his last name is hey man!!!!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Nurse!Reader 
Part: 1/?
Summary: Reader a nurse during WW2 finds herself at the same camp as Bucky. 
A/N: So I was inspired by this Sinful Sunday post and I couldn’t get the idea out of my head. It’s not exactly what the ask said but thank you for the inspiration anon! Please come let me know what you think.
Word count : 1,704 

“You did what?” his voice was low and you felt your heart drop at the hurt in his tone. He stepped closer when you didn’t answer. “You did what?” he repeated, each word escaping through gritted teeth.

“I joined the army nurses” you whispered, looking at your feet afraid to see the emotions etched on his face. When he remained silent you tilted your head up. He stood there, jaw slightly clenched simply shaking his head.

“Buc-” you tried reaching your hand to touch his arm but he stepped out of your reach.

“What if you get hurt?” tears and anger strangled his voice.

“What if you do?” you shot back, trying to look away from the sergeant uniform hanging by the bed.

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Alex Summers!!! Im still so salty about his death man ..... so bitter

Originally posted by shirokirito-sao

Prompt: “My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on”

Character: Alex Summers

Warning: Alludes to sex

At 8 in the morning, after a long night, a long…naked…sweaty night you did not expect to unlock your phone to a text from your mother…saying that your parents were 10 minutes away and were coming to visit you at your apartment…on a Saturday just past 8 in the morning.

Any other morning that might have been fine. In fact it might have been most welcome. But this particular Saturday you had a naked and attractive stranger in your bed and 10 minutes to get him dressed and out of your apartment before your parents saw because the last thing you wanted was that awkward conversation…where your mother would assume he was a boyfriend and you’d have to explain you’d met him last night in a club.

The man in question, his name you seemed to recall was Alex, was still asleep in your bed and while you’d have liked to enjoy the morning with him and his very, very attractive body you couldn’t. 

You leant over and shook him away, more frantically than you’d have done any other day. 

“Hey?” He was still groggy and you really hated having to kick him out after such a fun night but you had to. You walked around the room and grabbed his clothes (he already had your number in his phone) and shoved them in his arms.

“My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on and you might want to leave?” You have him the low down, pulling on some fresh underwear hastily and grabbing something to wear. 

“Or I could meet the parents.”

“Haha, very funny” You didn’t think he was serious, of course he wasn’t! What sort of person wants to meet the parents of the person the fucked after a drunk night (a fun night still)? 

“I’m serious…I could just pretend nothing happened, that I’m a ‘friend’” Thankfully he’s actually pulling his clothes on now and you’ve never been more grateful for clothing in your life because your mother would have a shock to find a naked man in your apartment. 

“Why would you do that?” 

“Because I really don’t want to rush out your door at what? 8 in the morning?” He looked at his phone before looking at you as if you had the final stay on whether he stayed or he went. 

“If you’re staying you’re making breakfast and small talk.” Part of you was somewhat giddy about the thought. Your parents would be priceless to find a man in your home and you’d get to spend more time with him…so long as they didn’t know what went on last night it might actually work out?

07. girls your age. | shs

warnings; dirty talk, very slight verbal humiliation, mentions of voyeurism, mentions of cheating, clothed sex, unsafe sex, they drink but they’re not drunk, fem!reader, wonho has a big ego, slight angst towards the end, based on girls your age by transviolet

word count; 2541

a/n; pls read the warnings! i just love wonho. my mans. i also lov minhyuk this is fiction. this is gross always use condoms

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"Soulmate's" Big Brother

Sam checked his dorm room number again–230. This was it.

He opened the door to see someone, presumably his roommate, was already there, sitting on one of the beds. He had dark messy hair and was, for some reason, wearing this big coat, despite being indoors. “Hey,” Sam held out his hand. “I’m Sam.”

His roommate leaned forward and shook it. “Castiel,” he replied in a deep voice. “Nice to meet you.”

“You too. Uh, I still have some more stuff I need to bring in, so.” Sam dropped his bag on the unoccupied bed and headed to the door.

Castiel stood up. “I’ll come with you,” he offered. “So you don’t have to carry everything.”

“Thanks, Castiel,” Sam smiled. He smiled back.

“Call me Cas.”

Cas and Sam became quick friends. After just a week, they were close enough that instead of going to the big party everyone seemed to be taking about, they decided to stay in, swapping jokes and telling each other entertaining stories.

“Are you serious?” Cas burst out laughing.

Sam grinned. “Yep. And you should have seen his face! But get this, then he was like, ‘Sam Winchester! Get your–”

“Wait,” Cas sat up, suddenly serious. “Your last name is Winchester?”

“Uh, yeah. So?” Sam answered, looking and feeling confused at Cas’s abrupt seriousness.

Cas stared at him. “What’s your soulmate’s last name?”


Cas slumped back. “Um, that’s my last name… and my soulmate is a Winchester.”

“Woah.” Sam frowned. “No offense, man, you’re nice and I like you and all, but–”

“–I really only have platonic feelings toward you,” Cas interjected.

“Yeah, exactly.”

Cas flopped onto his bed. “This is fairly awkward now,” he observed.

“Uh…” Sam scratched the back of his head. “Should we… oh man, I was gonna ask if we should try kissing each other, but…” he made a face.

“Do you want to pretend this conversation didn’t happen?” Cas asked hollowly.


“Hey, Dean!” Sam pulled his brother into a hug.

“Hey, Sammy.” Dean smiled, hugging back before pulling away and lightly punching his brother.



Sam grinned. “Watch your mouth, I’m bigger than you now.”

“Maybe not bigger, but you’re certainly taller,” Dean commented. “When the hell did that happen?”

“Come on,” Sam laughed. “I’ll show you around.”

They joked around and made fun of each other as Sam showed Dean around campus.

“This is my room,” Sam said as they walked to the door. “But, uh, fair warning, it’s a bit awkward between me and my roommate.”

“Why’s that?” Dean asked.

Sam ducked his head. “Our… We might be soulmates, but neither of us feel that way about the other.”

“Y'know there are platonic soulmates.” Dean playfully shoved Sam through the door.

Sam staggered into the room, laughing. Cas, lying on his bed, looked up from the book he was reading. “Hello, Sam,” he said coolly.

Dean followed Sam through the door and immediately saw a damn cute guy with messy hair and extremely blue eyes. “Wow, Sammy, you didn’t tell  your roomie was hot!” he joked.

