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color you mine pt.2- pjm(m)

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Living next door to your teacher has its perks… 

(m)- mature | 2.5k words | Teacher!Jimin | Pt.1 / ??

reqs] Jimin smut? With like daddy Dom or like rough stuff please [+] Can you please write about jimin teaching you how to deep throat him? [+] Jimin thigh riding smut no specific plot [+] all of those who requested a second CYM

a/n]  it has been a long time coming,,,hope you enjoy;)  

You’d never been so nervous in your life, knocking on Mr. Park’s door at seven o'clock sharp, not wanting to seem too eager even though you’d been waiting outside his door for nearly fifteen minutes. You told your roommates you were going to another friend’s down the street, hiding behind Mr. Park’s bushes so they couldn’t see as you waited for the time to come.

Beneath your clothes are two lacy black lingerie pieces, not covering anything, just for show, just to hopefully get him as excited as you are, dripping through the barely existent fabric of your panties. Thank god your friend dared you to buy lingerie a few months back, or you’d still be inside not knowing what to wear to this most special occasion.

He opens the door shirtless, smooth skin and defined muscle running below the elastic of his sweats, smiling sweetly and opening the door wider to let you in. “How was your evening, Y/N?” The foyer darkens behind you as he closes the door, “finished the reading I assigned?”

“Yes, Mr. Park,” you try to calm your nerves, picking at the skin around your nails behind your back, “it didn’t take me more than an hour.”

“Then I guess it was too easy,” he laughs, moving in front of you and waiting for you to follow. His house is dimly lit, the only light coming from the open windows in his living room. Leather couches, family photos, abstract art and shelves with books haphazardly sitting on them. His house looked just as you thought it would. So him, somehow.

“Would you like some water?” He moves to the fridge and drinks from a glass already set out, watching you set your bag down and sit in the bar stool across the island.

“Yes, thank you, the walk over here was so far,” you sarcastically joke.  

He chuckles, scrunching his nose and grabbing another tall glass from the cupboard before filling it with water from the fridge, sliding it across the counter cleanly and gracefully.  

“I have a few surprises in store…” He begins with a smirk.

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Andreil Massages Turned War Turned Aaron will Never Enter The Columbia House Again.

This was a hc u thought up today some major help from @cabeswaterexy they are the best human i have ever met and i love them to death.

of course Neil starts this because he just likes being allowed to touch Andrew and to make Andrew feel good, so after a really hard game where Andrew did as Neil asked and shut down the goal,  Neil notices that he’s favoring his right arm. So when they get back to the dorm and they’re sitting in bed, both without shirts, Neil hovers his hand above Andrew’s shoulder and asks yes or no. Andrew thinks that Neil just wants to touch so he says yes. And at first, yeah that’s all he does: touch. He gets a bit lost in the hard muscles, and he starts thinking about how strong and solid Andrew is and how safe he feels. So he ends up with that stupid fucking idiot smile that makes Andrew flick him in the forehead. And then he presses down, gently at first in case this  isn’t okay bit harder when Andrew doesn’t tell him no. And Andrew is confused for a minute because Neil is giving him a massage??? Why??? This has never happened before but Andrew can’t even be mad because he is melting. Neil switched between the arms for a while before he notices that Andrew has slumoed forward and fallen asleep on Neil’s shoulder. Neil is freaking out because Andrew fell asleep??? On him??? He’s trusted??? But as much as Neil doesn’t want to move, he also doesn’t want to fall asleep sitting up so he says Andrews name quietly and urges him to lay down. The way their bed is, Neil is on Andrew’s left but because Andrew sleeps on his side, Neil still has access to Andrew’s right arm, which he takes after he’s given permission and starts to massage again until Andrew falls asleep. Neil doesn’t stop smiling for a few days.

In Andrew’s mind, there can only ever be an equal exchange so he feels the need to pay Neil back somehow. Which is how he finds himself kneeling between Neil’s legs after practicing with a pissed off Kevin and asking Yes or No? But Neil has already said yes before Andrew can finish which makes him scowl. But he’s not going to argue so he just puts his hands on Neil’s thighs and starts to knead. It is a very good thing that Kevin sleeps like the sea because Neil is not quiet. At all. Which is a bit of a problem for Andrew, who is sitting between Neil’s thighs and looking down at his flushed face as he whimpers and moans and shakes. And when Andrew gets to a particularly sore spot, Neil let’s out a breath “There. Right there” and it makes Andrew hate him more.

This leads to a lengthy make out session

Obviously. Because when Andrew finally works out any knots he’s been focused on Neil’s legs and not his stupid face so he looks up and Neil’s cheeks are flushed and his hair is a mess and his eyes are glassy and he’s all relaxed and it punched all the air out of Andrew’s lungs so he hovers over Neil and asks yes or no. Neil says yes and it’s all relaxed and soft and breathy and Andrew fucking hats him but he kisses him like he doesn’t and at some point Neil pulls away and cautiously raises a leg while asking yes or no. Andrew says yes so Neil brings his legs up and hooks his ankles behind Andrew’s back and you’d have to fight me for literal years to convince me Andrew doesn’t have a thing for Neil’s thighs and Neil doesn’t have a thing for Andrew’s shoulders so anyway Andrew’s is all for this and making out and Neil is def not quiet and he’s already soft and pliant from the massage so he just keeps making little noises against Andrew’s mouth and Andrew would kill him but he thinks if those noises stop it would be an epic tragedy

One of Neil’s favourite things is when Andrew has casual displays of strength, so when Andrew hooks his hands around Neil’s shoulders and pulls him up as if he weighs nothing?? Neil is gone

Their kissing is soft and unhurried and eventually Andrew moves onto Neil’s neck while Neil kisses his shoulders and slowly falls asleep and Andrew has to carry him to bed

They get an apartment together and Neil “accidentally” ends up with everything that goes in the bottom cupboards and at first Andrew thinks Neil is making fun of him or smth (which doesn’t makes sense bc he’s short too?) he can’t figure it out until he catches Neil staring (again) at his shoulders as he lifts a bag of flour and Neil doesn’t even noice Andrew watching him back as long as Andrew’s shoulders keep moving and flexing

When they go shopping for clothes Andrew keeps buying Neil running shorts and of course Neil is an idiot and thinks that Andrew keeps buying a particular brand because Neil likes it, but really it’s because that brand hugs his ass the best and shows off so much thigh and Neil doesn’t even notice when Andrew does his weights right in front of Neils treadmill when they in the gym

They’re both basically in a race to kill each other with choice body parts but they’re the ones making it worse for themselves because Neil is always getting Andrew to lift things and Andrew buys the shorts and really, it’s going to build up to a very epic outlet of these pent of feelings cough sex montage cough

It gets to the point where Neil starts to hide Andrew’s shirts until all he can wear are muscle tees. And Andrew starts buying Neil leggings because holy hell his legs look so Fucking delicious in leggings

Nicky has walked in on Neil staring at Andrew’s shoulders and Andrew glaring at Neil’s thighs

And since Neil’s thighs looks great bc of the running so does his ass and when Andrew discovers that and leggings the world basically ends

Kevin walks in one day to them standing in the living room with handfuls of each other’s clothes just glaring at each other because Neil tried to wear loose sweats and Andrew tried to wear a sweatshirt and they’ve been threatening to burn everything for about an hour

When Andrew takes a shower, Neil will go in and take his shirt, and when Neil’s showering Andrew  switches his pants

It gets ridiculous at one point but they still won’t talk about it and people are starting to notice these two losers so what else is there to do but pack each other’s bags and go to Columbia where Neil finds t shirts and leggings as his whole bag and Andrew has all tanks (there’s even one of those ones that shouldn’t even count as a shirt because the arm holes go to like the bottom of his ribs) and jeans and sweats and they’re alone which means the tormenting gets worse until Neil comes back from a run and Andrew has had enough okay and he is Neil flushed and sweaty and mischievous looking and his legs and his ass okay Andrew can’t take it anymore

They take multiple showers that day

They get clean in none of them

They try… once or twice

They aren’t too mad

And then someone’s on their knees or shutting off the water to drag the other to somewhere easier to do Whatever

There are trails of water all over

They have to come to an agreement about clothes because they love it, but Nicky has been giving Neil looks and it’s Andrew’s fault

There are hickeys in only kind-of easy to hide places

Nicky gets them those sex dice and will never know that they’ve used them

Aaron would die if he knew what had happened everywhere in that house

They definitely have done some things in Aaron’s room out of spite

Nicky did it for a prank. Aaron makes a comment once about “lets eat somewhere where you two haven’t had sex” but he’s joking except suddenly Neil can’t look at him or anywhere

Neil is blushing hard and Andrew is smirking. All he says is “good luck with that one”

And then Aaron snarls in disgust and mutters about taking his food to his room and it pisses Neil off so he says “you might want to clean it” and Aaron’s like it’s clean I saw it earlier but Neil just smirks and Aaron is horrified and Nicky is /cackling/

Aaron refuses to sleep in his room now and demands to know where they haven’t had sex and Neil just points to the front porch

Aaron is pissed, Nicky is proud, Neil is embarrassed and Andrew is smug

100 Banging Kinks: Hot and Cold Play

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Pairing: Bucky / Reader

Words: 1,016

Warnings: Smut and language

Celebrating Bucky’s 100th birthday, I am participating in @bucky-plums-barnes 100 banging kinks! I really can’t believe I wrote this, but either way I hope you enjoy reading it. And I didn’t proof read this so if there are any mistakes oh well-

“Just relax,” he said softly in your ear as his lips brushed down the valley of your breasts. A whimper escaped your lips and you heard him chuckle before you couldn’t feel him at all. Leaving you lying there, on your back on the bed, blindfolded, and panting.

Bucky had wanted to try something new in the bedroom and you didn’t hesitate to say yes. And that was how you ended up in this mess. Your ears strained to hear anything to give you the location of where Bucky could be, but the ex assassin was silent causing the anticipation to build within you.

And that’s how you let out a gasp as you suddenly felt the bed dip. Bucky chuckled again and before you could say anything you felt the icy cool sensation of an ice cube circle around your nipple of your left breast. You cried out and arched your back as the ice slightly melted against your heated skin, and the water rolled down your breast.

