his little bum

pining lance concepts

  • lance feels a soft pang in his chest whenever keith’s around (a good kind of soft pang) and he’s felt it since their days at the garrison
  • *lance is sitting at his desk, a little bummed because keith hasn’t shown up yet*
    • keith: (suddenly runs into the classroom, late, adjusting his uniform and nodding at the instructor) sorry. i, uh, got lost. (walks over to his desk right in front of lance and sits)
    • lance: (feels it) (tries not to smile as he absentmindedly taps his foot against the leg of keith’s chair)
  • *lance gets on a lift, on his way to the next class*
    • keith: (running up the corridor) hold the elevator please!
    • lance: (holds the door until keith gets on) (feels a gentle pain in his chest again as keith stands beside him) hey again
    • keith: (glancing at lance briefly, not seeming to recognize him) hi (runs a hand through his hair)
  • *lance is sitting in the commissary, waiting for hunk*
    • keith: (suddenly walking up to him with his lunch) is anyone sitting here
    • lance: (looks up) uh (his chest kicks) um, yeah. sorry. i’m just, waiting for my best friend.
    • keith: oh. okay. (sits a few tables down instead)
    • lance: (internally screaming)
  • *much later, after kerberos, when lance sees keith again, for the first time since keith dropped out*
    • hunk: are you sure?
    • lance: (running towards the crash site of shiro’s alien ship) oh, i’d recognize that mullet anywhere! (that old ache in his chest is back) (he doesn’t even hear pidge ask ‘who’s keith?’)
  • *much much later, when they’re fighting the cube on olkarion*
    • lance: (after keith un-freezes his lion with a heat ray) thanks keith!
    • keith: you got it!
    • lance, internally: …there’s that feeling again
  • *when keith purposely crashes his defense drone into lance’s just to provoke him, when keith pries open the elevator door and says he just so happens to be going to the castle pool at the same time as lance, and before all that when keith throws the soft asteroid at lance’s face, smiles at him, and asks “like that?”*
    • lance, internally: WHAT THE FUCKKSJD (the ache is there every time, and only seems to be getting worse)
    • you get the idea
  • lance will worry a lot about keith too, especially because the dude is such a hothead
  • sometimes he’ll even try to get keith to chill out before keith acts on impulse (keith rarely listens, but still)
    • ex. when keith is ready to run in and bayard his way into a hangar guarded by galra sentries (in ‘return to the balmera’) and lance tells him to ‘cool his jets’
    • ex. when keith says he’s gonna go check out those ‘giant containers’ at the galra base (in ‘collection & extraction’) and lance is like ‘how about you don’t blow our cover? keith, think about what you’re doing … don’t walk through that door!’
    • ex. when keith decides to try & take out zarkon head on (in the s1 finale) and lance is like ‘what? we’ve got to stick together!’
  • lance will also check in occasionally to make sure keith is okay, but he’ll do so mockingly (so he doesn’t come across as like, concerned or anything)
    • ex. when lance first flies the blue lion (in ‘the rise of voltron’) and he turns to keith and is like “oh, are you scared?” and keith is like “with you at the helm? terrified.”
    • ex. when they’re practicing on the training deck for the first time (in ‘some assembly required’) and lance is like “you keeping up over there keith?” and keith is like “just concentrate on keeping me safe”
    • ex. when coran has them flying blindly towards the ground in their lions (for training purposes) and lance is like “you still going keith?” and then asks “you gettin scared?” and keith is like “i’m not scared!!” *crash* (also in ‘some assembly required’)
  • sometimes (when pidge doesn’t let him borrow her headphones and he can’t fall asleep listening to music) lance will hear keith’s door open in the middle of the night (cause their rooms are right next to each other) and he knows keith is probably heading to the training deck again to blow off some steam
  • he’ll always consider walking out there to go check on keith, or maybe even talk to keith, or at least ask if he’s having a rough night
  • but he never does
  • keith’s the one who eventually knocks on his door and asks if he’s still awake
Chptr 21

I have so many mixed feelings ???? Sangwoo makes me confused and makes me question life :T
But i loved bums hat 👌👌👌👌

Love me now

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! For me it’s doesn’t matter as I’m single forever 😂 but those who’ve their loves with them, I hope you stay together as long as eternity wants. I wish I had someone too :( but it’s okay. Anyways I’m gonna make myself happy with this Valentine special imagine! Hope you all enjoy and give feedbacks!

There’s a little bit of smut in the starting. So skip that much if you’re not comfortable in reading it. Plus thank you for 1K!

Valentine’s Day was never a thing for you till 4 years back. But after you met Harry and got in a relationship, this day became special as ever to you. Valentine’s Day. The day of love never failed to spoil you. Harry always find ways to make you feel special. And Valentine’s Day was the day above all.

You stretched your arm out across the white crumbled bed sheets where Harry slept last night. Your hand didn’t found a hold of Harry as your searched on the sheets, head in the pillow you sighed. You rolled on your left, Harry’s side of bed. You inhaled in taking the aroma of Harry’s colonge. As the smell of him filled your nostrils waking your mind, you sit up finally and step out of the warm comfort of your bed. Small scuff of the carpet tickled your feet as you scrunches them to stop the fizzy feeling.

With a happy sigh you passed downstairs on the wooden stairs of Harry’s L.A mansion. It was big. Big one for one more family to settle in down.

As you walked to the kitchen, the warm fragrance of bacons and pancakes hit your nose warming you up in the chilly morning of the states.
There he stood. His back facing to you as he hummed to self the melody of one of his songs. He was wearing his black Calvin Klein boxers, covering his little bum in perfect way. His tanned, muscular thigh made you shiver.

You wrapped your arms around his waist and pressed your cheek agains his back.

“ e'lo poppet.” Harry said in his morning, heavy voice as he turned to face you and wrapped his own arms around your waist.

“Happy Valentine’s Day baby” you said reaching one arm up to caresses his cheek. He looked beautiful. With sunshine flashing on his side face, revealing how deep his green eyes was. The golden Rays mixed with his skin and made him look like an angel.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to yeh too” he replied flashing you his bright white smile. You stood tip toes and brought his face to yours so that you could unite your hungry lips with his. You moved your lips along his as he cupped back of your neck pulling you as close as possible.

A wince left his mouth as the bare skin of his back touches the lid of the Pan which was on the stove.

“Careful” you giggled, stretching one arm out from either side of Harry and turned the stove off.

“Sorry love.” Harry chuckled. He tucked some hair behind your head and sets you on the kitchen island in one swifts motion. You giggled wrapping your arm around his neck.

“Hi.” You giggled

“Hey!!!!” He laughs as he sponges your neck with sloppy yet tiny kisses. You threw your head back giggling.

