his lips are so omg pink

Not today mv

Okay what the fuck i’m not moving at all since i saw it and I’m probably crying and my lip is bleeding because i bit it omg i cannot what the hell how could they do this to us like jimin wtf your pink hair and leather pants and that striped shirt and yoongi with his fucking tongue technology what the hell get out guys tae jesus christ that hair style and look in general and rapmon and hobi dancing and jin and i don’t even wanna start talking about jungkook because how dare u big hit film this devil so close how dare u bighit film this devil in general i don’t wanna see him dancing or smiling or doing whatever he does it literally kills me i’m not okay rn seriously I don’t know what to do anymore i’m just sitting on the couch without moving and i’m shook af what the fuck big hit


Imagine: Having a sleepover with the girls and them finding out you have a crush on Warren.

Peter, Jean, Ororo, Scott, Kurt, Jubilee, Warren, and Y/N are all apart of the X-Men. The all fought evil together, so I was natural that they hang out together. Did they have fun as a group? Yes! Did the girls grow tired of hearing Peter gawk at every girl that walked by or listening to the boys give advice to Kurt for talking to a girl which may or may not work? Hell yes. Which is why Jubilee declared a Sleepover. ‘Girls Only’ to Peters displeasure.

Jubilee decorated her room nicely, Pillows everywhere, movies and magazines set out nearly, Snacks careful placed in bowls, and Makeup and hair care products perfectly placed around the room. She was proud of her set up. She helped her room mate, Ororo, get ready, because this is her first official sleepover.

“Why are the shoes fuzzy? And look like baby Cubs?” Ororo said shifting her feet causing Jubilee to roll her eyes playfully.

“Their cute, and cute slippers are must have. See! Look at mines!” Jubilee said excitedly while showing Ororo her unicorn slippers. Ororo giggled and pulled down her shirt. It was light blow with thunder bolts where her boobs were, they matched her bottoms.

The girls giggling stopped when they heard a knock on the door, once the door opened it was revealed to be Y/N and Jean.

“JEAN! Y/N! YOUR HERE! WE CAN GET THIS SLEEPOVER STARTED!” Jubilee said before turning on her pink radio blasting 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’! A smiled spread upon Jean, Ororo, and Y/N lips as they saw their small friend dance crazily while using her comb to mouth the words. Y/N and Jean walked in the room, Jean used her powers to shut the door and the girls joined in lip syncing with blushes and combs.


“Truth or dare time!” Jean said. She loved this game because she could always tell if the person is lying about the truth. On the other hand, Y/N hated this game. Last time Scott made her dye her hair pink because she wouldn’t tell the gang who she liked. Jean and Jubilee were determined to know this time.

“Hmm, fill me in on how to play this game again?” Ororo said before stuffing some popcorn in her mouth.

“Well, You either answer the question or you have to do an embarrassing dare.” Y/N said before grabbing a handful of gummy bears carefully, she had just gotten her nails done.

“I’m still a little confused but okay. I’m ready to play this game.” Ororo said smiling at the girls.

“Y/N why don’t you demonstrate. Who do you like?” Jubilee said while leaning forward towards the girl. Jean rolled her eyes. 'There goes being subtle.’ She sent to Jubilee causing her to roll her eyes.

“I like myself.” Y/N said more as a question than a statement.

“Is it Peter? Or Kurt?” Jubilee asked with a curious face.

“Twinkie boy? No. And liking Kurt? Isn’t that your job?” Y/N replied with a smirk causing Jubilee to turn pink, Ororo to yell 'OOOO!’, and Jean to laugh.

“Scott? Who wouldn’t like Scott! Have you seen his lips? An-” Jean said

“And we now know who Jean likes.” Jubilee said causing Jean to take a pillow and smack her in the face.

“As plump as Scotts lips are, he’s not my type.” Y/N said while laughing and Jean signed of relief.

“So..Warren?” Ororo said with a smirk causing Y/N body to freeze. All the girls looked at Y/N wide eyed before breaking out into smiles.

“What????? NO!” Y/N said obviously lying. The girls kept smirking at her, not believing her. “Okay fine! I think angel boy is really cute and if anyone tells him that I will set them on fire.”

“Warren and Y/N sitting in the tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Jubilee started to sang, and the other girls joined along causing Y/N to groan. Then there was a knock on the door, Y/N got up and opened it as the girls kept singing. She opened it to reveal the boys, and her eyes widen and the girls stopped singing.

“Hey guys! Girls only!” Y/N yelled before tying to slam the door fast but Warren foot was faster than that. Kurt teleported into the room, Peter ran into the room plopping himself down on Jubilee’s bed. Scott and Warren to entered the room.

All the girls shared a look before looking at the boys who were making a mess with the food, messing up the beds, and the make up products that were set neatly around the room.

“How come we weren’t invited?” Peter asked causing Jubilee to glare at him.

“Get out! This is girls only!” Y/N yelled. The other girls nodded in agreement.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t mind me here, right babygirl?” Warren said before winking at her. Your face turned bright pink and mouth opened slightly. Soon a smirk turned on her.

“You’re right. I would love it if you stayed.” She said walking towards the bed he was sitting on.

“Y/N? Sisters before Misters!” Ororo yelled crossing her arms. Jean and Jubilee looked at Y/N in shocked, wondering what she was about to do.

“Girls! Let’s not be rude to our team-mates! Let’s give to a good welcome!” Y/N said while smirking, the girls smirked finally catching her drift. Jean and Y/N grabbed a pillow, Ororo grabbed whip cream, and Jubilee chocolate judge. They all ran to attack the boys, covering them in feathers, whip cream, and chocolate.

Screaming, laughter, giggles, and sounds of pain were heard throughout the building. It was true, the girls did need time to themselves but having their boys made everything better.

Omg solangelo 93 please!!! Xx

Sorry this is later than the others. I had school again today and I accidentally deleted it so I had to start over. Hope you like it! xx

‘I like it when you smile.’

‘What?’, Nico asks, a soft laugh escaping his lips. They’re lying under the covers of the bed in the Hades cabin, waiting for the night to fully settle over them. Through the half drawn curtains, they can see the dusty pink of the sunset. Nico’s head is resting on Will’s chest.

‘I like it when you smile.’, Will repeats himself.

‘I smile all the time, Solace.’

‘Yeah, but I like it when you smile a real smile.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘Just… most of the time when you smile, it feels kind of forced you know. But I love your real smile. Your eyes light up and your whole face relaxes. I don’t know, it makes me happy.’

Muttering against Will’s chest, Nico lets out a muffled: ‘Sap’, but there’s a pleasant shade of pink tinting his cheekbones. 

After that they don’t say anything for a while. just relishing the fact that they’re together and in love and that nothing can come between them and this peace. Nico’s hair feels velvety through Will’s fingers. He’s calm inside. Moments like these are what stars are made of.

