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epiphany pt.2 | jungkook

Pairing: Jungkook + Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst + college au

Word Count: 3k

Summary: You hated his guts, especially after he ruined your chance at getting a good grade in one of your toughest classes. But why did your heart beat a little faster every time you saw him? And why did he feel the same way?


Reader’s POV

As your eyes fluttered open, the bright light from your window piercing through making you squint, you felt something heavy strayed against your body. Finally adjusting to the light, a gasp left your mouth when you saw Jungkook in front of you, his chest rising up and down softly, as his arm was draped around your waist, having you flush against him.

Wha- OMG!” You exclaimed loudly, as you threw his arm off of you, scrambling away when your sudden movement caused Jungkook to fall off the bed with a large thud.

“What the hell…” he grumbled, his voice low and raspy as he got up on his feet, rubbing the side of his head as he stared at you through his lidded eyes.

“Y-You! You were–Why were you in my bed?!” You shrieked as you quickly looked down at yourself, the clothes you wore last night still donned on your body, a sigh of relief escaping you.

Jungkook’s eyes widened in alarm when a look of realization dawned upon him, as he stared at you, words spluttering from his mouth in a frenzy.

“Wai–It’s not what it looks like! I swear, I didn’t do anything! Y-you’re the one that grabbed me and asked me not to go and-”

“I did what?!” you exclaimed, your own eyes widening to the size of saucers, when Jungkook added, “Last night, you grabbed my wrist and told me not to go in your sleep and I tried but you just wouldn’t let me go so I thought I’d stay till you let me go but then I fell asleep an-”

Moaning, you fell to your knees in dramatic fashion, your head in your hands as you groaned in embarrassment, “Oh my god, I’m such an idiot. This is so embarrassing, this is so embarrassing!!!”

“Y/N–” Jungkook started when you lifted a hand up, pointing towards the door without lifting your head, feeling too ashamed too look him in the eyes.

“Please, just leave Jungkook-ah…I can’t. This is too embarrassing.” you begged as you saw his feet shuffle around, before he grabbed his stuff and made his way out the door, a breath of relief leaving you as you sunk against the wall.

“You’re kidding me?!” Seulgi repeated again while you were walking next to her, your shoulders slumped as your trudged down the sidewalk.

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Genre: Smut + Fluff?

Pairing: Reader [Vampire AU!] x Taehyung [Werewolf AU!] 

Word Count: 6.7k-ish

Originally posted by fairybcby

“Hmm, sweet or savory?” You questioned yourself as you sat kneeling in front of the lower cabinet of your mansion, deciding between eating cake or making some noodles for yourself.

You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t seem to hear the faint, hesitant steps that lead up to your door, your attention only snapping back to reality when you heard the ring of the doorbell. Within seconds you opened the door, surprised to find Taehyung standing outside.

“Y/N-ah…” He looked up at you and you were taken aback by the unexpectedness of his visit, eyes growing wide at the sight in front of you. 

You hadn’t seen him for years, not since his wedding which you had so pleasantly graced with your presence in addition to your present which was probably the most expensive one there. Although, he hadn’t expected you to show up, not after the disagreement you both had had but smiled softly when he saw you seated in the crowd.

You, a vampire, wanted to spend the rest of eternity with Taehyung, who was also an immortal but a werewolf. He had argued with you, saying that your decision was based on comfort and ease more than love, that you were just trying to find someone who could rid you of the loneliness that came with your unending days. You wish your mind had worked faster, but before you could even deny his accusations, he was already gone.

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I Want It Fast, I Want It Loud, I Want It My Way

a/n: THIS PICTURE FUCK. i’ve rode many of things in my lifetime. ;-) just not a thigh, so this might not be accurate but heyyyyyyyyy it’s fine. and if we’re gonna be honest here, how many of y'all actually even rode a dick? let alone a thigh hahaha.  love y'all :-) (smut warning obviously) 

I’m tired. I can feel the familiar ache in my body. I want nothing more than to go home and sleep for hours on end with no interruption. “C'mon, love, lets go.” I whine into Harry’s ear. His arm that is wrapped around my hip tightens, “okay, hold on.” He absentmindedly replies. I huff out. I don’t want to hold on. What the hell am I supposed to hold on to anyways? I notice a chair on the other side of the room and I instinctively follow to it. 

 When I am seated, I rest my head against the wall and close my eyes. “Alright, up you get. It’s time to go, yeah?” Harry awakes me from my quick nap, a whine slips from my lips as I’m placed on my feet. “No.” Harry chuckles lowly as he bends down and urges me to get on my back. A sleepy smile etches on my face as I climb onto him. He stands up with ease. My head falls onto his shoulder as I fall asleep with Harry’s scent lingering around me. 


 It’s hot. I can feel sweat seeping through my shirt. 

My eyes open and adjust to the darkness. The clock reads three-thirty A.M., I can hear Harry’s breathing next to me. It’s relaxing. His arms are pulled under his pillow as he lies his head on it, curly hair flopping over. His mouth is slightly ajar, and I can’t help but look at his lips. They are such a nice shape, they’re so pink and full. The shirt I have on is soaked through with sweat as I peel it off my scorching body. The cool air soothes my skin and I sigh with relief. 

With my head back onto my pillow, I continue to stare at sleeping Harry. How can one human have so much beauty to them? Not just his looks either, he has a beautiful soul as well. My eyes skim back to his lips. God, his lips. If only they were kissing me right now. Down my neck, onto my collar bone. Biting and nipping, leaving a hickey in its place. 

 I play with the idea of waking him up just to do that, but he needs his sleep. When I make up my mind to be a good girlfriend, I groan and roll over. I hate that I’m a good person sometimes. My head is still spinning with the thought of Harry kissing me all over as I close my eyes and try to sleep. Minutes pass before I huff out and grab my phone. 

