulling Ronan along with him until they reached the car park and he glanced backwards before dropping Ronan’s hand.

“It was funny, wasn’t it?” He beamed at both of them.

“It certainly wiped the smile off his face,” Gansey said and then he nudged Ronan who was standing, staring at Adam rather obviously. “Didn’t it?” He prompted and Ronan suddenly remembered himself.

He forced a cruel smile and agreed.

A few days later they saw Kavinsky in the corridor and Adam was quick to pick up the act again. He stopped abruptly, turning and taking hold of Ronan’s wrist in one hand and placing the other hand on his stomach. He pushed him until his back hit the wall.

He stared at Ronan for a few seconds and although Ronan knew it was all pretend, he almost believed it. There was a split second where it looked real, like Adam was a moment away from pressing his lips to Ronan’s.

But the spell broke instantly as Adam averted his eyes and leaned close to Ronan’s ear.

“You need to look like you’re into this,” Adam said which struck Ronan as a really stupid thing to say. Of course he was into this.

“Well, what should I uh… do?” He replied, swallowing hard.

“Put your free hand on my ass,” Adam whispered and he tapped the knuckles of the hand he wasn’t holding without looking down. “Do it now.”

Ronan only allowed his hand to make it to Adam’s hip before he stopped himself. Being this close to him was something he’d wanted for so long, but he didn’t want to take advantage of the situation, even if Adam was willingly offering it.

Over the next couple of weeks it became a running joke, so much so that Ronan almost got used to holding Adam’s hand and eventually Kavinsky confronted him when he was alone.

“So what’s going on with you and Parrish?”

Ronan didn’t know what to say. Adam had never told him the details of their fake relationship.

“Well?” Kavinsky prompted. “Are you together or are you just fucking?”

He spoke so casually, oblivious to the fact that his casual words set Ronan’s heart racing.

“We’re, uh…” He cleared his throat. “Together.” He wished it didn’t sound like a question. Kavinsky eyed him closely.

“You could do better,” He replied and he smirked as though he knew something Ronan didn’t. But Ronan silently disagreed. There was no one better than Adam Parrish.

Then one night, he decided to talk to Adam about it.

“Parrish,” he said, “I need to talk to you about this whole thing with Kavinsky.”

Adam made a “hmm” noise but didn’t look up from his homework.

“I don’t know if- I mean… maybe we shouldn’t- unless…” He was frustrated with himself for not being able to speak properly. He waited for Adam to say something

He didn’t look up as he spoke.“If you want me to stop, just say.”

Ronan struggled to find words as he clenched his shaking fingers at his side.

“No,” he said and Adam finally looked at him. “No, I don’t want you to stop.”

He stared at Ronan for a second longer before setting his pencil down and getting to his feet. He stood in front of him. Then he stepped closer. He kept his eyes down, his head bowed.

“Unless, um, you want to st-” Ronan started, then Adam looked up at him again and Ronan was stunned to silence at having him stand this close. They never got so close face to face. There was a hesitation, then Adam spoke.

“I don’t want to stop either,” he said and then he kissed him. It was fast and messy with Adam’s hands claiming the length of Ronan’s back with heavy indentations and Ronan’s fingers knotted in Adam’s hair. But it was real. It was actually happening, spontaneously and not for someone else’s benefit.

And when they finally pulled apart, Adam had that dirty smile on his face that Ronan was a little in love with. “I was kind of hoping you’d let me do that,” he said.

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Sculpture definitely has its advantages sometimes.

Lucy walked into the Sculpture studio carting behind her the frames Natsu had cut for her and a cart of raw supplies for the project she was working on. Since he was the one sculptor she actually knew, she was hoping to get his advice on coating her photos with resin. In all her other projects she had never tried to print on material other than photo paper. Now that she was a part of the Fairy Tail organization, she wanted her art to evolve. 

Plain Photography wasn’t going to cut it any longer. She had to expand her horizons, and the best way to do that was to study the other disciplines. Starting with the subject supposedly the most contrary to what she was used to. Sculpture. 

She headed into the studio, sliding past Gajeel. She was wearing short sleeves and her hair was in pigtails today, but she knew he would scowl at her for something or another. 