Then Nico breaks the quiet by bluntly saying: ‘Your smile is like the sun.’

Will lets out a delighted laugh that echoes through the silent cabin and Nico has mortification written all over his face. ‘Gods, forget I said that. This moment never happened.’

‘I don’t think so, Sunshine. Or do you want to start calling me that from now on?’

‘Shut up!’, Nico exclaims from behind the fingers covering his face. His cheeks are flaring bright red.

‘Am I the light of your life? Do I warm your heart?’, Will teases

‘I swear, I will kick you out of this cabin if you don’t stop talking immediately, Solace. And considering you’re not wearing a shirt and it gets a little cold after dark, I don’t think you’d like that very much.’

But despite his sharp words, Will recognizes the amusement in Nico’s eyes. 

After a while, many insults and I hate yous later, Will shuts up. He can’t stop his mouth for twitching into a smile, though. ‘I like it when you say things like that.’

Nico huffs. ‘Yeah, well, don’t expect much more of this. I’m supposed to be scary. I’m the ghost king.’ 

‘Sure you are.’ Will pulls a reluctant Nico closer and kisses the top of his head. ‘You’re also adorable and a hopeless romantic deep down.’

Will can barely make out the grunts Nico lets out against him, although he’s sure it’s nothing positive, but Nico buries his head into Will’s chest anyway. He lets out a yawn.

‘Go to sleep, Death Boy.’

This is so fucking sappy omg

I wasn’t planning on continuing this after yesterday, but I guess you can still send me prompts from this list and I’ll write you a short drabble.

You can also still send me normal requests for longer fics, if you want :)

cattymai  asked:

Hi! Can I get an HC where the RFA gang finds out that MC is hella rich (like Jumin-Han-rich) after they started dating?? Like she's a real life ojou-sama. Lololol. (*^▽^*)

Ahh! Such a cute request; thank you! There are lots of different ojou-sama types, but I went with a “delicate-but-strangely-quirky rich girl” personality because I think they’re the cutest.


  • you didn’t want to tell him because he clearly had baggage with wealthy people and you wanted to be able to be his fan in a pure, innocent way
  • When he finds out he’s f l o o r e d.
  • Like on the one hand ok you definitely have the personality for being a modern day princess but on the other hand
  • I used to be in a motorcycle gang and
  • Your father wears ARMANI SUITS
  • Luckily your father is baffingly eccentric and is basically the personification of a cheerful papa, so he welcomes his beautiful son-in-law with open arms.
  • You’ve already told him that Zen wants to become famous on his own merits and he loves that mindset - bootstraps, yo.
  • because you’re disgustingly rich you can afford tickets to all of Zen’s shows and you go to all of Zen’s shows.
  • this super well dressed rich family dominates the front row of the theater and on the one hand Zen is like, so hyped to show off in front of your family but on the other hand he’s just
  • sweating buckets
  • because he knows this is how he’ll be judged. whether or not he’s suitable for you comes down to his acting, because for Zen, his work is what he is.
  • Once he gets used to it though he’s actually thinks it’s pretty romantic. Like, your relationship is like something out of a fairy tale and he’s totally down with that.
  • also he can be your prince. like legit ur prince
  • he doesn’t let you buy him very much, but he’ll wear outfits you get for him. like, who is he to deny being your personal model~?


  • Oh god you
  • You are gorgeous
  • The first time he meets you, you look like this beautiful doll. From your poise to your clothes to your impeccable manners, Yoosung feels like he is staring at a creature who belongs to a totally different world than him - and holy SHIT he’s dating YOU
  • YOU
  • He is so insecure taking you back to his place. He tried to clean but it doesn’t feel like ENOUGH and oh GOD you should be snacking on wine and fancy cheeses, not Doritos and mountain dew but that’s all he has.
  • You love it though. You sit at his dinky table and eat terrible chips with this big grin on your face.
  • You’re wearing this elaborate frilly outfit and you’ve got cheese dust on your fingers wtf
  • He’s cooled it on the video game playing because he wants to be a cool prince for you, but you still want to watch him play a little.
  • You’re fascinated by this “commoner” thing and you make little comments and cheer for him when he does something cool
  • wow ok he’s discovered a new kink
  • He let’s you create a character on his LOLOL account and you find a super rare drop within the first hour of playing
  • WTF
  • You become his lucky princess. Whenever he’s about to do something difficult- like take a big exam or go to a job interview - he asks you to bless him with a kiss of good luck.
  • (He totally thinks of himself as ur knight, and he can never keep his eyes off you.)


  • “You’re joking,” Jaehee whispers, staring at you fidgeting across the table from her. “You are not the daughter of the Eun Financial Group’s CEO. You can’t be. Their shares are valued at 6.7$ billion. They’re one of the largest banks in the world. They - ”
  • she can tell by your expression that you are not, in fact, joking, and Jaehee Kang promptly faints.
  • She wakes up to a cool cloth on her forehead and you fretting over her. You’re so sorry, you say, you should have told her sooner, you just liked being treated like you were normal and you were afraid if you’d said something she wouldn’t have been comfortable talking to you or letting you encourage her and you like her so much please Jaehee
  • she interrupts you. just. just give her a second.
  • okay maybe a minute.
  • okay maybe - maybe half-an-hour
  • maybe a day this is a lot to take in
  • NONONO SHE’S NOT MAD, she assures you as you start to freak out. And she certainly isn’t going to break up with you god don’t you know how much you mean to her? She’s just
  • just not
  • holy crap how is your family going to react to her
  • She studies so much to impress them. Table manners, proper greetings, she becomes an expert on your family’s dealings so she can impress them.
  • she also practically prepares a presentation about herself and why she’s Cool and Reliable
  • (this is the most important job interview in her life - the job of being ur girlfriend)
  • she passes with flying colors, after her initial nervousness cools down (she doesn’t realize that your dad likes to make jokes.)
  • She’s totally in the clear once she starts talking to your uncle about coffee. They bond hella hardcore and you breathe out a sigh of relief.
  • (jaehee literally never has to worry about money again)

(more under the cut!)

