his jacket says my name on it

“Say my name.” I told him.
“Why?” He asks.
“Just do it. Please.” I reply, clenching tighter onto his jacket.
Then he spoke the hopeless 7 lettered name and from that moment, I knew,
Nothing was the same. Nothing was going to be the same again. There was no joy in his voice; no happy memories, not a single bit of care.
I let go of his jacket and walked away.
Never did I ever write my name the same way again.
—  excerpt from a book I will never write #47

OK so imagine at some rehearsal Johnny comes in late with his fur/hair quiff all messy and his jacket haphazardly on and shizz-

And out of nowhere Mike or Ash just say ‘Here’s Johnny~’ but in the same tone of voice as the guy from The Shining (I’m blanking out on his name rn I think it’s Jack or smth) like all creepy and menacing-

And Johnny completely freaks out, throwing out apologies left and right like 'Oh my god what did I do am I in trouble Mr. Mike/Ms. Ash I’m sorry-!’

And Meena and Buster are just like 'No, no, it’s OK it’s just a joke they’re not mad’-

And Rosita just has a glare like 'How dare you hurt my baby boy’ and let’s just say Mike or Ash are afraid for their lives.

Tbh Johnny is my child but I feel that this could happen.

After you,
He is the soft morning light and the first warm summer day. All you did was freeze me out. I never knew how to get warm even with the sun on my face.
After you,
He is a long car ride with all the best songs. I never skip any part of him. How much did you skip of me?
After you,
He is open mouth smiles and shared jackets. He is already looking at me before I even look at him. You always had your eyes on the road. His were always on me.
After you,
His fingers build a home instead of creating ruins. The curve of his mouth has offered me more than your arms ever did.
After you,
He is honey and gold, a dream. He is the softest light and the sweetest thing. He says my name and I hear the word “home”.
After you,
He is everything.
After you,
I wonder how I ever wanted what I had before.
—  after you. (via @brizzlewritesthings)
Tomato Soup: Madison x Reader

Hamilton: Modern AU

1,413 words 

Summary: James Madison is sick and needs someone to take care of him. (It’s cuter than it sounds) Also included: Jefferson bitching about Hamilton. 

A/N: My first not-The Upper Hand fic!!! James Madison really doesn’t get enough love from the HamFam. He’s sweet and sensitive and you know there’s some rockin’ biceps under that colonial jacket ;) 

Originally posted by imayhavepunchedhim-itsablursir

You were at work when you got the call.

You and James Madison had been out for two dates so far, and tonight was going to be your third. When his name came up on your caller ID, your heart skipped a beat and you smiled. He texted you often during the day, just to check on you and say that he missed you, but phone calls were rare. As a member of Congress, he attended numerous meetings during the day.

As you answered your phone, you recalled the times of the meetings he would have today. He was supposed to be in one right now, and there was another one at 3 PM. Something was up.

“Hey, James. What’s up?”

“Hi, Y/N,” he said, his voice more husky than usual. “I’m so sorry.”

Your excitement fades into suspicion.

“I’m sick again.” He coughs, and you cringe. He doesn’t sound well.

“I can hear it in your voice.”

He chuckles hoarsely. “Sweetie, I won’t be able to make our date tonight.”

“Oh.” You knew it was coming, but you were still disappointed all the same.

“But if it makes you feel any better, I can’t make the important cabinet meeting this afternoon either, so Jefferson’s just as disappointed. He thinks he needs backup while he argues this whole Treasury bill thing with Hamilton.”

He’s already told you about the animosity between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Both were in the President’s cabinet and greatly differed in their opinions about virtually every issue. Jefferson constantly called and texted James complaining about Hamilton or coming up with a scheme to discredit him. It was exhausting just listening to James talk about it.

Your silence leads James to believe that you’re upset.

“I’m so sorry, sweetie,” he says, sounding genuinely concerned.

“No, I understand, James. Don’t worry about me. Go home and take care of yourself.”

