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Hi!! I just wanted to stop by and say that your YOI parody comic is SO WONDERFUL!!! It made me laugh and was so beautifully illustrated, and is probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. I never really stopped to consider all of the craziness from Yuri's POV, and you wrote it in a way that not only makes perfect sense, but is also hilarious!! Thank you for your lovely work!!:D

well thank you so much for saying that!! aah!

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ana bear, can i ask you something? can you write little quirks and mannerisms you love about our shining babes? like, a eprsonal trait, a habit, all things you think define them (like Taem's magic hands and stuff)

yes y e s  of course I can and I’ll be glad to - let’s start with:



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I’ve just read one of the very first (or maybe the first) script used for the movie The Lion The Wicth and the Wardrobe and there are so many goods stuff in there I need to share it with you:

Edmund rushing to hug his mum at the train station is the cutest thing ever.

Edmund making Lucy laugh and bringing her biscuits to cheer her up !

The Pevensies mother was supposed to be named Miriam (it later changed for Helen).

This is after Edmund came back from Narnia the first time. FORESHADOW !

Susan being funny and making Peter smile.

Peter and Susan being the Dad and Mum as usual.

Lil’ Edmund being concerned for his family.

Susan and Mrs. Beaver being BFF.

Father Christmas and Lucy talking about Edmund’s gift.

Susan trying Narnian clothes for the first time.

Edmund finally being done with Jadis.

The Pevensies sharing a fun moment with Aslan.

I think this is my favorite !!! 

The Pevensies being at Cair Pavarel (I so needed that scene).

Edmund and Lucy being adults and still making fun of Susan.

NCT 127 reaction when your playlist which is mostly kpop suddenly switches to a metal song

Taeyong: gets a wild idea that you love tough guys, disappears for 15 min and returns wearing the most ‘’metal’’ thing he could find and casually slips ‘’How do I look?’’ into the conversation about takeaway dinner

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Taeil: is confused as fuck but is sheepishly laughing and waiting for some sort of explanation for the sudden change, fails at an awkward headbanging attempt, goes back to waiting 

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Yuta: enjoyed the show while you were dancing to ‘’Sorry Sorry’’, enjoys the show even now…with all his ‘’Cute!’’ shouts someone would think someone would think you’re doing the cutest performance ever seen on television

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Jaehyun: after that he keeps telling everyone how much fun he had that day but refuses to tell the reason…when in reality he spent a few hours on chasing you around the apartment every few seconds because ‘’I find that gap cute, ok? Can you PLEASE stop moving so I can kiss you?’’

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WinWin: gets genuinely scared by the sudden transition, gets embarrassed because of it and spends the rest of the song desperately trying to make you forget about that, using drastic measures like pulling you up to dance and you’re like, ‘’Um..why are we in the position for waltz?’’

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Mark: you may not see it on his face but he’s is suddenly questioning life and the whole universe, ‘’Should I suggest a darker concept next time? Yeah, black suits me…it totally suits me!’’

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Haechan: will require a formal apology after the sudden change startles him

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youngjae is the embodiment of light like he just radiates this feeling of warmth and comfort and he’s absolutely the cutest being alive like he’s always smiling and it’s the cutest thing ever especially whenever he imitates the otter photo or looking at photos of coco, videos of coco, coco standing in front of him can you tell how much he adores coco and his laugh oh my goodness it has got to be the most melodious sound i’ve ever heard and whenever he laughs, the members laugh, i laugh, everybody laughs because its just so contagious and how he’s always thinking about the fans like even when he fell sick, he was more concerned over the fact that he couldn’t perform for them instead of taking rest and how bright his expression turns whenever someone compliments him for his voice or whenever they bring him an otter toy or whenever somebody mentions coco his head whips around so fast it looks like he’s about to get whiplash and how you can tell how much he loves music how passionate he gets whenever he sings especially those high notes and how serious he gets when he’s dancing and how his eyes light up when he’s on stage, especially when he hears the fans sing their songs like he’s an actual angel that deserves all the love

wow i just wanna talk abt

baze and chirruts first kiss?? like…baze was probably so nervous lmao and even tho he was nervous he probably initiated it….and probably missed chirruts mouth at first tbh and chirrut probably thought that was the funniest shit in the galaxy cos his boyfriend, the one who Wasn’t Blind, missed his mouth and while chirrut was laughing his ass off baze probably got all flustered and embarrassed before chirrut cut off laughing to kiss him (correctly this time) and i’m just saying it was probably the cutest shit ever

