his lips on his cheek look perfect

Imagine Alec and Magnus on their first date and Magnus says something really funny and Alec laughs so hard that he accidentally lets out a huge, full on, loud snort and he claps a hand over his mouth and his cheeks are red and his eyes are wide and him and Magnus stare at each other for a few seconds before Magnus starts giggling profusely and then Alec starts laughing too and his laughter becomes softer and more breathy when Magnus intertwines their hands across the table and Magnus looks at him adoringly and says, “You just get cuter every day, don’t you?” and Alec blushes and stutters and bites his lip to control the almost insane grin on his face because wow, isn’t Magnus Bane just the most perfect man to ever exist? and Magnus rubs his thumb along the top of Alec’s palm and the two men continue to gaze fondly at each other, Magnus mentally making a note that he is going to do everything in his power to get Alec to laugh like that again

Sharing | Taeyong & Winwin

Genre: Smut, like serious Smut, oral, sharing, no plot smut (sorry), nsfw, 
Summary: Sicheng wants to watch you and Taeyong have sex and he gets into it.
A/n I’m trying to edit this to make it better. So I hope you like it I’ll try to make more plot and better smut soon. Since I’m kind of shaky on smut and it’s not the best I just thought this a pairing was perfect. I wrote this like a bad porno sorry 

A light blush could be felt on your cheeks you looked to your right to see Sicheng sitting on his own bed palming himself through his jeans. His face was twisted with need and want as he pleasured himself staring at you guys.

The sensation of warmth could be felt above you. Taeyong was leaving sloppy kissing across your neck. Returning to Taeyong you took and guided him to your lips leaving a small kiss.

“You’re nervous aren’t you” leaning down grinding his hips down on you, which stimulated you.

A tiny gasp left your mouth “yes” you said through a breathy moan. “It’s okay Sicheng is gentle” Taeyong whispered in your ear, his large brown eyes flicked over to the Chinese male.

You followed and stared at him he was still watching you guys a he was still steadily palming himself. It was semi dark in Taeyongs room but still enough light to see each other.

“Focus on me and he’ll come when he’s ready” Taeyong reassured you, turning your head away from Sicheng to look at your boyfriend.

After lots of talking Taeyong pursued you to let Sicheng watch you guys have sex. At first you were apprehensive about it asking why would he want to. Calling it awkward, weird, and even crazy to let your friend watch you guys.

Taeyong explained that Sicheng has never been with a women and was getting more curious from watching porn he was getting more curious of the woman body. Also from what he heard you guys doing it.

So after you heard it out you accepted it.

You snapped out of your thoughts when you felt Taeyong tear at your clothing. He didn’t care about the fabric all he cared about was the person under it.

Letting a low whine you felt Taeyong explore your body, his fingers pressing and caressing you. His warm lips meeting even warmer skin that left hot kisses.

“Your moans are making me hard” he playfully whispered, grinding up against your clothed jeans.

Gasping out in pleasure your hands went to Taeyong under shirt your finger tips touching his abs. Secretly obsessed with your boyfriends body from his abs to the little moles he was a beautiful person.

Taeyong left small kisses down your chest snapping off your bra to release your breast. The cool air hit your breast. Taeyong left a kiss on your soft chest. You ran your fingers through his thick dyed white hair.

“Hyung can I” Sicheng spoke up, you observed a bulge in his pants. Taeyong looked at you asking for permission, you nodded letting Sicheng approach you.

Sicheng stared at your chest he crouched down next to you as his hand slowly went to your breast area. “It’s okay Sicheng” you told the grinning boy.

He nodded and touched your breast. His hands massaging your breast and nipple. His eyes wide and a underline of lust was held in his brown eyes.

Taeyong continued what he was doing. He hiked up your legs and swiftly took off your jeans and panties. He teased you playfully getting you more wet and ready for him.

The simulated of Sicheng touches and even licks and bites and Taeyong touches were making you wild. It was getting warmer in the room, like a sauna. Sicheng warm mouth stayed attached to you and you could see he was stroking himself now.

