his jaw though

Freckles (Destiel)

“This is interesting,” Sam said, flipping through the pages of the thick book. The pages make a soft shuffling noise as they landed, the creamy paper protesting the landing. Sam, Dean, and Castiel were researching for a case, all of them searching through the old texts. Sam and Castiel were enjoying it, but Dean was huffing and slapping around the pages. Finally, it got to the point that Sam became so annoyed that he took the book away from Dean. Dean sat there, arms folded, stealing glances at Castiel to keep himself preoccupied. Both Castiel and Sam knew not to mention it, Dean was very adamant about his heterosexuality, even more so now that he wasn’t sure of it.
“What’s interesting?” Dean asked.
“Is it relevant to the case?” Castiel asked, not even looking up from the book. Sam expected nothing less of the angel. Efficiency always.
“No, but it’s interesting.” Sam said, smirking slightly.
“Nerd.” Dean commented.
Sam rolled his eyes. “Listen to this: ‘In some cultures, freckles are considered signs of good luck’” He said.
“Well that’s utter bullshit. I’m covered in freckles, but I’m about as lucky as… fuck.” Dean thought for a moment, trying to think of a metaphor and coming up with nothing. “Whatever. Point is, I’m not lucky.”
Sam felt his expression change into a smug smile as he read on. “It says: ‘Freckles were considered lucky because they were thought to be angel kisses.’”
Dean grinned. “What can I say, I’m irresistible. So, tell me, Cas, who’s been kissin’ me all over? Was it Anna? I bet it was Anna.” Dean looked down his own shirt, checking to see if there were freckles there. When he saw and was satisfied, he lifted the waistband of his pants, checking there too. “Jesus, she didn’t miss anywhere, did she?”
Sam looked over at Castiel, finally noticing how red the man was turning. Castiel shook his head, “It wasn’t Anna.”
Dean stopped. “God, don’t tell me it was Zachariah. If you tell me it was Zachariah, I’m going to hurl.”
“It wasn’t Zachariah.” Castiel said, the blush reaching to the tips of his ears by this point. He was looking at his book pointedly, trying to keep his head ducked so the brunt of his blush would be hidden.
“Then who was it? Don’t tell me it was you.” Dean said with a laugh, clearly thinking that was out of the realm of possibility. Castiel didn’t respond though, his jaw just clenching and he turned more red. “Cas?” Dean prompted, awaiting the angel to deny his accusation.
“Oh my god.” Sam gasped. “Oh my god it was.” He whispered.
Dean shot Sam a murderous look. “No, it wasn’t, obviously. Tell him, Cas.”
Castiel swallowed and looked up. “Dean.”
“Oh god. You’re joking, right?” Dean said softly, looking intrigued yet terrified.
“It… it was me,” Castiel said. “But what you have to understand is-” Castiel was cut off by Dean pressing his lips against Castiel’s. The kiss was chaste, but when the two of them pulled back, Sam couldn’t tell who looked more surprised. They stared at each other for a moment before Castiel grabbed Dean by the collar and pulled him back in for another kiss, this time open-mouthed and passionate, full of emotions neither of them had the guts to say. Dean sighed into the kiss and carded his hands through Castiel’s hair, tugging him even closer. They kissed languidly for a minute longer until Sam got fed up and started making gagging noises.
They separated with an unhappy sigh from Castiel and an eye-roll from Dean.
“As glad as I am to see that you guys have resolved your sexual tension, I would prefer not to see you sucking face. I am still trying to work on this case.” Sam deadpanned, holding up the book he was reading.
Dean stuck out his tongue and grabbed Castiel’s hand, pulling him down the hall in the direction of the bedroom. Before he left though, he said, “You’re just jealous that you don’t have any freckles-” Dean was going to continue making fun of Sam, but Castiel pressed his lips onto Dean’s, efficiently shutting him up. That was the angel, efficiency always. They stumbled to the bedroom tangled up together, leaving Sam scowling alone in the kitchen. As soon as he heard the door click shut, Sam quickly stripped off his shirt, inspecting for freckles. There were none on his chest, and as far as he could see, none on his back. Cautiously he looked in his pants and winced.
“IT’S FROM… Dean stop it. You’re distracting me. No, that’s very nice, but very distracting. Yes, it’s- oh. Oh. That’s… nice… um… mmm… it’s… I-IT’S F-FROM G-GABRIEL.” Castiel answered, voice stuttering.

leave it to the land, this is what it knows

so my whole ‘stay away from tfc cuz its giving you major feelings and you need to be productive in school’ thing went to shit this morning but hey!!! on the bright side!! i wrote a fic!!!

a fic that im pretty sure has already been written 5000 times!!! but its aight!!! did it anyways!!

the times andrew lets neil touch him

Neil has become accustomed to tangling his fingers in Andrew’s hair when being kissed, not stupid enough to cross the line Andrew set for him. While he wouldn’t end up with a punch from Andrew if his hands did stray like anyone else would, besides maybe Kevin, that doesn’t mean he’d get off easy.

It isn’t just that he’s stupid enough to leap the line; it’s that he knows the reason it’s there. Just as Andrew’s incessant comments never stray to his time in Evermore or his night in the hands of his father and his people, just as his steady hands never brush across the burn scar on Neil’s cheek where a number used to live, Neil doesn’t bring up what happened in the bedroom with Drake, or what happened when Andrew was younger.

Neil Josten has spent his life running from his demons. He may have out run them, but Andrew hasn’t. He likely won’t until Drake is 6 feet under the ground, unable to touch anyone again.

Neil doesn’t push. He has no reason to, fully content with what he has.

Today, though, Andrew does. He breaks from Neil’s lips, pulling back to look at him, guarded eyes revealing nothing.

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This Is What I Do

It had been a rough handful of weeks. The news of the death of a sister he never knew hit him harder than it should’ve. Maybe it was because he wished he had known her, or maybe it was because of the baby she’d left behind. A baby that was left to Will’s care after realizing there was no one else to watch her.

He could have said no. He could have given her to an adoption agency. But that “could have” wasn’t really a possibility. Not with his heart. Not with the bright blue eyes and curly black hair adorning her face as she looked at him in confusion. Of course Will wouldn’t leave the child to the system. Of course he’d take her and give her a better chance at life.

It meant he had to get baby formula and diapers and toys and he had to babyproof his apartment, all of which he’d only done about two things. For the time being, he had to get back to work… along with the child in a car seat.

He hadn’t found a nanny yet, and after talking with his boss, the company allowed him to go to work with the baby as long as he was able to keep up.

When he walked into his office though, he stopped short at the sight of someone else in his chair. “Uh, who the hell are you?” he questioned.

Dark brown eyes flitted up, one eyebrow arched in question. “Who the hell are you?” the guy retaliated.

Will frowned and put the car seat on a table before turning to the guy who was looking at the car seat in utter confusion. “I’m who the hell’s office this is. Why are you in my chair?”

The guy sat back and scoffed, crossing his arms. “I’m the guy who’s been doing your job. Nico di Angelo.” He held out a hand and Will stared at it suspiciously. Eventually, Nico put his hand down and tilted his head as he looked at Will. “Question; why is there a child on the table?”

“Long story, don’t worry about it. Can you get out of my chair now, so I can do my job?”

Nico scoffed and stood. “Sure thing. If you know what you’re doing.” Will scowled and sat down. As he looked at the computer screen and the paperwork in front of him, he realized he was completely out of the loop and horribly confused. Nico sat on the edge of the desk and leaned forward with a cocky smirk. “Need help?”

The tone of his voice, along with his attitude made Will angrier and added to his pride. “No. Get off my desk.” Nico laughed and slid off, sitting in the chair as he waited patiently. Will could feel his face heating up with embarrassment of being watched and not knowing what to do with his own work.

Finally, he looked at Nico and let out a frustrated sigh. “Okay. Explain. What the hell is this?”

Nico smiled and went around the desk, explaining the paperwork and the presentation that had to be given the next day. “Look, I can do the presentation, you have the kid and you just got back,” Nico said after a half hour of Will trying to catch up with the statistics. “I know the information, so-”

“No!” Will snapped. He put a hand to his temple and shook his head. “No. This is my job. I can do this. Just give me the information, and I can do the presentation myself.”

