his jacket (it's nice!!! i like it!)



By the time Adam finishes cleaning up the last of his apartment, the sun is setting and hundreds of crickets are chirping outside of his open window. 

There’s a chill creeping into the room, odd for a July night in Henrietta, but not unwelcome. Adam steps back into the doorway of his bathroom and surveys the now empty space of what was once his home, or something close to it. But the word home brings to mind the Barns. He thinks of Opal playing in a wide, open field and Ronan threatening to lasso her if she doesn’t stop eating leaves, and his chest hurts. Just a little.

What little belongings he has are packed neatly into two medium-sized boxes, a suitcase, and a duffel bag that are placed in a stack by the front door. Ronan is supposed to come by soon to help him take his things to the farm, where he’ll be staying until college starts in two weeks. He’s looking forward to it, but knows it’s going to be hard to say goodbye when it comes time to leave.

With a sigh, Adam decides to do one final sweep of the place and as he checks around his bed, he spots something shoved between the mattress and wall. He pulls it free and shakes it out. It’s the leather jacket Ronan had misplaced a few weeks ago. There’s a fuzzy memory of him yanking it off of Ronan and tossing it somewhere during an impromptu make-out session, and the tips of his ears burn.

The fabric is soft and some of the seams are frayed from years of use. Ronan had been wearing this jacket the first time Adam met him; he’d been all sharp angles, sharp eyes, and a sharper tongue. Adam’s still ashamed he’d thought Ronan was nothing more than that.

A breeze of chilly air sweeps into the apartment and Adam shivers, fingers bunching into the worn leather as goosebumps rise over his skin. He glances down at the jacket in his grasp, then slings it over his shoulders so he can slide his arms into the sleeves. Even after being stuck in Adam’s room for so long, it still smells like Ronan. It’s a familiar mix of leather, the air freshener dangling from the BMW’s rear view mirror, and sweet grain.

Adam adjusts the collar around the nape of his neck, just as he hears footsteps coming up the stairs to his apartment.

There’s two loud bangs on the door, Ronan’s signature knock, and then the knob is turning and he’s wandering in like he always does: one hand in his pocket and his teeth gnawing on the wristbands of the other. He’s wearing a navy blue windbreaker over his tank-top and a pair of faded jeans that have seen better days. There’s a rip near Ronan’s inner thigh that Adam’s eyes catch on.

“Nice pants,” Adam comments.

Ronan drops his wrist and raises two dark eyebrows as he notices what Adam’s wearing.

“Nice jacket,” he says.

Adam feels a little embarrassed being caught trying on his boyfriend’s jacket, but he’d already packed away his own sweater and wasn’t going to fish it out. He’s sure he looks ridiculous in it. It’s so far from his usually plain style and he can feel how it’s a bit too big on him. The shoulders are loose and the sleeves go past his wrists, down to his knuckles.

“I found it behind my mattress.”

Ronan’s grin is absolutely wicked. He stalks over to Adam, like a prowling cat.

“Hmm. I wonder how it could’ve found its way into a place like that? Any ideas?”

Adam huffs out an exasperated breath and not rolling his eyes is simple. It’s suppressing his fond smile that’s the hard part. He moves to take off the jacket and give it back, but Ronan’s hand on his shoulder stops him. The grin is gone from him face, but he doesn’t look any less satisfied.

“Keep it.”

Adam blinks, surprised. “But–”

“No buts, Parrish. Keep the damn thing.”

Ronan reaches forward and tugs the jacket’s zipper up, his knuckles brushing against the skin of Adam’s throat. He looks contemplative, like he’s not sure if he really wants to give up the piece of clothing he’s worn almost every day for years, but then his grin is back and he’s got both hands on Adam’s shoulders.

“I think it looks better on you, anyway. You’ve got that James Dean look going for you. Be still my fucking heart,” Ronan heads over to the boxes and luggage stacked by the front door. “Come on, let’s get going before Gansey starts blowing up my phone. He and the midget planned a surprise going away party for you, but you didn’t hear that from me.”

Adam snorts, going over to grab a few of his own things. He props open the front door so Ronan can pass by with his armful of boxes, and a pleasant feeling starts forming in the pit of his stomach as he watches him go down the steps. Home. He’s going home.

He looks back into the empty apartment one last time, breathes, and then flips off the light.

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Hi mom^^, you like exo's comeback right? I also really like it. The concept is something new and they all look so good and pretty!!! Would you please write a little au for them? Maybe like a retro au? ^^ I really like your writing, it's so nice to read and I've squealed multiple times while reading your other aus:)

ok,,,,like i said im not good at writing most of exo but i think i have a decent handle on kai so i decided to write a lil 70s themed au for him ^^ 

