his kids are going to be so lucky


on hello counselor, the concern of the wife was that her husband restricts her from going out and bosses her around in the house, even the simplest task such as squeezing out toothpaste. the wife also noticed her two sons becoming similar to her husband (asking her to get water for them, etc.)

highlights of 4x03
  • day trip 2.0 let’s goooo 
  •  of course Bellamy thinks he won’t get a spot on the Ark and OF COURSE Clarke is like YES YOU FUCKING WILL
  • hi luna!!
  • the hand nuzzle
  • every indra scene is awesome
  • hi jackson!!
  • can bellamy and clarke stand any closer?? like for real get closer go kiss
  • bellamy driving the rover hot damn
  • the hand nuzzle
  •  also yay!! papa miller’s back!! 
  • murphy stealing the medicine to help a child just like his dad did for him :“”((( 
  • the hand nuzzle
  •  "SHE’S LUCKY TO HAVE YOU" “YOU’VE GOT IT BACKWARDS"ok they love each other so much ok
  • Bellamy sure has a lot of fun with that rover wow 
  • the bellarke hand nuzzle did you guys see it
  •  Hmmm ok Octavia I respect you for helping my girl Gaia like that 
  •  OH MY GOD 
  •  "If you’re on the list, I’m on the list” aka IF YORE A BIRD IM A BIRD 
40′s Bucky Barnes headcanons

Originally posted by marvelheroes

  • Bucky was the “golden boy” of his neighbourhood
  • You know, he was always helping the old ladies to cross the street, with their heavy bags, etc
  • He worked in a lot of places during his life. He had to help his family
  • Bucky was the coolest big brother ever
  • He used to braid his sister’s hair so she could go to school
  • Also, he always helped his brother from other mother (aka Steve)
  • He was lucky with the ladies to be honest, there wasn’t a single lady on the city that didn’t knew him and didn’t want to date him
  • But that didn’t made him a womanizer. He never played with a girl’s feelings
  • In fact, Bucky wanted to settle down and have kids someday. Have a nice job, nice house, etc
  • Bucky was good at hiding his emotions
  • He didn’t let them (family, friends, etc) see him crying or sad. He always hid that side of him
  • He was protector as fuck, so everything was about the people he loved the most, not about him
  • “I’m with you till the end of the line” was something that he used to say not only to Steve, but also to his sister
  • Also, the only time he cried in front of people was when he had to say goodbye to her because he was going to the war
  • And believe me, deep inside, Bucky was crying because he knew he wouldn’t come back
Parent Teacher Conference

Reader: 15

“I hate these. Why couldn’t we just go with normal clothes?” Dean whined, Getting out of Baby.

“It’s a Parent Teacher Conference. We need to look presentable” Sam fixed his button up sweater.

“I feel like a wrapped present. I look a like those rich dads who live in condos and work all day with family problems.”

“Dean shut it.”

You had been getting in trouble at school, And what best way to see what you’ve been upto than going to a teacher conference?”

“I always hated these a kid. Dad would always show up even though I would never tell him the date of these kind of thing” Dean walked inside the school.

“Well lucky us that teacher had to personally call us so we could go” Sam sighed, Looking around for your class.

“Right here” He walked inside the classroom,  All eyes on them.

“Dean! Sam! You’re here!” You ran toward them, Starting to pull them away. “Thanks for coming! Now time to go-”

“I suppose you’re her guardian?” One teacher spoke up, Looking at your brothers.

“Yes we are.” Dean spoke, Looking at the teachers. Not even hot ones.

“Good. Have a sweat”

“-And then she punched the boy in the jaw, Leaving him unconscious.” The principal stared at your older brothers, Waiting for a reaction.

“Well did he deserve it?” Dean suddenly asks.

“Excuse me?” The principal is appalled by his question.

“Dean!” Sam stares at his brother.

“I asked if he deserved it”

“I’m sure not-

“He began to make fun of me, telling me how much of a creep I was. He threw first. I just followed”

Dean’s face was a smirk, And he stood up.