Nico sighed and shrugged, continuing to walk Will through the data. A few minutes later, a sharp cry broke them both away from the computer. “Your child is making noises,” Nico noted. Will sighed in exasperation and glared at him before going to pick the baby up. He shushed her and fished in the diaper bag for her bottle. “What’s its name?”

Her name is Lily,” he answered. “Keep talking, I’ve got this.” He motioned for Nico to keep talking as he prepared the bottle and fed the baby. Nico continued to give him notes and pointers.

Half an hour later, their boss came in and asked if they were ready for the presentation because it was being rescheduled to that afternoon. “What?” they asked at the same time. Will shook his head. “No, I can’t present it today, I have to get Lily home so I can get more things for her-”

“Well, Nico can do it,” she said. “He’s been here for a while, he’s already presented before. It’s fine.”

Will clenched his jaw as he looked down, feeling defeated. She walked out and Will took a breath before looking at Nico. “Well, you win. Let me know how it goes. I have to go.”

He started packing the diaper bag and gathering his things when Nico’s voice stopped him. “You do it.” Will looked back at him in confusion. “You’ve been working really hard for the last few hours, pacing back and forth with a baby in your arms to get the information memorized. You do the presentation.”

“I doubt they’ll let me in with Lily in the car seat.”

“I’ll watch her. She’s fed, she’s quiet, she’s back in the car seat. I can handle a baby for an hour. But you should do the presentation.” He looked at Will with sincere eyes, his jaw set as though he wouldn’t take no for an answer. “Go,” he said again.

Will bit his lip and grabbed the paperwork. “Thank you,” he said softly. Nico nodded and turned to the baby, his expression melting into a playful smile.

An hour later, after a successful presentation, he went back to his office to find Nico with Lily in his lap while she reached out and touched his face. He kept making silly expressions while she explored his features, widening his eyes, letting out a trill with his lips, or expanding his cheeks.

Fighting a smile, Will knocked on the office door, making Nico jump and blush slightly. “Oh, hey. She’s a quiet baby,” he chuckled. “She has your eyes.”

“She’s my niece. Half-niece,” he answered. Nico raised an eyebrow, but Will shook his head. “Thank you for watching her. I’ll have a nanny by Monday. Have a good weekend, Nico.”


That Monday, when Will got to his office, he saw several shopping bags in one corner. They were from baby clothes stores and toy stores. As Will looked through them, he saw several outfits, booties, bibs, diapers, formula, soft toys, and stuffed animals. He stared at them for a moment before he heard footsteps behind him.

“Morning,” Nico said. He turned and saw him drinking a coffee, relaxed and unfazed. “I hope you don’t mind, but I got some stuff for Lily. I heard you saying you had to buy her things, and I assumed she’s small enough that she’d need this stuff.” He waved a hand in the direction of the bags. “There’s a little stuffed monkey in there somewhere that I think she’d really like.”

“Wh-Why?” he asked. He cleared his throat and shook his head. “I mean, why did you get all of this stuff? You didn’t need to.”

Nico furrowed his eyebrows and smiled. “I guess I’m weak for babies,” he said with a shrug. “Besides, have you seen those big blue eyes?” He took another sip from his coffee and walked away, leaving Will confused.

He sat down and began to sift through all of the items, smiling as he saw the cute little outfits. He couldn’t imagine his coworker looking through baby clothes and choosing things out. He was so reserved and serious, despite the cockiness. Will wouldn’t have thought he had a soft side for anything.

Later, while he was inputting some data into the computer, Nico came back and had a few more files for him. He sat and helped him sort through the information, making snide comments and sarcastic remarks now and then which quickly wore out Will’s positive view of him.

Before his gratitude was completely wiped out, Will decided to thank him for watching Lily and for the items he’d bought. Another coworker came in looking for a document in one of Will’s drawers, and while he looked, Will turned to Nico. “I wanted to thank you for watching Lily for the presentation. And for the things you bought. I know I was pretty rude when I first got back, but there… was… a lot of….” He frowned and trailed off as he noticed Nico tilting his head to look at the coworker who was leaning down to check another drawer.

Will furrowed his eyebrows as Nico’s attention was elsewhere, and when his coworker stood back up, he turned to Will and smiled. “Got it. Thanks.” As he walked out, Will noticed Nico smirking after him.

“Wow, okay obviously Percy’s ass had something more important to say than me, so never mind,” he snapped. Nico blinked and looked back at him.

“What? No. Asses don’t speak. But man, was his calling to me,” he joked. Will clenched his jaw and shook his head.

“Right, okay. So we’re done here, thanks for the help, you can go do whatever else you do in this building.” He waved a hand dismissing him and Nico furrowed his eyebrows and tilted his head.

“Wait a second, why are you upset?” Will looked at him and scoffed. As if. “Is it because I was checking out a guy? Because that’s discrimination.”

Will rolled his eyes and shook his head. “I don’t care if you’re gay or bi or pan or whatever. I’m frustrated because I was trying to apologize for having jumped to conclusions, and then you went and proved my first impression right. You’re rude and pompous and totally unprofessional-”

“And you’re totally jealous,” he interrupted with a smirk. Will stared at him, mouth open mid-sentence. “Right?”

“No,” he said with absolute certainty. “Trust me, I wouldn’t want you trying to check my ass out. You just need to be more professional.”

“You mean like you when you were calling me rude and pompous and-”

“Okay! Okay. Look, from now on, strictly professional. I won’t insult you, you don’t flirt with coworkers in my office.”

“You can’t stop me,” he said with a teasing smile, leaning forward over the desk. “You can’t fire me even if I do things you don’t like.” All of Will’s dislike came crawling back up in angry heat to his neck and he took a deep steadying breath.

The sad part, he was right. Will couldn’t do anything. “Right. Well, you are my coworker. So I suppose all I can do is be painfully polite.” He gave him a tense smile, but Nico seemed unfazed, looking at him arrogantly.

For the rest of the day, Will tried to interact with Nico as little as possible while Nico seemed to try and interact with him as much as possible. Sometimes it even seemed like he was blatantly flirting to piss Will off, but he didn’t seem to care. It was always subtle enough that Will didn’t want to call him out on it for fear of reading into things, but also obvious enough to where the comments made Will blush.

By the end of the day, one of Will’s friends, Paolo, stopped by his work. “Solace, you ready for your birthday dinner?” he asked, leaning against the door.

“Yeah, I’m definitely ready to go,” he said, feeling relieved. “Nico, please leave any other files on my desk, I’ll get to them in the morning.”

“Who’s Nico?” Paolo questioned.

“That would be me,” Nico answered behind him. He went into the office and looked at Will with large dark eyes. “Leaving already?” he asked innocently.

Will clenched his jaw and nodded. “Paolo, this is my coworker, Nico. Absolute ray of sunshine, just about my best friend.”

“Oh, really? Well, are you going to come to his birthday party tonight?” Paolo asked.

Will’s eyes widened and he interceded immediately. “Oh, no, Nico has stuff to do, it’s fine. Come on, you ready?”

“I can cancel,” Nico said. “I didn’t know it was your birthday.”

“Awesome,” Paolo said. “Here’s the address.” He grabbed a paper and wrote it down for him. “Come on, Will.”

With absolute dread, Will took the things Nico had bought for Lily and left with Paolo. “Why did you invite him?” he said tiredly.

“What? I thought you said he was just about your best friend!”

“That entire sentence was filled with sarcasm. How could you not tell?” he asked. Paolo grimaced and Will waved a dismissive hand. With Nico’s attitude and the tension and dislike between them, it was probable that he wouldn’t even go. He only said he would to push more of Will’s buttons.


Throughout the entire party, Will kept glancing anxiously at the door any time it opened. He kept dreading having to see Nico in his house and it was honestly the last thing he wanted on his birthday.

“You know, despite how much you say you don’t like him, you’re acting like a teenager waiting on a crush,” Paolo noted.

Will shook his head. “No, that’s not it. He’s frustrating. He makes work hell and he does it on purpose. Flirting and making a joke out of everything, he’s arrogant and just horrible to work with.”

“Flirting?” Paolo questioned. “Okay… have you ever considered that maybe he actually likes you and therefore finds excuses to bug you?”

“He’s known me for all of two days, Paolo. I highly doubt that’s what’s happening.”

Paolo shrugged and gestured to his room where Lily was sleeping. “He did buy a shitload of things for a kid that’s not even his.”