“You’re so beautiful” Sicheng said with such honestly it made you blush. His accent so cute it almost made you said ‘aw’ at him.

His small sharp teeth left marks up and down your body from your neck to your lower stomach. He stopped inches from your navel he almost looked like he was shivering at the small of sex in the air.

He was practically praising your body at this point a giggle slipped out of you at his actions. Sicheng grinned at your giggle.

Taeyong took out his dick giving it a few more strokes to make it harder and more erect. “Are you ready for me” Taeyong asked lacing his large hand into your. Nodding you were already hot and ready for him. This wasn’t making love this was sex and this was rather erotic.

You heard Taeyong rip at a condom and put on the rubber protection.

As Taeyong leaned over you placing your legs on both sides of him angling himself into you. A moan slipped out when he started to press into you a steady rhythm.

Sicheng got up you were eye level with his dick, he stroked his dick right on your chest he was sweaty and almost shaking as he stroked his dick.

Observing Sicheng dick it was skinny, pale, but the length was rather impressive. The head was a angry red color, glistening with precum. “Pay attention to me” Taeyong said through gritted teeth thrusting into you.

You let out a moan in pleasure letting a laugh leave your lips “Taeyong don’t be jealous” you told him grinding your hips up on his. Taeyong bite his lip in pleasure when you did that.

“Taeyong is it okay I” Sicheng asked awkwardly gesturing to you.

Taeyong closed his eyes gripping your hips tighter, he nodded his face twisted in pleasure. Sicheng let out a large grin slipping his erect member into your waiting mouth.

You tasted Sicheng in your mouth normally you hated oral but accepting it anyway. You moaned and almost gagged at his length.

Taeyong expert hips rocked into you pacing between slow and fast. He always lasted as long as he could so you watched him through half lid eyes as he bite his lips and grinned. “It’s kind of hot seeing my girlfriend suck off to my friend” he laughed teasing you, a large smile on his face.

You rolled your eyes your tongue running up and down Sicheng silt. Sicheng threw his head back in pleasure. “Hyung you fuck her so good” Sicheng moaned out, he couldn’t take his eyes off the erotic scene playing out in front of him.

As Sicheng used your mouth Taeyong was being relentless to your body and a familiar feeling of a tight could was in your lower parts. Holding your orgasm off you wanted to last a little longer for Taeyong. His stamina was something rather impressive.

“Taeyong” you moaned as Sicheng took his pale length out of your mouth. You peeked out to see Sicheng tighten as he stroked himself on your chest. His warm release shot strings of cum in your chest.

His face was one of utmost beauty a straight face as he twitched his face in complete euphoria.

You focused back at Taeyong he had his eyes closed rocking into you. He released one hand and attacked your clit with his index finger.

He brushed it and pushed down on the small button. Making a breathy moan come out of you, “Taeyong I’m-I’m”. You moaned out a feeling of weightlessness filling you.

Taeyong stopped thrusting you could feel your body twitch around his hard member. He moaned out in pleasure and could feel his condom fill up with white liquid.

Taeyong sighed and threw his head back laughing slightly as he slowly took himself out.

He glanced at you and spotted the liquid on your chest. He rolled his eyes and took his shirt from the side of the bed he wiped Sicheng cum off your chest. “Yeah I don’t like seeing that” he said cleaning you off.

You checked on Sicheng still a large blush held on his cheeks he was sitting on the edge on his bed. He was panting lightly.

“I see you liked it” Taeyong commented smirking at his band member. “It was better than I expected” he said closing his eyes. “The taste, the texture the warmth” he gulped, throwing his arm on his face.

You let out a light laugh at the words “yeah and she’s all mine” Taeyong said he started to attack your neck in a possessive manner.

“Were You Looking for Me?” IV

Parts [I], [II], [III]

A Rowaelin Teenage AU

Word Count: 1,470

Author’s Note: This one picks up right where part three ends, sorry for the delay. Enjoy!