“I think we’ve heard enough. Thank you for your time” Sam and Dean stood up, Walking out; You close behind them.

“Nice outfit Dean” You laugh, Walking out of the school.

“Don’t even start” he groans, Getting inside baby.

What Do You Want For The New Year?

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 1328

Summary: The reader and Sam spend their first New Years Eve together.

Could be read as a Part 6 to What Do You Want For Christmas? but doesn’t have to be. ;)

Happy New Year Everyone! Enjoy some nice Sam fluff. :)

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Jorma Taccone as Owen “Kid Contact” Bouchard in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

What I’ve learnt so far...

Hologram Monster…Season 3 Episode 5 “Monster"

  • Your Killer Frost is showing Killer Frost
  • Harry ”HR” Wells…I don’t trust you man
  • Barry you sly little fuck
  • Julian…..I love you….
  • Barrisco friendship bonding and I’m all for it
  • Caitlin…that’s one way to get your mother’s attention
  • “Thought I’d make it a lunch date”
  • Cisco, honey, you don’t like HR bc he’s not Harry, admit it
  • Oh Hi Wally– wait where’d he go? 2 seconds of screen time…no
  • The WestAllen is making my non-existent heart melt
  • Julian, I won’t let the big bad world hurt you I promise
  • “Do you wanna get a drink” 
  • Okay Kid, we all have bullies but you sound psychotic
  • Draco– I mean Julian–…no I mean Draco I s2g
  • Barry and Iris have kissed every episode thus far and I’m not crying you are
  • Happy go lucky Wells? No, I want sassy always angry but so damn soft Harry back okay?
  • Julian this is the second time Barry saved you, maybe buy him a nice assortment of test tubes in gratitude?
  • Cisco, my baby, I miss Dante too
  • Wow Barry…think you moved out fast enough?
  • “Murder on the Titanic, who did it? Who cares we’re drowning!”
  • See Joe! Even Barry and Iris want you to date Cecile!
  • Julian…maybe drop the gun man
  • Hologram Monster, that’s new…
  • Cisco and Caitlin once again showing their friendship (I cry)
  • “This is home”
The kids meet the girlfriend and boyfriend

The kids wanted to meet the other couple. Over dinner. 

Actually, they had met them before, but that was before they knew that we were more than friends. 

Now that they knew about us, they wanted to get to know them a little better. Actually it was my daughter. My son kept on eating his nachos. 

So we set up time for dinner. 

Zelda and I knew that it would go ok, but Willow? She was really nervous. Probably the most anxious I’ve ever seen her. 

I understand. If the kids don’t like your girlfriend, they can throw up road blocks when you try to see them. 

I knew that there was nothing to be worried about. I am very lucky to have super awesome kids that get along with everyone and this was no exception. Dinner was fun. We laughed, talked about school and random stuff. Maybe even a little bit of politics. 

We got the stamp of approval from my daughter on the drive home when she said “They’re pretty cool.”

There was another stamp of approval when my daughter started making plans to go get tattoos and wanted to include Willow in the plans. She wants to hang with them again. 

Again, I am pretty lucky. My kids are open minded. They understand that we are open with our relationship. And they have always been the first ones to say hi to the new kid. 

Not everyone will have the same experience. But I am pleased to have ours. 

Hot for Teacher

For bellafarella
Mickey hires a tutor to help Yevgeny with his school work not realizing he’d be getting a crush on his son’s tutor.

It’s when Yevgeny turns 8 that Mickey decides to get him a tutor. He was struggling a little in reading comprehension according to his teachers and Mickey really didn’t want to have his son be held back. He couldn’t exactly afford a “professional” tutor so he figured he’d go through the college nearby. They were supposed to be cheap anyways since it was students learning about teaching kids or some shit.

Lucky for him Mickey found this place that offered free tutoring and was run by an internship program. He called them up on one of his days off and they told him they’d bring someone by to talk to him (and his child) about the program. He set up a meeting the following Friday.

