his leg is wrapped around her body

Rattle The Stars


The world was on fire as Rowan reached for Aelin. Lorcan reinforced his grip around him as he tried to climb out from beneath. He needed to get to her. He needed to get to her, his mate. He needed to tell her the words, tell her that she was his mate, that she was his.

“Rowan if you move, you will die,” Lorcan ground out. His wounds were bad. Lacerations up and down his arms and legs and his bleeding wouldn’t stop. But he still reached for her, for his mate.

Connell’s broken body laid limp in front of the throne. Blood ran down his nose and out of his mouth. The life, the wild fierceness, was gone from his onyx eyes. The wolf faught to the end. Maeve’s darkness had wrapped around his neck and Aelin screamed, begged Maeve to let him go. Let him live. But the bitch just smiled and snapped his neck. His Fireheart cried for the loss of a male she didn’t even know, a male who had wanted to be out of the shadows. Aelin moved his hair out of his face, “Thank you, my friend, for being kind to me.”

Aelin looked back up at Maeve. The spider’s red lips were wide and teeth were white as she crooned, “What’s wrong, Aelin? Now you have Rowan all to yourself, now that his children are dead. Well, at least one of them”

He roared from beneath Lorcan. His son- Connell was his son. Fenrys. Where was Fenrys? Where was his son? He gripped the ground, trying to get out from beneath him. His strength was waning.

Maeve turned her black, soulless eyes to him, “All these years, Rowan. Fighting with the Wolves of Doranelle. You should have known. Although, I suppose the loss of their mother was just too much for you to bare,” she smiled, “I broke you too thoroughly.”

Aelin stood up slowly, Connell’s blood coated her arms and tunic, and looked at Maeve. Power radiated off of Aelin as she said, “All of this. To get to me. You bitch.”

“Oh come now, Aelin. Not just you.” She smiled, “The keys too.”

Aelin shot out her arms, fire flicked off her skin and her hair as Maeve was sent back into the wall, blood running down her temple, she laughed, “Are you going to kill me, Aelin Light-Bringer? Are you going to kill your aunt?”

“Where is Fenrys Whitethorn Galathynius? Where is Rowan’s son?” Galathynius. She was recognizing him as her heir. No. She was talking as if she wasn’t walking out of here. He pulled on the thread, his own life force draining as it strengthened the bond.

“Kill me and you will never know.”

Her flames wavered as she looked back at him, waiting for his response. He tried to get out from beneath Lorcan, he looked at Aelin and nodded.

Aelin turned to Maeve, burning off the Spider’s fingers, “Where is Fenrys?”

Maeve’s screams cracked the windows. She panted before she licked her bloody lips, and grinned, “Is that all you got? How pathetic.”

Aelin furrowed her brows, her flames grew brighter and took off Maeve’s wrists and feet, cauterizing the wounds, “Where is the White Wolf of Doranealle?”

Maeve’s screams shattered the glass, she whimpered, “No.”

Fire burned up to her elbows and knees, she gave Maeve a lifeless smile, “Tell me where he is and I’ll make it quick.”

She screamed, her head hung limply, “Tied to my bed. He’s tied to my bed.”

His Fireheart’s flames wrapped around Maeve’s torso and down her throat, “For the pain of thousands of souls, Maeve.”

Maeve screamed, her back arching as Aelin’s fire burned away the rest of her, “For Connell. For Lyria.”

His Fireheart’s voice was flat and dead. She was burning out.

Rowan fought against Lorcan. He gripped the ground, pulling himself to Aelin, to his heart. Lorcan growled, “You’ll burn, Rowan!”

“I will kill you. I will fucking kill you, Lorcan.” He swore against him, again and again. He wouldn’t burn. But his Fireheart would if she didn’t stop, “Let me go to her.”

The demifae’s body was an immovable force. His black eyes were shaded with agony, “She’s gone, Rowan. You can’t save her.” He refused to believe that. He pulled on the bond, pulling his life force into it but it was unraveling too fast.

He clawed at the ground, trying to get out from underneath Lorcan, his voice cracked, “Yes I can!”

He tightened his grip around his throat, keeping him pinned down, his voice cracked, “No, you can’t!”

“You will burn in hell for everything that you have done.” Aelin continued, her arms out in front of her as what remained of Maeve turned to ash and flew out the window.

“Aelin! Stop!” He screamed it over and over. His throat was raw and bleeding.

Maeve’s screams still echoed around him as Aelin dropped to her knees, her fire winking out. Lorcan let him go and he crawled to her. He pulled himself to her.

He pulled on the thread with rage and dispair and he begged. He begged her to stay with him. But her heart was slowing and her fire was fading. Aelin looked at him, her eyes were so bright, as if using the remnants of her fire to keep her there.

He cradled her in his arms, “Don’t go, Fireheart.”

She put her hand on his face. It was cold, she was cold. His Fireheart’s flames were fading away.

“I name Fenrys Whitethorn Galathynius as my heir.”

His voice broke and he sobbed, holding her, his forehead against hers, hugging her to his body, “Stay.”

She gave him a broken smile, “He will have every right to the throne after you have faded.”

He sobbed, “Aelin, Please,”

A tear escaped her eye as she said, “I’m not afraid anymore.”

She hung limply in his body.

His head was light. So very light. He had poured what was left of his lifeforce into the bond and it wasn’t enough.

I’m coming, Fireheart.


Whitethorn hung onto Aelin’s body. His forehead still touched Aelin’s .But he knew. Hellas, himself, confirmed it.

He stood, Whitethorn’s blood soaking him, and left the throne room. His body screamed as he decended the stairs, one by one, making his way to Maeve’s chambers/

The White Wolf was motionless on the bed. His back was in ribbons. But he was alive. If he was alive, there was hope.

He leaned down next to his head. Fenrys’s broken voice whispered, “Lorcan.”

“They are dead.”

Fenrys sobbed, “No.”

“Terressen needs you.”

He moved his head, pain written across his face, “What?” he panted, “What are you talking about.”

“You are his son, Fenrys. You and Connell.”

Fenrys went still and he sobbed. He sobbed for his queen and his friend and for the father he never knew. Lorcan said, “Aelin named you her heir with her last breath. You are her legacy. You are the King of Terressen.”


Fenrys stilled before he pushed himself up and strugged to a sitting position with Lorcan’s help. 

He wouldn’t tarnish their legacy. He would burn bright and wild for his friends, his family. He would have them remembered as heroes of the realm and even the stars and sun would remember them and their glory. Their pain and their light.

His voice cracked from screaming, he looked at Lorcan and said, “Let’s go rattle the stars.”

Every Kiss Has Meaning | Liam Dunbar Imagine

dt: @amylillian22

pairings: liam dunbar x reader

a/n: i really put a lot of work and thought into this so i hope you enjoy :)

a kiss on the forehead - we’re cute together.

The Mccall Pack weekly movie night; Just thinking about it would bring a smile to their faces. Being snuggled up with their closest friends and just spending hours watching movies, Eating food and spending time with the people closest to them. No worries would enter their mind at this time, Supernatural or Not.

There she was, Her head resting against Liams firm shoulder, Her hand pressed against his stomach as his arm was wrapped securely around her shoulder; Keeping her body close to him. They were both snuggled up against each others embrace, Their legs entangled with each other as they both laid under a warm blanket.

Both of them paying most of their attention towards the movie playing on Lydias flat screen, But part of their attention was still towards one another. Y/N would always relax when she felt Liams chest rising and falling at a steady pace under her hand; And Liam would often find comfort when Y/N would occasionally snuggle closer to him and place her head even deeper in the crook of his neck, Inhaling his calming musky scent.

Y/N let out a small chuckle when the movie played a funny scenario, Little dimples appeared on her cheeks when a small smile played on her lips. The sound of her sweet laughter caught Liams attention when he looked down at her, Mesmerised by her small yet bright smile and he swore he never heard a sweeter sound than her laughter. His eyes were filled with adoration at the sight of the one he loved snuggled up in his embrace, Never letting go of his touch.

When she felt his gaze towards her she lifted her head a bit to look at him, Only to find his eyes already on her.