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Darcy/Steve, Nobody is watching

for @typhoidmeri

It didn’t look like there was anyone around.  There was alone in the kitchen.  It would be the perfect time to steal a kiss from his girl.  

Steve leaned down, pressing his lips softly to hers.  Darcy’s mouth opened slightly beneath his, and she made a soft sound in the back of her throat.  Her hand came up to rest on his cheek as he pulled away.  

“What was that for?”  

He shrugged.  “I love you.”  

“Love you too, Rogers.”

Forever Stained

Warnings for homophobia and homophobic language.


       It’s the same day that Will receives his letter from Samwell telling him he’s got a full ride that Will’s life as he knows it ends. His parents praise him, his ma cries and presses wet kisses against his cheeks, and his dad looks on, proud but manly and unemotional, and Will knows that it’s how he’s supposed to show emotion. They throw a party for him, inviting all of his friends from school. Will tells his best friend, Liam, the news in the quiet privacy of his bedroom and they share another secret without speaking, just reading by feeling the cracks in one another’s lips like blind men seeking knowledge with a thirst that only those who know darkness can crave light and it would have been a beautiful end to a day that started out perfect.

         Then the unexpected happens, though one could say it was perfectly predictable, and the broken lock on Will’s door is opened and his shared secret with Liam is revealed and his mother runs from the room crying like she was this morning but they aren’t happy tears and Will wonders at how happy tears and sad tears would look the same if it wasn’t for how he felt about them. He tells Liam to run and packs a bag with everything he can fit in it- skates, a picture of his family from two years ago on the beach, a stick, shirts, his phone, his wallet and keys, pants, the keychain his little sister made him for his birthday last year, underwear, the card he was plaining to give his dad for father’s day- and he just remembers to grab socks when his dad shows up in the doorway with murder in his eyes.

         Will gets by him with just a black eye, a bloody nose, and a split lip, the hands that held his as he learned to walk and the hands that taught his own how to punch leaving scars in their wake as they grab angrily for the son they no longer have. Will runs through the party, seeing nothing and hearing music, and inexplicably the song American Pie is playing and he can’t help but remember how this song always used to make him cry. He runs out of the house, now hearing Never come back, faggot! in the tune of Bye, bye Miss American Pie and he remembers the pie he tasted at Samwell this year, made by the tiny forward with the big smile.

         Will jumps into the truck he got from his uncle, who got it from his dad before him, and starts it up. He pulls away from the house he grew up in and doesn’t stop driving until he reaches the beach where he kissed a girl for the very first time and then he goes a little farther down to the hidden alcove where he kissed a boy for the very first time and he cries until he can’t tell the difference between his tears and the sea.

         Will stays in town until his graduation, gets his diploma dressed in clothes he hasn’t washed since May out of fear of seeing his mom at the laundromat and he doesn’t look towards the spot his parents sat in for his older brother’s graduation once- except he does because he can’t help it and it’s as empty as Will’s smile when he poses for a picture with the principal, a picture he knows he’ll never see. He doesn’t stop to talk, doesn’t look Liam’s way because he’s angry that Liam still has a home, and he gets in his truck and drives to the state line and walks barefoot in whatever water he can find.

         This is the day he gets his first tattoo.

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Morning Somewhere In Hasetsu

He woke up to feeling of Yuuri coming closer to him. Wrapping his arms around me and hiding his face to my chest. Soft sunlight was coming to room behind the curtains, and he could see how dust danced in the air. He smiled little bit and pulled Yuuri closer, but hoping not wake him just yet. 

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New theory about the trailer

Plot twist: What we see in the trailer is just Isak, I should probably say MOSTLY. I think MOST of the shots in the trailer are of Isak. I am well aware we see two bodies at some point, obviously. What I meant to say is that of all the face shots and the more “obvious” shots are of Isak. They made it impossible to solve. 

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“Ok, I should go now” I whispered lightly to no one in particular but myself, as I closed the book I was reading at the moment, placing the bookmark in its designated place. I slowly got up from the bench sighing, and made my way back to my home.

