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my favorite thing during ow comp is when two people on our team pick the shimada bros and the rest of the team instantly hounds on them like "well gg boys its an L" and then the genji and hanzo ends up carrying us. this happened today and i am proud of those two (plus they work well together like hanzo sonic arrowed to see the team so genji snuck up behind and took out most of their team with his ult it was beautiful)

what good boys, I love them

10/10 teamwork on their part that shit’s great

the Shimada Mains get so much flak and I’m so very Tired™

okay but magnus is so endearing, he gets a really nice message from the wonderful sana, and he just can’t keep it to himself. he has to tell someone. “vilde, i got a super nice message from sana!” he’s probably the guy that has to share every little nice thing that happens to him with someone, like “hey guys! my mom made my favorite dish tonight, how great!” or “this dog came and said hi to me on the street today, i think we had a connection!” or “i was craving some cookies and thought we didn’t have any, but we did!” or “dad, my friend even told me my shirt looked nice today!” honestly, what a bab 

Not His

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A/N: Okay, so I just rewrote that because I didn’t read it twice after actually writing and was far too tired to my own standards when I first wrote “Not His”. I’m sorry about the previous version, lets pretend it never happened, shall we?

Summary: Thousands of years ago, you used to be a hellhound, Lucifer’s favourite. Today, you lived with Gabriel. When both of you meet him in the bunker, things get a bit messy. 
Pairing: Gabriel x Female!Reader
Word counting: 500 something words
Warnings: Light angst. Fluff. TW: Mentions of abusive relationship.

Originally posted by lucifersagents

You were never born, not literally. Thousands of years ago, you opened your eyes and you were there, like magic. The first ever hellhound Lucifer created. 

You were a bit close to him: Being the first one of you to ever exist, you were different from the others. You were immortal and could change your form to a humanoide. You could think differently from any of the servers, and weren’t just one to follow every order, making you his favourite. 

Making you his partner.

Or at least that was what he made you think you were.

But you took time to find out the true reason he created you, the real reason. You were his pet, his property. He was bored and needed something to play with, so he created you. You could hunt someone down and kill them to his pleasure, and could give him any pleasure. 

But now you weren’t his anymore. Lucifer was different from the archangel you once knew, sick and caged in hell and you were free, living with a different archangel. 

“Love?” Gabriel called you away from your thoughts. 

You raised your head to look at him and your boyfriend reached out to you. 

“Are you ready?” 

You nodded, closing your eyes as his wings took you to the Men Of Letters’s bunker. 

“Open your eyes.” He whispered, kissing your temple. 

 You complied, and he let you go with a smirk. But before you could more more than an inch, he held you again, his face changing drastically. 

“Gabriel.” The voice behind you said and your archangel’s wings wrapped around you instantly. 

You recognised that tone, and the chill in the air only confirmed your guess. 


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So I was in algebra and it was the end of class, so I asked my teacher how his weekend was. He said it was great and asked me how was mine, to which I responded with, “I binge-watched my favorite show. I watched like two seasons.”

“Which show?”

I got really nervous because I’m worried about people knowing I watch it and kept darting around it. Eventually I just thought ‘Screw it’ and just said-

“Ah it was a Lego show…”


AND MY HEART WANTED TO DIE HE KNEW HE WATCHES IT- I SAID YEAH AND HE SAID “NINJAGO’S AWESOME!!! I watch it with my kid all the time- He loves it!!!”



BEST DAY EVER- My algebra teacher’s like 5'4, possibly nearing his late 30s, bald, very loud, talks really fast, and honestly is a bit scary since he can roast literally anyone he talks to but knowing that he watches it with his son makes me really happy.

“Honesty is a bad habit of mine”: Jean’s Honesty in Attack on Titan, Part 1

So a partial draft of this has been sitting in my documents for a few weeks now, but today feels like a relatively timely moment to post it because of two things that have happened recently: Jean’s character song “Rusty Honesty” has been released and—as @imperfecteclipse informed me!— last Sunday was apparently national honesty day! So let’s talk about Jean’s most defining trait!

Jean’s attempt to persuade Armin and Reiner to assist him in stalling the Female Titan, Chapter 23.

In an interview published with the first volume of Attack on Titan in English, Isayama states that Jean is his favorite character in the series because, “Jean comes right out and says what he’s thinking, even if it’s something you normally couldn’t say. That’s what I like about him.” However, many characters within the manga don’t find Jean’s forthrightness quite as endearing. Shadis, for instance, compares Jean’s personality to “a drawn sword, which tends to create conflict” (chapter 18) and Jean himself calls honesty his “bad habit” (chapter 15). It’s a personality trait—or perhaps we should say personality commitment—with consequences, often putting him at odds with others because his observations make them uncomfortable.

What I find fascinating about Attack on Titan is that Jean is never, at any point of the narrative, asked to totally give up this “bad habit”: instead, his honesty—which often takes the form of dissent—is presented as a potential asset, particularly to his development as a future leader within the Corps. In the early chapters, his honesty gives way to cynical defeatism and apathy, but over time he develops it into a tool of productive critique. He never quite assimilates comfortably into the Survey Corps, working instead to keep them on their toes. He reminds both the Survey Corps and the reader of the stakes involved in fighting the titans, wondering what it means to achieve “the greater good” at such high costs.  