You can hear him smile into the phone. “I’ll try my best.”

When you hang up, your mind starts formulating a plan. You didn’t care if he wasn’t well enough to take you to that new Italian restaurant. Just spending time with him would be enough. Maybe you could put together a little get well package and bring it to him at his apartment. His favorite soup, some ice cream, Nyquil, cough drops, tissues, and his favorite movie might help make him feel more comfortable. You start making a list of supplies.

After work and a quick trip to the store, you knock on James’ door, awkwardly juggling several bags of supplies and food. A few long moments pass, and you start to worry that he might be asleep. Maybe you should have called…

The door opens and a very sleepy, disheveled-looking James appears in the doorway, wrapped in a fluffy blanket. His face brightens when he recognizes you.

“Y/N! What a surprise!” he exclaims unenergetically. “It’s so great to see you, but—” He sneezes into his elbow. “But I don’t want to get you sick.”

“I have a tough immune system,” you said, shrugging nonchalantly. “Plus, someone’s got to take care of you.”

He has no more strength to argue with you, so he steps aside to let you inside. You know the layout of his apartment fairly well—he had taken you there after dinner on Date #2—so you head straight to the kitchen and dump your bags on the counter. After you put the ice cream in the freezer you put the soup in a pot on the stove to heat up.

You grab the bag full of Nyquil, tissues, cough drops, and his favorite movie and find him in the living room, lying on the couch. He’s wrapped in the blanket so you can see only the top of his head. He opens one eye when you perch at the edge of the couch near his knees.

“What did you bring me?” he asks.

“Just some stuff to get you better,” you say mysteriously, revealing the items as you put them on the coffee table. “Normal stuff for colds. Plus, Lady and the Tramp.”

He smiles weakly. “That’s my favorite.”

“Yeah, I remembered. You wanna watch it?”

He nods eagerly, and you get up to put the DVD in the player. When you come back to the couch, he sits up and holds one arm out, inviting him to cuddle with you. You oblige, curling into his side as he wraps the blanket around your shoulders. You feel warm and safe and content, breathing in his gentle scent of laundry soap and cologne.

Thirteen minutes into the movie James’ phone buzzes jarringly against the glass coffee table. You grab it, opening the messages. It’s from Jefferson.

Mads, Hamilton just insulted me! He said “Mr. Age of Enlightenment” but like in a really sarcastic tone. He’s so rude. I need you here.

“Guess the cabinet meeting ran a little long,” James murmurs, pressing a kiss to your shoulder as he reads the message.

Another message:

He just insulted me again—he said I’m always hesitant with the President! Obviously I am because Washington obviously favors him over than me. He wouldn’t be anything without Washington by his side. Help me!!!

James groans when he reads the next message and reaches for his phone. “I have to call him,” he grumbles. “I should’ve been there today.”

“No!” You hold the phone out of his reach, knowing that he will be too weak to fight you for it. “You need to rest. Stop thinking about work and focus on getting better.”

The phone in your hand buzzes again, but you turn it off and stick it in your back pocket. He weakly pouts at you, but you remain strong. You can’t let him worry about Jefferson; it’ll just make him sicker.

“I’m just gonna take your phone with me into the kitchen. The soup is almost ready.”

Once you’re out of his sight, you read Jefferson’s next message.

He just insulted you! He called you “mad as a hatter”, which is a pretty sick play on words I must admit. But he insulted YOU!!! He said you’re in worse shape than the national debt. Don’t worry. I’ll defend you!

You feel as insulted as Jefferson does. Sure, James may not ooze charm and sex like Hamilton does, but he is an attractive man (with a great-looking body) and cares about his constituents. He is sensitive and loving and so cute when he’s cuddly. Grinning, you put James’ phone on the counter and serve two bowls of tomato soup.

“Oh, sweetie, tomato soup is my favorite.” James lights up when you hand him his bowl. “This is the perfect comfort food.”