But before the small trickle of water could get far the warmth of Bucky’s tongue licked up the water before twirling around your hard nipple causing you to moan lowly and grip Bucky’s hair and pull. “Bucky!” You mewled  and then he was gone and you were left alone again causing you to whine in desperation.

“Oh don’t worry Baby girl, I’m just starting.” Bucky’s voice was raspy and deep, the arousal clear in his voice. You whimpered again and grabbed the sheets beneath you to ground yourself as you waited for Bucky to come back to you. And you didn’t have to wait long as another ice cube slid down your stomach, circling at the edge of your panties.

“Bucky-” you breathlessly moaned, your chest heaving for air as you felt your underwear get wetter.

He kept you on edge, and within the second the ice cube was gone and you thought would be replaced with Bucky’s tongue but you were wrong. You choked back a cry as Bucky’s fingers slipped past your underwear and slid against your wet folds. Your legs went to close but you were stopped with Bucky’s body.

Your head fell back into the pillows and you rolled your hips up to Bucky’s hand. He cupped your pussy and his palm rubbed against your clit causing a new flow of wetness gather between your legs and onto his hand. “Fuck yourself onto my hand.” He commanded and you moaned again not needing to be told twice as you immediately began to move yourself against his palm.

“Oh Bucky-” you groaned before clenching the sheets more as he slipped a finger inside you. “Yes,” you sighed nodding your head and working your hips more. “Oh yeah,” you moaned again and Bucky added another finger curling them as you chased your orgasm.

“You close baby?” He asked letting you use him as you needed and you whimpered once more nodding your head.

“Yes, yes, oh yes!” You chanted and just as you felt yourself close to falling over the edge his hand disappeared and you were left gasping for air and panting.

“Mm, you taste so good, baby doll.” He groaned teasingly and you knew he had licked the arousal of you on his hand clean.

“I hate you,” you grumbled before feeling Bucky’s hands on your waist.

“No you don’t,” you couldn’t see him but you knew he was smirking and you were ready to snap at him again before the sound of ripping resonated in the room and you felt your panties slip off you. He and literally ripped your underwear of you. His hands moved down to your inner thighs then, and he spread your legs wide for him before you heard him groan lowly.

“It’s all yours,” you mumbled and you heard him intake a breath causing you to feel quiet powerful.

But your smirk was wiped away from your face when you felt his lips wrap around your clit. What was once warm pouty lips, were now icy cold from another ice cube. He puckered his lips and sucked on your bundle of nerves causing your hands to fly to his hair, pulling his face closer as what could be identified as a pornographic moan escaped your lips.

His arms wrapped underneath your legs, making your legs drape over his shoulders. He held your hips still and licked up your wet fold. He groaned at your taste and his groan sent delicious vibrations between your legs causing you to arch your back again. “Don’t stop.” You groaned and pulled his hair once more as he slid his tongue in deeper.

The blindfold was still covering your eyes but that didn’t matter, your eyes were closed in pleasure as you moaned and cried out over and over again. Bucky’s tongue was something wicked and you felt the familiar coil form in your stomach as you rolled your hips up to his face.

“I’m gonna cum.” You warned your legs tightening around his head, pulling him closer as you panted. By now, Bucky was eating you out like he hadn’t had anything to drink for seventy years. It had your chasing orgasm nearing closer and your legs began to shake a tell sign as the heat that pooled in your stomach built more.

And then you felt an ice cube dip and brush over you clit and you were done for. You threw your head back into the pillows as your orgasm washed over you fast and hard- taking your breath away and for white spots to dance across your vision.

When you came back to, you could feel Bucky tenderly kissing your inner thigh as his thumb rubbed circles over your hip. “Come back to me, Baby.” He was murmuring quietly and you groaned.

“Bucky.” And then light flooded your vision as the blindfold came off and you saw Bucky looking at you, half of his face glistening with your orgasm as he smirked. The sight was quiet the turn on and you bit your lip, you two were definitely doing this again.

When you wait a little

Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: fingering, handjob

I gasped as his hand slid over the perfect spot. Tom kissed my neck, “it’s okay, I promise.” I nodded as his finger kept moving slowly. My heart beat faster and I held in a sound. Tom kept kissing my neck and down to my breasts. My hands were firmly planted on his shoulders, my fingers digging into his skin.

“Fuck.” I gasped when he brushed perfectly. My center was filled with heat and my brain was fogging. He sped up. His tongue was circling my nipple. My thighs were quaking, threatening to drop me into Tom’s lap.

My fingers grasped at his hair and neck as I panted. My body was on fire and as the feeling between my legs grew. His other hand was gripping my ass and he gently bit my other nipple. I gasped and wrenched Tom’s head away from my chest. He stopped moving his hand and looked at me.

My heart was beating too fast and all I could think about getting the good feeling back.

“Jesus, fuck, Tom,” I whimpered and pulled him into a sloppy kiss. One hand grabbed his forearm and slid down to his hand, “don’t stop,” I whispered.

Tom grinned and gave me a quick kiss and laughed, “of course.” His mouth was on mine in a second, his tongue prodding mine. I squeezed his wrist and his fingers gently pinched my bud. Pleasure shot through my body and I moaned into the kiss. My thighs finally gave out.

Tom parted his legs and wrapped his other arm around my waist to keep me against him.

“Don’t fucking stop,” I moaned. I slumped against him with my forehead on his shoulder as the pleasure increased. My skin was hot and my core was pulsing with desire. My hips were rutting against Tom’s fingers.

My fingers were digging into the skin on his arm and sliding down his chest.

“Damn babygirl,” he whispered hoarsely in my ear, “you look so good all fucked up on top of me.”

I moaned. The pleasure was increasing too fast, I felt like I was going to explode. I couldn’t help the ragged breaths and sounds that came out of my mouth. Soon the only thing leaving my mouth was a string of words sounding like, “don’t stop,” until I bit down on his shoulder.

I was almost there as Tom pulled his fingers away.

“What the fuck??” I groaned, I was up in an instant. He shushed me and gave me a quick kiss. “Feels better when you wait a little,” he said with a wink, brushing my hair out of my face. “For now….” I understood.

I sat up and quickly started undoing his belt. “That’s it…” he whispered and started kissing my neck. He pulled out his cock and my eyes widened a bit. He was bigger than I thought he would be. I spit in my hand and wrapped my hand around him, giving him a gentle tug.

His eyes closed and I could tell he was holding in a sound. I started pumping him slowly while the other ran up and down his chest. I kissed his neck, taking my time to let my nails rake over his skin. I gave him a squeeze and swiped the top of his head. He groaned.

I went to his ear, “you like that?” I whispered, tugging on his earlobe with my teeth. His hips started rocking and I immediately moved onto one of his thighs, dragging myself back and forth. He grabbed my hips pulled me down on his leg, causing my clit to rub deliciously against him.

I let out a choked moan and squeezed his length in response. My other hand moved to his shoulder, digging in hard. “Dammit, Tom,” I whimpered, “ make me cum.” My core ached for his hand again.

He let out a low chuckle and took my hand off his cock. He roughly dragged my hips up his thigh with a smirk. The low sound he made in the back of his throat made me gasp.

Suddenly his fingers were delicately yet quickly rubbing my clit. I gasped loudly at the feeling and my hips were immediately moving in motion with his fingers. He was going so fast my skin was so hot and my body felt like a fire, the hottest part at my core. I was whimpering and gasping curses as I clung desperately to Tom’s chest.

“C’mon baby,” Tom whispered in my ear, “you’re doing so well, fuck baby. You can get there.” The sounds from my throat grew louder and my panting breath was hot against Tom’s neck.

Everything was building and building, the hot pleasure moving through my body until it burst. My hips were moving like crazy against his fingers as wave after wave of pleasure shot through my veins. I bit down on Tom’s shoulder to quiet my borderline pornagraphic moan.

“That’s it baby,” he said as I started to come down from my high, “fuck that was hot, you look so fucking good.” He gave my lips a quick kiss and pulled my legs across his lap so I was situated sideways in his arms.

“You were right,” I said with a gulp of air, “about waiting a bit. Fuck, that felt amazing.”

i want to look at you

Mod Gotham says: Just something I dreamed up after the heartbreak of 03x02…

I want to look at you

Claire’s eyes drifted open only after Jamie finally released, his soft cry warm on her mouth.

His hands framed her face, perched on shaky elbows astride her shoulders. Her fists clenched, scraping blunt fingernails against his buttocks, ankles locked around his trembling legs. Cocooned and safe and deliciously warm beneath the thick quilts Jocasta had so thoughtfully supplied for their first winter in this new cabin – in this new land.

In this new life.

“It’s my favorite sound.” Her lips – exquisitely sensitive – brushed against his as she spoke. “When you let go.”

He pulled back – just enough for their noses to touch – and just stared at her.


Traced the apples of her cheeks with his thumbs. Drunk on her whisky eyes.

“I *did* pledge to give ye my body,” he gasped. The rumble of his voice against her belly – coursing through where they were joined – sparked to her fingertips.

Slowly, gently she drew her right hand up his impossibly soft flank – thumbnail edging against his pelvis, then chest, then shoulder, fingers caressing his scars.

To cup his dear, dear face. Palm rasping the stubble of his cheek. Thumb worrying his swollen lower lip – then he took it into his mouth, teeth nipping at her knuckle.

He glowed in the firelight. Looking like lad of twenty-three who had so gallantly given himself to her in a forgotten Highland inn. And the battered – but never broken – man of forty-seven, face creased with lines of loss and worry and guilt. Capable of great sorrow, and capable of great joy.

Jamie released her thumb with a kiss. “Ye look so bonny. Yer hair – yer eyebrows. Yer face…”

Lips found each other in a long, languid kiss.

“I dreamed of ye like this – *us* like this – so many times…”

“Sshh.” Her thumb closed his lips., hips settling into the feather mattress, bringing him deeper.

Her breath rushed out with a soft cry. His head turned, kissing her palm.

“God help me, Claire – I canna stop looking at ye.”