“Uh, hey Cas,” Sam waved. “This is my brother, Dean. Dean, this is Castiel, my roommate.”

“Pleasure.” Dean smiled.

“Likewise,” Cas replied, staring at Dean. The two of them looked intensely at each other for a moment before Cas returned to his book. He looked a bit shocked, Sam thought. Then suddenly, something clicked.

“Wait, wait a second.” Sam turned to his brother. “Have you ever told me your soulmate’s last name?”

Dean shrugged. “Don’t think so.”

“Well, I want to know,” Sam declared. “Come on, tell me.”

“What are you going on about?” Dean asked, confused.

“Just–” Sam shook his head. “Just humor me. Please?”

Dean rolled his eyes. “Whatever,” he said. “It’s Novak.”

Cas fell off his bed.

“Woah, you ok?” Dean asked, going over to help him up. Cas took the hand he offered and stood shakily.

“Um, I’m sorry,” he said unevenly, his face turning red. “I’m not sure I heard you correctly. I could have sworn you just said your soulmate’s last name was Novak.”

“It is, why–” Dean smacked his forehead. “Oh my god, you thought you two were soulmates, so your–is your last name–”

Dean was cut off as Sam pushed him forward lightly. He stumbled a few steps and collided with Cas, their lips connecting in a way that wasn’t really a kiss, but made Dean want to kiss Cas for real.

“Yep,” Sam said proudly, popping the “p” as he said it. “You’re both welcome.”

Cas looked at Sam. “I guess as a thank you, I should introduce you to Gabe.”

Sam tilted his head quizzically. “Who’s Gabe?”

“He's my brother.” Cas grinned. “Gabriel Novak.”

(This will probably get another chapter eventually with Sabriel, but I don’t know when)

Chocolate Croissant

Kim Yugyeom x Reader (Gender Neutral) 

Word Count: 3940

Genre: Fluff, Angst 

Under your breath, or at least you thought, you said, “What a prick for ordering the last chocolate croissant.”

Yugyeom and you have been close friends ever since he bought the last pastry, that you wanted, from your favorite cafe.

You were standing behind him in line barely paying attention to what was coming out of him mouth as he rattled off a long list of drinks and food to the cashier. It was not until he said the words chocolate croissant that your ears perked up. You have been looking forward to that chocolate croissant all week. And he was about to take the last one that they had. As he ordered the pastry you let out a sigh. There was nothing that you could do about it.

Under your breath, or at least you thought, you said, “What a prick for ordering the last chocolate croissant.” 

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I was in Atlanta last week, shooting a film, and I went in a convenience store to get a pack of gums and water, and there’s a guy there, his name tag says “Paul”. And I just- I was buying what I was buying and he said to me, “Hey, man, I’ll be watching March, 18th!” I said, “Cool, pal. I hope you like it!” and he goes, “Yeah, I hope so too,” and just like, gives me this death stare.

Somethin’ stupid

Based off of Somethin’ Stupid by Frank Sinatra 

Steve Rogers 








You were beautiful. Your hair was shiny, your lips were plump, you stood with confidence and Steve was shell shocked. Your smile was contagious, he could hear your laugh across the room and it made his knees weak. He was jealous of the champagne that you were sipping on, he wished your lips were on his instead of the crystal glass. 

You were talking to Natasha, he knew if he wanted to talk to you the best time was know. Nat would always help him with his girl problems. You had know Steve for years, and all those years he had a huge crush on you. You would drop little hints that you liked him back, but the big guy just couldn’t pick them up. 

Steve finally made his way towards you and Nat, his heart practically beating out of his chest. He was always so nervous to talk to you, he knew something stupid would come out of his mouth. When he reached the two of you he had to take a couple seconds to bring himself together, you were breath taking. 

“Hey, Steve.” Nat’s voice brought him out of his daze. 

“Hey ladies,” Steve smiled and gave you both a kiss on the cheek, yours lasting a little longer than needed. 

“How are you, Captain?” You knew he liked it more when you called him by his actual name, but you just loved to tease the man. 

“I’m wonderful (Y/N), how about you?” He grinned at you, the blush that spread across your cheeks becoming more evident. 

“I’m great,” You took down the awkwardness of the conversation with the rest of your champagne, the warmness left over felt good. 

“Well,” Natasha laughed at the both of you, “I’ll leave you two crazy kids to it.” Steve watched Nat walked away with a scowl on his face, she knew damn well he wouldn’t be able to hold a conversation with you. 

“You wanna go get some drinks?” You asked the large man in front of you.

“Yeah,” He smiled, “I would love that.” You two walked over to the bar, Steve in front of you. Your eyes just couldn’t help but wander down his broad back. The way the button up he was wearing tightened with ever step he took and hugged his muscles beautifully made you want to drool. Your gaze lowered and you took in the beautiful sight, that was his back side. You could go on fro hours about how gracefully he walked and the way his slacks fit just right, but you two were at the bar now and that would just be awkward to talk about. 

“What do you want?” His voice was soft when he asked this, making you look up at his new tone. 

“Just a beer is fine,” You said, your voice just as soft as his. You heard Steve say something about drinks to the bar tender but all you could see were the way his lips moved. Everything about the man was breath taking, and damnit you were tired of waiting for him to make the first move. 

“Steve?” You asked, making him stop talking to the man next to him and turn towards you. 

“Yes, doll?” Your posture faltered at the pet name, causing him to reach of for you.

“You wanna dance?” Steve grinned and nodded, and led you to the dance floor. 

His grip was firm on your waist. You could literally feel the calluses of his hands through your dress, the feeling made you giddy. Your hands made their way to his shoulders, you could feel him tense with every movement you made. When he started to sway to the music you swear the night got bluer, the stars were red. Your perfume filled his head, he swore he loved you. You rested your head on his shoulder, his heart started beating faster. His grip tightened on your waist and you swore you felt the world stop. You loved him.

The dancing went on for a couple more minutes, no words were exchanged. When the song switched to a faster one you two still swayed back and forth at the slow pace. The moment felt right and Steve pulled away, his gaze never leaving yours. 

“(Y/N),” He began and took a deep breath. “I love you.” You smiled wide and so did he. You pulled him down to you by the nape of his neck and kissed him. You kissed him like you two were the only people in the room. The kiss was slow and passionate, the feeling of his lips on yours was the feeling of heaven. When he pulled away you pouted slightly and he laughed, pulling you closer to him. He placed his head in the crook of your neck and you smiled at the big baby in your arms. 