  • is proclaimed to be the “hottest bad boy” in town 
  • wears leather jackets over unbuttoned satin t-shirts and sports a cigarette behind his ears and a topless red corvette 
  • his friends are all rowdy and like drinking and partying and racing but kai,,,,,,something about him is different
  • he’s never chased anyone down the street, never yelled at the drive-in, sorta just,,,,,,,plays with a lighter in the backseat of the car and when baekhyun or chanyeol try to get him to play bets or go buy new 8-tracks he waves them off and says something about how that’s boge
  • reads tiger beat upside down on the school roof while listening to lynard skynyrd
  • you’re working part-time at this diner near the school and the place jUST got a new comp-disc jukebox so it’s packed times ten,,,,,
  • and everyone keeps getting into arguments over what to play
  • and of course you see kai’s friends end up standing on one of the tables shouting out that the only “ace” group worth playing is aerosmith  
  • they nudge kai over to go pick out the song and he looks exhausted by their cheering and shouting 
  • and you go over because you don’t want him,,,,,,,or anyone else to break the damn thing since you guys JUST got it
  • so when he reaches out you put your hand on his wrist and motion for him to drop the 75 cent fee into your hand
  • and he’s like “listen, bunny im not gonna break-”
  • and you scoff because bunny? really? you put your hand over the money slot and you’re like “hand it over, tell me the song and I’LL play it.”
  • the diner goes quiet as everyone focuses on you two,,,,,kai tilting his head and going “do you know ,,,,,,, who i am?”
  • and you keep the same blank expression on like “yeah, some juicer casanova who thinks he runs this place.”
  • you hear baekhyun let out a loud OOOOOOOOOO do you dig that kai? they called you ‘some juicer’ aint that a shuck!
  • and you tap your foot,,,,,waiting and kai drops the money into your palm and you sarcastically go “thank you, stud”
  • and turn around to pick out,,,,much to the dismay of kai and his buddies, a abba song
  • later that night as you’re closing up you notice the red corvette outside and you roll your eyes because oh what is he gonna pick a fight with you
  • and when you go outside, there’s kai
  • reading with a cigarette between his lips and you’re like “well, are you mad? why don’t you sit on it and come back tomorrow!”
  • kai doesn’t even look up and you furrow your eyebrows,,,,until you hear his low voice go
  • “do you need a ride?”
  • “,,,,,,,,bogus what do you really want?”
  • kai flicks his cigarette out and goes “i wanna give the bunny a ride”
  • and you’re like “what did i say about that”
  • letting out a small grin he shrugs and goes “cool, i wanna give you a ride.”
  • and you don’t know why (you do know why. it’s kai’s handsome face) but you get in the car and,,,,,,the summer breeze is nice
  • and kai ,,, looks so perfect against the night sky
  • and you wonder why,,,,,,why’s he being nice???? you made a fool of him???
  • but kai isn’t joking around he really pulls up in front of your house and doesn’t try anything
  • even jumping out the drivers seat to open the door for you and you,,,,suspiciously eye him,,,,,
  • until you’re like “night” and he pulls you back before you turn,,,,,placing your hand on his chest which should be clothed but you realize the shirt underneath isn’t even buttoned and you’re touching skin
  • and you’re like “uh-”
  • and he goes “no bunny,,,,,,wait,,,,,,sorry no one has ever made my heart beat like you did,,,,,you were all doggish and it was,,,,,,,hot.”
  • you feel the heat rise up in your face,,,,you want to pull your hand away but,,,,,also,,,,,,,did kai just tell you you kinda turned him on??
  • but you try to compose yourself and you’re like “well,,,,,,you’re decent and all mr casanova but i dont want to play game-”
  • he pulls you closer,,,,bring you nose to nose with him and suddenly you have nothing to say 
  • except enjoy the smell of subtle cologne and something,,,almost wild and foresty from kai,,,
  • “oh, it’s no game don’t worry, you’ve got me crazy~”
  • the feeling of his lips ghosting over yours,,,,,his other hand coming up to hold your waist and you breathe in closing your eyes
  • only to hear the window open and your parents concerned voice and you pull back and tell kai to get out as fast as possible
  • and he jumps into his car, but before he speeds out down the street he tears something from his neck and tosses it to you
  • catching it,,,,you look down to see a pretty, golden chain with an icon hanging off it and kai says “something to remember me by tonight”
  • and with that he’s gone and the door is opening and you’re stuck there on your front lawn, mouth open in wonder because,,,,,,,,,,,doesnt this only happen in your dreams??!?!?!

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Harry getting nervous before your first kiss. You've had a nice night out, and he's had one or two so he's extra smiley. You're getting ready to say goodnight, and tonight's the night, and his eyes are shiny and his cheeks are pink. It's endearing cause he's been so collected, but when he puts his palm on your cheek you can feel it shaking. So you help him out by grabbing his jacket and pulling him in, and it's every bit as good as you dreamed.

I think, in a way, as confident as he may seem, it’s in times like these where you can see a glimpse of his insecurities - his blushing cheeks and nervous smile when he cups your cheek give him away. And, even though you’re as nervous as he is, you can’t help but smile to yourself because how endearing is it that he’s nervous to kiss you?

When you pull him in, slowly and tip your head back so you can press your lips to his, it’s like your heart will carve a hole through your chest with how fast it’s beating but, as cliché as it sounds, the world stops when his lips are on yours. Taking a deep breath, his eyes falling close, Harry relaxes his lips and presses harder against yours, greedy in his pursue to taste you and when your tongues slide against one another, all nerves melt away and all that’s left is the whimpery and content sighs, the sensation of being so close to each other overwhelming to you both.

“Didn’t know y’were so forward…” He jokes and you roll your eyes, pinching his side, where your hands had slid down to.

“I’ve waited long enough, had to take the matter into my own hands.” You joke and he looks at you, fake offense painting his face.

“Oi! Was waiting fo’ the right time, wasn’t I? Couldn’t just kiss yeh out of bloody nowh- hmmph!” He couldn’t kiss you out of nowhere but you had no problem with slanting your lips over his any time the mood strikes.

“Why do you want to wear my jacket so bad?” Ryan asked.

“You don’t date a guy to not wear his jacket,” Ray said, as if it was obvious.

and later:

“God, that’s a spicy jacket,” Ray said.

“Why are you so fixated on the jacket?!” Ryan asked for what felt like the 14th time.