It’s a trait that, when used to actively question the world order rather than just passively observe it, makes Jean dangerous. And I’ve decided to talk about it in two parts, because pulling it apart and looking at in depth has proven to be quite an undertaking, haha. This part will focus on Jean’s honesty in the early narrative (and what he means when he terms himself an honest man) and part two will explore how it assists his development as a leader up through the Return to Shiganshina arc.

As is the case with pretty much all of my Jean metas, this reading of his role in the series is entirely dependent on the manga. As I have argued here, the anime’s characterization of Jean is quite different, which significantly alters his role in the narrative.

More under the cut!

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Alright, Clue Crew, here it is- the villain ranking nobody asked for!  This was harder than expected, and I tried to make a logical way of ordering things, but who am I to judge who was the best ne’er-do-well?  If you have any questions about my ranking, want an explanation, or just want to yell at me, shoot me an ask.  


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Just Another Day

Character: Negan (The Walking Dead)

Word Count: 2,294

Prompt/Summary: ‘I love you’/Pre-Apocalypse AU domestic fluff; Negan’s daughter tells him something that happened at school, and adorable-ness ensues.

Warnings: None.

Written For: Ana’s 1K Follower Writing Challenge

Note: Shameless self insert; set in the same ‘universe’ as this fic I wrote a while back because I had a lot of fun writing that one. I might make like a little series of various one-shots involving this AU because I honestly love writing it.

Tagging: @such-a-common-girl, @negans-network, @jdms-network, @hawtdiggitynegan, @fuckinjdm (Want to be added to/removed from my taglist? Send me an ask!)

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Sweater Weather: Remus x Reader

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader goes to steal one of Remus sweaters because she’s cold & notices that he only has a handful that aren’t too small or torn & so she buys him a few and just puts them in his trunk and then he sees the reader wearing his favorite one and just knows it was her and its just really fluffy?

Warnings: fluff fluff fluff fluff fluff

A/N: I know they’re called jumpers in England (and if you’re me) but for the purposes of the story, we’ll stick with the American version (sorry) also, I’m changing it up just a little bit ;)

Word Count: 1350


Originally posted by snowonchristmas

I feel a chill run down my spine as a draft passes through the room. The fire blazes at my side, and yet I can’t seem to shake the chill of the coming autumn. I tuck my feet into the crack between the cushion and the armrest of my chair, huddling closer to the plush fabric, trying to keep warm as my eyes scan the pages of the book in my hands. But after reading the same paragraph for the tenth time and absorbing none of it, I give up.

I mark my page in the book, and crawl toward the boys dormitory. If there is one place to get a sweater, it’s from my boyfriend. I climb the stairs to the room he shares with his three best friends and don’t even pause to knock before opening the door, knowing fully well that the boys are in Hogsmeade for the afternoon.

I pry open the heavy lid of his trunk, and my nose is filled with the wonderful scent of cinnamon and apples that seems to be on everything around him. Under the lid, I find his impeccably organized belongings inside and a stack of four sweaters sitting on top. I immediately go for the grey one with blue embroidery, remembering how soft and cozy it was from the last time he wore it. It’s at the bottom of the stack and as I rifle through, I notice that the other three are in various states of disrepair. The knitting on two has started to unravel, while the other looks like it’s shrunk in the wash. A huff escapes my lips as I look over the sweaters. I carefully fold them anyway and replace them inside the trunk, and then pull the grey sweater on over my shirt, grab my book and head back to the girls dormitory.

I hear voices as I approach my own bedroom door, and recognize them as belonging to Marlene, Alice, and Lily.

“Knock knock,” I announce as I enter the room, immediately crossing to Lily’s bed and plopping down next to her.

“You know, saying ‘knock knock’ doesn’t actually count as knocking,” Marlene laughs from her bed, adjacent to Lily’s.

“Whatever, it’s my room, too,” I say.

“Is that Remus’s?” Alice asks, eyeing the sweater.

“Yep,” I reply, wrapping my arms around myself, and inhaling the scent of cinnamon. “Seems to be his only good one left, I almost feel bad for stealing it.”

“Emphasis on the ‘almost,’” Lily teases. And then an idea comes to me.

“Alice, you know how to knit, don’t you?”

“Yeah, why?”

I smile at her as a plan formulates in my brain.

Hours pass and Marlene, Lily, Alice, and I are completely surrounded by yarn of varying colors and textures, maroons and dark greens strewn across the floor, and our handiwork sits in the middle of our circle. Luckily for us, Alice had all of her crafting supplies stashed under her bed. It took about an hour for Lily and I to get the hang of the knitting, whereas Marlene gave up after about six minutes and has now put herself in charge of criticizing our work.

“(Y/N), he’s going to love these so much,” Lily says over her clanking knitting needles.

I smile, looking down at the dark navy sweater I’ve been working on, and then look back up at them. “I’m not sure I want to tell him it was us.”

Marlene laughs from her spot on her bed. “What, you want him to just happen upon them and think that the elves brought them for him?”

“Yeah, kind of,” I reply, smirking a bit. “I dunno, I just. I like the idea of him just… finding them.”