“Hmm I love yeh” Harry mumbles as his kisses changes from playful to loving ones. He twirls his tongue and suckles on the fresh, sweet smelling skin of neck. It starts to get wet as Harry continues to shower your neck with deep kisses.

“Hmm” as soon as the small moan leaves your lips, Harry wraps your legs around his waist and grind his pelvic to yours creating friction. You could feel his hard erection beneath the cottony fabrics of his boxers as your own panties pool with the wetness.

“I need yeh babe” Harry groans in your neck. He tugged at the end of your tee which basically was his, you lift your arms up to let him slide it up your body. You were now completely naked as the white shirt was the only thing covering your body. Chills ran down your spine as the cold air hit your nipples hardening them.

“So beautiful m'love” Harry whispers as he takes one of your nipples in his mouth, sucking on them and leaving with a pop. The cold metal of his rings hits the warm skin of yours.

A whimper of pleasure leaves your lips as you tangle your fingers in his short yet curl growing hair.

“Tug on ‘em yeah?” Harry says while his lips are still wrapped around the soft skin of your nipples.

Obliging him you give a hard yet soft tug on his hair.


You both laid in silence after you finished making love in front of the fire place. Everything seemed so magical. The air was filled with the scent of vanilla candles and sex. Both, yours and Harry’s cheeks were tinted pink as you rested your head on top of his chest.

His fingers caressed your small back.

“Cmon poppet get ready” Harry speaks ,his deep voice echoes in your ear.

“Why?” You asked tilting your was up so you could see his face.

“Cuz it’s Valentine’s Day and we need t’ go out and have fun” he said as he brushed hair outta your face.

“But I wanna stay in with yeh” you said snuggling close to his chest. Harry chuckles.

“I know love. But I’ve a surprise fo’ yeh.”

After a few minutes of pleading you give into him and get ready in a plain clad cream-silky blouse with a black skirt.

You stepped down the stairs and saw Harry standing at the end already dressed in navy blue tuxedo. The expensive material of cloth fitted his toned body perfectly in every way. From the the curves of his biceps to the end of his feet.

“Hey there hotness” you said sending him a wink as he takes you in his arms pecking your freshly done red lips.

“Hey there sexy” he smirked bumping his nose with yours lovingly.

“Ready t’ leave?” With a nod you link your arm with Harry’s who leads you out o the house to the black shiny Mercedes of his waiting outside.

Being a gentleman, he opens the door for you and sits inside as well after you’ve settled on the leather on his car seat.

“Where are we going ?” You asked pulling out the straps of seatbelt and clicking it in.

“Surprise is meant t’ be kept a secret baby” Harry says staring on the engine and driving off to an unknown place.

The whole ride to the place you sit quietly humming to the song on radio as Harry kept pecking the back of your hand time to time.

You step out the car and the cool ocean breeze hit your face making you shiver. God knew why Harry brought you to a beach in this damn cold weather. You wrapped your velvety coat tightly around your body, immediately regretting the decision of wearing a skirt.

“He you forgotten it’s February Harry?” You asked sarcastically as you feel the tip of your nose going red from cold. Harry laughs wrapping his arm around his shoulder pulling him to you as he nuzzles his nose in your hair.

“Jus’ wait and watch” Harry mumbles and links my small hands with his as we walk down the sand. You even regretted wearing heels as you had to keep them in car because they’d sink into the sand.

Walking down the sand with your head on your Harry’s shoulder, you come to a halt as you see a small cottage on the beach. It was surrounded by tiny red petals of rose and candle which were of course covered with glass lid to keep them from blowing off.

“Oh my god Harry.” You gasped covering your big opened mouth with your hand. You don’t think that it could’ve been more beautiful. That little cottage was perfect. Everything was perfect.

“Yeh like it?” Harry asks as he walks to stand beside you, looking at your with love in his green pupils.

“I loved it!” You jump on him, wrapping your arms around his shoulder as you place multiple kisses all over his face.

Harry laughs and tumbles a bit but holds onto the ground. The small particles of sand were tickling his feet as he himself refused to wear shoes as you were bare feet.

“I’m glad tha’ my little queen liked it”

You smile softly as him and gets off him to go inside and explore the inside of the little house. It was beyond perfect. A small but big enough to fit you both bed lying in middle with small decorations made.

“Honey?” Harry calls for you from out as you hum in response.

“Can yeh come ou’ fo’ a bit?”

“Yeah coming” you chirped as you swayed out of the house. Your breath hitched when you saw Harry kneeled down. His face was a Clear evidence of how nervous He was.

He pulled out the blue velvety box and held it open. If only God knew if you’ve ever seen something more beautiful than this.

“Baby…well I’m not tying my lace or something.” Harry chuckled tries to lighten his stress as you smiled with tear in your eyes and a hand covered your mouth.

He held your hand as he continued.

“Yeh, are the best thing of m'life. I know the words are cheap and common bu’ they’re true. Yeh are m'world. I’ve got lucky since I got yeh. I feel lucky t’ have yeh. I-I’m no one withou’ you. An’ I wan’ yeh to keep Makin’ me feel lucky everyday. So. Ms. Y/n y/l/n, will yeh so me a favour and Marry me?” By the time he finished you already were nodding like thousand times. He smiled showing his dimples and wasted no time in sliding the beautiful platinum-diamond band on your ring finger and connecting his lips with yours.

“Yes” you mumbled against his lips. And he carried you inside.

This day couldn’t be more perfect for you.

Smitten: Bucky Barnes imagine

Sweat covered his body with a glinted shen. The deep craves of his toned body seemed that much more intense as his body moved. His muscles bulged and flex as he moved His fist rapidly pounded the punching bag. His dark hair was messily pulled back into a sloppy bun.

Everything in you stirred as you watched the man you loved. Everything about him sent your senses on overdrive. He was just so perfect. The way his back muscles moved. The way there was a week old scuffle grown out.

“Hey there hot stuff.” You whispered as you gave his bum a little squeeze before wrapping your arms around him. He jumped a bit from the sudden unexpected contact.

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Resons to enyjoy HIM’s cover version of Backstreet Boys’ “Larger Than Life” from Gurten 2000:

  • Ville shaking his little bum 
  • Migé and Linde doing some kind of synchronised dance (not really but anyways)
  • HIM enjoying themselves way too much to play “Larger Than Life”
A Dance to Frank...

Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Requested by: @lestradeslover - “hey hey! can I request number 5 (“Don’t you love me?”) and number 27 (“Kiss me”) for Reader and DiNozzo? Maybe something playful and fun? <3 <3 <3”

Word Count: 538

Pairing: DiNozzo x Reader

5. “Don’t you love me?”
27. “Kiss me.”