“It’s nice!  I like it!” Ray replied defensively.

“God, just take the damn thing,” Ryan flung the jacket in Ray’s general direction, to which Ray offered a weak and sarcastic yay noise before donning said jacket and dropping his purple hoodie to the floor.

more casual immortal fahc raywood

Dorm Disorder (Chapter 1) 🌙

A/N: I’m going to put a trigger warning on this entire story because this series isn’t going to be all sunshine and rainbows. It’s about mental illnesses, abusive parents, cigarettes and alcohol, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! x

Character Appearance: OCs, Kris, Kai, Chanyeol, Luhan, Baekhyun, Amber

Warnings: Mentions of bipolar disorder, cigarettes, alcohol, self-harm

Word Count: 10,215

Soundtrack: Let Me Stay By Your Side // Luhan


Originally posted by fyeahluhan

Illnesses aren’t a joke. Mental illnesses, especially. Take it from someone who is actually suffering from it. I didn’t ask for any of this. I didn’t ask for my dad to leave us, I didn’t ask for my mum to be an ex-junkie, I didn’t ask to be claustrophobic and I especially didn’t ask to suffer from bipolar disorder.

My name is Ciara and I’m nineteen years old. To be blunt, I’m a fuck-up. Period. I was never a perfect little ass-licker like every goddamn girl out there in the world. Instead, I’m the exact opposite; I have cuts on my wrists, I smoke, my family is in a mess and my head is spinning round the globe with so many thoughts. Oh, and my best friends are my violin and my mum. I was a floater for the longest time, always spending time with my mum who is an ex-junkie like I said. Now don’t point fingers and start calling her a bad influence and shit. Sure, she’s the woman who went through so much and turned to drugs when it got so rough that she just wanted to kill herself. But, she’s also the woman who raised me up from nothing and kicked her drug addiction just for me and taught me how to live without anyone, a lesson learnt after my father left. My life was pretty messed-up for a long time…until one day, I walked into my therapist’s office and saw him sitting in the waiting room.

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I’ll Always Be Here


Possible Trigger Warning

You hadn’t thought about it before; Joe’s vast amount of sweatshirts and long sleeves. He said he liked to be comfy and you couldn’t exactly argue with that. 

It was normal for him to walk around in a jumper all day and then strip down in the dark at night for bed, its just what he did. Contrary to popular belief, Joe didn’t exactly walk around his house topless or at least he didn’t after he met you. 

Things started to happen recently though that made you question his wardrobe choice. Last year, Joe was so excited for summer that you would find him outside on his balcony sunbathing at any chance he could, even if the weather wasn’t exactly cooperating. 

This year was different though. London had been in a heat wave for a few weeks, something Joe would be all for, but he had barely gone outside to enjoy it. Sure he’d have his meetings and whatnot that he would occasionally decide to walk to instead of take an Uber but he was never out on his balcony. 

‘He’s probably just busy’ you would tell yourself when he wouldn’t join you outside. ‘He’s a busy YouTuber who has a lot of exciting projects that he’s working on, he’ll come out when he has the time.’ 

But that time never came. Joe would be cooped up inside his flat filming, editing, and sweating because he would be wearing a jumper.

“I’ve got to promote the clothing love” Joe would say after you questioned his choice of clothing.

“I think your fans are aware you have clothes available, and besides, why are you wearing the jumper? You do have t-shirts which are more suitable for this weather.” You would reply which was only met with a shrug and “its my favorite.” 

Today was a particular warm day, the spring days getting longer as the summer months quickly approached and Joe as off to a few meetings that morning. 

“Hey love, hopefully I won’t be too late not sure how long these meetings will run for.” Joe said coming over to kiss your cheek before bending down to put his shoes on. 

“I thought your first meeting wasn’t until noon its only 11.” You said laughing a bit as he almost tripped over his feet. 

“It’s nice out so I’m going to walk, and you know I’m a slow walker.” 

“Are you sure you want to wear that?” You asked, eyeing the jacket he was wearing knowing that it wasn’t exactly classified as lightweight. 

“What, you don’t like it?” Joe questioned looking down at himself.

“No I do, I just think that if your walking to your meeting, in the heat, that you wouldn’t be wearing a jacket.” 

“Love I’ll be fine. I gotta go, love you.” Joe said giving you another quick kiss before running out the door. 

You let out a sigh as you tapped your fingers on the worktop. Something was up, it felt like Joe was hiding something but you weren’t exactly sure if he was. And if he was, he was doing a good job at it. 

You ran your fingers through your hair as you contemplated your next step: 

You could just call him, ask if he’s doing okay. Although, he’s walking to a meeting and the call would most likely have to be cut short.

You could wait until he got home later that night, although, he’d probably be tired and would just want to lay around with you and not have you bombard him with questions. 

Or you could figure things out yourself. If Joe was hiding something, that something would have to be somewhere in the flat.

You decided to go with the latter option and if you didn’t find anything, you’d drop it. There probably wasn’t a reason why he was wearing so many jumpers other than he just wants to, but you were too stubborn to just drop it.

Since you were in the kitchen, you started there. Looking for anything possible sign for the reason Joe had been acting weird. You checked the fridge and the cupboards, you weren’t exactly sure why but you did just to be safe. You read the labels on his protein powders and supplements and quickly realized that was a dead end because you had no idea what any of that meant.

You checked the bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and his office. Anywhere that Joe possibly could have hid something, you’ve checked as thoroughly as you could without invading too much privacy. 