Locating Natsu in the cacophony of noise that was the studio, Lucy decided to venture to whatever section was the loudest. That was more than likely a safe bet. The studio was filled with metal and the sound of screeching gears. Carbon dust filtered across the floor, heavy enough to drop down and swirl in strange patterns against cement.

The roar of the ventilation system was drowned out by the blaring speakers of a dusty and beat up old boom box that looked like it came straight out of the eighties. Lucy cringed as she protected her ringing ears from the music, so loud she could barely make out words. All she knew was some Iron Maiden was being played loud enough she wanted to throw herself into the ancient equivalent of that torture trap. 

She passed a crescent wrench dangling from the ceiling. A hole was drilled through the base of the tool and a heavy chain link was cut and welded to the space it freed. Lucy blinked at it, not understanding why a tool was hanging from the ceiling, but walked past it into the welding studio.

A tuft of pink hair under a dark blue welders cap told her precisely where Natsu was. The man was pushing a heavy half-inch plate of metal on a dolly, a welders helmet strapped over his face. Today he wasn’t wearing the jumpsuit she had grown used to seeing him wear, but instead had a shirt on that said ‘Let’s Make it HOT’ in bold letters. It suited him.

 Behind him a blond welder was working away. Neither had noticed Lucy’s presence until she stood in Natsu’s path.

Lucy shielded her eyes as the light of the welder burned through the air. Yellow sparks came from the grinding and the plasma cutter, but the welding itself let off a blue, almost white light. That was what really had Lucy shielding her eyes in pain. 

When Natsu caught sight of Lucy, he stopped everything he was doing and grabbed a nearby slab of spare metal, slamming it against the plate he was pushing. At once the welding stopped, as did the plasma cutter. Only the grinders continued working, but the light from their tools didn’t bother her.

It made sense all of a sudden why that wrench was hanging outside the door to the welding room now. With as loud as it was, catching someones attention was tough. 

Natsu slid his helmet off his head, his welding cap getting stuck inside the straps. He dropped his thumb into the waistband of his jeans, his gloved hand hooking up from the hem of his shirt and drawing it up to press at his hot face. 

He rolled it up to collect the sweat rolling down his temples. Lucy felt very hot, as if it just became obvious to her how warm it was in the welding room.  The room temperature wasn’t responsible for Lucy’s sudden spike in body temperature though. No.

That was Natsu’s fault.

Looking at him on his own, she was able to tell the man was very physically fit. His arms were often exposed, giving Lucy a divine look at his biceps and shoulders. The man was a gift, whether he knew that or not. And getting a peek under his shirt for a few seconds…

He had the body of statues she studied in art history.

Thank every divine entity for sculpture.

“Hey Lucy,” Natsu grinned at her, releasing his hold on his shirt and letting it fall back down to his waist, “Feeling daring today I see.”

He slid off his gloves, unrolled the sleeve he wore underneath them and tossed them to her.

“Kevlar sleeves, that should stop spray sparks from hitting ya,” Natsu said as explanation. Lucy wanted to protest the idea, because what would he have to protect his arms should something happen?

Her mouth clamped shut a second later when he tugged his welding gloves back on, not looking concerned in the slightest. Reluctant to this course of action, Lucy pulled the sleeves on so Natsu wouldn’t be distracted trying to keep an eye on her.

Looking around, Lucy watch Natsu trying to come up with something else to protect her with. It was almost sweet he was looking out for her like this. Especially since if Gajeel spotted her, he would make her take a safety test first.

She squeaked at the feel of a hot and sweaty hat, two sizes too big, dropping on her head.  She looked at Natsu in wordless confusion, his hand tugging on the brim of the hat.

“You don’t want your hair to burn do ya?” He asked her. Pulling forward, he managed to drag Lucy towards him by a fraction with the brim of the cap.

“What about you?” Lucy tried, peering at Natsu from under the hat. It was way too large for her to handle, but for some reason it made her happy it was entrusted to her.

The Dragon of Sculpture threw his head back and laughed. Lucy had to remember to ask him why he was named that, but… later. He had a distracting smile.

“Shorter hair,” He tugged at a pink lock of hair as explanation.