Before the meeting he sat his son down to explain to him he’d be getting some extra learning and that there wasn’t anything wrong with that. Fortunately Yevgeny loved books and reading he just wasn’t on the level of the other kids, yet.

“When are they coming?” Yevgeny asks.

“Should be here soon,” Mickey answers.

“Is it a girl or a boy?”

“Uhh I’m not sure. They didn’t really say.  Guess we’ll find out.” Mickey says.

“Hmm. I hope she’s pretty.” Yevgengy says excitedly.

Mickey laughs.

A half hour later there’s a knocking at the door. Yevgengy jumps up from his place on the couch and runs over to the door to answer it. Mickey hates when he does that because you never know who could be at the door.

He yells at Yevgeny as he makes his way to the door to answer it before his son can. “Hey, hey we don’t do that. Let me get it.”

He pulls the door open to reveal a gorgeous, tall redhead.

“Heyyyyyy ooh…” Mickey says once he sees the tutor in front of him.

“Hi,” the man answers. “I’m Ian.”

“Awww man. It’s a guy.” Yevgengy says. “Guess this one’s for you, Pa.” He walks from the door and back to the couch.

Mickey blushes immediately.

“He’s just…he doesn’t mean that. He’s just…” Mickey awkwardly tries to defend Yevgeny’s word. “Fucking kids.” He mumbles to himself.

Ian apparently hears and chuckles.

“Uh ha come in,” Mickey says opening the door wider and moving out of Ian’s way.


Ian walks through and Mickey is behind him. He sees his son sitting on the couch, eyes glued to the tv in front of him.

Mickey reaches for the remote to turn it off earning a sad look from his son.

“Remember what I explained earlier?”

“Yes, Dad.”

Mickey raises his eyebrows and Yevgeny huffs getting up from his spot to sit at the table. Mickey take a seat next to his son and Ian sits across from them

Ian explains the curriculum they’ll be doing and what a typical tutor session would be like.

“It’ll mostly be one on one but there will be some times where you should join,” Ian says. “If that’s okay with you.”

“Yeah of course.” Mickey nods, hearing everything the redhead says despite how hard it might be to pay attention. With eyes like that anyone can get lost in them.

“Good.” Ian smiles at Yevgeny and then looks back at Mickey. “I’d like to start on some things today if you want?”

“Can we?” Yevgeny excitedly asks.

Mickey laughs and shakes his head in amusement. “Sure, kid.” Mickey gets up from his seat. “I’ll just be in your room fixing that bookshelf that mysteriously broke.” Mickey grins at his son.

“I told ya. It just fell.”

“Course it did. Wasn’t like you were climbing on it or anything.”

Yevgeny shrugs as his dad ruffles his hair.

Mickey leaves to work on the bookshelf as Yevgeny and his tutor get to working. Mickey finishes and puts back Yevgeny’s books and beanie babies on his shelf. He comes out wiping his hands as Yevgeny runs to him.

“Look Dad! I got a Lollipop cause I did so good.”

“That’s awesome!” Mickey says enthusiastically. He looks back at Ian grinning and putting his stuff away.

“You did really well today, buddy.” Ian says to Yevgeny. “Especially for your first day.”

“So how does this work out?” Mickey asks walking back over to Ian.

“Well,” Ian says scratching his nose. “If you like me enough to continue with me I can schedule you.”

Like you enough? Mickey thinks. I don’t think anyone has a problem with that.

“You like him don’t you, Dad?”

Mickey chuckles at the irony.

“I like him! He’s funny! He does voices for the characters and he says he’d teach me how to.” Yevgengy excitedly explains.

Mickey laughs. “Alright, alright.” He looks up at Ian. “Count us in.”

Ian beams. “Okay good. Umm well I’d like to come around 3 times a week if that’ s alright?”

“Yeah sounds good.”

“Umm just whatever time is best for you. I’m pretty much always available.”

“Alright well I’ll have to check times with work but…I…can I call you when I know or something?”

