I’d like to thank the incredibly talented @kelslk for this stunning commission of a scene from Celestial Navigation where Steve and Tony have their first dance.  I love how well the moment is captured by the art.  So much pining!

These are the days of the endless summer
These are the days, the time is now
There is no past, there’s only future
There’s only here, there’s only now

“Shall we?” Steve asked. Tony couldn’t have answered if he’d tried.  Instead, he just nodded and stepped towards where Steve stood.

I’m supposed to show him how to do this, Tony thought, feeling a hysterical laugh try to work its way out of his throat.  One of Steve’s hands slipped around to splay against the small of Tony’s back, heavy and warm where it settled at the base of his spine. The other encircled Tony’s hand and held it up, just below Tony’s eye level.

Oh, Tony thought, breathing out a long rush of air.  Okay.  He could do this.  Oh, God, how was he supposed to do this?  He wet his lips and craned his neck back to look up at Steve, who was looking down at him with half-lidded eyes, mouth slightly parted like he was about to say something, though the silence stretched on until Tony cleared his throat.

“Okay, so, you just sort of can move backwards and forwards, like this,” Tony instructed, shifting his feet against the planks of the deck.  “Then to the side.”  Steve mimicked the movements of Tony’s feet, picking up the simple steps in no time. “See, you’re a natural,” Tony whispered, voice cracking on the end.

“Just needed the right partner,” Steve responded after a beat in a deep, husky tone that went straight through Tony and coiled low in his belly, filling him with an impossible heat that left his mouth dry and heart pounding in his ears.  Tony dropped his gaze to just over Steve’s shoulder, where the canopy of stars spread out over the mountains.

I’m in love with him, Tony thought dizzily as the world tilted in front of his eyes, then righted itself.  The idea flooded through him, warming his limbs and sending a spasm through his chest that he realized was what it felt like when you forgot to breathe.  It wasn’t exactly a revelation, not really.  More like something he’d known, but just now remembered.  Like it had always been there, waiting for starlight dances, drawings of his robots and to be told it wasn’t his fault to unlock the memory.   Some kind of quest he hadn’t known he was on, and he’d finally found all the pieces.

Missing you- Tom Holland


prompt: you miss tom really badly while he’s on promo tour but he decides to surprise you / also, listen to Never Be Alone by Shawn Mendes while reading this 

pairing: tom x fem!reader

A/N: first ever Tom Holland imagine. God, I love that boy to pieces


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You left out a groan as you opened the door to your apartment. So far, your day has been pretty damn exhausting. College stressed you out and the work shift you have had afterwards had, too. 

You pulled off your shoes and let yourself fall onto your bed not very much later. You snuggled up into Tom’s pillow and tried not to think too hard about how long he’d been gone already. 

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Lance is a Boy #8

Shiro was, needless to say, a wreck. There were meaningless syllables cooed to him through their own struggled emotions. Lance had tried to kill himself, it was as simple as that.

Except it wasn’t.

Shiro knew, and the thought that he knew constantly felt like someone was stabbing him in the gut, stealing what pained breath he had and throwing him into space so he could freeze to death. Shiro knew that Lance had tried because of him, because of how the black paladin had scolded him, because of how he told the man to know better. Oh how Shiro hated himself. The idea that in Lances head it was his voice that had morphed into his dark thoughts and actions, it was Shiros voice that told him to end it.

That was definitely the worst. The thought that in Lances final moments before swallowing the pills, in those seconds it was Shiros voice, it was his baritone hissing at him to “do it.”

Shiro was a wreck, this supportive confidant, devolved into a crying, shaking mess.

When the pod hissed open, Shiro was there, to be fair in the multiple weeks that the scrawny blue paladin had been standing, solemnly in the device, the bigger man had hardly left his side. Most of the minutes passed as Shiros elbows dug into his knees, hand cupping his mouth. He looked up as the door swung open and Lances figure slid out, collapsing onto the floor limply. Shiro was at his side in an instant, scrambling over to the gaunt figure, picking him up and letting his arms drape around the blue paladin. “Lance..?” There was a sense of eeriness in how stable his voice was in the silent room. The man beneath him groaned in response, flipping his head to Shiro. He smiled through hazy dull eyes and his voice was rough, like he just smoke an entire pack of cigarettes.