Looks like I’m not going to be sleeping tonight. One perk of having a famous boyfriend is that I can look up smut about him and totally try it the next time we have sex. And that’s what I do. I head over to my Tumblr app and type in “Harry Styles smut”. The first thing that pops up is an ask. The ask reads “OKAY but imagine riding harry’s thigh i Am HURT. You would grind down on him and it would hit your clit just right and his hands would leave marks on your hips and he could feel you soaking through his jeans, and he just gets off to you getting off FUCK”. 

 Okay what in the hell is thigh riding and why am I so wet now? My mind starts racing after smut with thigh riding involved. I’ve never heard of thigh riding, but I’m already liking it. I stay up a few more minutes, maybe hours, who really knows? Looking at smut that includes thigh riding. I’m aching for the feeling of it right now. My internal conflict is raging inside me and I think I have to wake Harry. The sleeping boy next to me looks so peaceful. How could I wake him up just to ride his thigh? I can feel myself pulsing for this feeling. “Fuck.” I groan out, I can’t wait any longer. My hand starts to shake his sleeping body, “Harry.” All he does is let out a soft groan. This is going to be harder than I thought. With a swift pull from the covers, both of our bodies are uncovered. 

Harry is naked from his hips up and he looks fucking great. The tattoos sprawled across his toned body never looked so appealing in my life. I want to run my tongue over everyone of them. Black  shorts that were around my hips fall off with a swift motion from my arms, my underwear following. Fire is in my veins. Harry visibly shutters from the loss of the covers but I climb on top of him to bring him warmth.

 "Y/N?“ He mutters, his voice raspier and deeper from sleep. Fuck, I’m literally dripping for this green eyed man. “Baby, I want to try something..” I say while unleashing kisses to his jaw and neck. “At-” He stops to check the time, “5:47 in the morning?” Huh, guess I was looking at smut longer than I thought. “Yes baby, please, I’m literally dripping for you. Plus, you have to get up an hour anyways for work.” I moan out, I can already feel his erection through his pajama pants. “Well if you insist.” He smirks. “What did you want to try?” He sits up holding me in his lap. My legs are by each of his hips and his large hands are roaming my back, hips, and thighs. “Well it’s kinda weird, but I really want to try it.” I tug my lip into my teeth, nervously awaiting his response. “Yeah? What’s it then love?” “Well- I- just- let me show you. Take off your pants.” I instruct with a shaky voice, he obliges as he lifts me off his lap. He is left in his tight boxer briefs. 

I manage to mount back onto his lap, positioning myself over his left thigh. “What’re you doing babe?” Harry asks me with puzzlement in his eyes. “Just..” I moan out as I begin to move hips on his lap. The contact of my clit to his thin boxers form incoherent moans. Harry’s hands move to my hips, gripping them. “Oh so you like thigh riding, huh?” Harry’s voice is like gravel on a road sending me to move faster as his hands insinuate rapid movements. My head nods feverishly as he moves me faster. I feel his lips attach to my breasts, sucking lightly. 

Curls are in my hands as I rock back and forth in his thigh. Cotton boxers against my clit work expertly together with the collaboration of my movements and Harry’s lips. Pleasure is racing through me leaving a beating heart and restless moans. Thoughts are construed in my mind as I try to piece together all the overwhelming things that are enveloping around me. Fuck, I’m so close. “Harry…” I moan out and he gets the hint. His inked hands grip my love handles tighter and my moves pick up pace as we move with the rhythm of an imaginary tempo. “Come for me.” Harry barely whispers in my ear as he adds a nibble to my ear lobe and before I can stop myself, I am sent over the top. An orgasm rattles through me with blacked out vision and shaking hands. Spearmint surrounds me as my head collapses into Harry'a shoulder. “I didn’t know you were into that.” Harry’s voice flows out to me and I laugh, “Yeah I didn’t either.” The clock now reads six-fifteen. 

Before Harry can react, I roll off of him and fall into my spot on our bed. The covers are pulled up over me, I hum in response. “Get some sleep, my angel.” Are words I hear before I drift off.

Harry Potter AU - Drarry

Muggle Au where Draco is a doctor and Harry is a police officer, Harry is always getting hurt on (and off) the job and has to see his doctor, Dr. Malfoy. They make a routine, of sorts. Harry comes in, Draco chastises him, Harry makes jokes, Draco takes care of whatever issue Harry has (Seriously, its a different thing every week!), and Harry flirts (something Draco has never noticed). 

One day, Harry comes in. He says he’s been having headaches. Which is odd, considering he was having migraines last week. And stomachaches the week before that. They go through their routine, but this time when harry flirts, Draco smiles. He smiles a knowing smile. Draco writes up yet another prescription and Harry has to leave again. 

Harry had barely glanced at the prescription. He never did. He never dropped them off at a pharmacy either. The drugs weren’t necessary. Harry knew he shouldn’t waste a doctor with problems that weren’t even problems. But Draco’s hair looked so soft, his lips were so pink, and his eyes, oh his eyes, he could stare into them for years if Draco would let him.

He was about to throw the little paper away, when something caught his eye. It was rare to find a prescription with that many numbers on it. A closer inspection confirmed that it wasn’t a prescription at all. It was a note. With a number. Draco’s number.

It read:


Since you’re so intent on coming to see me all the time, why don’t we meet elsewhere? Maybe at a bar, or a restaurant? 

Call me, 1276 836692

(P.S. I just made up that number so please do not call it. xo)

Well... Here’s the thing...