He grasped her Kevlar covered arm and tugged her from the welding studio, the lights from the tools dimming and the sound growing distant. Everything was still so warm. The sleeves she was wearing, they carried the scent of smoke and acetylene. But his body heat clung to the articles he lent her. 

The hat slid over her eyes and Natsu chuckled, muttering something under his breath she couldn’t catch.

“So what can I help you with Lucy?” The man asked, leaning back on a table. His eyes drew down to the grate she carried behind her. Many of them were small photographs, but there were a few large pieces. Lucy hid a smile, knowing the sculpture was interested despite himself. 

He might claim Sculpture was the best field of study, but there was no denying he had a soft spot for the other areas too. Every artist liked to see one another’s work. It was like their kryptonite.  

“I need to cover these photos in resin but I don’t know how,” Lucy admitted, missing the wild gleam of joy that crossed Natsu’s face. 

When she turned back to him and saw he had gotten his hands on a blow torch though, it quickly became clear to her he was excited.

Where had he even gotten that torch so quickly?

“Resin you say?” Natsu cackled, staring into the blue flame he had drawn out to his side.  Lucy took a moment to admire the way the light and shadows played out over his face. She was torn between fear and amusement.

Although it was a pretty safe bet to say both reactions were acceptable.

“Yeah,” Lucy responded, watching him paw through her belongings to find the resin, “I don’t need anything too fancy, so uh, why did you bring out a blow torch?”

“Why does everyone nervous when I pull one of these out? Doesn’t everyone carry a torch in their back pocket?”

“No actually. Most people chose normal hobbies. Like sports and choir.”

Natsu just shrugged at her, his grin going even wider, “Well most people sound boring.”

He waved the torch through the air and Lucy swallowed hard at the arc of fire it left behind. She had a feeling Gajeel might have had a point when he referred to Natsu and fire on his tip sheets.

“I’ll give you a hand with this,” Natsu cut off the torch and approached her, his eyes soft but very distracting. The man was encroaching in her personal space faster than anyone else she knew would have even tried. Her heart hammered in excitement, “But you know the rules right?”

“Rules?” Lucy repeated the question, eyes wide. Holding very close to Natsu, she couldn’t help but notice the slant of his eyes, the disheveled way his hair fell over much of his face. He really was handsome. Even if he was a little dirty, his smile made her breath catch.

A slow lazy grin worked over Natsu’s face and he nodded at her.

“Payment of course,” Natsu grinned at her as if it were obvious. His eyes dropped to her face, resting low against her bottom lip, “I help you out, you help me out. Deal?”


“Deal,” Lucy managed a smile at the pyromaniac. But Natsu was already backing up and inspecting the resin she collected, “What do you want?”

A flare of frustration worked through Lucy as Natsu put on a good show about making a decision. He tapped a finger to his chin, his foot thumping against the cold floor, his booted heel coming against the ground.

“Tell ya what,” He purred to her, “I’ll let you know when I want to cash that favor in.”

The smile he gave  Lucy was almost fiendish, but she found herself nodding along anyway. 

Just what had she agreed to?

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Smut. Swearing. You know the deal ;)

She was seething.

No, she was writhing with anger.

Stupid dumbass pirate.

Fist balled in his shirt, she flung him against the wall of the storage room and damn him he laughed.

“What the fuck was that?” she spat, resting her other arm to the side of his shoulder as her fingers tightened against his chest.

Then he licked his lips. Slowly. Flicking up his eyes to meet hers. 

Fuck it was doing things to her. She clenched her muscles, imagining his tongue somewhere else-

“He was trying to touch you.”

“Goddamn it Killian, you fucking punched him. In the middle of The Rabbit Hole!”

With a tilt of his head, his brow furrowed, “Aye and he would have got a lot worse if it wasn’t for that damn dwarf.”

His voice was full and thick, laced with his silky accent that had her stomach doing somersaults.

“You realise I have to arrest you now?”

Then he gave her that cocky grin of his, lifting up his wrists between them. “Go on, it was worth it. I know you have a thing for tying me up.”

A brief image of the pirate tied to her bed with silk scarves flashed through her mind. It had been a week ago but the memory was still fresh and heat rose between her thighs.

“I can tell you are thinking about it,” he teased, edging nearer. And hell he smelled so fucking good.