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jeon jungkook as your boyfriend

a/n- the time has finally come for kookie as your adorable boyfriend. i am so sorry this took so long but… also i got a bit carried away i love boyfriend!jungkook

Yoongi / Taehyung / HoseokJimin

Seventeen / Got7


- okay so he says he’s not the type to cuddle in bed but when you wake up, your face is shoved against his chest and his arms are holding you tightly and he’s snoring in your ear and you’re like ‘yeah no cuddling my ass' 

- he has a hard time waking up a lot of the time so you have to lure him out being like ‘ahem yeah i’m shirtless’ and then he’s WIDE AWAKE and also kinda sad you’re wearing a shirt

- you are in charge of his outfit a lot of the time because if not he’d literally be wearing the same thing every day (aka his white shirt, jeans, and timberlands) so you find him cute outfits and in return he picks out your outfit sometimes which uh…is usually a white shirt and jeans, sorry bro

- when he gets his license he is very adamant about driving you to work. like he thinks he’s hot shit now that he can drive so you he drives you up to your work building and makes an effort to open your door and be like 'i drove you today you’re welcome loser’ and you’re like 'shut up’ ((he picks you up from work when he can too with just as much sass))

- dates are super fun even if half of them involve physical exercise. like jungkook’s the type to like to go chill and watch a new action movie in the theaters, but his fave thing to do is like go play laser tag or rock climbing or roller skating like he likes to m o v e and you love it but he is usually a lot better at it so you always give him -.- that look 

- one time you two went on a hike up some mountain and it was like a ten mile hike all in all and by the seventh mile of going uphill you were almost passed out and like jungkook was so scared because you did look paler than usual but you were just like 'hand me some water u stupid head’ and he was such a worried little bunny like he even offered to carry you all the way down and you were like ‘no i’m not dying i just need a rest’. he eventually was convinced you were going to live and was like 'okay no more hiking but uhm i did reserved us for paintballing next saturday, you down?' 

- but don’t get me wrong he’s completely fine with sitting at home watching anime and eating pizza and chicken wings in a tshirt and sweats and making out on the couch 

- meeting him outside the bighit building with the car and driving him to the nearest like sonic and ordering slushies that turn your mouth blue while talking about anything and everything ('kookie do you think aliens exist’ 'uhm yeah i think so i mean the universe is really fucking big’ 'don’t curse like that omg you’re still a child’ 'shut up i am a man’)

- when he goes to work out you tag along and sometimes try to use the equipment but when you “don’t get it”, a sweaty jungkook will come and try to guide your body the right way and you really don’t want to tell him you understand how to use the stair climber you just really want to feel his biceps/abs against your body as he sets you in the right direction

- he tries to be all tough and macho all the time and act like he’s not affected by anything but as soon as your lips touch his his whole face lights up pink and he freezes 

- but when he finally comes to his senses he is a really good kisser and i mean reallyyyy good like they don’t call him the golden maknae for nothing. he knows exactly how to guide your lips and all the lip balm he puts on definitely does its job because omg???? his lips are /so/ soft and nice like boy give me some of that chapstick

- he is actually more affectionate than you thought he would be. like in public he always is putting his head on your shoulder or slipping his hand into your back jean pocket just to be playful and you’re like ’S T O P  it we are in public!!’ but he legit doesn’t care because you’re his and he wants everybody- everybody- to know it

- so yeah i bet you guessed that precious kookie is also pretty protective and a bit possessive even. he’s like souped up on testosterone all the time and when he sees another guy checking you out, he’s almost too eager to tell the dude to back off. but you better watch out if a guy is actually harassing you because oh boy be careful he might throw hands. 

- on the other end of being protective, he would suck at making you feel better when you’re sick or something like he’d wouldn’t know what to do. i mean he’d try to cuddle you or something and give you extra blankets but tbh he’d probably need help from his hyungs (poor baby)

- he is the biggest show off you know omg!!! like he is always willing to legit battle you or somebody to prove he’s better. (especially in dancing or singing) he really likes to beat people in front of you so you’ll think he’s cooler but tbh you’re just like 'i s2g this boy’ all the time. 

- speaking of singing ^ he likes to sing for you a lot. like along with jingles on commercials he hears on the radio or to the ballads that play on sad parts in movies or just mimicking your ringtone he is /always/ singing. but you actually don’t mind because he is a super good singer

- when it’s raining you like to lay your head on his lap and have him sing to you and the sound of his beautiful voice mixed with the rain while he plays with your hair is really super nice

- his family thinks you are the BEST ever because you take care of him so well and also made him think of having more a future than strictly being a musician (which is fine but like they want him to also experience being in love and possibly having a family of his own) and they give you so many hugs when you visit

- jungkook’s childhood home is so cute because he hasn’t been around his room since he was really little so it has a lot of kiddie toys and books and like a power rangers bedspread or something (he also has some iron man figurines oops) 

- you two sit on his roof outside his window and look up at the stars and he shares with you about how he never thought he would make it and now here he is back where the dream all started and when he starts to cry you do too and it’s a really nice moment

- the first time you and jungkook say 'i love you’ is at the same time like it’s adorable. okay so you two were having  a date at one of your favorite restaurants that you both go to all the time and as the waiter brings out the appetizers you notice his face is all red and then you think that yours probably is too and then you two lock eyes and just blurt out 'i love you’ and then you cant stop laughing because you two both just confessed your love at the same time over top of some delicious looking nachos

- all in all a relationship with this cutie would be extremely playful and fun but also just as caring and gentle because wow you two nerds are in love

anonymous asked:

Hi this is European holiday anon! Don't mind me I'm a little nervous to come of anon bc this blog has nothing to do with yoi whatsoever but if you need me to I will. If this is about a kic chapter 3 not being out before tomorrow, that's okay; just let me know the date it'll be out and I'll be able to pay for wifi for a little bit of time at the resort I'll be staying at :) I'm really excited to read it! Love you Justine!

first off i love you and i’m sorry! ❤️  this has been a hellish week and i’m submitting my last final today ahhh. but anyway omg i dont want you paying wifi to read it dfjdkd what. ok. let’s do this ok euro hols my lov: give me 1 more week

thanks so much for being patient and here’s a preview!! 

“I have a surprise for you,” Victor says, eyes twinkling. He’s wearing that ghost-smile again, the one where the corners of his mouth are upturned and only the faintest glimpse of teeth peek out from behind pink lips. Yuuri wonders again if the man ever completely smiles, is tempted to make a note for himself to conduct some deep research behind this phenomenon – but then Victor’s tugging his arm and shooting him another glance. It’s bright, too bright for nine in the morning, and it’s not that it burns but it’s warm

Yuuri feels like he’s been struck with something all of a sudden. Some truth that he’s only beginning to grasp and his fingers itch for his pen so he can mind-map it out, deconstruct every look that Victor’s given him since that moment at Saint Laurent –

Victor stops them right outside a discreet door next to the HMC closet. Yuuri had never even noticed it before; it’s white, blends into the wall around it. “Close your eyes, please.” 

markhyuck!parent au

requested!! the other nct dream parent au’s should be out at some point im not keeping track of anything lmfao


-they’re kinda bad bUT THEYRE LEARNING 

-they adopt twins (boy and a girl) 

-they just wanted one kid but didn’t have the heart to split them up 

-so they ended up getting two kids!! 