Originally posted by sexy-stan

Written by Christina

Category: Fluff

Word Count: 1972

Request: Hi dear! I was hoping I could request a Peter Parker imagine where the Reader is super shy and is Tony’s niece and they are up late studying together at Peter and May’s apartment (the Reader and Peter are together) and she misses her curfew and May insists that she stays over since it’s late and Tony gets mad and protective when he finds out the next morning? It would just be really cute and Peter would worry about the Reader and make sure she is okay and feels safe with him? Made by @thecoffeestudyblr

A/N: Here you go! Sorry, Danielle and I haven’t posted in a while. We weren’t writing anything good, so we made the mutual decision to post when we can write something good, so we won’t post as often as we started. Please please PLEASE let us know if you have any criticism. We would love feedback, positive or negative. 

“Peter, I’m telling you, the answer is 2x,” you said, resisting the urge to throw your calculus book at the boy sprawled on the floor across from you. Peter sighed and shook his head, his eyes closed.

“(Y/N), I’m telling you, the answer is 3,” Peter answered, his tone calm and even. There was a hint of sympathy in his eyes as he finally opened them, glancing at you. He seemed saddened by the fact that the two of you were disagreeing. You turned your gaze from Peter and his big doe brown eyes and stared at the pile of papers in front of your crossed legs.

“I did the thing minus the thingy over ‘h’,” You answered, staring at your paper, your insecurity over your math-solving skills creeping up. You buried your hands in your hair, refusing to look at Peter, knowing you were going to get that look; the look that made you weak at the knees and you completely melt inside. You felt Peter shift across the floor, careful not to touch your papers and crinkle them as he scooted over to sit next to you. You caught a whiff of his cologne; faint, but enough for you to notice. You savored the smell as Peter leaned over, planting his hand on the floor, behind your back, and tilted his head to look at your paper. You stiffened slightly at how close he was, but you knew he didn’t mean anything by it, so you tried to hide your thumping heart and trembly fingers as best you could.

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You Smell Like Lavender

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,922

Summary: Just a cute Dean x Reader with smut

Warnings: Smut, oral sex (male and female receiving), just pure smut

A/N: I’m actually surprised I even got any notes on my first imagine lol. Thanks to everyone who liked and reblogged it! Also this is my first smut, so I’m sorry if it’s terrible. Requests are also open!


It was a typical lazy day at the bunker. It was rare to have these days. There was always a case or something happening everyday that prevented you from having a day off. 

You let out a relieved sigh when you fluttered your eyes open and stretched. You knew it was a day off if you woke up on your own and no one’s yelling, “Let’s go! Let’s go!” 

You looked at the clock next to the bed, which read 10:37 am. You, then, rolled over to take a look at the sleeping body next to you. It always gave you a moment to admire his physical features. 

The way his face looked so relaxed when he slept. His striking green eyes that were currently covered by his eyelids. His pink lips that looked so kissable. The way his nose crinkled in his sleep. His stubble that made him look 10x hotter, not that he wasn’t hot before. His hair all messed up, leaving him with that sexy bedhead. 

You didn’t know how long you spent staring at him before he stirred in his sleep. His eyes fluttered open, revealing his green eyes to you. The corners of his lips turned upwards as he formed a smile at you. 

“It’s creepy to stare at people when they sleep,” he spoke, his voice deep and low. You resisted the urge to groan at his voice. 

“Well, I can’t help it when I have the sexiest man alive sleeping next to me,” you replied, chuckling before kissing his lips. 

“I’m going to take a shower,” you spoke, when you pulled apart. 

“Can I join?” He asked, and you shook your head no. He groaned in frustration and threw his head back into the pillow. You chuckled and walked out of the room and into the bathroom. You locked the door behind you before stripping all of your clothes off. 

Your shower lasted longer than you expected. You couldn’t make yourself move from the warm water. You hair felt so nice and clean, so did your skin. You used your lavender scented body wash, because you absolutely loved the smell of lavender. You finally turned the water off, and wrapped yourself in a towel before walking back into Dean’s room.

You had your own room in the bunker, but you always stayed with Dean. You never wanted to be apart from him, so he let you stay in his room. 

You strolled into his room, just in a towel, to see Dean sitting on the bed. He was too focused on the laptop to noticed you had walked in.

“Really, Dean? It’s our day off,” you groaned, before walking to a drawer and pulling out some clothes to put on. As you pulled out a shirt, a hand grabbed it and put it back.

“I don’t think you’ll be needing clothes today,” Dean spoke, before wrapping his arms around you, over the towel, and started kissing your neck. He pushed your wet hair out of the way while you tilted your head, and he attached his lips to the spot that made you moan and groan. 

“C-Can we at least go to the bed,” you whispered out. Dean removed his lips from your neck and picked you up, your legs around his waist, and carried you to his bed. He sat you on top of the messed up covers and hovered you, pushing his lips against yours. 

He swiped his tongue against your bottom lip, but you decided to be a tease and keep your lips closed. Dean, then, reached his hand down and grabbed your ass. You gasped, and Dean took the opportunity to push his tongue into your mouth. 

“You smell like lavender. I like it,” Dean said, then pushed his lips back onto yours, and snaked his tongue back into your mouth. 

He kept one arm by your head, to hold himself up, and moved the other hand to the top of your towel. You were too distracted with kissing him to notice that he was pulling at your towel. He succeeded, finally, and pulled your towel apart and out from under you, leaving you stark naked under his fully clothed body.

He moaned as his eyes raked over you. His eyes first stopped at your red lips, swollen from the intense make out session. Then they moved to the hickey that rested on the side of your neck, courtesy of Dean. He moved his eyes further down your body and stopped on your breasts, where your nipples were fully harden and perked up. He pulled his eyes to the final stop on your body, which was your freshly shaved and clean pussy. 

“Dean, please do something,” you whimpered. He snapped his eyes back up to you. He pulled his shirt off, then leaned his head down to your breasts and automatically took your right nipple into his mouth, while his hand massaged the left breast. After a few minutes, he took your other nipple into your mouth, do the same actions as he was a few minutes ago. 

He pulled away from your other nipple, to see you squirming underneath him, wanting more. 