“Oh right.” Ian rummages through his stuff. “Here. My number and my email just in case.”

“Thanks,” Mickey holds up the paper. “Here I’ll walk you to the door.”

Ian smiles at Mickey and waves by to Yevgeny. “Bye Yev.”

“Bye Ian!”

“Wait,” Mickey stops. “Ian? Ian Gallagher.”

Mickey says a little too loud, out of shock maybe.

“Uhm yup.”

“Like Lip’s brother?”

Ian tries his best not to roll his eyes. “Yeah. Lip’s brother.”

“Always hated that asshole” Mickey says. Ian laughs, mood light again.

“Shit you uh…you lived right down the street right?”

“Yeah few blocks.”

“Jesus,” Mickey says scratching that back of his head. He laughs awkwardly. “No offense but I thought they’d be sending some yuppie prick.”


“Yeah. So fucking glad they didn’t”

Ian grins. “Me too.” He walks out the door.

“I’ll uh. I’ll call you!” Mickey calls out holding up the paper.

Ian nods and walks to the direction of the L.

Mickey closes the door and turns to Yevgeny behind him.

“Who’s an asshole?’ Yevgeny asks.

Mickey laughs and puts his hand on his sons back, steering him away from the door. “Don’t worry about it. Come on let’s get dinner ready.”

Ian comes by 3 times a week on various days according to Mickey’s work schedule. He’s really good with Yevgengy, who apparently told Ian to call him Yevy upon first talk.

On a particular day it’s raining pretty hard and the tutoring session was nearing end.

“Fuck it’s really pouring out there huh?” Mickey asks.

Ian looks out the window and makes a miserable face. “Yeah. Gonna be fun walking through that.”

Mickey bites his lip. “Why don’t you stay?” He asks.


“Stay for dinner. The rain will slow by the time we’re finished I’m sure.”

“I uhh. I mean thanks for the offer but…”

“Aw please!” Yevgeny exclaims. “Please, please, please, please?”

Ian looks from Mickey and the jumpy Yevgeny. “Uhh…sure.” He laughs. “Why not?”

“Yay!” Yevgeny claps.

Mickey grins glad he had an excuse to offer to make dinner which he’s wanted to do since their first meeting. Ian and Mickey (and Yevgeny) talk back and forth as Mickey gets dinner ready. At one point Ian walks to the kitchen and asks if he could help with anything. He stands so close to Mickey, Mickey thinks he could hear his heart beating.

“Uh nah. I got it.” Mickey answers. “Thanks though.”

“No problem.” Ian says walking back to the table.

Dinner was a simple spaghetti and meatballs but it was the best meal Ian had in weeks. He licks his lips of tomato sauce and Mickey can’t help but think who he’d kill to be able to touch those lips.

As soon as dinner is done Yevgeny brings his plate to the sink and puts it in. He then runs over to the couch and turns on the TV.

“Not so loud, bud!’ Mickey calls out.

Yevgeny turns down the music with a groan.

Ian and Mickey stay at the table talking about southside shit, their life now (school for Ian, a perfectly legal car garage for Mickey), and what they want for their future…well what Ian wants Mickey never really thought about it. Both boys share some sort of darkness in their past that neither mentions. It’s too soon to anyways, neither wants to push the other away.

It’s late by the time Ian leaves. He apologizes but Mickey brushes it off. “It was nice.” He says. “I don’t usually have people over.”

“Why not?” Ian asks.

Mickey shrugs. “Shit gets complicated.”

Ian nods.

The next few months they make a habit of at least one of the days Ian staying over for dinner. Yevgeny loved it and well…Mickey did too. The more time Ian spends there the more buddy-buddy him and Mickey become and even flirty sometimes.

Months later when Ian offers to help Mickey tells him to get his “lazy ass over here and stir the pot.” And he does.

Mickey’s making a sauce when Ian decides to taste it. “Mmm shit Mickey this is fucking good.” He says.

“Hey, hey don’t put your dirty mouth on there. I don’t know where it’s been.”