“Captain?” He hummed in response, the vibration made goosebumps appear on your skin and he smiled when he noticed them. 

“I love you too.” There was nothing stupid about the way you two felt about one another.

The Tyke

Originally posted by sail-not-drift

Pairing: past Daryl x Reader
Word count: 1,458
Warnings: Angst

Scooping the smiling little boy from his car seat, your breath caught in your throat. He was four, and the way his blue eyes were every bit his father never stopped amazing you. He’d look up at you and memories would come at you like a tidal wave. “Come on, baby. Let’s get you cleaned up for dinner.” You said, setting him on the sidewalk next to you.

The small boy knelt down, driving his toy car in circles as you grabbed the few bags from the trunk. “You need some help, ma’am?” Came a voice from behind you that made you freeze.

“Mommy, is rude ta inore!” Came the sweet voice of your son, making your eyes dart to him before turning to come face to face with Merle Dixon.

You’d never liked Merle, and he’d always made you uneasy. Years away hadn’t changed that one bit. “Well, well, well.” He smirked, a twinkle in his eye that made you taste bile. “If it isn’t little miss Y/N.”

“No, I don’t need help, Merle.” You told him, refusing to back down.

“Ain’tchya gon’ introduce me ta the tyke?” He asked, moving more towards him. “Hey, there, buddy.”

You were shaking slightly as you slammed your trunk shut, everything in your arms. “Come on, Finn.” You told your son firmly. “Say goodbye to Mr. Merle.” You hated the man with a passion, but you were trying to raise Finn right. There was no way you’d be blurting out that they shared a last name.

“Bye, Mr. Merle!” Finn’s eyes lit up as he waved.

Merle raised an eyebrow at you, but looked back to Finn. “See ya round, Finn. Nice meetin’ ya.” He stood up, his eyes locked on yours as he slowly walked by. “I’ll be seein’ ya.” It sounded almost like a threat to you.

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Summer Beginnings - Kim Taehyung oneshot

A Summer oneshot for you guys. Hope you enjoy!

The heatwave that had hit your city was, according to the news, the hottest it had ever been. That’s why you opted to a day at the beach with your sister and friend. Arriving at the beach, you slipped on your sunglasses and made your way to the brightly coloured changing rooms. After stepping out of your denim shorts and pulling your off shoulder top over your head, you left the changing room in your black and white striped bikini. Stretching your arms out, you grinned at the thought of the crisp cool waves against your body.

“Y/N! That bikini is so cute!” Your best friend Ji Hee complimented you whilst your sister exited the changing room. “Hey! It’s because I picked it out for her. Otherwise she would have came in her school swimsuit.” She playfully pushed you and you shot her a close eyed grin.

“Ah, thanks sis.” You began walking, in search of a suitable place to lay your towels whilst Ji Hee carried your parasols. When you found a relatively empty space, you placed down all your things and slapped some sun screen on your bodies. It was then you noticed you forgot to bring drinks, a basic necessity.

“Crap. We forgot the drinks. You guys relax while I run down to the stall and buy some.” Your sister lowered her glasses to look up at you. “Okay, if you need anymore money just go into my purse.” You nodded, picking out her purse.

Making your way down the cobblestone path, you arrived at the stall. When you had  finished buying a few bottles of water and cans of drinks, you felt a tap on your shoulder. Turning around, you came face to face with a man you had never seen before. He smirked at you as he eyed you up and down whilst licking his lips. Despite knowing you would be stared at in the bikini you were wearing, it still utterly disgusted you that he was practically drooling at the sight of so much skin.

“Hey, I couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous you are.” He brushed a hand through his hair and shot you half a grin, obviously full of himself. You tried your hardest to remain polite despite the disgusting behaviour you were witnessing.

“Thank you. That’s kind of you to say.” He didn’t seem to notice your uncomfortable smile and tense shoulders as he casually slipped an arm around your shoulders, as if you had known each other for years. “So I was thinking you could join me and my friends ove-” You ducked underneath his arm and shot him a scowl, although he didn’t seem all that fazed.

“I don’t know you and I’m kind of busy. Please refrain from touching me, thank you.” You spun on your heel and you began walking back in the direction you came from but a tight grip on your forearm restricted you from moving any further than a few steps. “You don’t have to be so bitchy, just come and have fun with me.” Shaking off his grip was futile as he just pulled you closer towards him. You were extremely startled to find that he had the confidence to wrap both of his arms around you, resting both hands on your hips and you dropped the bag of drinks in shock. You pushed him away with new found strength and sent him a deathly glare. He had messed with the wrong girl but clearly he hadn’t realised that yet.

“What the fuck! I told you I don’t know you so don’t fucking hug me like we’re a couple or something, It’s creepy. Do I have to get a restraining order for you to know to back off?” The glare he returned was one that sent chills down your back and he took a step towards you, once again reaching out. Before he could do anything another arm shot out from seemingly nowhere and twisted the strangers arm behind his back. He screamed in agony and you stood there, half relieved and half confused.

“The pretty lady told you to leave her alone. Why can’t you get the message?” A cheery voice had come from your saviour, a man with light brown hair and a face so handsome you were almost certain he was model. “Alright! Alright! I’ll fucking leave.”
The handsome stranger let a ‘boxy’ smile spread on his face and let go of your harassers arm. The man gave you one last look before running in the opposite direction.

“Well, that’s one way to spend a day at the beach. My name’s Kim Taehyung.” He outstretched his hand at the end of his introduction and you gratefully took it, returning his smile with a softer one.

“My name is Y/N. Thank you so much for helping me. I honestly thought he wouldn’t leave me alone and god knows what would have happened if you hadn’t turned up. I could’ve b-” He placed a slender finger upon your mouth.

“Hey, don’t think about stuff like that. It’s not good for the mind you know.” You simply nodded at him, trying to calm your racing heart. Your cheeks flushed at the skin contact as you watched him retract his finger and stuff his hands into his pockets.

“Come on. I’ll walk you to your friends.” He slipped ahead of you and you followed closely behind, picking up the bag of drinks you had dropped previously. How did he know you were not alone?

“Because I saw you earlier on, setting up with your friends.” His answer dragged you out of your thoughts and it was then your realised you had voiced your thoughts aloud.

“You should hang with me and my friends. Not by yourself obviously, bring your friends along. That way you won’t have to worry about touchy bastards who don’t know when to stop.” His suggestion was bold but you couldn’t deny that it would make you feel a lot more comfortable so when you reached your sister and Ji Hee, you explained what had happened and Taehyung’s suggestion, to which they agreed to. After moving all of your things, you found yourself being introduced to a group of 6 boys.