“Just a minute, baby girl,” he spoke, then proceeded to pulling his pants down, along with his boxers. His bulge had grown to a full hardened boner. You stared at his dick a few more minutes before sitting up and instructing him to lay down. You moved and he replaced your spot, while you straddled his legs.

You lightly grazed your fingers across the tip of his dick, which was glistening with precum. He groaned at the feeling, which made you wrap your fingers around him. Dean was a fairly large size, but your fingers still wrapped around him, just perfect. You started moving your hand up and down, going faster every second. 

“Please, baby,” he moaned. You, then, took him into your mouth. You sucked on the head for a second before moving further down his dick. You had a poor excuse for a gag reflex, so you couldn’t make it far before gagging. Dean seemed to have liked it though. His hands rested on your head, gently pushing your head down onto his dick. You breathed through your nose and attempted to deepthroat him. You felt him hit the back of your throat before you gagged again. 

You moved up his dick and started sucking hard, while your hand pumped the base of his dick. You moved your hand under his dick, to fondle with his balls. He moaned louder at the feeling, which motivate you to start moving faster. Your left hand was squeezing and rolling his balls, your right hand was pumping the base of his dick, and your mouth was sucking the rest. All of that seemed to have brought Dean closer and closer.

“Baby, I’m gonna,” he was interrupted by a moan escaping his mouth as you felt him release in your mouth. You quickly swallowed the liquid in your mouth and lifted your head off his dick. 

“That was amazing, but it’s your turn now,” Dean spoke, with a wink. You giggled as he moved you to where he was laying down and got to work. He started from kissing at your chest, to the valley between your breasts, then onto your stomach. He stopped at the spot right above your clit. 

He moved his hands to spread your legs wide, showing him your wet and glistening pussy. He licked his lips at the sight before him. But before he started devouring you, he started kissing the inside of your thighs, not leaving a spot untouched by lips. 

You bucked your hips up, trying to get him to put his mouth on you. He chuckled and pushed them back down, leaving an arm on your hips. He leaned his head down and put a light kiss on your clit. His tongue slipped between your folds, moving back and forth. 

You moaned loudly, tangling your fingers in his hair, and tugging. Dean groaned, which vibrated against you, making you moan louder. He moved his tongue to your clit, flicking it back and forth. He eased a finger into you, while focusing his tongue on your clit. 

He pumped his finger in and out, while swirling his tongue around your clit and moving his tongue between your folds. After a few minutes of doing this, he added another finger, stretching you out. His repeatedly hit your g-spot, making you cry out, along with the pleasure coming from his tongue on your clit. He took his tongue off your clit then wrapped his lips around it and sucked as hard as he could. You could feel the knot in your stomach, indicating that you were close.

“Cum for me, babe,” Dean spoke, then pulling his fingers out and replacing it with his tongue. You cried out, feelings your legs shake as your orgasm hit you. Dean licked up and cleaned your mess. 

“Hope you’re ready for this,” Dean said, then pushed in. He hovered you, each hand on either side of your head and your arms around his neck. Dean held still inside of you, letting you adjust before moving slowly.

He pulled out, nearly all the way, then pushed back in. If anyone knew how to give a good fuck, it was Dean Winchester. Before you two got together, he slept with a huge number of girls. But you weren’t any different. You’d always pick up guys at the bar, and go home with them. It was your way to get your mind off of your crush on Dean, but little did you know, that Dean was doing the same thing for the same reason. 

He finally asked you out, after getting frustrated with seeing you coming back late after one night stands. And now, here you are. 

Dean gave a sharp thrust, snapping you out of your thoughts. 

“You looked like you were zoned out, babe,” Dean said, continuing his thrusts. Your hands raked down his back, leaving red claw marks. 

“Just thinking about how good you’re making me feel,” you moaned out. Dean buried his head in your neck, and sped up his thrusts. The bed was squeaking as it rocked back and forth from Dean’s thrusts. You couldn’t imagine how Sam felt, listening to you and Dean fucking.

Yours and Dean’s moans gradually got louder and filled the room along with the sound of his body slapping against yours. You both were panting and sweaty as you neared your highs. Dean moved his head from your neck to look at you in the eyes. He moved a hand down between you two and rubbed your clit, inching you closer to your orgasm. 

He watched your face as you let out moans and whimpers. He watched you scream his name, letting everyone know who was making you feel this good. 

“Fuck, I’m close,” you whimpered out, making Dean speed up his thrusts. They soon got sloppy, letting you know he was about to cum. 

“Cum with me, baby,” he said, giving one final sharp thrust. You both released, panting and moaning as he slowly thrusted, riding out your highs. After the intensity had wore off, Dean pulled out, making you whimper at the loss. He planted himself on the bed next to you, pulling your sweaty body into his. 

“I love you,” he said. 

“I love you too,” you said, laying your head on his chest, ready for a long nap.

library boy

j e o n   w o n w o o

cr to @soonrongs for making this precious gif & letting me borrow it :)

word count : 8.5k words (hOW)

[ (college!)au, f, a ] 

genre : will probs make u frustrated ngl 

bio : unrequited love is hard— especially when after you’ve given up he realizes he feels the same way.

author’s note : I tried to end this angsty but my heart is weak and my feels are strong

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Dicking Down to Wifing Up

“Horan! Hurry the fuck up!” Harry yells through the door. “People are starting to show up!”

Niall looks in the mirror and adjusts his quiff a bit, “Coming!”  He just had the blonde redone and was more than ready for their house party.

Harry snorts from the other side, “Sure thing. Just don’t leave a mess.” He jokes and Niall hears him go down the hall.

He rolls his eyes and leaves the room. You said you were going to be coming to the party and he was looking forward to that. He had been trying to convince you for the entire semester to attend a variety of the parties that his frat put on.