As I entered the bustling streets of New Orleans, I got lost in my thoughts as I usually did and was thinking what would happen next in my novel. Cold breeze rushed past my face making me smile in ecstasy as my tired eyes gazed upon the setting sun in front of me.

Suddenly I bumped into something hard like a wall or something making me stumble backwards a little and I immediately looked upwards to be met with an extremely handsome man in a suit with perfect jawbones and deep eyes. His features were perfect, almost too good to be true. His hands were tucked in his pockets looking down at me with a ghostly smile on his perfect lips which was barely visible, making a small crimson color coat my cheeks.

“I’m so sorry! It’s my fault I wasn’t looking where I was going” I said laughing a bit and looked down in embarrassment making the man in front of me chuckle fondly. “No, it is quite alright Miss….” He looked at me expectantly. “Oh umm, (Y/N).. (Y/N) (L/N)” I replied sheepishly. The thing is I don’t interact much with people so I kind of get nervous.

“You have a beautiful name Miss (L/N). And it was my fault as well, forgive me. My name is Elijah Mikaelson, it is truly a privilege to meet you” he extended his hand towards me, with a beautiful smile. I hesitantly placed my small hand in his large one as he slowly brought my hand towards his lips and lightly kissed it with his lips lingering there for a while, making me blush even more as I looked away shyly.

“Yes it is nice to meet you as well Elijah” I lightly said. He gave me a charming smile making me gaze in his beautiful orbs losing myself in them. He was gorgeous. He let go of my hands and looked at his watch.

He frowned a bit looking at his watch and sighed. “I apologize, but I must go now, I have a matter to attend to. I certainly hope to meet you again”. I found myself nodding slightly with a “goodbye” making him smirk as he walked past me and vanished.

He knows it’s wrong to stare, but that doesn’t stop him from doing it. 

He’s leaning on his side, the sheets of the bed wrapped around them both as the stars outside provide the perfect amount of light for him to be able to see the other man’s face perfectly. He notes the few, small freckles that sit on the man’s nose, like a dot to dot that he’s tempted to fill in. His eyelashes are long and fair, his lips are slightly parted, and his cheeks are an ever so subtle shade of pink. Who needs sleep when he could he lay here and watch the love of his life lay so peacefully: looking like a work of art even in his sleep.

He lets his hand hover for a few seconds, wondering if his movement will disturb his lovers slumber. He lets his fingers fall slightly, moving stray blonde hairs out of his face, holding himself back from letting his fingers move their way through the other’s hair anymore than needed. It’s soft and silky to the touch, despite the way it spikes in impossible directions. 

Letting his eyes trail down, he see’s the faint smile encroaching on the other’s lips as he continues to push loose strands of hair behind the mans ear. It’s not his usual grin, the one that he swears could blind people with it’s brightness. It’s a sleepy smile, the one that’s barely there, yet oh so beautiful anyway. 

He can’t help but mimic it, because his happiness was right here, lying next the man who’d stolen his heart: the only crime he would ever forgive.


Imagine Ponyboy asking you out on a date…

“Listen, Y/N” Ponyboy murmured awkward, hit teeth gnawing into his bottom lip. “I’ve got something to ask you… you can say no, I won’t get offended if you do.” 

“What is it Ponyboy?” You smiled, placing a comforting hand on his arm. “Do you need help studying?” 

“Ah no…” He trailed off, his eyes looking anywhere but at your own. “Um… would you like to go out with me? This Friday, as a date? We can go to the Nightly Double or anywhere that you’d l-” 

“Friday is perfect” You leaned up and pressed your lips to his cheek softly. “It’s a date then.” 

You bit your lip, fighting the urge to laugh as his cheeks reddened, you couldn’t help but think how handsome he looked…

A smile to hide the pain {woozi}

Jihoon was never one to show his emotions, sure he would laugh and joke, scold the other members and get angry, but it was rare for the teen to show sadness or pain. So when you noticed the boy holding the side of his face, a pained expression creasing his features as he let out a soft hiss, you began to worry.

