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A Piece of the Puzzle

A/N: I had a couple of requests, one from @dakota-dream and a couple from anons for a Spencer x Reader where the reader is super badass. Reid is ashamed that he isn’t as strong as her, so he tries to show that he can be, and ends up getting seriously hurt. @coveofmemories


Before Y/N had joined the team, he’d always felt special. Although he blushed at the compliment, he always loved being referred to as the team’s resident genius. As a kid, he never felt special because everyone had made fun of him, but his friends seemed in awe of his intelligence - so for once in his life, he felt unique.

Not that he didn’t adore Y/N - he did. She was funny, intelligent, kind and could kick more ass that pretty much everyone else on the team combined, but that was exactly it - everyone seemed obsessed with her, she was the be all and end all of everything and no one seemed to be impressed by him anymore. It was high school all over again. 

“We’ve gotta go,” Y/N said, passing Spencer his vest as she ran passed his desk. 

They had been waiting on a trace from Garcia and she’d finally broken through all the proxies through which the unsub had been filtering his signal. “We got a match?” he asked, forgetting everything that was going through his mind. He had a job to do; he’d worry about his feelings later. 

“Yea,” she said, holding the door open for him as they jumped into the car. “He’s in an abandoned building squatting right now it seems. It’s a maze in there, so we’re going to have to go in in pairs so we can cover all our bases.” 

Within ten minutes, they’d arrived at their destination. “Okay,” Hotch said as they pulled up. “Y/N, you and Reid take the front entrance. JJ, you’re with me. We’ll take the left entrance. Prentiss, you take the south entrance and Rossi, you and Morgan take the west entrance. Be careful. He’s been backed into a corner so he’s got nothing to lose.”

“Let’s go, Spence,” Y/N whispered, her gun and flashlight held high as they entered the abandoned building. She went first, stepping as carefully as she could to not make any noise. “Step quietly, Spence.” His shoes were so loud. They crept around corner after corner. Thankfully, Spencer had such a great memory, because if he didn’t, they would’ve gotten lost in the myriad of hallways. 

All of a sudden, Spencer heard a small sound on his left side. “Y/N,” he whispered. She didn’t turn around. He repeated himself, slightly louder this time, and finally got her attention, but instead of letting her take the lead, he went down the hallway ahead of her. 


Their unsub attacked him from the right side, pushing him roughly into the metal door and nearly knocking him out. Y/N was nowhere to be soon. He lifted his hands to block his face, but the man took that opportunity to punch him in the gut, causing a guttural scream to release itself from his throat. He was pinned and no idea what to do. With all of his might, he kicked his right leg upward, hitting the man in the groin, before pushing himself out from under him.

Just as the man caught his eye and lunged toward him again, knocking him to the ground, he saw a flash of silver, but he couldn’t block it in time. Y/N ran into the room, pushing him into the wall. Immediately, he turned her around and placed his hands around her throat, but she placed her arms over her head and slammed down on his arms, causing the chokehold to break. With three swift movements, she kicked him in the groin, punched him in the nose and dipped down low, using her legs to get the man off of his feet. 

“Stay down!” she screamed, pointing her gun in his face. “FBI!” She turned her head to the side and told Spencer to cuff him, which was when she caught sight of the knife sticking out of his stomach. Y/N kicked the unsub in the face, nearly knocking him out just as JJ and Hotch found their way to them.

Hotch dropped to Y/N’s side. “I’ve got him,” he huffed. “Get Reid.”

“Spence,” Y/N said, placing her hands near the wound and applying pressure. “It’s gonna be okay. I promise. Just stay still.”

The pain was searing. His stomach so aflame that he couldn’t help but let out a rasping scream. “I know it hurts,” she said. “But I don’t want to remove it. The ambulance will be here soon.” 

JJ came to kneel by his side as Y/N continued to keep pressure on the wound. “Grab JJ’s hand and squeeze. Stay with us, Spence.” After a minute (or ten he couldn’t be sure), he saw the muted tones of red and blue lights. “The ambulance is here. Stay with me, Spence. Stay….with….me…

And then nothing.


