his is my fury

He was swallowed by the darkness between the stars.

Another version of Rhysand. 

ACOTAR headcanon

That every time Feyre walks into a room Rhys sings “Fergalicious” but with the words switched to “Feyrelicious” with Cassian and (reluctantly) Azriel on backup vocals



Growing up, Canadian billionaire Jack Zimmermann had heard countless stories about Captain America from his father. But when Eric Bittle was pulled from the ice and brought back to life, Jack found he wasn’t impressed with the overly cheerful man and his diminutive stature. The two of them have to put their differences aside when SHIELD recruits them–alongside a ragtag band of superhuman weirdos–to save the world from absolute destruction.

Our session have one human, a elf and a orc, the human is a jerk, the female elf and the orc are bffs.

The god of chaos cursed the party orc and human with a “soulmate spell” that makes one get damaged when the other do, but they hate each other and in the middle of a mission where we need the elf to try to be cute to lure a cult of fanatics of the bealty god and get a item to summon the god of chaos to take of the curse they do it.

Human: You are the most bealtiful elf of the ugly ones.

Elf: If it wasn’t for the spell I would have already punched you.

Orc: I will revenge my friend! I roll to punch the human.

DM: you know you receive damaged when he is attacked, right?


Human: *don’t manage to dodge*

Orc: *roll nat 20*

DM: The orc punches the human with all his rage and fury, instantly killing him and also dying.


You guys are gonna hafta bear with me while i deal with the fact that I draw better cats than humans.  Also while I’m on this kick of making and drawing mozu characters.

That said, this Fury of the Raging Gale (Gale Fury or just Gale), and he’s the leader of a tribe of mozu.  I threw in the closeups because I really like his face and how his belt and knife turned out.

All the metal they have acces to I’m thinking is bronze and the lil mozu don’t know how to metalwork, but they do trade with wanderers that have stolen them from the tallcats (Big mozu, the lions and shit that I’ve drawn before) or another tribe of not mozu that lives at their borders.  They’re the only tribe that have metals in a decent supply.  Because he’s the leader, Gale gets most of the bling.  It’s ceremonial, but I think he likes shiny shit more than most of his tribe.

Plenty of Time

Summary: Bucky has royally pissed you off. 

Word Count: 1,154

Warnings: Language

A/N: This is your fault, @srgntjbarnes

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“If you touch me, I’m going to rip off your other arm.”

“Yikes,” Sam chortled, throwing his bag over his shoulder. “Good luck with that one, dude.”

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To Build A Home - Chapter 7

Just a little note, I’ve put most of this story under the tobuildahomefic tag so you can find it easier if you so desire :) 

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Warnings: Bullying, some swearing, child abuse, and tiny amount of violence. 

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Virgil sat outside Mr William’s office, glaring at Andrew who was waiting opposite him. After separating them, the teacher on the playground had sent them to the nurse and then demanded to know what had happened. After multiple lies from Andrew, and many attempted truths from Virgil, the teacher had decided that they were the two main culprits and had sent them to the principal’s office.

At that moment, Mr William was calling their parents, and that thought terrified Virgil. What was going to happen to him? He knew it was Logan they would have to call (as Patton had finally returned to work and was currently in the midst of a very important surgery on a beloved family dog) and Virgil wasn’t sure if that was better or worse.

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Tenth Time Lucky

The first time Steve decided to ask Tony to marry him, he made sure to plan everything out perfectly.

A fancy restaurant- Tony’s favourite place, just a few minutes out from the Tower. It was small and no-nonsense and served the best Italian food Steve had ever tasted.  He’d set everything up- made sure to inform the restaurant owners and get them to keep away any paparazzi that happened to be lurking around the place, and told Tony to dress fancy. 

It was going to be perfect. Steve wanted it all to be perfect.

They’d eaten their desserts, and Tony had been laughing loudly at something Steve had said; his face creased with lines of happiness that Steve adored. The box in Steve’s jacket pocket felt heavy- and he knew that he had to do it tonight. Wanted to do it tonight. 

“Tony?” He grabbed at the hand that was resting on the table, mentally steeling himself. He knew that the question would undoubtedly illicit some sort of reaction from Tony- and that reaction would undoubtedly be an… interesting experience to deal with. But hell- Steve wasn’t expecting anything less, and it had been months since anything even vaguely resembling ‘normal’ had occurred in their lives anyway. Steve was used to it. 

Tony looked over to him, raising an eyebrow. “Mm?” He replied softly.

Steve opened his mouth, wondering what the hell he was actually going to say. He had planned it all out, yeah- but there was a difference between theorising all this shit and actually asking someone to spend the rest of their life with you.

“Tony,” he said again, and his throat felt dry with nerves.

