his laugh is so weird ok

Mark having a small s/o

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Request: can you do a Mark reaction to having a small s/o ? thanks so much !!

A/N: imm so mark biased

  • ok so
  • honestly he would be a sweetheart and help u all the time whenever he needed to
  • but sometimes he would start laughing that weird laugh of his when ur having a hard time reaching for something on a high shelf
  • he would think it’s cute tho
  • and when u pout at him and ask him to get it for u 
  • he’ll pat ur head and get it
  • and when he give what u wanted from the shelf, he’d smile bcs ur happy
  • he loves the fact that he has to lean down to kiss you
  • “ah so cute~ *pinches your cheeks*”
  • “mark pls”
  • ok but whenever yall are out
  • he loves leaning his head on yours as you’re looking around for food or when you’re ordering food
  • and he’s got one arm wrapped around your waist
  • tol and smol couple i love it
  • tbh he would want to give u piggy backs but he’s too shy to ask
  • when he sees that ur rlly tired tho
  • and ur literally trying to stay awake
  • he would tap ur shoulder and to get on his back
  • and you’d give him a kiss on his cheek
  • //cue him blushing furiously
  • he’d carry you all the way to your house
  • your parents love him bcs he’s such a sweet kid
  • and he’s tol
  • he can’t cook tho
  • if u guys went out for an ice cream date omg!!!
  • don’t let him order ur ice cream
  • bcs he’s gonna hold your ice cream way up high in the sky
  • and he’s not gonna give it to u until u tell him u love him
  • “say that you love me~~”
  • “lol no i just want my fucking ice cream”
  • “ok then wow ur such a nice bf/gf”
  • “ikr :’-)”
  • to sum it all up
  • he’d be a sweetheart
  • but sometimes also an asshole
  • but mostly a sweet patoot
  • im gonna stop now
  • hope u enjoyed this!!

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Performance Unit accidentally touching your boobs reaction requested by anon

Jun: Being the person that he is his face would be like ‘Oh shit’ and he would be hoping that none of the members saw while apologizing at the same time.

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me rn

Dino: Dino I feel like if none of the members are there he would probably be all blushy and saying sorry a lot but if the other members are there he would still act the same but he would be blushing even more because all of the members are teasing him.

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that smile thooooo it’s so cuteeee

Hoshi: Ok so like with Hoshi he would start laughing as he’s being weirded out and he will also say sorry but like as he’s laughing or as he’s weirded out.   

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biased wreckeddddddddd

The8: The8 I feel like he would probably be the most chill out of this whole situation but then again he would also probably be weirded out af and would say sorry in the most chill voice possible or in the most weirded out voice ever.

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double killl biased wrecked again

Sorry if it’s shitty I am tired and I have been working on this essay that is really boring but its important for my grade so.. But With Much Love - Admin Lupe♡♡♡ im also sorry for my comments in between but then again im not lol

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So like during the war of 1812 the brits burned down the presidents mansion (wasn't called the white house until after when they repainted it) but before they yknow roasted everything they stole madisons love letters to his wife (who is a badass -- wouldn't leave mansion until she had that one lit painting of George Washington safely with her) and ate the prez's dinner. As they were leaving the burning building a hurricane struck and also a tornado and it was a weird fucking day man


so imagine if post canon, Zarc now lives with the Sakaki Family cuz he got nowhere to go and Yoko can’t bear to leave a stray out (even tho Yushou and Yuya vehemently oppose this decision). And obviously, he can’t really go and visit Ray at her place cuz uh… Akaba home… is too awkward to hang out in.

It’s ok though cuz Ray visits Zarc at his place and uh, do what couples do lol But then, one day Zarc forgets to lock the door and they getting it on and Yushou comes home early and hears some weird noises so he thinks the animals are acting up (ya know, all 20 of them) and just goes in the room barging in all “STOP FIGHTING YOU LITTL- OH MY GOD!” So he accidentally walked in on Zarc and Ray banging.


And he just immediately shuts the door out of pure shock, hears Zarc laughing on the other side and Ray yelling at him for not locking the door and him retorting saying her fault for being too loud and Yushou is just like I need to have a talk with him.