He had no idea how much time had passed between the arrest and when he woke up. It felt like years. “What happened?” he asked. Y/N was sitting at his bedside, gently rubbing the back of his palm. “What time is it?”

“It’s been about five hours,” she said, clasping his hand in both of hers. “You needed surgery. The knife nicked an artery, but they were able to stop the bleeding. You’re gonna be fine.”

He felt like such a fool. Of course he was going to be out of his league. Why did he even bother to go ahead of her? Oh that’s right, because he was him and she was her. “I’m sorry,” he said, rubbing the bridge of his nose. The motion pulled a muscle near his wound that he hadn’t expected and he grimaced. God, he was so stupid. 

“What’re you sorry for?” she asked genuinely. 

“I went ahead of you. I should’ve let you lead. I’m not a field agent. I should be at a desk.” He was never meant for battle. That was her territory. 

She sighed, bringing his hand to her cheek. “You probably should’ve let me lead, but you were just doing your job.”

“But I suck at it,” he replied.

“Your job?” she exclaimed. “You absolutely do not suck at your job, Spence. You’re one of the best there is. That’s why you’re on the team.”

“You’re better,” he said sadly.

She looked at him with pity. He really thought he wasn’t an asset to the team. “Spence, we have different strengths. That’s all. I have five black belts. But you’re an absolute genius. You come up with connections that I would never think of. Just because I can kick ass doesn’t make me better than you. It makes me a piece of the BAU puzzle. I was added for what I can contribute. Just like you. Don’t you ever forget that.”

He’d never really thought about it like that, because she was intelligent too. She had it all - at least to him she did. “I’ll try,” he said honestly as he gave her hand a squeeze. “Thank you for saving my ass.”

“You’re welcome. Any time,” she laughed. “I’m gonna go tell the rest of the team you’re okay. And Spence…?”


“Remember, don’t ever forget how important you are to this team, and to me,” she said, hesitating before flashing him a smile. “Or I’ll kick your butt.”

Theseus Scamander would never say he’s a fan of endless, painstakingly precise folders of intelligence info - but this, this is ridiculous.

Theseus is no fan of grand, bragging style either, but he’s not stupid. He knows the Ministry values him. He knows it values his intelligence, his leadership, or that at the very least his exquisitely Scamander sheninegans amuse all the cheery grandas of the council. Anyway, he’s come to expect some power. Some trust

Some information, say, on the bloody mission he’s just been put in charge of.

Well, today Theseus Scamander has been sorely disappointed. Because his General, waiting for Theseus’ ship to leave for the France battlefields, merely patted his shoulder with fatherly affection, dumped a journal paper scribbled with a couple of pages in his hands, and told him, “Protect the Seer, my boy. I can’t tell you more. They’ll fill you in once at the camp.”

Theseus scrunched his eyebrows together. Politely. “The Seer, sir?”

“The psychic soldier, the one-who-sees-behind, the Dancer of the Worlds. The Seer, lad.”

And, that, was, it. Find the Seer. Protect them. They’ll fill you in once there. Probably the most important mission of his career, of the whole darn War, and Theseus could easily tuck the complete file of it in a two-inch square of paper crunched in his fist.

Merlin’s beard, Hogwarts application forms were longer. Way longer.

Theseus sighs, leaning his head against the ship smokestack buzzing with power at his back. The air is bright and crisp, thick with salt - Brittany sea stretching and curling with foam in front of him. It’s still a good day: no war yet, no screaming, no friends bleeding and sobbing and dying.

I don’t even know who this “them” is.

But it’s still a good day.