“Steve,” Tony answered, equally serious, but with an eyebrow raised in amusement. Steve didn’t blame him- he probably looked like an idiot right now, with his mouth working up and down like some sort of stupid fish-

“Listen,” Steve said, “I have something I want to-”

Of course- that was when all the windows blew out.

The world shook and Steve automatically reached out for Tony, pulling him into his chest as they went flying across the room. There were screams heard outside on the streets, and Steve sighed in dismay and tiredness. 

Trust aliens to attack right now. If they hadn’t noticed, Steve was kind of fucking busy.
Absolutely fucking typical.

They both landed on the floor with a thump, and Steve rolled them expertly under the cover of a booth. “You didn’t happen to bring your suit, did you?” He hissed into Tony’s hair.

Underneath him, he felt Tony grin against his collar, popping a quick kiss there absently. “Nope. You got your shield?”

“Where the fuck do you think I’d be storing a shield?”

Tony shrugged. “Fair enough. Looks like we’re just going to have to improvise then, aren’t we?” He asked, rolling up his sleeve and revealing his gauntlet watch from under the fabric.

Steve sighed. “Yep. Looks like it.”

Okay. Another time, then. He could wait.

For now, there were plenty of aliens to take out his anger on.

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The Fairy King

I am not a man who believes in the supernatural. I work a 9-5 in a 30th floor office suite, surrounded by familiar, reliable representations of human ingenuity–steel and glass and wall-to- wall carpeting. I deal in managing the personal holdings of those more successful than me, and am occasionally tossed a small raise by my disinterested boss. When the setting sun begins to bleed through my vertical shades, I ride the hermetically sealed elevator down to the parking garage, climb into my 2010 Honda Civic, and traverse the 25 miles to my two-story house in the suburbs. For the past thirty years, my life has taken a predictable and comfortably tedious trajectory. Strange dreams, always half-forgotten by morning, sometimes trouble my nights, but who among us doesn’t have nightmares?

My wife Elizabeth was supposed to drive Jenny to summer camp, but something at her work came up last minute, and so I found myself heading northwest on I-89. It was a Sunday and there were few other vehicles on the road. Though it was almost noon and the sun was high overhead, the trees and underbrush by the sides of the highway blocked out most of the sunlight, creating a solemn, almost foreboding atmosphere. My step-daughter, nose buried in a book as usual, wasn’t a natural conversationalist, and after a few attempts to engage her, I gave up and allowed myself to be lulled by the relentless chorus of the cicadas.

I hadn’t been in this part of the state since my early childhood, when my parents had rented a small weekend house deep in the Vermont woods. It isn’t as though I actively avoided returning to The Kingdom–I was simply a middle-aged, middle-class American whose solitary childhood imaginings belonged to the distant past, to the realm of make-believe, of half-remembered nightmares. And yet…

There it was, the familiar dirt road winding into the forest, and then almost unconsciously I was slowing down, pulling off to the side of the road to a conveniently-located rest stop. Jenny looked up from her book and regarded me with some trepidation.

“It’s all right,” I reassured her. “We have plenty of time. I just want to show you the place where I used to spend my summers, when I was around your age.”

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The Bookshelf at the End’s Top 9 Books of 2016! 

Even though this turned out to be published late, I thought I would make a list of the books I enjoyed the most last year (not including rereads)!  It was hard to list them in some kind of order, so take this as a loosely ordered list! 

1. Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell ★★★★

Mini Review 

2. Slaughterhouse Five - Kurt Vonnegut ★★★★

Mini Review 

3. A Monster Calls - Patrick Ness ★★★★

Reviews: Spoiler FreeSpoilers/RamblesMini 

4. George Washington Gómez – Américo Paredes ★★★★

Reviews: Spoiler FreeSpoilers/RamblesMini 

5. The Sound and the Fury – William Faulkner ★★★★

Mini Review 

6. Johnny Got His Gun – Dalton Trumbo ★★★★

Mini Review 

7. So Far From God – Ana Castillo ★★★★

Mini Review 

8. My Year of Meats – Ruth L. Ozeki ★★★★

Reviews: Spoiler FreeSpoilers/RamblesMini 

9. Marley & Me – John Grogan ★★★★

Reviews: Spoiler FreeSpoilers/RamblesMini 

A Study in Hands ~ Azriel

He hides his hands like secrets.

He wields his hands like weapons.

They are less limbs

And more maps,

Maps of each and every injustice he has suffered,

Each and every torture he has survived.

His hands are the scarred remains of a horrid past,

And his focus gravitates to them almost unconsciously,

As if reminding himself that this is why he fights,

This is how far he has come,

This is why he continues to look forward,

Hands lifted towards the moon,

Fighting for the forgotten ones.

Fighting for the shadows.

~ c.m.l.