“Jihoon, are you alright?” Your gentle voice called out to the boy as you made your way across the practice room, resting a hand on jihoons shoulder once you reached him.

“Yeah, I’m fine” jihoon brushed you off, a smile curling up on his perfect lips. Yet his hand never left his cheek and his smile looked forced, pained.

You couldn’t help but narrow your eyes suspiciously, hating when your boyfriend so blatantly lied to you. “Please don’t lie to me, I know you well enough to know something’s up” you sighed softly, face riddled with concern and worry.

“Honestly, (y/n), it’s nothing to worry about” he said, his smile dropping as he began to chew on his tongue, eyes closing as his eyebrows furrowed slightly. You instantly knew what it was now.

“Your wisdom teeth playing up again?” You asked softly, the boy nodding his head ever so slightly as his expression grew more pained. “I’m getting you a dentist appointment for tomorrow” you told him, his pained expression suddenly draining from his face only to be replaced with a soft smile, a smile you fell in love with.

“No need, alls good~” he chirped, a little too happy, which gave it away that he was faking. But before you could even say anything else, jihoon was gone like a flash, messing around with the others as if there was nothing wrong. But you could see it, see the pain hidden behind the smile.

Even if he said not too, you still called the dentist and booked an appointment for noon the next day.


You had gone to bed that night with jihoons arms wrapped tightly around your waist, a smile on both of your faces. Yet some time past midnight you woke to a lot of tossing and turning, a few pained groans and even the sound of silent…sobbing?

At first you didn’t believe it was crying, thinking you were simply hearing something. Jihoon wasn’t one to cry. But as you listened closely, jihoon was in fact crying which broke your heart. “Jihoon, baby” you said softly, sitting up in the bed and glancing down at your boyfriends tear stained face.

“Go back to sleep, (y/n)” jihoon sniffled, clearing his throat as he rolled on to his side, his back facing you.

“Come here” you said softly, shifting in the bed so your back was pressed against the headboard, opening your arms wide for jihoon. But he didn’t budge, he didn’t even make a sound. “Jihoon, it alright to cry when your in pain. Toothache hurts so bad, I know how you must be feeling. But don’t try to hide your pain from me, please” you spoke softly, surprised by how fast jihoon sat up and threw himself into your embrace.

“I-it hurts” he whimpered quietly, face burying into the crook of your neck as pained sobs left his small form. Your heart broken even more, feeling so helpless. “I fell l-like smashing m-my head of a wa-wall!” He growled in anger, gripping hold of your shirt as he clenched his jaw shut, tears still streaming down his cheeks and soaking into your shit.

You rubbed circles into his back with your thumb, pecking the top of his head over and over again. “Good job I got you that appointment for tomorrow, hey?” You laughed lightly, trying to distract him from the pain. “Just a few more hours, babe” you said softly, rocking him back and forth in your arms.

You stayed like this, jihoon held tightly in your grasp as he sobbed his little heart out due to the tremendous pain. But eventually his sobs subsided, his tense body seeming to relax in your arms. “Jihoon?” You said softly, you voice hardly above a hushed whisper. But you got no reply, the boy having cried himself to sleep.


“Come on jihoonie~ time to take your pain away” you cooed, taking one last look in the mirror before turning on your heels to see your boyfriend stood by the door.

Jihoon looked terrible, face drained of all emotions bar pain. He yawned softly before opening the door, looking back at you expectantly. You walked over, taking his hand in yours before walking out, jihoon following behind slightly.

It didn’t take long to reach the dentist, you pushing the door open and dragging a reluctant jihoon through the door, sitting him on one of the seats. “Don’t move” you warned him, a grumble leaving his lips before he nodded his head, growing slightly nervous of what the dentist would do to him.

You made your way to the desk, greeting the elderly woman with a bright smile before telling her you had an appointment for 2pm for Lee jihoon. The elderly woman tapped away at the computer before looking up with a smile. “Take a seat, you should be called soon” she said politely.

“Thank you” you bowed before turning on your heels and heading back to the boy, who was shuffling around on his seat. “Calm down, you’ll be alright” you reassured jihoon, kissing his cheek softly.