Marlene laughs again, shaking her head at me. “I swear you two were made for each other. You’re too nice.”

After a week of me disappearing with the girls at random times during the day to continue our work, the sweaters are finally finished and perfect. We’d created seven, rather gorgeously crafted sweaters, deciding one for every day of the week was best.

The door to my room creaks open and Alice pokes her head in announcing, “Coast is clear! They just went down to breakfast.”

I squeal a little bit, as Lily and I scoop up the sweaters and sneak over to the boys dormitory, stealing into their room. I pry open Remus’ trunk, the smell of cinnamon and apples hitting me once again, and put my stack of sweaters in, followed by the ones Lily’s handing me. As I close the lid, I look up to see her staring absentmindedly at the bed two over from Remus’.

“Hey, Lil, y’know James probably wouldn’t mind if you just waited up here for him,” I tease. She shoots me a look, semi-amused and semi-disgusted.

“I hate you,” she replies, shoving me in the arm before taking off out of the room, her dark red hair flying behind her.

The fire blazes by my side as I sit cuddled up on the sofa, enjoying the warmth of the flames while reading my book. A confident smile plays on my lips, and I revel in the idea of seeing Remus in one of his new sweaters. Suddenly I feel a pair of arms wrap around my shoulders from behind me, and smell the familiar scent of cinnamon.

“Afternoon, my love,” Remus says, leaning forward to kiss me on the cheek.

“Hello,” I reply, turning my head toward him, and closing the book and place it on the sofa by my side.

“So, the strangest thing happened and you’ll never believe it,” he says, as he crosses to sit on the couch next to me, lifting my feet to drape across his lap.

“What’s that?” I ask, perhaps a little too innocently.

“So, one week ago to this day, my favorite sweater disappears while I’m gone with my friends to Hogsmeade, and then today seven brand new sweaters appear in my trunk, smelling strangely similarly to my wonderful girlfriend’s perfume, who happens to be sitting down, reading, in the common room wearing my same favorite sweater. What are the odds really?”

My jaw drops and I look down to realize that I was, indeed, wearing his grey sweater with the blue embroidery.

I groan at my stupidity, “I meant for it to be a secret gift.”

“Love, you’ve always been terrible at keeping secrets,” he replies, taking my hand and squeezing it a little.

“I beg to differ,“ I quip, giving him a look.

“Alright, you’ve kept that secret,” he laughs in surrender, and I chuckle a little too.

“I didn’t realize this one was your favorite,” I say pulling at the sweater slightly. “You can have it back, if you’d like.”

“I think I like it better on you, actually. Besides I have these seven new sweaters that this amazing girl got for me, so,” he says, while wrapping his arms around my waist, pulling me onto his lap.

“Well, ‘got’ is really not the correct term. More along the lines of ‘poured hours of her soul into creating’ is more like it,” I tease, refusing to make eye contact with him.

“You… you made them for me?” he asks, in a small voice. I look down into his eyes, and they’re full of amazement and wonder.

“Well, Alice and Lily helped a lot, but yeah,” I say.

In a moment, my back is pressed down against the couch, and Remus is pinning me down, and kissing me as if his life depended on it, one arm wrapped tightly around my waist, the other cupping the back of my neck. And my arms are wrapped around his shoulders, holding him even closer to me.

He breaks this kiss, and looks down into my eyes.

“I hope you don’t thank Alice and Lily that same way,” I tease and he throws his head back in laughter.

“I love you so much,” he says. “You know that?”

I smile, slightly out of breath. “Yeah, but it’s still nice to hear.”

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Auston Matthews - Part 7

Now we get to the really fun parts 

A few hours later the Matthews’ and I find ourselves at a coffee shop in downtown Toronto, giving our feet a break from all the walking and shopping; Mr. Matthews has already had to make two trips to the car with all of our bags. Mrs. Matthews looks like she’s ready to call it a day when my phone buzzes on the table, my favorite cousin’s face shining up at me.

               “Hey!” I answer.

               “Hey Y/N, I just got off the phone with your mom and she said you’re in Toronto?” Melissa says, a bit too much excitement in her tone as usual.

               “Oh yeah, just visiting,” I reply, shifting uncomfortably in my seat even though she can’t see me, no one outside my parents and the Matthews’, with the exception of Mrs. Poe and a few friends know about the opportunity I have here in Toronto.

               “Well that’s just perfect because I need you to do something for me!” Melissa practically shouts in my ear and I quickly dial down the volume.

               “And what’s that?”

               “Since you’re to be my maid of honor in less than two months, we need to pick out your dress and it just so happens that the two I’ve narrowed it down to are sold solely in a little boutique in downtown Toronto!”

               I can practically feel Melissa trembling with excitement through the phone.

               “So, I need you to get down there as soon as you can to try them on and facetime me so I can see. It doesn’t have to be today, but the sooner the better,” Melissa finishes and I think I hear her taking in her first breath since we got on the phone.

               “Alright, what’s this place called?” I ask, digging through my purse for a pen to write on my napkin. After scribbling down the name and saying goodbye, I turn to the others.

               “Anyone up for one more stop today?”

               Mr. Matthews, who had literally just sat down as the words came out of my mouth, lets out a small groan and I can’t help but laugh.