Her fingers pushed his tears away – and then he bent to kiss her own.

“You…” she stuttered – voice breathy and far away. “You are the stuff of my dreams.”

Now he resumed the rhythm that was burned into their bones. Slow. Giving. Eyes locked on hers – always, *always* on hers.

How her mouth always smiled, before tightening into a perfect O. How her eyes flashed with need – then went glassy with ecstasy.

A log broke in the fire. Autumn wind whistled through the eaves Jamie had hewn with his own hands. A woodpecker drilled on the dead pine tree outside their one window.

Her favorite crease appeared between his brows – furrowed with concentration as he loved her. His lips parted, breath hot against her wrist as she cradled his face in her hand.

And they shared a smile.

For it was a long night – with nothing to do but make up for lost time.


Summary: Tom’s home from work; Reader goes on and on about how much they love him lmaoo :)

Pairing: Reader x Tom Holland (gender neutral) 

Words: 1,261


A/N: hello it’s been 10 years since I’ve posted a fic fjsldkfj and yeah this was unnecessarily cute and dramatic but we’re gonna roll with it, also, this pic?? Cured my anxiety. 

“Hey, sweet girl,” you knelt down, rubbing the spot behind Tessa’s ears, laughing to yourself as she wagged her tail and licked your face. “Where’s your old man? Hmm? Where’s Tom?”

At the sound of his name, her ears perked, and she stared at you for a second before trotting back down the hall, stopping only to make sure you were following.

The apartment had been quiet when you’d walked in just moments ago, but you knew Tom was home. He’d been home for two days already; his filming had finally ended and he was taking some time to see Tessa, and of course, you, before flying home to see his family. But he’d been so tired, so jet-lagged and feeble, so it wasn’t a surprise when you walked into the room and found him laying in bed, his clothes still on, as well as his shoes, from the errands he’d been running all morning.

He was, in fact, sound asleep.

Tessa jumped onto the bed, her steps light as she curled in front of him, plopping down and exhaling a long breath. From the threshold, you watched them: Tom’s steady breathing; Tessa’s wandering eyes. She wasn’t tired, of course, but she would lay there with him for as long as she needed.

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The One After Vegas...

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Sub!Dean, Dom!Reader, use of restraints (for Dean) mention of anal play, mention of spanking (sorta), edging. Pretty much PWP

Word Count: 3152

A/N: This one is written for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess birthday challenge. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES! It also has a Part 1 that was posted earlier today. Thank you goes to @avasmommy224 for betaing this for me. Feedback is appreciated and I hope yall enjoy!! ♥

Dean’s POV

It’s been a month since that night in Vegas and no matter how many women I pick up, no one has compared to her. It seems like just plain old vanilla sex just isn’t enough anymore. Yeah, I get off but it’s just not the same. Then there was the one other time I tried the sub thing with another chick…it got weird, quick.

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love galore ❦ bill skarsgård

prompt: 4. “can i touch you?”

requested by: anonymous

warning(s): this imagine includes sexual themes and explicit language.

word count: 624

“Can I touch you?”

The words that fell from his lips were soft, almost inaudible. You simply nodded, unable to find the words to speak.

You never considered yourself a woman so easily shaken—you were confident, and at times perhaps even a little audacious. Yet here you were, quite literally coming undone beneath a man you had only just met moments before. You knew you shouldn’t have been doing this. It was crazy—maybe even dangerous. Two perfect strangers in the bathroom of some random club, unable to keep their hands off of each other. What were you thinking?

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A/N: I haven’t done a one shot in awhile, so I hope you all enjoy this weekend treat.

We’ve all seen the photo set of Sebastian’s latest workout routine.

This story is about what happens after one of those intense workouts.

It was a little after 5am when I became aware of his movements throughout the bedroom. This has become his routine, which is now my routine. These early morning and break of dawn excursions with his trainer will be his life for the next three months as he continues to build muscle mass for the upcoming marvel film.

He kisses me on the forehead and said something to the effect of us going out for dinner tonight or staying in and he’ll cook dinner, I can’t tell you what he actually said because my body and mind was physically spent after his late night and early morning sexcapades that kept me in a lucid lull for most of the night, while he slept soundly.

During the week I would usually join him at least once or twice at the gym, but it was the freaking weekend and I deserved to sleep in, which was why I didn’t emerge from beneath the covers until about 6:30am. I began my morning routine, which included a twenty minute meditation session, an hour of yoga and a large cup of Earl Grey.

It was a little after 8:15a when my phone vibrated, I didn’t see the message until about 8:30a, as I was wrapping up my morning yoga on the balcony of our apartment. With a large cup of tea in front of me I sat at the kitchen island and looked at my phone that had two new messages from Sebs. I opened the text and an insatiable ache travelled from my apex straight to my inner thighs.

Just finished my workout, it was a hard one
(pun intended) 🍆😚

How hard?

Oh, babe. It was a solid, take no prisoners, can’t catch your breath, sweat pouring from every pore type of workout. Every muscle is throbbing.

I hateeee you. 😐

Lol, c u when I get home.


He doesn’t respond, the bastard left me on read.

I could call him, but I know what game he’s playing and I refused to be ensnared, so instead I finished my tea and went into the living room and started a Spotify playlist that blared loudly throughout the speaker system. I went into the bathroom and turned on the shower, I pulled my shirt over my head and gazed into the mirror.

All of these extra workouts have given him more energy than he knows what to do with, so he expels that energy on my body that is covered in bite marks, black and blue bruises on my inner thighs, rug burns on my knees, a swollen bottom lip from his volcanic kisses, chaffed wrists where his ties have held me securely to the bed post or a furniture and other unexplainable scratches.

I smirked when I thought about the state his back and chest was currently in, both had everything from teeth marks, welts and scratches running from the nape of his neck, across his shoulders down his back and on his backside. These past weeks have been fucking unbelievable, pun intended. We are both surprised that I haven’t gotten pregnant yet because we have been fucking reckless because we are fucking reckless.

Twenty minutes later I emerged from the shower to see him standing there naked with a massive hard on. His eyes are dark and menacing as we both gaze at each other not sure who would move first as the water dripped down my body and pooled around my feet.  A sultry smile spreads crosses his lips as my body began to tremble in anticipation of what is about to come.

He crosses the room in two long strides and didn’t waste another second as he rubs his thumb across my lips. He steps closer to me as his fingers trailed from my lips to my neck. He leans into my ear and the heat from his breath on my neck sunk deep into my pores as he kisses me lightly.

I shuddered.

“Sebastian,” I breathe as he continued to kiss every inch of my neck until I began panting for more.

The hunger I felt earlier when he sent the photo was now ravenous as his tongue darted to my nipples, devouring them with a vengeance; a guttural sound escapes my throat as he peeks up at me, his blue eyes salacious, his need burning and mirroring my own. He steps into me and I stepped back as we did a slow dance that led us back into the shower. He turned the knobs and the water came out full forced, pounding against his back, he spun me around and pinned me to the adjacent wall.

He gets down on his knees.

His head between my thighs was delicious; seeing his hair bobbing between my legs was more than enough to drive me to a well needed orgasm.

“Sebastian.” I cooed as I grabbed his hair as the sensation rippled through my legs, skin, and the core of my existences. I briefly floated into nothingness as I felt the heat of his mouth on my own, his semi-hard cock, now pressed firmly against my stomach. He lifted my leg and hooked it over his arm that supported most of my weight. He squeezed my ass and rubbed his throbbing cock at my opening, my eyes clamped shut as I waited for that moment when his pillar would break through my brimming well.

“Look at me,” he said softly.

My eyes slowly met his and his thrust unbounded the screams in my throat. “Sebastian! Oh, God!” I grabbed a hold of  a patch of thick muscles by his arm as he found his rhythm. The bottom of my belly unhinged itself falling away into the unknown as the orgasm prickled throughout my skin.

“No, not yet.” He hissed, pulling out his member, showing me how it glistened with my essences.

“Put it back in.” I begged.

But he ignored my pleas and stood me on my weakened legs that gave out as soon as he released me. He caught me and we both collapsed on the floor. I shook uncontrollably as my body teeters on the cliff waiting impatiently to be tossed over into bliss. My skin was inflamed and raw to the touch, the slightest sensation would turn my body to ash only to flake away into the oblique void of space.

My eyes welled with tears, “please, Sebastian.” I nearly cried.

He interlocked his fingers with my own over my head as his tongue swirled around my nipples, he blew softly on them and the blood rushed to my ears deafening me, he guides himself within my dripping walls and I squeezed his hands as he filled me to the hilt.

“Yes, that’s it.” He whispered in my ear.

My voices falters, “No, no, stop, please.” I pleaded arching my back as I felt the tension in my body as I ascended to an unknown height only to be dragged out to the darkened sea with each rhythmic thrust. He continues this torturous motions, each ascension bringing me closer to the brink only to have him slow down and then start up again, each thrust pulled me down further into the darken euphoric abyss.

He kisses my neck, “let go.”

“Se-bas-tian.” I moaned into his neck. His thrust became manic as he slammed into me repeatedly. Rapture fused itself with my being and together we cease to exist.

Null and void.

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Girl I need a pole dancing fic asap 💕💕💕

Hmm, I wonder why I suddenly got so many requests for this fic (this isn’t even all of them jeez). Y’all are sinners. Also I’m not sure if I liked how this one turned out, it’s all a bit she did this he did that, but whatever. I hope you enjoy anyway!
Warning: there is sin ahead, honestly blame the buggies. 

“Cheryl, what the hell?” Veronica exclaimed, casting her gaze around the room with a raised eyebrow. The head bitch herself had rallied the Vixens for an emergency practice, surprising them all by turning on her heel and marching into the smaller weights room off the side of the gym. Everything had been cleared out, all equipment long gone, replaced only by an array of shiny silver poles stretching from floor to ceiling.

“I’ve been doing my research and it appears that this is the best way to turn your abs to fabs in time for the end of season pep rally,” Cheryl stated, gesturing matter-of-factly around her. Betty gulped.

“Pole dancing?” she asked, voice shaking with the rising of her nerves, brows pinching together in concern.