“I totally agree,” you murmur. “Do you need help with your soup? I could feed you.”

He chuckles. “No, I’m not an invalid. Thank you, though. You’re the best.”

You lean your head on his shoulder, feeling his lips kissing the top of your head. How did you find a man so caring and loving?

“You know, it’s more fun when you kiss my lips,” you say suggestively, moving your head until you can see his surprised grin.

“Sweetie, you’re gorgeous and there’s nothing I want to do more right now,” James says. He sets down his soup and caresses your cheek. “But I don’t want to get you sick.”

You sit up and lean in close, a soft smile gracing your lips. “Oh, honey, you’re worth it,” you whisper, placing a gentle kiss on his lips.

He smiles against your lips for a moment before deepening the kiss, one hand burying in the hair at the base of your neck, the other finding your waist. This isn’t your first kiss with him, but it is the most moving, making you feel lightheaded and lose all sense of time as his lips move over yours. Somehow you find yourself moving onto his lap, your hands in his hair and on his shoulders and gripping his biceps and grabbing his t-shirt.

You don’t know how long it’s been, but when you finally break apart, you both are panting heavily and grinning.

“Sorry, sweetie, I got a little carried away,” he mumbles hoarsely, his hands gripping your hips to regain some self control.

“Well, I’m definitely getting sick now,” you chirp, shrugging casually.

The next week you were lying on your couch, sniffling and coughing, wrapped in a blanket and James’ arms, holding a bowl of tomato soup.

finnpoe fic recs

a short list of some my favourite recent reads. enjoy.

  • somebody to love by dreamfleet & mezmerize | In which Finn is Professionally Concerned about one of his students, Poe is trying to keep his life and his daughter together, and they both need somebody to love. | 101k
  • step out into the sun by plutos | The one where Finn gets a name, a jacket, a droid, and a marriage out of nowhere in only a few short weeks. | 71k
  • tell me about the big bang by thebrotherswinchester | There is a part of him that says: you are not human. | 37k
  • fyodor by frequently_humming | Anastasia!AU | 35k
  • autumn rhythms by ellievolia | A story about Poe Dameron; pilot, commander, friend, son, father. | 26k
  • if you were ever here at all by midnightsurge | Finn is a lost prince hunted down by the First Order for his abilities. Poe is sent by the Resistance to find him first. | 18k
  • maybe this time by pdameron | Poe allowed himself one brief moment to imagine himself with Finn, to imagine what could be. Then, he let that moment go. Bright, young, future-lawyers don’t deserve to be weighed down by broken ex-pilots turned bakers with issues a mile long. And that was all right. Because Poe wasn’t lonely. | 14k
  • close enough to touch by stitchy | Poe is trying to keep his distance from Finn for the sake of their friendship, but it’s pretty difficult when they’re sharing a bed every night. | 14k
  • (don’t) come back for me by midnightsurge | Finn escapes the First Order a second time, though his memories have been taken away from him. He finds himself amidst the Resistance once more, but there’s something no one’s telling him, and it has to do with Commander Poe Dameron. | 8k
Jokers Daughter Headcanon

She starts to crush on Johnny Frost and he feels the same way about her but he tries to fight his feelings knowing he’ll be in trouble, but one night at the club they give into their desires and kiss when Joker walks in on them.

→  ↓

♦  “Ya know my dad will kill you if he finds out about this right Johnny?”
♦ She traces her fingers along his jacket tapping his gun with her nail and smirking at him.
♦ “I’ve always been loyal to your father but…”
♦ “But what, Johnny?”
♦ “But when you say my name like that I’m willing to risk anything he tries to do.”
♦ They lean in to kiss, teasing each other with their noses before their lips touch.