“He likes babies! He had to take care of Lily for an hour and he said something about her eyes, I don’t know. Liking Lily doesn’t mean liking me. Besides this isn’t elementary school.”

Again, Paolo shrugged and held up his beer. “If you say so.” He turned away and backtracked. “Also, you and Lily have the same eyes, so….” He smirked and walked away, leaving Will dumbfounded for a second.

A couple hours later, his guests were leaving, much to Will’s relief. It was a Monday and he wanted to go to bed before Lily woke him at three in the morning. Paolo offered to clean up while he got ready for bed.

“Actually, I’m going to step outside for a moment. Let me know if Lily wakes up.” Paolo nodded and Will went out to his porch, sitting on a bench. His thoughts wandered to the sister he didn’t know and the life he missed out on.

Did she need someone when she was pregnant? Was she scared? Was she funny? Did she want to be a mom? Did she know about Will? He had so many questions and no answers. Not only that, but he was a father now. He was in his mid-twenties, not dating, and a father. He had no idea how to do these things. He never thought he’d have to.

Someone cleared their throat, pulling him away from his thoughts, and he was surprised to see Nico on his porch. “Hey,” he said in surprise.

“Party over already?” he asked.

“Um… yeah, sort of.” Nico nodded and stepped closer. “It’s a Monday. I’ve got a kid. I don’t get to party like most twenty year-olds.”

Nico chuckled and nodded. “I guess that makes sense.” He lifted a gift bag and offered it to him. “I got you a gift.”

“What? Why?”

Nico chuckled and looked at the bag. “Okay, so usually when it’s someone’s birthday and there’s a party, people bring presents to celebrate-”

“No, I- I know how birthdays work,” he said exasperatedly. “I just… why are you getting me a gift?”

Nico shrugged and kicked at the ground. “I guess it’s also sort of an apology for being such a jerk to you. Here, open it.”

Will took the bag and opened it, pulling out a new, name-brand leather jacket. His eyebrows went up and he chuckled nervously. “This is… really nice, wow.”

Nico smiled and gestured for him to stand. “Come on, try it on.” He took the jacket and held it out for Will to slide his arms into. “Perfect fit. Leather looks good on you.”

Will smiled and looked down at himself, enjoying the feeling of the cool leather and the scent of a new jacket. “See, you can be nice,” he said, looking at Nico with a smile. “Thank you.” Nico smiled and nodded. “You know, Paolo was telling me he thought you were such a jerk because you have… feelings for me? Like we’re in grade school or something.”

Nico chuckled and furrowed his eyebrows. “I mean, would that bother you?”

The comment took him by surprise and he stammered for a second. “I mean… we work together. No, it… I just….” He took a breath and shook his head. “We work together. Nothing to do with you being a guy….”

He hummed in response, with his signature cocky smile. “Right. Well… I do have feelings for you.”

It felt like the ground had been ripped up from under him. He stared at Nico with wide eyes and blushing cheeks. “Y-You do?” he questioned.

Nico nodded. “I feel that you are annoying and controlling.”

And just like that, the world was righted. He frowned and scoffed in frustration. “See, why do you have to do that? Just as I’m changing my mind about you, you go and-”

Suddenly, Nico’s hand gripped his jacket and he pulled him into a kiss, his other hand cupping his face. Will felt his breaths stop and his mind began to race until it was a jumble of incoherent thoughts. Nico pulled away, and Will opened his eyes slowly, breathing heavily as he looked at him.

“Do that,” he whispered softly. Then he wrapped his arms around Nico, pulling him into another kiss which Nico immediately returned with more fervor than before. Will stumbled forward, pushing Nico back into the pillar of his porch as he kissed him. His hands slid into his hair, his teeth grazed his lip, and as Nico pulled him closer, he couldn’t help the dizziness he felt.

Finally he pulled away and stared at Nico with wide confused eyes, flushed cheeks, and tingling lips. Nico smiled and rubbed his thumb across his cheek. “Come on Freckles, don’t look so horrified,” he murmured.

“I’m not,” he answered softly.

His frustrating coworker hummed and tugged lightly on his hair. “Those big blue eyes make me absolutely weak.” Will laughed nervously and Nico pulled him into another kiss. “Happy birthday, Freckles.”

(for @fireworksinmyveins )

James had seen Lily do it a thousand times. He had paused over Charms homework to watch as she flicked her wrist and twisted the long strands of sunset red hair into a careful bun. Had narrowed his eyes at the must-be sorcery as she wove the pieces into a careful braid in the time it took them to walk from Potions to Transfiguration. Had lost his breath in shock the time she had emerged from the bathroom with her hair swirled into something straight out of a fairy tale.

The ease and speed at which she did it made it look all too easy.

“Lily,” he announced one Saturday evening after an afternoon trip to Hogsmeade, draping his body across one of the common room’s overstuffed chairs like a petulant child, “I think I can do it.”

“Do what?” She replied from her spot on the couch next to Remus, where she was resting her head in the quieter boy’s lap as she flipped through a cheap muggle mystery novel. 

“Your hair,” he replied, as though they had been talking about the subject up until that point.

Lily lowered her book, pressing her thumb against the page to mark her line, “My hair?”

“Mmmhmm,” James hummed, pushing himself up from the chair with an exaggerated groan, “It can’t be harder than Quidditch now can it?”

Behind her, Remus snorted, the short staccatoed huff of breath of someone trying their very best not to lose themself to laughter. Lily tilted her head up to meet his winking amber eyes, a small laugh of her own bubbling out at the red flush of his normally pale cheeks.

“Oh,” he said, “Lily please? His ego has been too big lately.”

Lily bit the inside of her cheek, pausing for a moment to decide how badly she wanted to untangle her hair later that evening. The moon, three days away from full, glinted outside the window. And, as it cast a pale white glow across Remus’ long, freckled fingers curled gently around a mug of tea, as it seeped into the scars on his hands and accented the way they snaked across the skin, she made her decision.

“Do your worst, Potter.”

It was not, in fact, easier than Quidditch.

Twenty minutes later, James found himself facing a large knot of Lily’s hair. The failed twelve minute attempt at a bun with three small braids woven out of the hair that he wasn’t able to fit in. Three hairpins struggled to hold back Lily’s bangs, and it was only due to James’s glowing face that she chose not to tell him that the second one wasn’t doing anything.

“It looks,” said Peter, who had entered the room sometime around the seven minute mark, “even worse than your hair usually does, James.”

“But only barely,” snorted Remus, who had gone so red in the face that his skin tone could now be described as cherry.

Lily frowned, “It looks…well, it’s something special isn’t it?” 

James sighed and sat down on the couch with a heavy thud, “Like any of you could have done any better.”

“Is that a challenge?” Sirius, who had been asleep on the floor up until this point, asked with a glint in his eye.

“Oh, Sirius, please don’t-” Lily started, but she knew that resistance was a lost cause as Sirius pushed James aside with a curt “Move Potter” and set to undoing the braids in Lily’s hair.

“This is abuse, James,” he commented as her began to disassemble the bun, “She has such lovely hair, and this is what you do to it?”

James scowled, but said nothing as Sirius pulled the brush through Lily’s hair, taking care not to yank her head or remove any substantial clumps. His jaw worked furiously as though he was going to reply, but he failed to utter a word as Sirius began to weave Lily’s hair together with deft, practiced fingers. His hands moved through her hair as though it were water, fluid, quick, without thought, and he moved it into a place like a conductor directing his band.

“Well,” said Peter when he had finished, and Remus nodded in agreement.

James stared at them slack jawed, unable to choose between looking at Lily, whose head was crowned with a series of slim looping braids, or Sirius, who was leaning back with a grin on his face.

“You have something to say, James?”

James flushed even redder than Remus, “Where did you…”

Sirius winked and combed his fingers through his own mane of dark black hair, “You said it yourself, mate. It’s even easier than Quidditch.”


Chirrut loses his sight when he is sixteen to a disease that chases its own tail across the expanse of the city until it burns out, but it does not go quickly. The healers tell him–only when he asks, only when he sits there mouth turned into a scowl and demands because he is not a child even if they are treating him like one, he will not break, he is an initiate of the temple of the Whills, he is strong enough for anything–the death toll, the slow and steady rise, which areas were hit the hardest. They tell him about the things the fever stole from people, other senses, the ability to walk, long term memories. Chirrut learns everything about it based on how it has ravaged NiJedha. He keeps it tucked inside so that he can remember it, recite it to himself when he begins to feel upset about the loss of his sight.