In a world thriving on shadowy matters and elusive things such as the Wizarding World, the Seers are among the most shadowy, and the most elusive. Less than a thousand of experts declare to have knowledge of reports of historical Seers. A scarce five hundred adfirm to have come into contact with one of them. A good portion of the International magical community doesn’t even believe in their existence. Seers - who are not Diviners, not Readers, not prophets, but something in between. Seers, who’s been known with many names, and served many gods, and walked the treacherous line between the ones who live in magic and the ones who have forgotten it. Seers, who are said to be able to remember things that are yet to come, who can see a map through the eyes of every man and woman on it, who are said to have changed the fate of battles, empires, wars.

Which is exactly what the Allied forces are planning to do in this war. But Seers have, fatally, a story of getting painfully murdered too. There’s a reason history knows no more than an handful of them - and it does not involve dying of old age. Seers have been hunted for centuries - sought, chained, slaughtered or chained. If their enemies find them, it’s a mess. if their enemies get them, it’s over. 

Theseus studied most of this in school, gave a quiet “fuck” at the thought of being a Seer’s best friend, and promptly forgot it. Now, he simply thinks he’ll never ever envy the poor chap he’s being shipped out to protect.

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  • Fandom: We want diverse casting! We want representation for multiple races, strong female characters not confined to romance roles, being a perfect goody-goody, or overly-sexualized! Representation for the disabled! And non-neurotypicals! Representation that doesn't reduce characters to stereotypes!
  • Saban's Power Rangers: Main cast features a racially diverse super-hero team consisting of one white characters, one half-Indian lead, a Latina lead, an Asian lead and a black lead.
  • Saban's Power Rangers: Gives white lead a ruined leg. Does stupid, idiot jock things without being a gross creep. When he sees a girl in a bikini in the distance, he announces himself at the first opportunity, and his thoughts are about her safety. He treats female teammates with respect. His female teammate feels comfortable and safe entering his bedroom at night, and it's not a big deal. Filmmakers cut any romantic tension there to better serve the character. He's not celebrated or treated like a special hero for it. There are no jokes or bits normalizing creepy, objectifying, sexist behavior that is cliche because "boys will be boys." His lack of misogyny is not treated as anything "special", as anything he somehow deserves a reward for. It's normalized.
  • Saban's Power Rangers: Makes Black lead a stated autistic who actually acts like an autistic person who can't pick up on verbal quirks, social cues, doesn't like being touched, etc. Is neither defined by nor ashamed of who he is. Retains the role from the original that that the blue rangers is the brains of the group without resorting to the overdone-Sheldon-Cooper-esque type of autism where he's implied to merely be rude and doesn't have any real emotions towards people. Thinks of others so much he's the first to morph and worries about leaving his mom behind if he dies, has a healthy perspective on the idea that she could move on with her romantic life, is obsessive compulsive but not in the Hollywood cliche "neat-freak" way. Autism is not treated as a flaw or a superpower, just part of his character. Not necessarily portrayed as the cliche "autistic genius" either. Smart and capable without his intelligence being tied to autism.
  • Saban's Power Rangers: Makes Indian female lead a character who has actually done something terrible and isn't the cliche-outcast-victim of "mean girls". Never once portrayed as "not like other girls", has an actual arc of her own. Completely cuts any and all romance sub-plots for her because it wasn't good for the character and the filmmakers did not want to reduce her to a love interest. Actually applies her old feminine-coded activities (cheerleading) to how she battles, being the most effective Zoid pilot because her instincts are to do things like lift, carry, and throw people, work as a team, and take on heights (AKA 80% of what cheerleaders do, basically)
  • Saban's Power Rangers: Female Latinx Lead is an outcast with depth that is actually explained. Is stated as queer without any hint of queerbaiting. Her struggles are never used to fuel some BS "betrayal" or portrayed as faults. Remains loyal to her new friends. Is not portrayed as needing to "come out of her shell". Her introvert nature is never treated as a flaw or something that needs to be "fixed". Remains introverted and very much herself after becoming a Ranger. Her sexuality is source of some of her struggle, but the struggle is clearly about other peoples' issues, not hers. Sexuality is mentioned briefly, does not define her character or conform to stereotypes (she wears flannel at one point, but so do straight characters. That's about it.)
  • Saban's Power Rangers: Asian male lead is a reckless, extroverted, rebellious thrill-seeker who cares for and adores his mother. Pulls a dumb, thrill-seeking stunt that provokes a genuine conflict.
  • Saban's Power Rangers: None of the PoC leads conform to racial stereotypes. Black character doesn't conform to stereotypes with black characters. Asian character isn't stereotypical, neither is the Latinx one. Female characters aren't love interests, sexualized, don't conform to stereotypes, they have independent stories, and are strong and different without being portrayed as better or "not like other girls."
  • Saban's Power Rangers: Allows female villain to be evil, ambitious, terrifying, determined, unsexy, gross, violent, and genuinely smart. Does give her shades of a character beyond that, but doesn't try to make her sympathetic or "spurned" or "haunted" or without agency. She's evil and loves it. She's really good at it. She's merciless. She's got personality coming out of her ears, but isn't toned down.
  • Fandom: ?!?!?!?!?!?!?! We're just pissed about the awful color pallet...