“Guys, this is Y/N, her sister and friend. Please make them feel comfortable.” At first, an awkward silence had settled in but after Taehyung had introduced each of his friends, you soon found yourself laughing along with everyone else at jokes and stories. Suddenly, the awkwardness had disappeared and your day at the beach had become more than a way to escape the uncomfortable heat. The sneaking glances you had shared with Taehyung was enough to hint to the start of a unique relationship. You spent hours in the sea having a splash war and then playing shoulder wars, with you and Taehyung emerging as the victors.

When the time came for you to part ways, Taehyung had pulled you away from your group and grinned at your confused face.

“Can you give me your phone real quick?”  You obliged, unlocking and handing him your phone and you watched him with even more confusion. He suddenly made a 'V’ sign with two fingers, placing them at his forehead whilst closing his eyes and smiling his adorably boxy smile. The sound of a picture being taken piqued your interest and he began typing something into your phone. He then pulled his own phone out and snapped a picture of you and you gasped at the sudden action.

“Hey! I wasn’t ready for that!” He only snickered in return.

When he handed you back your phone, you found that you had a new contact listed under the name 'V’.

“It’s my number. I messaged myself through your phone so now I have yours.” He stuffed his phone back into his pocket and brushed his damp hair out of his face.

“What’s 'V’?” Taehyung lightly pinched your cheek, giving you a bright grin.

“That’s a story for another day.”

“Hey, Taehyung! Say your goodbyes, it’s time to go!” Hoseok’s voice had made Taehyung jump and you giggled at the look of surprise that flashed across his face.

“I’m glad I met you, Y/N. You’re fun and cheerful so it makes me happy to be around you.” His words made your heart speed up and you felt your cheeks grow hot. He stepped forward and gave you a brief hug, before turning and running to his friends.

“Y/N let’s go! It’s getting late.” Ji Hee’s voice broke you out of your trance and you all but ran to the car, hopping inside. When you arrived home and had prepared yourself for bed, you were reminded of when Taehyung had your phone.

Entering your messaging app, you were greeted with the message Taehyung had sent himself a few hours prior.

'You’re reaaaally pretty when you’re angry. Oh! And don’t let other guys touch you, I got really jealous earlier on because guys like that shouldn’t be around you. Only guys like me.’

You buried your face into your pillow, mentally screaming at yourself to stop acting like, a lover sick teenager, but to no avail.

If only Taehyung knew that you had no sleep that night all thanks to his message.

Eye Witness

AU: WitnessProtection!Yoongi, Cop!Jungkook w/gang!VMin

Warnings: Gang related stuff- gun violence, threats, all around danger, etc. 

Word Count: 2.9k

Summary: It should have been a normal walk home from work, but when you see something you shouldn’t have and get caught, passerby Min Yoongi is not happy that you drag him into it. 

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Title: Fire Saftey Part 1

Character: Patrick Sullivan

Movie: The Accidental Husband

Warnings: None, fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Special shout out to @ladylorelitany and @magikat409!

Holding her stuffed bunny rabbit by the ear, little Eleanor “Ellie” Lail shuffled her way down the hall.

She looked around, making sure that no one was out and watching her.

Eleanor had a plan brewing, one that would help her Aunt Y/N Knowles in the best of ways.

Eleanor had been at school, the whole Kindergarten class outside for fire safety week.

There, she had seen a tall, handsome fireman by the name of Patrick. He had dimples and Eleanor knew for a fact that her Auntie loved dimples.

Shoving her bunny into her overalls, Eleanor looked around one more time.

Reaching up until she was on her tiptoes, she hooked her fingers onto the white latch and dropped down to the flat of her feet, using her weight to pull down hard.

Immediately the bell sounded. Eleanor took off in a run towards her Aunties apartment, her little legs moving quickly and her pigtails bouncing.
I shot up off of the couch, hearing the fire alarm once again and the front door slamming.

“Christ, another one!?” I grumbled, rubbing my eyes.

“Ellie baby?” I hollered, searching the hall for her.

“I’m wight here, Aunt Y/N!”

I looked towards the end of the hall to find Eleanor breathing heavily, Mr. Floppy tucked into her overalls.

“Where were you?” I asked her, picking her up.

“Over at Chawies. We was playin’.” she said, wrapping her arms around my neck.

I carried her out the door and down a flight of stairs to go outside and wait for the fire department to show.

As we waited, I found a place on the brick wall to take a seat. My body ached from working so many hours, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Ellie was my responsibility now… My sister had passed away about a year before hand and she had left me as the sole caregiver of Ellie.

I made sure that she never hurt for anything; her happiness and well being was my number one focus.

I had nearly fallen asleep sitting up when Eleanor tugged on my shirt, “What Hun?”

She pointed at a fireman, a smile on her face,”Lookit, Aunt Y/N! That’s the fireman that came to my school!”

I couldn’t get a good look at him and that’s when I realized that I didn’t even have my glasses on.

Gah, I hoped that the building wasn’t on fire.

The visit from the men didn’t last long, but some seemed quite pissed.

“Mistur Patwick! Mistur Patwick!” Eleanor called out, flailing her arms.

The man looked over and smiled as he came closer to where we were sitting.

“Well, well. If it isn’t little Miss Ellie, right?”

Eleanor gasped, her eyes wide, “He remembured my name!”

“Why wouldn’t I?” he chuckled.

“Dis is my Aunt Y/N!”

I squinted at the man; he was still slightly blurry.

He held out his hand, “Nice to meet you, Y/N,”

I shook his hand, blushing when I saw his dimples, “Likewise,”

“Hey Patrick! We gotta go, man!” one of the men by the fire truck yelled.

“It’s safe to go back in, but we’ve been asking that everyone keep an eye out; see who’s pulling the alarms.”

“Sure, thank you for coming out.”

“Not a problem. Ladies,” Patrick nodded his head and walked off, his boots thudding on the cement.

When I turned around to pick Ellie up, I found her with her arms crossed and a pout on her face.

“What’s wrong?”


“Ummm, okay… Let’s go inside and get you some dinner made,”

For the rest of the night and well into the week, Ellie was in a sour mood.

It was a Thursday night when I had come home early and had all the household work done, that I had decided to follow Ellie to see what she was up to.

That was when I found out it had been her that had been pulling the alarm.