Within ten minutes of waiting, reassuring your boyfriend nothing bad would happen and it was for the best, jihoons name was called. The colour seemed to drain from his face when he heard his name, looking at you with a pleading look as he grasped your hand in his. “Please come with me” he begged, looking like a frightened puppy.

“Of course” you smiled, standing to your feet and pulling him up, the two of you walking to the room the dentist had disappeared into.

It didn’t take long for the dentist to remove the wisdom tooth which was giving jihoon jip, putting the tooth into a dark blue treasure chest and handing you the small item. “It might be a little weird for a day or two but then he should be as right as rain” the dentist smiled as you helped the giggly jihoon up from the seat, the boy clinging to you.

You had to help jihoon a lot till the drugs wore off, listening to him singing songs and telling you he loved you, it was honestly amusing. But when he finally came round, the smile on his face was the best thing you had ever seen.

“The pain” he gasped, his hand clutching his slightly swollen face. “It’s gone! Thank you, (y/n)!” He cried happily, throwing his arms around you and hugging you tightly.

“I’m glad your feeling better” you hummed, pecking his lips softly. “It was sad to see you in pain” you admitted, jihoons smile never leaving his lips.

“I would still be if it wasn’t for you” he chuckled sheepishly, pulling you in for a passionate kiss.

Can I get teen Steven layin around on his bed thinking about how awesome and amazing connie is and he sighs the cutest lil happy sigh while his cheeks get all pink and he gets a really goofy grin.

Then he starts thinking about how pretty she is and how her hair falls across her face and shoulders. The way her eyelids lower when she looks at him, her eyes sparkling n stuff. The way her lips curve when she laughs. All that cute stuff.

Then his cheeks turn bright red and he covers his face with a pillow thinking “WHY IS SHE SO PERFECT!!!” then groans.

Teen crushes are the best tbh.

Bonus: Sometimes the gems catch him.
Pearl always quirks an eyebrow and tries to stifle a smile. Amethyst giggles and rolls down the steps. Garnet just smiles super big and crosses her arms.

what i love about justin’s appearance is that he’s extremely good looking but he’s not model perfect, he has a scar on his cheek, he’s not super tall, he has bushy eyebrows, he gets pimples sometimes, he has beauty marks all over his face, his hair is long and messy, he has big but often chapped lips, he has the most beautiful smile but we don’t see it that often, and despite his 200 million networth he dresses as casual as casual gets

he has his flaws, and those flaws are what make him so perfect to me. I just want to kiss him all over his face and shower him with the love and affection he deserves

Morning After: Bellamy imagine

The cold of the night slowly started to disappear in the early morning. The tent wasn’t the best to keep warm but it was something. Even if it was just below freezing in the night, you felt warm.

Slowly waking from a peaceful slumber as arms tightened around you, prohibiting you from moving. That’s when you realized that you were on top of a hard chest. Your eyes slowly flickered up to meet the a slightly freckled face. A smile pulled at your lips when the sinful acts from last night played in your mind. You and Bellamy had finally done the deed.

Your finger tips slowly traced his freckles that scattered along his cheeks. You never understood how someone can look so perfect. There were dark purple marks scattered along his jaw, his neck to his collar bone. The marks laid as proof from the night we shared. And knowing Bellamy he probably left even more marks on you.

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I like it when you wear this one (M)