Luckily, he spoiled the mood so instead of finishing up lol - Ray is out the door in a few minutes and Zarc comes downstairs and tells him he should knock next time.

And Yushou is starting to lecture him on how this is a FAMILY HOME and not a bachelor pad and all that good shit. And what if others were home?? You can’t be so INAPPROPRIATE! Is he supposed to give him the sex talk?? Zarc barely listens and the lecture keeps going and going until Yushou mentions Yuya and how this could be a bad impression on him.

Zarc laughs his ass off right then and there. “Yuya is me and honestly, you just got a glimpse into the future with Yuya and that Yuzu girl. So brush up on that lecture, it’s real weak.”

And now Yushou will lay awake at night not knowing how to combat that.

Rereading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: Chapter Twenty-Seven - The Centaur and the Sneak

since literal voldemort was elected president, i figured we all need a lil harry potter rn

- okay so parvati wants some centaur dick and like…. we can all agree that thats pretty fucking weird right? i know last chapter i said firenze was hot but i wasnt THRISTING after him like parvati is right now ok

- LOL all the kids are like ‘umbridge cant get any worse, right?’ and im just over here cry-laughing.

- firenze greets harry in front of the whole class and his popularity goes THRU THE ROOF YALL

- dean asks if hagrid breeds the centaurs and everyone like ‘OMG dean you cant just ask people if theyre bred’

- also centaurs and humans are kinda like the bloods and crips, so firenze if banished from the forbidden forest.

“Professor Trelawney -” began Parvati, in a hurt and indignant voice.
“-is a human,” said Firenze simply. “And is therefore blinkered and fettered by the limitations of your kind.”

BUUUURRRRN!!!! humans suck

- firenze suggest they burn some ‘herb’ to get a better understanding of the stars. like, ok LETS SMOKE SUM GANJA, BRO.

His priority did not seem to be to teach them what he knew, but rather to impress upon them that nothing, not even centaurs’ knowledge, was foolproof.

have i ever mentioned that i love firenze?

- this book has been SEVERELY lacking hagrid. and even now, the only times we talk to him is to talk about grawp (even tho the trio doesn’t know it yet), which like, no offense jo, but BOOOOORING.

- seamus is at a D.A. meeting guys!!!!!! the boiz are friends again and mama is happy <3

“Umbridge?” asked Harry, horrified.
Dobby nodded, then tried to bang his head off Harry’s knees; Harry held him at bay.
“What about her? Dobby - she hasn’t found out about this - about us - about the D.A.?”
He read the answer in the elf’s stricken face. His hands helf fast by Harry, the elf tried to kick himself and sank to his knees.
“Is she coming?” Harry asked quietly.
Dobby let out a howl. “Yes, Harry Potter, yes!”

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK (also hi dobby, havent seen ya in a while)

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Being Mark’s girlfriend means
  • snapchats you A L L T H E T I M E
  • morning and night skype calls
  • “are these spiderman cupcakes?”
  • “hell yeah”
  • *loses his damn mind*
  • grabbing your butt, putting his hand in your back pocket, smacking you playfully on the booty when you walk by–basically mark is an ass man
  • laying his head in your lap while you guys are chillin on the couch
  • “mark why are you watching me watch the movie”
  • “hold on don’t move i’m gonna take a picture you look cute”
  • if you’ve never had candids taken of you before you will now
  • making weird faces at you to make you laugh
  • but it turns into a competition to see who can be weirder and you’re practically peeing yourselves from laughing so hard
  • and then jackson walks in like
  • “uhhhh”
  • but then he joins in
  • “have you seen this”
  • “mark im in the shower”
  • “ok but come look at this post when you’re done”
  • his chin on your shoulder watching you scroll through tumblr, pointing out stuff you should like so he can look at it later
  • taking advantage of the proximity to kiss your neck and your cheek
  • staring at you with that goofy grin on his face like he knows he’s damn lucky to have you in his life

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What does a girl gotta do to get a Teddy bear flustered? Asking for a friend.