“Are you that desperate to get your hands on me?”

Shiro gave a slightly pained expression, a small smile dancing at the edge of his lips. “Are you ok?”

He was suddenly pulled away by hunk who threw him a scowl that he seemed to have plastered on his face every time he made eye contact with Shiro. It was short lived as Coran called something or other and figures started piling into the area, Hunk picked up Lances weak figure and set him on a table, similar to the one he had been laid on weeks prior.

Shiro stayed where he was on the floor, dazed, rushed voices saying panicked things that he didn’t register.

Lance was fine, and spending a lot of time with Shiro. They would go into the Black Paladins room to talk and Shiro would apologize profusely and cry into Lances chest, Lances fingers would run through his hair and soothe the man to sleep, only to disappear before he woke.

Shiro was mumbling something to Lance as the got ready to go and train. “Stop apologizing for something you couldn’t have stopped.” The blue Paladins voice was steady and confirming, Shiro turned to him with a sigh.

“You tried to kill yourself lance, only hours after I told you off, there’s no way the two aren’t connected!” He exclaimed, sliding on his fingerless gloves that helped grip the blades. “I feel awful and you just accepted the apology like it was nothing! That’s not like you, I know you still resent me for it.” He strapped the velcro over his hand, stretching his fingers absently into the material.

Lance took a step towards Shiro and cupped his face, the two had been close in the week since he had stumbled from the pod. Lance had comforted Shiro and his thoughts, had soothed the open wounds that he carved into himself while the paladin was away. He leaned into the intense touch. “Sometimes you need to forget, to move on, it’s hard but you need to do it. Even if it’s hard because what happened leaves you broken and alone to your thoughts, you can move passed it, regardless of how difficult it is, you WILL move pass it.”

“Thank you Lance.” Shiro could feel his eyes dampening and someone pulling out his vocal chords. When he looked down there was no hand around his neck, even if it felt like he was suffocating.

“Shiro?” Keith’s voice rang from the doorway and the bigger man flipped around to address the raven. He was about to greet him when he was met by a look of pain and sorrow and everything unreadably bad. He took a step back “did…” he raised a weary hand to point at Shiro, the red paladin had tears forming in his eyes. “Did you just…” he couldn’t bring himself to say it, still the strangled vowels fumbled from his mouth “thank Lance?” His voice cracked.

Shiro gave Keith an even, confused look, furrowing his brow and scowling to the smaller man who’s hand trailed to cover his mouth. “Yeah, I did.” He said cautiously “he’s talking to me about… things.” There was a sense of explanation in his voice that met apprehension, Keith didn’t need to know what they were talking about.

Keith very obviously choked on a sob “Shiro?” He mumbled through his fingers “Lance is…” his other hand drew to his mouth as well, his tears welling to the point where they trailed down his cheeks.

“Lance is dead, Shiro.”

Shiro scoffed at him, “no he’s not, he’s right-” the man froze as he turned towards Lance who had disappeared.


…to be continued…

(This is the second last part to the entire story!)

Peter Calling You Babe for the First Time

-You and Peter have been dating for a few weeks and no intimate nicknames have been used yet

-(You wouldn’t count “geek” and “nerd” as cute nicknames for you guys)

-You’re not opposed to them, you actually called Peter babe once, and his whole face turned red after he ran straight into a locker, and you have never used it since

-But you can never forget the time when Peter first said it

-You, Ned, and Peter, were studying in his room one night, something about chemistry and measurements

-”Hey, Peter, do you think the quiz will be on chapter five, or chapter eight?”

-”He literally told us it’ll be covering the entire unit Y/N.”

-Ned groaned, ”Well, there goes my grade.”

-Frustrated with the subject, Ned closed his book and focused on his pizza

-”Guys, we should stop studying. I know I’m failing it already. But did you guys saw the new special edition LEGO set of the new Star Wars movie?”