“Come on, [Y/N]…” Tony purred in your ear from behind you, his hips swaying while his hands were guiding yours in the same rhythm, “Just one dance.”

You grinned but rolled your eyes when he took control of your hips and set the wooden spoon down in the wok, “Fine. Just one but only because you asked so nicely.” Turning around after making sure the hob was turned down to the lowest so the pan didn’t burn.

Tony flashed you a true DiNozzo grin and moved his arms around your waist. The little radio on top of the microwave was playing out a smooth jazz song, filling the kitchen with a soft melody.

Placing your arms around his shoulders as he drew you closer to his body, you moved slowly with Tony, a small circle on the kitchen floor was now your impromptu dance floor. You stayed like that until the song changed and someone came barreling into the kitchen.

“Daddy!” A squeal came from your daughter’s lip when she skidding to a stop, her school socks having no friction on the tiled floor, “It’s our song Daddy!”

You chuckled and stepped back when you realised what was playing on the radio, “You can’t leave her standing Tony, it’s Frank after all.” Giving his bum a little tap when he turned to your daughter you started humming softly to the song.

“You make me feel so young…” Tony started singing as he picked little Olivia up, the four-year-old let out a giggle, her much quieter voice mimicking her father’s and started singing too.

After you plated up the mince and sauce on top of the spaghetti you turned to watch Tony spinning Olivia around the kitchen, expertly dodging the island in the middle, the breakfast bar stools and Olivia’s little ride-along car that had been left near the french doors.

You laughed when Olivia laughed, throwing her head back as Tony dipped her at the end of the song, “That was fun!” She cheered and once she was upright again she held Tony’s cheeks, “Kiss me.” She requested so sweetly, her cheeks a little flush from all the singing and laughing, “Kisses!” Olivia demanded lightly when Tony dodged her hands and blew raspberries on her neck.

Plucking your daughter from his arms, “Mommy will give kisses.” She said, pecking your lips before you both looked at Tony, “I love you, Olivia, don’t worry.” You teased and watched your daughter give a playful scowl to Tony, looking very much like him.

Tony placed a hand over his heart, “Don’t you love me?” He asked as if he were hurt and dropped his bottom lip, “Fine.” He mumbled.

You and Olivia shared a look before closing the distance between you both and Tony, all sharing one big family hug, “Of course we love Daddy, don’t we ‘Liv?”

“Mmhmm! Especially when you chuck me up in the air Daddy. That’s the best.” He said with a nod, her small arms squeezing around Tony’s neck so affectionately.

A loud noise from the young girl’s belly caused laughter from all three of you, “I think someone’s hungry, shall we see what Mommy’s cooked us?” He asked, earning an eager nod from Olivia.

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As happy as I am that Jack finally got his “groove” back (and his sword), I’m a little bummed that the bearded long-haired look was so quickly changed out for his original look.  I guess I was hoping his reawakening would give him an updated look (that maintained a little of his scruffy look) or something?

RIP Samurai Jack’s hot bearded look 2017

anonymous asked:

Neko Dan but like part dog instead of cat?¿? Sex slave also, on if the other slaves dan lives with ours viagra in a drink meaning for it to go to master phil but dan hands out drinks and it goes to one of phils friends and the friend punishes dan severely, leaving dan hurt as hell. SO MUCH AFTERCARE PLS

Tbh my friend sent this hc so I know what to do xD (Dan’s part shiba inu in this fight me)

And jfc this is long. ITS 4135 WORDS LONG WAT

TW: abusive behavior, noncon/rape, not listening to safeword, a little bit of blood

I didn’t add anything because I thought it needed to be added, I added it purely because I wanted too.


-Dan was and always had been an amazing slave for his master. He would do all his chores on time and make sure his master always felt satisfied and never stressed. Not to mention, Dan was adorable. He had perky, tan ears that stood tall and a extremely fluffy curly-q tail that wagged behind him as he walked. He even had tiny little fang-like canine teeth. Dan’s usual attire he wore around the mansion was a very, very tight black button up with a red bow tie and even tighter red basically spandex booty shorts, that hung low in the back so that his tail could wag freely. And to top it all off, a shiny black collar with a small gold circle hanging from it which said, “Daniel, Property of Philip Michael Lester.”

-Dan wasn’t the only slave working for his master, Phil Lester. There were two others doing work around the house, but Dan was usually the only one who was used for Phil’s personal needs. Dan was very much attached to Phil. Phil was actually a amazing master. Usually master’s were mean and abusive, not caring for the slaves since they had no rights. Phil was different, he treated them with respect, if you treated him with respect. He made sure all Dan’s needs were filled and even gave Dan a safeword when they played. That was uncommon for master’s to do.

-The two other slaves were Nate and Tyler. Dan got along with them quite well. Even though, Tyler was constantly trying to pull something. Nate and Dan usually got him to not before he did, but there were a few times when Tyler would do something and they all would get punished. Usually just a lot of extra chores. Phil never really put his hands on them as a punishment, only if you seriously fucked up. Like bad. Dan had never done such a thing. Now he would be lying if he said he hasn’t been spanked for getting off without permission a few times. Nate and Tyler looked a bit different from Dan. Tyler had floppy white ears with black spots on them and a long skinny tail that matched (Dalmatian). Nate on the other hand had very tall black ears with a little bit of brown on the tips and a stump for a tail (Doberman).

-Dan was the newest to Phil’s home. Dan had been one of Phil’s slaves for a little over a year, whereas Nate and Tyler came together about five years before. Dan was incredibly shy at first and very paranoid. His family would beat and abuse him for being what he was. A “freak” was their choice of words. Dan have absolutely no self-esteem or confidence when Phil first brought him in. Dan was also a virgin. Dan remembers had gentle Phil was the first time (and many more after that) they had sex. He praised Dan constantly, which Dan figured out he had a kink for, and always made sure Dan was alright before going any further.

-So yeah, Dan was quite attached to his master. Loyal you could say. But now, today was a big day. Master Phil was going to be having some of his friends, who also owned slaves, come over. A small party you could say. So all day Nate, Tyler and Dan had been tidying up the place and cooking meals for the men to eat. The guests that were supposed to come were Chris, Mark, Charlie, Felix, and Jim. Dan knew he had to dress up pretty for tonight, so he pulled on a little skirted maids outfit. The skirt was just long enough to cover his cute little bum. Dan also pulled on thigh-highs that were black and hand white bows on the front. He wasn’t required to wear shoes.