Ian grins. “No but I know where you want it to be.”

Mickey blushes but twists his mouth shut and shakes his head. Couse he had to fall in…like with an idiot.

Yevgeny was in his room playing so luckily he didn’t hear the flirtations between his tutor and his dad, not that he didn’t know it happened.

One day Yevgeny has had enough. “Why dontcha just ask him out already?” He says to his dad with his kidlike frustration.

Mickey looks at his son surprised “What are you talking about?”

“Ian! My tutor! Ask him out.”

“Look Yev-“

“You’re always flirting and touching each other. You think I don’t see but I do see. It’s annoying so just get it over with and ask him to eat somewhere.”

“I don’t think you-“

“Do it, Dad! Or I will for you.”

Well that’d be fucking embarrassing. “Alright alright. Jesus. We don’t see him till Monday so…”

Yevgeny shakes his head. “You got his number don’t you?”

Mickey sighs. “Yes.”

“Then call him. I don’t want to hear you awkwardly asking him out in person when I’m here. That’s just uncomfortable for everyone.”

Jesus this kid is getting cheeky in his young age.

“Fine.” Mickey goes to his bedroom with his phone to call Ian. Damn straight it was awkward but at least Ian says yes.

“So?” Yevgeny asks when Mickey exits the room.

“We’re on for Saturday.”

Yevgen grins. “Good. See told you.”

“Yeah, yeah.” He sits down with his son to watch the new episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Their date goes smoothly which is saying something since Mickey was shaking most of the time. They make their way back to Mickey’s apartment and Mickey walks to the kitchen as Ian notices how quiet it is.

“Where’s Yevgeny tonight?”

“Oh he’s staying at Mandy’s.”

“For the night?”

“Yup. He loves staying there. Figured I’d give him a treat since he’s the one that talked me into-“

Mickey doesn’t finish his sentence as Ian’s lips are on his, kissing him, messily as Mickey doesn’t react right away. He finally realizes what’s happening and puts his beer down carefully. He grabs the back of Ian’s head and runs his hand through Ian’s bright red hair. They moan in their kisses and their tongues roam with each other’s like they’ve already been doing this for years. Mickey’s moves his hand down Ian’s face so his thumb is on Ian’s cheek, massaging it. Ian grabs Mickey from the back pulling him in closer.

They pull away at some point to catch their breath.

“Shit.” Mickey lets out. Ian laughs and Mickey’s at his mouth again.

Mickey hops himself up on the counter and starts to take of his pants as Ian unbuckles his. He watches as Ian pulls his shirt over his head. He admires the sight of Ian shirtless before Ian reaches for Mickey’s shirt.

Ian gets himself ready as Mickey waits. Ian grabs Mickey’s legs and hoists them on his shoulders. He puts two of his fingers in his mouth and slicks them with spit. He waits for a nod from Mickey before he puts his fingers into Mickey’s hole stretching it. He licks his lips as he hears Mickey moan softly. Ian pulls out of Mickey and replaces his fingers with his dick, hearing Mickey gasp in pleasure.

They go at it slow at first and then Ian picks up pace per Mickey’s request. They finish seconds from each other both left breathless.

They go at it another 2 times that night and Ian falls asleep with his arms wrapped tightly around Mickey.

Eventually Ian’s tutoring sessions lessen as Yevgeny stats getting the hang of it but that doesn’t mean Ian’s visits are less frequent. He always make excuses to come saying he forgot they weren’t scheduled or something but Mickey knows. They spend the day together instead. They go on so many dates Yevgeny decides Mickey should start calling Ian his boyfriend. So he does.

Ian’s a good tutor but an even better boyfriend. He helps Yevgeny whenever he can and plays soldiers with him. He cooks sometimes, though to be honest it was probably best if Mickey cooked, he cleans. He’s the first fucking person to actually treat Mickey well and fuck if Mickey didn’t want to cry at just that idea.