You made your way back into the kitchen deciding to give up on this imaginary quest that would help answer the question ‘why you boyfriend was acting so weird’ when in reality there was no question. You were just paranoid for no reason. 

You glanced up at the clock, 3:00. Joe’s second meeting should have just stared so you had at least another hour or so by yourself. Deciding you needed a distraction or else your mind would continue to wander, you went back upstairs and gathered all your and Joe’s dirty clothes. Laundry always seemed to take your mind off things and frankly, the washing needed to be done.

You walked back into the ensuite, grabbing the towels off the hooks when something in the mirror caught your eye. It was the mirror actually, it was different. You could see more of the room than you normally could, like it had been shifted. You dropped the towels on the floor and examined the mirror. 

“What the hell?” You asked when you realized that it opened, revealing a tiny cabinet behind it. 

You had lived with Joe for nearly a year and a half and this was the first time you had noticed this. Neither mirror in the bathrooms downstairs did this so you assumed the one upstairs wouldn’t either but apparently you were wrong. 

On one of the shelves there was a tiny box. The box didn’t look like much but you found it weird as to why there was a box in a cabinet you didn’t even know existed. 

You picked the box up and opened up, you’re eyes widening and narrowing when you saw the contents. Razor blades and bandaids. 

You were speechless and confused and tried your best to push back the tears that were forming but failed as they cascaded down your cheeks. 

You closed the box and put it back on the shelf, making sure to close the mirror properly before wiping your eyes and regathered the towels from off the floor and made your way back downstairs.

You sat on the couch until Joe came home, the washer going off in the background every 15 mins signally that it had finished washing but you didn’t move. You’re head moved towards the sound of the door opening and clicking shut followed by the sound of your boyfriend voice calling your name. 

“In here.” you answered as best as you could. 

Joe came sound the corner and paused when he saw you sitting on the couch. “Whats up?”

“You know you can talk to me right, about anything?” You said watching him walk over to the couch. 

“Yes?” He said cautiously. 

“Then why haven’t you?” You said, a tear sneaking past the blockade and rolling down your cheek. 

Joe didn’t say anything at first, his face just shifting through the emotions trying to figure out what you were talking about. But when he did, his face shifted into completely sadness, something you have never seen from him before. 

“Joe,” You said opening you arms, allowing him to fall into them.

The two of you sat this way for a while, letting the tears fall freely from both of your eyes until Joe finally pulled away, his eyes red and puffy. 

“I’m sorry. I..I don’t know why I didn’t talk to you. I guess…I guess I was just scared. Scared you’d leave and think I was pathetic.” Joe hiccuped. 

“Joe you don’t have to be scared, I’m not going to leave you and I don’t think you’re pathetic. How long has this been going on?”

“It comes and goes, these feelings, ever since I started secondary school. I got in under control when I started YouTube but recently…recently its been rough and its the only way I know how to realize all this stress I have bottled up.” 

You let out breath as you took Joe’s hand in yours, “Life is stressful and its okay to take a break, its okay to say no to things because you are already doing so much. And don’t think that you’re alone in this, you have so many people in your life that love you and who are willing to listen if you want to talk. I’m here, I’m always here. I see you everyday, sleep with you at night and we chat about everything, so don’t think this is something we can’t talk about, Joe. I’ll always be here for you because I’m not going anywhere.” 

“I know, I know. I just, I don’t know. I know I can talk to you but it felt easier this way but it doesn’t help. It just makes things worse and I have to lie to you about it which hurts me because thats something I never wanted to do. I thought I could keep this from you but you’re smart and you notice the little things and I thought I was being careful.” 

“Honestly, I was going to drop it today but then I noticed the mirror in our bathroom was opened.”

“I’m sorry you had to find out this way, I should’ve just come up to you but like I said, I was scared.” 

“It’s okay to be scared, but just don’t be scared alone. I’m here Joe.” You said squeezing his hand lightly. 

“I know, thank you.”

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since its AU day... The gang at a music festival? (for example, Hellrest. Theres more though)

i wanna do cochella oops

-they all rock some flower crowns

-even dallas okay johnny forced him and he couldn’t say no to the kid

-they’re wearing like tie die tank tops and shorts they look heLLA good

-dallas is still wearing his leather jacket and everyone is just like- “WHY”

-ponyboy takes like this real nice photos of the gang and nature and all that shit

-two-bit puts everything that he eats there on his snapchat story

-steve spams the fuck out of his story with just random videos of them like dancing and singing very loudly at the music

-soda posts pics of him and every girl that wants to take a pic with him

-srsly there was a whole line of girls waiting for him

-darry just tries to keep up with everyone and he doesn’t take any photos or nothing because he’s trying to keep an eye on his 6 children okay

-johnny just follows everyone around to whatever they wanna do and he’s having a good time because the gang is having a good time

feel free to add onto these because they weren’t that good since i know nothing about music festivals rip

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Please do tell about this au of yours

So its like a rise of the guardians au but not really? Just the concept of how Jack Frost became Jack Frost is used, its a totally different story.

Basically, when they were younger, Zoe and Connor were playing in a forest. This was around when Connor was like…fourteen or fifteen? Well a storm caught on, it was pretty brutal, and it started a fire within the forest. Connor and Zoe were running and Zoe had got caught under a branch. Connor saved her and threw her out into the edge of the forest, away from the trees, and a tree ended up falling on him in the process.

Because of this courageous act, Connor became a ‘forest guardian’ in a way. I mean he can leave the forest any time he wants, people can’t see him. They don’t believe in him enough to see him. He has roots growing here and there on his jacket and a constant flower crown of iris on his head. He only remembers saving Zoe, doesn’t remember anything at all before that. 

