his last wish is for emma and henry to be happy

I honestly never minded Neal as a character - except when he’s around Emma. What was that scene? He just had to get one last patronising-Emma moment in before leaving for good? “I’m only doing this because I care about you”… you can shove that somewhere unpleasant. Neal still thinks he knows better than Emma, but it’s okay because he loves her. HOW do people think this is romantic.

I mean, I’m glad Emma got to know that he’s happy, so for Emma’s sake I’m oka with it. But I really, really wish they’d given this scene to Henry instead. He could’ve passed the message along and it would’ve given him some closure, since he’s brought it up more than once.

And this way, at least to me, it made it look like Neal really didn’t care that much about Henry. No unfinished business? He died in order to see his son again but didn’t get to see him, and his father dishonoured his sacrifice in the worst way, but he had no unfinished business? That doesn’t really come across as someone who really cared. About anything other than Emma, that is. And even Emma, he doesn’t care about enough to treat with respect, as the hero she is, as someone whose instincts and heart are reliable and a source of strength.

Goodbye, please never call again.

Chocolat, Chapter 1 (1/3)

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For as long as she remembered, the little shop on Main Street had been closed, old newspapers covering the windows and dust on the doorframes. But not that day. That day she spotted a dark haired stranger carrying boxes into the shop, a thick black wool coat protecting him from the last days of winter.

“What do you think they’ll open?” Henry asked her as they walked towards Granny’s.

“I don’t know, kid… we’ll just have to wait and see.” Emma replied as she lifted her gaze only to find him coming out of the shop, his eyes meeting hers as he smiled curiously at her. Blue eyes meeting green… and the rest of the world went silent for a moment.

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