“Pole fitness,” Cheryl clarified, striding over to a pile of booty shorts, even shorter than their regular required uniform (and significantly tighter, Betty noted), with matching sports bras. “Suit up, my River Vixens. You’ve got a lot to learn in the way of sex appeal.”

“V, I don’t think I can…” Betty mumbled in panic, eye darting between the poles and the tiny garments resting atop her open palm. Her other hand gripped at Veronica’s arm, itching to curl into itself. Veronica glanced down at it before meeting Betty’s wide stare.

“B, it’s okay!” she reassured, bringing her hands up to rest on Betty’s shoulders as she tilted her mouth in a comforting smile. “We’re only at practice, it’s just like exercise,” she reasoned. Betty’s heart rate didn’t slow any. Veronica sighed, eyes running over the room as she tried to find the right words. “Okay, think of it this way. This is an aid to becoming stronger, right? Mind and body. It’s gonna make you feel confident and powerful. So think of something that already gets you halfway there.” Mischief glinted in her dark irises. “Maybe… when you’re with a certain dark-haired, brooding, Byron wannabe? I bet you know a few ways to help him raise the flag-”

“Veronica!” Betty screeched, tilting her head to watch the open door, cheeks flushing scarlet as she pulled her hand back from the other girl’s arm like she’d been burned. Veronica grinned devilishly, shrugging her delicate shoulders.

“I’m just saying, Betty. Channel some of that ‘in the moment’ confidence.” Her eyes softened. “It’ll help,” she threw over her shoulder as she turned to go and change. Betty took a breath, releasing the tension from her back as she stretched out her fingers. She could do this.


Betty stumbled into the girl’s locker room, muscles she didn’t even know she had aching, red bruises forming between her thighs. Pole, she had quickly learned, was exhausting. Add to that a commanding Cheryl Blossom, on the warpath for perfectly arched backs and streamlined drops, and she wasn’t sure she’d be able to walk for a week.

But Veronica had been right. It did make her feel powerful, in control, even - dare she say it - sexy. It allowed her the kind of freedom she craved when she just let go, without any of the darkness clouded the edges of her vision, pulling her into an unreachable abyss. Betty bit her lip against her smile as she opened her gym locker - she could definitely get used to this feeling. Gripping the cool metal between her fingers, her thighs, back arching as she swung gracefully.

“Want me to wait for you, B?” Veronica asked, coming up behind her. Betty startled at her close voice, ponytail whipping sharply behind her, the dark-haired girl ducking out of the way.

“Wha- Oh, no. I’m supposed to be meeting Jughead to work on the Blue and Gold,” she smiled. Veronica smirked.

“Whatever you say. Enjoy your work,” she said suggestively, flitting out of the locker room with one last coy glance at Betty’s mortified expression. She huffed out a laugh, shaking her head at her friend’s antics as she pulled her clothes out.

The surrounding din quietened down as the last of the Vixens left for the night, leaving Betty alone. She glanced round cautiously, checking there were no prying eyes still, before slipping back into the gym. She couldn’t help herself; she just wanted to lose herself in the sensation for a little bit longer. She stepped gingerly towards the centre pole, clasping it with damp palms. She hooked her right knee around the object, like she’d been taught a few hours before, and pushed her weight off her left foot, propelling herself round.

She caught glimpses of herself in the mirror lining one wall. It didn’t feel like her own reflection staring back at her. She didn’t see pink sweaters and slicked back hair. She saw lean lines, strong muscles, elegant curves. There was a way about her features, her narrowed eyes, her mouth set with firm confidence, that made her blood buzz as she continued to move. She dipped her body, leg coming up in a sharp angle as she let her eyes drift closed for a moment.

“Betty?” Her eyes flew open at the low voice coming from her right. She straightened herself quickly, fingers clutching at the pole as she took in Jughead’s form standing in the doorway. Her cheeks burned.

“Juggie…” she breathed, unable to meet his eyes. “H-how long have you been standing there?” His own cheekbones were already dusted an adorable pink, blue eyes wide. He swallowed around the thickness in his throat, adam’s apple bobbing distinctly.

“Um, not that long, really. Just a while… a f-few minutes, maybe,” he stammered, ashamed of how long he’d stood silently, knowing she hadn’t seen him, while she danced.

He was entranced the moment he’d opened the door. He’d gotten worried, Betty was never usually this late to their meetings, and ventured out find her. He’d heard the music coming from the weights room and curiously pushed open to the door only to find her, twisting her body sensually to the beat now pounding in his ears. Jughead had frozen in place, boots rooted to the spot, unable to look away - not wanting to - even though he knew he was spying. She’d just looked so beautiful he couldn’t help it. His fingers itched with the desire to touch her, a pool of warmth flooding his lower belly and sending sparks southwards. His heart thudded, so loud he was surprised she couldn’t hear it, air getting too hot against his skin.

She appraised him with her usual, wide eyes, snapping back instantly into the Betty he was familiar with. She chewed on her lower lip, fingers playing idly with the elastic on her shorts. She could see the way his pupils had blown wide with lust, with want for her, as he’d been watching. His breath was coming a degree faster than normal, the way it did whenever she’d run her fingers down his chest, her teeth across his collarbone. She was turning him on just by the way she was moving, across the room entirely. The thought simmered beneath her skin, sending a delicious warmth to the apex of her thighs.

Before Betty could stop herself she was moving to grab one of the chairs stacked against the wall, placing it a few feet away from the pole she was previously using. She grabbed Jughead’s hand, his palm reassuring in hers, and dragged him over, pushing on his shoulders to get him to sit. He gazed up at her questioningly, eyebrows knit in confusion. She simply smiled, leaning down to press a lingering kiss to his soft cheek.

“Just watch,” she murmured against his heated skin. He nodded, dumbfound, not quite sure what he was agreeing to but knowing he didn’t want to say no. In the moment confidence, Veronica had said. The fluttering nervousness in her chest was blooming into something new, a need to have Jughead’s eager eyes on her as she danced, wanting him to see her whilst she reached this new high.

Betty took a breath, feeling the beat vibrating up through her legs. Her hand came up to her ponytail, pulling the band out and tossing it away, letting her honey waves free around her shoulders. Jughead shifted in her peripheries, hands coming to rest on his knees, waiting for the performance to begin.

She walked round the pole, each step measured and calculated, one hand running delicately over the metal. Every so often she chanced a glance at Jughead from beneath her lashes, finding his eyes glued to her frame. This dance wasn’t like the others from practice. Betty swung her hips back and forth, sweeping her hair over her shoulders with a flick of her head, adding a whole new layer of sensuality to her steps. She spun, enjoying the slight breeze across her warm skin that the movement caused, pulling her lower lip between her teeth as she arched her neck. Jughead cleared his throat shuffling in his chair as his fingers clutched aimlessly at the denim covering his knees. It was so apparent what she was doing to him, his tongue coming out to wet his suddenly dry lips.

Betty turned to face him, hands clasped above her head as she slowly started to slide her back down the pole, never once taking her darkened eyes from his. She reached the ground, a surge of confidence igniting a fire throughout her body as she caught sight of the prominent bulge between his shifting thighs, parting her knees and spreading her legs in a move that definitely wasn’t a part of Cheryl’s earlier routine.

“Betts…” Her name fell, slightly strangled, from his parted lips. She stood slowly, stalking towards him with a glint in her eye, like a predator seeking its prey. Her hands braced themselves on his shoulders as she swung her leg over his thighs, settling down over his lap. There was a delicious ache forming between her overworked thighs as she fought to keep her eyes from rolling back into her head. Jughead’s eyelids fluttered as they both let out perfectly synchronised moans at the long awaited pressure, but he was determined to take in every second of this moment, of Betty free of restriction before him. She grasped his wrists, placing his desperate hands on the small of her waist. “You have no idea what you do to me,” he whispered, voice hoarse. She giggled, the sound causing his own lips to lift in a smile.

“I think I do,” she muttered, circling her hips purposefully. Jughead groaned, bucking up involuntarily at the sensation. Betty paused, lifting her weight slightly from him. “You have to stay still. This is my show,” she teased, raising a challenging eyebrow. He nodded, not trusting his voice. She dropped herself down again, continuing the torturous roll of her hips, arms locked around his neck.

She swayed gently, her scent completely overwhelming Jughead’s senses. Her firm breasts were at his eye level, heaving slightly before his face. Blue eyes followed the bead of sweat, from her earlier exertion, that rolled down her collarbone and disappeared into the valley of her cleavage, wanting to chase it with his tongue. His fingers crept up her side, cupping the underside of her breast gently. All movement ceased as she threw him a threatening look, shivers rolling down Jughead’s spine, pushing the wandering hand firmly back to her waist. Betty moved her lips to his ear, warm breath making him shudder.

“Having trouble following the rules, Jug?” she whispered, unable to stop the grin from spreading across her face as she felt his fingers flex against her skin, head tilting to allow her more access to his neck. A low groan caught in his chest as she gave a pointed swivel of her hips. He blew out an uneven breath as she trailed her lips down his flushed skin, movements unrelenting now, mouth resting over his pounding pulse point. She latched her lips over the spot and sucked, small mewl vibrating against him as she felt the responding twitch in his pants directly beneath her sensitive core.

Betty pulled back, satisfied with the purple bruise she’d left amongst the fading others already littered across his pale skin. She knew that the uncontrolled grip he had against her delicate flesh would leave lingering fingerprints for her to run her hands over affectionately later, remembering the effect she had on him.

Jughead’s breathing hitched as she dropped her forehead to his, their breaths mixing, panting into each other, as she lay her open mouth over his. Her movements were speeding up, the coil in the pit of Jughead’s stomach tightening as his vision started to blur. Betty bent closer, catching Jughead’s chapped lower lip between her teeth and pulling gently.

It didn’t take much more, every last nerve Jughead had now frayed and oversensitive because of the woman in his lap, heat of her core radiating through his pants. With one last twist of her hips he couldn’t hold back any longer, loud groan tearing itself from his chest, hips bucking upwards, stuttering, as he came, pulsing beneath her.