As Zoe grows older she becomes friends with Evan, Jared and Alana. They are all very supportive to her and make sure shes happy and its kinda like a nice little family its very soft. She doesn’t like to talk about what happened to Connor or Connor at all because she blames herself for what happen.

Evan, as we know, attempts in the forest. Connor catches him doing so, right as he lets go, and ends up catching him with vines. Evan still breaks his arm but hes very confused because hes very positive vines weren’t there before. 

Connor saves Evan with vines and walks up to him thinking Evan can’t see him so it won’t matter. But Evan opens his eyes and holds his arm because it still broke and he kinda freaks out a little because theres this kid just standing over him and he doesn’t know who it is.He just…looks like a forest spirit type person.
Connor backs up a little because Evan is looking right at him and no ones looked at him since he could remember. Evan tries to get up, trips over the vines that saved him, causes his arm more pain. Connor quickly rushes back over and helps Evan up. Evan accepts Connor’s help but flinches as he grabs his hand because Connor feels so cold and hes never met a person that felt that cold before. Connor is here like ’!!!!!! He can see me’ but trying to act like a normal person so he doesn’t scare Evan.

Evan tells Jared when they go back to school about a kid he met in the forest and Jared is like “How hard did you hit your head? He had roots growing on him? Evan thats not possible…” Evan swears he didn’t make Connor up.

Thats all I got so far for the au
Its p’ good

Pony x First Day of Senior Year
  • Darry made him a nice big breakfast that morning
  • like eggs and bacon a few pancakes
  • Soda helped him slick back his hair real nice
  • He wore pretty decent clothes for a greaser
  • He just wore a plain shirt with jeans 
  • but no jean or leather jacket 
  • he looked nice tbh 
  • Darry gave him thier dads old class ring
  • for good luck of course 
  •  He gets a new locker 
  • He is like super super nervous 
  • Darry and Soda drop him off 
  • He tries to make new friends 

Sorry these suck and its so short I didnt really know where to go with this tbh

Kisses ~ A Baekhyun One Shot

A Byun Baekhyun one shot

Requested by anonie here and here

Genre: Angst, romance

Member: Byun Baekhyun

Summary: (of this one shot) As actors and singers, you and Baekhyun get into an argument about his recent drama, that includes a small simple kiss scene. Breaking the news about the very intimate scenes you will be doing for your drama, the argument gets worse. How far will the jealousy between you two go?

He’s grabbing her face.

He’s leaning towards her.

He’s getting closer.

Their lips are touching.

They’re kissing.

It’s starting.

The nasty, familiar knot in your stomach is slowly starting to burn your insides at a low source of power. As it turns to medium power, it eventually gets to high power, killing you from the inside out, burning you to the ground as you start to rot internally.

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….Sorry? This WAS going to be a nice Fluffy Kustard picture of Sans in Red jacket and Red hugging him from behind but…. 

I thought of “Hey what if Red was DEAD and Sans was in his jacket crying while Nyala was in the back watching.” … I love them I swear I do. I just love angst. I’m so so sorry :’)

So here’s a small comic… Hope you like it (SORRY, and theres a small redraw of the family photo I made a while back :’) )

serendipity pt.1 | jungkook

Originally posted by hohbi

Pairing: Jungkook + Reader

Genre: Fluff/Angst + college au

Word Count: 2k

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Summary: She placed her hands on top of mine as she gave me a weak smile, and whispered,“ You’re everything to me too, Jungkook." 

My heart started to soar, as I felt my lips curve into a smile when suddenly she said,” You’re the world’s bestest friend that anyone could ask for, and I couldn’t be more thankful.“ 

My smile faltered, as I realized, she didn’t see it. She never did and she never will. 

Kang Minah POV

It can’t be…


As two bodies were pressed up against each other, I felt myself freeze at the sight in front of me. Their hands roaming around as incoherent moans sputtered from their mouths.

Stumbling out of the room, I clutched my chest as I suffered from a loss of oxygen, my eyes watering up so quickly that my vision blurred.

As I staggered down the stairs, past the sweaty and drunken people, the images flashed in my head repeatedly. Hot tears streamed down my face, as my heart ached with such intensity I’d never felt before.

"H-h-hey, watch where you’re g-g-g-going~”, a girl squealed, her hands grabbing at me as her vodka-breath fanned my face. Shoving her off roughly, I made my way towards the front door as fast as I could, wanting to be get out immediately.

Jeon Jungkook POV

“Minah?” I mumbled curiously, as I saw a familiar figure retreating quickly to the door.

Where was she going?

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more than words
—kaimei, vocaloid
drabble • romance • 276 words

note: office au that doesnt quite take place in an office setting lmao where meiko is the boss and kaito is an employee (and its against company policy to date a fellow colleague) ww


‘You clean up quite nicely, Kaito,’ Meiko comments, the weight of her glass cool in her palm. ‘How unexpected.’

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No no no. By all means. Write a sugar daddy! Obi one shot. With sugar baby!ani I'm assuming? Oh dude. Definitely do it

Anyways here’s this short thing

Rating: T

Relationships: Pre-Anakin Skywalker/Obi-Wan Kenobi

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Speaking of Ezquerra, I really like how even once Dredd's design was 'finalized' throughout the years, even now whenever he draws Dredd's uniform he always has the zipper offset to the left instead of down the center like every other artist. It's a nice touch.