-After getting dressed, Dan went back to the dining room and continued to dust the cabinets. Dan was humming softly to himself when he heard the door open to the room. After hearing the heavy footsteps, Dan knew it was master. So on purpose, Dan leaned over the counter acting like he was trying to reach something so that his skirt rode up and Phil could see his black panties. After staying in this pose awhile, Dan started wiggling his bum a little, let out a small giggle in the process.

-Dan was frowned and was about to back off the counter when his bum backed up into Phil’s clothed, and hardened, crotch. Dan let out a adorable little gasp at the contact and stood up straight, making his back slightly bent so that his bum didn’t move off Phil’s crotch. Phil chuckled at Dan’s desperate little noise and leaned down to leave a few sloppy kisses on Dan’s neck. Phil smirked against Dan’s neck as Dan squirmed a little in his arms.

- “You’re killing me with that outfit baby. How will I keep my hands off you while my friends are here? They are always so jealous that I have you sweetheart. You are so pretty, beautiful. Mine,” Phil growled against Dan’s neck.

-Dan was letting out more little whines and whimpers by now, become hard very quickly. Phil tried to contain his laughter as Dan’s tail lightly tickled his stomach. Phil gripped Dan’s hips and turned him around so that they were facing each other. Phil bit his lip as he looked down and saw the little tent in Dan’s skirt.

- “Looks like I have the same effect on you honey. Is your little cock all hard for me? Just me? Do you want me to fuck you over the counter? Make you moan so loud for me?” Phil groaned as he grinded against Dan.

- “Could we go to the bedroom? I just cleaned this counter Master,” Dan whimpered, looking up at Phil with needy eyes.

- “Of course we can,” Phil smiled at Dan’s cuteness, of course he would ask that.

-Phil scooped up Dan and carried him to his master’s bedroom. Dan giggled in Phil’s arms and kissed Phil’s cheek softly. Phil let out a groan and slightly threw Dan onto the bed. Phil climbed between Dan’s legs and went back to kissing and biting the boy’s sensitive neck.

- “Could you suck me off sweetheart?” Phil grinded into Dan’s crotch as he talked.

- “Y-Yes Master,” Dan squeaked, letting Phil lay on his back so that Dan could get his head down to his master’s big cock.

-Dan teased the tip lightly, licking through the slit. Phil tangled his fingers in the boys curly fringe and tried to get him to take more. Dan took notice to his actions and took more of Phil’s hot length into his mouth. A deep moan erupted from Phil, making Dan whine around his master’s cock. Dan started subconsciously grinding against the bed while sucking Phil off. Phil noticed this all too quickly.

- “No no no Danny. Did I tell you, you could pleasure yourself? If I see those cute hips rubbing little circles on the sheets again, I won’t let you cum,” Phil smirked as he heard Dan whimper in response.

-Dan got himself somewhat together and started to bob his head up and down, now deep-throating Phil entirely. Phil gripped Dan’s hair tightly and let out a almost grunt type sound. Dan looked up at Phil with wide, innocent eyes as he sucked his master hard.

- “Fuck- Dan- I can’t stand it when you look at me with those eyes. It makes me want to fuck you so hard you can’t walk for a week,” Phil moaned, thrusted up slightly now.

-Dan just let out a whorish noise in response. He hollowed his cheeks and swirled his tongue around as he tasted the bittersweet taste of precum in his mouth. His master was close. Dan hummed around Phil, since he knew vibrations felt good to Master. Dan tried his best to ignore his own throbbing between his legs in order to please Phil.

- “Fucking shit! Master is close. I’m going to cum on that pretty face of yours, okay?” Phil sat up slightly and pulled Dan off, but leaving his face very close to his dick.

-Dan closed his eyes and opened his mouth and stuck his tongue out as he felt his Master’s cum spray onto his soft face. He heard the low groans from Phil as he released his load all over his face. Once Dan knew he was done, He wiped off anything around his eyes and licked his fingers off. He looked up at Phil with those goddamn eyes again.

- “Good puppy’s lick it off,” Phil smirked, seeing Dan’s ears twitch slightly.

-Dan licked around his lips and took his fingers and wiped the rest off, licking it off after. Dan’s adorable fluffy tail wagged behind him as he sat up, clearly trying to show his little erection off to his Master. Phil was going out to reach to reach it when the door opened.

- “Master, the first guests are arriving. You might need to get re-dressed.” Nate said giggling lightly. Dan blushed violently and  let out a high-pitched dog whine, looking at Phil with pleading eyes.

- “I’ll be out there in no time. Sorry Danny, I have to go. Nate, would you mind giving Dan a quick handjob? I don’t want him going out there around all those men with his little hard on sticking up,” Phil said, actual concern behind his voice.

-This wasn’t actually a first. There had been times when Dan would pleasure Phil, then Phil would have to rush out to do something, leaving either Nate, Tyler, or both to take care of Dan’s needs.

- “Of course Master,” Nate grinned and walked up to the bed and sat next to Dan as Phil pulled on the rest of his clothes and headed out the door, closing it behind him.

- The handjob was quick, seeing Dan was already worked up as hell. After Dan came, he pulled on his usual tight button up and booty shorts, seeing Phil didn’t want him in the maid outfit in front of his friends. He left the thigh highs on though. Dan looked into the mirror and was sorting out his hair as Nate and Tyler conversed in the kitchen.

- “You cannot put viagra in Master’s drink!” Nate whisper-yelled at Tyler. Tyler just chuckled in return.

- “Could you imagine how funny it would be though? He wouldn’t even have to know. He’d just drink it then be confused at why he’s all hard.” Tyler laughed and looked at Nate.

- “No! You always think he won’t find out, but then he does! You know how bad we all will be punished if you pull something like this? Cause god knows you admit it was you and we’ll all be paying the price.” Nate snarled at Tyler.

- “Who shit in your cornflakes this morning?” Tyler snorted.

- “You. Are. Not. Putting. Viagra. In Master’s drink,” Nate said firmly.

- “But what if I just plop it in like this!” Tyler grinned wickedly as he dropped the small blue pill in the red wine in the wine glass.

- “Tyler! I’m going to get another drink prepared! This is Master’s expensive wine too and were wasting it!” Nate growled as he walked into the other room where the wine fridge was.

-Just as Nate left, Dan entered the room with a big smile. He looked at the plate with all the drinks on it and pointed to it. Tyler nodded, trying not to laugh as Dan picked up the tray and brought it into the dining room where all the men were sitting and talking. Dan blushed and smiled at all of them as he set the drinks down in front of each man. Charlie whistled as Dan bent over to set the glass down. Charlie earned a threatening glare from Phil.

- “That’s everything Master, is there anything else you would like Master?” Dan asked politely and looked at Phil with his wide dooey eyes, his ears perking up.