Betty slowed her movements, revelling in the way he twitched and grunted beneath her as she coaxed him through his release, overly stimulated and exhausted. He finally opened his eyes, fingers coming to cup her cheek, looking up at her in awe. He pulled her down, placing a sweet, gentle kiss to her bitten lips.

“I never knew I could like gym so much,” he joked against her lips, Betty dropping her head to the crook of his neck with an exuberant laugh.

“Or that you’d have a reason to thank Cheryl Blossom,” she murmured with an amused smile, tucking herself closer into his embrace.

Request: Masturbation!Kyungsoo

Hey could you maybe do a smut where kyungsoo and you try a new thing where he watches you masterbate? That would be great!

‘Please?’ You whisper sweetly, clasping your hands together as Kyungsoo swipes his tongue along his lips only to sigh and nod, the male running a hand through his unruly hair. 

'Alright if you really want to. But you know we have to wake up earl-’ He’s cut off by the sight of you flinging your shirt off, your giggle sending wondrous shivers down his nether regions. 

He can’t help it. He could never manage to say no to you, and even though he had to be up early in the morning for work, he couldn’t find any logical reasoning to turn your offer down, one which would have woken any sane human being up from any form of sleepiness or rational thinking; his eyes taking in the way your soft hand trails down your bra clad breasts, dipping down passed the smooth skin of your abdomen before it rests teasingly on the waistband of your pyjama shorts before they delve down the cotton material, his eyes darkening when he can see the clear outline of your hand in your panties. 

It’s when he moves closer to have a better look that you shove down the clothing, using your feet to kick it away. The sound of that low guttural murmur from your boyfriend’s lips would be your undoing, letting out a nervous giggle as you know he’s caught sight of your lack of panties, your bare pussy inviting such dirty thoughts from the young male. He presses his knee into the foot of your bed, using a hand to push your legs apart so he can watch you more, your fingers slipping between your moist folds. You rub them a few times, letting out a soft sigh as your middle finger traces along the slightly swollen flesh before it reaches down to your empty hole, teasing the entrance as your eyes meet Kyungsoo’s darkened irises. He licks his lips once more and that’s when you push your finger through your hole, your eyes trailing down to see the growing tent in his sweatpants.

Your breathy moan reaches his ears but he doesn’t move away, his eyes honed in on the way your pussy sucks your finger in. He can barely see the digit and it only makes him that much more turned on, moving onto his side to lie beside you, his face resting next to your bare hips. When you shiver, it’s because of the way his fingertips trace deep patterns into the soft skin of your thighs, the movement stilling when you pull your finger out, the popping sound of your slick juices and tight hole causing Kyungsoo to close his eyes a moment. 

When he regains some form of composure, he looks back at the pretty sight of you bare, moving his face up a moment to press sweet kisses to the white cups of your bra, before settling back down, this triggering your pleasure as your finger pushes itself back inside of you, your left foot pressing itself against the bedsheets so your knee props up, using this newfound angle to thrust your finger in and out of you at your own pace, spills of moans leaving your lips as you arch up unknowingly, fluttering your eyes closed. Kyungsoo bites down on his lips and fists his hands in order not to touch you, the throbbing between his own legs becoming unbearable at the sight of your delicious cunt.

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Funniest Lines in RWBY

“Are you robbing me?” “Yes!” “Ohhhh”

“Worth every penny, truly you were.”

“I was complete garbage before he took me under his wing, now i’m all like Watcha, hiyaaa!!”

“Oh, we’ll break his legs!”

“Justice will be Swift! Justice will be painful! It will be DELICIOUS!”

“The honor’s in your… court.”

“Did you miss me?! Did you miss me?!” “Nope”

“If you were one of my mine I’d have you shot!” “If I was one of your men I’d shoot myself.”

“They don’t give out medals for almost.” “They do and they’re called silver!”

“What did you do, send in a box top for a prize?” “Yeah, fifty!”

“Your Mom kidnapped me?” “You kidnapped her?!”

Strictly Professional (Final)

Summary: You and Misha discuss the backlash that you received after fans and the media find out about your relationship.

Pairing: Misha x Publicist/PA!Reader

Warnings: minor angst, smutty smut, nsfw gifs below the cut!

Word Count: 

A/N: I am SO SO SORRY it took me so long to get this out! losing motivation is a bitch, fam, I’m telling you. anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this series; I know I did!! <3333

Strictly Professional Series Masterlist

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Misha returned from the bathroom a few minutes later, his face falling when his eyes landed on your crying form.

“Y/N? What happened, what’s wrong?!” he asked, frantic as he rushed over to you. He sat beside you on the couch, wrapping his arm around you and pulling you close.

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My Favourite Christmas Present

A/N: what’s that? Some sexy Reid x reader smutty smut smut?

Yes this is a repost of an old story of mine (one that was actually plagiarised on ao3…lol. And by plagiarised I mean actual chunks of text copy and pasted, not just the basic scenario… Anyway…)

Enjoy! Oh and like and leave replies and shit. Likes, replies and asks are encouragement for me… And may help my new story come along!


“So we’ll see you guys in three days then, yeah?” Morgan had finished loading up the SUV with the rest of the teams bags and addressed you and Spencer as you stood by the door.

“Yep, some time away from you guys is just what I need! Maybe I’ll actually get in a few runs on the slopes without Penny dragging my ass down onto the snow.” You responded lightly, rubbing your still bruised butt.

“Hahaha. Well see if you can get Spencer to join you then. He’s not set foot on the ski’s this whole time we’ve been here.”

“Nope, nope, not gonna happen.” Spencer told his friend.

“Not even the ice rink?”

“Maybe…. MAYBE the ice rink.”

“I’ll see you two crazy kids later. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

“Bye!” You and Spencer waved the rest of the team off, before retreating back into the warmth of the cabin.

The whole team had rented a cabin for some weekend skiing and much needed fun before Christmas. The last couple of cases had hit everyone hard and Rossi had suggested that some team bonding and light relief was in order.

Neither you or Spencer had any family that you were spending Christmas with, his mom was going on a cruise with the other residents in her hospital and your family lived in England. So you’d decided to extend the booking on the cabin, making sure to go on a grocery run yesterday before the team left, making sure you had enough food in to be able to cook a mammoth Christmas feast for the two of you. You were looking forward to it just being the two of you, you got on well with Spencer. You were the closest in age and shared a similar taste in TV shows and movies. Since joining the BAU you’d become fast friends and it would be nice to spend some time away from Dereks teasing.

No matter how many times you told him that there was nothing going on between you and Reid, he wouldn’t let up. You knew it was harmless, but sometimes it did get to you. If you dug deeper, you knew it was because you did kinda have the teeny tiniest crush on Reid which you knew would be in no way reciprocated. How could it be, Spencer was gorgeous, kind, intelligent. He was pretty much perfect in every way, except for the fact that his social graces were sometimes a little off. But anyway, it was just a small crush. Nothing you couldn’t handle.

“I’m heading to the slopes for a bit. You sure I can’t tempt you?” You started to tug on your skiing gear which was still by the door.

“Not a chance… I’m gonna catch up on some more reading, maybe watch some Dr Who. Have fun.”

When you returned two hours later, snow was starting to fall again outside. You were exhausted and cold but you were happy. You stood on the front porch of the little cabin, stamping the snow off your boots, before entering, the heat from the roaring fire that Spencer had lit, hitting you immediately.

“Hey! Did you you have fun?” He look up from his spot on the couch. He was wearing a ridiculous Christmas jumper which Penelope had bought him and his glasses. He looked adorable.

“I did. I’m just gonna hop in the shower, and then maybe we can have some hot chocolate?”

“Sounds good to me.”

You ran upstairs and jumped in the shower, the hot water soothing against you cold, achey muscles. You dressed quickly afterward, pulling on your own tacky sweater which was covered in reindeers before heading down to the small kitchen and making two huge mugs of hot chocolate, pouring a dash of whiskey into each mug.

Walking back into the living area, you set one cup down and then bent to hand Spencer his.

His hand reached out and somehow knocked against yours awkwardly, making you lose your grip on the mug and sending hot chocolate splashing everywhere as the mug clattered to the floor.

“Oh shit shit shit.” Both of your sweaters were covered in the hot sticky liquid and you quickly ripped yours off, seeing Reid do the same.

You ran into the kitchen and dumped some cold water into a bowl, grabbing some kitchen towel. Spencer had taken the worst of the spill and was sitting up on the couch holding his t-shirt away from his skin when you returned. He’d picked up the mug and had used your sweaters to mop up the liquid that had made it on to the floor.

“I’m sooo sorry, Y/N.” He said, looking at you apologetically.

“It’s fine. It’s fine. But…erm… You might wanna take off your t-shirt too. I bought in some cold water in case you were burnt.”

He looked down at his soaked t-shirt and then back up at you where you were standing in your tank top. Hesitating slightly, he tugged his shirt off over his head, removing his glasses too. You crouched down on the floor in front of him, dipping a few sheets of kitchen towel into the cold water and then dabbing them lightly to his chest, where his skin was slightly pinker than normal.

“Does it hurt?” You knew what a bitch burns could be.

“Only a bit. But that’s helping. What about you?”

“My jumper took the worst of it.” You dipped a fresh sheet in, discarding the sodden ones into the pile with the mug and your jumpers. You’d clean them up later.

Pressing the new towel to his tummy, you allowed yourself to look at him. For someone so tall and skinny looking, Spencer was actually quite toned. Not overly muscley like Morgan was, but his body had definition. Not thinking, you ran your hand over his chest, hearing a sharp intake on breath from him. You quickly pulled away.

“Sorry.” You muttered, looking away from his gaze.

“Don’t be. It erm… it felt nice having your hands on me.”

What now?

You looked back to his face, meeting his eyes.

Reaching out with your hand, you tentatively touched his chest again, letting your hand trail over his smooth skin. You shuffled closer on the floor so you were kneeling between his legs, hearing his breathing quicken.

He leant forward, placing his own hand on your arm and stroking the skin softly with his long fingers. The tension in the room as so heavy you would have literally been able to slice through it. You both knew where this was going but you were both waiting for the other person to make the next move.