               “There won’t be any more bags to carry, I’m just trying on a dress for my cousin’s wedding,” I explain and that seems to perk him up a little bit.

               “Auston should be out of practice by now, I’ll text him and tell him where to meet us,” Mrs. Matthews says, and I feel myself perk up a little bit as well and mentally want to slap myself.

               Navigating with my phone, we find ourselves outside a cute little boutique between two high dollar clothing stores. The little bell above the door rings with our welcome and small, plump woman comes bounding up from the back of the store.

               “Ah, you must be Ms. (Y/L/N), yes?” She says and barely waits for my answer, grabbing my hand and pulling me towards the back of the store with her. I send a frightened look over my should but only get amused smiles in return.

               “Your cousin very bossy, very bossy indeed,” the lady is saying, her thick French accent coming out in full force. “But she did well at describing body type.” She hands fly from rack to rack of dresses, apparently searching for a specific one. “Tall, strong shoulders and average breast.”

               My cheeks are on fire as the rest of the family catches up to us and I hear the bell ring again and my cheeks burn even more knowing exactly who just walked into the store.

               “Sexy hips and in her words, ‘perfect ass’,” at this she pauses and glances at me oblivious to my discomfort and mortified expression. “I wouldn’t say perfect, but close.”

               I let out a strangled noise from my throat as Alex and Breyana clutch their sides to keep from busting a rib do to laughing so hard. I can’t even get myself to look at Mr. Matthews who probably wants to sink into the floor just as much as I do and forget about looking at Auston.

               I just stare helplessly as the woman, whose name I have yet to learn, whirls around me, leaving a hurricane of dresses and skirts in her wake. Finally after what seems like a lifetime she pulls out a long navy colored dress and presses it against me.

               “This one. Now follow me,” she snaps her fingers and turns on her heel, matching towards what looks like a mini catwalk beside a row of dressing rooms. The Matthews’ and myself follow after her, having to keep a surprisingly fast pace to do so.

               “You in there,” she points to me and then the first dressing room. “Rest of you out here.” She waves her hand at a handful of seats beside the room.

               I send one more look of despair over my shoulder before being ushered into the dressing room and stripped down before I even know what’s happening. I’m standing naked in front of a strange woman in less than 30 seconds with the exception of my panties, which I have been permitted to keep on for now.

               “Step in,” the lady says, holding out the dress in front of me. I carefully do as she says and she lifts the dress easily up and over me. The satin feels like liquid around me, heaven on my skin. Before I can marvel much more at how the dress feels, the lady dips a hand down the front of my dress and adjusting to until she seems satisfied. Are all places in Canada like this?

Alex POV

               Mom, dad and Breyana take their seats to the side of the catwalk while Auston and I remain standing, chatting about what we did today and how his practice was. I can faintly hear the seamstress barking orders at Y/N in the dressing room and can’t help but laugh out loud thinking of the expression on her face when she was being dragged around.

               “What?” Auston asks, frowning at me as I try to control my laughter.

               “Oh, just Y/N, this is not her cup of tea being in a place like this and I bet she’s even more mortified being in there right now,” I reply, grinning at the thought. Y/N isn’t the type of person to say anything if something is making her uncomfortable or if she’s overwhelmed, both of which are the case right now I think.

               “She not the shopping type?” Auston asks, his eyes flashing to the still closed dressing room door.

               “Nah, she loves shopping. I meant more of her being the center of attention. You saw how she was last night when she first started opening her gifts,” I pause a moment. “Speaking of which, how did you get the idea for that charm any ways?”

               Auston hesitates a moment and looks away from me, shrugging his shoulders.

               “I don’t know, mom mentioned what Y/N was coming to Toronto for to begin with and I just happened to see the thing in a window a few days later?” He says it more like a question than anything else. I raise my eyebrows at him.

               “Well, it was obviously her favorite, so I guess you “happened” the right thing,” I say.

               Auston’s face breaks into a grin when he looks at me again.

               “You really think it’s her favorite?”

               “Duh, she’s already obsessed with it, all day today she was either touching it or twirling it around. I don’t think she realized it but it was the only one she did it to.” I study him a moment, his eyes stay glued to the door Y/N is currently standing behind, a faint smile tickling his lips. Maybe Breyana and I needn’t have planned at all. This was going better than either of us had expected.

               I open my mouth to say something else when Auston’s goes slack. I frown at him and snap my fingers in front of his face, it does nothing to get his attention.

               “She looks…” he faintly whispers and I whip my head around to see Y/N emerging from the dressing room, my mouth dropping open as well.

               Y/N steps into the full light of the room and looks shyly around at everyone, clearly not sure whether the silence that has taken over the room is good or bad. Her face is a flushed pink as the seamstress helps her into a pair of heels, looking like she would rather be anywhere but here.

               Mom recovers first.

               “Oh, Y/N…” she stands out of her seat, her eyes glowing. “You look so beautiful.”

               Dad snaps to attention as well and holds out a hand to help Y/N climb the few stairs onto the small catwalk, he still hasn’t seemed to have found his voice quite yet.