-they’re 5 year olds and registering them for kindergarten was a MESS 

-hyuck asked mark to and being the good husband he is he obliged!!1!1!1!1!1 

-bad choice 

-he doesn’t know how to fill out forms for his life T_T

-hyuck ends up doing all the paperwork while mark takes the kids out for ice cream 

-i feel like mark is the stay at home mom while hyuck works yA FEEL 

-they probably live in a cute lil apartment 

-when the kids won’t stop crying, mark starts crying too and then hyuck has to calm all of them down bYE 

-they have a swear jar im calling it rn 

-hyuck swears too much and mark accidentally blasts songs with swear words in them 

-“daddy what does fuck mean?" 

-"omg where did you hear that maRK LEE LEE MINHYUNG ISTG" 

-"hyuck the kids need to learn who their true leader is" 


-they use the swear jar money to let the kids buy stuff when they take them to convenience stores after school 

-mark’s the dad that sucks at being strict 

-he hates seeing the kids sad so he has hyuck to be strict for him 

-hyuck probably gets jealous about who the kids like better smh 

-they have the CUTEST dressed kids oh my gosh 

-they’re so chill about whatever the kids wanna wear 

-they just take them to the clothing store and let them pick out what they like 

-it’s sososososo cute fml 

-they raise their kids to be really nice and respectful but they also teach them how to roast a bitch lmfaO 

-by the time they’re like 12, they’re like mini sass masters 


-one of the twins had a crush on one of the dream team omG 

-smh i’ll call the girl eunha and the boy baekhyun but like feel free to name em whatever 

-eunha walked up to mark one day and tugged on his sleeve and was like "dad i have a secret" 


-"i think i love uncle jaeminnie" 

-mark is ready to wHOOP JAEMINS ASS 

-"oh.. haha… that’s so cute awh…" 


-"lol ok omw" 

-"wait no omg i didn’t mean literallY JAEMIN" 

-hyuck lowkey judges eunha’s taste but w/e it’s lowlowlowlowkey cute 

-so now markhyuck’s daughter is not-so-married to jaemin lmAO 


-"why does eunha get to marry uncle jaemin?? i wanna marry him!!" 

-so boom jaemin gets double fake married 

-the kids tell mark and hyuck everything 

-they trust them not to get mad at them and stuff so they’re really comfortable with them 


-and vice versa!!! 

-one time some mean kids were excluding baekhyun so eunha left her group of friends to play with her brother!! 

-they probably take karate together omg 

-when eunha’s heart gets broken for the first time baekhyun probably threatens to murder them 


-mark probably reads harry potter to them aHHHH 

-eunha’s in ravenclaw and baek’s in gryffindor aWHHHDHSHSJSKS 

-and ofc, mark is a gryffindor too and hyuck’s a slytherin 

-the kids call it a forbidden love smh these nerds 

-when eunha was younger and wanted to mess around with makeup, mark would let her put it on his face omG 

-hyuck comes home and mark just has bright blue eyeshadow on and red ass lips and pink cheeks 


-baekhyun hates the outside 

-he gets it from hyuck 

-he just likes to stay home and meme all day smh 

-he’s like a mini donghyuck 

-on the other hand, eunha fucking loves sports and running 

-she picks up dancing and baek picks up singing!!!!!!!1!!1!1!1!11!1!11!! 

-talented as heck twins smh 

-most supportive parents ever oh my godd 

-they’re so supportive it gets embarrassing 

-"omg dad stop cheering so loud!!" 


-mark had to learn how to cook since hyuck was so busy 

-by ‘cooking’ i mean just microwaving things 

-their kids live off of takeout and microwave dinners istg 

-the only time they eat home cooked meals is hyuck’s days off bYE 

-eunha and baek end up learning how to cook tho so iTS OK 

-christmas is so cute omg 

-they go crazy with decorations and their ornaments are like 50% homemade and ugly 

-they always bake cookies aHHH 


-hyuck the type of parent that doesn’t go easy on his kids but mark is the opposite 

-pokemon go family nights where they force baek to go outside bUT ITS OK BC HE LOVES POKEMON 

-they always have juice in the house, no one knows why but they do 

-if someone talks shit about their kids, hyuck will go oFF 

-mark has to do damage control 

-mark won’t like fight them unless it’s something that crosses the line but if you do something like call eunha annoying or smth hyuck will murder you 

-when the twins start dating mark and hyuck have to use everything in themselves to not stalk their significant other these loSERS 

-tl;dr can markhyuck like adopt me rn

SF9 reaction to you speaking Italian

A/N: this is how i think they’d react, no harm done (requested)

ps // I wasn’t quite sure what you meant about the sexy part - did y/n think it was sexy or the bias think it was sexy? not quite sure…

Inseong: because this boy is half extra and half baby I think he’d just stare at you in awe.

For example, if you were talking on the phone in Italian with one of your family members he’d just look at you from the couch, mouth hanging open just a bit. After that he’d try talking in english to impress you because he wants you to be awe struck about him too!

*in english* “Uh…who was dat?”

Originally posted by sf9canyounot


Ok. So for example when your elbow slammed against the table and you cursed a few words in Italian, he’d quickly come to you and ask if you’re okay - rubbing your elbow like a mother would to her child. I don’t think Youngbin would care much about the difference in language. He’d just be like:

“So…did you curse just now?”

Originally posted by a-kkinda

Jaeyoon: little baby honey voice would be so confused OMG.

Like one time you were arguing with him about a certain something and he’d just look so lost when you started nagging him in Italian. Something like:

*mouth hanging open and eyes staring at your non-stop moving mouth* “y/n……..”

Originally posted by tinyjaeyoon


Anyway if you were mad with somebody on the phone, speaking rapid Italian he’d just laugh at your gestures cause he’s just that kind of guy. After you finished the call he would definitely tease you, speaking gibberish but on the inside he’d actually be proud to have a girl who could speak a few languages.

“Ahh y/n you make me laugh!” ㅋㅋㅋ

Originally posted by hwiyoungs

Juho (Zuho): Real life anime character would be impressed…and…unaffected by it. It doesn’t really matter to him as long as you don’t hate him he’s happy.

“Y/n, do you love me?”

“Sì ️”


Originally posted by namjiwssi

Seokwoo (Rowoon): mama of the group would be impressed like w o w you could speak another language that he completely doesn’t understand and is afraid you’d say things about him behind his back when HE nags YOU about not taking out the trash. What a mom.

“Y/n! Take out the trash!”

*in Italian* “Crap…”

“What did you just say young lady???”

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When you’re mad at him you would probably be mad about his cleanliness. When he leaves mugs on the bedside table you’d nag him in Italian which would make him very confused. When you’ve calmed down from your nagging he would come to you and slowly nudge you, asking you what you had said just now. Truthfully he’d just be afraid if you had said something bad about him that he didn’t know about.