“Spence….. ” You whispered, wondering if you should state the obvious and just ask him if you could kiss him. You didn’t get chance to. He moved forward, pressing his mouth to yours.

He slipped off the couch so that he was kneeling on the floor next to you, never once breaking his kiss.

Ugh. God, his kiss. One the few times you’d allowed yourself to imagine what it would be like to kiss him, it had never even come close to this. His lips were warm and soft, moving sweetly against yours before he was certain that you weren’t going to pull away, and then becoming more urgent, more passionate. Your hands were still trailing over each other, yours on his chest, his on your arms before slowly moving to your neck and caressing the dip just below your hairline. You moaned softly, that area being particularly sensitive for you.

Your lips parted and you swiped your tongue against his lower lip feeling his mouth open to you, his tongue meeting yours as you deepened the kiss. He tasted of coffee, probably the last drink he’d had. Slipping your hands to his back, you pushed your body against his, the heat of his chest warm through the thin material of your top.

You pulled away to suck in a breath, hearing him whine at the loss of contact. His hands ran down your body to the hem of your top and he looked at you, asking silently for permission to remove it. You nodded, raising your arms for him, and pulling your hair through the neck of your top.

Spencers eyes raked over your torso and you suddenly felt nervous and shy. You crossed your arms over your chest in an attempt to hide yourself.

“Don’t do that….You’re beautiful, Y/N.” He reached for your arms and tugged them down.

“I’m really not Spence.” You whispered.

“You are to me. From the moment I first saw you, I thought you were the most beautiful creature I’d ever met, inside and out.” He raised his hands to your face, gently cupping your chin and tilting it back up to him.


“Really. I just never once in a million years imagined that we’d ever be in this position. This feels like a dream.”

You couldn’t help but giggle and he raised his eyebrows in question.

“I’m sorry Spencer. I’m not laughing at you. Just….. I’ve had a crush on you since we started working together as well. I just never thought you’d like me.”

He chuckled too before commenting “Think about how much time we’ve wasted then.”

“I know right. So let’s not waste anymore.”

Not waiting for a response you pressed your lips back to his and reached around your back to unhook your bra. Sliding it off your arms and onto the floor, you pulled on Spencer, indicating you wanted to lie down. You lay back on the rug in front of the fire, Spencer laying over you and propping himself on his arms, placing them either side of you.

“Are you sure you want to do this? I know we’ve just admitted we like each other but… erm… well we don’t have to do do this today if you don’t want to.”

Ghosting your hand over his chest you told him “I want to. But if you don’t, then we can stop.”

“I want to as well. I’m just trying to be a gentleman here.”

You laughed at him again, pulling him down on top of you, crashing his lips against yours. As you were kissing, he shifted his position, placing his knee directly between your thighs and moving it slightly, rubbing it against you. The friction of his corduroy clad leg against your jean covered centre was delicious and you let out a soft moan.

Releasing your lips he began a slow journey down your neck, kissing along your throat, your shoulder blade, lightly ghosting over the swell of your breasts. Every so often he’d glance up, looking at you from beneath his eyelashes, his hair falling forward over his face. You watched with half closed eyes as he circled your areola with his tongue, the pink flesh pebbled and hard at his touch. He kept his knee between your thighs, slowly rocking it against you, your heavy breathing turning into gasps.

He nipped at your hard nub, flicking it with his tongue before kissing his way down your tummy.

“I can taste where the hot chocolate managed to seep through your top.” He told you, licking across you abdomen, poking his tongue into your belly button and making you squirm.

Moving lower he slid down your body, his knee retracting from your thighs and his hands moving to the buttons of your skinny jeans.

“Is this okay?” He asked cautiously, wanting to give you chance to change your mind.


He undid the buttons and zip and slid his fingers into the waistband, slipping them under the elastic of your panties too. You raised your hips and allowed him to pull them off you, chuckling as he removed your socks afterwards, kissing your ankle bones one by one.

He rested back on his knees appraising you, his hazel eyes even darker that normal and a thick bulge pressing against the front of his trousers.

“Not fair that I’m naked and you’re not, Spencer.” You pouted your bottom lip out.

“I’m not nearly as beautiful naked as you are. Guys look funny, all dangly bits and stuff.”

You grinned at him, knowing exactly what he meant. Pushing yourself upright, you reached for the buttons on his pants, unfastening them and tugging the zip down, seeing a flash of navy blue briefs underneath. Pulling both of the pants and briefs down his hips, you smirked as his erection was released from the confines of his underwear. Glancing upwards, you saw that his face had coloured red.

“Why are you blushing, Reid?” You asked him, pushing your hair back behind your ears.

“Erm… I just… Er…”

You were at eye level with his navel, so you shuffled on the floor so that you could lean forward and kiss his flat stomach. He had a thin snail trail of hair leading down into his pubic region so you followed it down with your lips, stopping when you reach his neatly trimmed groin.

Reaching out with your hand, you gently grasped his length and then lowered your head allowing your lips to slip over his tip.

“Oh god… ”

Swiping your tongue over his head you formed a tight ‘o’ with your mouth, sliding it up and down his shaft taking him as far into your mouth as was comfortable, the slightly salty taste of precum against your tongue.

“Oh fuck…. Oh…” He rasped out, his hands moving to the back of your head and tangling in your hair. You let your hand trail up his thighs and move between his legs, cupping him lightly and stroking the sensitive skin there, feeling a small shudder.

You work on him for a few minutes, his moans so sweet to your ears, his curses which you so rarely heard, doing things to your body.

“Oh fucking hell…. Y/N you need to stop… It’s too good… I’ll…. ”

You dragged your lips up and down him one more time before releasing him from your mouth and leaning back on your hands.

“You’ll what, Spencer?”

“You know what…. ”

“Do I?” You lay back on the rug, lazily trailing a hand down your body and seeing his mouth part as he followed it with his eyes.

“Yes…. You do…..”

“Hmmm.. Maybe.” You let me your hand slip between your legs, Spencers eyes now wide and you ran a finger down your slit, feeling how wet you were.

“Spencer…. Don’t make me do this to myself. ”

He let out a deep groan and quickly shed the rest of his clothing, positioning himself back between your legs and leaning forward two kiss your lips.

“Do I need anything?” He asked.

“I’m on the injection. And I’m clean. But there’s a condom in my purse somewhere if you’re bothered.”

“I’m clean too. So….?”

“Then we’re good to go.”

Raising your legs you hooked them around his waist, his hand disappearing between you as he placed himself at your entrance and then slowly pushed inside.

“Fuuuck.. ”

The same expletive left both of your mouths exactly the same time causing you both to grin at each other.

“Okay?” Spencer eyes searched your face, looking for sign that you weren’t comfortable.


Capturing your lips in another kiss, he began to move against you slowly at first and then quickening his pace as you became accustomed to the shape of each other. You moaned against his mouth, your nails raking up and down his back as he filled you, rocking against your sweet spot as he thrust.

He pulled away and straightened up slightly. “Can you put your legs over my shoulders?”

You could and you did, and when he leant back over, bending you body, the new position sent ripples of pleasure through you.

You slipped your hand between your bodies, needing something extra which he wouldn’t be able to give you as he needed both arms to hold himself up.

“Might if I….?” You asked, knowing that some guys would find it an insult.

“Oh fuck… Not at all… ” His eyes looked down between you and you saw him bite his lip and a low groan escape his throat as you started to rub your throbbing clit. The extra friction was just what you needed and a few minutes later the combination of your fingers and Spencer thrusting inside you, had you gasping in pleasure.

“Oh god… Fucking christ… Spence…. Oh shit…. ” Your eyes closed as you started to tremble, your orgasm surging through you.

You opened your eyes and removed your hand, giving Spencer a shy smile as you realised he’d stilled his movements as he watched you come.

“Carry on…” You urged him.

“Sorry… ” He began his thrusting again, moving faster now he knew you’d finished. Less that two minutes later he had his own eyes scrunched shut and his lips parted as he came inside of you, warm liquid filling you. He collapsed on top of you and buried his face into the crook of your neck, just panting for a few moments as your stroked his hair with your hands.

“Well… I can honestly say I never expected that to happen here. I mean I kinda hoped it would but….. ” Were his first words when he could finally speak.

“Yep… I’m with you there. And erm.. We’ve get two more days here Spencer.” You remained him, feeling him smiling against your neck.

“So we do…. Y/N. I think you might be my favourite Christmas present ever.”

“Ditto Spencer, Ditto.”

Werewolf!Taehyung - A Creature Lurking One-Shot (Implied Smut)

He’s quite the wild one, for a house dog.


You turned your head towards Taehyung, startled by the noise that left his throat. 

Eyes narrowing, you noticed that he was still asleep sat in one of the kitchen chairs. His face was cutely contorted, a pout had formed on his lips as he still dozed into a somewhat active dream state.

Brushing off the noise with a sigh, you returned to your studying as your hand scribbled lines and lines of notes that you had progressively memorized by now.

Just when the room seemed perfectly serene, the peace was ruined once again by the growl that erupted from Taehyung’s sleeping form.

You clicked your tongue curiously and stood up, stretching your chair-bent muscles as you went, so that you could see what your mate’s problem was. Naturally, your heart-rate increased as the instinctual pull flowed between the two of you. Even whilst asleep the pull seemed to cause a reaction between your bodies.

“Tae.” You mumbled timidly at first, not sure whether it was unfair to wake him after all the pack border-patrolling he was doing on a nightly basis.

You weren’t sure whether you were seeing things or were just exhausted from all the studying, but you could have sworn you saw his ear twitch at the call of his name from your lips.

You called out his name again but a little louder than the last attempt, in hopes he would at least snap out of the dream he was in that caused him to be so agitated.

Taking into account that he also had supernatural-hearing, he was in a total deep-sleep where he couldn’t fully hear you through his racing mind. A frown formed on his delicately handsome features so you stroked a hand through his hair in an attempt to comfort him, even though you were unsure what kind of dream he was having.

The fully grown wolf whimpered but pushed his head back into your hand just before his eyes slowly fluttered open.