- “Good boy, that’s all we need. You can sit on your puppy bed right by the door, so if we need you we you’ll be right there,” Phil praised and ruffled Dan’s hair.

-Dan sat down on the pet bed and played with his tail out of boredom. All the men  were sitting, conversing over nonsense.

-”So Mark, how’s that slave boy, Jack, of your’s been?”

- “Oh, he’s been fine. Finally got the little one trained.”

- “How about you Chris? How’s PJ?”

- “He’s been such a doll. I should bring him over to meet your slaves sometime. I think they would get along well.”

- “Well then, that can certainly be arranged.”

-Conversations went on like this for awhile, talking about each others slaves and business things. All was good until Charlie made a disgusted face. Everyone stopped eating at the horrid gasp Charlie made. Dan glanced up to see Charlie looking at his now empty wine glass to see a slightly dissolved blue pill. Dan’s eyes widened. How did that get there? Fucking Tyler!

- “Your mutt tried to drug me!” Charlie growled and looked over at Dan with dead man’s eyes.

- “There has to be a misunder—” Phil was cut off by Charlie slamming the glass down on the table.

- “This is no misunderstanding! I’m going to be blunt; I was growing very hard just now and had no idea why. Now I see that you’re fucking mutt put a viagra pill in my drink!” Charlie snapped and stood up, now everyone could see the hard outline in his dress pants.

-Everyone looked away and Felix tried his best not to laugh, but failed.

- “Is this fucking funny to you?! What is your problem!” Charlie yelled at Felix.

-Felix just shook his head and looked down on the floor. Dan was afraid of what to come next. Dan didn’t do anything to the drinks! But he was certainly going to get blamed for it. Charlie looked like he was going to kill Dan. Dan sunk down into the small bed and looked at the floor.

- “Punish that fucking worthless animal Phil!” Charlie ordered.

- “Dan! You don’t do those things to peo–” Phil was cut off again by a over exaggerated sigh from Charlie.

- “That’s how you punish your slave? No wonder this one is so disobedient! I am going to punish him my way! It’s only fair,” Charlie states matter-of-factly.

-Fears floods across Dan’s face, making him whine. He didn’t want this angry man anywhere near him for fucks sake! He was probably beat the shit out of Dan! Dan wanted to tell them that it wasn’t him, but he knew Charlie would say he was back talking and make whatever the punishment worse. Dan’s tail was no longer wagging and his used-to-be perky ears were flat. Dan looked at Phil with pleading eyes, but Phil just gave him a cold expression.

- “I don’t like the idea of your hands on my slave, Skies,” Phil’s cold tone almost made Dan shiver back even more in fright.

- “Well Lester, I think it’’s only fair. Your fucking slave drugged me. What if I had an allergic reaction to it and died? What then? I’m punishing him.” Charlie then glanced at Dan, who was curled up in fright, and didn’t take his eyes off him.

- “Fine. You can punish him,” Phil spoke up.

-Dan’s eyes went crazy wide. Phil is going to allow Charlie to….? Oh fuck no.

- “You’ve come to your senses Lester–” Charlie was cut off by Phil this time.

- “But there are rules you must follow if you are to punish my slave. One, you are not to leave bruises, hickies, or anything of that kind, only red patches from spanking or something like that. Two, you are NOT and I repeat NOT allowed to touch his, to be blunt, cock, hole, nipples, neck, ass, and thighs. Three, much like two you are not allowed to touch him with your cock as in making him to sexual things. Four, Dan’s safeword is lion. If he uses it, you better fucking stop or I swear to fucking god. Even if you think you might’ve heard him say it in the slightest, you stop and ask.” Phil concluded by crossing his arms and waiting for Charlie to start.

- “You give your sluts a safeword? Wow you really are weak,” Charlie huffed and walked over to Dan, grabbing his bag first.

- “I swear I will fucking end you if you don’t stop if he safewords,” Phil snapped back.

- “Fine fine, whatever. I’ll deal with your pussy rules,” Charlie mocked as he grabbed Dan’s collar and started pulling him down the hallway.

-Dan did his best to walk with Charlie, but Charlie walked really fast and was super aggressive. Once Charlie had found a spare room, with a lock, that he found suitable he threw Dan inside and locked the door behind him. Dan looked up at Charlie with fear-filled eyes. Charlie just fucking smirked. Dan was replaying all the events that led up to this and all the ones yet to come in his head on instant replay.

- “You know Phil’s rules aren’t going to apply to your punishment right? Fucking worthless sluts like you don’t get safewords. You’re pathetic. A pathetic whore!” Charlie shouts as he slaps Dan across the face.

-Dan whines immediately and tries to back away, but Charlie grabs his collar again and pulls him onto the bed. He grabs his backpack and pulls out a pair of handcuffs and rope. He grabs Dan’s shaking wrists and pull them to the headboard and clip them on, making sure Dan won’t be able to move his hands. Charlie then grabs the rope and ties his hands even tighter. But then Charlie grabbed a gag and forcefully shoved it in Dan’s mouth and clipped it on. The last thing he took out of the back was a riding crop and a small whip.

- “Get ready for pain useless slut,” Charlie laughed and smacked Dan’s tummy with the riding crop hard, now making Dan realize that it had tiny spikes on it as well. Dan could already feel bruises forming as Charlie brought it down again.

-Dan could feel tears stinging out of his eyes. Only making Charlie smirk more. Charlie then grabbed Dan’s hips and flipped him over. He laid a extremely painful spank with his hand on Dan’s bum, breaking one of Phil’s rules. Then Dan felt Charlie pulling off his shorts and ripping off his shirt. Leaving Dan completely nude, other than his thigh highs. Dan cried out through the gag as Charlie smacked his bare ass with the riding crop. It felt hard enough to draw blood.

- “You’re such a fucking little worthless bitch. I’ve barely even started and you’re bawling,” Charlie scoffed and hit Dan again.

-Dan just really wanted his Master right now. Everything was hurting so badly. Charlie was now hitting him everywhere. Littering bruises on his once perfect, smooth skin. Dan then did something he wished he wouldn’t have.

- “LION! LION! PLEASE STOP!” Dan screamed thru the gag.

-Everything stopped for a brief moment. But then Dan felt an intense pain in his lower back, it was his tail being yanked upwards.  

- “Oh, you are going to wish you hadn’t talked to me like that whore,” Charlie tsked.

-Dan then heard a un-zipping sound and immediately started freaking out. Charlie was going to fuck him. Another rule he was breaking. He has broken three of the four rules. It all happened at once. A agonizing pain shoot through his entire being. It made it to where Dan couldn’t even breath it felt like. Charlie had started fucking him raw, with no lube, and no stretching. Dan hadn’t been stretched in a good two days. This is how he was going to die. Dan couldn’t make a sound even though he wanted to. Charlie just kept calling him terrible names and hitting him, bruising him, raping him, and just fucking beating the shit out of him.