Just as she reached up, I hollered at her, “Eleanor Rose Lail!”

She screamed when she spun around. Her bottom lip began to quiver and her eyes filled with chunky tears.

“Young lady, just what do you think you’re doing!?” I demanded.

She started to hiccup cry, “I- I- I just wanted you to be happy!”

My brows furrowed. I didn’t even know whether to be mad at her or not.

“Ellie,” I sighed, kneeling down.

“I’m sowwie!” she cried, cuddling Mr. Floppy to her face.

I gently took her hand and led her back to the apartment.

“Awre you mad?” she hiccuped.

“I’m not exactly happy, Ellie, but we’re going down to the fire station and you’re apologizing to those men whose time you wasted.”

She sniffled, taking the sleeve of her shirt and wiping her nose, “Yes Ma’am.”
The wind was sharp and cold as we walked to the fire station. Ellie had been quiet the whole time.

As soon as we neared the station, we saw a few of the men were outside washing one of the trucks.

I cleared my throat to gain their attention, “I’m looking for Patrick?”

“Yo, Patrick! Broad out here to see ya’s!”

I pushed my glasses up my nose, finally able to see the dimples clearly as Patrick smiled.

“Hey Ellie, Y/N.”

Ellie immediately teared up as I nodded, “Can I speak to you, privately?”

The smile slipped from his face, concern taking place, “Yeah, sure. Come on in Sweetheart.”

Patrick led us inside where it was warm. The kitchen and living room were practically one room.

“You alright, Y/N?” he asked, folding his arms over his broad chest.

Eleanor looked up at me. I gently nudged her, “Go on,”

She played with her bunny’s ears, her lip quivering, “It was me Mr. Patwick,”

Patrick knelt down to her level, “What are you talking about Ellie?”

“I pulled da fire alarm,” fat tears rolled down her rosy cheeks.

Patrick sighed, scratching his brow with his thumb, “Ellie, Honey, you can’t be doing that. Why would you do it?”

“Because I wanted Aunt Y/N to be happy…”

He looked up at me slightly confused, “I’m not following,”

“You can make Aunt Y/N happy. She takes vewy good care of me! She needs someone take of her too and she’s vewy bootiful!”

“Okay, okay… One thing at a time, Ellie. I’m gonna have some of the guys show you around and teach you a few things okay?”

Ellie nodded and wiped her nose, “You’re not mad?”

Patrick smiled and tucked away a loose curl, “No Honey, but you can’t pull the fire alarm anymore.”

“Yes sir,”

Patrick called one of his coworkers over and had him show Ellie the ropes.

I stood by the couch, staring at my sneakers. When Patrick came back over, he touched my arm.

“I’ll pay what ever fines, just send me a bill.”

“Don’t worry about that. Come sit down.” Taking me by the elbow, he led me to the couch where we sat at the same time.

“It seems we have a little Cupid in our midst,” he chuckled.

I blushed, playing with my fingers, “Yeah… I’m really sorry about the trouble that Ellie has caused,”

“She’s just a kid and she means well, Y/N,”

“Thank you… for being so understanding,” I said, my voice breaking at the end.

Patrick’s brows furrowed as he leaned closer and placed a hand on my knee, “It’s no problem, Sweetheart, really.”

I cleared my throat, not knowing what possessed me to spill my guts, “My sister passed away in a car wreck about a year ago,”

Patrick’s other hand rubbed my back, “Ellie’s mom?”

I nodded.

“Shit, I’m sorry, Y/N,”

“Eleanor means well… I guess, maybe I should let go of a few hours at work so that I can be home with her more… I just don’t want to drown in bills,”

“That’s understandable,”

We fell in a comfortable silence as Patrick continued to gently rub my back.

“Listen, Ellie did get something right,”

“What’s that?”

“You are very beautiful,”

I snorted, slapping a hand over my mouth after the noise escaped me.

Patrick laughed.

He did have some amazing dimples when he smiled.

He licked his lips and smiled, “Let me take you out, on a real date.”

“Oh I don’t-”

“C'mon, just one and if you don’t wanna go out again, I’ll take it as it is. Please?”

I stared into his eyes, seeing the genuineness there. Nodding, I decided to live a little, “Okay,”

“Yesss!” Ellie screeched, making us both jump at the high pitched sound.

“Eleanor Rose Lail!” I smiled, but scolded.

She giggled and covered her mouth, “Sowwie,”


Don’t Call My Baby A Slut

Author: deanthewarrior
Pairing: Dean x Reader
Word Count: 1,018
Warnings: Sexual Harassment, brawl, catcalling, slut shaming, fluff, angry boyfriend Dean.

A/N: Hope you enjoy! Don’t be afraid to reblog!

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

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Times Have Changed - Pietro Maximoff x (f)Reader

Words: 2909
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x (platonic)(f)Reader
Featuring: Skinny Steve, Bucky Barnes,  Howard Stark, Peggy Carter, Wanda Maximoff, Supersoldier Steve Rogers, Tony Stark
Warnings: talk of death, time travelling, swearing
Requested by anon
Idk if you’d do a time travel au, but maybe one where Piet and y/n end up in the 40s and meet Bucky and skinny!Steve but they have to be careful not to change the future.
Summary: Instead of Pietro dying in the Battle of Sokovia, Wanda did. Pietro was lost and unsure of anything without her. Determined to get her back by time travel, he overshot the time a bit and ended up many, many years off. The objective: Get back to 2017 without changing anything.
Authors Note: so i fucking love this au. i actually have plans to do more with time travelling (probably unrelated to this), so yeah! If you’d be interested in that I’d love to know :) This was so fun to write; how the fuck did i manage 2.9k words?

Pietro Masterlist. Masterlist.

Read on Ao3

After Wanda died, Pietro had been a mess.

Pietro saved Clint and a little boy, but it was close. And even though the Maximoff boy was new and on the other side for most of the battle, no one wanted him dead. He was an important addition to the team, as speed could be very valuable. It was very lucky when it was found out he was only shot in the leg and arm, nothing that couldn’t be fixed with Dr. Cho’s help.

Everyone besides the flying heroes was on the Helicarrier and away from the danger. All except Wanda Maximoff, she was guarding in the church. And once Sokovia started to fall, she went to go see Ultron. She wanted to get revenge and see him die. He hurt her and Pietro, and she would not allow him to get away with it.

“Wanda, if you stay here, you’ll die,” Ultron warned her.