“What?” She asked in a soft chuckle.

“Nothing, You’re just cute when you laugh.” He smiled at the sight of her cheeks heating up into a rosy pink at the sound of his sweet words.

“You’re such a dork.” She laughed quietly as she placed her head back on his shoulder.

“Thanks I love you too.” He joked before placing a soft but sweet kiss against her forehead only to pull away and see her look up at him; A wide smile on her lips and her eyes sparkling with pure adoration towards the boy sitting against her.

a kiss on the hand - i adore you.

The whole pack was gathered up around Scott Mccalls kitchen table, Discussing their latest threat.

While Scott and Stiles were explaining, The rest of the pack seemed all eyes and ears for what they were saying; This included Y/N.

Although she may be human she was still part of the pack, Part of it due to the fact that she was Liams girlfriend and part of it due to the fact that she surprisingly had a lot of knowledge when it comes to the supernatural. But knowing facts about the supernatural and battling against it were two very different things and Y/N still needed to adjust to that.

While Stiles explained about the Dread Doctors Liam glanced down at Y/N who stood right beside him. Her eyes were focused on Stiles and her lips were pulled in a tight line, It would often happen when she would focus on something; Seeing her standing beside him, Listening and focusing on something so important to him; He couldn’t help the small grin that appeared on his lips.

“Any questions?” Scott finally asked, pulling Liams attention back to him and Stiles. The rest of the pack stayed quiet and a few moments later they were all free to go home.

Liam and Y/N made their way out and started walking home, Just the two of them walking hand in hand in the cool air and the dim light shining from the moon and the few streetlights scattered around them.

While they were walking in comfortable silence Y/N noticed Liam sneaking glances at her every once in a while.

“Okay why do you keep looking at me?” She said softly.

“Hm? Oh- Nothing.” He chuckled.

“Come on what is it?”

“It’s just-, I love seeing how strong you are putting up with all of this supernatural stuff for me.” He said looking down at her with loving eyes, His hand holding hers even tighter.

“Liam, I’ll do anything for you. And if it means fighting werewolves and chimeras than that’s what I’ll do. But only if you’re by my side.” She smiled up at him.

“Trust me, I’ll never leave your side. Even if it’s the last thing I’ll do.” He said with a soft smile as he brought her hand up to his lips, Pressing a soft kiss on her knuckles.

If there was one thing Liam never failed at doing was leaving Y/N flustered with her heart fluttering and her cheeks painted pink; But with a smile on her lips.

a kiss on the neck - i want you, now.

She was sitting next to him on his bed; Algebra scattered around them and it seemed as if they were drowning in equations and calculations.

She was wearing one of his grey shirts which was way to big for her size, Explaining why it dropped off of her shoulder; Exposing part of her soft skin. This didn’t bother her but Liam definitely noticed it; And he couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. He loved how focused she was in what she was doing, How she nibbled on her lower lip while she looked through her notes looking for the answer to this problem, He loved how completely beautiful she looked even when she had no makeup on, When she wore his clothes on her, When she let her hair just lay messily on her shoulders; Occasionally it would cover her face so she would tuck some of it behind her ear; He loved when she did that.

When she flipped her hair to one side, Exposing her neck; He almost lost it. He wanted her, He needed her, Now. And just moments later she felt his body move closer to her, She felt his warm breath sneak up against her shoulder sending shudders down her spine and goosebumps against her skin. He started pressing soft kisses against her shoulder slowly moving them up her jawline and onto her neck. He heard her breath hitch when he started pressing kisses under her ear; Against her sweet spot.

“Liam;” She managed to say as she looked down at him, His eyes a darker shade of crystal blue. He just smirked and continued peppering kisses along her neck, The soft kisses become more aggressive and open mouthed as he started nibbling on her soft spot sending shivers down her spine.

“Okay that’s it.” She said smirking as she pushed aside her notes and turned to him, Mashing her lips against his soft smooth ones. Their lips moving in sync with each other as her hands cupped his cheeks pulling him even closer to her, And before she knew it his hands were at her hips pulling her to straddle his hips.

She pulled away slightly to look at him, A smile plastered on her now swollen lips and her heart racing. God the ways this boy affects her.

a kiss on the shoulder - you’re perfect.

She stood there in front of the mirror applying her lipstick, Little did she know Liam was standing aside watching her intensely, Admiring how she put so much focus and effort into it. Once she was done she put the lipstick down on the table and moved to straighten her dress, She smoothed the edges and looked at every aspect of her body, Checking to see if everything was just like she wanted it to be.

She would adjust her dress, And tease her hair, And check her makeup time after time; All of this to make sure that she looked good for him. But no matter how she looked, He always thought she was beautiful, He always thought she was perfect.

He walked over next to her and stood behind her as she smiled once she noticed his presence next to her. He saw through the mirror how her eyes suddenly had a spark in them, He saw how the ends of her lips twisted up into a bright smile; And that would be enough for him to smile brightly himself.

He placed his hands on her waist pulling her body closer to his, earning a small giggle from her. He then placed a small but soft kiss on her exposed shoulder before lifting his head back up to look at her.

“Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?” He whispered in her ear sending shudders down her spine.

“Well you may have mentioned it a couple times.” She chuckled as she wrapped her arms on top of Liams that rested on her waist.

“You are beautiful.” He said softly as she turned her head to look at him.

“You really think so?”

“Absolutely.” He smiled before pressing another soft kiss against her shoulder, The moment his smooth lips met her soft skin he could hear her heart flutter and he felt her skin burning up as the heat rises to her cheeks, Painting them a shade of rosy pink that could make Liams heart flutter every time he saw it.

a kiss on the lips - i love you.

The clock was showing 30 seconds left for the game and Liam was running on the opposite side of Scott, Both of them running towards the goal. Y/N was standing on the bleachers next to Lydia, Her fingers crossed and pressed against her lips as she whispered almost inaudibly a small prayer for Liam.

“Come on Liam you can do this.” She said softly, Liam sneaked a glance at her on the bleachers when he heard her quiet words; With just a seconds glance he felt strength and adrenaline pump though his veins as he signaled for Scott to pass him the ball. He catches it with ease and throws it into the goal, Scoring smoothly the winning point with just two seconds left until the buzzer goes off.

Within seconds the crowd went wild and The whole team practical swallowed Liam, Y/N rushed down the bleachers and on to the field searching for her boyfriend not knowing that Liam never lost sight of her as he made his way through the dozens of people to reach her.

Once he found her she quickly noticed him, A huge smile on her lips as she rushed towards him practically jumping on to him. He caught her with ease as he wrapped his arms around her waist tightly; Her hands placed around his neck as she mashed her lips against his, In an almost bruising force. The kiss was sweet but yet passionate and intimate, For a short moment they forgot all about the game, And the win, And the dozens of people scattered around them; For a short moment they felt as if they were one, As if it was only the two of them in their own world. Only Y/N and Liam, Liam and Y/N.

They both pulled away panting slightly, They could now see each others features up close. Liam saw Y/Ns bright smile, Her small dimples, He saw how clear her eyes looked, How they had that spark of light in them. Y/N saw how Liams hairline was slightly sweaty when the little hairs framing his face were stuck to his forehead, She saw how much light and life his crystal blue eyes held, Just looking into his eyes would bring a smile to her face, As if every time she looked into them she would be mesmerised by the electrifying blue they had in them.

“I’m so proud of you.” She said softly. You could see in Liams eyes how much that short sentence meant to him.

“I couldn’t have done it with out you.” He said as he pulled her closer into his embrace.

I love you Liam.” She said softly against his shoulder.

I love you too.” He said looking down at her before connecting yet again his lips to hers, And just like their other kiss; The moment their lips touched, They were in their own world, They were one.

And there was nothing in this world, Supernatural or not, That could change that.

A little Harry ramble for you all. I woke up yesterday morning and it just fell out of my brain so I had to get the dialogue down. After a little Christmas shopping, it kind of filled itself out and this is what I’ve got. I hope you like it. I might post my Blogmas from yesterday later but I also might not. I hope you like it x

“I love you,” you tell him as you cuddle in to his body, wrapping your arms around his shoulders to pull yourself closer. He’s lying on the sofa, black-rimmed glasses on as he scans the book in his hands.

