his laugh is seriously the best thing ever


He is so precious, from his personality to his looks. He is so amazing and so talented and I couldn’t love him more, seriously. Like he makes me so happy. I can’t stand the idea of him being sad, I want to squish him and kiss him and cuddle him. I want to return him all the things that he has done and does for me. He lights up my days, he is my happiness, he makes me smile in the worst times and he is able to make me cry too. He is the most wonderful person in the world and I couldn’t be more proud of him. SERIOUSLY HE IS SO AMAZING AND I LOVE HIM AND I WANT HIM TO KNOW THAT HE IS THE BEST PERSON EVER AND HE DESERVES EVERYTHING, AND I LOVE HIS VOICE AND HOW HE PLAYS HIS GUITAR. AND HOW HE LAUGHS. AND HOW HE TALKS. AND HOW HE SEEMS SO CONCENTRATE WHEN HE IS PLAYING A DIFFICULT PART. AND HOW PASSIONATE HE IS WHEN HE IS SINGING.

Basically how I picture the dinner with Misha talking indiarussian went:

(full story) https://youtu.be/KeD2jLZoHHA?t=16m21s

Jensen: Hey Bob have I told you how awesome my boyfriend is? Did you hear his indiarussian accent? It’s the best! hey Mish, do the accent!

Misha: agh..

Jensen: Dmitri, come on! Bring it out!

Misha: uh… 

Jensen: *sends him puppy eyes*

Misha: Okay *tells a story in Indiarussian*

Jensen: *loses it*

Jensen: Haha, guys did you see this? *unicorn laughs at Misha with tears in his eyes* I told you! Isn’t Misha so funny? Seriously, he’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to me! My boyfriend is just so amazing, no one can beat him! 

Jensen: Misha do it again!

Misha: ….

Jensen: Oh come onnnnn! Bob, tell him to do it again!

Singer: Actually, my wife can do an Indian accent too.

Jensen: Ok. 

Jensen: But I bet she’s not better than Misha. Right Mish? (Cooperate babe, we’re totally winning this!)

Misha: *fml when did this become a competition in ‘my partner is better than yours’

4/4 - Luke on your wedding day would be like:

  • “guys, gUYS, GUYS … I’m getting married today.”
  • Running around the room screaming like a child because he’s so excited
  • Debating whether or not to keep his lip piercing in
  • “Like, it’s a pretty formal event. But you know, lip piercing.”
  • Deciding to keep it in because you love it
  • Wrestling with Michael on the floor because he ate the last slice of pizza
  • “Bitch, that slice was calling my name and you know it.”
  • Joining in with Calum and Ashton as they sing ‘Michael Wants Another Slice’
  • “Seriously though dude, you owe me like 5 pizzas now.”
  • Laughing like crazy when he shows the boys that he bought two penguin toys, one dressed as a bride and one as a groom
  • “Is this not the best thing you’ve seen ever? In the world?”
  • Angrily tweeting the fans to ask for their opinion as the others say its ‘alright’
  • Feeling smug with himself when the fans say that its adorable
  • “C’mon guys, we have time for one more episode of How I Met Your Mother.”
  • Pouting when Ashton turns it off and forces him to get ready
  • Standing in the mirror and psyching himself up
  • “You’ve totally got this. You’re Luke Hemmings. You’re a pretty cool guy.”
  • Redoing his hair 27 times because the quiff ‘isn’t quite right’
  • Still wondering how much fabric must have been used to make his trousers (cause that boy is tall af, let’s be real here)
  • Writing his vows last minute
  • “Fuck this, I wished I’d stayed in school.”
  • “How do you spell irreplaceable?”
  • “Calum, now is not the time for Beyoncé, goddammit!”
  • Going all shy when Ashton decides to make a Keek because it’s finally sunk in that he’s actually getting married
  • “What if she doesn’t turn up cause she realises that I can rap better than her?”
  • Putting his headphones in to listen to the first ever song he wrote for you and getting all emotional :(((((
  • “Guys, I just wanted to say … thank you for this amazing life.” *my heart is breaking*
  • Wanting Ashton to carry him down the aisle and getting all huffy when he says no
  • Incessantly biting on his lip ring when he’s stood at the end of the aisle because he’s nervous
  • Liz giving him a kiss on the cheek as he says ‘You look beautiful, Mum.”
  • His heart dropping as you walk down the aisle as he didn’t think that you could be more perfect
  • Smiling to himself as you take his hand to support each other
  • Dropping the piece of paper with his vows on and struggling to pick it back up
  • “It’s because my hands are so soft, I can’t grasp things properly.”
  • High fiving you as he’s told that he can kiss his bride
  • “Here’s to forever, beautiful.” (dON’T TOUCH ME)
  • “Now tell me honestly - is there going to be a penguin at our reception?”