“Y/N…” His deep, baritone voice sent shivers down your spine. You loved his morning voice, although during mating season - his sleep-laced voice was more like a curse that damned you to stay in your bed with Taehyung for days until he was completely sated.

You chuckled lightly and cupped his cheek with your hand that wasn’t in his hair so he was looking up at you stood next to his sitting form.

“You were making noises in your sleep.” 

Tae forcefully pulled you towards him by your hip and nuzzled his face into your abdomen. “They were happy noises.” He mumbled, gruffly.

You chuckle at his clinginess and what he suggested he was dreaming about, “As if you dream about that stuff”.

Taehyung’s grip on you tightened automatically. “Why wouldn’t I? I am a man…and a wolf.” His eyebrow quirked and he ducked lower to bite your hip softly through the fabric of his shirt you wore. “Put both together…” he shrugged his shoulders and his gaze turned seductive when he looked up to meet yours. He hummed deeply as he slowly rose from his seat. The higher he stood, he planted kisses over your clothed torso and somehow pulled you even closer to him. When he reached his full height and towered over you, his forehead came to rest against your own.

His lips gently scraped against yours but never completely touched. You could feel his warm breathe glide over your face and your body tingled, goosebumps rising on your skin as he breathed rhythmically against you.

“Baby…” he groaned tenderly and his dark gaze dropped to the side of your neck, down to your delectable collarbone. You recognized the glint in his eyes and it only turned you on even more. Your legs wobbled and you felt as if you were running out of oxygen far too quickly.

Your eyes fluttering shut, Taehyung’s larger hands glided up your body as his lips targeted your neck. He nudged your head with his nose to get more access as he inhaled. Tender but lingering kisses were placed against your throat and it felt like the room was spinning when he gently bit down on the delicate skin.

You knew Tae’s reactions like the back of your hand, as did he know yours. His lips would quake when your scent changed, you knew it drove him mad when he noticed you were getting so aroused because of him. That resulted in your scent changing, sweetening to his liking.

He would frown and bite his lip when he noticed you were wearing his shirt and so he would proceed to take it of, more like rip it off.

He would growl when your hands would explore his torso and wind their way underneath his hoodie to feel his hard abdomen and toned stomach.

He would swallow uncontrollably when he wanted to kiss you and his gaze would always flicker down to where he wanted to kiss you right at that moment.

You let out a bashful moan when your werewolf’s hand shamelessly inched their way up your back and flicked the hooks of your bra open. He pulled it away from your body from underneath your shirt. Tae came up from where he was leaving marks on your neck and licked his way into your mouth. Suddenly using his supernatural abilities, he had you pressed against your kitchen counter with your legs wrapped around his hips deliciously. Your lips felt sore from all of Taehyung’s biting and thus you thought you would get your revenge. Though you rarely took control in your countless heated moments, you attempted to dominate the kiss and brought your hands up to weave through his silky-soft strands, holding his head in place for you to lick and bite at his plump lips.

You were caged by Tae’s shoulders but you wanted to be even closer, so close you could feel his body move every time he breathed. Your fingers released Taehyung’s hair and moved down to caress his torso. Fingers getting caught on the zip of his hoodie, you slowly, almost teasingly, pulled it down and felt the searing heat from his skin burn your hands. Just when you thought he would super-speed you both up to your bedroom, an obnoxious knocking sound brought you from your daze.

Taehyung paused and opened his eyes, damp forehead still resting against yours. His head quirked and it seemed like he picked up sounds too far for you to hear. When the sound couldn’t be heard again you both mindlessly smashed your lips back together and roamed each other’s half-exposed bodies. Heavy breathing and small moans were the only thing you could hear in the small kitchen until the knocking sounded again, followed by the irritating voice of Tae’s pack leader.

“Fucking Namjoon.” Tae grumbled against your lips and gave them a few more soothing pecks before letting you down to straighten yourselves up.

You hurriedly attempted to redo the hooks of your bra but when you struggled, Tae had to do it himself.

“Will you guys just open the god damn door?!” Namjoon yelled, clearly frustrated from outside your front door.

“If you want to talk to us fully clothed then give us a damn minute.” Taehyung yelled back and you laughed into his shirt, more or less embarrassed at the situation at hand. In a flash, he had a pair of pants in his hand for you to put on underneath his shirt after he managed to save you and your bra.

“Do they ever rest?” You thought you heard Hoseok outside the front door and it was confirmed when Tae grumbled his displeasure of being interrupted as he answered the door.

“Good afternoon to you too, hyung.” Your sexy werewolf greeted sarcastically as you hid behind the door, red faced but humored by the turn of events.

Namjoon sighed heavily, “You can debauch her later Tae, we have some things we need to take care of.”

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Tone of Voice (Optional Bias x Reader)

You ran your hands through your hair as your right leg bounced in time to your racing heart, your eyes glued, unseeing to the small book in your hands as a deep, melodic voice murmured steadily in the back of your mind. How did you get yourself into this mess? You had just wanted some extra money to pay your monthly car payment and have a little money left over to spend on yourself. This side job had been everything you were looking for: easy, convenient, well paying…but you had gotten way more than you had ever bargained for…


A shiver made its way down your spine as your name dripped smoothly from his lips. You suppressed a deep sigh as your eyes turned toward the source of the voice, slowly as if moving through water.

“What is it, B/N?” you asked as you allowed your eyes to settle on the beautiful specimen next to you. You immediately knew it was a mistake.

Your eyes instantly traveled over his form for the twentieth time since he had walked in the door this afternoon. You weren’t sure what he had been doing or was going to be doing after their weekly lesson today but you found yourself desperately wanting to be a part of it. His tight, black jeans ripped at his knees left little of his deliciously sculpted legs to the imagination as they disappeared into a pair of black combat boots. The black t-shirt covering his torso was a comfortable, loose fit but the way he lounged in his chair stretched the fabric across his well toned abdomen while his arms were covered by a beautiful, shining black leather jacket.

Your gaze found his dark, questioning eyes, partially covered by his messy black hair that was hanging down over his forehead. Those eyes, mysterious and alluring. That hair, luscious and taunting. Those lips, pink and oh so tempting. You physically shook your head in a feeble attempt to break the trace he unknowingly had you in. You weren’t a shallow person, but the man sitting in front of you was everything physical you had ever wanted in the opposite sex and it was highly distracting, as it always was but especially today. Today it was almost unbearable.

“Do you want me to keep going?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowing deeper at your demeanor. Something was different about you today and he had instantly picked up on it.

“Yes, of course,” you replied, shifting your attention back to the small book in your hands, “Um, what page were we on again?” you asked quietly, heat rushing to your face.

You had been too mentally distracted to keep up, though you were supposed to be the one leading the lesson. You wanted to kick yourself, hard. You were more professional than this. A man’s appearance shouldn’t have this much effect on you no matter how ridiculously attractive he was.

You and B/N had been meeting every week for the past three months. You had been searching through the online advertisements on one of the local job search engines when you had stumbled upon an ad requesting an English language coach. The subject spoke passable English but still desired coaching to become more comfortable with the language. The ad simply requested one session a week, three hours a session, and was offering $150 per session. You had checked the address of where the advertiser had requested the meetings to be held and it was only a ten minute drive from your apartment. You had immediately sent your resume in and had received a request for your services a day later. You and B/N met up for your first session a few days later at the address he emailed you.

The first session had mainly consisted of introductions and determining what your plan would be for future sessions. Turned off at the thought of printing off standard worksheets for B/N to work on and you to correct, you decided that the best way to get him more comfortable with the language was to get experience in it. The remainder of the first session had consisted of you asking him about his background and his current goals and interests. He had answered thoroughly and enthusiastically, the only condition being that you had to tell him about yourself as well.

You used the information you gathered from your first session to guide the following lessons. You would send him articles covering topics you had shared interests in with the sole purpose of talking about them the next time you met. You based everything around discussion, making him talk as much as possible. You would talk about everything from words and concepts that he didn’t quite grasp to general discussions of opinions on the subject of the article.

From articles you moved to books, assigning him specific chapters for discussion as well as reading out loud when you were together to work on his diction and word flow. You spent an entire month discussing all of the complex themes of The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. You carefully explained a few of the deeper concepts that B/N had picked up; there was more there but he didn’t fully understand them because of his inability to pick apart the implied illusions. However, you found yourself impressed with his intelligence. Once he knew the right words, his takes on the mature themes of the novel caused even you to pause and reconsider your own perceptions. The few hours that you spent together were quickly becoming the highlight of each of your weeks.

Last week, you had finished your discussion on your latest book and while he was reading wonderfully now, you wanted to work on his word inflection a little bit more so that he didn’t sound so monotone when he was reading. You found a book housing a collection of random poetry that you had discovered in a small bookstore that you had been casually browsing one day and decided that poetry would be what you tackled next. Teaching him to put rhythm into his words would make his diction more captivating to those who listened and entice them to look past his accent and understand what he was trying to say. You had “assigned” him the first twenty poems in the book just to read over and see if he could find some rhythm in the words on his own. You hadn’t really been expecting much this week but you sure as hell hadn’t been expecting this…

When the first poem fell from his lips, you had to close your jaw which you hadn’t realized had dropped open until he had finished and was offering you a quizzical expression. He had always had a nice, deep voice but when he read poetry…sirens were no longer mythical creatures. You would follow that voice anywhere with no questions asked. You had assumed he would need help finding where to apply accents or draw out syllables, but it was perfect. He was a natural, and it had you completely thrown off. His appearance had already been distracting. If you were being honest with yourself, his appearance had been distracting since the day you had met him, but you had always been able to get past his attractive nature to carry out and participate fully in your sessions. Today was a different story, however. The combination of his dangerously sexy exterior with his equally seductive and sensual voice was driving you crazy.

You found your mind drifting to scenes of that provocative voice whispering that very same poetry softly into your ear as you drank a glass of wine together, his arms pulling you tightly against his chest…as you danced slowly, swaying side to side to ambient music in a candle lit room…as that beautiful body moved intimately against yours, his teeth nibbling on the shell of your ear and your fingers digging into the muscular flesh of his back…

“Page 13,” B/N offered, interrupting your highly inappropriate thoughts, his expression taking on one of determination as he stared at the book in front of him.