“Hey, I love yeh too. What’s got you so happy, ‘ey?” The book drops on to his chest and he flicks the glasses up on to his head, pushing his hair back. His hand pulls your leg in between his and goes to rests it on your thigh.

“Can a girl not want to cuddle her man? Your hair looks sexy pushed back.”

He lets out a breathy, toothy giggle. “I like it when you’re happy, kitten.”

“Don’t,” you whine in to his neck, the stubble of his chin hitting your cheek, and look up to him. “Don’t kitten me.”

“Sorry…kitten.” There’s a devilish smirk across his face, laced with seriousness too, and his green eyes stare in to yours, trying to push you in to submission.

“No….” you whine again.

“What yeh wearing under this?” He fiddles with the neck of his jumper that you’re wearing, his finger tracing down the skin of your chest to pull the fabric down and peek at what’s underneath.

“The one you bought me, silly.” A kiss from your lips find its way to his jaw.

“Are yeh matching?”

“Yeah,” you bite your bottom lip.

“Good girls don’t wear this unless they wanna play with daddy, kitten.”

I Was Protecting What’s Mine Part 3 (final)

Originally posted by xiulayallday

Title: I Was Protecting What’s Mine.

Genre: Smut.

Member: D.O.

Word Count: 1261.

Description: It’s hard to control yourself when you finally have your mate in your arms.

The doors slammed shut with a bang, Kyungsoo pulled her towards the bedroom as fast as he could and swung the door open, slamming Y/N into it once it was closed. His hands were desperately rough, pulling her by the back of her knees and wrapping her legs around his waist. Y/N took in a deep breath and her hit tilted back against the door as her body curved to meet Kyungsoo’s.

A moan fell from Kyungsoo’s lips as his head dived to attack her neck and Y/N left a burning trail in the wake of her shaking hands.

“Kyungsoo” Y/N breathed out and Kyungsoo rocked his growing bulge against her hips making Y/N shake in his arms. She kissed him passionately and the feeling of her lips against his made Kyungsoo give up on taking anything slow.

Kyungsoo’s arms wrapped around Y/N’s waist and he raced to the bed where he put her back on the bed in a haste. Y/N blinked and when her eyes came to open again, Kyungsoo was staring down at her with his own dark lust filled eyes. Things moved in a blur for Y/N, she didn’t know when Kyungsoo had finished putting marks all over her neck until she felt his fingers slipping through her folds, making her realise they were both naked with Kyungsoo’s extremely hard erection on her thigh.

Y/N let out a moan, tilting her head back and lifting her hips to match the pace Kyungsoo was thrusting his finger into her with. As a second and third digit entered her soft mewls left Y/N’s lips and Kyungsoo’s breathing became rough, uneven pants leaving him as he watched her shiver in pleasure.

With a sudden courage, Y/N opened her eyes, looking down at Kyungsoo’s problem at that was still rubbing against her. Her hands trailed down and Kyungsoo shivered when her finger grazed his penis. His hips bucked involuntarily and he almost collapsed on her.

Her fingers wrapped around his hard-on and she gave a soft squeeze as her own release came and soft whines left her lips. A low growl rumbled from the back of Kyungsoo’s throat as he took his soaked fingers and put them in his mouth and Y/N watched as he lapped up all her juices coating his fingers.

Slowly, Y/N began moving her hands around Kyungsoo’s hardness. He shivered and his back curved as he pushed himself further into the feeling and his burning skin connected with Y/N’s. Y/N held the back of Kyungsoo’s neck and pulled him closer to her until their lips were meeting in a heated dance.

Kyungsoo pulled away from the kiss and Y/N watched him as his eyes remained squeezed shut tightly and soft growls and whimpers left his lips. Y/N’s thumb flicked over the head of his penis, making his whimpers become louder as Y/N used his glistening pre-cum to help her hand glide up and down his size better.

“That’s enough Y/N” His hand grabbed her hard working one and placed it above her head. Her hand alone had brought him close to an orgasm and he shook as the time he was waiting for finally came. Y/N watched as Kyungsoo reached into his bedside drawer and pulled out a condom, taking it out of the wrapper and slipping into it as quickly as he could.

A moan slipped through Y/N’s lips as Kyungsoo used his hips to enter her with a quick snap. Her hands reached out to hold Kyungsoo, nails digging in and scraping at every part of skin she could reach and his name fell from her lips like a mantra.

“Oh god Kyungsoo” She whined, her back curved until the burning skin of Kyungsoo’s abdominal was flush against her own and Kyungsoo struggled to hold himself up because of all the pleasure he was feeling. Y/N’s walls clenched around him and Kyungsoo knew she was nearing her high, just like he was. She came before him, whimpers and moans leaving her swollen lips as Y/N clung to Kyungsoo for dear life.

Kyungsoo found his release after several more sloppy thrusts and his head hung back as his moans came out mixed with low rumbling growls. But Kyungsoo wasn’t finished with Y/N and she whined as Kyungsoo pulled out, slipping out of the condom and giving her a passionate kiss. Her breath hitched as Kyungsoo’s lips trailed down until he was at her neck, his teeth nipping at the skin, testing how hard he could hard bite without hurting her.

With desperate movements, Kyungsoo began rocking his hips against Y/N’s spurring her desire into returning and Y/N shook at the feeling.

“Are you ready for more, Y/N?” Kyungsoo’s words were airy and Y/N found herself almost letting tears spring as she answered with a vigorous nod of her head.

“Don’t hold back this time Kyungsoo” She begged and the males eyes looked at her in shock, though they turned cunningly dark as he rolled a new condom onto his erection that was rising quickly because of the desperate hands of Y/N’s travelling over his skin.

“As you wish Y/N” Kyungsoo smirked, Y/N had never seen an expression so alluring before and a strong groan left her lips as his hand travelled up her thigh to cup her where she was most sensitive. Her hips automatically rocked against Kyungsoo’s hand, her wet juices spreading on his palm as his smirk darkened.

“You might want to hold onto something, darling” His voice had dropped what sounded like several octaves to Y/N and a shiver ran through her body as her hands automatically found the defined muscles of his shoulders to grip onto.

Kyungsoo lined himself at her entrance again and entered her with his hips jolting forward so harshly it left an echoing slap of skin against skin and a gasp hovering through the air in the room. Kyungsoo used one hand to hold himself up with other entangling his fingers in her hair. His hips drilling to meet Y/N’s at a pace Y/N had never dreamed of experiencing. His rushed movements all went by in quick blurs, his hands rushing from one place to another until his left hand was squeezing Y/N’s breast making her let out a cry of pleasure.

The headboard of the bed crashed against the wall again and again but Kyungsoo didn’t care, there were no neighbours to disturb. Tears of pleasure trailed down Y/N’s cheeks as she clung to Kyungsoo, wrapping her legs around his waist, helping him reach a whole new place within her.

“Ah! You’re still so tight Y/N” The feeling so unexplainable for Kyungsoo, he could only snap his hips back into Y/N’s with a desperate growl leaving his lips before they landed on her skin, biting and leaving marks where ever it was possible. With Y/N’s wrists gripped tightly above her head by Kyungsoo he used all his strength to thrust harder until Y/N’s throat was becoming dry from the loud cries she let out.

“Oh god,” Kyungsoo gasped, his hands desperately clenching onto every part of skin he touched as he finally unfolded before her. Kyungsoo’s rough thrusts slowed down until Y/N let out a desperate cry, her orgasm hitting her as her eyes closed and she saw white.

When Kyungsoo managed to open his eyes, he looked down at the spent girl below him, pulling out and collapsing on the bed beside her before bringing her into his arms again.

“Everyone will know who’s your mate now Y/N, you’re safe with me, I promise you that”

Chris&Eva #9 (Skam)

“I think it’s about time we stop avoiding the obvious.”

Eva had never done drugs, but alcohol mixed with kisses from Christoffer Schistad certainly made her feel  high. One minute his hands were in her hair and the next they were gripping her hips and lifting her onto kitchen counter. She wraps her legs around his waist and tugs him closer so that their bodies are flush against each other. Not close enough, she thinks.