-In a instant, Peter’s book was closed as he turned his entire focus on Ned

-”The one with Rey and Finn?” Peter practically screamed  

-You rolled your eyes at the dorks, remembering how much they freaked out over the Death Star LEGO set

-Ned bounced up and down, “Finn looks so awesome and it’s beautiful”

-Peter’s eyes widened, “John Boyega is so beautiful.”

-You gasped at that, “Wow, it’s like I’m not here or something.”

-Ned laughed, “You even have to admit Y/N, John is a beauitful human being.”

-”Well not if he’s going to take my boyfriend away.”

-That sent Peter into a spiral of giggles, clutching his stomach, leaning over gasping for breath

-”C’mon babe, you’re the only one I have eyes for”

-Everyone was giggling at that point, before Ned completely stopped laughing

-”Wait, wait, wait.. did you just say babe?”

-Peter’s entire face went tomato red in seconds, his mouth opening and closing quickly

-You didn’t want to admit it, but your entire stomach did flips when you heard babe

-”No-no, I didn’t.”

-”Yes, you did.”

-”Ned, no I didn’t.”

-”Yes you did! Oh my gosh, May is going to love this!” 

-Ned jumped up, running out the room screaming for May

-Peter buried his face into his hands

-”I’m sorry it slipped out. I won’t call you babe. I mean, unless you want me to. Do you want me to? I kind of liked it but I don’t wan-”

-You interrupted Peter’s ramble by grabbing his hands, the whole time you couldn’t stopped smiling. 

-”Peter you can call me babe, seriously, I love it”

-His entire face broke out into a grin. He leaned forward, pressing his lips to your forehead.

-”Okay, babe,” he giggles, “I can get use to that.”

-Not even a few seconds later, May’s voice rung through the apartment, “HE CALLED HER BABE?”

[This was bad, I’m sorry @imaginesyes   I’m not used to requests, but this was such a cute idea, thank you!]

BTS Reactions to you wearing nothing but an apron


He would be so hungry when he gets home, he wouldn’t even realize at first. But when the two of you were having dinner he looked at you and nearly choked

“Let’s skip dinner. I want my dessert now!”

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He would be quite sleepy when he gets home, but as soon as he saw you standing there, just wearing the apron, he would be fully awake

“I want you right here, right now” *kitchen sex*

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His eyes would widen and he would lick his lips getting closer to you, grabbing your wrist and leading you to the bed room

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His eyes darkened when he saw you. He had a little dirty smirk on his face. He would kiss you, pick you up and place you on the kitchen counter.

“My Babygirl is looking so good for daddy. Let me treat you well for that”

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When he got home and saw you standing there he droped his bag, sighed and licked his lip.

“Oh Babe. You look so damn hot.”

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He would come up to you and kiss you. He would open the apron at your neck and hips, lay you down on the dining table and have fun with you.

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Jungshook hit it again. Just kidding, but he’d probably be shocked first and would maybe even get a little shy and wouldn’t really know what to do or say.

“Uhm…You look pretty today”

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A Queen for the King #2

Summary: With a righteous blow, Arthur defeated Vortigern, destroyed the looming tower, and had taken his rightful place on the throne, vowing to do whatever was necessary to defend the kingdom, and her people. He was a King of the people; honest, compassionate, hard working. Everything that Vortigern was not. There was just one thing missing; the woman he was betrothed to as a child. There is a saying, after all; every king needs a queen.
Characters in this chapter: Arthur Pendragon, female reader, Vortigern, Hannah [minor ofc]
Characters mentioned: Uther and Igraine Pendragon, reader’s parents
Pairing: Arthur Pendragon x female reader
Word Count: 1,667
Warnings: Canon violence mentioned, mention of mistreatment of a woman, mention of rape
Author’s Note: Thank you so much for all the support and positivity you have shown us! GIFs found on Google.

WRITTEN BY: @winchester-writes​ & @mrs-squirrel-chester​ IN CASE YOU DIDN’T SEE THE FIRST MULTIPLE POSTS.

Our work is not to be posted on any other sites without our express written permission.


It was late at night that Arthur remembered who Y/N was. It came to him as all his other memories had; in the shape of a dream. Though, this was no nightmare, just the soft voice of his mother as she tucked him in one night. She told him of a girl; a girl that would, one day, become his wife, and her name resonated throughout his dream the moment it left his mother’s lips…Y/N.

