his laughter was killing me


99.9 Keiji Senmon Bengoshi Episode 1: Fav ♡M♡a♡t♡s♡u♡j♡u♡n♡ scenes.

#1: Venting frustrations… to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” acapella style… which is SO not the point~~ (^_^)

#2: two cutie-patooties~~

#3: Jun-kun’s shout-out to Riida’s monkey year.

#4: all that ear-touching, back-turn with fabulous lighting

#5-6: Miyama-sinseh’s comedic timing in pointing out similar hairstyles during a touching moment between Tachibana-sinseh and the accused’s son. (^_^;;;)

#7-8: Sada-sinseh leaving Miyama-sinseh in a bit~ of a pickle

#9-10: Miyama-sinseh cooking to focus.  We’ll just focus on you in the meantime, MJ.

Episode 3 favs ♡ ♡ Episode 6 favs


└ OTP wisdom: the truth of the power of nature NOT getting spellbound by Arashi.

Cr: Power of the Paradise Making of

Note: Pardon any errors in translation