For a while only their heavy breathing filled kitchen, that and occasional curse out of Chris’s mouth.  Then she heard footsteps heading for the kitchen, Eva didn’t get time to push Chris away before Eskild came into the kitchen, looked at them and headed for the fridge. He took out a  carton of juice, poured himself a glass of juice, looking unbothered by just walking in on them making out.

“You know, no matter how much William and Noora loved each other, I never once walked on them making out. But you two… For two people who are not in a relationship, you two seem to be crazy about each other,” Eskild said with a smirk and walked out of kitchen. Eva was 100% sure he was on his way to tell Noora about his, who in return  was going to pester Eva with question about her and Chris as soon as she gets the chance to do so.
Eva was so lost in thought, that she didn’t notice Chris planting a  soft  and slow kiss on her cheek, jaw, neck. She didn’t notice how his hands went from groping her hips and ass to softly caressing her face.

“I think it’s about time we stop avoiding the obvious,” Chris said barely loud enough for Eva to hear. For the first time she didn’t see lust in his eyes, that cocky smile, that she adored and loathed at the same time, was gone. He looked almost…uncertain.
“What do you mean?” She asked. Eva had a feeling she knew where he was going with this, but she didn’t want to push him.’

“Eskild is right,” Chris said averting his eyes to the ground,”I am crazy about you, Eva Kviig Mohn, have been for a while now. I have never admitted it to anyone, not even myself. But Eskild sees it, so I am sure everyone else does too,” his voice was barely  above whisper now and his hands were fiddling with his T-shirt. Eva was little taken back by his words. Never in million years she thought that she would hear “Penetrator” Chris confessing his feelings to anyone, least of all to her. She knew that she should probably say something, but nothing came out. She didn’t want to ruin this moment, she wanted to savour it. She took his face into her hands and made his eyes meet hers, it seemed like it was the first time she had ever looked into them and saw him, saw the real Christoffer Schistad. There was not a hint of his usual bravado, only sincere vulnerability. She wondered if she was the only one who got to see this side of him.
She hoped she was.  


Hello, lovely readers! I know I promised to post a request on New Year’s day, but I felt really uninspired and just wasn’t in a good place mentally. I wasn’t requested to write this, but I really wanted to write something… So, I hope you enjoy this. I don’t know when I am going to write the requested material, but sooner or later I will. 

I hope your New Year’s celebration went well! Cheers to 2017! * lifts a coffee mug*


But That’s “Daddy” To You Pt. 2

A/N: So, due to the success of the first part of ‘But That’s “Daddy” To You’, (212 notes, wtf, that’s insane, thank you!), I’ve decided to post a second part. This one has more… action, let’s say, so to save myself from spiralling downwards after, this will be the second and final part of this plot-line.

Warning(s): Sexual-esque behaviour and/or references

Word count: 1,056

Pairing(s): Joker x Reader / Joker x OC (Original Character)

Part 1

Originally posted by drfink09

          She sat on the large mahogany desk in the middle of the stuffy room, him in between her legs. The tall, pale man she had come to know, as Mister J, sent shivers throughout her body with his lips as she had her neck extended back to allow him access whilst she ran her fingers through his vibrantly coloured hair that used to be neat and intact.

She had him wrapped around her pinky before she pulled out his weapon of choice, hidden in his shoulder handgun holster, pressing it to his, seemingly growing, crotch.

Feeling the pressure, the man pulled away almost immediately whilst she sat and smirked mercilessly with her legs still open.

“What’s wrong, darling? We were having fun,” she pouts playfully. He doesn’t reply, looking like he could be in fear of her pulling the trigger, what else can a guy do when he has a woman holding a gun to his dick?, “Now, either you tell me what you want me for or you’re going to be in a… sticky situation” a giggle erupts from her rouge-stained lips quietly.

“Oh, I like you,” he growls, stunning her slightly, “I’ve heard about the ‘business’ you run, and, if I must say, was quite impressed”

She flicks her eyes from his to his crotch, urging him to explain, or she would shoot.

He chuckles, “You see, I was just excited about the possibility to work with a woman as intriguing as you,” he licked his lips, them still looking more red than usual from the intense make-out they both shared not even 5 minutes ago.

His sweet-talking seemed to leave an impression on her at first, she always loved a good compliment about her work, but quickly snapped back to her professionalism.

“What are you proposing?” she adds a slight more pressure to his most prized possessions, hearing a guttural grunt in return.

“If you work with me, you get 20% of all profits made,” he suggested, “along with me at the end of the day,” intending to sway her by offering himself to her, but little did he know, she didn’t always appreciate flirting.

She smiles falsely, signalling with her finger, her sharp nails painted red, for him to lean into her.

He approaches, although without moving the lower half of his body, until she whispers in his ear, “If you want this to work, and if you want me, you need to understand one thing about me,” she raised the pistol to the left of his head, shooting a bullet into the wall behind the man standing in front of her, narrowly missing his ear, “Don’t try anything with me unless I instigate it or I tell you to. Do you understand?… Daddy?”

The use of the new nickname rolling off her tongue and the shock of the bullet sounding, still ringing in his ear, made him only capable of a hesitant nod before he leant back and stood rigid, adjusting his lower area. She assumed for a sense of comfort and safety as she saw his confidence grow back when he relaxed and fixed his own hair, putting each green strand that had fallen back into its place before he stalked around her, purring, sitting back into his leather chair and staring up at her.

She could already tell that he was a man of many talents, some of them including dangerous antics, but in a fascination kind of way, she wanted to get to know him more. She wanted to see what he was really like as a person, to experience first-hand why he insisted on her, and probably many others before, calling him “daddy” of all names. He gave off an aura about him that screamed, “dominant”, “unpredictable”, even “possessive”, but that excited her, more than anything else, anyone else.

Letting the weapon drop onto the floor, she jumped off of the furniture she had been sitting on, almost giddily, as she swung her hips whilst walking towards to door.

“Oh, and also,” she stopped and turned around, looking at the slightly uncomfortable gentleman as he shifted in his seat to try and find a position that would accommodate his problem, “Make it 40% and you’ve got a deal.”

A kiss was blew in his direction before the door was slammed shut, leaving the disheveled man sitting in the middle of the room to recollect his thoughts.

          Slipping into her favourite silk nightgown, she sat on her bed before slowly sinking into the comfort of the mattress as she laid back. Sighing deeply, she closed her eyes, reminiscing the events of the night in her head.

She didn’t know how to feel about the enticing, successful and good-looking businessman she encountered this evening.

On one hand, she felt intrigued of what he had to offer, yet on the other, she always preferred to work alone. She never worked well with others, let alone an attractive male that mutually seemed to take a keen interest in her.

There was something about the peculiar way he presented himself that attracted her to him. The slicked back green hair that you could see from a mile away. The plump red lips that you want to kiss every time you see them. The open-buttoned shirt where you could so obviously see his nearly pure white skin and black tattoos which contrasted so beautifully. The way he talked that sent shivers from your head to your heels that could happen just by him saying one word.

A cold breeze rushed through the bedroom, interrupting her thoughts about him, before she opened her eyes and sat her slim frame on the edge of the bed. Noticing the window cracked open slightly, that she didn’t see before, her white, translucent curtains blowing inwards, she stood up slowly and tread lightly towards the windowsill.

A small, blood-red rose caught her attention on the bedside table, a note addressed to herself lying on top.

Cautiously, she picked up the flower and smelt it. A sweet scent wafted through her nose before she smiled lightly, placing it back down. She then grasped the envelope and opened it, a letter folded inside.

‘I hope you like roses, Princess.

Be prepared to see one everyday by your bedside until we meet again.


P.S. But that’s “daddy” to you, doll’

In the Storm

Day 1: naked cuddles (Gina & Kaidan)

The steady drum of rain on the roof and the furious howl of wind wake Gina in the early hours of the morning, pulling her from a sleep filled with half-forgotten threats and long dead friends. She lies in the darkness of her bedroom, watching lightning streak across the sky through the windows, listening to the distant rumble of thunder as the storm marches closer. There is a chill to the air, but cocooned in the warmth of her bed and wrapped securely in Kaidan’s arms beneath the duvet, she is immune to nature’s wrath as it beats futile hands against their house.