“You can’t keep doing that,” she snapped her eyes fluttering closed, her hand on the wall moving closer to his shoulder. “I’m not some damsel in distress.”

His fingers were slipping along the dipped neckline of her sweater, “It is my duty to protect my ladies honour.”

“Huh,” she scoffed. Emma hated herself in that moment. For all his swagger and wit he could be so damn charming when he wanted to. And ridiculously hot and sexy of course. “I am not your lady,” she growled, leaning a little closer. Her green eyes dimmed with annoyance. That is until he looked her dead on. Oh those baby blues framed with dark lashes. They got her. Every. Single.  Goddamn. Time.

“Come here love-“ 

She whimpered a little in weak protest as he reached her her lips. He rubbed his mouth against hers, nipping at her lip, trying to tease it open.

“I need to take you to the station…”

But his hand was already pushing down her jeans and her underwear. And she was kicking off her shoes. His cool hook felt delicious against the bare skin of her ass; she jumped a little, pressing her chest closer to his.

He was smiling, damn him. 

Somehow his fingers were tracing her thighs and her hands were reaching under his shirt and his skin was hot and the hair on his chest felt so fucking good

She tumbled back towards the old, rickety desk on the other side of the room - almost tripping over cases of beer and racks of wine. 

Emma really wished she knew how to play a little hard to get with this man. Kissing him was addictive, and as pissed as she was she needed a fix now. The way her alternated between hard and soft and quick and slow and little teasing bites mixed with silky explorations with his tongue was just - urgh…

With a small hop, she was sitting on the edge of the desk, swinging her legs, half naked and feeling a little delirious.

“Mmm, just the way I like you,” he mumbled as she lay back, pulling him on top of her.

“Shut up,” she snapped, reminding herself she was still pissed at him.

Clamped between her thighs, his hips bucked against her and she squirmed as he hit her just where she needed it. 

Next, his hand was up her sweater and under her bra. Calloused, roughened fingers danced over her soft nipples whilst she sunk her teeth into his neck. He was heavy and the desk was hard beneath her ass. But she liked the burn and the pain. It felt raw and real somehow. 

With her heels she managed to push down his pants below his ass, until his cock was free. Hot and hard and rolling against he stomach, she smiled in spite of herself.

Tilting her hips, she moistened his tip with her own arousal,  sighing as he slipped inside and began to rock into her. No matter how many times they fucked (or had sex or made love - depending on the occasion) it always felt so fucking good she wanted to scream and tell the whole damn world.

“Harder,” she whispered.

“As you wish,” he replied. Quicker he moved, pushing her into the desk, its edge digging harshly into her ass.

There was something about their state of being semi dressed, the dark room, the hard desk and the way his leather pants rubbed against her thighs that had her orgasm sparking within minutes.

She rocked her hips, arching until he was so deep she was cursing his name, biting her lips, scratching his neck-

“Oh Emma, christ you feel good.”

“Fuck,” was all she could manage as his cock drove into her and she almost began to forget how they had gotten into this situation.

“You’re so fucking wet,” he drawled into her ear.

(When he talked to her during sex she certainly couldn’t handle it. And he knew it, damn him).

Her hips were bucking wildly and he was struggling to keep hold of her body. Finally, he pulled her upright so she had less room to move. Bending his knees a little, he pressed up into her hard and fast and desperate, at the same time as kissing her roughly.

She came with a loud groan, followed with his own growl of satisfaction which ended with the two falling back onto the desk.

“Mmmm,” she mumbled, happily.

“Mmm indeed,” he echoed.


Finally dressed, she smoothed her hair and winced at her bruised ass. Killian was lying nonchalantly against the door. That damn smirk still on his face.

Striding over, she gave him a quick smile before slipping on the cold, heavy handcuffs she kept hooked to her jeans.

“What the hell?” he cried, an indignant look on his face.

“I told you I was going to arrest you.”

“I thought you were bloody joking love -“

“I never joke,” she smiled, tugging on the chain as she pulled him from the room.

Outside she stopped and turned, “But if you are a good boy, I might let you use them on me later.”

The dirty, naughty little smile that lit up his face made her want to laugh.

“Aye Sheriff,” he groaned and let her lead the way.