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au where a few students go on a 2 weeks trip and the teacher makes even, isak, jonas and mikael share a room, and its a mess bc isak and even both develop crushes on each other like, immediately, but isak thinks mikael is evens boyfriend and even thinks jonas is isaks boyfriend but they always make eyecontact that lasts at least 5 seconds before they look away feeling guilty and one day isak walks in the room when even is struggling with his tie bc of this thing they have to attend and even sighs frustrated like “can u please help” and isak is a little hesitant but ends up in front of even anyway,tying his tie with shaky hands and breath and evens like “good thing your boyfriend can count on you when it comes to tying ties” and isak looks at him, which he kind of regrets bc even is so close and his lips look too inviting and pink, “my boyfriend?” and even frowns “yeah? jonas?” and isak snorts,his hands still on evens tie even though he finished, and it takes a few seconds to realise even was being serious,he really did think he was dating jonas and then he’s like “jesus christ no he’s not my boyfriend” and even laughs confused yet relieved but they leave the room with isak still thinking mikael and even are a thing so the next day at breakfast when isak pulls away when even reaches for the butter and touches isaks hand on the way ,even thinks isak doesn’t feel the same. then one night,dark in the room there’s some bed squeaking and jonas is like “dude,im still awake,stop shagging even” and mikael laughs like “nobody’s shagging anyone, why would i be shagging even” and isak moves his head so he can hear them better and jonas goes “he’s your boyfriend?” (bc isak might have whined about how unfair the universe is for putting even in the same room as him but with his boyfriend (”are you sure mikael is his bf” “yes or else i wouldve gone for it” which actually is a lie but.)) and evens like “holy shit ,im not” and isaks heart starts beating against his chest so hard and loud he’s afraid they could hear and for like 10 minutes they talk about how they thought the other two were dating (even might have whined to mikael about “isak and his cool boyfriend jonas” too). and from the next morning, even is sure isaks gaze lingers on him 2 seconds longer than usual and the butter is always on his side, even having to reach for it, arms touching each time but isaks not pulling back anymore ,not even when its 2 days later and even is leaning in to kiss isak for the first time under a lamppost at night 

Prompt #55 : Things you said under your breath

For: @straight-to-county

Rick rocks into Michonne with a great need; pushing himself deeper and deeper into her abyss just because he needs to. Sweat springs up on their skin as he thrusts into her in the back of the old van. They should be looking for supplies, but she looked so damn good today. He kisses her feverishly as she wraps her legs around his waist, linking her ankles together as her heels dig into his lower back. She gasps suddenly, grasping at his hair and pulling harshly as he strokes that deep spot. He leans back, just to watch her. Her eyes are closed, her mouth open as she pants, her beautiful breasts bouncing with his movements. Sweat beads in the valley between her breasts and he licks her clean, grunting as the sweet saltiness of her invades his mouth.

Her feminine moans and gasps and grunts drive him wild as he pounds into her. His need for her is animalistic. He reverts to the most primitive part of himself when he fucks her. He has no other priority, no other responsibility. He is single minded. His mind on one track when it comes to her. To make her quiver and squirm underneath him. To make her want to crawl out of her skin as she calls his name into the universe. To bring her pure, unadulterated, sweet, pleasure. His only duty is to make her banks flood with desire and quake with sweet eruptions. She deserves it. All of it. Every ounce of it. And he’s going to give it to her. Whenever he can; whenever she wants it.

Rick lifts her some from the floor of the van and throws her arms over his shoulders, encouraging her to wrap her fingers around his neck. He pushes his knees into the backs of her thighs and she starts to move with him, crashing down on him as his hips push to meet hers. She crushes her breasts and nipples into his slick chest as he leans them into a proper sitting position. She rests her elbows on his shoulders as she cocoons his head with her forearms and hands, her hair falling around them. Rick nuzzles his face into her neck as he squeezes her to him, reveling in the feeling of her hard, thick nipples sliding against his sticky chest.

Michonne throws her head back as she tightens her vaginal muscles around him, smirking devilishly as she feels him shudder from the pressure, “Fuckin’ shit baby,” He mumbles in a slur, his hot breath sticking to her sweaty skin.

She knows he loves fucking her but it’s her pleasure to fuck him all the same. His body is beautiful. Riddled with scars, old and new, telling stories of his heroics over the past two years. One old bullet wound, just under his shoulder, reminding him always of his time as a sheriff, as Lori’s husband, as Shane’s best friend. His scars are a map of a tough, gritty, emotional, loving, strong man; and her need for it, for his body, for his love, his attention, consumes every fiber of her. She loves it; the need. Never, has she ever had this feeling before. Not after the end of the world, and certainly not before it. He is the love of her life.

He drills into her relentlessly now, strong, hard, fast, and all she can do is hold on for dear life, “Ugh, God I love you.” She mutters under her breath, not entirely realizing what she’s said.

Her words are jumbled together, almost as if she has a mouth full of peanut butter but his ears pick her words apart with a great ease. He’s wanted to hear them for so long, but the devil deep inside of him tells him he doesn’t deserve them. But his body defies his devil as another tense shudder racks through him as the words stick to his skin. A grunt scratches at the back of his throat, sounding like a deep growl from a territorial, threatened lion defending what’s his. He bites down on her shoulder roughly and she squeals from the pleasurable pain that rips through her incredibly sensitive body. He dips his hand down to her thighs and pushes his fingers between her wet lips, finding her clit instantly. He rubs quick circles against her, adding to her lust, as he continues to thrust deep into her.

“Say it again.” He commands gruffly, his voice low and gritty, “Tell me you love me baby.”

She can’t even think, let alone form a sentence. She’s so close that he can taste it. She plasters her forehead to his as she bounces on top of him, each stroke pushing her closer and closer to the edge of her impending orgasm, “Tell me baby,” He whispers in her ear, his words washing over her like a waterfall, “Tell me you love me.”