He stirs against her as he wakes, long legs stretching and tangling with hers, his arms tightening around her waist with a possessive coil of muscles that sets her heart fluttering. His naked skin is warm against her own, his biotics running almost feverishly hot, and Gina pushes back against him, burrowing against his chest and basking in the heat of his body like a lizard in the sun.

Kaidan’s hands are soothing as they ghost down her back and along the curve of her hip, curls of biotic blue drifting from his fingertips to dance over her pale while skin. She fits against him perfectly, their bodies coming together like two pieces of a puzzle; arms wrapped so tightly around each other that it becomes impossible to tell where her body ends and his begins. 

“I’ve got you,” he breathes the words into her ear, his voice husky and familiar. “I’ve got you.” 

And he does have her, she realises as the storm passes over; he always did.

The Honey House, Chapter 21


Originally posted by heartfulloffandoms

Negan rolled over in the bed, his voice thick with sleep as he mumbled “wrap me up in those long legs baby doll.”

Rae pressed herself against the warmth of him, happy to oblige as he eased her leg around his waist and her cheek found a home on his shoulder. She liked being the big spoon, squeezing Negan tight and hiding under the covers as a new day crept into the room. It was the morning after the night before and it felt good, better than she’d expected.

She brushed her fingertips through the soft hair of his chest, letting her breathing fall in sync with the rise and fall of Negan’s body. It was like any lazy Sunday with a new boyfriend, the only thing missing was breakfast in bed and a broadsheet she could pretend to be interested in while the radio hummed in the background.

“You hungry baby?” he said, as if reading her mind but more likely hearing the gurgling of her stomach. Last night Negan’s body had seemed to satisfy her every craving, this morning she needed fuel for that fire that had burned for him.

“Starving,” her teeth grazed his shoulder like she might eat him up and he moaned happily at the attention before rolling over to face her.

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bawson reunion sex fic

So, in the fluff fic I posted I said they had reunion sex and then I got inspired and thought it would be hilarious if I posted an angst fic, a fluff fic, and a smut fic all in one day. Hope that’s okay… ;)

Originally posted by merlinss

He thinks a cereal box must have fallen off the counter because he feels the small pops of rice crispies under his feet as he digs his fingers more firmly into the skin of her thighs. Her legs are wrapped around his waist, she lost her top and bra at some point and his shirt is open but still on, her hot hands run up and down his chest making him pant.

Ginny lets out a choked gasp when he thrusts forward into her body and he delights in how she grinds back into him, her nails scratching at his sides. Her head tips back a little and he sees her fight for air; he’d kissed her breathless the minute she’d got home. 

She’d been travelling for a string of away games and Mike hadn’t seen her in almost a week. He wasn’t even slightly ashamed to say he’d missed her terribly. When she’d walked in the door, home a few hours earlier than he’d been expecting, his heart had felt so full that he’d barely muttered a greeting before he’d wrapped himself around her like she’d just come back from war.

Mike had been stupidly restless without her, her trip the longest they’d been apart since they got together and he’d feel ridiculous if he wasn’t so in love. Besides, judging by how ferociously she’d attacked him back, he doesn’t think he was alone in his suffering. 

They’d still talked every day, even had some pretty hot phone sex on her third night away but it had just made him miss her more. Ginny was gloriously cuddly after sex, as was he, and when they’d finished his arms almost ached with a need to hold her. He’d fallen asleep to the sound of her voice which was a good, but not nearly satisfying, alternative.

This though, this is what he’d wanted: Ginny’s body flush against his, her little whimpers and moans up close, her eyes and her mouth and her back, her everything. His hands migrate from her thighs up her body to grip her breasts. She leans back more, offering herself to him freely and gratitude surges through him swiftly. He grips her tighter in response and she shudders wonderfully in his arms.

His lips kiss a trail from her neck down to her chest and he laves attention on her nipples, knowing it will make her grow impatient and twitchy. Mike loves when she gets like this, desperate and pleading for him, it fuels his while simultaneously being the greatest gift he’s ever received. It’s overwhelming and precious and perfect.

Her hands come up to to grip his hair tightly and Ginny pushes him more firmly into her breasts, telling him without words what she wants and he obliges happily. He bites lightly at first, then more firmly, at her left nipple before running a soothing tongue lovingly over her skin. She moans loudly as he switches to the right and repeats the same treatment. Mike smirks before blowing a soft, cool stream of air over her breasts and she shivers happily.

All of a sudden, her legs drop from his waist and he’s being pushed away from her body. She hops of the counter and quickly divests herself of the rest of her clothing, he sheds his shirt and pants frantically, already missing the feeling of her skin.

He’s about to suggest they go upstairs when she pulls his body back into hers, kissing him soundly, and he’s not going anywhere she doesn’t lead him. Mike turns her around and gives her perfect ass a playful slap; she gasps and looks over her shoulder at him, a stunning smile graces her features and he just can’t wait anymore.

When he finally, finally, pushes into her, it’s like the whole world quiets, he’s warm and comfortable and exactly where he’s supposed to be. They are both so keyed up from being apart for so long they move against each other desperately, the kitchen filling with the sounds of their love making, choked gasps and loud moans echoing off the walls. It’s like music to his ears.

He’s so close, can feel it tingling at the base of his spine, so he reaches around and rubs at her bundle of nerves loving the desperate groan that spills out of her as she nears her peak. She comes quickly and loudly, clutching him deliciously and making his eyes cross. He follows a short time after, feeling free and floaty as he rests his weight on her body, planting small kisses wherever he can reach.

“I want to fall asleep with you right here but the floor would be hell on my back,” he says into her skin, “plus there’s cereal everywhere.”

She lets out a breathless laugh and slowly straightens herself, he moves with her, both of them lethargic and slow, nearly glowing with contentedness. He squeezes her hips once before turning her body so she’s facing him and kisses her, gently and lovingly, so very happy to have her back in his arms. They leave their clothes and the mess and wander upstairs lazily, speaking in whispered tones, completely absorbed in each other.

Interrupted - (MATURE)

Leaving hard but passionate kisses all the way down your neck, Justin thrusted his hips forwards, slow but deep each time, causing moans to escape from your mouth at each movement. Your legs wrapped around his hips, locking that position. You guys had been desperate and craving each other all day, but since Pattie had been round, you couldn’t satisfy each other until now. And as much as you loved Pattie, you had to make the excuse of running out of bread for her to leave the house for at least an hour or so, your body had never ached for Justin this much.

“Baby” You whimpered as you squinted your eyes shut, softy scratching Justin’s sweating back with your nails, knowing he wouldn’t mind. “D-Don’t stop…”

“Fuck” He groaned, cursing in a low voice next to your ear, turning you on even more, almost sending you off edge.

Keeping his lips locked to your neck, Justin twirled his tongue over your soft skin, sucking on your collarbones; he knew it was your sweet spot. He was sure to leave hickeys this time. You bit against your bottom lip, feeling the pleasure of Justin inside of you. He knew exactly what he was doing and you loved every second of it. Already wanting more of him, you gripped your fingers around Justin’s wrist and directed his hand from your breast towards your clit, before he began to massage in circular motions with his thumb.

“Holy shit baby, you’re so wet” He murmured, making your body feel like fire, you were so close. “You already want more?” He smirked before attaching his lips back to your lower neck again.

“Mhm, keep going” You begged as you let out more loud and feminine moans, the louder the better right? You were home alone so what would it matter? At least that’s what you thought.

Moaning in sync with each other, Justin began to pick up his pace, pounding into you now, faster and faster with each thrust. You had been thinking about this all day, he was all you wanted. Cupping your breast with one of his hands and squeezing gently, Justin used his other to give you even more pleasure, still rubbing on your throbbing clit.

“Is daddy fucking you good?” He groaned, moaning in a low tone to himself, practically right next to your ear again, turning you on even more than you thought could be possible.