  • Robert: (on the phone) Yeah. She's here now. Of course, I realise what she did was wrong but if you weren't so soft on cyber-bullying... Too right, I'm gonna come in and discuss it with you. Right. Bye. Thanks. (hangs up) So mostly you're bunking off, but when you do go in, you're lamping other kids.
  • Liv: Not all of them. Just Josh.
  • Robert: Liv, you're lucky his parents haven't called the police.
  • Liv: No, he's lucky that the teacher turned up before I really got started. Look, he's big enough, he can handle it.
  • Robert: Okay, I realise what he did wasn't nice but -
  • Liv: Wasn't nice? It was disgusting!
  • Robert: Liv, I don't have the time to discuss this with you. If I don't go now, I'm gonna miss seeing Aaron.
  • Rebecca: So go. I'll look after her till you get back.
  • Robert: I owe you.

the-snow-witch-arrives  asked:

I just wanted you to know your blog is my children's favourite thing. One is hyperactive and the other is autistic and its one of the few things they agree on. When they are upset or stressed out we go through your blog and it lights them up. So thank you for being awesome.

This actually made my day :D (Even though I’ve just been outside sledding like a kid, which was pretty cool too.) I don’t know if my content is always perfectly child-friendly, but I’m so glad my tumblr can bring joy and comfort! Please say hi to them from me :) I feel incredibly lucky to have such diverse and wonderful followers, you are all so lovely. 

I saw some mention that people were hating on jasam naming their daughter emily

Let’s be clear, we jasam fans have known since 2011 that their children would be named Danieland Emily. It’s not rocket science. Hell you can go back further to 05 and find jasam fans (me) saying they would name their kids Daniel and Emily.

Haters like to point out that emily was liz’s BFF and liked liz and jason together. Yes emily supported her brother and bff. But she was also luckys bff. Way before she knew liz. Emily hated lucky getting hurt. So emily wasn’t exactly team jiz.

Besides the fact that emily was Jason’s sister, and was basically his everything, which is enough to have his daughter named after her… Emily did in fact like sam. Go back to 04/05. Emily was there for Sam when she almost got an abortion. (One which she decided against all on her own) emily went to Jason to help sam. Emily talked to Sam about Jason, about jasam. Emily supported them. Emily was there for Sam when she lost her daughter. Which is why Sam wanted to go to Emily’s wedding to nik.

Sam always liked and respected emily. Sam knows how much emily meant to jason. And knowing their son is named after her brother, it makes sense to have their daughter named after his sister.

I know jiz fans wanted the jiz baby girl to be named emily. It was their wet dream. But how many jiz things that they claimed are jasams things now? Italy. The bridge. Now the name emily. Sucks to suck jiz fans. Get over it.

Jasam >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> jiz

End of story

an atla au to consider: ultimate frisbee team

disclaimer: i do not know that much about ultimate frisbee

there can only be seven players on the field at one time but the team can be as large as it wants. so it’s going to be a GIANT team consisting of aang, katara, sokka, toph, suki, zuko, azula, mai, ty lee, jin, and the rest of the kids. iroh is their coach.

aang somehow always has the wind on his side. like whenever he throws the frisbee, it’s like the wind guides the frisbee to the person he’s throwing to. some say he can bend the wind to his will, but aang just says he’s lucky.

mai is probably the best thrower, though you’d need a good catcher because mai throws hard and fast and precise.

katara is just the catcher you need, and she’s good because she can catch and throw again in the blink of an eye, almost like she’s helping it flow like a river.

sokka’s throws somehow always end up coming back to him due to the wind or just how he throws it. he begins to use this to his advantage, and calls the move the “boomerang throw”.

toph’s good at catching, cause she can hear the whistle of the frisbee and somehow feel people’s footsteps in the ground. it’s like she has a connection to the ground.

zuko once threw the frisbee into a trash can during a game. but he’s pretty good generally.

ty lee is an incredibly good defense because she’s best at blocking the other team’s players. she weaves in front of them, making it impossible for them to make a good throw. and then they do throw the frisbee, it’s off and clumsy and ty lee’s team can easily get it.

out of all of them, azula has hit the most people in the head with the frisbee. usually it’s people from the other team, but sometimes her own teammates get hit as well. she and sokka are the best strategists.

suki was actually the one who suggested an ultimate frisbee team in the first place, having an interest in the sport. at first, the team was just aang, katara, sokka, toph, and suki playing for fun. but then they gathered more members, and found a coach (iroh) and now they compete. oh, and their team is called the flying bisons.

iiharu-chanii  asked:

54 with Taeyong

54. “They’re not your kids, back the f*ck off.”