“Did you say you didn’t love me?” *does sHINING BRIGHT AEGYO YOU WOULD GO BLIND*

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Youngkyun (Hwiyoung): thIS COLD CITY CRY BABY ok so when you ignore him because he played more video games with Chani than pay attention to you he’d follow you like a lost puppy, begging for your forgiveness. When you scold him in Italian he just kept quiet, wondering in his mind if you had said something bad about him. He’ll let it eat him alive until YOU (the big spoon) confronts him about it, so please do :(

“Hwiyoung why’ve you been acting weird lately?”

“…….do you hate me?”

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Chanhee (Chani): lovely baby would be so amazed and confused at the same time, his pink lips making an ‘o’ while you scolded the person on the other side of the line in Italian on your phone while he stared at you from the kitchen counter. He’d make a mental note not to get on your bad side (how could he? he’s a shining baby angel)

“Wow noona, never knew you could be so fiesty…”

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The Gym

Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Words: 1500+

Warning: nsfw 

Boxer Calum + thigh riding is a really hot combination js


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I can taste forever on your lips - girafe13 - Band of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

College party AU where Babe meets Eugene. I have no excuses for this. It’s so self indulgent omg. (Warnings for recreational drug use.)

“Babe can feel something coming over him. It feels like boiling water filling every empty spaces inside of him, bringing up his temperature until he feels his face burning. Babe can almost feel a physical ache as the stranger takes another drag and blows up some more smoke in the air a few seconds later, his obscenely pink lips curving around the joint. Babe wants to crawl into his lap and kiss him, he wants to taste the smoke on his lips and feel the stranger’s hand in his hair, tugging and… And…

Babe wants him.”


- you and joshua / jisoo hong will already be friends

- he embarrasses himself so easily and so often in front of you byE 

- don’t deny it he’s that embarrassing type who’s so awkwardly adorable what???? 

- he would always have that awkward laugh and eye-smile awww while he’s rubbing the back of his neck aWWW i can so imagine this bYE 

- so you sit behind joshua in class and you know him as that quiet, smart, yet handsome boy 

- you would always think of him as a cat like aww his eyes and lips 

- joshua would always glance behind to look at you and you always catch him, like boy uR TOO OBVIOUS STOP

- he would like “stretch” and turn his head around to look at you but immediately look away when you look at him with raised brows and an amused smile

- he would blush but clear his throat and remain calm while writing down his notes

- the thing is his hands got really clammy o 


- he’s the class president im crying

- but he’s always curious about you??? like you’ve noticed but you don’t say anything because it’s actually really cute that joshua cares a lot about you 

- and the fact that he’s kind, sweet, and hANDSOME

-  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

- when you get up from your seat, joshua almost trips when he walks next to you

- you notice his stumble and snort slightly

- but then you feel a bit bad because he looks at you with a pink face and blinking eyes

- he’s so cute friCK ME

- he takes your bag for you and smiles at you because 

- he’s a gentleman and when he likes someone, he will bE THE ULTIMATE GENTLEMAN 

- you’d be thankful and just smile back, walking with him to lunch 

- he eats lunch with you and his friends and your friends

- he takes a lot– i repeat, A LOT– of glances at you

- your friends notice

- but being you, you just focus completely on your food

- your friends are crying because you’re so oblivious it hurts

- after eating, you stand up to throw your garbage away

- wow surprise, joshua finishes the same time

- wow


- all of your and joshua’s friends are literally like jUST DATE ALREADY FFS

- you just smile at him and walk with him, throwing your trash out and walking out of the caf because you both wanted fresh air

- well you did

- and joshua just went with you

- joshua would always nervously flip his brown hair and fix it when you’re not looking aww

- he would always lick his lips nervously as well, like omg shes beside ME

- you would walk around the school campus with him and just chat about school and sports 

- joshua would pretend to be surprised with some of the information like, “oh you play volleyball? I didn’t know! Wow, you’re amazing!” 


- he gets pink and embarrassed b/c he’s caught

- before he tries to change the topic

- he trips over a rock and falls down, grabbing onto your arm, thus, pulling you down with him 

- you fall on top of him wow cliche but you do and he’s so shocked


- you just laugh out loud like o m g what am i going to do with his kid

- joshua doesn’t know what to do

- he’s like a fish out of water


- he’s just staring at you with his eyes, looking into yours and his mouth, opening and closing

- you just laugh, because his cheeks turn even more red AWWW

- you get off of him and help him up 

- joshua immediately regretted not kissing you aww

- he just avoids your eyes bc he’s so goDDAMN EMBARRASSED 

- “sorry,” he would mumble softly and look down on the ground while his face is still cherry-red

- you would just smile and wave it off, “it’s okay. it happens.”  that joshua always fALLS OR SOMETHING IN FRONT OF YOU 

- he looks at you and just shyly chuckles

- you’re just like HES SO CUTE???

- so you just reach out and pinch his cheeks

- he’s looking at you with wide, confused eyes

- you just grin and lean up, kissing the tip of his nose

- “you’re so cute!” you’d say, laughing




- then at night, he googles, 

- “what a nose kiss means” 

- “do people love you if they kiss your nose” 

- “does a nose kiss mean im friendzoned” 

- “friendzone actions” 

- “am i friendzoned if…” 

- next day at school, he’s nERVOUS ASF BC OF THAT ONE LITTLE NOSE KISS LIKE 

- you’re just casually sitting down already when he walks in 

- you look at him and just grin, waving, “hey!” 

- joshua goes red aww

- “h-hey,” joshua would chuckle, then makE A REALLY?? WEIRD??? HAND GESTURE??? IM LAUGHING SO HARD LIKE??? I CAN SO IMAGINE THIS

- then you’d look at his hand and look back at his face like ???/

- he looks at his hand and just clears his throat and blush harder, shaking his hand and just awkwardly chuckling

- you’d just laugh behind your hand and watch as joshua laughs as well

- he sits down in front of you then his whole face becomes red aGAIN

- “What was that?!! What did I do?!! Why??!! she thinks i’m weird now!!” 

- he’d be the type to accidentally blurt out his thoughts ahhahaah awwww 

- you’d hear him and just smile, tapping his shoulder

- he slowly turns around with a clueless, blinking face

- you would gesture him to come closer

- he slowly inches closer to you

- you pretend to whisper something in his ear

- but instead of a whisper, you kiss his cheek


- you just laugh and be like, “joshua, you’re so adorable. you’re weird, but that’s why I like you.” 

- joshua almost faints like oh lord

- but he manages to flash a shy smile and whisper, “I like you too.” 


