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Coffee Shop (Epilogue)

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[Author note: Hey guys, I couldn’t resist writing a little end to my first fanfiction! Sorry it is quite a bit later than my other parts but I wanted to get it right! Thanks for reading, and I might be posting another fic soon: when I am less busy with uni work!] 

You stood at the side of the stage, slightly obscured by the curtains that lined the wings, and watched where he was on stage.

He was answering questions, smoothly replying with charismatic and interesting answers, laughing warmly at all the right times and acting a little goofy at points. You could see the crowd in front of him completely won over, and you couldn’t help by feel a small proud smile begin to form on your face as you followed him with your eyes. 

As if he could feel your gaze, Chanyeol shot a glance to the side of the stage, his eyes searching, a small frown playing about his face, until he found where your half hidden figure stood. 

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friendly reminder that oswald is terrifying  ✿◕‿◕✿