You watch the TV in front of you dreamily, smiling even at the intense scene going on. Lee Taeyong really was the coolest guy out there, especially as an actor.

“They’re not your kids, back the fuck off.”

“Ahh, he’s so cool!”

You wish you could meet Taeyong one day. That’d be the coolest experience. He would make your heart flutter with just one look, no words. You hope one day maybe you could be so lucky to be in his presence.

At some point while you’re watching the drama you end up on the floor in front of the TV, watching Taeyong through the screen as he kisses the female lead.

You wished that could happen to you too one day.

hehehe how ‘bout them liper headcanons literally nobody asked for

  • piper hangs out in the hephaestus cabin all the time. by now she knows all of the cabin 9 kids by name and they don’t even bat an eye when she goes to lie down on leo’s bed using his super secret code (which he did not tell her, but the hephaestus kids are cool and won’t rat her out)
  • leo not-so-subtly skips a lot of his camp training classes (including the masonry class he teaches) to hang out with piper
  • whenever the campers are permitted to go into town the first place the two of them hit up is a froyo shop in manhattan (and leo always buys)
  • they’re the 2 most likely demigods to be caught doing inappropriate things after hours
  • they’re lucky they weren’t eaten by harpies
  • as much as leo would love to stay cooped up in bunker nine while he’s working on his projects, he always comes out to eat because 1) piper is in the mess hall waiting for him and 2) that’s it, because piper
  • if one of them ever volunteers to go on a quest, the other quickly raises their hand right after because there’s no way in hell they’re going to let their gf/bf get themselves killed (and jason raises his hand along with them because, um hello? tlh squad UNITE)
  • the most stupid thing they’ve ever done together was prank the stolls. the stolls. long story short, the next few months were filled with merciless pranks from cabin 11
  • piper offered to give leo sword fighting lessons once and he laughed in her face
  • leo had this phase where he refused to cut his hair for like a month and it got so big and fluffy that piper crawled into his cabin one night and cut it so short that the next morning all you could hear in camp was his screams
  • this is how he found out that piper had his super secret code
  • (and why he doesn’t care anymore when he finds her sleeping there after a long day of monster-slaying)
  • (and why he curls up next to her every time)
  • (and why he cut off a lock of her hair in revenge)

“Kenny, you miss exit. Again,” Tater says, looking in the window with resignation.

“I am following the GPS,” Kent grinds out, gripping the steering wheel tighter.

“It’s trying to reroute you, Dad,” his kid says. He has a pair of Mickey Mouse ears that he’d put on so eagerly in the morning, but after four hours in the car and seven dangerous maneuvers, the ears are starting to go lopsided.

“Maybe I drive,” Tater coaxes, a hand on Kent’s thigh. Kent looks murderously at the hand for a split moment and Tater withdraws. “You are tired, we switch next time.”

“But Pa sucks at driving, too—”

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Gabriel Reyes stumbling down into the dirt, clutching at his stomach because some plucky little sharpshooting thug from the Deadlock Gang got lucky in a fight and he had to run or get killed. That same thug cornering Gabriel and leveling that damned pistol of his right for his head. Gabriel tells him: “Put the gun down, kid… you don’t have to do this. Let me go. You’re better than them. You know this is wrong.”

