his little dance at the end 3 so cute

Bon Voyage Ep 2 Summary

- tae calling his dad en route to norway www

- jin took a selfie with a kid at the parade for Norway Constitutional Day :’)

- #team mom: jin, hoseok, jungkook took the cable car while #team dad: namjoon and jimin hiked 

- tae cheating w his credit card paid meal 

- mountain climbing ot5 dancing to Fire everywhere for no reason at all

- hobi losing his ticket and a local finding it for him :’) (that little back-pat so cute www) hoseok being a super happy cutie pie and praising the world for being filled with good ppl <3

- namjoon finding out that his bag is missing in the cable car down the mountain

- had to freestyle rap (@me in vids/gifs pls i will love u forever) to get money to buy tickets

- but found out in the end that the staff hid it from him :’)

- tae dancing in the back after their reuniun 

- bts x food the true OTP


- where was min yoongi???