This in 12x16 felt like another solid character moment, to me; not just the fact that Dean left, but that Sam stayed. I think it’s the same difference in attitude that prompts Dean to squash down and deny the things that worry him (or, the flipside of the same coin, to accept them with fatalistic helplessness) whereas Sam will stare steely-eyed and insistent into the face of his problems. (Of course, that can certainly be problematic too.)


Hardison and his cute hat in The Future Job


favourite rory & logan moments: 22/?

1. Nikola Tesla was an inventor, discoverer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, theoretical and experimental physicist, mathematician, futurist and humanitarian. He was a hyper-polyglot who could speak eight languages including: Serbo-Croatian, English, Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Latin. He was known to have one of the most remarkable memories, being able to recite full books, poetry and mathematical formulas by heart. He claimed to have had a three-dimensional memory and thought process that tormented him in his youth, but later aided him with building his inventions in his own mind without wasting any physical energy. Tesla was a man who was far ahead of his time, and even our time today. He was the first to discover the rotating magnetic field, and invent and patent a commutatorless alternating current induction motor based off this discovery. All electrical machinery using or generating alternating current is due to Tesla, without which all our electrified power lines, long distance trolley cars, electric vehicles, and our subways would be far less advanced. He is the true father of radio, sending the first radio signals up to 30 miles in distance in experiments at his Houston Street laboratory before its destruction by fire in 1895. He was the first to demonstrate wireless energy/power by lighting his phosphorescent light bulbs wirelessly in a demonstration given before the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, 1893, and later lit lamps wirelessly at a distance of 25 miles away from his transmitter. In his labs he conducted a range of experiments with mechanical oscillators/generators, electrical discharge tubes, electrical therapy, and some of the first X-ray imaging. Tesla was also the first to demonstrate remote control, building a wireless controlled boat first exhibited in 1898. At Colorado Springs in 1899, he created artificial lightning bolts 100 feet long, and sent currents around the Earth with a mean velocity of 292,815 miles per second with his transmitter patented in 1900. Some of his greatest experiments and demonstrations have yet to be reproduced by even our greatest scientists today. Although not recognized for, he was the first to discover the electron, radioactivity, terrestrial resonance, stationary waves (standing waves), and cosmic rays, which he also recorded traveling many times faster than light. His life long work was a dynamic theory of gravity that explained the causes of gravitation and the motions of heavenly bodies, which he claimed had been worked out in all details and he hoped to give it to the world. He was so satisfied with his theory that he believed it would put an end to the “idle speculations and false conceptions” rooted from Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. All his ideas and discoveries were logical inferences based off knowledge from his many years of investigations, experiments and developments in science and radio technology. Tesla predicted television, the internet, smart phones, weather control, interplanetary communication, an idea to produce an artificial Aurora Borealis to light the night skies, a particle beam to be used for defense in war, and the transmission of wireless power to any point on the globe. He intended to unify all these innovations into one big machine known as his Magnifying Transmitter, or his World System, but lacked the investments and funds to finish and prove his work on a large scale. Tesla would eventually die penniless and alone in his New York apartment, but like all the greats listed above, he lives on through all his inventions and contributions to this world.