“Y-Yes” You mumbled, struggling to breath at a steady pace “I’m so close, fuck, Justin keep-“

Removing your hands from Justin’s muscular back, you clenched your fists around the white covers as you bucked your hips and threw your head back, cursing out loud. You squinted your eyes closed and felt the pleasure just about rush through your body before Justin was quick to climb off of you, causing you to shoot your eyes wide open.

“Shit” He looked at you almost horrified, making you turn your head to the door, seeing Pattie with two grocery bags in her hands, eyebrows raised, lost for words. “Mom we weren’t- I mean we were- I, we.. we didn’t think you were-“

Immediately covering your body under layers of the sheets, you felt your cheeks turn bright red from embarrassment, causing you to hide your face with your two hands. You couldn’t say a single word nor did you want to ever again.

“Uh..” Pattie started, still lost for words, you wouldn’t blame her for it either.

Watching as Justin scrambled through piles of clothes to find his jeans or his boxers, even a towel, just anything to cover up, you sighed with relief as he found some Calvin Klein boxers. He slipped them on quickly before plopping back onto the bed. Although he must have knew that Pattie wasn’t going to be mad or take this seriously, he still looked nervous and ran his fingers through his hair. He always seems to do that when he’s nervous.

“Well… I’ll be downstairs guys” She mentioned, holding in either a smile or laughter by sealing her lips together as she closed the door, walking out. “Oh and make sure you guys are being safe” She added, with laughter in her voice this time.

Just So You Know

Originally posted by sweetpea9873

Pairing: SamxReader, Deanxfriend!reader
Word count: 857
Warnings: None
Author: Brittiny
Request: Anonymous. Hi! Okay so I’ve never requested anything before, and I hope yours are open. I was listening to Just so you know by Jesse mccartney (dont judge lmao) but it gave me an idea for a fic. The reader is dating one of the brothers, but the other one secretly has feelings for her. Maybe one of you guys could write something based off it? 

Dean watched as Sam wrapped his arms around you, your back to his chest. He lifted you up, making you laugh. You and Sam were washing your car, but that had been forgotten for a water fight. Your pink tank top stuck to your body, your denim shorts showing of your well toned legs. Once Sam put you down, you ran for the hose, turning it on the tall hunter. He could just hear your laughter from where he was standing. His heart broke.

He knew that he shouldn’t be in love with his brother’s girlfriend. He knew that he shouldn’t look at you the way that he did. He couldn’t help it, though. He’d tried to push it down, to ignore it. Then you’d walk into a room, smiling. Your smile could light up any room. Your eyes sparkled when you laughed, a sound that was like music to his ears. You were the most beautiful woman he had ever met- inside and out.

Sighing, he turned and walked away. He needed a distraction. Dean walked through the front door of the bunker, letting it slam shut behind him. Maybe he’d be lucky and he’d find a hunt. Or he’d go to the bar. Anything to see everything that made him love you more.

As he was walking out of his room, shoving his wallet in his back pocket, you were walking out of the bathroom. Your wet hair hung around your face in messy waves. Your towel was all that hid you from his view. Hearing his foot steps, you smiled at him. “Headed out?” You asked.

He licked his lips. “Yeah, gonna go to the bar.” He shrugged. It wasn’t like it was out of character for him.

“Can we come?” You asked, hopeful. “I mean, we can meet you there. You’re all ready to go. We can get ready and meet you there?”

His heart clenched. He wanted to say no. He wanted to be away from you. “Yeah, sure. I can wait. Might as well carpool.” He smiled at you.

You pecked his cheek. “Thanks, Dean. I’ll try to be quick!” You hurried down the hall to the room that you shared with Sam. He sighed, running his hand over his face before making his way to the living room. Kicking his feet up, he put his arms on the back of the couch and let his head fall back.

Twenty minutes later you found him and chuckled. “Dean?” You weren’t sure if he was sleeping. When he opened his eyes to look at you, he swallowed. You were wearing a pair of skin tight, low rise jeans, your black v-neck shirt ending just at your belly button, showing the small piece of jewelry. You’d left your hair down, and did very little in terms of make up. “Ready to go?” You asked, turning your head as you heard Sam walk up behind you.

“Uh, yeah.” He shook his head, snapping himself out of it. It took all his strength not to groan when you turned to walk out. He hoped to God that he met someone tonight.

At the bar, he watched you from the table the three of you had found. You were getting more shots, and laughing with the bartender. He knew that Sam wouldn’t care, you were a friendly person. He trusted you more than everyone except maybe Dean. He watched as you downed a shot, thanking the bartender before moving back to the table. You handed the boys their shots and took your own. “He was nice.” You smiled, licking your perfect lips. “He’s working two jobs to help his mom.” You explained. He never understood how you got people to just spill their life to you. People just…saw the good in you.

“Did he say why?” Sam asked once he had downed his shot.

“Yeah, after his dad died, she got really depressed. And then her health declined. She just wasn’t herself anymore. So, he moved back home, and took over the breadwinner part. He said he gets his ten year old on the weekends, so his mom has been improving.” You shrugged.

Dean blinked. “You were over there like…five minutes, and he just told you all that?” He asked.

You chuckled. “I asked him how he was, and how his night was going. He said he was a bit tired, because he works two jobs. I asked why, and he explained.” He nodded, still amazed. Hearing one of your favorite songs come on, you grabbed Sam’s hand. “Come on, babe!” You giggled, pulling him to the dance floor. You moved your hips, Sam’s hands gripping them. Dean tried not to stare as your ass rubbed against his brother, or how his brother kissed your neck, making your eyes clothes.

He got up and walked over to the bar, ordering another shot. A woman across the way caught his eye. She looked a lot like you. Downing his shot, he made his way to her. He had to get you out of his system. If a look alike was the way to go, he’d do it.

She sleeps all day,
dreams of you in both worlds, 
tills the blood in and out of uterus,
wakes up smelling of zinc.

Grief sedated by orgasm,
orgasm heightened by grief. 

God was in the room
when the man said to the woman
I love you so
much wrap your legs around
me pull me in pull me in pull
me in pullme in pull mein 

Sometimes when he had her
nipple in his mouth she’d whisper 
this too is a form of worship. 

It smelt like flowers the last time she
buried the friend with the kind eyes. 
The last time she buried her face
into his mattress, frangipani.

Her hips grind, 
pestle and mortar,
cinnamon and cloves. 
Whenever he pulls out: 

—  Grief Has Its Blue Hands in Her Hair by Warsan Shire
Morning After: Sodapop imagine

The sun rays crept into the room as the chilled morning air surrounded the both. But nothing seemed to disturb their blissful sleep. The blanket was tightly wrapped around the bundle as they were locked with each other, almost like puzzle pieces.  

Sodapop had his arms wrapped around the small framed female as if his life depended on it. Holding her was almost like a security blanket she was really there. Just as his arms were around her, she has hers over his.

The bodies were pressed together in the small bed. Her back pressed against this chest as her legs clamped over one of his. Soda had his face buried on her face, his breath tingling her neck.

Sodapop slowly found himself waking up with the mentioned of the sinful night they shared before. He smiled down at (Y/n) as she still slept in his arms. It was their first time and Sodapop couldn’t help but have his heart racing.

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REID X READER – written for a prompt in which Spencer gets a call from the BAU interrupting his alone time with the reader, but he almost forgets his phone and has to come back into the bedroom.

Author: @thebeautifultimesofladybrooklynn


“Mm, I missed you,” (y/n) hummed as her boyfriend placed one delicate kiss after another onto her lips.

“I missed you, too,” Spencer agreed, continuing his pattern of soft, longing kisses across her jaw.

Wrapping her arms around his neck as they laid on their bed, (y/n) closed her eyes as her legs began to bend, allowing Spencer to move his body between them when he rolled on top of her.

“Needed you,” she breathed as his lips brushed against her neck. Their tender wetness sent shivers down her spine.

“You have me,” Spencer whispered against her skin. His hand rushing down her side and moving under her shirt, “You have me all night.”

Her back arched slightly when he began to push her shirt upward, his fingertips caressing her skin as his hands moved along her body. Leaning up, she allowed him to pull it over her head, his hand darting for her back and unclasping her bra before he laid her back down.