“Do you know how it will feel?” Wanda asked Ultron and before he could respond, her hand jolted forward and pulled his heart out. “Like that.”

Ultron groaned, and laughed. “You missed,” He told her, and she looked down. She didn’t grab his heart, she grabbed a bomb that was inside of him; it activated once it was outside of his body.

You would never forget Pietro’s scream when he saw an explosion and Vision flying out with Wanda in his arms.

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The Labyrinth Chapter 9

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU
Pairing: Reader/Jimin
Length: 1534

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12 || Jin Trailer ||

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the-real-sans-the-skeleton  asked:

I had a really hard day today (got harassed at school and then got yelled at) and I was wondering if you would do a request The request is (this might be long sorry) reader find out they are pregnant with Gabe's kid and then before they can tell Gabe the news he is presumed dead and so the reader goes on with their life and has the child then Gabe comes back as reaper and goes to find the reader and then funds he has a family now sorry if it was too long sorry!

((I’m so so sorry you had a hard day hon, those people that yelled at you suck. I hope that things get better!))

“Estoy em-bara-za-da”, you practiced, saying each syllable carefully before licking your lips and nodding. You were playing a short recording over and over, making sure you were saying it right and not butchering the Spanish phrase. “Estoy embara-zada…Estoy embarazada! There we go, I got it!”

You spun in a circle, smoothing your hands down your ‘bloated’ belly, giggling softly and happily. You were pregnant. If you hadn’t taken five pee tests and one blood test, you wouldn’t be sure if you actually believed that it was true but it was. You and Gabriel had talked in passing about having a family; of running away from Overwatch and Blackwatch, finding a home and starting over from scratch. New identities, plenty of money and enough human comforts that you’d never have to look back. You’d never be the ‘Jones’, with their white picket fences and ‘perfect American dream’, but you could be happy and free from all the bureaucratic bullshit that was intrinsically tied up with Overwatch and Blackwatch.

Especially now since things were looking so bad. Between the sensitive leaked information about Overwatch, deaths of prominent Overwatch agents, the reveal of the existence of Blackwatch and the witch hunt the world was on, it was time to get the hell out of dodge. Jesse had left first with Gabriel’s blessing, but his protege couldn’t convince the Blackwatch leader to leave himself. He had wiped records of your existence and moved you to Aix-les-Bains, France; explained that it was safer to be out of Switzerland for the time being, the hour commute back and forth more than worth it to keep you directly out of harm’s way.  What that harm was, he hadn’t revealed to you.

‘It’s better you don’t know, amorcita. Keeps your hands clean of this bullshit.’

Still, maybe with this news he could finally go through with those fanciful ideas of yours. You jumped as you heard you phone begin to buzz, drawing you out of your inner mind and back into the real world. Pushing a hand through your curls, your brow furrowed as you listened to your phone’s nonstop buzzing from across the room, grunting agitatedly. Crossing the room, you grabbed the device and pressed a button to illuminate the screen. Your blood froze like ice in your veins as you read the emergency notifications that were filling up your screen.

‘Explosion at Overwatch Geneva Headquarters’

‘Gigantic Explosion Rocks Overwatch HQ, Unknown Numbers Dead or Injured’

‘Unknown Numbers Hurt and Injured after Explosion Hits Geneva’

“Oh god…”

It had taken three more months until Gabriel’s status was changed from missing to dead, Reinhardt bringing you the personal effects that been found in the debris. His hat, a tungsten ring you had given him and his dog tags; all burnt but still there. Your fingers traced over the letters of his name, a soft sob leaving your lips as you pulled the objects tight against your chest. He may have left the physical plane, but Gabriel hadn’t left you alone. Your hand smoothed down your round stomach, looking up at Reinhardt with a watery smile.

“Thank you…”

“Isabella”, you warned, the bright eyed two year old looking back at you. She had managed to climb halfway up onto the the kitchen table, you rushing and scooping the adventurous little girl into your arms. She looked so much like her father, you joked that she was his little clone, only picking up traces of your features. Big brown eyes framed with thick black lashes, soft copper skin covered in tiny freckles and a head full of thick, wild black curls that framed her chubby little cheeks. “Princesita, how many times must mama ask you not to climb up on the table, hm? You’re going to end up just like those little monkey and bump your head!”

You began to tickle the little girl, spinning her in your arms and smiling at her screaming laugh, peppering warnings and kisses to her head and forehead. You had tried to keep her father’s memory alive; teaching Isabella Spanish and using the affectionate terms you could imagine Gabriel using, showing her vids and pictures of her father and his friends to prove that he was a hero that had laid down his life to protect them. Isabella knew his face, would call him daddy and talk to his framed picture in those short toddler sentences. It was hard, admittedly, to raise her all on your own but you loved your daughter and you know that Gabriel would be happy to know how you both were living.  

“Mama”, Isabella said through giggles, her own chubby little fingers stilling at trying to tickle you. She tilted her body backwards as she looked at the door frame that led to the front door, making you grunt as you took a half step forward to catch her. You shifted your daughter to your hip, the little girl grabbing onto your shirt to steady herself before pointing. “The doorbell mama!”

“Good ears mi amorcita”, you complimented, gently ruffling the child’s hair and bouncing her on your hip with each step. You were expecting a few packages for Isabella’s owl-themed birthday; a colorful owl plush, a dress, umbrella and rainboot set with the same type of owl and a new book featuring the same, sweet cartoon-y creature. The doorbell rang once more making you scoff in annoyance, Isabella yelling again to notify you that the doorbell was in fact being rang. “Thank you little one. I am coming!”

You tried to keep your voice singsong-y, a small tick of annoyance pulling at your neutral smile. Rude ass postman rushing you when they knew damn well you had a child and they didn’t have that many houses to go to in that area. Shifting Isabella on your hip, you put a sweet yet annoyed smile on your lips, undoing the locks before throwing the door open.

“Sorry for ma–”

You jumped startled, arms wrapping tightly around your daughter as you caught sight of the person on the other side of your screen door. It was a tall man that was dressed in all black; black cargo pants, a black hoodie and black boots. Something tickled in the back of your head, there was something…familiar about that silhouette.


Your eyes jumped back to your daughter, the child less scared than you were but more curious as to why you were squeezing her so tightly. Shooting a sweet smile down at her, you took a small half step back, prepared to hit the lockdown button near the door.

“I don’t know who you are but you should go”, you said, voice steely and serious, eyes darting between your daughter, the button and the stranger. “Now.”