“Let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine.”

–Nikola Tesla

  • Wally West: Was almost not released from Doctor Fate's helmet because Nabu knew he was worthy, uses denial as a coping mechanism because he can't handle confronting his problems because they cause him pain, chooses not to believe in magic because he can't stand accepting something he can't control and science is the only thing he can trust, was trusted enough by Dick that he revealed his and Bruce's identities, was the first one who escaped from the nightmare in Face Your Fears, is insecure because he thinks he's not good enough to be Flash's sidekick, protected Artemis in Bereft even after she said she'd probably been sent to kill him, the volcano that Red Volcano activated in Humanity would have destroyed the world had Wally not used his immense intelligence to figure out a way to save them, sacrificed his birthday to save a young queen by running a donor heart cross country, realized that the best birthday gift he could have ever gotten was seeing her smile, uses humor and bad flirting because he has a fear of rejection, FREAKING GOT HIMSELF STUCK IN THE SPEEDFORCE TO SAVE THE WORLD AND NOW EVERYONE THINKS HE'S DEAD, AND HIS LAST WORDS WERE TELLING BARRY TO MAKE SURE ARTEMIS AND HIS PARENTS KNEW HE LOVED THEM.
  • Also Wally West: I'll bet you I can eat that whole pizza in two bites

Lucas made the board game. The writers made a point of telling us in season 6 that Lucas is an app developer - next season, we see a deadly app. (Yes, it’s an app - that’s an iPhone in the middle of the board game.) That board game is so high tech, Lucas is the only person on the show who could have made that. (Well, Caleb could have, but Haleb is endgame so he’s in the clear.) Also, AD knows every move the girls make because Lucas gave the girls the keys to his apartment, which he bugged with microphones and secret cameras. And the writers made a point of highlighting Lucas’ intelligence which lead him to being very financially wealthy. Lucas is NOT AD, but he sure as hell is working with AD, and is providing AD with his resources; intelligence, information on the girls and money. Marlene has downright confirmed that there is one puppet master pulling the strings, but, this person has helpers. Lucas helping Uber A is going to be one hell of a full circle moment. “One day she will get what’s coming to her.” I can’t wait to see Alison’s tasks on the board game. Alison is the one Lucas particularly wants to see crumble whilst AD wants them all to crumble. 

Riverdale Sorting

If you disagree you can fight me.

  • Archie is a Hufflepuff. He’s just trying to quietly live his life and do what he likes. Poor kiddo. Let him relax.
  • Betty is a Slytherin. She works behind the scenes, works hard to be perfect, and she’s clever. I like to think she comes from a long line of Slytherin women.
  • Veronica is a Gryffindor. She’s honest, brave, kind and a good leader. She is very chivalrous to Betty. 
  • Jughead is a Ravenclaw. He is very smart but chooses to use his intelligence for what suits him. He’s seen as a little bit of an outcast. 
  • Kevin is a Hufflepuff. He just likes to watch everyone else’s drama and laugh.
  • Cheryl is a Gryffindor. She can’t shut up. She is being so brave through everything she’s gone through. She is very prideful.
  • Josie is a Slytherin. She is ambitious and hardworking.
  • Ms. Grundy is a squib and I hate her.

the 100 personality traits
*monty green

Talks Machina (Episode 88 spoilers!)