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Concept: Kageyama with dimples. There are pictures of him when he was little that Hinata shows to the whole team. Everyone tries to get Kags to smile to see if it's real but that only makes him more grumpy. One day while they're all walking to get meat buns after practice, Hinata is all excited and happy about something and trips and does a flip ionto the grass and Kags looses it, laughing and grinning so hard his face hurts. His dimples are in full bloom. Noya falls into a trashcan out of shock


  • okay but the entire team acting like kageyama’s smile is the Next Big Cryptid,
  • tanaka and noya have polaroid cameras and camo gear
  • they stalk hinata nd kags from the lunchroom hoping to catch those elusive dimples on film so suga will finally finally believe them
  • tsukishima doesn’t give a shit but he gets dragged along by yachi and yamaguchi to wait outside kageyama’s classroom and peek in to catch even just a glimpse of that smile
  • diachi and asahi going to a party store to get those really cheap pranks and joke toys to see if they can trap kags with fake gum and make him grin
  • hinata knowing exactly what’s going on and absolutely loving all the attention his big grumpy friend is getting
  • because it makes it all the more special when kags only smiles for him
  • hinata is really flustered when he sees The Tobio Dimples
  • he loves kags’ smile like wow is it hot in here?
  • “wow kageyama with dimples…..that’s so…fucking..cute…”
  • “shoyou, you’re really gay.”
  • “shut up kenma I know.”
  • kageyama dimples = The Best Concept

“Jesus, she’s like a candy magnet.”

Cas grins at the large bag his husband empties the large bag onto their kitchen table, leaving a veritable mountain of sweets in its wake. Turning to nuzzle their one year-old, he blows a raspberry in her neck, laughing as she shrieks in delight. “Are you a candy magnet, Mary?” he asks, lips against her soft skin. She reaches for his hair. “Hm?”


“Are you kidding?” Dean says. “She’s the cutest kid Lawrence’s ever seen. ’Course she’s a magnet. Plus, that bee costume? She killed it.” Sidling up to them, he leans in to press a kiss to Mary’s cheek and holds out his hand for a high five. 

“Hi’fife!” she squeals, and clumsily obliges. 

“See? You totally killed it, baby girl.” 

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Idiot In Love

Fandom: Harry Potter (marauders era)

Pairing: Teen!Sirius Black x reader

Request: “Could you write a fluffy young Sirius x reader where he always tries to impress her and make her laugh and he gets all nervous and flustered around her and she thinks he’s the cutest dork ever and she kisses him passionately and he’s all dazed and blushing? I love your blog!!!”

Warnings: One innuendo?

A/N: Omg I really wanna know who you are, anon! I love this request and I’m really happy with how this turned out! Please message me and tell me what you thought, anon?

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(I don’t own the gif)

“Just go and talk to her!” whispered Remus, rolling his eyes at his friend’s behaviour. Sirius tore his eyes away from the girl sitting by the window of the common room, a scandalised expression on his face.

“I can’t just go and talk to her, Moony! She’s not the kind of girl you just go and talk to! If I were to just-“

“Say just go and talk to her one more time, and I will not be held accountable for my actions.”

“But I can’t-“

“Yes, you can,” said Remus firmly, pushing his friend towards where you sat in the window seat.

You looked up from your book, smiling warmly when you recognised Sirius Black standing in front of you. “Hi Sirius!” you said brightly, hoping you weren’t blushing.

“Err, hi (Y/N),” he started awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. You raised your eyebrows slightly; this wasn’t the Sirius you knew. The Sirius you knew could charm the pants off of Dumbledore without breaking a sweat, and he definitely didn’t get nervous.

“Are you alright?” you asked, concerned. “You’re looking a bit faint.”

He chuckled nervously. “I’m, um, I’m fine, thanks. I was just, um, wondering if you would like to, err…”

“If I would like to…?” you prompted. He sighed exasperatedly.
“I was wondering if you would like to help me with the Transfiguration homework. I’m really struggling with it,” he lied, cursing himself inwardly. He could practically feel Remus’ eyes burning holes in the back of his head.

“Oh,” you said, disappointed. “Sure, I’ll help you sometime.”

He grinned sheepishly. “Thanks, (Y/N).” He patted your shoulder awkwardly before disappearing up the boys’ staircase with Remus hot on his heels, leaving you to go back to your book, confused and disappointed.

“What was that?” demanded Remus as soon as their dorm door was closed. James and Peter looked up from where they’d been lounging on their respective beds, as Sirius collapsed on his own bed and pulled his pillow over his head.

“What happened?” asked James, looking slightly fearfully at Sirius. “Is he contagious or something?”