               Y/N steadies herself, I had only seem her in heels twice before now, and gracefully turns and lets the dress skirt swirl around her. The navy looks striking against her pale winter skin, and brings out the color of her eyes. The dress is half sleeved, stopping just after her elbows and has a slit atop both shoulders before dropping down to the middle of her back, clinching around her waist before flowing freely down her legs to the floor. The seamstress must have taken out Y/N’s braids because now her dark hair is flowing down in soft waves down to the middle of her back as well.

               “She look good, yes?” I hear the seamstress ask and look over to see her now standing beside Auston who looks like a fool with his mouth hanging open.

               “Yes, yes, very good,” he whispers again and I can practically feel the heat coming from Y/N’s face.

               The seamstress nods, clearly pleased with herself before snapping her fingers at Y/N.

               “Walk my dear, walk,” she orders and then starts mumbling to herself in French as Y/N begins to walk up and down the catwalk, careful not to trip over the hem of the dress. The dress clings to her body beautifully, showing off her curves and legs without it being skin tight. We all stare in awe as she makes a few rounds.

               “I am pleased. However, needs hemming. You have time now? Should take about thirty minutes,” the seamstress says after a moment. Right as the words leave her mouth my stomach growls loud enough for Y/N to turn and look at me.

               “I can come back another day, I think everyone is a bit tired and hungry at the moment,” she says. But I can see some hesitation in her face, and I can tell she would rather not have to come back to this place ever again.

               “I can stay with you and drive you back when you’re done,” Auston speaks up before anyone can say anything and we all turn to look at him with wide eyes. “I ate after practice and wanted to go next door for something anyways, then dinner will be ready by the time we get back.”

               I glance up at Y/N and she’s staring at Auston, shock written on her face but she doesn’t counter. Breyana catches my eye and winks, both of us grabbing at our parents and dragging them towards the door before either Auston or Y/N can change their minds.

               “That sounds perfect! You finish getting altered and dinner will be ready when you get back,” I say, and I see a ghost of a smile flash across Y/N’s face as she and Auston look at each before nodding at me in agreement. I look back once more once we reach the door and see Auston standing beside the stairs of the catwalk, holding onto Y/N’s hand as she steps down. She seems to feel my stare and meets my gaze, winking at me so quick I’m not sure it even happened before turning and listening to the seamstress is saying to her.

8000 followers reached!

Dear followers,

as always I want to thank you when another milestone is reached which has happened today. My “novaknole”-blog has reached 8000+ followers. I’m so happy, proud and grateful because that is something that I would have never expected when I started this blog.

I also want to thank Novak (even though it’s unlikely that he’s going to read this) for always giving me things to write about and post. He’s a huge inspiration in every aspect and I’m so proud to be able to say that I’m his fan.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do. I’m grateful for every favorite, reblog and follow. Thank you for your support!



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even catching isak singing to disney or some song like the time when there in the kitchen and isak says about the hashtag thing because even liked he gabrielle song. even doesn't let isak live the moment down 😂 cue even teasing isak

This one was so cuteeee. I chose the song I did because it is my all time favorite disney song and I truly think that Isak would know it by heart. (And I wrote all the damn lyrics by memory because, fuck yeah!)

I hope this is similar to what you wanted!


Isak tries not to let the sweet feeling of victory consume his very being.

See the thing is; Isak never wakes up before Even. It just doesn’t happen. It doesn’t matter if Even’s manic or chill or whatever, he just naturally has a damn internal alarm clock that wakes his ass up while Isak is still in snoozeland.

Except, that is, for today. Cue Isak’s victory dance.

It’s not usually a thing he gets haughty about or bothered by at all. How could anyone get upset about your boyfriend waking you up with breakfast or kisses (or a blow job like yesterday morning, thank you very much Even).

But sometimes Isak has visions of cooking Even breakfast. He has visions of waking up to Even’s delighted grin- happy that for once, Isak was the romantic one. Isak was the one who made some grand gesture of his undying devotion. Or whatever. Isak’s not fucking sappy, alright?

So with Even snoring softly next to him as Isak had woken up, he scrambled out of the bed, adrenaline and recipes already running through his mind. (Did they have oranges for orange juice? Did they have eggs- of course they had eggs, dumbass. But what about bacon? And peppers- Even loves peppers in omelets. Ah fuck, did they have the cheese Even likes?)

The answer, thank god, was yes to all of the above and Isak was content that the morning was running smoothly.

On the kitchen counter, just to the left of the stove, Noora’s IPod sat unassumingly hooked into Eskild’s speaker system. Isak peeked down the darkened hallways, considering the chances he might piss off one or both of them if he borrowed it.

Eh screw it.

He flicked the Ipod on and put it on shuffle, figuring Noora was cool, she’d have some decent music, right?

The first song was alright- Black Eyed Peas, I’ve Got a Feeling. Not his first choice, but he could jam.

Isak cracked the eggs, cursing when a piece of shell fell into the mixture. But it’s alright, easily fixable mistake, so he pressed on. He whisked the eggs, throwing in some salt, chopping up peppers to throw in for Even.

Then the song changed.

Let’s get down to business
To defeat… The Huns

“Fuck me,” Isak murmured, “Fucking Disney.”

But also.