♦ The door bursts open and Joker is standing there with roses in his hand.
♦ Frost and her push each other away and stare back at him in shock
♦ Joker drops the flowers on the floor and pulls out his gun.
♦ “Well well well….. what is going on here?”
♦ “Daddy please we were just-”
♦ “Quiet princess…”
♦ “Frost don’t tell me you’ve turned your back on me now huh?”
♦ “Boss I didn’t mean any harm I-”
♦ “You know what happens to people when they touch my princess.”
♦ Joker fires warning shots in the air before approaching Frost like an animals stalking his prey

svt as bobs burgers quotes
  • seungcheol: "listen, you're my children and I love you, but you're all terrible at what you do here."
  • jeonghan: "is it possible to be in love with twenty five people at once?"
  • jisoo: "no boys, no parties, no summoning spirits."
  • junhui: "brr. it sure is cold in here. I wish some strong, chivalrous man would lend me his jacket... or his pants."
  • soonyoung: "you should know when you hold hands with me, you're holding hands with everything I've ever eaten."
  • wonwoo: "if you need me I'll be down here on the floor… dying."
  • jihoon: *whispers* "was it obvious I don't care?"
  • seokmin: "do you think horses get songs stuck in their heads?"
  • mingyu: "time for the charm bomb to explode."
  • minghao: "I just wanna slap your hideous, beautiful face!"
  • seungkwan: "I don't need a boy to pay attention to me, I'll pay attention to myself."
  • hansol: "let's release the lobster back into the supermarket from whence it came."
  • chan: "I've eaten nine birthday cakes and I still feel empty."

anonymous asked:

My American babe walking in to find his S/O wearing his jacket (only a bra underneath, bonus point if it's an american flag one i love flag tiddies) and shorts that say property of usa ;00

Did you realize what you were wearing? Yea. Did you have a reason? Other than it would drive Allen crazy and you looked cute, no. You had been dressed in an American flag bra, Allen’s bomber jacket, and underwear that said ‘property of the USA’ when he came back from an important meeting, loosening his tie and calling you name. “Y/n?” “Yes Al?” “Get in here, I need to complain.” You complied to his request, not paying attention to how his jaw dropped when he saw you in his jacket and your patriotic undergarments. To make the matters worse, you strataled his lap, making heat rush to Allen’s face. “What is it hun?” You asked, acting oblivious to the current situation. “Jesus Christ babe… forget it just let me fuck you…”

Luna looked at the clock, it should have been about time for him to come home. She just kept reading in her bed for another couple of minutes, until she heard the door quietly shut. She straightened a bit but she didn’t stand up. 

“Nyx? Is it you?” 

“Yeah, just call my name like that, i’d be fun to hear what you would say if it was Ravus or Regis instead.” Luna smiled, watching him coming by after his usual guard duty of the day. Nyx looked clearly tired, but he was smiling too. He still had on his kingsglaive outfit, just with no jacket, which was in his hands. Seeing him in such an informal way had become a very pleasing habit in the last months. Their eyes playfully met for just one second, before he turned to delicately close the door behind him. 

“Hi” Nyx said, getting closer and leaning down for a kiss. It was not really a passionate kiss, but certainly a kiss of relief. He was so glad that long day was finally over. “How are you?”

“Good.” His smile turned into a grimace.

“That’s not true but we’ll talk about it after I’ll take a shower. Coming right back.”
He knew where to go and what to look for, so he made himself at home. Which kinda was. 

In the meantime, Luna stood up to prepare a tea for herself and to get a beer for him. She didn’t have to wait long, because he finished the shower pretty soon, just like he promised. “So, how are you again?” he asked, coming closer with barely his trousers on and a towel around his neck. He sat on the bed, where she sat too. 

 “I’m fine. I’m just bored. All I did was waiting for you the all day.” He opened his mouth to say something but she immediately stop him, raising her hand: “And before you say it, yes, you were worth the wait, but this doesn’t change the fact that I’m bored. I need to find something to do as long as my duty as Oracle and Princess is suspended. That used to be my full time job and I miss it a bit since i came here in Insomnia.” 