Arthur awoke with a sharp gasp, her name falling off his lips with a whisper as he tried to catch his breath. Sitting up he ran a hand through his hair and down his face, looking towards the window and seeing that it was now morning. Y/N was to be his wife, his betrothed since they were children, yet nothing was mentioned when the two of them met. How was this to work?

Yes, he thought she was attractive. She wore a smile that made his heart race, skin that looked milky and soft; so much so, that he wanted to feel it under his fingertips, and a voice that was as pure as her name, but he knew very little about her. He didn’t know who she truly was. There was no doubt in his mind that he wanted to know every little detail about her.

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Young Hearts (A Peter Parker x Reader Imagine)

Request: Yes, by @lots-of-liz (Hope you like it love!)

Word Count: 1.8k

Summary: You’ve developed a crush on your friend, Peter, and you’re not sure what to do about it. Also included: study date!

Ships: Peter Parker x Reader

Warnings: Honestly, none. This is about as fluffy and cute as they come!

Taglist: @quacksonss, @yoinkpenisparker, @quackmom, & @friendlyneighbourhood-transbiboy 

*A/N: I’ve been sick and miserable these past couple of days, so I decided to write a fic Liz requested and the fluff has done my heart good. <3 I also realized while editing that the reader can be gender-neutral, which is a huge plus! Please enjoy. :)

You knock timidly on the door, trying to restrain your nerves. You aren’t sure why you’ve started feeling uneasy around Peter recently; the two of you have known each other for an eternity and a half, but somehow you feel like throwing up whenever he smiles at you now.

Maybe it was inevitable; everyone said friends often became more. But you think it has more to do with the new confidence you can see in Peter. He’s still awkward, and he still blushes easily, but there is something running under the surface, a hint of steel that baffles you.

When had Peter Parker started to grow up?

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shiparmada  asked:

Potential Prompt: "I didn't mean to kiss you"

“I didn’t mean to kiss you,” Baze stammers, stuttering over his words the same way that he sometimes stumbles over his own feet in the courtyard because he is too busy watching Chirrut. The way that Chirrut walks. The way that Chirrut stands. The way that Chirrut twirls his staff effortlessly, laughing, head thrown back and smile bright, hands just moving as though they do not belong to the rest of his body at all, as though everything works independently of each other, flawlessly.

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Signs (Drake x MC)

Here’s my entry for ChoicesCreates24!  Thanks to @hollyashton and @alwaysanotheroc for histing!!

This takes place back in TRR book 1, when we celebrate Drake’s birthday.  I think that the chapter was technically released during the Gemini sun-sign period, but let’s face it, Drake is not a Gemini.  

Rating: PG-13… innuendo… look away, children!!

Word Count: 1143

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           The music had slowed when he suddenly heard her voice at his ear and her breath on his neck.  “It all makes sense now.”

           Looking up from the whiskey in his hand, Drake glanced over his shoulder as Riley came up behind him, sliding in between him and the barstool next to him before she had a seat.  Stirring her drink with a thin straw, Riley grinned at him in the way that made his chest tighten uncomfortably and made other parts of him uncomfortable was well.  “What makes sense, Watson?”

           “You’re a Cancer.”

           “Gee, thanks,” he frowned.  “You’re almost as nice as Olivia.”

           “Not like that… your star sign… you’re a Cancer.”

           “Oh for fuck’s sake,” he muttered, tossing back the drink in one swallow.  “I’d rather you actually talked about how I’m like a tumor than talk about this.”

           She rolled her eyes at him, but the playful grin across her lips betrayed her amusement and made his palms suddenly sweaty. “Fine, ignore me.  But I know everything I need to know about you, Drake Hunter.”

           “That’s not my last name,” he muttered as he waved the bartender over to refill his glass.

           “Well you won’t tell me what yours is, so… until you do, you’re Drake Hunter.”

           “Whatever makes you happy,” he said, looking away from her to the dancefloor.  Liam was talking to someone over by the mechanical bull and Maxwell was with Hana on the dancefloor, his arms and legs flapping around in way that reminded Drake some sort of bizarre, bird-like mating ritual.   Scowling, he refused to look at the woman beside him, even though he could feel her acutely in every inch of his being.