Oh yes. And it’s funny but it actually looks a bit more believable? Like, I’ve seen police and military uniforms with offset zippers, or at least with double-breasted jackets that kinda look like that. Really, Ezquerra’s Dredd is full of those tiny details, like how his badge design is just a bit different from anyone else’s, or how his Lawgiver is a pitch black MkI with a shorter barrel. And I love that because it links the character that much more to the artist drawing him, which is absolutely crucial in an industry that still kinda loves to erase creators.

Just the fact that you can talk about Ezquerra’s Dredd or Flint’s Dredd or Critchlow’s Dredd is invaluable, and it also ties into something I dearly, dearly love about early Dredd in particular: the personal touches and different spins that every artist gave to the uniform, and how they were picked up and reinterpeted by other artists. Or as I like to call it, the “Mike McMahon Effect”.

People talk a lot about how Ezquerra’s Dredd was very lean and spindly and how he bulked up over the years, but to me it’s important to recognize that that evolution came from Ezquerra (and everyone else really) looking at McMahon’s Dredd and basically going “THAT. I WANT TO DO THAT.”

So it’s not just a matter of every artist putting their personal touches, but also looking at what other artists were doing and putting that into their designs. It’s something that could only happen so effectively in an environment like 2000AD, with close-knit rotating teams and art commissioned to suit each strip’s genre/themes. And it pleases me greatly to see it still happening, like when Ben Willsher drew the new SJS Lawmasters and Henry Flint picked it up.

In a nutshell, I love Ezquerra’s Dredd, but I also love the artistic cross-pollination that resulted in the leather-clad slab of granite we have today.

10. Part 2

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Scrunching my face up as I moved onto my side, that sunlight is annoying me. Feeing the material catching onto my nipple piercing, this foreign feeling of a bed. My eyes shot open, staring at the empty bed, pushing the covers back exposing my naked body. The memories came back to me instantly, I actually had sex with him “you’re awake” Chris spoke, grabbing the covers and placing it over my body in shock “I woke up early, my bad. Morning though” I feel so shy, looking down at the bed, Jesus. I look a mess, my weave is a mess. I have morning breath, I am naked and full of Chris’ babies. Jesus, what is wrong with me “come, hurry up. I have been waiting for you to wake up” looking up at Chris, he was all up in my face and pressed a kiss to my lips out of nowhere “morning beautiful, you can wear this. Hurry, get this on” he placed a white tee on the bed “you coming straight out yeah?” rubbing my head “uhm yeah, I need to pee first. I will be out” he is looking at me like I am normal, I am a mess. Chris shuffled his way out of the room and a smile played on my face, I had the best night of my life “god” I said in a whisper smiling “Rylee, I will pick you out of that bed!” Chris spat, my eyes widened “ok dad! I am getting out of the bed” he is so demanding.

I have no hair ties, I just have to pray this bun stays in one place. I have wrapped my hair a few times, let me leave this bathroom before he comes back. Tiptoeing out of the bedroom, I just feel a mess and I have no toothbrush either. Peaking my head around the wall trying to see what he is up too, he has his back to me. Clearing my throat “I am here” walking out from the bedroom “finally” he went into the kitchen area “one second” what is he even doing, he has been awake for far too long I bet “did you even sleep?” I asked “yeah, I slept like a baby. I have never felt so comfy, you did hit me in the face one time. It was funny” my god, I am an animal “I held your hand and that didn’t happen again” I am cringing so much at myself “sorry, I am not the best person to sleep with” surprised I didn’t kick him “it’s fine babe” my mouth fell open as Chris walked out with a cake in hand “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you” he sang as he walked over to me “Happy Birthday dear Rylee! Happy Birthday to yoooouuuuuu!!” he cheesed at me “make a wish babe” he said, he is making my heart so full. Clasping my hands together at the side of my face as I closed my eyes and made my wish.

Opening my eyes slowly, Chris smiling at me watching me intently with such love. Blowing the candles out “thank you so much handsome” placing my hand on the side of his face and tiptoeing, pressing a kiss to his lips “thank you so much, I have had two cakes now. It looks delicious too” he walked off “we can eat it after, but I wanted to do this. It’s you know, intimate” he is so damn cute, I want to hug him “I also got you a little something” his hands behind his back as he walked back out of the kitchen area “Chris no! Stop it, I don’t want gifts. This is just perfect, please stop” why is he not listening to me “this makes me want to spend when you do that, it’s just a little something I remembered” he stopped in front of me “I remember when I gave you the tour of my home, I said that we are destined to be. You was doing something at that moment when I said that” frowning at him “hmmmm, something about tattoos and the stars” he bought forward a rather large leather box, he held it out to me “just open it, when you see it you will understand” he is doing too much “Chris, I don’t deserve this at all” lifting the box open “oh no, oh Chris” I gasped placing my hand over my mouth “you remembered when I said it” his memory “yeah, I said to you I would get you a Black Pyramid chain. Small version but you’re the first female” what am I going to do with him “stop doing this, thank you so much Chris. I can’t repay you” wrapping my arms around his neck.