- “You’re such a fucking slut you know that? That’s the only reason Lester keeps you around. You’re a easy, pathic fuck. You’re otherwise useless and worthless. He just uses you for his own pleasure. He probably hates you any other time,” Charlie grinned, filling Dan’s mind with faulty ideas about his master.

-Dan just collapsed and black out.

-Dan didn’t know how long it was before he woke up to see Charlie darting out the door, making a run for it. Dan couldn’t move. He was covered head-to-toe with bruises and cuts from those fucking spikes. His ass had a throbbing pain shooting up from it and he tail felt like it had been ripped off. Tears were flowing hard, but no noises came out of Dan. He could feel what he believed to be Charlie’s cum all over his back. Fuck. Dan heard someone walking towards the room.

- “Dan look I need to apolo– OH MY FUCK!” Tyler screamed as he saw Dan’s state. He immediately sprinted to find Phil.

- “Hey, Dan. Oh honey I’m here. Master Phil will be here any second. Fuck, Tyler is such a ass. You don’t deserve this. You won’t recover from this for weeks,” Nate started to tear up as well.

-Just then, Phil came bursting through the door, his jaw slack. Angry, hatred these emotions corsed through his blood. What the fuck has Charlie done. Why had he agreed to this! Phil went straight over to Dan and sat by his side. He ordered Nate and Tyler to go get emergency aid supplies from the bathroom. Dan just laid there sobbing silently. Phil didn’t know what to do. How to fix this. Phil was crying as well.

- “You want to get rid of me now? Don’t you? I’m damaged goods, that is why you bought me right? Just for your use,” Dan randomly spoke up and sobbed loudly. Phil felt his heart rip in two at Dan’s words.

- “Baby. Listen to me. I care about you. I adore you. I love you. Please never think I would think that about you, let alone give you away for something you can’t control! You should be pissed at me! I’m the one that gave him permission to punish you. I regret even having them over.” Phil cries, wanting to hold Dan, but not wanting to hurt him any further.

- Soon Nate and Tyler were back and were gently wiping blood away from Dan’s skin. They made sure to get all the little drops of blood out of his tail fur. Dan laid limp as they cleaned him up. Every touch burned. He felt disgusting. Phil whispered sweet things to him as he helped bandage him up. Phil looked in disgust as he wiped the cum off Dan’s back. Knowing it wasn’t his. Phil then noticed how red and swollen Dan’s hole was. My poor sweet baby. My good slave.

-After they had Dan all cleaned up, they made his take painkillers and rest. Phil was going to kill Charlie. Not literally, but bad things were going to happen. Dan told Phil how he safe worded and Charlie didn’t stop. Phil was even more mad. Dan wanted Phil to stay and cuddle him as he rested, he said he didn’t feel safe if he wasn’t by his side.

- “Master?” Dan mumbled.

- “Yes dear? Does something hurt worse? Do you need medicine?” Phil sounded frantic.

- “No, I’ll be okay. But what I wanted to say was, I didn’t put that pill in his drink Master. I swear on my life and everything I have I didn’t,” Dan had little tears coming out of his eyes now.

- “Oh my fucking god… I’m a terrible human. You got almost killed and you got raped and you didn’t even do it!” Phil raised his voice a little.

- “Master please don’t yell,” Dan sounded so little and defeated. Phil felt awful right away.

- “No honey, nothing’s your fault, sorry for raising my voice.” Phil said slowly and calmly.

- “It’s okay. Can we sleep for now Master?” Dan sniffled, wiping his nose with his sleeve.

- “Of course,” Phil said sweetly, letting the boy cuddle into his chest.

-Phil massaged Dan’s ears until Dan was asleep. Phil let out a long breath and shook his head.

-They would figure out how to make everything better in the morning.


~ Oliver

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You know how sometimes when you're just doing something a weirdly sexual moan slips out and you're like wtf? Well imagine that happening to zayn when he's with his bro liam and liam getting flushed and popping a halfie and zayn teasing him.






“Like what you see there bro?”


“Um, pardon?”


“Bro, did you shove your water bottle down your pants or are you just happy to see me?”


“Why don’t you find out for yourself? Bro


Bum Touching// Mark Tuan

Originally posted by markjin

Pairing: Mark x Reader

Genre: Comedy, fluff,

Summary:Anonymous said:
hello💖💓💘 may i request a suuuper fluffy scenario with mark where he’s constantly touching y/n’s butt and y/n gets a little annoyed about it (but secretly really really enjoys it) and decides to do the same with mark? it’s just an idea, you can change/play around it however you want // I LOVE YOUR WRITING // thank you💖💓💘

Author’s Note: This is such a mark thing to do i sweAR TO GOD IM SCREAMING

xoxo Sara

“(Y/N)-noona!” Yugyeom chuckled when he opened the door to see you, wrapping his arms around you to pull you in for a tight hug.

“Hi, Gyeomie~” You hummed, patting his back softly for him to let you go, sliding off your shoes as all of the other boys’ heads peeked up from above the couch.

“Hey, (Y/N),” Youngjae smiled at you softly, waving as all of the boys followed, giving you greetings as you walked over to the couch.

“Hey guys,” you hummed, “where’s my bo-“

“jagGIII!” Your statement was interrupted by the man himself, Mark. You and Mark had been dating for around six months, causing you to become close friends with all of the boys from GOT7. The months you had been with him made you the happiest you have ever been.

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Chris&Eva #8 (Skam)

This was requested. I am incredibly sorry that it took me so long to write. And I am not sure if Eva’s mom’s name was mentioned, so I came up with random one.

Hopefully, you (bunch of lovely people) will enjoy it.



Last time Chris was this nervous was probably the first time he got to third base with a girl. Since then he  has come a long way. It’s no secret that he has been with many girls, but only one girl had managed to catch his attention and keep it. And she has kept it for almost four months now.  In four short months, Eva Mohn has changed his life more than anyone ever had or ever will. So, it came as no surprise that Eva’s mother wanted to meet him. When Eva broke down the news his initial reaction was panic. He wasn’t very good when it came to talking to parental figures. His parents communicated with him through post it notes attached to the fridge and money being transferred to his bank account. Williams parents weren’t too involved in his life either. Both boys were family to each other. He knew that Eva’s mother wasn’t around  a lot, because of her work, but form Eva’s stories they were definitely closer than Chris and his parents. After initial panic wore off, Chris reluctantly agreed to have dinner with Eva and her mother.

