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This chapter is very deep and emotional. From body language and his silence, “Ciel” is very uncomfortable with his eldest brother being present. From what I have observed it seems like perhaps the eldest brother, the real Ciel was a bully to his younger brother and perhaps the younger Ciel was looked down upon, not only by his own brother but maybe his parents and even Tanaka. I figured this because in the panels with Tanaka he only is serving one cup of tea, not two. It could be because the real Ciel was there but The real Ciel had to of known that his brother would come soon. Also when the real Ciel says he won’t be angry with his brother it seems he is playing with his status and using it to overpower his brother. Which is sad because their Brothers! Maybe I’m just rambling but this is what it seems to me. I would really like to hear anyone else’s thoughts on this! Thanks your reading! ;)

i found the b/andstand casting calls today and every single one varies between tropey, unresearched, and downright gross, but focusing on johnny’s:

calling him “simple” is an ableist slur
calling him “slow” is an ableist slur
calling him “simple” or “slow” three times in well under 100 words is ableist af
saying that is great he’s “simple” and “slow” because it makes him a better drummer is not only disregarding the incredible talent he had before he got injured, but is using him as inspiration porn, and is therefore ableist af

(idk what i expected, this is a show with jokes like “how much slower do you get? what, do they put you in reverse?” in it)

Reptiblr!! I have a question about Asian water monitors and their body language, if anyone can answer:

At my local environmental center we’ve got an Asian water monitor who’s about 12 years old, I think (he was raised illegally, iirc, and then caught in a trap – possibly on accident? It gave him a scar on his head, I know that).

I know that since he’s a lizard – and a big one at that, he’s about 7.5ft long – that his body language will be different from a dog’s or a cat’s. I give him neck and chin scratches and he *seems* to enjoy them, i.e. he pushes down against my hand and his eyes slide closed and he walks up to me afterwards and stays near me, but that’s mammalian behavior to me because that’s what I’m familiar with.

Am I interpreting his body language correctly? I don’t want to cause him any discomfort and since he’s the only big lizard I’ve been able to come in contact with physically, his is the only behavior I know.

@elemental-kiss would you mind spreading this around? I apologize in advance if any of this seems incoherent, please ask if you need clarification!

Lucky Thirteen

“Dean! Sam! Come ooooooon!”

“What is she going on about now?” grumbles Dean, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He looks at the clock, then groans. “Dammit Charlie, it’s not even noon! On a Sunday!” He pulls the sheet back over his head.

Footsteps pounding on the stairs and then a fist banging on the door let him know that his little sister isn’t giving up easily. “Come on, Dean!”  Her footsteps fade a bit as she stomps down the hallway to Sam’s room, then bangs on his door and yells again, “You too, Sam! Get downstairs! Federer won! It’s almost time!”

Dean is wondering what language his little sister is speaking when his door opens and her freckled face peeks through the opening. Before she can speak he growls, “Twelve year olds should be banished from existence, Charlie.”

She giggles. “You can’t get me down, big brother. It’s almost time! Come on!” Before he can ask what on earth she’s talking about she bounces from the room and down the stairs.

He’s about to settle back into his bed when his phone chirps. A text from Cas.

Did Charlie wake you up yet?

He quickly responds.

How did you know?


Wimbledon finished earlier than expected. The announcement of the thirteenth Doctor is imminent.

Dean can’t help but laugh. That’s what I get for having a nerd kid sister. He grins. And a nerd boyfriend. He sends:

Come over? You can help keep Charlie calm while she waits. Or I can keep both of you calm. ;)


Give me ten minutes.–

Thirteen minutes later the doorbell rings. Dean pushes himself away from the table and his just finished bowl of cereal. Sam look at him quizzically. “Cas,” Dean says. “He’s as crazy as Charlie. They can nerd out together.”

Sam nods dismissively. “I’ve never been able to figure out why the two of you are such good friends.” Sam says. “You’re such a jock. He’s such a…well, a nerd, like you said. He’s really much more like Charlie than like you.”

Dean is thankful he’s on his way out of the room so Sam can’t see his blush. He still hasn’t told Sam that he and Cas have been more than friends for about six months now. Sam is usually too observant for comfort, but he’s been wrapped up in his own stuff–AP classes, playing the lead in Macbeth, and now a summer class at the local junior college–and Dean doesn’t know if he’s grateful or tired of keeping secrets.

His confusion about Sam disappears when he sees the blue eyed boy smiling at him on his front porch. “Dean,” Cas says. Dean smiles and chances a kiss. Cas pulls away after only a moment, and Dean is puzzled, then laughs as realization hits. “You’re anxious to find out about the new Doctor, aren’t you.” It’s not a question.

Cas smiles. “Busted. But you can kiss me later, I promise.”

Dean grins. “I’ll hold you to that…”

In the family room Sam sits at the coffee table surrounded by textbooks. “Sam. Live a little. It’s Sunday,” says Dean.

Sam grunts. “Research. Ten page paper. Due Friday.”

“Ouch,” says Cas. “Didn’t you think of taking a break over the summer?”

“I’m trying to graduate early,” Sam says absently, completely focused on his book.