“I love you.” The words are harsh and rushed as her hips begin to falter against his. She can’t take it anymore. But he still doesn’t hear her, not like the angel on his shoulder needs to. They were muttered and jumbled and slurred from ecstasy. He wants them loud and proud, heavy and full. Even though you don’t deserve them, his devil growls.


“I love you. God Rick! I love you, I love you.” She screams as his last thrust proves to be her undoing. She comes all around him, tightening her walls on him, coaxing him into his own release. His seed is hot, mixing with her own internal heat and the external rays from the sun, thrusting their temperatures to a stifling degree. Their breath is ragged as they release and then relax against one another. Her dark skin sticks to his, their sweat glinting in the sun as their hips involuntarily move slowly against one another. Rick lets his head rest against her breasts, pecking at her skin with sloppy, wet kisses as her chest rises and falls.

He raises his head, those bright blue eyes scanning her dark ones. He looks so beautiful in this natural light. His pink lips thick and swollen with passion, his dark, curly hair in his face as sweat drips from the ends, “I love you girl.” He mumbles under his breath, suddenly shy to say it out loud as the animal inside of him recedes back into the depths. His devil will not win today.

She smiles and lowers her lips to his, savoring the sweet kiss. She soon giggles against his mouth, letting him eat up the heavenly sound. She hums sweetly, swaying them back and forth slowly as the sunlight beats down on them in the back of that old rickety van. She knows it was hard for him to say it and that it might be hard for him to hear it after all of this. After the passion and lust is gone, after his animal is caged once again, and his devil is set free. When it’s just him and her, Rick and Michonne, it’ll be hard for him to hear it. When Negan looms over them, now that their hunger has been satisfied. It’ll be hard for him to hear it. He’s damaged. But that’s okay. She’ll love him anyway.

Why do you deny yourself heaven? Why do you consider yourself undeserving? Why are you afraid of love? You think it’s not possible for someone like you. But you are the love of my life. You are the love of my life.


You are the love of my life.

Injury on the Quidditch Field

Pairing: Stuart Twombly x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 3738

Author’s Note: I wanted to write Stuart for Stuart Week that @rememberstilinski and @sarcasticallystilinski had extended and who doesn’t love Stuart? Come on. But, thanks to my amazing best fren @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me!

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It’s crazy how hard you have to work to be able to achieve your dreams, and then there’s this internship. Working towards this internship is like the hunger games. You fight to the death, but no one’s actually dying. Obviously. Even though I went to highly well known college, it seemed that no one actually wanted me on their team. I even had a guy demand my presence on his team based on my looks, which I was not okay with. So, now I’m in the group with the leftovers, which included Neha, Yo-Yo, Billy, Nick, Stuart, and Lyle, who was the leader of the group. They all seemed really nice except for Stuart. He seemed to have a snarky attitude, which I was immediately attracted to. Why? I don’t know exactly, but it didn’t help that he was absolutely gorgeous. He’s got dark chestnut hair that’s poking out of his navy blue beanie, black rimmed glasses with gorgeous whiskey colored orbs, moles that danced across his left cheek, trailing down onto his neck, and his lips; boy, his lips look so soft and so pink. Surprisingly, Stuart and I had gotten pretty close after I took the chance to talk to him one day.

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Finally Yours

Long, fluffy Jax imagine, with some heated smut :)

Originally posted by rideimagines

You and Jax had been best friends for about a year; Scratch that, you’d been in love with Jax for about a year. The two of you were inseparable. The moment you set eyes on him you were infatuated, and as you got to know him, you fell for him fast. Nothing has ever came of it though. The moment you’d think that he had finally realised your feelings, and that it was finally your turn to be with the man you loved, he’d have a new girl on his arm.

But as hard as it was watching him with other girls, you stuck around anyway, knowing that being his friend was better than being nothing at all.

It didn’t come without its risks though, and thats why you were currently sleeping on Jax’s sofa. You were walking home from work today when one of August Marks’ men showed up and tried to drag you into his car. Luckily, you managed to elbow him in the stomach and run into a local supermarket. You then hid in the toilets and called Jax, who told you to stay hidden until he came to get you.

Safe to say, it scared you a little bit. You were used to all the drama and trouble that comes with the club but nobody has ever physically harmed you before. Not wanting to make a big deal you told Jax it was fine, but he’d ignored you and told you he wasn’t leaving you with no protection, not until this all died down.

He’d offered you his bed, but you knew he needed the rest more than you did. The bags under his eyes and the long days at the clubhouse proving he was so invested and worried about the club, he wasn’t looking after himself.

Looking at your phone, the time shows it’s half one in the morning. You groan internally, knowing your mind is too active for you to sleep. You’d checked the doors and windows multiple times, the tiniest noises making you panic.

You bite your lip, contemplating whether to go into Jax’s room. Would he freak out? You didn’t want to scare him off or make him think you couldn’t deal with this life.

Suddenly you hear a dog bark in the distance, the noise making you jump. You shake your head, getting up and making your way to Jax’s room. Luckily, Gemma had Abel for the night, so you didn’t have to worry about possibly disturbing him by walking through the hall.

As you reach his bedroom door, your hand hovers over the handle for a moment. Should you really go in there? Would it be an overstepping of some sort of boundary?

Knowing you’re not going to get any sleep if you stay alone, and also knowing that Jax is so understanding and kind, you quietly open the door.

Upon entering, the room is dark, a sliver of light coming in through the parted curtain. Jax is lying on the right side of the bed, his back to you. You lightly close the door behind you, Jax turning to look at you. He obviously hadn’t been sleeping, either that or he’s just a very very light sleeper.

He sits up, combing his hair back with his fingers. His chest is bare, the duvet slipping, his Abel tattoo imprinted on his skin. “Is everything alright?” He asks calmly, fatigue laced in his words. You nod your head, smiling slightly at him.