Highlights from this week’s episode:

  • This week’s pre-show message from Denise: “Brian is a puppet and I’m pulling the strings.”
  • Overwatch mention! Brian shout-outs D.Va, Marisha’s all about Symmetra, Matt breaks out the McCree voice.
  • 1PM Saturday, much of CR will be playing Mansions of Madness on the stream, and Matt will be guesting on a show at 11AM as well.
  • Brian: Our special guest, Gil Ramirez. Marisha: (whispers) Don’t fuck us, Gil.
  • Gil was helping out in the twitch chat from episode one. He’s also been smithing for sixteen years!
  • Gil uses liquid mercury to balance his steel dice. Travis: …you just have liquid mercury hanging around?
  • Gil and Taliesin both have a periodic table collection.
  • Gil takes off his button-down to reveal a t-shirt that just reads “Don’t fuck me, Gil.” with “Dammit Gil!” on the back.
  • Gil pulls out cards that read “Malks Tachina” that are all sick burns on Brian.
  • 4:46:50 total gameplay time last week. VM had 936 total HP at the start of the kraken battle, ended with 70 total HP.
  • A fan points out the similarities between the kraken fight and the Kobayashi Maru in Star Trek–an unwinnable fight to see how you do under great pressure. Marisha points out that nobody is expected to do the Aramente alone, but they’re never told that explicitly, so Keyleth’s been figuring that out, and that was one of the big lessons here. When she decided to planeshift out, she had to trust that Grog was going to finish it without her. She’s been moving beyond her previous urge to be self-sacrificial.
  • Matt points out that if Keyleth had stayed, Grog probably would’ve stayed until the end, too, and things would’ve gone a lot worse.
  • Matt wasn’t playing the kraken to full intelligence (his argument being that the rules-as-written version is better suited to being a full-arc villain kind of deal), but if they’d decided to talk to it, it probably would’ve stalled long enough to get everyone exactly where it wanted them.
  • Travis on Tary not using Luck to reroll: Either he is the most genius, maniacal character in a long-running arc… or he just rolled shitty dice because Gil fucked him.
  • Keyleth would’ve rather failed the Aramente than kill the kraken or lose her party.
  • A question on screen flashes twice. Laura (who isn’t even on the show this week) immediately tweets “Two flashes!! Free Denise.”
  • Grog was trying to abide by Keyleth’s rules of not killing the thing, but his whole priority was getting Vax out, because he realized that not getting him out while he was unconscious might’ve meant losing his body for good. Matt points out that it worked out well that it was always Grog getting eaten, because he was more likely than most of the other party members to deal enough damage to get out.
  • Why didn’t the water ashari let Korren and Keyleth know Vilya was suspected dead? Matt starts to answer, then admits it’s mostly just to maintain narrative drama, because that’s how storytelling works.
  • Gil wonders whether one of the lodestones could be Keyleth’s mom. Marisha: …my mom is octopoo?
  • Grog’s decision on leaving Tary mostly boiled down to “…eh.” Grog didn’t mind too much that Percy made him go back for Tary, because he didn’t feel too strongly about leaving him behind, but there might be consequences once Friends wears off.
  • Keyleth would’ve definitely still planeshifted out if Grog and Vax’s positions had been reversed. She trusted that Vax would’ve managed to get out, too.
  • Travis’ wise words on the Raven Queen: “Didn’t she need the blood jacuzzi to get the thing going?”
  • Travis thinks Grog would be interested in participating in Vax’s ritual.
  • Travis was stoked for Vax to join the Dead Club, but he has no idea how it’s going to go because of the Raven Queen.
  • Matt re: people yelling about revivify/resurrection no matter the outcome: “I… mostly don’t care. I’m still a sensitive boy.”
  • Brian brings back the intro to the first episode, in which Matt points out that this is the continuation of a home-game and number-crunching shouldn’t be the priority. Of course, Critrolestats is an exception: “They keep track of the numbers we like.”
  • Brian: “Discussions are great, and we love talking about the show even if we disagree… but when it gets to be this weird thing where people are… it’s like, guys, you’re kind of embarrassing yourself. Like, give me a break, dad. Maybe intense scrutiny of a D&D game that’s on the internet isn’t the best way to live your life.”
  • Travis: “I’ll never go on [reddit]. It requires reading, right?”
  • Matt thinks the kraken was probably watching the party for a while, and then Tary’s natural one was a focus point. If they hadn’t failed that challenge, they might’ve had to fight it as they were escaping.
  • The one spell Marisha forgot to write down on her spell sheet was Freedom of Movement, which would’ve been incredibly clutch in the fight. Matt forgot about it, too.
  • Matt points out that everyone had an extremely stressful week leading up to that episode. Brian mentions that he’s known everyone for a while, now, and they all generally act the same on-screen as they do off-screen, so they’re not gonna be putting on an act. Sometimes you just get a bit of a slog playing D&D when everyone’s exhausted, but it can still be fun as long as people aren’t going over every decision with a magnifying glass.