“Yeah, that’ll be great,” grumbles Dean. “Little brother graduating the same time as me…”

“Um, helloooooo,” interjects Charlie, hands on her hips. “I think we’re missing the big picture here. Biggest announcement of the year? New Doctor? Lucky thirteen?”

Dean reaches out to ruffle her already wild red hair, but she ducks away from his hand. “What are we all doing here anyway? Are we going to gather around your laptop and watch you click on ‘refresh’? It’s not like we can tune in to BBC One.”

Charlie makes a very unladylike noise. “Please. Piece of cake. Or,” she grins, looking at Dean, “maybe a piece of pie.” She attaches a few cables from her laptop to the tv, tap-tap-taps at the keyboard for about ten seconds, then shouts, “Yahtzee!” Sure enough, English accents are suddenly coming through the tv speakers, and Roger Federer’s smiling face fills the screen.

Dean looks at Charlie, eyes wide. “You are the scariest twelve year old I’ve ever seen.”

“And don’t you forget it,” she quips.

Cas, Dean, and Charlie settle onto the couch, but Charlie only sits for a few seconds before she jumps up and starts to pace. She nibbles on a thumbnail, tugs at her hair, and bounces on the balls of her feet, all while striding back and forth across the room. She looks at Cas, sitting calmly, and screeches, “How can you just sit there?!”

Cas grins and his eyes glint with mischief. “I was just like you when they announced Capaldi four years ago. When fourteen comes along someone will be asking you how you can be so calm.”

“I doubt that,” she grumbles. “And why does Capaldi have to go anyway? I love his gruff Scottish accent and his ‘attack eyebrows’!”

“He doesn’t do hugs, he says. Except when he does,” adds Sam.

“Am I the only one who doesn’t speak geek?” Dean asks.

Doctor Who is all about change,” Cas says, pointedly ignoring Dean and answering Charlie instead. “The companions change, the Doctor regenerates, even the TARDIS gets redecorated. But the Doctor’s heart and hope endure. He is always a madman in a box, and he always saves the day.”

Charlie freezes, mouth agape, then flings herself at Cas, wiping away tears. “Thank you, Castiel,” she blubbers into his shoulder. Dean meets Cas’s eyes over the top of Charlie’s head. “Thank you,” he mouths. Cas smiles.

Sam clears his throat. “I hate to break up this little, uh, whatever this is, but I think something is happening,” he says.

Charlie immediately focuses all her attention on the scene unfolding on the tv, lush and green. A hooded figure walking through the woods. A hand. A key. The sound of the TARDIS. The hood is pushed back…

Charlie screams.

“A girl! A girl! The Doctor is A GIRL!!!!” She leaps and dances through the room, high-fives Cas then pumps her fist in the air then climbs onto the coffee table–unmindful of Sam’s schoolwork–just to turn and dive at Dean, tackling him in a tangle of arms and legs and red hair. He yelps and she giggles and jumps up to run and dance some more. “The Doctor is a GIRL!” she shouts again. She runs back to Dean, kisses him on the cheek, and says, “Finally!

“So you’re happy, then?” asks Dean with a straight face.

Charlie fake punches him in the shoulder. “Duh. Twelve dudes. Well, thirteen, really, with the War Doctor. Over fifty years. It’s about time!”

“I think this is going to be great,” says Cas with a smile.

“Ugh, I can’t believe we have to wait until Christmas to actually see her in action! That’s over six months!” moans Charlie.

Dean stands up. “That’s our cue, Cas. Let’s get out of here before she ropes us into making a countdown calendar.”

As they climb the stairs they hear Charlie yell, “You know you can’t get out of watching it with me, big brother!”

Dean laughs. He knows. Charlie always gets what she wants.

“It’s nice to be alone,” Cas says softly, twining his fingers with Dean’s.

Dean kisses him softly. “Yeah,” he says.

They sit on the floor against Dean’s bed, stretching their legs into the long rectangle of sunlight splashed across the floor.

“Are you ever going to tell Sam about us?”

Dean groans. He wants to talk about this now?

“It’s not–I’m not ashamed or anything, you know that. I mean, Charlie knows. Mom and Dad know. Sam’s just…he gives me a hard time about everything. And now he’s taking all these extra classes, so we’re both going to be seniors in the fall…” Dean trails off, not really sure where he was going with the thought anyway. He just knows that he wants Sammy to be okay with this.

Cas squeezes Dean’s hand. “I know. I mean, I understand. It’ll work itself out eventually. I just don’t like sneaking around when I’m here, you know?”

Dean nods.

“Oh, Michael says hi, by the way. He called last night. He asked if you’re starting on the team this fall; he’s going to be in town for a few weeks and wants to come see you play.”

Dean grins. He plays forward on their school’s soccer team. “Hell yeah I’m starting. I’ve been practically killing myself all summer to get ready for the season.

Cas runs a hand up Dean’s arm. “Mmm. I can see that,” he practically purrs.

Dean groans and pulls Cas onto his lap. He falls into those blue eyes as their lips crush together, both of them hungry for the other.