“Yeah, sorry if I woke you. I’m just a bit jumpy. I probably sound like an idiot.” You quietly speak, still not moving from your position near the door. You knew it was a stupid idea to come in here. “I can go if you want.”

He smiles sadly at you, pulling the covers up, silently inviting you to get in. Your heart beats a little bit faster, as you walk over to the bed and get in. He’s only in his boxers, the sight of him so bare taking your breath away. You pull the covers over yourself, both of you on your sides facing one another.

“That shouldn’t have happened, today. I’m sorry it did, but nothing will happen to you from now on. I’ll look after you, darlin.” He speaks quietly, looking into your eyes, wanting you to feel and believe every word.

Your heart warms at the pet name, and the kindness of his words. You stop, reminding yourself that he’s saying these things as a friend, nothing more. No matter how he’s saying them, you know you trust and believe him, because your heart won’t let you do anything different.

“Thank you. It means a lot.” You blush at your close proximity, your faces just inches apart. “I’m guessing August Marks still isn’t very happy with you guys?” You question hesitantly, not wanting to pry too much.

Jax let’s out a long sigh. “I feel so lost,” he starts, his voice quite and timid. “I’ve got no idea what to do for the best when it comes to the club. I can’t look my son in the eye without feeling like a monster.” His eyes glaze over with tears, your heart clenching at the broken man before you. You feel so fortunate that he trusts you enough to be so open, his walls temporarily taken down just to let you in.

“You’re human, Jax. We all make mistakes, none of us know what we’re doing. Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, a book of what’s right and wrong.” He watches you closely, taking in every word that comes out of your mouth. “Your son loves you, no matter the devils you carry on your shoulders. You need to stop beating yourself up and instead, take a moment to realise you’re doing the best that someone could do in your position.”

“You’re such a beautiful person, and the people who love you will see that, no matter what decisions you have to make.” You gently cup the side of his face, his eyes closing as he melts into your touch. He places his hand on top of yours, placing a small kiss to your palm before holding your hand within his own.

He doesn’t say anything for a moment. You feel naked under his gaze, your insecurities eating away at you.

“How is it you always know what to say?” He whispers, a smile appearing on his face. You mirror his expression, butterflies in your stomach due to his compliment.

“I don’t. All I do is tell the truth. Sometimes it just takes someone else to help you see it for yourself.” You look at each other, your eyes taking the time to breathe him in. You can see each individual eyelash, each strand of blonde hair. Your gaze flickers down, his pink lips looking so kissable.

Catching yourself, you look back up to his eyes. He’s watching you intently, your body heating up under his watchful eye. His hand comes up, his fingertips softly pushing back a stray lock of hair, curling it behind your ear. Your eyes close subconsciously for a second, his touch so welcoming and awaited.

Your eyes can barely believe it when he starts leaning in. You follow his lead, both of you taking your time, as if the moment would be ruined if you didn’t.

Finally, his lips touch yours. You’re both cautious at first, softly experiencing each other for the first time. His fingers weave through your hair, pulling slightly as the kiss deepens. You lightly tug at his chain, the bullet cold between your fingers.

You lose yourself in one another, the kiss getting more heated as you each thirst for more. He moves one leg over you, resting his hands on either side of your head as he hovers over you, his tongue slipping past your lips. You push at the duvet covering him, your hands exploring his soft, broad back. You gently suckle on his lower lip, nibbling slightly, making him groan in appreciation.

You can feel him through his boxers, his boner touching your thigh. Throwing caution into the wind, you slip your hand past the barrier of fabric, taking him into your hand.

He moans quietly as you stroke him for the first time, his lips coming to suckle at your neck. You already know you’re going to have marks tomorrow, but you couldn’t care less, the thought of Jax leaving his mark making you moan. His facial hair tickles at your skin as you pump him, your thumb circling the head of his cock.

“Fuck (Y/N),” He moans, coming back meet his lips with yours. “Let me see you.“ He asks in between kisses, you nodding and taking your hand out of his underwear. Nerves bubble up in your stomach, worries that he’ll be repulsed by you when he sees you bare. You try to shake them off, knowing you’ll only ruin it for yourself if you don’t.

He starts to kiss down your body, peppering your collar bones with kisses. He grasps one of the straps of your tank top between his teeth, pulling it down leisurely. He uses his fingers to push it the rest of the way down, helping you to slip it off your arm completely. He repeats the process with the other strap, still making sure to grace your skin with his lips, every step of the way.

Once both of your arms are free, he looks at you, silently asking if it’s OK to continue. You grant him permission, your body hot and flustered from his attention.

He starts to pull down the top of your tank, exposing your breasts. He kisses the tops of them, leaving his marks all over, before he takes one of your nipples in his mouth. His hand comes up to knead the other, his fingers pinching and twisting at the bud. Your hands find home in his hair, lightly tugging at the locks as you close your eyes, reveling in the pleasure.

He continues his path, his hands pushing down your top, shorts and underwear as he kisses your stomach. You use your feet to remove the three items of clothing, you laying bare in front of him, him just in his black underwear.

He looks you up and down, his eyes drinking you in. “Damn, you’re so beautiful. How have I only just realised what a perfect woman I’ve had in front of me all this time?”

Your heart could burst, his words slipping through your ears and repeating themselves in your mind. Was this actually happening?

A soft kiss placed on your forehead brings you back to reality, Jax running his thumb across your lips before placing a gentle kiss there, too.

He sighs deeply, your full attention on him, waiting to see what he has to say. “I just want you to know, I don’t want this to be just sex. Just a one time thing. I want you to be my girl. You’ve stuck by me through so much shit, always looking after me and making sure I’m alright.“

“Abel loves you, my mom loves you, she’s been bugging me for months to grow some balls and ask you out. I guess I was just scared. Everyone I care about seems to leave, or get taken from me.” He swallows, a nervous expression on his face.