After dark:

  • The first shot after the break is just a close-up of Trinket.
  • Matt to Travis, in one of the best out-of-context quotes thus far: “So what you’re saying is that your deviantart is full of vore?”
  • If Grog had an intelligence of 20 for 24 hours, he’d probably go down to Percy’s workshop and build something.
  • Matt ran a session pre-stream that was just Pike and Vax, in which the two of them had to fight a chimera. There was also one that was just Vax, Scanlan, and Pike.
  • If Grog had been left behind and died, Ashley thinks Pike would’ve pulled a Scanlan and left the party, then would’ve gone to go live under the sea until she found him, and would’ve kept his body until she got True Resurrection, “even if it took a hundred years”, so she could bring him back.
  • Matt re: Keyleth being the only one who hasn’t died: “No, there’s a reason for that. Because she’s my fiancee and I give her special treatment.” Marisha: “Don’t say that even in jest!” Matt: “No, if that were true, I wouldn’t sleep on the couch as often.” Marisha: “They’ll believe that, too! They’ll actually think that’s true!”
  • Ten or higher on that saving throw and Grog would’ve died in the kraken. Matt rolled a nine (which is why he tweeted the picture).
  • Marisha’s biggest fear re: ways for her character to die was tripping and falling in lava, which just about happened, so almost anything else would’ve been okay in comparison. Brian: “Keyleth died doing what she loved: a series of errors.” Marisha: “Failing.”
  • Travis’s Xbox gamertag is MeatyAlbatross.

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Sherlolly librarian au

“Could I take this out, please?”

Molly turned around and nearly tripped over her own feet as she rushed over to assist her outrageously handsome customer; she was more than a little confused when she found a small slip of paper waiting for her.

“Sir, this is a blank piece of paper.”

“Yes,” Sherlock smirked, exuding confidence as he leaned closer, “I’m going to need your name and phone number.”

send a ship, an au and I’ll write a four three sentence fic

can I just Rant for a second here

Spiderman: Homecoming is so redeeming for me. 

A lot of people grew up on Captain America, or Iron Man. I was that little period in between that was a bit too late for Cap, and a bit too early for Tony. I grew up on Spiderman. I watched every show I could get my hands on, cartoons, kids shows, movies, I read comics. Spiderman was my superhero, especially when I was a preteen and I needed someone like that, someone who was like me. Spiderman was like me. He is the epitome of a teenager. I mean, you just have to look at his one-liners to see it. Things like that came out of me and my brother’s mouth daily, and then I see a hero doing the same thing. Spiderman was MY hero. 

I’ve already told you I watched the movies. Tobey Macguire’s Spiderman first came out in 2002, I was too young to watch it. So I knew the comics, the cartoons, all of Peter’s origins and villains and backstory, before I watched his films. I’m going to preface this by saying I only watched half of the first one. But it was SO disappointing. 

What makes Spiderman a hero, to me, is not his powers. Anyone could be mutated and decide, “hey, I’m going to deal with this” or “hey, I should get this checked out”. Peter didn’t do that, because he already wanted to be a hero. His powers didn’t make him a hero. He was a hero before. Spiderman is not about his powers. But that’s what 2002 Spiderman did. They took away Peter’s intelligence, made him little more than a comic relief. His intelligence is an integral part of Peter. He made his own webshooters, they aren’t a part of his powers. That, that right there shows you how much of a hero he is. Because yeah, he can climb on walls and use super strength, but when you think of Spiderman, you don’t think of those, you think of his webs. Those are his weapons, and they don’t hurt anyone, and I swear to god if that doesn’t show you how much Peter is a hero, you’re looking at him wrong. And so there’s no better way to show you how much 2002 messed up Spiderman than the fact that the webs are part of his powers, that he had them and didn’t make them. They took away his intelligence, his ingenuity, and that is what Peter IS. They turn him nothing more than ridiculous, and it was so crushing. 