((I’m totes answering this publicly b/c it made me laugh really hard omg bro <3

Ok so, the SFW way to get Ted flustered is to pay him attention and be really sweet and not freaked out by the fact that he looks pretty close to stabbing someone at almost any moment

And um, nsfw version under the cut cause I mean, I know y’all’ll think its funny

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MY FLY IN LA DAY 1 HI TOUCH ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um ok so that went way too fast but luckily I documented this for future generations LOL


JInyoung: UM so basically every US fan account hi touch talked about JInyoung being last in the lineup so I WAS NOT PREPARED AT ALL TO SEE HIM FIRST. I called him Prince JInyoung twice (BECAUSE HE’S MY PEACH PRINCE DUH) and he did the eye-smile-almost-going-to-laugh cute JInyoung thing he does (you can kind of see it in the vid)

BamBam: the JInyoung being first thing still shook me so I made that weird UHHH noise BamBam does sometimes real quick LOL..I don’t think he heard it though

Yugyeom: all I said to him quickly was “BROWNY!!” and he smiled so cutely ^_^ #lovethemaknae

JB: ok so I asked my Korean friend how to ask “Wanna fight?” in Korean (because we all wanna fight JB) and I thought I was saying it to him?? But all he did was like smile and look confused ish?? so I repeated it again but then had to move along L O L #oops

Jackson: All I said was “see you tomorrow Jackson!” and he smiled kind of tiredly poor bb 

Youngjae: Ok they started hurrying me even more b/c I took my sweet time in the beginning lol so I just said “2 OUT” to him and moved right along LOL

Mark: I was like hurrying and I said “3 OUT” to Mark and you can hear him at like 0:17 say “3 OUT 4 OUT” HAHAHAHA


So yeah, I’m ded guys..BUT DOING IT ALL AGAIN TODAY AT DAY 2..P1 LEGGO~ 

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ok this feels weird messaging you when i don't know you, but I have to say I've been following you for a while now and you're SO hilarious, like everything you say makes me laugh!! "shookened in his goggles 2 hear this" like WHY are you funny!! anyway have a good day p.s. men are shitty honestly don't even bother getting worked up over that guy :-) <3

aw thank u so much this made my dam nite!!! thank u I love messages like this u don’t even kno!! N thank u also 🤧😣💖💖

A Gintama chapter a day keeps the ending away...Lesson 45

This is my New Years resolution for 2017: to re-read a chapter of Gintama every day starting from the beginning and sum it up thusly…

Favorite Scenes from Lesson 45:

Poor Kondou.

Probably true except when the man is one Madao.

I was thoroughly horrified by this and yet couldn’t stop laughing.

Gin-chan and his explosive boogers.

Again, poor Kondou.

I love Sorachi-sama.

Ships Tally:

KonOki (I mean, Okita gave him his lioncloth…you telling me he couldn’t find something less intimate?? Although the fact that it was from when he was a little kid is a bit weird but we can just ignore that part)

KonHiji (I mean, Hijikata gave him his scarf…you telling me he couldn’t find something less intimate?? Fufufufufufu)

KonTae (Poor Kondou does get his wish in the end)

KonSa (ok, so she thought he was a pet gorilla at first, but there was still a lot of touchy-feely stuff going on…and Kondou’s blushing)

GinSa (she would rather blow herself up than toss a bomb in his direction. That’s love)

ZuraEli (Avenging someone is a sign of love)

Disclaimer: Gintama is not only about shipping. Gintama is hilarious, clever, exciting, poignant, heart-breaking, loving, brilliant, and just so darn amazing.  It is only due to Sorachi-sama’s generosity that I can enjoy Gintama on yet another level, the shippy level, so I am truly grateful for that. GINTAMA IS LIFE AND LOVE.


exactly why it is all like this

A/N: for deadparker, bc mils is just to wonderful for words and i love her eternally. my precious. sorry this is weird as hell. 


 Lily dyes her hair purple and doesn’t care that the dye is all over the bathroom, because she looks fucking great Sirius stop laughing right now I mean it. James wears his boxers and drinks milk straight from the bottle, what, it’s not gross, he could be drinking vodka okay Remus stop looking so judgemental at least I’m being healthy. Lily listens to punk rock music in the morning and tells the people in the next apartment to fuck off because it’s not even that loud. James watches infomercials while Lily makes popcorn and they talk about the Shark Navigator Lift Away at three in the morning in their pyjamas. Lily listens to Jesse McCartney’s ‘Beautiful Soul’ when she’s drunk and cries a little bit but doesn’t tell James because he’ll just laugh.