It is one thing. It is just one thing. And he can manage without it, he knows, but he still misses it. There are very many things in the universe that he would like to see again. There are very many things in the universe that he has never seen and never will now.

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Meme Queen Adam™

A series of several short scenes depicting Adam being complete and utter meme trash. Crackfic. Meant to be a joke (obviously, since memes didn’t exist in 18th century France) based on many conversations about how Adam is probably a total meme queen in the Tally Hoes chat. Credit to @uncledisney for the Heelys idea, and also @vcmpira, @gastt, @waiting-here-for–evermore and the rest of my Tally Hoes for a lot of the ideas in this fic.

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Hiraeth | Pt.10

pt.1 | pt.2 | pt.3 | pt.4 | pt.5 | pt.6 | pt.7 | pt.8 | pt.9 | pt.10 | pt.11

Words: 7,272.

Genre: Zombie apocalypse au, angst.

Summary: A world full of dwindling hope and lost loves and yet you and Jungkook are all the other needs to feel at home.

Warning: Contains mature content (such as coarse language and violent themes).

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Beauty and the Beast: Chapter One

“You can’t love someone until you love yourself first,”

“That’s bullshit. I have never loved myself. But you? Oh, God’s above. I loved you. I loved you so much, I forgot what hating myself felt like.”

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choconope  asked:

Okay so I saw the picture you reblogged about Prompto with stretch marks and I was wondering if I could request some Prompto being insecure about them and his s/o comforting him? Sorry if you aren't doing them right now! ^^;

!!!! Yesss @choconope, I certainly am and I also want to thank you for this prompt because it’s perfect!! ALSO sorry it took so long, I just really wanted to do it justice!!!  Anywayy I hope you like it! (warning: very fluffy)


“Aaand this is my room, “Prompto said cheerfully as he switched on the light.

The room was small and tidy. Sunlight crept in dimly through the thin curtains covering the two windows, the AC blowing them along softly as though it were trying to mimic the breeze. Next to the window at the far end of the room was a desk, piles of books were stacked neatly on top of its smooth wooden surface. Your eyes traced a path to the bed on your left, then up the wall that it sat against where a large cork-board was mounted, numerous photographs pinned to its surface. Your eyes scanned across a few heartwarming selfies of Prompto posing with his group of friends, then a silly one with just him and Noct, then another of a breathtaking jasper-tinted desert scene. Prompto was looking at you in order to gauge your reaction, smiling at the captivation you seemed to hold towards his photography before he stepped into the room.

Prompto had invited you over for a quiet dinner and a movie. Nothing fancy, just some take-out and the opportunity to finally give you a tour of his place since you’d asked to see it so many times. He went to grab a cleanly folded blanket from atop a small dresser across from his bed, something he could use to snuggle up close to you with as you sat on the couch together to eat. As he lifted the blanket he turned around to you sitting on your knees on top of the bed, leaning in close to the board to inspect the pictures in more detail. Prompto lowered the blanket quietly, a mischievous smile playing at his lips.

“Ah! Prompto!” you shrieked.

Your hands flew to your sides as Prompto grabbed at them with his fingers to tickle you, sending a jolt down your spine that caused you to double over. He caught you as you started to fall backwards, laughing and using the opportunity to tickle you harder, now under your arms. Your laughter climbed octaves as you struggled to get away, rolling back and forth further into his prying fingers. He buried his face into the crook of your shoulder, additionally tickling your neck as he laughed along with you in that excited, boyish tone. Then, he snorted rather loudly right by your ear, resulting in his head dropping embarrassedly and a muffled, “sorry, ” followed by the two of you losing yourselves in laughter.

You sighed, attempting to catch your breath before spinning yourself around in his arms, getting back on your knees again so that you were eye-level as he stood at the side of the bed. You placed your hands on the sides of his face, holding it there as you looked into his eyes, still bright with amusement. His gaze shifted downwards a few times, smiling crookedly as a blush started to play at the freckles on his cheeks. You pulled his face forward for a kiss. He melted into your palms, stepping forward as his legs met the corner of the soft mattress. You felt the warm leather of his gloves tenderly rest on your shoulders. You brought your hands down to caress his collarbone soothingly, wandering to his back, all the way to his hips and resting them there softly before-

He yipped as he broke away from the kiss, your hands attacking a sensitive spot on his sides, enacting your revenge. You couldn’t help but be both startled and amused by the piercing sound that escaped him before breaking out in laughter once more. He tried to back away, holding his arms out straight in front of him. You took off in pursuit, taking a step off the bed and following him around the small room, sneaking your hands up Prompto’s shirt to tickle him more. You pushed the cottony fabric up, feeling the warm curve of his skin and tightened abdominal muscles with your grabby fingertips as he fought back your advances.

“No, no! Stop! P-please!, “he blurted out urgently, swatting at your hand.

He was a flustered mess at this point. You backed down slightly, his desperate pleading and the tears forming at the corner of his eyes starting to get to you; he was too adorable to torture, even with tickles.

His laughter died down musically as he wiped his eyes, inadvertently glancing to the side. He seemed to start rather subtly as his eyes caught the floor-length mirror that was positioned next to the dresser. His smile dropped and his eyes fell to the floor as he lowered his shirt over his stomach, a look of remorse dusted over his rosy pink complexion. Although faint, you recognized that dissatisfied little gleam in his eyes. You’d seen that sort of insecure rush to cover one’s midriff a dozen times, perhaps having been guilty of it yourself at one point or another. You couldn’t imagine what he’d have to hide though, that boy was built. Still, you’d seen something… Scars, maybe?

“Prompto? What’s wrong?” you asked, a wrinkle of concern on your forehead, your hand on his waist as the fabric of his shirt fell softly over your fingers.

He seemed genuinely surprised you’d said anything. He became a little restless as he brought his hands down to wrap around yours a little defensively, shifting his weight back and forth. He smiled, but it wasn’t convincing.

“What? Nothing. Nothing’s wrong. Just, thinking about food, is all. We should probably eat now, you know, while the food’s still warm, “he said, his eyes shifting past you in the direction of the kitchen.

You stopped him as he tried to rush past you, holding him by the waist. His eyes met yours before dropping to the ground in a knowing expression. He could tell you weren’t gonna let this one blow over that easy. You brought a hand up to his cheek, the defensiveness in his eyes receding away to something more apprehending as he looked back at you. He brought his hand up to yours, his delicate grip tightening as the intensity of your gaze made his heart race.

“You’re so gorgeous. You know that, right? “You said, staring at him longingly, enjoying the red-tinge flooding into the barrage of freckles on his cheeks as he bit his lip.

You kissed him before he could respond, deep and hard and full of the strongest desire to show him just how beautiful he really was to you. He whimpered softly, a blissful little note as he exhaled through his nose. His hands went up to your face, then through your hair until he brought his arms around your shoulders. He let you sweep your fingertips slowly across the rippled texture of skin on his hips, wrapping your hands around them before moving them up, bringing the material of his shirt along. He made a small noise as his body tensed, bringing him arms down swiftly to hold onto your hands.

He laughed nervously before asking, “W-whatcha doin’ there?”

You giggled softly, explaining that he didn’t have to hide from you, that you meant what you said about him being gorgeous, and you just wanted to admire and be with him. Your finger traced a line up his arm, peppered with freckles and blemishes as you pointed out that it was just the two of you. Your nose scrunched gleefully at the look of unadulterated shock on his face when you told him that you’d take your shirt off, too, so he wouldn’t be the only one. His mouth hung open for a moment, face burning before his wide eyes softened and settled back down to the floor. His jaw twitched as though he were going to say something, nothing but a small sigh leaving him. You waited for him to gather his thoughts, urging him on with soothing touches.

“You know… I, haven’t always looked like this. By that I mean, well… Here, “He turned around, approaching a drawered organizer that sat next to the window. He crouched down, shuffling through one of the drawers a bit before making a quick and confirmative, “ah-hah” sound and standing back up. He showed you a picture of a small boy, heavy-set with glasses and a tuft of blonde hair. The freckles really gave it away, though. He stared at you awaiting your reaction, his mouth a hard line of worried anticipation.

“Woah! That’s you? You wear glasses?” Was what you had managed to blurt out upon seeing the photograph.

