his little bum

Smitten: Bucky Barnes imagine

Sweat covered his body with a glinted shen. The deep craves of his toned body seemed that much more intense as his body moved. His muscles bulged and flex as he moved His fist rapidly pounded the punching bag. His dark hair was messily pulled back into a sloppy bun.

Everything in you stirred as you watched the man you loved. Everything about him sent your senses on overdrive. He was just so perfect. The way his back muscles moved. The way there was a week old scuffle grown out.

“Hey there hot stuff.” You whispered as you gave his bum a little squeeze before wrapping your arms around him. He jumped a bit from the sudden unexpected contact.

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Night Changes-Brisbane-February 11th 2015 (x)

:06 through :09-Harry and Louis both acknowledge someone in the crowd by putting their arms up, then they both scratch their noses, and then they both put their hands behind their backs and turn to the side all at the same time.

:15-What is Harry doing? He turns around and puts his hands on his belly and looks down at it. Just look at him and of course Louis notices at :19. I don’t even know, but it was cute.

I would like all of you to know that tonight at Hamlet Ben fell on his cute little bum while trying to drag Polonius’ dead body off stage and it was unreasonably adorable.

I just had a thought that made me smile. I just really like that Louis made the best of this trip by befriending Danielle’s brother and his group of friends. It sounds like he had a really fun night out with these new people. It reminded me a lot of Harry and how he befriends everyone he meets. Especially since Oli, Calvin, and Preston were all not able to go with him to Chicago, it makes me happy to know that he was like fuck it I’m gonna have a good time with these strangers regardless of the situation.

gaider’s response.  indicates that dorian possibly being an alcohol was most definitely not intentional on gaider’s part.  I guess all the mentions of heavy drinking added up over time coincidently or inadvertantly and really weren’t looked at through this kind of scope

so, given this response its probably never meant to be canon that dorian is alcoholic


i love this lol