The kid hesitates for a moment, his finger hovering over the trigger of his pistol. Two seconds pass. Three. Four. Five. Then, the hand lifts into the air and he fires off a shot in a random direction. He turns around, and begins to walk off, not letting this stranger see how unsure of himself he is now. “Get out of here– and don’t let them see you! You come back, I’m putting this bullet ‘tween your eyes.” They both know it’s a lie. 

Twenty years later, history repeats itself. Reaper is hurt, bad, and it’s because of that same plucky kid with a cowboy hat. McCree, again, has the gun aimed at his head and at this range, there’s no missing. “Do it, then! If you’ve got it in you.” The voice sounds different, after all these years. 

And again, McCree hesitates. He’s closer to it than last time, his finger on the trigger, ready to end it. Two seconds pass. Three. Four. Five. Then, he grimaces and puts the pistol back in it’s holster. “Leave, Gabriel…” McCree says as he turns around. He can’t even look at him now. “If I see you again, I’m putting a bullet ‘tween your eyes.” This time, neither of them are so sure.

A Relationship with Finn Balor would include;

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  • Getting his ring paint all over you when the two of you hug after he gets out of the ring
  • Having to shower together because he’s gotten you all dirty, in more ways than one
  • Imitating the pose, he does for his Instagram pictures and it makes the fans go crazy
  • Being so proud of all he’s accomplished so far ad him being so happy and lucky that he’s got your support
  • Going on road trips and vacations with him and diving deep into the history of wherever you are because it fascinates the both of you
  • Asking him to wear his leather jacket more often
  • Getting excited to have kids with him because you see how wonderful he is with his young fans
  • Helping him come up with new ideas for his body paint
  • Lazy long kisses on a cold day while wearing fuzzy socks
  • Making breakfast with a Balor Club shirt on while he’s in his briefs, arms wrapped tightly around your waist and his hands drawing circles on your hips with his lips connect to the spot between your shoulder and neck
  • Cute skype dates when you can’t be with that result in telling each other every detail of every moment of the day
  • Being close with Bayley and Carmella
  • Buying him Lego sets for every important day
  • …and then some
  • Smacking his bum when he walks past you while still being in his ring gear because dat booty tho
  • Visible scratches on his back that he excuses as being from the ring but they’re from long nights in bed with you when you come visit him at his hotel room
  • Sweet pecks when you see each other because you can’t not kiss him
  • Tracing his jaw with your fingertips when he’s staring into your eyes and telling you he loves you

爸爸去哪儿 season 3 ep 3: precious angel nuo yi giving up his first choice house to xuan xuan & comforting his dad. 

(i love this kid ;; he’s so happy go lucky, makes friends/affectionate with everyone, apparently on good terms with Guan Yin, compassionate, never throws a tantrum, and didn’t even complain like his dad when they literally had to live in a cave. oh and he speaks fluent FRENCH and mandarin.)


Welp, took me long enough but I managed to think of the foals’ designs. XD I was impressively dedicated to make their designs decent, guess I’ll make them official foals of my Next Gen. XD

Anyways, ever since I made Bing/Radiance pairing official I always had this thought that they would be the couple with more kids, both of them adore kids so they’d probably have three….or four. Ok, let’s not go that far. XD So for the oldest we have Cherry Jam and she’s the rad and rebellious daughter, who enjoys loud rock music. Then the middle sister Pearl Glitz, stylish mare and a heart-breaker (boys beware!). And the youngest son Ruddy Apple, who takes much after his grandpa BigMac’s looks and the only one of the three kids who’s more connected the Apple side of the family.

As for Gallant/Lucky, they have a unicorn son, Green Flute, he’s kind of shy and doesn’t talk much unless he’s interested in something (just like his mother), and he can use his magic to conjure a flute and he loves playing it.

And since we’re here, I decided to add a new member to the Windy/Star family, Golden Comet, the tiny yellow colt unicorn. Although, he’s not their biological son, they adopted him with the help of Twilight Sparkle (princess status ftw! XD).

Princess Radiance, Bing Cherry, Cherry Jam, Pearl Glitz, Ruddy Apple, Green Flute, Golden Comet © me