Mulan was a fucking kickass movie. Isak considered the song for a second, letting memories of his mom sitting Isak down on the couch in the mornings before breakfast and putting it on for him, laughing and clapping as he pretended to fight Huns alongside Mulan.

Isak poured the egg mixture into the pan, realizing almost right after that he was mouthing along to the words.

Isak glanced behind him. The hall was silent, no lights were on…. no one to see him if he decided to…

“You’re the saddest bunch I ever met,” Isak sung along, adding a bit more salt and moving his hips along to the song, “And you haven’t got a clue, Mister I’ll make a mannnn out of you.”

Okay so spoiler- he really loved Mulan. Even throughout his teenage years, Mulan was probably the one movie he didn’t feel too terribly guilty watching. It just- it wasn’t as gay as liking, like, Beauty and The Beast or Snow White or something. She was literally a bad ass! She wielded a sword and had a pet dragon! At least she didn’t wait around in a tower waiting for true love- what was so gay about liking Mulan?

(Isak flinched, knowing he had used those exact words to defend his choice in movie to Jonas on his thirteenth birthday. Jonas, of course, had barely even blinked, settling himself down to watch it with him.)

Isak grinned at the memory and turned the volume up a bit, feeling too happy to care how dumb he felt punching the air in time with how he remembered Shang doing it in the middle of the song’s movie scene.

“I’m never gonna catch my breath,“ Isak slurred, probably butchering the fast English lyrics but fuck it, he was having a good time, “Say goodbye to those who knew meee.”

Isak flipped the omelet, adding cheese in between his increasingly passionate solos (which fuck yeah, he still remembered every damn word to the song.)

“We must be swift as a coursing river- With all the force of a great typhoon,” Isak couldn’t help but chuckle as he stumbled on the pronunciations of some of the words. “With all the strength of a raging fire, Mysterious as the dark side of the mooooooooon!”

Isak grinned and spun around, riding the last note out.

Even was right there. He was right fucking there.

Isak yelped, nearly knocking over the hot pan of food with the force of his stumble.

“Easy there,” Even said, crossing his arms as he leaned against the kitchen’s entry way, “Please don’t stop. I’m enjoying the show.”

“Oh my god,” Isak whispered, righting the pan and turning off the heat. To Even, “How long were you standing there?”

“Long enough to want to discuss your love of Mulan,” Even chuckled, the crinkles by his eyes so pronounced, the size of his smile almost blinding, “Now how are you going to nag me about liking Gabrielle, when you’re a closet Disney lover.”

“Oh, baby,” Isak said before he could help himself, “I’m not a closet anything anymore.”

Even snorted, walking further into the kitchen and wrapping his arms around Isak’s waist, “Mmhmm. So do you have any more songs up your sleeve? Maybe some Pocahontas? Or a Whole New World? I’d love to hear you sing some Little Mermaid.”

Isak rolled his eyes, “Shut up, I don’t know all of those- just Mulan is a decent movie.”

“Oh Isak, dishonor on you,” Even said, pulling away, “Mulan is so much better than a decent movie.”

Isak felt his grin widen, “Can you sing along to all of the songs?”

“What- you think Gabrielle and Nas are my only party tricks?”

“I think that if you were any more of a nerd, I might need to buy you a calculator- or sign you up for Math Club or something.”

“Says the one who was literally dancing in his socks and underwear to Make A Man Out of You.”

Isak had no response to that, so he tilted his chin up and looked at Even from under his lashes. Even’s lips quirked at the familiar gesture, gracefully fulfilling Isak’s request for a kiss.

“Shang and Mulan were to best Disney couple,” Isak said, when they parted moments later.

“Yeah, but, Shang was kind of a dumbass, wasn’t he?” Even couldn’t help but lean in to brush their noses together, “All of the other couples had these grand sweeping romantic gestures. ‘You were my dream’ and whatever.”

Isak laughed, “He told Mulan she fought well- that was his version of an ‘I love you’, I think. That’s about as romantic as it gets.”

Even considered, before pulling out of Isak’s arms. “Did you make food?”

Isak cursed and turned around, pulling out a plate and sliding Even’s omelet onto it. It was a little browner than he would like from being left in the pan, but it would do.

He presented the plate to Even with a shy grin.

Even accepted the plate and looked down at the food. The most peculiar look came over his face and Isak was half afraid that he had made it wrong or something. But Even grabbed a fork and took a bite, grinning at Isak the entire time.

Isak shifted, tilting his head, “Why are you staring at me?”

Even shook his head, smile not dimming even the slightest bit. “Hey Isak? You fight good.”

[another addition to the long list of Favorite Things that have happened on this blog:

ego: *is a Very Serious Villain with plans to assimilate himself with every planet in the universe, whose character arc revolves around his own self-centered quest to end his profound loneliness by obliterating everything in his path because he’s become disenchanted with the one thing that he thought could bring him the fulfillment he so desperately wants, while simultaneously murdering the one woman who actually could have given him all that*

also ego: *has an in-depth conversation with drax about his magic celestial penis*]

Our Superman

I remember being a little girl and watching “Superman: The Movie” or “Superman II” for the millionth time and waiting anxiously for that final scene, the one with his smile. I remember all the times my mom watched these movies by my side and to tease me she would say: “He’s smiling at me honey” right at the moment Chris smiled so beautifully.