1.) Admirer!Mingyu

2.) Admirer!Seungcheol

3.) Admirer!Wonwoo

4.) Admirer!Joshua

5.) Admirer!Jeonghan

6.) Admirer!Minghao

7.) Admirer!Vernon

8.) Admirer!Hoshi

9.) Admirer!Woozi

10.) Admirer!Jun

11.) Admirer!Seungkwan

12.) Admirer!Chan

13.) Admirer!DK

boyfriend!mark 2

-u are yuta’s friend (from when he just got to korea/his first friend that helped him assimilate and stuff)

-so one day he hits u up like omg!! i miss u please come visit me!! uh…yeah but u have to come visit me at my dorm bc i literally have one hour free before i have to practice/perform/meet fans/film nct life so…haha come to my dorm

-so ur like ok! but then you realize that he lives with the rest of nct 127/dream so ur like….nervous bc u don’t hang out w boys much and pretty much just gossip and do girly stuff w yuta

-and one day u turn up at the dorm. and u knock once and brace urself for the onslaught of awkwardness or doom or whatever but u miss yuta so u just do it

-and ur let in to the fancy sm apartments, head up the elevator and the door opens

-except its not yuta its this sleepy looking weirdo with pink hair!! and a super surprised face

-you two just stare at each other cause ur like who is this???? and then he suddenly is like omg!!!! (voice crack) ur yuta’s friend sry i just took a nap idk idk and his voice just trails off

-but deep inside he’s like omg.. i look like shit this is the girl all the members have been saying is yuta’s cute friend

-and damn is she way cuter than i thought oh god what do i say i’m being so awkward

-and he’s like UUuhuhhhhhh i’m mark!! and ur thinking oh the rapper! and u blush a little because though hes being fidgety hes being shy and u kind of laugh weirdly bc for a rapper he is sure bad at words

-yuta peeks his head through like omg sry! mark is being so ridiculous

-hes laughing really hard but also like wtf mark and pushing you into the dorm by your shoulders like let me get you away from this weirdo

-and all the while mark just looks at you two blankly lol

-so you and yuta walk in and all the boys SWARM over bc they’re like omgggggg she’s here wowwww and inspecting u like a piece of artwork

-taeyong is just awkwardly giving u sideeye, jaehyun smiling sheepishly, taeil staring from the corner of the room, winwin/haechan/jaemin/jisung/jeno/chenle and renjun just snickering and dying because they are awestricken by ur cuteness

-yuta being the fuckboy he is goes like omg!!!!! totally forgot i have to …buy milk!!!! and leaves you to fend for yourself. he gives u a wink like heheheheh now u guys can all be friends!! and he disappears

-so amongst everyone there you are feeling super weird so ur like hey mark!! can you show me around!

-like a lil obedient child hes like OK!!!!!! with this mega determined face. all the while the others are like OoooOOOOOOH MARK GET IT

-you guys go to his room and he is nervous so hes like… uh theres my bed. and thats a chair……and this is the light. and the lightbulb. its a nice lightbulb. thats the floor, its polished well

-and u take candy out of ur bag bc u always carry candy… and ur like what flavor do u want? and he’s like idk whichever. and u say LIME. bc rappers RHYME.

-and hes choking on air bc this joke is so funny to him. he settles down and relaxes a little. so he asks you how long it took for you to get there

-u say 2 hours, and hes like oh… and ur like thats a long ass ride

-so he is crying of laughter and snickering and gasping for air and clapping his hands and falls off his chair onto the well polished floor

-hes like i bruised my butt

-and ur like no way

-hes like want me to show u???

-and u guys both glance at each other awkwardly because it took a weird tone and then both continue laughing bc u two are idiots!!!

-so u guys are both sitting on his bed and u look at him

-his eyebrows are so cute and arched and his eyes are so round and his lil teeth are so cute and whenever he speaks his lips are lopsided

-of course yuta just bursts in a and ur both sitting on his bed and his knock makes u fall onto mark

-yuta is of course obnoxious like omg!!! stop preying on baby mark!!! should i leave u two alone?? all the while grinning and smirking bc mark looks disturbed and his face is crimson

-and his pink hair is a mess and hes like NO NOTHING IM SORRY IM SORRY

-yuta giggles and is like wanna let me have her for a while?

-mark ofc is like yes yes im so sorry hyung so sorry!!

-so the moment you two leave, yuta takes a look at ur blushing face and is like OK JUST KIDDING MARK and pushes you back through the door

-ofc u fall… and land on mark AGAIN bc why not

-and marks face is an inch away from yours and hes like hyperventilating and his eyes are wide and hes looking away from you and ur like SORRY SORRY omg


-so ur laughing really hard and u get off and he literally gets off the lower bunk and starts dancing for u with this really awkward straight face

-since then u guys have kept in contact and u visit once a week ‘for yuta’ but he always pushes u guys together at lunch and asks u two to do chores together bc he caught on

-days with mark are so carefree and sweet and his laughs and faces just make u fall harder for him day after day :-)

-you guys stay up late playing games under a blanket and haechan yells at u guys that it’s his turn but u end up playing till 2 am and mark always falls asleep first and dozes off onto ur shoulder…and he’ll randomly sleeptalk and even say ur name which makes ur heart beat so fast

-he saved all the lime candy wrappers in his desk and its dumb but when hes tired or upset he looks at them and remembers your joke and snickers to himself for about an hour

-u have become friends with all the other members but literally they always spy on u two with these super moved/proud faces on

-one day when u guys are out buying milk for the dorm he gives u his jacket and just shivers all the way home and you give him a hug once u guys return bc hes a sweetie

-another time u forget a jacket cause ur an idiot he insists on giving it to you again bc hes an idiot also. u hold his hand bc its so cold fml and his hand gets sooooo sweaty bc hes so shy and his heart cant take it

-on a trip to like his 1000000th debut which u hate sm for but know ur bb is capable, ur fixing his hair for him and he just stares at you and blurts out i like you!! and his stare is so focused and he suddenly realizes what he said and he covers his face with his hands like I CANT BELIEVE I SAID THAT OMG

-and u just hug him back bc ur in shock and say YEAH ME TOO UM I LIKE UM YEAH!!!!

