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Not Selfish

Chapter 2

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Evan read the Wikipedia page three times in his bed that night. He knew he needed to fall asleep but he couldn’t. When Connor had talked about his polyamorous friend he hadn’t made it sound weird or bad and neither did the Internet (for the most part at least.) And the more he thought about that the more he thought about kissing Jared and Connor and the more he thought about kissing them the hotter his face felt and harder it was to close his eyes. He got up to get some water, tiptoeing across the wood floor.

To his surprise the light in the kitchen was still on.

“Jared? What are you doing up it’s almost 3 am.”

Jared turned to look at him. His face was open in a way it wasn’t usually and it took him a moment to clear the emotion from his features. “Hey Ev,” he said sharply. “I’m uh…I’m making ramen and a microwave mug cake.”

“Oh.” Shitty microwave food at three in the morning meant Jared was upset. “Can I join you?” Evan took a seat at the kitchen table.

“Sure,” Jared said, wiping his nose discreetly on the back of his hand. “Do you want some ramen and/or cake?”

“I could go for some cake.” Jared flicked on the radio to the oldies station and the gentle hum of some 50s slow song filtered in. He put the mug between them and started in on his ramen.

“Are you okay? You’re eating your sad food.”

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