The stranger chuckled softly, the sound low and gritty and solemn but familiar, your stomach flipping nervously. Your hands hovered over the button but you still couldn’t find it in yourself to press it just yet as the stranger began to turn, pushing the hood they had up off of their head.

“Cautious as ever mi reina”, the man said before locking eyes with you, a melancholic smile playing on those ever familiar lips. Gabriel Reyes stood in front of you, scarred and pale but alive and you froze. It felt like all the air had been knocked out of your lungs as you stared your dead lover in the face, your heart thundering in your chest.

“Gabby”, you breathed out weakly, tears immediately rolling down your cheeks. Your mind couldn’t process this. Gabriel shouldn’t be here, they hadn’t found a body but there is no way that he could be here…and alive. You hiccuped, adjusting Isabella on your hip again before wiping hardly at your face. “H-how?”

“Let me come in cariño”, Gabriel said, his hand lightly pressing against the glass of the screen. Now that he was closer, your eyes studied what you could of his facial features. His large brown eyes were now the color of fresh blood. His warm undertone was now gray, making his brown skin appear duller. There scars you had never seen before on your face, but you knew somewhere in your heart of hearts that this was the love of your life. His eyes kept darting between you and Isabella, his expression communicating unbelievable longing.  “I will explain everything, just please let me in.”

“Papa! Mama that’s papa? Mama look! That’s papa?”

“Yes baby”, you said softly, voice cracking as you tried to keep it together for your little girl. “That is your daddy…should we let him in?”


Your hands shook as you unlocked the door, your senses suddenly filled by the scent of his cologne and pomade, his arms wrapping tight around you as he pushed through the door. You unconsciously squeezed your arm tight around him, the feeling of completeness filling your body. He broke away from the hug, a real smile on his lips as he looked between you and Isabella once more before bending slightly so that he could be eye to eye with the two year old. The little girl smiled wide at him, her hand reaching out to actually touch his face, bursting into a fit of giggles when Gabriel kissed her palms.

“Hi there ángel”, he said, his voice unbelievably soft as he stood up to full height.

“That’s not my name”, the toddler corrected, brow furrowing at the ‘name’ her father had imposed on her. “My name is Isa-bella Ale-jan-dra Reyes!”

She slowed down on her own syllables to make sure she said each of them correctly before grinning wide at the man, her father. Gabe’s eyes lifted to look at you, shocked that you had given her his last name before looking back to the little girl, pure love and adoration in his eyes.

“Hey there Isabella…”

Cause You're My Favorite Hue

All Parts: {x}

Part: 7/?

Pairing: Jamilton

Inspiration: this post and this song

Summary: Black and white was all anyone saw until they touched their soulmate. For some people, color quickly rushed into world and for others, all they ever saw was black and white. Two businessmen, who absolutely hated each other, managed to bump into each other on their way up to their office. Little did either know that their world would erupt in a staccato of color.

Warning: cussing

Word Count: 3,638

Dedication: @celestialqueerfeminist. Again. Because. Tags.

Tags: @randomcakes410, @midnigtartist, @kneel-to-maria, @halpdevon, @wildlittleman, @exadorlion, @lukassgoggles, @celestialqueerfeminist

A/N: enjoy ;)

After the meeting, the day went back to normal. Alexander disappeared in his office, Thomas was probably messing around with James Madison, and everything almost felt normal. Almost.

It was near the end of the day, and by that time, Hamilton was done with his work work and had moved on to finishing off his book. The story was in its last stages, and he only had a few more pages to write. He was excited, exhausted, and kind of sad that it was ending. He poured so much of his heart and soul into the thing, after all. However, it was going to be nice that he wasn’t going to have to worry about it as much. He was going to have to look it over and proofread, but once that was done, he just had to pitch it to the company and wait for it to publish.

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Last Name // Jared

Summary: You drank a little too much and you woke up to an unfamiliar weight on your ring finger. Who exactly did you marry last night and what is your last name?

Characters: Jared Padalecki x reader, and Cara (OC)

Words: 641

Disclaimer: I do not own the song Last Name by Carrie Underwood or Supernatural.

Warnings: Allusion to night of sex, alcohol, and eloping.

Author: Caitsy

Requested: No.

Tagging: At the bottom.

A/N Shortest fic I’ve done and I find it interesting. Also Gen and Jared are not together in this but it’s just fiction and not real. I love Gen and Jared together.

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Prompt List


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You groaned feeling utterly like shit. You noticed you were in your hotel room with a nightie son but you didn’t remember anything or how you got here.

“Fuck you Cara.” You growled rubbing your head.

Cara was your best friend getting married. She wanted her wedding party to be in Vegas before she was a married woman. She’s cliche type of girl so when she announced she was having her bachelorette party in Vegas.

At first you didn’t know what was physically different. You only noticed when something painfully hit your nose. You winced feeling the sharpness knowing it had left a dent whatever the object was.

“What the fuck?” You exclaimed at first at the pain, “Oh no.”

Sitting on your left hand ring finger was something very new and definitely didn’t fit given the lack of significant other. A shiny ring glinted in the light sneaking into the room from the window. You blinked as the view of the ring settled into your mind without any hint of where it came from.

“Oh no.” You breathlessly said again.

The problem was that you were now married to a stranger. A stranger you couldn’t remember the name of. You’re mother would be so ashamed in you for doing something so reckless. She always was saying not to get so drunk that you barely remember your name.

“What happened last night?” You asked yourself, “I drank a little too much of that poison.”

The night slowly came back but you couldn’t remember the face face of your new husband nor what his name was. You could recent a voice that seemed very familiar to you.


You put the empty shot glass next to the one Cara had tossed back like a pro. You were a very giggly drunk right now. Cara’s eyes widened at the sight behind you.

“Hey gorgeous, wanna dance?” The man asked you.

“Sure.” You yelled laughing as you moved to the music. He was one of the tallest men in the club and you were thankful he had chosen to talk to you.

“Hey cutie, where you from?”

“Small town but I moved to the city this past summer!”

The two of you grinned as you drank more alcohol and danced even more.

“Wanna get out of here?” He asked.


He led you out of the club and down the street where the parking lot was and very full. He dug his car keys form his pocket and into the door of the car that most certainly an eye sore and very beat up.

“I bought it with the money I made from the movie theatre.”


The rumble of the car scared you. You forgot when when his hand rested on your thigh but you were screaming the lyrics to the song playing on the radio. Your arms were in the air as the wind from the open window blew your hair back.