-since then u guys are inseparable….and poor yuta is alone LOL

let me describe what it was like meeting Harry styles. I didn’t get a picture, but it was still a moment I’ll never forget and I don’t even need a photo to remember. So I ran into him on the street (which never fucking happens) and somehow there weren’t a whole bunch of people around him and I was so nervous my heart was practically beating out of my chest and I went up to him, petrified and he looked at me and almost laughed at how nervous I was and then I went “Uh,” and then I held out a hand for him to shake because I’m an idiot and he frowned then smirked and took it, but I got really frustrated with myself and just tugged him against me and pulled him into a really tight hug and I sort of just buried my face in his neck and my breath was really shaky but I didn’t let go and he was very patient and waited for me to let go on my own and then he looked at me straight in the eye and went “that was the best hug I’ve ever had” and I was still shaking and I was still holding onto his hand but he was chill with it and I said “I practiced it with my friend like ten times” and then laughed, while I was almost crying but managing to keep my calm and he smiled really big and let me just say when he talks to you, he stays really close and looks literally into your soul like I had his full attention and I’m really bad with attention and so I had to force myself to look at him and even tho I’ve loved him for as long as I can remember I was kind of uncomfortable with the amount of attention he was giving me but then I continued and said, “I just want to thank you because one direction has been a huge part of my life for five years and you’ve been such a support in the hardest times” and I kinda insulted myself without realizing and he told me “no no no you’re beautiful” and then I started running my mouth and he listened to every word and oh my god he is incredible he is so incredibly polite i’m pretty sure he thanked me twelve times throughout the conversation and asked me if I was ok a billion times and I asked if HE was ok and he looked kind of shocked and then said he was very ok and oh my god he’s the most amazing person in the world and then I was just like ok enough imma leave before I break down so “I should go, see ya” and he sort of chuckled and his voice was super raspy and he said bye and hugged me one last time and then I left and once he was out of sight I started sobbing bc he smelled so good and I had to pry my eyes away from his chest because his shirt was a bit unbuttoned and his hair was up and his cross necklace omg and his eyes were so pretty and his lips were really pink and his dimples omg and his fucking eyebrows and jawline and his skin and his smile and his cheeks were kinda blushy and he was so intimate and real and right in front of me and everything I dreamed he’d be and he actually is a pretty normal person I thought he would be a bunch taller but he stands about 5′11″ at most and he is every amazing thing I thought he was and he is so gentle and kind and then I called my mom to come pick me up because I was alone and freaking out and I got in the car and she was like “omg why are you crying” and I was like “I just met the love of my life” and she was like “why is that a bad thing” and I told her the story and at the end, we both talked at the same time, me saying “and he won’t remember me” and my mom saying, “he’ll probably remember you forever” and I swear to god that day ruined me emotionally and this is the biggest run on sentence I’ve ever seen.

its my precious snowflake’s birthday I’m crying had mika

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“You’re so fucking old,” Yuu groans, face pressed tightly into the crook between Mikaela’s neck and shoulder. Mika can’t do more than give a forced chuckle, holding his drunk friend up. “Like, a million years old,” Yuu adds, just because he can. 

“Only twenty-three, Yuu-chan,” Mika responds, stopping by a telephone booth to prop Yuu up. He only gives himself a minute to rest before he’s hauling Yuu’s arm over his shoulder and continuing their trek to his apartment. 

“So fucking old,” Yuu murmurs, almost tripping and busting his shit. Mika saves him last minute, grabbing Yuu’s other hand in a tight grip. Yuu grins at him, his alcoholic breath fanning across Mika’s face. “I almost died.”

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"I like your pajamas"

As you walk down the familiar black and white road, your mind wanders. You think of the colors that are out there and how you will eventually see them, you know you will. Your mother and father are perfect examples of those who just couldn’t find their soulmate, meaning that they will live in a world of black and white for the rest of their lives, unless they meet the one they were destined to be with. You and your siblings spend a lot of time with your aunt and uncle because they were lucky enough to find each other.

You have leaned how all that it takes is looking into the right person’s eye. Once that happens your world will fill with the most gorgeous colors, known only by the people who have found their other half.

You are snapped out of your thoughts as you trip over your own feet. The office where you work is only a couple steps in front of you, you walk in and go through the grueling pain of a day at work in only black and white. For some reason your mind continues to wander to the thought of color.

You pack your things and head home. Once you arrive at your house, you strip and then change into your pajamas. As you go to sit on the couch you order a pizza and turn on the TV. After watching an episode you hear the door bell and get up to get it. Being the mildly socially awkward person you are, you attempt to open the door, take the pizza, and throw the money in hopes that the delivery guys catches it. Something stops you though, his arm held the door open. You were looking at your feet to try to keep yourself from saying something awkward. He gently lifts your chin but you have yet to look him in the eye.
He says, “Look at me please.” That sounded pretty stalkerish but something told you to do it.

You lift your eyes to his and slowly they turn from gray to blue, his hair goes from light gray to brown, and his lips change to pink.

You can tell by his expression that he is experiencing the same thing that you are.

He smirks and says, “I like your pajamas.”

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Pink probably gets rougher the more aroused he gets. Making out with him would be fun. It'd start with little kisses trailing up their neck (feel like he likes to pepper kisses all over omg) when his lips finally meet theirs, immediate tongue. In the midst of the deepening kiss, they rest their hand on his thigh and that really does it for him. He'd pin them down, and it'd be so head-spinning fast that the two forget to stop and breathe because it doesn't feel as important as this. (I love he)

God damn it you crazy kids, breathe! That way you can fuck some more and not need to be taken to the emergency room. 

He did what?! (Draco Malfoy Imagine )

atRequest : Could you write an imagine where the reader is best friends with the golden trio and she ´s in griffendor and it´s nearing time for the yule ball (no tournament ) and reader accidentally lets slip that she likes Draco and hermiones all like whaaaat but Ron just makes fun of her (for laughs and griffendor has to take dancing lesson and Ron and reader have to dance wirh each other and Ron says he likes hermione and then the yull ball comes and happy ending for reader with Draco ?

About you :

You are best friends with Harry, Hermione and Ron but lately you have to deal with Draco quit often because of the new project professor Snape was doing in his class. During that time you spent a lot of time with Draco and got to know him better and you fell in love with him. Even though Draco don´t like griffendor he kind of like you.

Y/N pov :