James buys a car without a roof purely so he can sing out the top of his car and have his hair whipped back. Lily thinks it’s cool. Well, it was, until they realised that its really bloody windy fuck I can’t see the road Lily your hair is everywhere oh great I think we hit that old ladies cat. Lily paints one side of the kitchen wall, gets bored and decides to finish it another day. She doesn’t, so now only one half of their kitchen wall is bright blue. James tries to remember to water the plants on the windowsill but keeps forgetting so he end up waking up at three .a.m. in a wild panic because he hasn’t watered the flowers for three weeks. Lily teases him, tells Sirius, and both bring it up frequently at every possible opportunity. Lily leans on James’s knees and he kisses her forehead in the dark.  

James gets angry at telemarketers and throws the phone out the window because I AM FUCKING FINE WITH MY HEALTH INSURANCE THIS IS THE FORTH TIME THIS MONTH YOU ASSHOLES. On Sunday’s they get up at one .p.m. and patter around the carpet, Lily wearing one of his old shirts and him putting on her slippers by accident. Sirius and Peter break the fridge by attempting to prove that it was bolted to the wall. It wasn’t, and Lily makes them all eat everything before it goes off. Remus eats two cartoons of ice cream and throws it up in the sink, James eats raw oven chips and hates himself, and Lily attempts to cook lamb with her hairdryer because Peter is already using the element to cook approximately seventeen tons of mince. It is generally an utter disaster and for some reason whenever she thinks about it Lily can’t stop smiling, because she would surely die without these fucking losers, she just knows it.

James writes notes on his hand and forgets to read them. Lily wears her pyjamas under her uniform at work and has to call Peter to come and bring her a new shirt, because she has sweated her one through and why the FUCK did she think this was a good idea it’s like SITTING inside the SUN. Sirius gets fired for sleeping with half the female staff plus the boss, and they throw him a party with balloons. Remus makes a speech and Sirius eats the cake that Lily made. James goes to his Mother’s funeral and puts his head in Lily’s neck, because his legs cannot take the weight. So she takes it for him, and kisses his cheekbone until he stops shaking. Remus buys Lily yellow flowers because he can, and then buys Sirius some because he says he feels left out. James makes curry’s that are too hot and burn holes in everyone tongues but they eat it anyway, swirling on Greek yoghurt and chugging water because he spent two hours on it and stole the neighbours coriander.

Lily sets her alarm routinely at six and, like clockwork, wakes up at 8:15 late, drowsy and annoyed at herself. Sirius and James make conspiracy theories that the diary owner across the street must be a government spy, because no human on earth could be so bland unless they were undercover. Remus gets promoted and Peter finally finds a flat, so he can move out of Sirius’s, who kept throwing parties over the fact that Remus got promoted. Lily breaks a heel, loses her best Chap Stick and cries, because it’s been a shit week, and Collins has been on her ass and Petunia got married without inviting her and she is in one of those mind-sets where it feels like the world is forever going to be a terrible place. James calls in sick from work and makes her honey tea while she wipes her nose all over his shirt. But the next week things are little better, and the week after that even more, because the world is not a terrible place and is in fact rather beautiful. It’s just that people have a hard time remembering sometimes.

Sirius grows out his hair until he is forcibly held down by James and Peter, as Remus cuts it off over the sink. Sirius screams and Lily videos it, the camera shaking from laughter. James breaks a coffee mug and steps on one of the pieces, swearing so loudly the neighbours attempt to call the police and file a report. Lily listens to songs she illegally downloads and hears stories from her work friend about her friend’s cousin’s aunt who got arrested by the FBI for downloading an Eminem song illegally. Lily deletes the music, the downloading program and drives ten miles out of the city to dump her laptop in a lake. James calls her an idiot and attempts to claim insurance on the computer, filing the claim reason as ‘girlfriend went/is insane’. Peter lights candles for his first date in his new apartment and Remus lights them because he forgot to pay his power bill. Sirius breaks his blender and wonders when he even bought the thing anyway. Lily and James buy Girl Scout cookies and James eats them all in two days. Lily doesn’t speak to him for a week.