original gif

Taemin x OC pairing (rated M)
1.153 Words
by Serena

Taemin sat in between Nari’s spread legs, showing her a mischievous grin. His eyes glistened of lust and desire. He licked his lips and gulped as he looked back down to her clothed womanhood. His fingertips brushed over Nari’s thighs, squeezing her skin seductively. Taemin crawled back and hovered over her petite body, pressing his mouth onto hers for a sinful, slow kiss. His tongue slipped out to caress her swollen lips. She granted him entrance for his silent plead while her hands grazed through his silky hair, making his perfect hairstyle messy as the kiss got more passionate.
His hand stroke her body, touching the lingerie. Taemin started placing soft kisses on her cheek, his lips wandering further down to her neck. His tongue licked a small spot on Nari’s skin before he sucked on it, earning a suppressed moan out of her mouth. She slung her legs around his waistline, desperately pulling his body closer to hers. She wanted to feel more of him.
“Fuck, babe.” His escaping groan thrilled her ears as he pressed himself down on her, giving her a chance to feel his forming erection.
Nari’s hips bucked up in response, gasping. “Baby”, he whispered against her lips, “not yet.” Nari whined as he pulled not only his body back, but his mouth too.

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Stiles is standing there in his uniform, hair long and hands behind his back. There’s a blush on his cheeks and he can barely look Derek in the eye.

Stiles nibbles his lip. He’s wearing the medal Derek had presented to him. “Hey,” he whispers.

Derek stares. He doesn’t think he’s breathing anymore.

A modern day prince!Derek and soldier!Stiles AU by matildajones

An Autumn Kiss (Draco x Reader)

Description:  fluffy Draco  and reader going for an autumn walk because I’m obsessed with autumn .

Genre: fluff

Warnings: ?

The frost covered leaves crunch under foot as I walk to the black lake. Warm swirls of condensed breath escape my lips as I breathe. Autumn has approached  Hogwarts and created a beautiful sea of scattered leaves on the ground. My hair flutters in the cool breeze that seems to have followed me to the lake and is rustling the branches on the trees overhead.

I spot Draco’s wind swept platinum hair before I spot him, It’s the brightest thing around in the perfect canopy of trees. The rosy colour on his cheeks look like water colors on a white canvas. His green and black scarf wrapped loosely around his neck and a warm jacket fitted perfectly around his slim body.

“Hey,” He grins and I wave.

It’s freezing outside,"I shiver and he chuckles but brings me into a hug. It certainly warms me up, in fact it makes me feel like melting.

We pull apart and he holds his hands out.

"Give me your hands,"He says sweetly and I place my hands in his. He lift our hands up to his mouth and blows warm air into them, his lips skim off my finger tips slightly and make me blush at the whole scene.

It’s so cheesy!

I find my self thinking but deep inside I am enjoying the whole thing.

"Anyway,"He starts when he is satisfied with the temperature of my hands. "Walk with me?"He asks and I grin. I slip my now warmish hand into his and we begin to walk through the tunnel of warm coloured trees.

A few leaves drift from the trees and settle on Draco’s hair. The warm colours of orange and red contrasting to his almost white hair. I flick them off gently as we walk.

The walk is quiet and we don’t talk the whole way but just exchange quiet whispers and sweet comments.

However I soon start to shiver as the breeze starts feeling icy through my robes.

"How did you forget a jacket?"Draco asks quite amused, but a twang concern in his voice shows me he’s being serious.

"I don’t know,"I admit and he chuckles slightly before slipping out of his jacket and wrapping it around my shoulders.

"No it’s fine."I try to push it away but his face shows a caring determination.

"No , you are not freezing before our first kiss,"He laughs and a blush creeps up my cheeks.

His words where true though. We never got much alone time together and this was a surprise to be able to have such a peaceful walk with Draco.

I give up on my protest and shrug my arms into the sleeves.

His jacket huge on me. The end of the sleeves go over my finger tips and the hood covers my eyes.

"It suits you,"he laughs and I push him on the side playfully.

"Aren’t you freezing?"I ask, concerned and he shakes him head and takes my hand again.

We continue our walk until we notice we’ve gone too far from the castle and we begin to circle back again.

"Thank you for the walk, Draco,"I say when we get closer to the castle. I start to take off his jacket with a pang of disappointment. His jacket is rather comfy.

"Your welcome,"He says, shivering as a cold gust of wind blows into us. I feel guilty again.

Then I get an Idea for my thank you gift.

I step closer until I am only inches away from him and then I tiptoe up and place my lips on his. He tenses for a second but soon I feel him kiss back. His arms wrap around my waist and I put my hands on his cheeks, my freezing fingers making him jump slightly. Our cold lips just make the kiss more beautiful.