Chris is so odd, he has a real obsession with my legs “you legit got no panties on though?” he asked again, shaking my head while flicking through the channels on the TV. Reaching over and placing the remote down, Chris lifted up my tee a little “stop!” grabbing his hand “let me see the cooch ma” he pulled his hand away “no more coochie for you, you’re already getting addicted” I pointed, Chris placed his hand on my leg “do you have like a fetish?” I asked, it does look like he does “with your legs I do, they are so nice!! Beautiful as fuck” he made sure my legs were over his lap, he lightly ran his hand down my leg “so fine and all mine” he placed his hand over my feet “you happy with me? Am I making you happy? Like, am I a guy you would show to your parents? I mean I get it, I know they see that bad guy but I am not like that and you know it” he is tickling my feet and I want to giggle “I have honestly seen a guy that has shocked me, you make me so happy. I have had the best birthday ever. You’re a little romantic at heart and yes, you are a man I want to show to my family. I am just scared, I don’t want anyone to upset you. You mean a lot to me, I am just scared that someone will take this away from me and this was all a dream” Chris chuckled “What, Chris Brown touching your feet and wanting to eat you out again is a dream?” smirking at him, moving my legs off of his lap and slowly getting up “I need to go back” I really do “come here baby, show me some ass” looking behind me and flashed him my butt as I ran into the bedroom.

Chris held out the cake for me to eat, eating some of the chocolate cake “I really shouldn’t be eating cake for breakfast, but it’s so nice. Thank you” chewing the cake “its ok, I will clean up the apartment for you” he licked his fingers, he look so fine. Pressing a kiss to his cheek “I am so fucked, you put a hickey in my neck too” pulling the collars up on his Camouflage jacket “let me see” he reached up and pushed the collars down to see “I like it, it looks so sexy” he looks so happy seeing the hickey “remember me, that will make you remember me, keep my jacket too. Shame you can’t hide your legs though” Chris slowly wrapped his arms around me, placing his face in the crook of my neck “you remember this pussy” I said, feeling Chris pressing kisses to my neck, I can’t stop smiling.

Sitting in Chris’ Lamborghini as he drove “I have so many messages” shaking my head, I can’t have a good time without this mess “I am just going to call Bailey ok?” I said to Chris “cool” pressing the dial button, I hope she picks up anyways “Rylee! You’re back with us” she is so dramatic “I am fine thank you, I am happy but I need to know quickly. What happened and what did you tell those two?” I need the story to be the same “well uhh, I don’t know. It was hard because Chris left and then you. It was obvious, I just said you wasn’t feeling good and went to rest, they kind of know. Lo said to me I shouldn’t have let you go, they made Lo go to Chris’ home but obviously you wasn’t there and neither was he” shaking my head lightly “just tell them you wasn’t feeling good or just tell them the truth, but good luck” there is about to be an argument in that place.

I don’t want to go into that apartment now, I just know what it’s going to be about “you good? You seem a little off after that call?” staring at the building “it’s not you, just I have very volatile brother’s. They don’t listen to anyone but my dad, they are going to be on case” I just need to tell them to accept it or fuck off basically, sighing out “you want me to come with you? Rylee, I am serious with you. I don’t want no other woman, I will tell them” shaking my head “no, because they will end up saying mean things to you. Let me, ok? Thank you though, stop being so sweet” he reached down to the side of him “I bought this with us, take it with you” he bought the chain with him “thank you so much” taking the box from him “I am going to miss you, can I see you tonight? Before you go please” how am I even going to meet him “erm, I will see how it goes. I will call you” leaning over to him “you better and I am going to be thinking about you so much, last night was amazing” pressing a kiss to his lips “same, you made my birthday the best” I mumbled against his lips “birthday sex” grinning wide.

I feel like a dirty stop out, I look like I have had sex and I can’t hide it. I really can’t, I am wearing Chris’ jacket and tee. My heels from last night, my dress in hand and I have a hickey on my neck. I can’t hide this, I need to suck it up though and get it done with. Pushing the apartment door open, if it is Nathan, I can deal with him but Blake, he is a guy that is just so rude when on the wrong side of him. Closing the door behind me slowly as I made my way into the open planned room “nice of you to come back” had to be Blake “I didn’t feel good” scratching the back of my head making my way to the room “where you going baby sister?” I stopped in my tracks, I have them both. Him blocking me and then him behind me “to my room, what else you want to know?” turning on my heels, I might as well face him “don’t hide the fact you was getting dicked down sis” Blake came out with it “you was with him!? Come on, tell me the truth” I swallowed hard “I don’t know what the hell you’re on about, I may be your little fucking sister but I am old enough ok? Get over it, people have sex!” I shouted, I couldn’t help it “not under this roof, I don’t fucking think so! You gave yourself up to Chris Brown? That nigga was all up in my face, I will bust a cap in his face. You’re just one of his hoes, you stupid girl!” I snorted laughing “you don’t know shit nigga, keep thinking that ok? You go near him I swear to god you will be dead to me, you leave him the fuck alone!” I pointed at Blake “why?” who does Blake think he is “because I said so, can I go? You got what you wanted to know, I got dicked” turning around “fuck you too Nathan” storming off to my room.

My eyes widened hearing Blake’ footsteps behind me, he is such a dog. Pushing my bedroom door open “what!?” I spat turning around, he got all up in my face “I did time for you! If I knew you was just like the rest of the hoes I wouldn’t have done it, look at you!” he shouted in my face “you want to be like those LA bitches, I will send you back to New Jersey. You think I won’t tell dad?” stepping back, he is all up in my space “I am grown, I don’t care what you say! I don’t need you or Nathan. Leave me alone, sad part that you think I am a hoe. We used to be close, jail time got you all fucked up. You think I would just have sex with him like that! Just like that Blake, oh come on.” Blake is so scary when angry “I don’t care, you’re my fucking sister. He fucked with my sister! That nigga has had bitches on bitches, Nathan told me! I fucking near beat Lo up, do you not understand my words, I will fuck him up! Not you! But him! I will. That guy is no fucking good, he is a fake ass gangbanger that wants to be a blood” mean mugging Blake “and he fucked your sister, how about that?” I retorted in his face, I am scared deep inside “come on” Nathan pushed Blake away, my heart is beating so fast.