Prompto looked at you in disbelief, trying to figure out if you were making a joke or not.

“You were so cute!” You said after taking the image in for a moment.

Prompto rubbed the back of his head, laughing again, “What? No way!” He paused, giving you a subtle double-take, “…Really? Nooo. I was kind of a dweeb.”

You nodded your head, verifying that what you’d said was true.

He chuckled bashfully before his voice dropped to a more serious tone, “Yeah, well, as you can see, I lost quite a bit of weight. Now don’t get me wrong, I am proud of that and all, but… My body is still far from ideal.”

You rolled your eyes, assuring him that you had no idea what he was talking about, that he was perfect. He chuckled half-heartedly, trying hard to believe you as his expression grew serious again. He sighed somewhat shakily before stepping back.

He kept his head down low, trying to focus his eyes to the thatched mat on the floor or really, anywhere but on you. His expression seemed… troubled, as he stood there, heat rising to his cheeks. He brought his jacket off his shoulders, letting it drop to the floor dramatically. You wanted to sigh impatiently but you held your breath. He lifted the bottom of his shirt up over his abdomen, revealing pale skin speckled with patches of pink discoloration, freckles, a few faint scars, and ripples of glossy stripes that billowed up from the hem of his pants like soft, rosy wildfire.

His eyes darted up to yours from under his bangs, searching for something. You smiled reassuringly and he continued to remove his top. You had already stepped towards him when he pulled his head through. He twitched as he felt your hand on him. His skin was warm and soft. He watched your fingers as they traced a path across the smooth furrows of tissue that branched outward from the concave dip between his hips.

He sighed again, “Yeah, I know. I hate them. There’s not much I can do about it, though… I’m sorry I’m not, chiseled and irresistible like the other guys. I’m sorry I’m, so… flawed.”

The words came out heavy, hinting at a whole storm of insecurities inside that he could be referring to, the worry over the stretch-marks just a product of that. Your fingers danced over the ripples more, playing them like strings on a harpsichord as your eyes fluttered up to meet his.

“I love them. They’re beautiful, “you muttered.

He took in a small, audible gasp of air as he startled under your fingertips, looking at you in disbelief. You continued to praise him. Doing everything in your power to shoot down his daemons, just as he did for the rest of Eos on his long nights journeying with the boys. He asked so many times that you decided to just hold him and press your lips up to his ear, telling him over and over that yes, you really meant it. Yes, he really was beautiful. Yes, you really thought his stretch-marks looked like bad-ass lightning bolts scattered across his tummy. You felt his shoulders tremble as he rested a hand on yours, followed by a soft, inconsistent pattering on your back, so you held him even tighter.

He pulled back, a sheepish grin stretching across his face as he tried to underhandedly wipe his watery eyes on his gloves, “Heheh, sorry about that… It’s just, no one has ever said that before. No one has ever, called me beautiful before, “he squinted his eyes at the word as he stared off distantly in serious contemplation.

Then, his glistening eyes brightened, a smile returning to his face, warming your heart like a midday’s summer ray of sunlight. He hugged you so tight you felt your ribs cave in. He honestly couldn’t believe what he did to deserve you. You sat a moment holding each other, playing with each other’s hair. The warmth in his smile twisted into a sleazy grin, squinting his eyes as they jumped from your torso to your face.

“So, I’ll go set out the food. But now, isn’t it your turn? “he said as he tugged at the bottom of your top before skipping off, smiling back at you over his shoulder and hitting the doorframe on his way out.

Out of time pt. 1

AN: Jace has a soft spot for his best friend, the only women who really knows how to put him in his place, but will she ever find out?
Characters: Jace Wayland, Alec Lightwood
Pairings: Jace X reader
Spoilers: none
Warnings: swearing
Prompt: requested


Jace Wayland gasped as his back hit the mat hard, the air being sucked out of his lungs.

“Son of a bitch,” he said as he recovered from his sincere winding, “I guess there’s no need to tell you not to hold back.”

You laughed, breathing heavily as you clambered off your best friend, trying desperately to avoid looking at his sweaty chest.

“Aw did I hurt your wittle feewings?” You teased, “Did Jacey not like getting beaten by a girl?”

Jace smiled, sitting up and pushing his hair back out of his face.

“Well you’d think I’d be used to it by now considering how often it happens.” He retorted as you helped him stand.

You shrugged, pulling him up, “Guess some people are just stubborn.”

Jace ruffled your hair, playfully bumping his shoulder against yours.


Jace had been training with you like this for three years now. Every morning you sparred, and every morning he had to fight to keep from just pressing you into the wall and kissing you. There was something fiercely beautiful about you when you were like this, sweaty and smiling at him.

“The intelligence of my ass has never been in question Wayland,” you retorted, wiping a sweat towel over your face, “it’s yours we need to worry about.”

“You spend a lot of time worrying about my ass then, Y/N/N?” He shot back with a raised eyebrow, “Because you know, that’s sexual harassment, I might need to report you.”

You snorted, rolling your eyes as you and Jace exited the training room.

“Sure thing Sweet Cheeks, you go on and do that.” You answered.

Jace chuckled, “So have you got any plans tonight? Alec and I were going to order Chinese food.”

You shrugged as you poured a glass of water for yourself and handed a cup of Sprite to your best friend.

“Cautius asked me out again,” you started carefully, “figured I’d finally take him up on his offer.”

Jace froze, biting down hard on the back of his jaw. It felt as though you’d just punched him in the stomach and he had to take a few seconds just to process your words. Cautius was another teenage shadowhunter doing some abroad work at the New York institute. Originally the clave had assured Jace and Alec that he would only be around for four weeks.

It had been almost three months now.
Jace was sick of him, and it wasn’t entirely because Cautius was as interested in you as he was. The little prick had been asking you out almost every week since he’d arrived and, up until now, Jace had always been safe in the knowledge that you weren’t interested. How could that have changed? He tasted something like bile in his throat at the thought of you two together; the thought of Cautius holding you in his arms, pressing his thin, pale lips against yours, it made him sick. What made him really sick though, was the idea that you could want that, you could want Cautius, but not him.

You turned and noticed Jace’s stormy expression, the intensity of it made you shiver.

“Look Jace, I know you don’t like the kid, but he seems sweet, and it’s not like I’ve got anything else going on right now.” You hinted, giving Jace a sideways look to gauge his response, “It’s just one date,” you insisted, “chances are nothing will come of it.”

“Then why bother going?” Jace asked, acutely aware of how sulky he sounded.

“Jace,” you answered tiredly, “I haven’t been asked on a real date in years. I’m bored!” You explained, “Plus, Cautius isn’t so bad.”

Jace pushed himself off the wall he’d been leaning on and stalked away.

“Whatever.” He scoffed, “Have fun on your date.”

“Jace,” you pleaded, “wait-“

But he was already gone.
You sighed and leant your head against the cool steel of the fridge. Jace was impossible, always had been, but you didn’t understand why this made him so angry. You thought back to the look on his face when you’d mentioned the date and shivered again, there had been more than just anger there, there had been real hurt. He’d looked into your eyes like he didn’t even recognize you.

“Y/N,” Izzy called, “I need to-woah hey, are you alright?” The dark haired girl asked, pressing a comforting hand on your shoulder.

You lifted your head and nodded, giving Izzy a reassuring smile. She didn’t look convinced but, thankfully she let the subject drop with only a knowing glance.

“How soon can you be ready for a mission?” She asked.

“Ten minutes?” You said after a moment’s thought, “Why? You need a partner?”

Izzy nodded, “Demon activity downtown at a male strip club. Figured you and I could check it out.”

You raised an eyebrow, “You and I? Surely Alec can take this one?”

Isabelle scoffed, “Alec, really? Come on Y/N, you know my brother would never set foot in a male strip club.”

“True,” you laughed gently. You thought about your date with Cautius, and the furious way that Jace had looked at you and felt your resolve steeling, “okay. Come on, let’s go.”

“Do you want me to let the guys know?” Izzy asked.

You shook your head, Jace’s stormy eyes flashing in your mind again, “We’ll tell them when we get back.”


Let’s make one thing perfectly clear, Jace Wayland was not sulking. On the contrary, he thought, you could do as you pleased. If you wanted to date that slimy good for nothing kiss up Cautius you were more than welcome to, no skin off his teeth.

Or at least, that was the theory.