Cas’s fingers are twisted in Dean’s hair when the door opens and they hear, “Can you two do something with Charlie? She’s bouncing around like a pinball, and I re–” Sam comes to sudden stop, mouth hanging open, when he sees the two boys attached at the lips.

“Oh,” says Sam, after an awkward pause. “Well. That explains a lot. You two make a lot more sense as boyfriends. This been going on long?”

Dean is too relieved by Sam’s easy acceptance to answer. Cas says, “A little over six months. We’re sorry we kept it from you. You had so much going on, with school and the play and all, we didn’t want to cause you any distress.”

Sam snorts. “You really think this,” he gestures at them, “is distressing? You should see Charlie right now. I’m concerned for my safety for the next six months. And for my school work. Seriously. Do you think maybe you two could take her out for ice cream or something? Or, I don’t know, take her to the park and make her run outside? I’m never going to get my paper written at this rate.”

“She’s not a puppy, Sammy,” says Dean, laughing.

“Don’t call me Sammy,” says Sam automatically.

“I’m always going to call you Sammy,” says Dean.

“I know,” sighs Sam.

Dean pulls Sam into a tight hug. “Thanks, Sammy…”

When they’re done, Cas puts his arm around Dean. “We’ll be down in a minute, Sam. Tell Charlie we’ll take her to the mall to see if we can find her a sonic screwdriver.”

Sam grins as he turns to walk down the stairs. “Are you trying to become her favorite brother?” he calls over his shoulder, laughing.

When Sam is gone Cas turns to Dean. “Feel better?”

Dean nods. “I guess we should thank Charlie. And maybe the Doctor too.” He smiles, then adds, “I guess thirteen really is lucky after all.”

Cas presses a kiss to Dean’s lips. He can’t argue with that.

This is kind of a gift for @starsinursa, who posted this a few days ago. It sort of got mixed up with a high school au I had in my head, I hope you don’t mind!

anonymous asked:

I'm learning Japanese and I want to start learning Korean. When would you recommend I start? I mean, what 'level' in Japanese I should be before I start learning other language

Hi! I recommend you learn at least the basics of the language before starting another one, so maybe wait until you reach N5 or A1/A2 in Japanese before starting Korean. 

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It Takes Two to Tango

ooooooohhhhhhh my goodness this would 100000% be a whiskeytango get together fic. tango is taking a night class on ballroom dance so he can learn how to actually tango since it’s his nickname and all. but he’s scared to get assigned a random partner so he drags whiskey along to do it with him. whiskey begrudgingly agrees. every tuesday night for a few weeks they go to their ballroom dancing class and by a few weeks in tango finds that whiskey has actually become really invested in helping him do well. he’s very gentle and soft with tango and tango realizes one night maybe he really likes the idea of whiskey caring a lot about him. so in true tango fashion he questions his way through things. one night they’re rooming on a roadie and tango is asking all of these questions about whiskeys life and his dating history and finds out whiskey has never really done anything. and searching closely in his eyes and reading his body language for clues and when he’s fairly confident that whiskey has feelings for him he asks if they want to practice their tango. so they get up and they dance around a bit in the hotel room. and then tango gently pulls him in closer and just like softly says “connor…” and whiskey is all like confused but his breath hitches just a bit and tango looks right in his eyes and asks “can i kiss you right now?” and then whiskeys eyes just light up so happily and they kiss
put a made-up fic title in my ask and I’ll describe the fic I’d write for it!!!

Shitty knows way too much about housing codes and property law.  He initially learned property law to save the Haus from being condemned, but then he realized that reading archaic, flowery law opinions while high was the most fucking hilarious thing ever.  Everyone at his law school is confused by and a little afraid of Mr. B. Knight, because while no one else wants to touch all those old, mostly nonsensical British common law cases, Shitty eats that shit up


@Jin: This is the first time I’ve thought “Oh so I could make such a beautiful melody.”

@Jin: I had fun doing both the story and the song, so it’d be nice if you can have fun too!

@Jin: It’s been a while since RED (GOUACHE) huh?

Even though the arrangement is completely different, but this is still a song of mine. I also love this kind of song.

I think it is a really good song.

@Jin: I’ve always dreamed of creating such a song. 

I have compiled all of my favorite things since a long time ago into this song. 

There is no way I can make a video, but to have someone create such a wonderful thing for me… I am so HAPPY!

@Jin: I am really happy when people said “This song has a beautiful melody,” so please tell more and more of it!

Newt isn’t just a Hufflepuff Badger, he’s a Hufflepuff Honey Badger.  

Everyone:  Newt you can’t bring all these illegal magical beasts into New York.  You cannot set them loose.  No stop trying to pet that it’s dangerous NEWT.

Newt:  *literally doesn’t give a shit*

“I’m serious, Yu. You don’t realize how terrifying humans are.”

Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings: Frodo Baggins, derived from the Old English fród, meaning “wise by experience.” His name is Maura Labingi in Westron and Iorhael in Sindarin, a combination of the root words ior, meaning “old,” and hale, meaning “wise.”

Tolkien in The Hobbit: their names were Balin and Dwalin and Oin and Gloin and Dori and Nori and Ori and Fili and Kili and Bifur and Bombur and Bofur