I am so glad to have had a shower, I was smelling like sex which is not a bad thing but still. I smelt like Chris though. Sitting on the edge of my bed sighing out, I need my dad on my side. I need my dad to be around me, I know Blake will do nothing to me but Chris, I won’t have that shit at all. Unlocking my phone to see Chris’ text.

From: Chris

Everything all good? Your brother tried to come at me lol

See what I mean, what the fuck is he doing. Let me call Chris instead, rolling my eyes as I placed my phone to my ear “hey” I said, I feel so ashamed of them “what is with the cute hey?” Chris is laughing so clearly they didn’t get him “I don’t know, I am ashamed of my brother’s. I am sorry” rubbing the back of my neck “they’re protecting their sister, I get it. I am protective of you too” it is so embarrassing “I am sorry, how did you know? Where are you!?” I need to know “I am at my mom’ crib, my cousin called and said they at my house but left because I am not there. I ain’t scared babe, it’s cool” I don’t want nobody fighting “well I have to go on a flight with them, I need to tell my dad. You know once my dad is ok with it, they will calm down” I hate them two “your dad scary? He sounds like a boss” Chris said “he is, don’t mess with his baby girl” I pointed out “I ain’t finna do that, so how about you let me come and see you?” biting on my bottom lip “if you come now, I am timing you. Nobody is here, you have to stay in my bedroom though! No funny business and also bring some of that cake” it was so nice “so you want me to go back to the apartment, get the cake, come all the way to your apartment you’re in now so quickly?!” he spat “yes, I know you can do it. I am timing you” he knows he won’t say no to me.

Holding the apartment door open, he is being so annoying “take your time” I said, I can hear him walking so slowly “well I have shit to hold” my eyes widened “the hell you bring?” seeing a Walmart bag in hand “things, and the cake” he makes me smile, letting the door go “things like what? Are you planning to stay or something?” he placed the bag down “well maybe? Can I? I cancelled my studio session?” I gasped “why?” is he crazy “to spend time with you babe, I am honestly so sad you are going. I can’t get enough of you” how can I say no to that face “fine but like I said, don’t fuck around. I don’t want nothing happening to you” Chris cooed out “you care about me?” furrowing my eyebrows “of course I do, what do you mean?” I questioned “but there is care and then there is care! You care about me getting hurt, like that will upset you” rolling my eyes at him “whatever, follow me” he is reading me.

Well one thing I am happy about, I can lock my bedroom door “so this is your bedroom, do you keep condoms here? Can I take one of your thongs?” giggling at him “no and no, stop it. I said be good” he put his hands up “tell me what happened with them two? Did they upset you” sitting across Chris on my bed “I had to say we had sex, so he thinks I am one of your hoes now” Chris let out an oh “but what didn’t you say we date? Come on Rylee” shaking my head “I couldn’t say it, the words wouldn’t come out. I got so angry that I ended just accepting that, he just spewed out words about you. Called you a fake ass gangbanger, a hoe. You have had bitches upon bitches and I am one of them. I know they are saying that because they see that Chris, I see this Chris. This Chris is the Chris I know, I know I will get this but I hate hearing it” I shrugged “I am sorry, sorry you have to hear all the things. Being with me will get you that, I apologise” reaching over and touching leg “stop, things happen. I know the real you and I know what you have” I don’t want him to just blame himself.

Chris bought so many snacks to eat “why do you like spending so much time with me?” it’s weird, I am boring “you’re funny as hell Rylee, I can watch you in amazement all day. I respect you with all my heart, shit is just wild. I sit back and think what? I think back on how I spent my days, you got me on a schedule. I know my days, I realised that I never really did. I didn’t know when I had my daughter, I just got a phone call and that was it. Because I know I have you, I need to pick you up from work about five. I go home straight after studio, I sleep, wake up, eat and then chill. Then I see you” I am so amazed how much I have made a change to his life “I know with people that have bipolar they love to have order in their life, you give them something to do and they will do it. I did some of that in University, you see me as a goal” I think he does, Chris nodded “if I do all that in my day, I get to see you. I have been much happier Rylee, at first I saw you and was like oh wow she is beautiful but now it’s just deeper. I am so happy I kept being annoying” Chris sighed out “now you’re going away” he said, tilting my head “means nothing, you keep doing what you do. You have Royalty Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday right? You have that to look forward too and then me, I will call you. I will be around for you” he seems like a very vulnerable man “I bet you think I suck, just so used to having girls that never cared about me” crawling over to him.

Lazily placing my arms around his neck “I care about you, I understand you. I will always be here for you, I find it hard to believe sometimes. At times I am like Chris Brown?” I giggled at myself “but I am over it after a while, I just think for me. It’s going to be a long holiday away, thank you so much for being the best boyfriend though. Don’t ever think you are doing less because you’re not, call me whenever though” hugging Chris close “you smell so nice” he said randomly “so do you” I retorted, pressing a kiss to Chris’ cheek “I am clingy as fuck Rylee” he said, and he think I ain’t noticed that “really? I ain’t noticed that” I said sarcastically “let me have some of the magic P” squinting my eyes at him “I will sleep if you do” he wants sex “I am riding you though” Chris’ face softened “I don’t think my heart can take that, Jesus! You can ride me, ride my face too” he is so stupid “you getting sex again, be happy” kissing his lips.