In reality, Jace was in hell. Every second that ticked by felt like an hour and he couldn’t get away from the images of you and Cautius tangled up together, him making you laugh, running his fingers through your hair, kissing your neck, making you whimper and moan. Was it wrong to be thinking of the two of you together? Probably. Did he like doing it? No. Could he stop himself from doing it? No.

Hours passed like this, and Jace felt his uneasiness grow. Something was wrong, he could feel it in his bones. He suddenly regretted stalking away from you, that had been a dick move. After all, you were within your rights to go out with Cautius and, who knows, maybe this would the be the final push he needed to get over you.
He saw you again in his mind, eyes closed in pleasure as Cautius kissed a line over your collarbone.

Jace groaned and covered his face with a pillow. Fat chance.

Suddenly, he heard his door opening and a thin, pale face appeared in his room. Jace fought to keep his disdain from his face.

“Can I help you Cautius?” He asked sarcastically, “Don’t you have a date?”

The boy rolled his eyes, “She canceled on me last minute, as if you didn’t know.”

Jace sat up suddenly, “Wait what? If she’s not with you, where is she?”

Cautius took half a step back, shocked by Jace’s intensity.

“She-she went on a mission with Izzy.” He said quickly, “Some club downtown.”

Jace felt the icy hand of dread grip his stomach. Downtown New York was crawling with demons and he hated not knowing where you were, and how you were doing.

Jace shot up onto his feet and had to physically stop himself from grabbing Cautius by his blazer lapels.

“When did they leave?” He demanded, “When?”

“About four hours ago.”

Jace swore and jogged into the hall, calling for Alec as he did. The next few minutes were a blur of changing and praying to a God he didn’t believe in and replaying his last conversation with you in his head again and again. You should have been back hours ago. He knew it as surely as he knew his own name.

“Please please please,” he murmured to himself as he pulled on his swords, “please let her be okay. Please please let them be okay, please please pl-“

Footsteps echoed in the marble hallway and Jace felt himself freeze as a familiar voice called for help.

“Y/N!” He breathed with relief, sprinting towards the institute’s doorway.

Your hair was messy, your protective gear was torn and your runes were faded and weak. Around your shoulders, you were supporting Isabelle who looked unconscious.

“Jace.”’you replied, equally relieved, “help me with her.”

The two of you carried the lifeless girl to the infirmary, lying her down on a bed, just as Alec burst through The door.

Jace couldn’t keep his eyes off you, scanning your body for any obvious signs of injury. His heart was pumping so loudly he was sure you could hear it. He had come so close to losing you, nothing else seemed important. All that mattered was you, and spending every second that he could being with you.
Right now Your eyes were trained on Izzy as Alec buzzed around her like a fly. You looked shell shocked, and Jace felt something near his hear tighten.

“Are you okay?” He asked gently, placing a comforting hand on your back.

Your bottom lip trembled and you collapsed into Jace, your earlier argument forgotten as you let the boy cuddle you into his chest. Exhaustion flooded through your veins and you felt your legs buckle beneath you. You didn’t cry, you couldn’t, but you breathed in Jace’s familiar scent as he lifted you off your feet and carried you back to your room.

As Jace laid you down softly on your bed, you noticed the leather jerkin he had on, and the fresh black runes that covered the majority of his exposed skin.

“Why are-“ you started, touching the stealth rune on his collarbone gently.

Jace smiled gently as he knelt before you and begun unlacing your heavy boots.

“Alec and I were about to come after you.” He explained, pulling the boots off your feet.

“You were? Why?” You asked.

Jace sighed, “Because, you’re a part of us. Izzy is a part of Alec and you-you’re a part of me. I’ll always come for you when you need me, always.”


Jace looked deep into your eyes and finally accepted that there would never be anything that would make him get over you. He was yours, he always had been. Jace pulled himself up so that he was sitting next to you and tentatively brushed your cheek with his fingertips.

“Always.” He answered. You shivered lightly under his touch and Jace swallowed hard, “Y/N?” He asked, his voice an insistent whisper.

“Yes?” You answered equally quietly.

“I would really like to kiss you,” he admitted, “in fact, I’ve been wanting to kiss you for quite some time now.”

Your eyes were wide and transfixed as Jace spoke.

“Why haven’t you then?” You asked.

Jace shrugged, “I guess I was afraid.”
“And now?”

Jace opened and closed his mouth, “I thought I’d lost you today, twice. Nothing could be any scarier than that.”

You chuckled, your eyes watering, “Oh, well that’s that then.”

And before Jace could respond, you pulled him close, crashing your lips into his. Jace gasped into the kiss as a feeling more powerful than any he had ever imagined flowed through his veins. You tasted like lemon and blood, and he felt as though his heart was about to beat right out of his fragile chest. Your fingers gripped his shirt and, once his head had cleared, Jace wound his fingers into your hair and deepened the kiss, instantly falling in love with the fragile little gasps and sighs you made.

You moved to straddle the boy and he slid his hands down to your waist to keep you close as he whispered praise against your lips.

“I love you,” he heard himself say desperately as you pressed an open mouthed kiss to his neck, “by the Angel I love you so much.”

Your eyes found his, the desire softening to something more, something warmer.

“I love you too Jace.” You replied, “So much.”

Damian Wayne: Insult to Injury

AN: Based in the Justice League vs Teen Titans movie timeline, just so it all makes sense to ya.

Imagine having healing powers and fixing up your teammates after missions, though Damian doesn’t trust you at first but gradually gets closer to you after he lets you heal his wound for the first time.

Warnings: None


Life in Titans tower was better than you expected, and ever since Robin joined the team it got a whole lot more entertaining. It was just Raven and you in the lounge, despite her sometimes being antisocial Raven was quite close to you proving herself very loyal once you gave her the chance. The other team members had gone to assist Robin with some teamwork training, from where they soon returned - Beast Boy sporting some brand new injuries in particular. You sighed getting up from your spot next to Raven and strolling over to the green skinned boy who enthusiastically held out his harm with a wince, but grinned at you once you took a hold of it.

“(Y/N) what are you doing?” Robin asked entering the room, pricked with curiosity once taking in his newfound surroundings.
“Damian, (y/n) is an awesome fighter as you should know but they also have these weird - *wince* - special healing abilities. So they can fix my arm.” Beast Boy explained, glaring at you from the sudden vice grip on his arm for dubbing your gifts ‘weird’.
“Do you need anything healing?” You mindfully shouted over to Robin.
“No. They’ll heal themselves eventually, I do not need your help.” The boy rudely replied, which of course was expected from the former assassin.
“Why so stubborn?” You muttered under your breath, Beast Boy giving a quiet laugh until you scowled at him.
“Adding insult to injury (y/n)?” Raven sent you a small smirk, her voice conveying a hint of amusement.
You smiled in return and shook you head finishing up Beast Boys arm.

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Pairing: Kagehina (loosely)
Show: Haikyuu!!

At the bottom of the garden, there is a hole. It sits in a wall shrouded by foliage, by long, creeping vines and sharp, spiked leaves, and through the hole—the ceiling is low, remember to crouch—there is a lane.

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Elliot x Reader (rated M)

Anonymous asked: Hi! Can you write a imagine Elliot x Reader where reader is Gideon’s daughter and when they meet for the first time at Allsafe, there’s sexual tension between them? Later, they meet again and things get hot between them (sorry about my bad english, I’m from Portugal and I’m absolutely in love with your writing!)

Here you go! I hope you enjoy it! P.S. Don’t worry about your English I think it’s excellent :) readers be warned this is a smutty one

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-but he’d made you cupcakes for everything

-(and if you had kids together, he’d show them how to bake and teach how to ice stuff beautifully oh my gosh)

-he would love holding your hand

-and kissing your knuckles

-he’s probably tell you he loved you every 2 hours tbh

-cute kisses

-even cuter cuddles

-you’d support him, he’d support you

-constant smiling while together

-being able to talk about anything to each other

-he’s such a puppy and he would look at you with those puppy eyes of his

-that jaw though ;)

-waking up in the morning to the smell of fresh baking

-he’s probably surprise you with breakfast in hes because he’s such a romantic

-you’d just fit perfectly together

-hug would be to die for ohmygosh



anonymous asked:

Wow this blog is everything!! I love how you get the character so well and gah! It's amazing!! How do you figure shiro, lance , and Keith would react to sleeping with theirs/o for the first time (not sex just sleep) and they see their s/o sleeps in just panties and a tank top? Thanks so much 😊

Aaaaa thank you so much!! I’m glad the characters seem real! I was actually a little worried that I was straying from their canon character, so you just brightened up my day with a second sun, noonie.