Originally posted by alexhchung

And I remember how much I used to get jealous because of my mom’s words and my answer would always be: “He’s smiling at me. He’s my Superman”. And right after that I would have her holding me with a smirk on her face and saying: “Yes baby, his smile is just for you, he’s your Superman”. And in my mom’s arms I would feel calm and happy again, because Supes’s smile was mine.

So I grew up with that smile on my mind and in my heart. A smile that brings hope and love, which inspires you, a smile that is saying: “I am a friend and I am here to help you when nobody can”. A smile that always gave me the sensation of: “He’s here for me. I am safe”, every single time I’ve finished watching one of Chris Reeve’s movies.

And as time goes by, I became more aware of how important this character is to me, how being a Superman fan is part of who I am as a person, how people that know me recognize the importance he has in my life. And because of this character, three different actors became part of my story as a fan of the Man of Steel.

The first one was Christopher Reeve, of course. He brought Superman to my life when I was a little girl; he taught me that to do the right thing is always the best way. He made me believe a man could fly. He gave me the smile that changed me forever.

Originally posted by martinscorsesme

Then, years later Tom Welling showed up. I was a young woman already and for one decade I’ve learned a lot with him and his Clark Kent. The journey his character went through was also part of mine. His struggles, his sacrifices, his love for his parents, friends, for Lois, the way he learned how hard it was to become an adult. Tom’s version of CK is part of my life and because of his portrayal I’ve fell deeply in love with Clark Kent.

Originally posted by alexakent

And last, but not least, Henry Cavill happened. The one who brought Superman back to my existence in a way not even Chris or Tom had. Maybe because today I’m a grown up woman and I can see things in a way I couldn’t years ago. The truth is, all the love I’ve always felt for my favorite superhero since I was a kid and that was resting in some part of my heart after the end of Smallville, came back in full force when Henry became Superman. Cavill’s kindness with the character, his love for the superhero, his portrayal of CK, Kal or Supes made me realize that no matter how much time goes by I will always be a Superman girl. His legacy of hope will always be in my heart, especially in the world we live in today.

Originally posted by gilbertocarvalho

Because of Chris, Tom and Henry, I’ve learned that this superhero lots of people don’t get it because they think he is too boring, too powerful, that you cannot relate to, well, I am sorry to disappoint you, but he is the most human of them all. He’s the one who acts out of love, of kindness, of altruism. He’s the one who trusts in mankind even when they don’t deserve to be trusted, the one who will always put himself in a place of our protector, who will always fight against whoever may be to save those he loves. The one who will always share with us his most beautiful smile, because he’s our Superman.

Fic: Sharing and Caring

Cheerio!Blaine/nerd!Kurt AU, featuring a terrible pick up line and copious amounts of fluff. PG, ~1100 words.

It all seemed to happen in a blur. One minute, Kurt was turning away from his locker after retrieving his algebra book to take home, and the next-

-searing coldness all over his face and shoulders, dripping and melting all over him as the passing football jocks laughed and high-fived as they walked away, not even worried about getting in trouble.

Kurt just stood there with his eyes shut tightly, trying to figure out if he knew how to get to the closest bathroom without opening them and getting even more corn syrup in his eyes, when he felt a hand wrap gently around his elbow and tug him away.

“C'mon, just follow me,” a somewhat familiar voice said. Kurt knew he had heard that voice before, could almost picture the person it belonged to, but he was drawing a blank. The stress of having a slushie thrown in his face was impeding his normally quick brain from working properly.

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anonymous asked:


Favorite character: 

Originally posted by zorosenpai221

Sakata Gintoki. No question. Up there with Kirei as my favorite character in anything ever.

Least Favorite character: 

Ehhh, there’s no one I actually dislike honestly

5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): 

Gintoki x Tsukuyo, Kondo x Otae, Okita x Kagura, Zenzou x Sacchan, Katsura x Ikumatsu

(the fact that I actually have ships is weird - like, I rarely ship things - but Gintama does things to me and i seriously want all of these to happen)

Character I find most attractive:

there are so many honestly… today, let’s go with

Originally posted by baeyuries

Hijikata Toushirou

Character I would marry:

again… so many… but today let’s go with

Originally posted by sassaki-s

Katsura Kotarou

Character I would be best friends with:

AGAIN. SO MANY. let’s go with

Originally posted by shoyasha


A random thought:

What if Utsuro found Gintoki instead of Shouyou… just go read this entire au and suffer with me please because it’s killing me

An unpopular opinion:

Not so much unpopular as controversial… Utsuro is quite possibly my favorite development of the series. I think that his character is absolutely fantastic and that the gorilla’s going to do great things with him and we just need to be patient.

My canon OTP:

Barely anything is confirmed canon yet gg… like we’ve got Umibouzu and Kouka, Hijikata and Mitsuba… but those are literally the only canon couples that come to mind and I love them both sooooo…

Non-canon OTP:


Originally posted by ar3lyna

Gintoki and Tsukuyo. I don’t know if it’ll happen, I think there’s a fair chance it will (especially because of the newfound parallels with the Red Spider arc and what’s going on with Utsuro), but also a fair chance it won’t (because I also feel like Gintoki ending up not paired with anyone would be really fitting) but time will tell…

Most badass character:

I’m not choosing here, we’ve got an entire cast of them.