And now, standing one Eva’s porch and waiting for her to open the door, he was starting to internally panic. Chris wasn’t the one to care about what other people thought about him. He knew girls wanted to be with him and that  guys wanted to be him, he also knew that every teacher let out a relieved breath after he graduated from Nissen, his parents saw him more as an money sucking inconvenience than a son. Only two people in his life who’s opinion about him mattered were William and Eva, and now Eva’s mom. He was determined to prove worthy of her daughters heart.

He contemplated whether  he should knock again, but then he heard quick footsteps and  door opened revealing Eva’s mother. Eva’s mother noted the surprised look on his face and gave him a warm smile, Eva had the same one.
“You must be Christoffer. I’m Eva’s mother, Sebill, “ she said, stepping back to let him come in. “Come in, dinner will be ready in 5 minutes, dining room is down the hall on your left. Eva’s setting table there, you can go and help her. “
“Sure thing, Mrs. Mohn,” he said and started to head in direction of dining room, but quickly remembering the bouquet of flowers in his hands. “I almost forgot, these are for you,” he said giving her a bouquet of scarlet Zinnias. He read that they symbolised constancy. Yes, he googled language of flowers. That’s how much he wanted Eva’s mother to approve of him. He heard footsteps and felt two arms wrap around his torso,  enveloping him in a hug.

“If you think you can get out of table setting duty by charming the pants off my mother, boy are you mistaken,” she says planting a kiss on his cheek, one hand giving his bum a little squeeze,he hoped her mother didn’t notice that.
“Christoffer was just heading to help you, but then he remembered that he wanted to give me this beautiful bouquet,” Mrs.Monh said waving the bouquet  at Eva.
“Mom, nobody calls him Christoffer. Just Chris,” Eva said, already pulling him towards dining room.
“Sure, if you don’t mind,” Eva’s mother said, looking him at him for a sign of approval.
“Truly, Mrs.Monh, I prefer it,” Chris replied, giving her one of his signature smiles.

“And I would prefer if you called me Sebill, “ Eva’s mother replied, placing bouquet in a nearby vase next to bouquet  of white roses. 

“Sure thing, Sebill,” he said trying to sound more relaxed than he felt. Somehow, Eva’s mothers relaxed attitude made him feel more on edge than before. He wasn’t used to grown ups being so kind to him.
“For God’s sake, Chris, get your ass over here,” he hears Eva yell.
Mohn’ s dining room is quite similar to theirs, all white with few maroon colored items here and there.
Eva’s back was to him and he took it as an opportunity to come up behind her, placing both of his hands on her hips, pulling her closer to him. Eva drew in a shaky breath that made him smirk. He loved how confident she was, but what Chris loved even more was, how simple touch from him could undo her. He loved it, because it worked both ways, it wasn’t just Eva who had invisible hold over him.

“I’m pretty sure your mother already adores me,” he whispered, nibbling at her earlobe.

“You wish,” Eva responded with a laugh, removing his hands from her hips and handing him silverware.
“So, what if I do? She’s your mother, of course it’s important that she approves of us dating,” he replied shooting her a cheeky wink.
“And why is that?” Eva asked, so concentrated  on  lighting the candles, that she didn’t even notice his wink.
“Because if she likes me, she might let me stay over, so I can… keep you warm at night.”
“ She would never allow that,” Eva said with chuckle.
“True, but if she liked me,she wouldn’t be as angry if she found us in bed.”

“Oh, really? What makes you think that?” Eva’s mother said, entering the room with a plate of brussels sprouts in her hands.
Eva look mortified, her cheeks getting redder by a second. Shit, not even 5 minutes into dinner and he has already made a fool of himself. Think dude, think. What would William do?
“Mrs.Mohn, I mean, Sebill… I was just joking around, I would never do anything to  disrespect you,” Chris said trying to sound full of humility as possible. There was no way he was going to screw up his one shot at making good impression on his girls mother.
“Sure you wouldn’t. Eva would, though, “ she said, flipping a lock of hair out of her face.
“You see, disrespectful, “  Eva’s mother said, giving her daughter a playful shove. “Come, disrespectful daughter, we have more food to bring. You  too, Chris.”

After they finished setting the table, they had a lovely dinner filled with lots of cute and embarrassing  stories about Eva as a child, Sebill sharing some stories about her teenage years who were just as hilarious as Eva’s  reaction to them. And , of course, incredible food.

Only after they had finished dinner and Chris offered to help with the dishes, did he realize how much he had longed for this…this feeling of closeness.
“Chris? Are you alright?” Eva whispered next to him, snapping him out of his thoughts.
“What? Yeah, of course. I was just thinking about how much I enjoyed this evening,” he replied. “Our dining room barely gets used. It’s very rare that we can all find time for a family dinner…So, yeah, I had a great time,” he tried to sound nonchalant telling her this, but somehow it came out even more miserable than he expected.

“You are always welcome back, you know, “ Eva’s mother said entering the kitchen with more empty dishes in her hands. “For dinner, of course. I will make sure to buy Eva a cozy duvet to keep her warm at night,” she said with a wink.
“Mother fo-“
“Shush, again with the disrespect. How do you manage to put up with her?” Sebill asked, looking at Chris with a grin on her face. He could easily see where Eva got her looks from.
“Same way you do, by loving her,” Chris answered pulling Eva into a bear hug.
“You’re both so annoying. I love you,” Eva said, laughing and trying to wriggle out of Chris’s arms.
Rest of the evening was spent doing the dishes, talking, laughing and singing along to songs on the radio.
And all Chris could think about was, that if he could spend all of his life like this, he would die a happy man.

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Having Harry on all fours and making him still super still with a vibrating plug in his cute little bum

FUCKIN…………… SHIT……………..

“Move and I’ll turn the vibration all the way up….”

poem joke


He makes me go cray cray.

He makes me wish I wasn’t gay.

Just to enjoy one day.

With the jay.

His memes are bright.

They light up the night.

Like a storm.

We can create.. porn.


He’s so dumb.

I wish he was real.

So I could have on chance.

To slap his little white sniper blu bum<3


Of Biscuits and Bosely

Happy Jilytober! Everyone was being rather bleak with their entries, so I brought back my favorite feline Bosley the cat to help out with a slice of a happy moment, where the biggest problem on our darling OTP’s hands is a slightly naughty child. Enjoy. =D - bcdaily

As far as crime scenes went—and Lily had seen her fair share of them—this could not claim to be a particularly gruesome one.

            Unless one was counting crumbs as gore, that is.