  • he wouldn’t know what to expect, so he gets into bed before you do
  • you thought that he had fallen asleep but as you crawl on the bed he turns around and
  • oh
  • oh no
  • oh nO
  • TakashiShirogane.exe has stopped functioning
  • he doesn’t move until you call his name, and he thinks that you don’t notice how his eyes were on your legs but you do
  • and you call him out for it
  • “What, never seen a pair like these before?”
  • “No, I haven’t.”
  • his immediate answer knocks you down a peg and makes him regret existing
  • you both stare at each other with wide eyes as his face just turns beet red 
  • and then you both burst into laughter at the same time
  • Shiro completely turns to you so he can hold his stomach properly and you fall to your side because what is air
  • when the laughter dies down, you both stare at each other again.
  • eyes twinkle and light blushes, it’s great to be young and in love
  • “Can I come closer?” you ask when you were finally under covers
  • He answers “Way ahead of you on that.” and pulls you in with a single arm around your waist
  • Before you fall asleep, he’d kiss the top of your head and rub small circles onto your back and the next morning he wouldn’t let you go until he wakes and lets you go himself (muscles weight alot, and so does his robot arm)


  • this boy has been craving a bed buddy since day one and you can fight me on that.
  • the moment you agree to his proposal, he’d pop out this one line he’s been waiting to use:
  • “We’re going to be the best bedfriends.”
  • The moment he sees your bedwear though, his jaw drops
  • “Wanna make some noise tonight?”
  • “Lance, no.”
  • “Hey I’m just saying, I could eat you alive when you look like that.”
  • Lance.
  • “Alright, alright. Guess I’ll let you cool down.”
  • You raise en eyebrow at that. “Too hot for you?”
  • “You really get me and I just love you for it.”
  • The moment you’re under the covers with him, his arms and legs find yours
  • He’d been waiting for this the moment you agreed to become an item with him. Bed cuddles are one of his favorite things.
  • He’s usually clingy of you, yet this feels different even though you’ve felt his arms more than a thousand times
  • Eventually you’d relax though, and he would send you off to dreamland with a quick peck and a soft “See you in the morning, Bedfriend.”
  • The next morning, the first thing you’d ask is if you two could be bedfriends forever and
  • oh, his eyes shine when you ask him that


  • he can’t look at you when you walk in
  • nope
  • no no, heart’s not ready, can’t
  • but
  • BUT
  • he glances oNE GLANCE, AND BOOM
  • it’s all over
  • he can’t stop staring at you
  • You had both agreed not to go too far tonight since you both knew that it would still take time to be on that level of comfort with each other but
  • he might take that back?
  • keyword: might
  • he doesn’t though, he respects the terms you both agreed to
  • so to try and calm himself down, he gives you one of his shirts and tells you to put it on
  • he tells you “It’s more for me. Just do it.” and won’t admit that it’s because your panties are very nice to look at
  • so you switch your top and when Keith thinks he can finally look at you
  • BAM
  • though covers exist and they are there to cover up things, hence your appearence that’s driving him a lil crazy
  • but once you both get into bed there’s like this deadpan silence between the two of you
  • it’s so awkward
  • should you say something? should he say something first?
  • in the end you both turn to your side at the same time and then remember that words aren’t really something you need anyways
  • so you both smile and naturally, the space between you guys closes
  • you both fall asleep to each other’s warmth and the beat of his heart beating against your skin. The next morning the first thing he asks you is if you can sleep in his bed from now on.

Happy asking you to get your crow and tattooing it on you! Mixed two similar requests for this so I hope you like it!


Waking up next to the love your life, the both of your noses touching just barely is like waking to breakfast in bed. It’s peaceful, feeling more than relaxed as you listen to Happy’s uniform breaths of slumber.

You watch the way his brows furrow and the way his jaw twitches, seeming as though he’s clenching his teeth together. “Staring isn’t nice.” Happy grumbles sleepily, making you jump a little, laughing softly as you shake your head.

“Don’t scare me like that, Hap.” You scold him quietly, kissing his cheek a few times. He grins and opens his eyes to look you over, brows furrowing and blinking several times to get used to the sun shining into your shared bedroom.

One of his large hands come to rest on your hip, pulling the two of you close as he kisses you despite the morning breath. It takes you by surprise to this day how gentle his kisses are, though you’ve been together for going on two years now. Today just so happened to be your two year anniversary and Jax knows that.

Jax had personally told Happy to take the day off to spend time with you, and you couldn’t be more thankful of Jax.

Happy presses one last kiss to your lips before pulling back, head resting back down on the pillows. He looks peaceful as his eyes close for a moment, you moving to stroke over his cheek gently. “Let me tattoo my crow on you.” His words are just barely audible but you hear them, your heart skipping a beat.

You know that a woman getting one of the guys’ crows means things are serious as can be. Marriage is one thing, but a permanent tattoo on your body of his choice means so much more. And here Happy is, asking you to make this permanent. He’s asking you to be his official old lady.

It’s a heartwarming thought and you’re suddenly overwhelmed with emotions, your lips pressing to Happy’s. “Of course.” You whisper quickly, a wide smile spreading over Happy’s lips. That one smile starts the day of an amazing day, though it’d already started.


You’re sat lazily on a chair in the little workshop Happy’s put together in your garage. There’s a tattoo machine set up along with a special chair and table and lamp so he can see what he’s doing better. You’re turned into your side so your hip is showing, your panties pulled down and shirt pushed up.

You’ve gotten plenty of tattoos before, little things that didn’t take but thirty minutes to get. But here you are, the machine buzzing as the needles run over your skin, Happy working careful and precise. He doesn’t want to fuck up his piece of art on you, something that’ll be there until the day you die.

The pain is bearable, your head laid against your arm and playing on your phone to keep you preoccupied. Lord knows you’d be squirming and fidgeting and that would cause Happy to mess up his crow. And you definitely didn’t want that.

As he wipes over you skin, smearing black ink, you look down a little while later to see the crow finished, your skin around it lightly red but you know that’ll be gone in a matter of days. Happy cleans off the ink, treating it just as any other tattoo he’s given himself or someone else before letting you up out of the uncomfortable position.

He watches as you look in the mirror hanging on the garage wall, examining the tattoo etched into your skin. He watches as a wide smile grows on your lips, lifting into your toes before turning to him. “I love it.” You breathe, quickly stepping to Happy and pressing a kiss to his lips.


Sometimes you forget the tattoo is there, you don’t see your hip often unless you’re showering or you’ve worn a shirt that shows it off.

But Happy seems to remind you each time he can, his fingers finding the black ink and running over it in a time of need. It’s like a safety net, knowing you’re there for him, you’re his. And maybe when you two are going at, Happy turns you onto your side just like you’d been in the chair and fucks you while gripping tightly at the tattoo.

But that’s just your business.

Trouble With Gally

request: I’d absolutely loooveee it if you made an image of the reader and Newt where you are the only girl in the maze- and boys will be boys- you get hit on and flirted with in distasteful ways, some gladers end up taking it way too far (they get really reaaaaaaaallly rough with you) later on Newt finds out or sees whats going on and starts becoming really protective of you without leaving your side. Smutty and fluff would be amazing thank you deary! ilyyyyyyyyyy! <3

warnings: smut & slight language


 Why wouldn’t someone want to be the only girl amongst sixty cute guys working and sweating and taking their shirts off now and then? There’s only one answer for that: raging hormones. Not from you, though, from the guys. It’s only expected, boys are boys; and boys have needs. Still, the way some of them treated you was sickening.

 “What’s up, Y/N?” Gally walks over to you, moving a hand down your back until it reaches your butt. He gives it a rough squeeze and you wince quietly. Some other Gladers walk up to you and Gally, asking for a “turn.”

 “You’re so pretty,” one of them murmur.

 “I’d love to get with that,” another one goes.

 You find yourself being touched and fondled with in ways you found perverted and almost infuriating.

 “Get away from me!” you grunt, pushing away a hand that had gripped onto one of your boobs. You were getting irritated with the boys’ behaviour, they were pissing you off.