Pairing I am not a fan of:

There aren’t really any popular Gintama pairings that bother me? Because even if I don’t ship the characters myself I know that the characters involved usually do have a real meaningful relationship (even if there’s not much canonical basis for a romantic as opposed to platonic reading) so I can’t really dislike it? No ship hate here.

Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another):

No one yet. Obviously Kamui’s up in the air right now and I think Kyuubei needs a chance to play a role in a serious arc and I’m still waiting on some resolution for Hasegawa (don’t forget about Madao in the middle of all this suffering, Sorachi) but it’s too soon to tell. We just need more time to see what’s the gorilla’s gonna do with everything.

Also. Take Zura off of standby more often.

Favourite friendship:

Must I

Originally posted by hijikathaz


Originally posted by seieifsetsuna


Originally posted by yozoruya

no.. wait… I do know actually.

Originally posted by sougu

the entire cast. that’s my favorite friendship. thank you gintama.

they’re airing some doctor who on bbc america like always today, and it’s episodes with Peter Capaldi as the doctor, and holy shit he’s amazing. The last episode i watched in order was one of Matt’s doctor, and i liked him, but he wasn’t my favorite, and then they took it off netflix and i heard horrible things happening like no thank you. But Peter’s doctor seems great. He just asked Clara to hold his hand cuz he was scaredand it was cute. I kinda wanna watch all of Peter’s episodes now. Especially the new ones with Billie. Cuz she’s amazing and gay and i want to see her be adorable.

NEWS1.Answer the questions

2.Write 11 questions of your own (i also say nope to this)

3.Tag 11 people

mcthankyou @lonely-moon-princess

1. Are aliens real?

Yeah probably have you seen the universe lately we’ve already discovered like 20 blue and green dots really far away heck.

2.What’s the best thing to happen to you today?

I woke up super late and now I’m listening to GHOST this is my summer dream.

3.Favorite movie from when you were little?

Any and all of the ghibli films. I loved spirited away, princess mononoke, and i can’t spell it but i think its nausica valley of the winds.

4.Best book you’ve ever read?

The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

5.Who’s your role model and why?

Probably my dad and Nikola Tesla (followed his dreams, was super frickin smart, and died in a NYC hotel after living on crackers.).

6.What was your happiest day?

The day my crush kissed my cheek (does that even count as a first kiss lol).

7.How do you feel about roller coasters?

Haven’t been on one in years but I remember it fondly.

8.What’s your favorite thing to wear and why?

A rainbow choker (I needed to replace my other choker which i really loved but it fell apart after a while *^*).

9.What would be your perfect day?

Going to a really cool con with my friends and we would all be wearing our dream cosplays.

10.What color is your room

A really ugly shade of beige green. And the light from my lamp is yellow which makes it look yeeaaaahhhh….

11.What do you do with your school supplies when school ends?

Throw it all in my closet and forget about it next year.

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Just Adopted

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Other parts in the series (on tumblr): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. _ 8. 
Entire series on AO3
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Папа- Papa in Russian
Chichi- 父 - Dad in Japanese (Pronounced “chi-chi”)

Yuri couldn’t figure out why his parents were suddenly being so nice to him until they pulled into the orphanage’s parking lot.

They were at the only orphanage in Hasetsu. It wasn’t as run down as some other orphanages in Japan considering it didn’t have as many kids. With the money it saved on essentials, the owners used to make it a nicer environment for the kids.

“You know it’s too late to return me now, right? I’m 18, you’re stuck with me,” He joked.

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I’m steadily working my way through the second chapter of Tim Travel and this is probably my favorite thing that I wrote today so I thought I’d share:

“I never thought that this could be so hard,” Jason said, rubbing a hand against his forehead. “I thought about it a lot. What would happen if I ever met you again. I wanted to do so many things and now that I have the opportunity…I don’t know. It’s not as easy as all of those romantic comedies make it out to be.” Jason froze and his cheeks quickly reddened. “That is-I-uh-um…”

Tim chuckled and turned back to his breakfast. “Why don’t we just start with breakfast? You’ve already cooked all of this food and we both know that I probably won’t be able to eat it by myself. So eat something with me and then we can worry about everything else later.”

“Okay.” Jason finally picked up his fork and made a move to fill it with food.

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Clark making Brainy wear a Supergirl costume.

“This will not fool anyone, Clark.” Brainy said, grateful that his ID mask had adjusted to Kara’s voice as Clark helped him get used to the outfit.

“Of course it will. Kara tells me it happened before- even her boss couldn’t tell the difference.” Clark said. “And besides, my disguise is much easier to see through.”

“I hardly think glasses count as a disguise.”

“Come on, it was the most normal thing I could think of!”

“I know.” Brainy said. “Are you sure I have to imitate her?”

“Only today. It’s for patrol, while she and Lena go on their first official date as a couple. You don’t even have to do any fighting.”

“…I am only doing this because she asked nicely.”

“I know.” Clark said. “I’d kiss you, but…”

“I understand.”