           He hated how much she affected him, but he loved how he felt around her: alive, excited, hopeful.  But he hated that he loved it and felt guilty every time a thrill ran through him when he saw her.  He knew Liam was falling for her; his friend looked at her like he’d never looked at anyone. But he also knew that he was falling… no, that he’d fallen head over heels for this woman. She was a competent invader, coming into his county, his house, and his heart even though he’d done everything he could to keep her out.  In just a season, he’d shared things with her that he’d locked away for years and he’d given her more than he’d ever planned on giving anyone.  She knew him almost as well as Liam did now, a thought that both terrified him and made him inordinately happy.

           His voice was gruff and lowered by the whiskey when he finally spoke.  “So what the hell is it you think you know about me, Watson?”

           She turned back to him with a smile, crossing her legs so that her skirt ran up to her mid-thigh.  He looked up at her face as she stared to talk, unable to focus on much more than the fullness of her lips and how her tongue darted out to wet them before she began to talk.  “Cancers are ruled by the moon, so you change a lot.  Cranky one minute, slightly less cranky the next—“

           “— really cranky if you keep this up.”

           “And you’re emotional, even though you don’t like to show that side of you to people you don’t trust and you don’t trust easily.  You’re pessimistic and moody, but you’re protective of people you do love… almost to a fault.  That explains why you saved Liam’s life on the boat.”

           Drake blinked in surprise.  “He told you about that?”

           She smiled knowingly.  “I told you I knew everything about you.”

           He snorted as she laughed and continued, stirring the ice in her glass with the straw. “Despite all the emotions and passion you have, you don’t make the first move.   You wait for someone else to do it.”

           “Now that’s a load of shit,” he muttered, rubbing between his eyes.  “I do not need women to make the first move. When I see something I want, I go for it.”

           “Do you?” she asked, her voice suddenly low.

           When he opened his eyes again, he realized she was looking at him, her lips slightly parted in question.  He forced himself to look up at her eyes, suddenly terrified and excited by the way she stared at him.  But he blinked and forced himself to look away, telling himself that the darkness and neon lights of the bar were making him see things that weren’t there.

           “What about you then?  You definitely seem like a cancer, and not the good kind.”

           “Feisty,” she smiled back at him.  “I’m a Pisces, and hopelessly romantic.  I thrive in deep relationships and friendships, and don’t give myself easily to people.  We’re also loyal to a fault, selfless, compassionate, and sensitive.  We like getting to know people… the real people that exist underneath the masks they wear.  We don’t wear masks ourselves, you know where you stand with us, right from the get go.  When we want something, when we like someone, we don’t hide it.”

           Drake started to take a drink from his glass, but stopped.  The whiskey was burning in his stomach and making him sick.  He hadn’t had enough to eat and he could feel the drink, the emotion of the day, and the feeling of her next to him was about to make him do things he knew he shouldn’t, like reach out and slide his hand under the hem of her dress and claim her lips with his own.

She reached out, her fingernail drawing shapes in the condensation left by a glass. When she spoke again, her voice was little more than a breathy whisper.  “We know what we want… and we go for it.”

           Liam suddenly clapped his hand on his back.  “Need another drink, Drake?”

           He tightened his grip on his glass as his shoulders tensed.  “God, no.”

           Maxwell appeared in between him and Riley, holding out his hands.  “Dance with me.”

           She laughed and he dragged her off and twirled in his arms, her eyes sparkling under the lights on the dancefloor as she cast one glance back at him before disappearing into the crowd.  Liam looked at Drake, an eyebrow raised.  “You okay?”

           “I’m a fucking Cancer,” Drake muttered, wiping a hand across his face.

           “Don’t be so hard on yourself,” Liam muttered.  “You’re a pain in the ass, but you’re not malignant.”

           On any other night, he would have laughed.  But not tonight, not when he was finally ready to accept the truth about what he was. Cancer… Pisces… it didn’t matter. He was in a woman who teased him and drove him mad, a woman who broke down every one of his defenses, a woman he wasn’t supposed to have.

           He was thoroughly, royally, screwed.