his killer smile;;

On January 18, 1904, a child was born and he was called Archibald Alexander Leach. It was this child who, in later years, will change his name that will be on the lips of every fans and moviegoers.

But there’s more to Cary Grant than his lady-killer smile, his beautiful brown eyes, his tanned skin, his odd but sexy voice, his graceful walk, his elegance, his style, and his oozing charm…

He was a man who transformed himself from a working-class Archie Leach to the world-class Cary Grant. And to borrow the words of Howard Hawks: “He was so far the best that there isn’t anybody to be compared to him.” 💜

Happy Birthday to you dear Cary!
Thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness to my life 😘


Able to make him do his killer smile

oh yeah~

Ben Parish couldn’t be satisfied with being the most gorgeous guy in school. Just to torment me with his perfection, he also insisted on being one of the smartest. And have I mentioned he was kind to small animals and children? His little sister was on the sidelines at every game, and when we took the district title, Ben ran straight to the sidelines, hoisted her onto his shoulders, and led the parade around the track with her waving to the crowd like a home-coming queen. Oh, and one more thing: his killer smile. Don’t get me started.
—  Cassie Sullivan, about Ben Parish

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You know who is another soft pure hockey dude? Ryan nugent Hopkins. The nuge is such a soft and kind soul. His eyebrows are killer. His smile is so subtle and he talks with such intelligence and he owns/races horses. I've never heard the nuge say anything bad about anyone. He's so good at hockey too like the boy is a first overall draft pick. He gets kinda over shadowed by other people on his team and it makes me sad cause nuge has skill and the personality. The nuge is so good


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Hi am I request 26 and 28 with Dean and fluff please and thank you

26. “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.”
28. “How drunk was I?”

You got it! 

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“The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.” 

You turned to look at who had spoken, eyes landing on a handsome green eyed man with a killer smile, his eyes flitting from your face to the ring you were wearing. 

“And how would you know that?” you asked, taking the seat next to him. 

“Well, first off, the metal is wearing away and you can see the copper coming through, and second, the stone is scratched and dull. In fact, I’d say it wasn’t given to you by anyone, but that you wear it to ward off fuck boys and creeps.” 

“Well aren’t you observant. Unattached?” You asked, hoping he’d give an answer you would like. 


“Likewise.” You studied him, saw the smile spread across his face and straight to his eyes, the wrinkles there deepening. 

“Surprising.” How could someone this devastatingly handsome be unattached? “Psycho?” He asked you, and you laughed at the question. 

“Never. Interested?”

“Perhaps. Depends.”

“Hungry?” you asked, and you saw the spark behind those green eyes come alive. 

“Starving.” And he stood, offering his hand.

“Good, me too.” 

Your eyes popped open and you groaned at how bright the light was, hitting your optic nerves and shooting pain through your head. But god, what a good dream. It took everything in your willpower to sit up and as the sheet fell from your body, it hit you you were naked. 

You took in the room, clothes scattered everywhere, bedsheets askew, and as you turned around, a certain green eyed man materialized before you, sleeping peacefully and also very, wonderfully naked. 

“How drunk was I?”



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Imagine: Jax giving his girl a killer smile after she tells him she tells him she loves him for the first time.

She could feel her heart wrenching in her chest as she sat in the kitchen for longer than it seemed like she needed to.

All she needed to do was get the beer for her and Jax, who was waiting so patiently out in the living room. With the way things have been recently, she wasn’t sure that the biker was still capable of patience.

Then again, she was Jax’s only serenity since this whole pile of shit had been piled on top of the club.

So maybe he felt obligated to show her kindness, since she had shown him it.

Regardless, with everything going on, maybe she shouldn’t unfold. Then again, maybe this is what he needed to hear after everything.

Maybe she would tell him she loved him.

She, after all, was very fond of the blonde biker. And he, after all, seemed to flirt with her consistently. And it never seemed to be joking.

“You doin’ okay?” she heard him say from the doorway, causing her to jump. 

“Uh, yeah. Just spaced out a bit,” she stated quickly, scrambling for the booze she had kept in her fridge.

When she had pulled the door open and grabbed the cold bottles, the urge to just turn around and confess ran down her heart like a truck. 

Thus, she acted.

She turned. “Jax? Can I tell you something?”

Jax blinked his blue hues for a second before nodded. “’Course.”

She inhaled sharply, biting her lip. “I.. I love you.”

Jax, seemingly unsure on how to react, just flashed one of his dashing smiles.

That alone was enough assurance for her. Because behind the attractive smile, there was emotion. There was love.