Lily locks herself in the bathroom and has to call James for help, he laughs for twenty minutes and then calls Sirius, who calls Remus who calls Peter, and they all stand outside for forty minutes laughing at Lily while she screams at them to let her out though the door. The neighbours in the apartment over finally move out because apparently James getting drunk and attempting to climb the curtain rail like a cat, subsequently causing it to fall down and make enough noise to wake the people in the building across the street , is the final straw. Lily gives them the finger from the window as they climb into the moving truck while James giggles from behind the door. Peter buys a new car he can’t afford and Remus crashes it the next week. Lily yells at the insurance company on the phone for three hours until they agree to pay out. James watches The Notebook and almost kinda cries a little. He attempts to dance with Lily in the middle of the street and sprains his ankle. She drives him to the hospital and laughs all the way there, then sits with him while they bandage it and tries to make origami animals out of gauze. On the way home, at four in the morning, they stop for MacDonald’s and Lily gets ketchup on her shirt. James laughs. Somehow the whole thing is better than the movie.

Sirius drags them all to the ocean and it rains the minute they step onto the sand. Remus runs into the water anyway and promptly gets bitten by a crab; Peter buys them all ice-creams and drops them all on the way back because he got stung by a bee. James swallows so much sand by accident he ends up choking; Lily drives him to the emergency room and gets a flat tire. So they climb out of the car in the pouring rain and drink wine straight from the bottle while sitting on the abandoned road. Lily sits on Sirius’s lap and he leans his head on her shoulder. Remus puts his legs on James’s face, who is lying flat in the middle of the road. Peter climbs into the chilli bin to protect himself from the rain and Lily kicks it with her foot so it falls over. Sirius snorts. James thanks whoever for all of them, and then drinks more wine.

The tow truck guys find them in morning, all spread out across the road and Sirius snoring so loud all birds have scattered. They don’t get it, but no one really does so it hardly matters.

(Except, of course, it does, because James loves Lily and Lily loves James and James loves Sirius and they all love Remus and Peter and everyone loves everybody. And that matters. That matters.)

She laughed, bright and thrilling, bounding ahead of him across the grass. His eyes opened. The aurora shimmered overhead, light casting strange shadows over the uneven grass. She was halfway to the hill, and he followed slowly. Every step hurt, every step made his bones protest as if they were giving out beneath him. He plodded, watching her get further and further away.

Hundreds, thousands of fireflies swirled up from the twisted tree as she crested the rise, her figure a dark blot against the glory of the sky.

for Somnium by @anachromystic

I LOVE this super interesting, modern au fic! 

= me almost every chapter from the angsty fluffiness

Joker Yeol

“Lovely Girlfriend, could you pretty please help me with the goddamn makeup.” Chanyeol’s face was covered in white with smudges where he was rubbing out his mistake.

“Yeol, you know I don’t wear make up because I don’t know how to put it on.” I mumble and he lets out a whine.

“But you’re an artist, you can just pretend you’re painting my face. You did really well and your nephew’s birthday party.” He explains and I smile before sliding off the lounge and walking into the bathroom, with a tall joker following close behind.

“Ok, sit and stay still.” I say and he nods sitting on the toilets seat as I pull out a sponge and the white face paint. “This is so weird.” I say as I rub the pasty white stuff onto his flawless skin. He laughs a little before breathing in a staying impossibly still.

“You can breath, just don’t jolt or anything.” I say and he lets out his breath with a cheeky smile.

Grabbing the black face paint I smile before dipping my finger in it and asking him to close his eyes. I stand closer to his, his chin resting on my stomach as I tell him to turn his head up to the roof.

rubbing the black paint over his eyes I let out a chuckle at how weird the feeling was. “Don’t press too hard.” He complains and I apologise pressing a bit softer as I rub the slimy paint over his eye lids.

“Yeol I never thought I would agree with a costume you pick.” I mumble earning a proud smile from the boy.