An autumn kiss in the windy grounds of Hogwarts, orange and red leaves fluttering around our heads and a cold breeze making our lips tingle.

What beautiful scene.

I decided to give a Nick Imagine a go, I write imagines for heaps of other people on other accounts I own, so I hope you guys like it!

“I had a really good time tonight, Nick.” You smile walking up the front steps to your front door.

He grins licking his lips looking down at you. “So did I.” He says softly, the only light came from your front door porch, but it was enough to see the perfect details of Nick’s face. “We should you know do it again?” He blushes scratching the back of his neck.

“I’d like that.” You smile, he takes a step closer the distance between you two being close to none as one of his hands makes it’s way to your cheek, pushing away a strand of hair behind your ear.

Your heartbeat fastens as Nick slowly leans down, his lips pushing to yours. Your hands travel up his chest as his other hand cups your other cheek.

Pulling away, you look up to Nick, his grin wide as he leans in again to steal a quick kiss. “We should do that again as well” he chuckles as you let out a quiet laugh.

“I wouldn’t mind that either.” You smile.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asks. Nodding your head he shoots you a wink, pecking your cheek to then let go of your hands and to walk down the steps and back to his car. Leaving you to think of the kiss you had shared just minutes ago.


You saw him standing there, hauling a bundle of roughing up the ladder and you took a moment to stare at the Adonis God looking man before you. His shirt was off, sweat was dripping down his perfectly sculpted abs and on the inside you were swooning… you imagined what you would do to that fine looking male specimen.

“Hey Darry, you got a fan” an older looking man said with a cheeky smile on his lips.

You blushed, a perfect shade of red tainting your cheeks.

“Oh my gosh” You mutter to yourself, tightening your hold on your handbag. You took hurried steps away from them, wishing the earth would swallow you into a hole, and then you tripped… on what you weren’t quite sure.

Your eyes widened, you squeaked in sheer surprise as your handbag slipped from your shoulder and onto the floor. The whole contents of your bag scattered onto the ground and you cringed as you knelt down to pick it up. An extra set of hands were helping you put the items into your purse.

As you looked up you gasped in surprise, the man you had been ogling was now helping you.

“Thank you” You whispered shyly. He picked up your purse and then helped you up off of the ground, his big hands settled on your waist.

“Are you hurt?” He asked, a look of concern on his face. “That was quite a fall.”

“Yeah… I mean no, I’m not hurt.” You couldn’t believe how dumb you sounded right now. “I’m okay.”

“Good I’m glad.” He gave a small chuckle as his hands reached up to your hair, gently tugging a leaf that had entangled itself in your hair. “I’m Darry.”

“Y/N” You said, shaking his outstretched hand.

blue phlox and helianthus

minus the minute bodies vanishing
where they can’t remain

lights on over us
please stay please slowly please

but already i’ve given so many
laurel wreathes to romances.

been on all fours and
longingly regarding you
such an urging honest thing

try earnestly dialing my number,
William, and find me and
the worldearth remembering.

us, this greatest lifelong
turns out to be just me and me.

nourish this

it’s what you imagine
teeth smell like anyway.

blow the bolt
and say amen.

say yes, just like his lips
when he is coming.
like his fingers when
i am coming.

i’ll be home upon
your perfect cheek
and landslide melodies.

look far black and the color
of blood so bright all over you.

and, the best part is that i know,
we are still getting good at it.

yes, just his lips
just those marvels
are enough.

the clockface, that,
winding golden emptiness

flat with fragrance
wearing your shirt
only made it smell better
despite my fears.

jump soft-footed
in this life
what is any
future time?

jump soft-footed,
in dreams you may
float away.

just below sight
laughing, freedom
creek winding
over rocks.

i somehow
see your eyes
over the radio.

i guess we are
parallel ridgelines.

each touch a labor of
this living, shoveling ache
like a clot in the heart.

.ysidro xylander 2017.