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How would Cobra and Laxus act around their crush? How would they confess? I just discovered this blog and oh my god my heart is dead bOI

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  • i can’t believe pining! cobra is canon, seriously he totally acts like he doesn’t really care about you, but trust me he does okay; he makes sure you’re 100% safe
  • he doesn’t really see you a lot, but when he does he spends a lot of time with you because he’d rather spend time with the person he cares most about aka you
  • super embarrassed when people ask about his crush or say how he’s making it really obvious oh my god, he gets super blushy and beats the person in the ground
  • okay so he doesn’t really know how to confess and he’s so sure that he doesn’t want to because what if you dont like him?????? then he’s screwed
  • but dont worry, he does and it’s totally a cliche scenario where he helps you on a job and saves your ass before confessing, dont point out how cliche it is though he gets really embarrassed by it

Laxus Dreyar:

  • surprisingly enough he’s actually more soft to his crush and less harsh meaning if you were to do something someone did ten seconds ago instead of yelling he’d just say your an idiot
  • he tries to be really quiet about it and make it like the crush doesn’t exist, but he’s really bad at that and a lot of people know because they just watch him act around you
  • natsu asked about his crush once and laxus beat his ass to the ground okay, laxus gets really embarrassed about it when people ask about it, he can’t help it!
  • has one or two ideas on how to confess, but always checks with the squad to make sure that they make sure it’s also a good idea, if they don’t. he scraps it
  • scraped all his confession ideas and took evergreen’s idea and made it really cute and romantic, but got really embarrassed when you laughed about it saying he didn’t need to put so much effort into it

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