“I’m not going anywhere, Jackson. Sure, something could happen to me, but something could happen to any of us. Life is too short to be worrying constantly. I’ve been in love with you since the day I met you at TM when you purposely broke my break light so you could to give me a ride home.“ You tease, bringing your lips up to meet his.

He laughs loudly, your soul singing at the wonderful sound. “You knew about that? I thought it was pretty clever to be honest.” He boasts, nuzzling into your neck, placing a single kiss on your sweet spot.

You run your hand down his chest, his firm abs making you hum in appreciation. The sexual tension is immediately back, his teeth pulling at your skin as you wrap you push down the last piece of clothing. Your legs wrap around his waist, your hand slipping between the two of you to bring his shaft to your entrance.

No words are spoken as he pushes into you, your tight, warm walls taking all of him. Your mouth parts in pleasure, a gasp escaping as Jax grazes his beard against your skin, both of you basking in the feeling of him inside you.

You squeeze his biceps as he draws out, thrusting back into you deeply, your your nails probably leaving crescent shaped marks. He rests his forehead against yours, his lips hovering over yours but not touching. His thrusts are perfectly timed, long and deep, your body sinking into the sheets as he fills you up completely.

“Jax…“ You pant, your legs pulling him into you, your body arching to meet his thrusts.

“I know, baby.” His hand comes down to rub your clit, his lips kissing you once more. You’re a mess, hair sprawled on the pillow, perspiration droplets on your forehead. But you’ve never felt more beautiful, more cherished.

Your nails scratch at his back as you come, stars clouding your vision. Your walls clench around his cock, the sensation causing him to moan into your mouth. You’re overcome with pleasure, your whole body on cloud nine as you ride out your high.

“(Y/N), I’m gonna come.” He whispers, your teeth sucking where his jaw meets his neck, making a mark of your own. You tug at his blonde locks, scratching lightly at his scalp. With a grunt, you feel his warm liquid spill inside of you, your legs pulling him I’m deep. He kisses you deeply, passionately, once more before pulling out of you slowly and rolling over on his back. He covers you over with the duvet, pulling you into his side and kissing the top of your head.

You both lay in silence for a moment, taking everything in. You smile to yourself, tracing random patterns on his chest.

“I think I could get used to this.” He breaks the silence, his chest vibrating as he speaks.

You look up at him, a small smile present on his lips. “Me too.”

A/N - DAMNNNN I’ve spent like 4 days writing this! Quite happy with the outcome. Sorry if I do a lot of Jax, he’s my fave and I figure who could say no to him? ;) I got such an amazing response to my Happy imagine that I thought I’d include smut in this one too. Sorry if there are any mistakes, I just want to finally get this posted! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Xx

does this make sense? | 09

pairing: min yoongi x reader  // slight park jimin x reader, college! yoongi, college! jimin
genre/warnings: slight angst, fluff, slight mention of vomit
• words: 12,614
→ summary: You meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?
note. flashbacks indicated by italics

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it’s after 8th period and mac is speeding down the hallway to get to the shady tree near the school buses - prime location for after-school dealing - when he first catches his eye. the boy from biology class - dennis, his brain supplies - is delicately swiping chapstick across his lips, using his reflection in the little magnetic mirror hanging on his locker door for guidance. mac means to look away immediately, but something about the rosy shine that the lip balm leaves in its wake keeps his gaze transfixed on the other boy’s mouth. he doesn’t realize he’s been staring until he’s yanked back into the present with a loud slam of a locker shutting. dennis walks away, but not without sending a moisturized smirk in mac’s direction first.

one afternoon, dennis makes his first visit to the shady tree. “how much for a bag?” he asks, a slight waver in his voice betraying his otherwise cool and collected composure. mac is immediately endeared, which is why he lies through his teeth: “first-time customers get theirs on the house. and they always smoke with me. right here.” “that doesn’t sound like a good business model,” dennis replies, but he doesn’t protest, and soon their fingers do a little dance of puffing and passing. dennis lets mac take the last drag as he rummages around in his pockets. it takes mac a second to realize amidst the haze that dennis is slowly working in chapstick on his mouth with the same gentle motions as last time. mac can’t look away - his lips are so pink. “smoking dries me up,” dennis explains, his blue eyes burning as brightly as the hot sun beating down on them.

dennis’s weekly visits become every other day, and even that eventually turns into a daily occurrence. without fail, it’s a cycle of smoking and chapstick and hushed goodbyes - or in mac’s case, smoking and ogling and unwanted goodbyes - when one day, dennis’s lips are a little bit too pouty and pink and the accumulated tension over the past months just snaps and before he knows it, mac’s lips have positioned themselves where the chapstick was just seconds ago. dennis is somehow softer than he’d imagined, and he tastes overwhelmingly of strawberries - it’s smooth, mellow, and - “sweet,” mac blurts, pulling away from the other boy to catch his breath. “no one’s ever called me that before,” dennis mumbles, his gaze shyly fixed to the ground. 

over the pounding storm raging in his chest, mac’s voice spills from his lips of its own accord. “you’re sweet, dennis,” he says, before cupping dennis’s face with his hands and stealing another taste of the strawberry. “sweet D.”

William Nylander - More Than Friends

Originally posted by willynylanders

Oh Willy, we’re going to have some fun with this one here. I went with a little more of an ‘angsty-smut’ angle on this one, hope you enjoy!

Warnings: NSFW, smut

Request from @roseheartshockey​ :  Hey! Could you do a willy nylander? I don’t care if it’s fluffy or more angsty or whatever I love everything you do 😂 thanks so much!

William laid you gently back on the bed before he started unbuttoning his dress shirt. You sat up to help him, your fingers fumbling with a few here and there as he looked down at you. As you tugged it off his shoulders he let his hands cup your face and brought you in for a kiss. It was deep and needy. He was prodding you to go on, take the lead. 

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