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Peter is brilliant. He’s an amazing scientist, in the cartoons he often has internships as well as being a photographer, and he made his own webshooters. In CACW, Tony fucking Stark is impressed with the webshooters. He’s amazed, Tony Stark is amazed, at what Peter made. Peter works with a box of scraps and creates amazing things. He doesn’t fight with brute force, he strategizes, which is what makes the webs work for him as a weapon. 

On another note, Andrew Garfield’s 2012 film I saw in theaters when it came out. I was just 13, and idolized Spiderman, because he was one of us. I was disappointed that he was not in highschool (and by this I mean, I understand that they claimed Peter and Gwen were in highschool, but I’m sorry, Andrew and Emma don’t pass off as highschoolers. If they were going to completely invalidate the identity like that, they should have just set it in college. I never was able to fully immerse myself in the story and believe that Peter was in highschool, and he had so much freetime that it was even more unbelievable that he was a highschooler), because to me the fact that Peter has to balance his classes, part-time job, and crimefighting just once again shows his absolute dedication and brilliance and is an incredibly important aspect of his character, but it was fine. The 2012 film was much better than the 2002 film, but I still disliked it; it left me unsatisfied. Peter’s character was more true to form, but the movie itself was done badly and, I felt, focused too much on a romance for an origin story that (spoiler alert!!) didn’t even pan out. I understand that the movie was simply a set up for a series (that didn’t even work out well), but it was still incredibly disheartening. Perhaps the worst part was the fact that he WASN’T a highschooler, because I felt like they were invalidating teenagers and an important part of my identity at the time. I think the fact that Peter is a teenager is incredibly influential over his entire character, and the way he fights and speaks.  But I was also incredibly disappointed that they didn’t even stay true to Peter’s origin story!! Who is the Lizard? Where was Harry? 

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Back to Spiderman: Homecoming. I was so ecstatic when they included Spiderman in CACW. I was even more excited when they released who would be playing him. Finally, Peter is a teenager played by someone who can pass off as an actual teenager. Finally, he is back to his brilliant roots (”I can’t” “Why not?” “I have homework…”). It is so redeeming. Everything that was incredibly important to Peter’s character which has been taken away in the past is back. 

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He’s an awkward teenager, but still incredibly brilliant. He has trouble with communication. Aunt May and school are important to him, just as important as saving people (Not the world. PEOPLE). He’s not afraid to stand up to someone, even if they’re someone he believes in and looks up to (examples: see CACW). He banters during fights but is still badass. He’s fascinated by things he doesn’t understand, willing to learn. He tries too hard. He is a teenager, in every sense of the word. 

I’m most looking forward to Tony’s role in Homecoming. Because Peter is exactly like Tony. He is an innovator, an inventor. He’s brilliant, too brilliant for his own good, and has been alienated for it. He lost his parents young, but has a few good friends. And he believes in people. Like Tony, he doesn’t want to save the world. He just wants to save people. He believes that people are important. That’s why he’s a hero – that’s why Tony’s a hero. Neither one of them could give it up, because they can’t give up on people. They’ll fight for people, just as much as they’ll fight for what they believe in. There are so many parallels between them, and Tony saying “I wanted you to be better” told me that he sees them to. I am so excited to see that relationship. 

I am incredibly hopeful for Spiderman: Homecoming, and I hope it does Peter the justice none of the other movies have. 


“He is so guarded, and he has his intelligence as such an armor. He’s really good at putting people down and not letting things get to him. It’s really interesting to see how he’s letting things in more.” - Raúl Esparza