Crashing his lips against hers once more, Spencer’s mouth grew needy and hungry as he took her breast into his hand and massaged it with his elegantly long digits.

“Spencer,” (y/n) almost whined as he leaned back on his heels causing their lips to separate.

His fingers moved to his tie, and they quickly unknotted it as (y/n) began to tug on the buttons of his shirt. Throwing his tie as leaned back over her, (y/n) pushed the fabric from his shoulders, taking his lips into hers and dragging her teeth lightly over the bottom one.

“Fuck,” Spencer whispered, moving his lips down her neck and across her collarbone.

Stopping on her chest, Spencer sucked the rising peak of one of (y/n)’s breast into his pouty lips, flicking his tongue against its bud, as his hands forced the button of her jeans open.

Her hands rushed into his curls, wrapping her fingers around the smooth tendrils as his tongue moved to massage her other breast.

His lips moved down her body, stopping at her hip and licking it playfully as he pulled her jeans away from her body. His tongue remained on her skin as he dragged it lower, his fingers wrapping around her panties and removing them agonizingly slow.

Rushing his tongue along her dampened slit, Spencer spoke softly, “Can’t remember the last time I got to take my time with you,” as he pushed his tongue against her clit and flicked it slowly once, then twice.

“You taste so good, (y/n),” his eyes never left her core as he brought his fingers to her aperture and began to sink one deep inside of her.

“Ah,” she wailed gently, her body trembling under his touch, “Spencer!”

Sinking a second finger into her, Spencer brought his lips back to (y/n)’s clit and licked it ravenously, stopping only to draw it into his lips and suck on it as his fingers rushed in and out of her.

Tugging on his curls, (y/n) moaned and shifted against his mouth, riding his tongue as her hips bucked against him.

Feeling his throbbing cock grow harder and harder with each breath that passed (y/n)’s lips, Spencer’s free hand rushed to his pants and quickly released himself from them, kicking them off as his tongue continued working (y/n)’s core.

“Spencer, I’m gonna–” she started before her climax took control of her body and forced a heated, scream-like moan from her lips.

Lapping up every bit of it, Spencer groaned as she came, crawling up the bed when she finished and placing the tip of his length at her opening.

Taking her lips into his, Spencer’s parted as he shoved his anatomy deep within hers causing him to moan against her mouth.

“Oh, fuck, (y/n),” he growled as hips pivoted furiously against hers, “Needed this… So long… Ah… Needed you… Fuck!”

Dragging her nails along his back, (y/n) pressed her lips against his, biting his lower lip roughly as he fucked her.

“Oh, Spencer,” she gritted her teeth at the pleasurable force he used to plummet in and out of her. “Fuck… Don’t stop… Ah… Just–”

Her words were interrupted by the ear-piercing sound of Spencer’s phone ringing– the tone all too familiar. Stopping his hips, Spencer’s chest heaved as he eyed it, (y/n)’s glare focused on it vibrating across the nightstand.

“Awh, no,” she whined as she stared at it with pleading disbelief in her eyes, “No, you just got back,” she looked up at him.

“I’m sorry,” he panted, his eyes apologetic as he released himself from her, stretching across the bed to reach his phone.

“Yeah,” he said breathily into the phone before swallowing harshly.

“Aw, man,” Derek laughingly scoffed on the other end of the call, “Sorry to interrupt, pretty boy, but we’ve got a case. Hotch wants in ASAP.”

“Ok,” he swallowed again before hanging up and tossing his phone aside.

Looking over to (y/n), Spencer’s features were solemn and regretful as he moved from the bed, scanning the floor for his discarded clothing.

“I’m so sorry, (y/n),” his brows tightened over his eyes as he knotted his tie, “I really… I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine,” she smiled crooked as she exhaled annoyance. Although she wanted to be angry with him, (y/n) knew she couldn’t blame him. It was his job, and she was well aware of what its demands were before they’d gotten serious.

“I love you,” Spencer smiled sadly as he leaned down and brushed his hand along her cheek, kissing her lips tenderly.

“I love you, too,” she smiled as much as she could before he walked out of the bedroom and headed for the door.

Exhaling and pursing her lips, (y/n) rolled over on her side, pulling a pillow into her arms and holding it tightly. Her eyes moved around the room, in search of nothing, as her mind wandered through disappointment, anger, and sadness.

She looked up when the sound of the bedroom door opening hit her ears.

“I, uh, I forgot my phone,” Spencer said as he walked over to the bed and picked it up.

Smiling, (y/n) locked eyes with him briefly before she turned back over and repositioned herself against the pillow in her arms.

Spencer shifted momentarily, half of his body urging him to walk toward the door, the other half begging him to stay with (y/n).

Looking down at her, Spencer smiled. Nothing brought him happiness the way (y/n) did, and nothing was worth leaving her as frequently as he had to.

Quietly, Spencer loosened his tie, allowing it to hang around his neck limply as he unbutton his shirt and pulled it away from his chest. His fingers worked to remove his belt from his pants silently before moving to his zipper.

When he had stripped down completely, Spencer crawled back into bed, the movement prompting (y/n) to looked over her shoulder at him in surprise.

“Spencer, what are you–” she started, but his lips interrupted.

Bringing his hand to her cheek, Spencer pulled her close and deepened their kiss. Allowing her fingers to flow down his frame, (y/n) moaned softly as Spencer’s tongue massaged hers.

Stopping her hand’s downward pursuit at his cock, (y/n) wrapped her fingers around its girth, sliding her hand across it, up and down, faster and faster.

Groaning against her lips, Spencer mimicked (y/n)’s actions, allowing his hand to trace her form before pressing his fingertip against her clit and circling it.

Their kiss grew gluttonous and greedy as their hands worked hastily to satisfy one another. The need building within him, Spencer quickly pushed (y/n) on her back and moved on top of her. Grabbing her thigh, Spencer pulled (y/n)’s leg up to his side as he plunged himself inside her, taking her lips into his forcefully.

“Mm, Spencer,” she moaned into lips as his hips thrust viciously against hers.

“I love you, (y/n),” Spencer almost growled as he trailed kisses and bites along her neck, “Fuck, I love you.”

Wrapping one hand in his curls and dragging the other across his back, (y/n)’s body shook under his assault as her climax began to wash over her.

“Oh, Spencer, fuck, yes,” she moaned, her hips bucking up to match his pace as she drenched his cock in her ecstasy.

As her walls clenched around his anatomy, Spencer felt his own bliss approaching. Shoving himself inside of her as quickly, deeply, and roughly as he could, Spencer reclaimed her lips, groaning against them as he pivoted his hot, white rapture inside of her.

His lips slowed as his hips stopped their pace completely, his kiss becoming more tender and loving than it had been.

Taking pleasure in the kiss, the pair remained in their position, Spencer still on top of (y/n) and inside her, for quite some time.

The vibrating of his phone against the nightstand pulled them from their embrace once again.

“They’re waiting for you, Dr. Reid,” (y/n) smiled up at him, tracing his jawline with her finger lazily.

Spencer smiled as he leaned back into (y/n), pressing their lips together, “They can keep waiting.”

No one Escapes the Snooze Cocoon.

Her body woke her up out of shear habit. The sky was just starting to light before sunup. It didn’t matter that they fell into bed only a few hours before. Raven needed her morning meditation. There was only one green little problem.




“I heard you the first time Rae”  he mumbled his eyes still shut.

They were both lying on their sides, Beast Boy was the big spoon this time an arm wrapped protectively across her chest and his body pressed closely against her back.  

“Then why didn’t you answer?”  

She felt his arm tighten around her and a kiss get pressed into her neck just below her ear “I was hoping you were going to give up and just go back to sleep”  

“Yea that sounds like me” she jabbed “Gar let me go, I need to get up”  

“Nope cuddle time” he said wrapping a leg around hers and pulling them even closer together.  

“Garfield I am serious”

“Rae so am I, you need to sleep, we were up super-hero-ing till…what?”

“4am” she stated flatly.

“You are going to go up to the roof, and start chanting, you are going to get as far as Azerath Met- and doze off. ”

Beast Boy was right she was still tired but she could feel her emotions starting to get restless.  