《Gosh, it’s so cold 》 Hermione said while rubbing her hands with each other to produce some warmth. 《 Yeah right, winter came so fast 》 I answered looking up in the grey sky. When we entered the dorms, we sat down on the cozy couch in the mittle of the common room. The fire is filling the room with a cozy and comfortable warmth. I put of my jacket and shoes and brought my knees to my cheast. Hermione was quickly grabbing two books from our room, so we can read. I was staring at the red orange flame ans thought of Draco. What was he doing right now? I haven’t seen him all day, what if he is minding me? It became an habit, that if we see each other, we smile and say hi. It was now my favourte part of my day, seeing Dracos beautiful smile. He usually doesn’t smile that often. It’s surprising, that we became kind of friends, because I’m griffendor. Some one interrupped me by holding ’ Oliver Twist ’ right in front of my nose. 《 Here, I think you will like that one 》 Hermione said smiling. She loves reading books…just like me. 《 I have heard so much about Oliver Twist, but never read it before. That’s so crazy. 》 i said opening the book. We started reading. After an hour some one ran into the common and it was no other than Ron. His hat had some white snow on it, but as soon as he was near the fire, it started melting and dripped at the floor. 《 Guyyys …guuys…》 Ron said breathless, 《 It’s snowing outsiiiide come one!! Put your jackets on, Harry is waiting outside!! 》 It was already half an hour before we aren'r allowed to leave our dorms. I looked at Hermione, but she was already putting on her jacket. I hesitate. 《 It’s going to be fun come on y/n. Harry has the mauruders map, forgot? 》 Ron said giving me my jacket. We made our way outside, it was dark but the moon was shining bright and the snow was reflecting the light. Everything was covered in white snow and it looked like a winter wonderland. I stunned and smiled so brightly, I have never seen something that beautiful before. We bulit a snow man togther and snow angels. As we lay there in the cold snow Ron said 《The yule ball is coming up soon, let’s just go all together, Cause dates are so overrated 》Harry and Hermione agreed with him but me? How can I agree with them if I secretly hope that draco is going to ask me? 《What if I want to go with draco》 oh my… those words came out of my mouth without thinking. Every one was silent and the only thing you could here were the leaves of the trees in the wind. Suddenly Hermione started to laugh. Under her laugh she said 《 That’s totally impossible hahahaha 》 her laugh was high and kinda sound like a bird. 《 HERMIONE YOUR LAUGH IS SO FUNNY I CAN’T 》 and then ron started laughing too. Hermione stopped and looked at him. 《 My laugh is normal. 》《 Yes and my hair is black 》 Ron said. Hermione raised her eyebrow and turned to me. 《 We are talking.. now 》 She stood up and took me with her, leaving the boys in the cold snow. 《 Are you serious? 》Hermione asked. 《Yes … you know I some how fell in love with that douche bag. 》 I answered. 《 And how about him? 》 We entered the secret halls and made our way to our dorms. 《 I don’t know, at first, he didn’t liked me at all, but now… everytime we see each other, he smiles and says hi 》Hermione didn’t answered me. 《 Maybe he asked you, he doesn’t have a date yet, I heard. 》《 I don’t know, maybe… 》 I said. As we arrived at our dorm, I put my wet clothes off and put my pyjamas on. I layed in my bed staring at the wall, it was so silent in this big room. 《 What’s with Ron and you? 》 I said. 《 I don’t know, he is being such an ass right now. 》 Hermione said and by the sound of her voice,I knew she didn’t want to talk about it. So I let her alone and tried to fall asleep.

The next day was boring as always after the two first classes we had dancing lessons, the teacher showed us who our partner is, mine was Ron. Hermione hasn´t talked to Ron since yesterday, it seemed like she really is angry at him and that his words hurt her a lot.

As Ron and I started dancing, I noticed his sad look. He wasn’t looking at me, but at Hermione who was dancing with Harry. 《 Is she angry ? 》 Ron suddenly said. He looked me in the eyes and expected my answer. 《 Well…I wouldn’t say angry, rather hurt. 》 He opened his mouth, but closed it. 《 I love her 》 He said. My eyes widened, he does what? 《 Then ask her for the yule ball, I’m sure she would love to go with you 》 I said smiling to encourage him. 《 I’m not sure…》 He responded. 《 Believe me, she would go with you 》 He took a deep breath in and said that he will try his best. As I walked out of the room I dumped into some one’s cheast. I apologized and looked up. 《 It’s okay 》 He said with his deep voice. 《 Draco! Hi, I um..haven’t seen you around lately 》 I answered with a small smile on my face. 《 Yeah…haha…I know 》 I looked at to him, his cheaks are light pink and he was biting at his lips as he was nervous. And it looked so cute, I have never seen a nervous or shy Draco before《 Well, umm.. do you want to go to the yule ball with me? I means just if you want…》 My mouth was open and I was speachless. He did what? Omg. I took my silence as no and was about to go but I said 《 Yes!! Yes I want to go to the yule ball with you! 》 He turned around and smiled, he ran at me and hugged me like no one has ever done. I laughed and couldn’t be happier.

Hey guys 💘 I’m back 😅 And I just wanted to say that I have a studyblog now, and it would mean the world to me, if you would take a quick look at. The link is here. Thank you very much for your support 💖

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Can I have Kenma & Kageyama seeing their s/o playing volleyball for fun with their(s/o) friends, but they're really good so the guys prompt them to join the volleyball team?

Kenma: He’d be sitting in the shade playing his handheld during lunch with Kuroo when he overhears your friends calling your name. He looks up and sees them waving you over to play volleyball and, like with all things concerning you, he’s curious so he puts away his game and watches. You and your friends would just be doing a rally in a circle, but you never miss and your form is good and whenever one of the others hesitates, you call their name and encourage them to go for it!! And they do and feel really proud about it because you’re so nice. The bell to signal the end of lunch would ring and Kenma would catch up with you (leaving behind Kuroo and his little taunts omg) so he can walk to class with you. “I didn’t know you played volleyball,” he’d say. You’d shrug, your lips quirking up on one side into a smile, and Kenma would find it a little hard to look at (even harder to look away) from the light sheen of sweat at your temples and the pink of your cheeks. “I always thought it was fun,” you’d respond. “Have you ever played on a team?” Whatever your reply, he’d say, completely nonchalant but serious, “well, I think you should try out for the Nekoma team. We could really use someone like you.” Like he’d say something about how you have all the makings to be a good captain. And, a little embarrassed but very pleased, you’d take his hand and walk to class like that~

Kageyama: Maybe after a tournament, there’s an easy practice and like the boys get out early and end up playing King of the Court (which is basically 3v3 rallies and whoever scores gets to stay on the court and play the next 3-person team). Tobio is still busy cleaning up, so you make a team with Ennoshita and Tanaka. When your boyfriend finally finishes, though, he sees your team completely kicking ass! Over and over again!! He’d watch a couple of rallies and see you constantly contributing and high-fiving your team, but he’d only be able to stay on the sidelines for so long before he butts in between rallies and grasps your hands in his. His eyes are all sparkly and he’s really loud and sincere when he declares, “LET ME SET FOR YOU!” (practically a marriage proposal if he just tacks on “FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES” at the end omg but you’re still in high school okok so never mind lmao). And you’re like ooommggg my boyfriend is so cute…. :’) A smile breaks out across your face but before you can answer, Tanaka butts in like “OOOIIIII YOU GOTTA BEAT US FIRST BEFORE YOU CAN BREAK UP THIS STAR TEAM!!” (double flexing emojis). So Kageyama makes up his own little 3-person squad (by breaking up some already established teams waiting in line lmao), determined to play – and win – by your side. Afterward, he’d approach you and bombard you with suggestions to join the Karasuno team because – he doesn’t say this part but – it’d be a dream come true to represent the same school/share the court with you :’)