 “Yeah, can’t wait to go back to you risking your life every fricking second of your day and to me desperately trying to make you reconsider your priorities.” Luna smiled, pinching his arm. Nyx tried to avoid it but he didn’t succeed. He took her hands in his instead: they were cold. That didn’t surprise him since she was barely covered by her white night gown, but he moved anyway until he touched Luna’s cheek with the back of his hand. “Are you cold?” 

“No, you’re hot.” Nyx couldn’t help but facepalm. 

 “That was bad, really” he said, trying to hide a laugh. “Why are you even trying to flirt with me?” 

 “I’m not flirting with you. I hope I don’t need it. You’re my husband already.”

magnus and raphael’s first interaction in the show should be like them seeing each other in public somewhere with some of the others around and them looking at each other super disapprovingly and the first thing magnus says is “that jacket might just be the ugliest thing i’ve ever laid my eyes on, santiago” and raphael is like “heard you crashed a shadowhunter wedding. did life get a little boring again, bane?” and they say each other’s names like they’re curse words and everyone like gets ready to step in…..

and then they both just start grinning and magnus pulls raph in for a hug and raphael rolls his eyes but lets him and it’s obvious he’s trying not to smile as fondly as he does and everyone just stands there like wtf just happened

I Have My Ways

Originally posted by i-lost-my-puddin

Pairing: Joker x Reader

Words: 715

“So, Mister J,” I look down at the file I recently receive to make sure I have the correct name. “You were turned in by Batman.” I look back up to confirm with him. He rolls his eyes only slightly, growling angrily as he fidgets in the straight jacket. “I take that as a yes.” I sigh with attitude. “It doesn’t say what he turned you in for.” I look at Mister J to explain himself.

He tilts his head sideways, staring at me with his cold eyes. I can’t help but feel somewhat of an attraction for him, even if he’s as insane as what he’s known for.

He opens his mouth slowly, “I’ll tell you what,” He stares deep into my eyes as he bares his teeth, “I’ll make a deal with you.” I nod once to keep going, as if I’m tranced by his tricks. “I’ll tell you my secrets if I get the same in return.” He waves his head back and forth, anxious to hear my answer.

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funny valentine | v pt.1

word count: 1.2k

genre: fluff

a/n: idk i just want to make a really cute series for a change

synopsis: maybe it was fate that you both missed your trains when you were both running away.

He ran quickly down the steps of the train station, his suit jacket falling down his shoulders and his shoes beginning to untie themselves, but it was too late. The train had moved and not even he was brave enough to do a run-up.

“Damn!” He shouted loudly before looking around the platform and settling his eyes on a girl sitting on the bench, staring at him with fearful eyes.

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Thoughts i have during school •~•

• *giggles silently thinking about jungkook having no friends*


•"How you feel? How you feel?“ "It’s not hard” “WHY ME” “OMYGAH OMYGAH HEY NO I DONT LIKE” -youngjae

• *dabs with moose*

• *mentally sounds out bambams real name 7.2 mil times still can’t say it right*


•" my handsomeness has stained my life"

•*glares at enemy* “I hope all the mosquitos come to you at night -.-”


• “You Got No Jams”

•"pop pop pop papoppapoppop corn “





• “COME AND GET IT GOT7 안녕하사요 가세븐 입니다 ”

•"for a very long time i’ve watched you from a far hunched in your closet or strapped beneath your car i’ve treasured all the stories the eight of us share. Wherever you are i’ll always be there. When you were alone i was there too behind the shower curtain and you never knew. I dressed in your clothes and breathed in your air i’ve watched you all sleep and nestled your hair. It helps that you bedroom has places to hide and the windows don’t lock so i can get inside. i’ve waited so long to be apart of your life and one day one of you will call me his wife 🎶 (ps. Jin i see you 👀)


here’s some unfinished drawings of Jochi Sánchez. (you can see on the top ones how undecided I was whether he’d be wearing a jacket or not)

Jochi Sánchez, son of a mob leader named Mateo Sánchez.