“Oh look!” You gasped. A beautiful church stood in all white and tall.

‘Free Marriage Ceremony Friday’

“We should get married!” He exclaimed as he read the sign.


At three in the morning you were now married. You took his last name, one that you wouldn’t remember in the haze of alcohol. The wedding was extremely small with two people pulled off the street as witnesses and you had a bouquet of disgusting flowers.

All you remember from the ceremony was a giddy Elvis that bordered on crazy murderer. There was a note on the table beside your head with messy but neat writing.

Last night was fun even thought I can remember much other than the sex. I wish you luck.


p.s. you’re seriously good in bed.

Of course you remember what he looks like now but you couldn’t remember your goddamn last fucking name.

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Here With Me...

Another Pride prompt for all of you. I really hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading. Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! <3

Requested by: Anon- “pride and 3 "could you be happy, here, with me?” plzzz"

Word Count: 1,049

Pairing: Pride x Reader

3. “Could you be happy, here, with me?”

After locking your front door you threw your keys onto the little entry table before kicking off your boots that had worked themselves throughout the two days they’d been on. Trudging through to your bathroom the first thing you do is have a good shower, washing off all the grime and sweat of the past few days. After you’re out and dried, strolling about in your dressing gown you enter your kitchen and open your fridge to find leftover takeout next to three ice cold beer bottles. Choosing the latter you snatch the bottle from the shelf and pop the cap.

You flopped down onto your couch with a hefty sigh, it had been a rough week for you and the team. A case that involved politicians and senior navy officials. It was long, and a slow process. After a few swigs of the beer, you looked out of the window, the stars shining brightly even through the glow of the city. It made a change for you to be at your apartment. It was small, compact, dingy and all of your things didn’t fit in. Most of it was still in storage even though you’d been here for god knows how many years.

You puffed out a sigh and picked up your phone, swiping the screen you smile gently at the screen’s wallpaper, a picture of you and Dwayne taken last year at Mardi-Gras. It was the day that you knew he was the man for you. Even after two years of dating, sleepovers and confessions of love, you were still guarded and unsure. Your past relationships were dodgy to say the last and the poor man, when you decided to get together, had only been out of a divorce six months.

Pressing the dial button you tapped Dwayne’s name and place the phone to your ear. You only had to wait for a few rings before he picked up.

“Hey, darlin’.”

You could hear his smile, one of your own appearing on your lips, “Hey.”

“You only just left, everythin’ alright?”

“Yeah, yeah everything’s fine. I just…I don’t know. I’m bored. I’ve finally showered but I’m bored.” You chuckle and take a sip of your beer, “I’m surprised you aren’t at the bar.”

“Ahm headin’ there now. You wanna join me?”

You bite your lip. It was Saturday after all, you didn’t really need to be in work tomorrow, not unless someone from the Navy decided to die of a suspicious death, which would be so inconsiderate of them, “Sure. I’ll meet you there?”

“Alright. Travel safe now. Ah’ll see you soon baby’. Love ya.”

You hang up and race through to your bedroom. Stripping off your dressing gown pulled on a nice lightweight vest top and a pair of knee-length denim shorts with some nice sandals that matched your top. After pulling your hair up into a somewhat neat ponytail you gave yourself a spray of deodorant and perfume, knowing how humid New Orleans could get on a night in the middle of summer, especially in Pride’s bar.

Calling a cab from your cell you take your keys, your small little purse and stand on the street, waiting for it to arrive, messaging Dwayne to tell him you were on your way.

“There she is!” Pride grinned and placed a chaste kiss to your lips, “Let me get you a drink.” He said over the live band playing. Once both of your drinks were poured you lifted yourself up onto the free stool at the bar, Pride standing next to you.

Both of you took a sip after clinking glasses, “What made you want to come out, sweetheart? Ah thought you’d be dead to the world after this week.”

“I didn’t want to be at home.” You confessed with a slight sad smile, “It’s too small. Too quiet. I’m used to living in a city. Even after all these years.”

“Well ah can understand that.” He nodded, taking another sip of his pint, moving a little closer, “You look beautiful, [Y/N].”

You blushed as always, whenever King paid you a compliment it always happened, “You don’t look too bad yourself.” You smile up, leaning up a little further to peck the corner of his mouth, “Do you need any help behind here?” You asked, gesturing to behind the bar.

“Nope. No. You aren’t settin’ foot behind there. This here is downtime. No work.” He promised, his hand moving to hold yours, “Not unless it gets real busy. Maybe then.” He relented with a shrug of his shoulders causing you both to laugh.

“I’m thinking of moving.” You share with him, looking down at your hands, “Somewhere closer to NCIS I think. I might ask Christopher if he can help me. I should have taken his offer up the first time.”

“You’re not happy where you are then?”

“No. Like I said, it’s too small and I think it’s about time my furniture came out of storage. I’ve saved up some money if I can’t rent I might buy?” Even you had to agree that you sounded unsure, “All I know is I’m not happy there.”

Pride nodded, sipping his drink before turning to you a little more, “Well…” He started, his pause causing you to look from the live band to him, “Could you be happy, here, with me?”

Your face turned into a frown and you could tell Dwayne thought he’d said the wrong thing, “At the bar?”

“No, sweetheart, at NCIS…living with me…” He seemed to stumble on his way with words, “Ah guess ahm askin’ you to move in with me.”

“Oh, my…really?!” You ask with a squeal of delight.

“Is that a yes?”

“One hundred percent!” You beamed and pulled him in for a hug, guiding him to stand between your bent legs, “Are you serious?” You pull back a little, searching his eyes.

“Dead serious.” He drawled out, his eyes ghosting over your face as that smile you only saved for him appeared, “I love you [Y/N]. Will you move in with me?”

You nodded, “Yes. Of course. I would love too.” You cup his cheeks, kissing him deeply before your hands made their way to around his neck, “I love you too.” You mumbled against his lips, “I can’t wait.”

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Cotton Candy

Pairing:  Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,864

Summary: Jensen tries to get the reader’s number but she wants nothing to do with him.

Ah, Comic Con in San Diego.

What a shit show…a cool, awesome shit show.

Thankfully your best friend Mike is a promoter so your adorable ass gets in for free. You also have a VIP pass that lets you go wherever the hell you want.

It would be fucking fabulous if you ran into Chris Pratt or Stephen Amell or really any cool celebrities at this point.

So here you are walking around the crazy cool green room pretending you’re not a huge ass dork.

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