“This idiot-“ Remus pointed at Sirius, whose body was now completely hidden beneath blankets. “-just tried to ask (Y/N) (L/N) out, and ended up asking her for help with homework.”

James burst out laughing. “Seriously? If I can ask Lily out, surely you can nab (Y/N)!”

“She’s different,” came Sirius’ muffled voice. “She’s got these eyes, and lips, and her smile, and her hair…”

“That’s called a face, Padfoot. We all have them,” James pointed out. Sirius sat up, throwing a pillow at his friend.

“What I’m saying is, she’s gorgeous, and it messes with my brain,” he argued. “I kind of just lose control of my tongue when I’m around her!”

“Careful, Pads. Not all girls like a lot of tongue,” James smirked. “Not the face!” he added as Sirius charged at him.

“Target spotted,” whispered James. “Boy Who Cried Wolf, you have permission to engage. Repeat, you have permission to engage. Do you copy?”

“This is ridiculous, Prongs, I’m literally right next to you,” sighed Remus. James glared at him.

Codenames, Boy Who Cried Wolf! Use the codenames!”

Remus sighed again, beginning to question his choice of friends. “I copy, Bambi II. Advancing into the field, over.”

“Black Dog, remain on standby and do not let yourself be seen,” James whispered to Sirius, who was hiding behind the nearest curtains.

“Hello (Y/N),” smiled Remus, approaching you where you stood by the curtains. You smiled slightly.

“Hi Remus. How are you feeling?” you asked, keeping your voice low. You knew there’d been a full moon a few days ago.

“I’m better than I was,” he answered, a little sadly. You smiled sympathetically, hugging him. You frowned, hearing an indignant cry, seemingly from behind the curtains.

“Did you hear that?” you asked. Remus shook his head hastily, a bit too hastily to pass as normal. You narrowed your eyes. “Remus Lupin, what are you up to?”

He sighed. “Look, Sirius asked me to ask you if you fancy him, and if you would go out on a date with him. Please don’t shoot the messenger.”

You smiled slightly, feeling heat rush to your cheeks. “Yes, I do fancy him. And as for the date, Black Dog will have to come out from behind the curtains and ask me himself,” you added pointedly, folding your arms and watching as the curtain was drawn back to reveal a very embarrassed looking Sirius Black.

“So, err, would you like to go on a date with me?” he asked nervously, avoiding looking at you.
“Of course not,” you said, your voice dripping with sarcasm. He nodded slowly, starting to walk away. You raised your eyebrows at Remus, who shrugged. It wasn’t often that sarcasm was lost on Sirius Black.

You hurried after him, grabbing his hand and making him face you. Before he could say anything, you pressed your lips to his passionately. His eyes widened and he froze for half a second, before melting into the kiss and tangling his hands in your hair.

“Wow,” he breathed as you pulled away. You giggled at the dazed expression on his face.

“So just to confirm, you do want to go on a date with me?” he asked uncertainly. You rolled your eyes, wrapping your arms around his neck and pulling him down for another kiss.

“Of course I do, you idiot.”

Some things I love individually about each of the kids:

Gaten: His kindness. He is so sweet it’s almost unbelievable and you can just tell he’s the type of person that makes anyone feel welcome.

Caleb: this kid has the best fashion sense and some awesome dance moves but outside of that he is also so supportive and encouraging not just towards people he knows but to everybody

Noah: Noah is the sweetest thing with the best taste in shoes. This guy has the best smile I’ve ever seen and the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard not to mention this guy can rock a bowl cut.

Finn: the actual coolest kid. He has the coolest sense of humor and while he likes to meme and be silly is seriously mature and reasonable.

Millie: she has a way with words if you watch interviews she’s just very amazing at wording things. She also is outgoing and confident. Not to mention this girl can rock the curls

I love these kids equally but for different reasons and yes they’re amazing together but apart they’re just as amazing

Dating Jacob Portman would include

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Requested by Anon

- Both of you having 50,000 pictures / videos of each other

- Awkward lil’ kisses

- Him being really nervous to hold your hand

- Emma being sorta jealous but she’ll recover lmao

- If both of you were peculiar you’d leave your family behind to go to the loop with him

- Both of you driving down roads laughing over literally nothing

- Making jokes about how awkward he is

- The others picking on you two because of you two being so in love

- Miss Peregrine thinking you two are the cutest thing ever

- Wearing his clothes because ‘all your shirts are in the wash’

- Cute lil cuddles ok

- The song to describe your relationship would probably be Roman Holiday by Halsey

- Him being all smile-ly and happy around you 

- Him being really scared he’s gonna accidentally hurt you.


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