Jochi never knew his mother, all he knows about her is what he was told, that she had died/or and disappeared and when that happened, Jochi was still a baby–so needless to say he doesn’t remember his mother at all.

Up until the age of 16, Jochi never knew about what his dad’s job was. He was told by both his dad and his other guardian–who he calls Uncle Fernando–that Mateo’s job was that of a business man. Which was actually quite correct in a way.

Jochi did not want anything involved with stuff such as that, although he did grew up in it and made good friends with literally every member that’s Mateo’s gang. Despite that, he runs away at the age of 18.

He’s not heard of up until he’s 20, in which his uncle, Fernando, shows up where Jochi works, in a coffee shop as a bartender. Needless to say, what happens next in Mateo showing up and hugging the soul out of his son bc he loves his son and he missed him v much

Jochi still didn’t return though, and once again escaped Uncle Fernando and Pops. He actually calls them now but he’s just like ‘I’M NOT TELLING YOU WHERE I LIVE, DAD. …do you need anything? I’m at a store rn-’

Please say hello to my Bullet Farm boy: Jacket!!! Kukkii and I have collaborated two Bullet Farm OCs and Jacket is one half with Squire being the other (Kukkii should have his ref sheet up soon). 

Most amazing art done by: kukkiisart

I’ve written all of Jacket’s character down below so please read about him if you’re interested! :)

[[Click here to read about my other War Boy OCs]]

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GTA Fake AH Crew!Ryan Cosplay FAQ

Hi everyone! So I’ve owed the many lovely people who asked about my GTA!Ryan cosplay this long over due post. I will be posting this in my about page as well for future references. If you have any more questions, if you could please come off anon and ask me that would be so helpful for the both of us. I will not be answering anymore anons about this cosplay. I’m sorry, it’s a little overwhelming.

Leather Jacket: I obtained a plain black Jacket from Goodwill actually, lucky catch right? On the tag it says it’s from Khols (Craft and Borrow is the brand name.) I have no idea if they still specifically sell this style but you never know. Google is your friend. This was supposed to be a temporary Jacket until I had the money to buy a riders jacket. One day. Regarding the details, again, it wasn’t meant for con use, so I didn’t try too hard, yikes. I used duct tape for the silver bits and painted on the blue.

Wig / Makeup: 

The wig is a Hansel in light brown from Arda-Wigs.com (the ponytail piece not pictured is a ponytail wrap also in Light Brown) Both Items were trimmed and styled.

The makeup I’ve used for the skull makeup is a mix of Snazaroo and Ben Nye! (I already had the white lying around, might as well use it) Snazaroo can be found at any Michaels, when Ben Nye Creme makeup can be found online. I use makeup wedges to apply the white and red first, then I apply the black details with both a wedge and paint brush. (I can make a makeup tutorial video sometime in the future if requested.) The stubble is also ben nye and is the color, well, beard stubble. I apply that with a stipple brush. All bought online. Woo!

Contouring. I use Kat Von D’s Shade + Light contour palette. You can get that at most beauty shops.

I’m so sorry for this post being a little vague, but for all the lovely murderers people who will be cosplaying GTA!Ryan Haywood, I hope this information has been helpful anyways. and I would love to see what everyone does if they would like to share with me. Happy Murderween! (almost)


UPDATE 10/16/15: I added a FAQ Page! this post is now able to be found there.



Carter gave a small laugh, shrugging a bit. “Someone needed to make sure you didn’t claw your neck open,” he said wryly. “I’m sure someone would have helped you.“ He finally sat down, his nerves finally settling. Everything was okay. Though Leo saying he had to stay in there, while it wasn’t surprising, he knew that wouldn’t he a pleasant situation. He remembered hospital stays all too well.

Though with the question, he gave a slight smile. “Heh. I guess what happened didn’t leave much time for proper introductions, did it?” he said. He messed with the sleeves of his jacket. “My name’s Carter. It’s nice to meet you properly, Leo.”