 “Calm down, Y/N,” Gally voiced. We’re just having a bit of fun and all.”

 “Well I don’t like it, get the fuck off,” you push your way through the circle of four or five boys around you. Not surprisingly, Gally wouldn’t back down. He caught up to you and gripped your shoulder roughly and turned you around.

 “Don’t ever talk to me like that, you little bitch,” he yells. His face was right in front of yours, looking you right in the eye. “You need to be punished, Y/N,” he smirked at you. You knew that whatever came next wasn’t going to be good for you — and you were right. Gally squeezed your face in his hand, forcing his lips onto yours.

 The last thing you would ever think of doing was kissing back. The grip he had on your shoulder was still hard, and you were soon being backed up against the walls of the Homestead. Gally’s hands moved to your hair, pulling at the strands. You had no idea a boy could be so harsh while kissing someone. He forced his tongue into your mouth, and you could’ve gagged.

 His hands moved down your body and took a firm grip onto your hips, digging into your skin with his nails.

 “Hey!” Newt’s British accent catches Gally’s attention, making him turn to face the boy only to get a fistful of Newt right in his jaw. Though Newt was a lot smaller than Gally, the shock and unexpectedness of the hit knocked Gally to the ground. “That’s no way to treat a buggin’ girl, Gally. Now get up and shucking do something with that pathetic life of yours that doesn’t involve being rough on Y/N, here.”

 Gally didn’t bother arguing back, knowing Newt is what one could call higher-up in the ranks. He walked off, pissed as ever.

 Newt turned his attention back to you, a totally different person than when the one that had just yelled at Gally. “You okay, love?” he asked sincerely.

 “Ugh, I hate that guy,” you complained, rubbing at the spot Gally’s hand had held onto your shoulder. “But yeah, I’m fine. Thanks to you,” you smile at Newt.

 “Hey, um, can I talk to you, Y/N?” Newt asks, running his hand up and down his arm.

 “Of course you can,” you follow Newt off into the woods. Newt was one of the only Gladers you actually liked hanging out with — along with Minho, Chuck, Frypan, Winston, and a few other guys who weren’t all about getting in your pants.

 He lead you to a secluded area surrounded by trees and stopped there. “Okay, so, I want you to tell me if you feel uncomfortable, okay? I don’t want to make you feel threatened or anything,” he started.

 “What could you ever say that would make me feel threatened, Newt?” you asked before Newt stepped closer, taking your hands in his. You were a little surprised, of course, but

 “I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a long time now, I just uh never really knew when to do it. I don’t know why I’m telling you this now, but I can’t keep it in any longer. It kills me to see the way the other Gladers treat you, Y/N. I hate how they’re always touching you and trying to flatter you and how they’re always up in your business. At first I didn’t really know why, but now I know. It’s because… Well, it’s because I’m in love with you, Y/N. And I always have been.“

  You were at a complete loss for words. You never expected anything like that. Unsure of what to do, you found yourself leaning up and kissing him. The kiss got heated pretty quickly, and - quite surprisingly considering the situation you were just in with Gally - you liked it.

  All you were focusing on at that moment was Newt and what he had just said. Of course you’d fallen for him, too. How could you not? He was such a cutie and was always so kind to you.

  "Are you okay with this, Y/N?” Newt asks, still worried you weren’t about to go along with whatever Newt wanted. Your mind was set, though, and you knew you wanted this. You simply bit your lip and nodded, and Newt reconnected your lips. His lips moved down to your neck, leaving little kisses all over the soft skin there. You stepped back until your back was up against the trunk of a tree – unlike the scenario with Gally, you went along with it fully and willingly.

  “Newt, I’m so happy you told me that,” you whispered as Newt continued kissing down your neck. His hands moved down to the inside of your shirt, bunching the fabric up before taking it off of you completely. His lips were immediately all over your chest, leaving butterfly kisses all over your bare skin. “I love you too,” you whined into his ear.

  Your hands found their way to the lower hem of his shirt, slipping it off of him. Newt had unclasped your bra by then, and was now using his mouth to suck at your boobs. You moaned at the feeling of his tongue circling your nipples, and that was when you felt his hard dick against your thigh. You gasped when it pressed against you. It was turning you on and you could feel the juices pooling in your underwear.

  Newt moved his face up and kissed you again. You felt his tongue brush against your lower lip and you quickly allowed him entrance, letting his tongue explore every corner of your mouth. Your hands moved down to the top of his belt, fiddling with it before slipping it out of the loops of his pants and he pulled them off of his legs. He stepped back so that he could unbutton your own pants and pull them down. He laid the discarded clothes out on the ground and picked you up, setting you down softly on the pile of clothing. He was so gentle.

  You pulled him in for another kiss, wrapping an arm around his neck while your other hand moved down to palm him through his boxers. Newt was fully hard by now, and it turned you on more than ever. He moaned into the kiss, making you smirk. He broke the kiss and winked at you. You were confused at first, but realized what he was doing when you felt him slip his hand inside your panties.

  “Shuck, babygirl, you’re so wet already,” he grinned, moving a finger up and down your folds. You breathed out at the feeling of him touching you. Being with him like this was something you’ve only dreamed about, and it was a thousand times better in real life. “Did I do this to you, Y/N?”

  You didn’t answer at first, too caught up in the situation. “Answer me, beautiful,” Newt whispered, slipping two fingers inside of you. You moaned when he started pumping his fingers in and out. “I made you this wet, didn’t I? Not Gally or those other shanks. Just me.”

  “Shuck,” you breathed as Newt pumped his fingers faster. “Agh, you did this to me, Newt. All you,” you whimpered. Suddenly Newt’s fingers were out of you and he sucked them clean.

  “That’s all I wanted to hear,” he said before pulling off your underwear and his. He lined himself up at your entrance and you could feel his tip toying with your folds. It took everything in you not to push yourself down onto him. You whimpered and felt Newt slowly push into you.

  “You’re so big, Newt,” you whined when he fully entered you. He moved his hips back and started thrusting in and out of you. It wasn’t a lie – he really was big, and it felt like heaven. He buried his cock deep inside of you fast and hard. Moans escaped your lips uncontrollably, not like you were really trying to hold them in anyway.

  Newt was thrusting in and out you almost animalistically, making you arch your back up to him. He leaned down and kissed you hard, muffling your loud moans. You allowed his tongue entrance into your mouth again as he moaned into the kiss. From this position he was able to hit an all new angle, and it only drove you crazier. The noises he was making were enough to make any girl want him, and they only increased each time he thrusted into you.

  “You’re so tight. Shuck,” Newt grunted in your ear. You felt his dick twitch inside of you, and his hand moved down to rub hard circles on your clit, pushing you closer to the edge.

  “Newt, I’m close- ah,” you manage to say between your moans. He didn’t reply, just kept pounding into you. Sweat dripped off of him and his eyebrows were knit together in concentration.

  You rolled your hips up to meet his. Newt grunted loudly and you felt his cum pouring into you. He groaned and carried on thrusting, helping you reach your own orgasm. It wasn’t long before you were coating his cock with your own juices. He collapsed next to you, breathing heavily.

  “You’re mine, Y/N. If any of those other Gladers ever lay a finger on you again, tell me and I’ll bloody kill them,” he told you after catching his breath.

  “Don’t worry, Newt. I won’t let them touch me.”

  *     *    *

  You and Newt have been dating since then, and he almost never left your side. He’d always hold your hand or have an arm around your waist when you were hanging out with other Gladers, making sure none of them touched you in disgraceful ways. He was the best boyfriend you could ever ask for.


a/n: hey hey hey, thank you for requesting bby. (:


Rebekah X Fem!Reader X Klaus

So I’m sorry Klaus was like a super duper Jerk and i also feel bad for making the reader and Rebekah so cute together only to have Klaus ruin it but I did kinda have fun writing this.

I’m also thinking of doing a part two mostly because I love Rbekah

Klaus was lay in bed with his fists clenching into the sheets beneath him. He could hear your whimpers and moans from his sister’s room, he’d never felt jealousy like this before, every time Rebekah kissed you or spent time with you Klaus felt like ripping you apart and taking you for himself.


Your satisfied cry mixed with Rebekah’s had Klaus clenching his jaw so tightly he though his teeth would shatter, that was all it took for him to change his mind, he wasn’t going to let you belong to anyone else for much longer.

Keep reading