“Gar if I have to teleport out of this bed I will”

“aww but you’re so warm”  he whined a bit, but he eventually relented. Letting her slip out of his embrace and the bed.  

Raven Stretched and ran her hand through her hair.  She looked back to the bed to see Beast Boy pulling his pants on.  

“Gar you don’t have to get up” she yawned.

“Yea I do” he said as he pulled a T-shirt over his head. “I am going to make us tea. I am going to watch you chant, then when you fall asleep I am going to carry you back here and wrap you up so tight with me you are never going to escape our cuddly warm snooze cocoon”  

“Garfield that is not going to happen, I am really okay”

******6 hours later******

Raven woke up back in bed, the last thing she remembered was trying to find her center.  On the night stand were two mugs of tea that were stone cold.   She was laying on her back the comforter was tight round her body and Beast boy was just as tight to her laying on his side.

She turned to face him to find his bright green eyes open and wide awake and a sly smile on his face.  He pecked her nose teasingly and said “Told you so”

“Be quiet, its cuddle time” 

This is a scrap of something that I tried to write for another prompt.  I just couldn’t get it to where I wanted it, but I liked it to much just to trash. So fresh eyes and now we have this. Like much of my writing much of this is based on my own relationship with my wife. So hopefully a few people like this bit of morning fluff.  

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: frank castle hears the onslaught of bullets meant for karen page before they rip through her apartment and he shields her with his entire body. he does this on instinct, he does this without hesitation. he wraps his arms around her head, he braces his legs on either side of her - he does nothing to protect himself and she grabs onto him for dear life. and when the firing ceases, the frenzy of dust slowing to a swirling cloud in the air, the final bits of plaster crumbling from the wall, the glass of picture frames shattered and littering the floor, the screech of a baby from a nearby apartment reminding us of the existence of the rest of the world, karen begins to move - she releases her grip on his arm, her hands going immediately to her head, and frank castle, his fingers in her hair, moves his hand immediately on top of hers. "we gotta get outta here" he says and with his hands gripping her shoulders, guides her up from the floor. his hand moves to her shoulder blades and eventually down her back until she is running out the door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FRANK CASTLE NEVER LETS GO OF KAREN PAGE UNTIL THE VERY LAST SECOND! FRANK CASTLE DOESN'T EVEN CONSIDER PROTECTING HIMSELF UNTIL SHE IS OUT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!

*** Another one finished. 💘 Last part to the Tara ratting series. I’d like to thank the person that had sent in this request many moons ago. It was a great request and I have a lot of fun developing it for you.***

Pervious parts can be found in this post—> http://imagineredwood.tumblr.com/post/138464955950/violence-obviously-this-is-the-chapter

You awoke the the feeling of two tiny hands squishing your cheeks together and a quiet giggle. Your eyes slowly opened and you smiled as Abel’s grinning face came into view. You wrapped your arms around him and he relaxed against you, his head coming down to rest on your chest. You looked over at Jax and saw him still sleeping, his arm draped over your waist and Abel’s legs. You’d come straight home after being released this morning and all you’d wanted to do was get some actual sleep in your own bed with your boys.

It had been 3 days since you’d killed Tara. They’d found her body in the shower an hour later when the next round for showers started. They’d locked down the pod and searched all the inmates and cells to find the murder weapon but had came up empty handed, of course. Everyone has said they didn’t know anything, including all the guards and wardens, and it has been ruled an unfortunate circumstance where she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. They’d called Jax, regretfully informing him of his wife’s death and he’d pretended to be shocked. After, he’d told the club and they’d all given either a sigh of relief or a noise of approval, the threat or her ratting and giving up info on the club or trying to ruin your life even more gone.

You and Jax still hadn’t slept in the same bed yet up until now. You’d refused to have a married man in your bed, no matter how much you love him but with the plan concerning Tara going through without a hitch, things were different now. He wasn’t hers anymore. He hadn’t been for some time but your morals still stopped you. Now that she was gone and you were free again, you wanted nothing more to have him in your bed and In your arms like he’d wanted for a while. It was a symbol of a new step in your relationship, a new step in your lives. Of course you’d invited Abel to cuddle with the both of you and he’d ended up napping with you as well.

You hugged him for a moment more, realizing just how much you’d missed him when you felt Jax shift and pull the both of you closer to him. Opening your eyes again, you saw him staring at you with a tired, loving smile. “I love you.” You smiled and nodded, reaching out one hand to caress his cheek, his eyes slipping closed again. “I love you too.” He nodded and leaned into your touch.

Abel stuck his hand out and touched his father’s cheek just like you had and you both laughed. “Are you happy Y/N is back?” The child nodded happily and hugged you. Jax watched the two of you interact, the love and affection you showed his son. His heart had been in ruins for months, the pain of Tara’s betrayals growing as she continued to do it. The plan to tie Bobby to the shooting, faking a pregnancy and a miscarriage, framing his mother for the death of his babygirl, planning to rat on the club, taking his children. He’d been unhappy for a while because of how distant and cold she’d become and the moment you’d stepped into his life, that had changed. You walked in like a beacon of hope, a light for him to follow in his constant darkness and in following you, he realized you’d led him back to the happiness that he needed.

“Abel, go draw Y/N a picture so she can stick it on her fridge.” His eyes widened and he hurriedly scrambled to get off the bed and get to work on your gift. As he left, Jax turned on his side and faced you, this time his hand coming to rest on your cheek. “Thank you. For getting me out.” “I told you I would.” “I know, that was just…I’d rather be here.” Jax laughed and moved his face closer to yours, his forehead pressing against yours, your noses brushing. “I’d rather you be here too.”

You leaned forward and pressed your lips against his softly, finally getting to kiss him. Being away from him had shown you just how much you loved and appreciated him and you couldn’t get enough of the comfort and happiness he brought you. His lips began to work a little more quickly on yours and you responded just as enthusiastically.

“What color monkey do you want?!” You both pulled away and laughed and Abel’s voice rang out through the house, everything finally back to the way it should be.

Here’s a #SaturdaySizzle snippet from my latest release THE PRINCE’S SURPRISE BRIDE:

Erik was in no hurry to stop, and his voice wrapped around her, lulling her back into relaxation. Oh yes, she could listen to him all day. Her eyes drifted shut.The next thing she realized, the couch was dipping, and her eyes shot open.Erik was sitting beside her, shooting her an apologetic glance.“You looked so peaceful and comfortable. I wasn’t sure whether you had fallen asleep.”His voice was still in that deep, melting-chocolate pitch, doing funny things to her stomach.Jessica blinked at him, suddenly wide awake. His warm body was so close their legs pressed against each other. She shifted, wanting to get even closer and wanting to put some safe distance between them at the same time.Before she could do or say anything, Erik moved again. He sat with his back resting against the cushioned armrest and his mile-long legs stretched out, pulling her in between them so she was sitting with her back against his stomach.One arm lay on the headrest, the other curled around her to hold out the book to her.“Your turn. I could use a lullaby of sorts too.”It struck her how incredibly intimate their position was. Something a couple would do, snuggling on the couch and telling each other stories. And yet it felt right, perfect and achingly familiar, although she’d never done this with any of her boyfriends.It reminded her of the way she had felt sleeping in his arms, as if they were two pieces of a puzzle.In spite of the immediate comfort it brought her, she was struggling with her body’s instinctive reaction to his nearness. She could feel the muscles of his stomach against her spine through the thin layers of clothes. His thighs pressed not too tightly against hers.He was all around her, his heat, his scent of clean male musk with a hint of the outdoors and wine.When she grabbed the book, his hand closed over hers, holding it steady.“Read.”It was a soft command, and she reacted automatically.“Understanding the castles of Mad King Ludwig,” she read the chapter title, using the words to anchor herself.It didn’t help much. She was still aware of his fingers against hers, touching in a firm grip that seemed almost possessive yet so natural, as if they had done this a million times before.She read on, barely registering the information about Neuschwanstein and other castles.His thumb stroked over hers softly, rhythmically, but he moved his hand to turn the page for her when she had reached the end.Jessica wanted to melt into him.