“Well you know… The joker is a legend.” He says rubbing the back of his neck. Walking over with red lipstick and lip liner, I give a creepy smile and he just flinches.

“You better not hurt me.” He calls and I just laugh. Walking forwards and pushing his chin so he looked up at me, I begun in fine detail the joker’s scars.


“How do I look?” Chanyeol asks as he walks out of the bedroom, dressed in his suit and hair sprays a green and white colour.

“You look great.” I exclaim throwing two hands up in the air. “I wish you could come.” He whispers wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I know, but you have a company party and I have a date with my childhood halloween movies.” I say pulling away from him quicking and walking to the door handing him his phone and “gun.”

“Yeol, I promise you will have fun.” I say and he nods a small pout visible on his face as he opens the door leaning down for a small kiss.

“No, I don’t want to be covered in red lipstick thank you very much.” I call and he just rolls his eyes before standing up straight and brushing off his coat.

“I’ll be back by eleven or so. Don’t wait up, and if I bring a girl home I’ll make sure not to wake you up.” He says sending me a wink, a laugh escaping me.



“Baby, I’m home!” Chanyeol yells, and I just sit up from the lounge look at the soaked, drunk Chanyeol.

“What did you do?” I say rushing to the bathroom to grab a towel to start drying his hair. “Sit.” I say pointing to the lounge which he giggles at before plopping onto the lounge with a cheeky smile.

“Why did you drink? We both know you can’t handle your alcohol.” I say and he huffs crossing his arms against his chest a pout on his face.

“Don’t you sulk.” I scold and he flinches before nodding and leaning his forehead against my stomach his arms wrapped around my legs as he lets me finish drying his hair.

“Just go have a hot shower and we’ll talk in the morning. Well later in the morning.” I say looking at the clock. He nods and walks into the bathroom, the water running shortly after.


“Good Morning my baby.” I whisper as the giant puppy rolls over with a groan, his head buried in my shoulder.

“Don’t talk, my head hurts so bad.” He whines and I laugh stroking his hair as softly as possible.

“I know but you still have to get up, I’ll make some bacon and eggs and then if you still feel bad we can have a nap or just watch movies on the lounge, while you nap and I play games on my phone.” I explain and he nods but his grip on my waist tightens.

“Just a little while longer.” He whines and I laugh making him pout.

“Why so serious?” I question.

A / N

Did you like it? I hope you did! Only three days until Halloween well at least in Australia. Yay.

Also here is my masterlist, which has all the other halloween stories that I have done plus more.

I love markiplier so much, he’s my hero

well… ok yeah, he gets weird sometimes –

don’t ask why, he just –

he’s just playing around don’t judge hi – !


dON T QUE stion tHE KINg

dont ask why the man i look up to does this

he just does what he does

and i love it

OK, the first time I laughed this morning is when somebody posted this poster on Twitter. It was probably hanging up in my school library, and I know I’ve seen it a million times, but I’ve never really looked at it. I like to imagine that he agreed to do the poster for schools and so showed up at the photo shoot, unprompted, dressed in his own cool, weird take on how he thought a high school student would dress. Or maybe they already had the clothes there but he couldn’t resist putting his own twist on the thing during the shoot. Who’s gonna tell David Bowie to put on shoes for his “READ” poster? Nobody, that’s who. RIP.

That happened on Jibcon 7 on my autograph session with Jared.. 

Gen was sitting next to him.

I came to the table, and I wanted to tell him that his eyes are much more beautiful in reality…
So that how it went:

Jared: Hi!
Me: Hi Jared! I just want to tell u that you’ve got much more beautiful *in this moment I awkwardly looked at his hands and started blushing and sweating* hands in reality. 
Jared: Awh, that’s.. nice..thank y…
*me interrupting Jared*
Me: I meant - you’ve got much more beautiful eyes in reality. But… *I started talking weird shit like some retarded person* you’re hands are fine. They’re ok too. I really like them etc… 
*Gen started laughing, Jared laughed a little bit too, trying to act proffesional.*
* I started laughing really hard too, blushing and acting weird*
Jared: Well, thank u sweetie, that’s really nice. I take both compliments.