            The afternoon sun streamed in through the kitchen windows, shedding a telling light upon the tableau in question. Lily stood with pursed lips, crossed arms, and reluctant amusement brimming far too close to the surface, carefully taking in the dubious site. Stepping gingerly over the shattered pieces of glass and piles of broken biscuits that littered her kitchen floor, she was determined not to break face. One wooden chair from the nearby table lay sprawled sideways over the mess, notably close to the counter where the now deceased biscuit jar had previously rested. The other three chairs remained tucked in at their appropriate spots in the corner nook, two presently occupied. Lily slipped silently into the empty third chair, narrowing her eyes across the table at the crime’s only current suspect.

            Ninety centimeters tall, dark hair, green eyes, approximately five years of age. Answered to the name of Harry James Potter, when prompted.

            Lily steepled her fingers together, staring the suspect down.

            “So,” she started, keeping her voice light. “You say it was the cat who broke the biscuit jar?”

            There came a sudden gruff clearing of the throat from beside her, and Lily shot her husband a dirty look, praying James did not crack and begin to laugh. He couldn’t. She couldn’t. Not this time. They had talked about this, stood firm in hush whispers from the moment they had heard the initial crash and darted into the kitchen to find their son in the midst of the carnage, the lie already on his lips. Harry was five now. This wasn’t acceptable. Sometimes, one had to parent.

            Even when one’s child looked so adorably bewildered sitting lonesome on one side of the kitchen table, blinking owlishly and spinning innocent enough tales in order to save his adorable little bum…even at the expense of the poor family pet.

            There was silence and shuffling.

            “Ummm.” Harry eyes darted everywhere but to them. “Yes,” he mumbled eventually, to the ceiling. “Bosley.”

            From his perch upon the nearest bay window, the accused, Bosley the cat, continued to nap leisurely in the sunlight, not even feeling the need to open his eyes to combat the accusation.

           (“Thank Merlin he’s got six more years until Hogwarts,” James had muttered when all this had all started. “He’s not going to get so much as a dungbomb past McGonagall with lies like ‘It was the cat.’”)

            “Bosley, you say?” James questioned now, and, true to form, Harry slumped guiltily—tellingly—in his seat. “You know, I reckon I didn’t even know Bosley liked biscuits.”

            “He does!”


            Their son finally looked at them, his expression incredulous. “Ev’rybody loves biscuits.”

            Oh, bugger. James was definitely going to laugh now.

            Lily jumped in quickly. “So then I suppose it was Bosley who also moved the kitchen chair over to the counter?” she inquired. “By himself? To reach the biscuit jar?”

            These questions seemed to give Harry more pause. His little brow furrowed, eyeing the mess of chair and crumbs and glass beyond their shoulders, then moving up toward the napping cat still sleeping in the window.

            The holes were hard to fill in, even at five.

            “Y-eeees?” More question than answer. Then, a bit desperately, “He’s real strong.”

            “Strong, perhaps, but also in trouble,” Lily replied.


            Lily nodded sadly.

            “He knows the rules.” She ticked them off on her fingers. “No biscuits until after dinner. No playing in the kitchen. And definitely no climbing up on the counter to take something without asking.”

            Harry’s bottom lip began to quiver. “Mummy, he’s real sorry!”

            “Is that so?” James rose from his chair, striding toward the window and ignoring the offended meow as he plucked the slumbering cat from his nap. “Bosley, did you knock over the biscuit jar? Are you very sorry?” James lifted the squirming cat up toward his ear, dodging a few stray claw swipes. “What’s that you say? Not you? Hm. Hm, hm, hm.” Her husband cuddled the cat against his chest, shaking his head regretfully. “Bosley says it wasn’t him.”

            Lily gasped dramatically. “Oh, no. You know what that means.”

            Harry looked terrified. “W-whats'it mean?”

            “It means he’s lying.” Lily put all the horror into the final word she could possibly manage. “And there is nothing—nothing—worse than lying, especially to your family. Even if Bosely didn’t mean to break the biscuit jar. Even if he doesn’t want to get it trouble. You should always tell the truth. You know that, don’t you, Harry?”

            Seemingly without words, Harry could only nod.

            Lily sighed. “Of course. So there’s only one thing to do now, isn’t there?”

            “W-what?” Harry asked.

            Lily stood, turning to grab the still protesting Bosley from James’s arms. “It means Bosley has been a very naughty cat. And I’m not sure I want a cat that lies. Maybe we’ll have to get a new cat.”

            Harry scrambled out of his seat, too. “A n-new cat?”

            “That’s right.”

            “B-but…Bosley is our cat!”

            “He was our cat,” James corrected, leading the way out of the kitchen and down the narrow corridor toward the front door. “If he only told the truth, he could still be our cat. But since he’s lying…”

            “New cat,” Lily said.

            They marched together toward the front door, which James opened with dramatic flourish.

            Lily plopped Bosley down on the front stoop, ignoring the feline look that seemed to say, How dare you drag me into these theatrics?

            “Goodbye, Bosley,” James called, waving. “You were a good cat. Until you weren’t.”

            “Goodbye, Bosley,” Lily said. “I wish you hadn’t lied!”

            James had only managed to get the portal halfway closed before the anguished wail unleashed with halting fury behind them.

            “Wait! Wait! Don’t go, Bosley! It was me! I broke the biscuit jar! It was me!”

            Harry launched himself at Lily’s legs, messy tears and even louder sobs wracking his little body. James stopped closing the door, and Lily bent down, scooping up her weeping son.

            “You?” she asked, swiping at his wet cheeks, pushing at his dark hair.

            Harry nodded jerkily. “I-I just w-wanted a b-bis-scuit!”

            “But you said it was Bosley,” Lily reminded him.

            Harry wailed even louder. “I l-lied!”

            He buried his sobs in Lily’s neck, and Lily extended an open palm to James behind their son’s back, grinning as her husband gave her a high-five.

            “Parenting,” he mouthed victoriously.

            Lily gave a silent returning cheer as she shushed and swayed Harry.

            “Sorry about that, Ol’ Bos,” James said aloud, swinging the front door open again to find Bosely much where they had left him, mutinous upon the front porch. “Looks like you’re off the hook.”

            The cat sniffed disdainfully, prancing slowly back into the house with an obvious air of, You peasants.

            “Come on,” Lily said, following the cat back through the corridor. “Let’s sit down and have a nice, long chat about lying, shall we?”

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What's something adorable you've seen your sons do?

“When Sesshoumaru was a toddler he sometimes forgot that he was in his human shape! Thus he would scuttle about on all fours and yip like a puppy, pouncing on anything that happened to move! Batting lightly with his hand until he realized that he lacked paws!” 

“Little Inuyasha had his cute moments too! He used to think that as long as he couldn’t see us, that he was hiding! Thus his little bum would be sticking out from under the futon or out from behind a vase! “