You looked down at the pages in your hands. You were on page nine…you had spaced out for that long? You internally shook yourself. You seriously needed to pull yourself together. Straightening in your chair, you began to quickly flip through the next few pages while motioning for him to go ahead. You stopped on the page as B/N opened his mouth to begin reading and you took one look at the title and your hand dropped to the edge of your chair. All you could do is hold on for dear life.

“Juke Box Love by Langston Hughes,” B/N began, shifting to lean forward, his face fully concentrating on the words in front of him…

“I could take the Harlem night
And wrap around you,
Take the neon lights and make a crown,
Take the Lenox Avenue busses
Taxis, subways,
And for your love song tone their rumble down.
Take Harlem’s heartbeat,
Make a drumbeat,
Put it on a record, let it whirl,
And while we listen to it play,
Dance with you till day—
Dance with you, my sweet brown Harlem girl.

When B/N finished he took a deep breath and smiled to himself. He had been practicing that one the most. He wanted to show you he had been working hard and that he really appreciated your help but his smile fell when he looked up to see your reaction. Your eyes were shut tightly and your body was highly tensed in your chair. His confidence immediately dropped. You had hated it. Did he get the rhythm wrong? Did he pronounce something incorrectly? You had been abnormally quiet the entire session and it was really bothering him. Was he doing that badly? He really had practiced like you asked. Maybe he just hadn’t practiced enough…

“I’m sorry,” B/N apologized, his tone heavy with disappointment, “What did I say wrong?”

You held your hand out signaling him to give you a second. You mentally counted backwards from ten to get your racing heart to calm. God, how had he been able to do that? He had never even touched you and you were already so close to coming undone just from the sound of his deep, husky voice uttering a few lines of poetry. It flowed over your skin, exciting every nerve it came across, as light as the caress of fingertips.

When you had gotten yourself under some kind of control, you opened your eyes and offered the anxious male across from you a small apologetic smile.

“You didn’t say anything wrong B/N,” she refuted softly but sincerely, “That was perfect. Go ahead and do the last few.”

The smile that dominated his face from your small praise had your heart racing almost as fast as his voice had. It was beautiful and had such an innocent joy behind it. This boy was going to be the death of you…

B/N attacked the next poem with new vigor, elated by your praise. His joy was short lived however as he continued with the next few poems. Your face was turned from him, your lips tight and your eyes concentrating fiercely on the clock on the far wall with your legs tucked tightly underneath you. He mistook your tension for annoyance as he moved through the pieces. You offered him no more verbal praise as he reached the end of each poem but simply motioned him on with your hand. By the time he finished the last piece, he was completely discouraged.

As soon as the last word was out of his mouth, you jumped up from your curled up position in the chair without so much as a look in his direction as you grabbed your wallet and keys and headed for the door. You had to get out of here, get away from him.

“I’ll email you what we’re going to do next week,” you hurriedly explained mid-stride, “I think that’s enough poetry. I’ll come up with something different.”

You grabbed the knob, the metal cool against your burning skin and pulled to open the door when a hand placed over the upper frame prevented the door from opening. You turned and met B/N’s deflated gaze as he slumped against the door frame, blocking your exit. He couldn’t hide his disappointment. You still had another hour left in the agreed session time, not that he had ever really worried about it before since you usually went over. You hadn’t even started a discussion about the poems themselves. He had done that badly and you were fed up with it. He ran his other hand through his dark hair, frustrated, not noticing your eyes dilate slightly at the gesture.

“We don’t have to stop poetry, please,” he implored, his eyes sad and his stature screaming defeat, “I’m so sorry. I’ll practice more. I’ll get it right. I actually really like it. I would like to get it right. Please don’t give up on me. I promise I’ll work harder. I’ll get it.”

You stared back at him silently as you hosted an internal debate inside of your head. He looked so upset. You couldn’t let him leave thinking he had done so badly. You knew he worked hard. You were consistently impressed with him every week. He never let you down and this week was no exception. It wasn’t his fault you couldn’t control yourself, but how did you say this without ruining your professional relationship…

“B/N, you didn’t do anything wrong,” you exclaimed, sighing as you crossed your arms tightly over your chest after setting your keys and wallet onto the small table by the door, “Your poetry was amazing. It was captivating, musical even. It was everything poetry was supposed to be and more. You completely surpassed my expectations, as usual. ”

“Wait, what?” B/N asked, standing up a little straighter at your revelation but now even more confused, “I thought you were annoyed with me or something I had said wrong. You’ve been acting differently today. If it isn’t my speech what is it? Are you okay?”

Were you okay? Ha. That was a very good question that you didn’t even know the answer to…

“No, B/N, your speech is excellent,” you corrected shaking your head and adverting your gaze from him, guilt and renewed heat overtaking you, “I just, I’m just distracted. I’m sorry. You deserve better than this. I promise I will be better next week. You just keep doing what you’ve been doing with studying and pretty soon you aren’t going to need me.”

“What’s distracting you?” he pressed, bending down to try and catch your eye again but you kept your eyes firmly on the ground, “You look upset.”

You ran a hand through your hair as you sighed deeply. Oh this was about to be so bad…

“B/N, I…I just,” you bit your lip as you struggled to find the right words, “Look, I know our relationship is strictly professional and I’m sorry I don’t want to violate your trust. I don’t want to cross a line. I just…You know good and well you’re a very attractive man and normally I can get past that. I mean our other sessions were fine…Today, I just…Your voice…The way you read poetry. God, B/N you were meant to read poetry. Your voice, the things it does to me. You, just you in general are too much for me today. I can’t take much more. I’m going to—”

You clamped your mouth shut as you realized you were saying way more than was necessary.  Your feet shuffled back and forth nervously as you took a deep breath and braved looking up at your employer. You could almost see the thought process happen in his eyes as the dots slowly began to connect. His eyes widened briefly as the implication of your words became clear before they narrowed on your face.

You braced yourself for his furious rebuttal. He was probably going to fire you. Could you blame him?

Instead of responding his hand began to slide slowly down the wooden door frame until it reached the dull golden lock. His gaze took on a new intensity that had your toes curling as he slowly turned the lock, separating you two from the rest of the outside world without breaking your stare. He moved to step towards you and you took a step back, fire surging through your blood.

You moved in sync until you backed into one of the study tables that had been on the opposite side of the room. You couldn’t move but he didn’t stop until he had you pinned tightly between the wood and his body. One of his hands rose to grip your jaw, not painfully but firmly, as the other wrapped around your waist. Without hesitation, he leaned forward to capture your lips in a kiss that took your breath away and would have had you in a puddle on the floor had you not been so tightly pinned to the table and had B/N’s hand wrapped tightly around your waist. Like his poetry, his lips were more than you could have imagined them to be, soft but hungry as they pulled fervently at yours. A quiet moan rose from the back of your throat as his tongue broke through your lips and quickly dominated yours. You lost yourself in the kiss as you desperately gripped each side of his jacket to have something to anchor yourself with.

All too soon, B/N broke the kiss as he pulled back from you slightly but his eyes remained closed as his tongue coated his lips as if savoring your taste. His eyes then slowly opened again to lock yours in another intense stare.

“If my voice has such an effect on you, I desperately want to see what I can do to you without saying another word.” There was no flaw in his English as the statement left his lips and his voice was even huskier as overwhelming desire began to build inside of him.

As if his voice didn’t already have you on the edge, his hand dropped from your waist to grip your ass firmly and pull you roughly forward to lock your pelvises together like two pieces of a sensitive puzzle. A louder moan dripped from your lips as you wrapped you leg around his upper thigh and pressed him even more tightly against you, forcing the pieces closer together, seeking more friction, more of him. God, it wasn’t enough. Nowhere close.

“More,” you quietly but greedily demanded as you rolled your hips into him and slid your hands over and around his abdomen to dig your fingers into the skin covering his back.

   A needy groan escaped his lips as your hips ground over his quickly growing erection, his grip tightening as he bent his head forward to capture the shell of your ear between his teeth.

“Oh yeah,” he breathed harshly into your ear, “That’s enough of me. For the remainder of this session we’re going to focus on that pretty little voice of yours…” 


snlangford  asked:

S&M's reactions to their S/O only wearing an oversized (or the boys') shirt?

Hope you like :)


Ruki: Would think his S/O looks absolutely adorable but wouldn’t tell them so. Would invite them to sit on his lap and read with him for a while, placing a hand on their thigh and slowly moving it higher.

Kou: Can’t help but snap a few pictures and debating on whether to put them up on his Instagram or not. Eventually he gets sidetracked, the delicious amount of leg his S/O is currently flashing is too much to bear.

Yuma: His S/O is practically drowning in all the fabric - it makes them look even smaller than usual! His S/O won’t be leaving their shared room for a while, and when they do it’s with sore, bruised legs covered in bite marks.

Azusa: Thinks you look cute and happily tells you so - but when you try to leave the room it’s a whole other story. Azusa becomes clingier than he’s even been and forbids you from leaving his side in such an outfit.


Subaru: Flustered and stuttering - is that his shirt? Who told you you could have that? But despite his harsh words an clenched fists, he doesn’t really mind as long as you stay in his room and sights.

Ayato: Immediately boasting about how much you must desire him for you to want to wrap yourself in his scent like that. Happily parades you around the mansion with an air of ‘look but don’t touch’.

Laito: You barely get the chance to speak before you’re on the bed and under the lustful green gaze of Laito. Your bare legs look so delicious - surely you weren’t planning to leave for breakfast dressed like this?

Kanato: Since he’s quite small himself, Kanato’s shirt isn’t huge on you but he loves how it makes you smell entirely of him. He lets you wear some of his old shirts occasionally for this reason, and it almost always ends with sex.

Reiji: Doesn’t hesitate to call you improper for wandering about in such a manner, but wonders if he has any old shirts that you could perhaps wear out if you tucked them in and made a few adjustments.

Shu: Loves cuddling you when you’re all soft and in one of his loose shirts - it’s also easy access should he want to slip a sly hand up and touch you.