Sooo, my autographs didn’t go in a direction I thought it will.. But I’m still laughing really hard when I remember Gen’s laughter. 
If u want to hear weird compliments, just talk with me ahahahaah


Ok, so the first end I got was something I’d like to call the “Machine Ending.” It is a bad ending -_- And I think I got it after responding “I’m actually playing an app that only gives me two programmed things to say.” when Zen was talking about his weird dream (I couldn’t help myself, it was too tempting) Spoilers if you want to get this ending (don’t know why you would)… Okay so after I said the phrase to Zen he just kind of laughed it off. It’s usually at the end of day 4 the path of the person you are trying to get is made clear because their photos ae now on the days, that never happened for me. The next day I get these chat rooms with Yoosung saying he knows everyone in Mystic Messenger is a machine brainwashed by Seven and V. Jahee and Zen appear in the next chat rooms saying that Yoosung is acting a little crazy and that they were going to go over to his house and talk. The visual novel shows Yoosung answering the door and Unknown entering. Unknown says that he came to get Yoosung first because he “figured it out,” and that he was going to, “take you to the paradise where Rika is.” Yoosung goes with him. The last chat room is Jahee saying that “we shouldn’t continue with the party until we get Yoosung some help.” And then the bad ending screen pops up… I am sad that this was the first ending I got, but I figured it’s kind of a weird ending so I should share it…

#88 You're getting married to someone else (requested)

Dan: He stood outside of the room you were getting ready in. He clutched a small bouquet of roses in one and and knocked on the door with the other.

You looked up from your phone. “Who is it?” You called.

“A murderer.” He joked in a deep voice.

A smile spread across your face- you were happy to see Dan. Everyone you’d seen that day was stressing you out and your soon to be husband had been acting weird.

“Ok, come on in. I thought it might have been one of my friends or something.” You laughed, getting up and jogging over to him.

He wrapped you in a gentle hug and stepped back. “Wow, for once you look good.” He smiled and handed you the flowers.

Your smile grew. “Thank you so much! And you don’t look too trashy yourself,” you winked.

After Dan left and took his seat in the front row, it was time for you to walk down the isle. When you were at the end, you looked at him and gave him one of those looks only a best friend could give. What you didn’t know was that he gave you a look that only a lover could give.

“If anyone is opposed to this Union, speak now or forever hold your peace.” You looked around.

The more you were thinking about it, the more appealing someone opposing seemed. You were only 21- you’d barely lived. You weren’t ready to get married yet. You didn’t know if you even had feelings for this guy anymore; you barely saw him and didn’t have much in common.

Dan’s heart pounded. He wanted to say something so badly. He wanted to run up onto the stage and kiss you and prevent you from marrying the man he knew was wrong for you. In those few seconds between the priest’s rehearsed words, he’d never wanted to scream so badly.

“Don’t do it.” He blurted.

Phil: “Am I allowed to come see you?” He texted you.

You fiddled with your hair once more and picked up your phone. “Yes please everyone left me.” You sent back.

About 5 minutes later, he arrived in the small room where you were told to stay. You got up and pulled him into a tight hug, but his hug felt more obligatory than anything else.

“You okay?” You pulled back, suddenly admiring how good he looked in his dress clothes.

“Oh, yeah, I’m fine. I was just amazed by how nice you look in your dress.” He fibbed. He hadn’t stopped thinking about how much he didn’t want this wedding to happen.

“You look so cute! I love this shirt,” you rubbed his arm.

“You look amazing.” He said in a genuine tone. You both stood there for a minute looking at each other before he broke the silence. “Hey, well uh, it’s almost time for this thing to start, isn’t it? I should probably go ahead and get going,” he coughed.

Your cheeks went red and you shook your head a little. “Yeah, you should,” you awkwardly chuckled.

A thought happened in the back of your mind. You didn’t want Phil to leave. You wanted him to stay with you… Forever.

Phil didn’t want to leave you. He wanted to grab you and kiss you and hold you and never let go. But you were already getting married. He’d have to live with what could’ve been.. Forever.

He looked at you one last time and swore he saw sadness in your eyes. Why would you be sad? It was your wedding day, the happi-

You pulled him into a kiss.