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“Tardis Sweet Shop & Soda Fountain” - Digital Oil Painting

I designed this as a cute, vintage AU where they meet at a soda fountain, but it could also be Rose and the Doctor, where they finally make it to New York in the 50s to see Elvis. Up to you!

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.

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Happy New Year Dayana !!! Did you see the lyrics for HOLIC ? my god every single sentence is about 2jae ~ am I delulu or crazy? what do you think?

Happy New Year anony <33

(it’s still 2016 here haha)
You are not delulu or crazy xD hahahaa i am


Like really what does he mean? I know he likes to hug Youngjae, since in Prove it, he talks about holding youngjae close as well but….

Holic by Defsoul Lyrics:

“I’m thirsty” *me throws water at his face* [indirect 2jae kiss]
“I’m sorry i can’t take my eyes off” Yeah we know you can’t.. [x X x X  X]

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“I want to enjoy you more inside” You mean inside your room which you want him back? right.. right? [Youngjae, come back to the room I miss You]
“Calling out once, twice” We know you try very hard to get Youngjae’s attention haha

“Standing in front of me, smiling with your eyes” Wait, didn’t he mention this in his message to Youngjae? [It’s nice to see Youngjae that always smiles brightly! ] yes he did put an exclamation-mark

“Please come next to me” We know you miss him haha

But this song reminds me of when he literally sang WET to Youngjae on their date and he was smiling and looking at Youngjae and JB’s nervous feet wiggling around! and shyly looking at his screen.. like what are you being SHY ABOUT! YOU ALREADY SANG TO HIM A DIRTY SONG TO POOR INNOCENT OTTER! [link]

haha but yeah.. Umm, i don’t think JB is innocent and maybe it is safe good that Youngjae isn’t in the same room xD Because we know that he is planing something:

haha ok Happy New Years (eve to me) to You!! Love you anony <33 haha

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In their recent Vlive, Jungkook drank from Jimin's bottle TWICE! i guess we should have receipts/gifs of this because it was a beautiful moment

Sorry for late reply noniee :3 it took me time to do it since I have to watch it again so that I could make gifs `v`~

But nonie you know, Jungkook didn’t drink from Jimin’s bottle twice. But THRICE

Maybe Kookie’s used to drinking a lot of water, I can count up to 10 times he drank water in this Vlive video. As if whenever seeing water he unconsciously think that he must drink it (or he just feel hot due to the “Beat Jungkook” game or just by sitting beside Jimin lol).

Now you see everyone has a bottle of water to their right. Then 1st time maybe he took Jimin’s bottle just by chance.

after a while, Jimin drank water from his bottle too, so indirect kiss right? 

2nd time, 

Jungkook placed his bottle on the ground and even tho there’s still a little water in it but who cares, isn’t people said that “what is my boyfriend’s is also mine”? So he took Jimin’s bottle instead.

There were scenes that Jungkook reached for his bottle but it was no longer there (cause he had placed it on the ground purposely from the start!), so he quickly turned to Jimin’s bottle (very very naturally haha)

3rd time,

I don’t think he didn’t remember where he put the bottle since he swept his eyes on the floor once (gif above) but he still ignored it and used it as an excuse to took Jimin’s bottle. So, son were you really that thirsty? I’m full just by looking you drinking water already lol

Blame jikook for making me such a trash

Small USUK headcannon

In which Arthur only drinks soda after Alfred has taken a sip; Alfie shrugs it off as the mere temptation of an open can of soda, where Arthur blushes to himself about his 3rd indirect kiss that week.

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Romantic hc (from the meme) for Kuramochi and Miyuki!


  • ♡ - romantic headcanon

He likes to share his food with you a lot, even if you refuse it so he’d actually eat it himself. Kuramochi just likes the subtle affection that the action itself holds, especially if he gets to share the feeling with you. He’ll always offer you a sip of his drink when he’s holding one in his hand, and he’ll always grin whenever you actually do take it, thinking to himself that he caught you in his trap for an indirect kiss. Yes, he can get a bit childish, but he enjoys the fact that you went along with it more than he’d ever think he would; and he would start trying to get you to share food with him more often each time.


  • ♡ - romantic headcanon

He has a tendency to check up on you way more than you’d think is normal. He always calls you at night, usually before you’re about to go to bed, and asks you about how you’re doing and how you’re feeling. Miyuki does this because he cares way too much, even if he doesn’t want to admit to it when questioned about it; he just doesn’t want you to overwork yourself to the point of exhaustion, if it’ll get that bad. He’ll always tell you that you need to take care of yourself, giving pointers and tips on how you can, even if it does get a bit overbearing for you to handle sometimes. 

DNA Boys Collection

~ submitted by BN


  • Wake Up:

Rubbing your face against the pillow and trying hard to bring yourself into wakefulness, the sound of a phone beeping awakens you further.

“Sorry” Jun mutters, leaning over you to grab and disengage the alarm. “I always forget to turn it off.” Nodding, but unable to yet open your eyes lest the facade of sleep disappear, you rub your neck, an uncomfortable kink there. No doubt coming from being crammed in such a tiny bed. Jun’s broad shoulders usually make sleeping in the single occupant bed a massive pain. But it was your own fault really, your own bed was just down the hall but your boyfriend’s was just so much warmer and once settled it was pretty much impossible to move you. “I’m going to get some breakfast, you want any?” Rubbing a hand over your tired eyes, you struggle up on your elbows.

“Can you just grab me a handful of fruit please?” Breakfast wasn’t usually your thing, but with your classes lasting long into the evening, it was best to get something in your stomach early.

“A literally handful?” Watching him grasp the air with a single hand for emphasis, you giggle.  

“Yes. Just go down there and grab a fist full. Doesn’t matter if it squash them or whatever.” Pulling a face as he shook his head, Jun leant down to give you a quick kiss.

“That sounds gross. I’ll get you some apples or something.” Feeling him clamber over you and off the bed, you flop back down into the pillows.

“An apple is hand sized.” Scoffing as he pulled on a shirt, your boyfriend smirked.

“I should just get you a heap of grapes. All squashed and bruised.”

“Gross” wailing dramatically and taking in his wayward hair and general dishevelled appearance you smile. Despite his disposition as the most un-morning person in the world he looked good even all tussled and cranky.

“Well be careful with your literals next time.” Toeing on his slippers, he paused in the doorway. “Coffee?” Nodding eagerly, you yawn.

“Oh yes please.” There was the slightest grin on his lips as he left, leaving you in the quiet peace of morning. Or the best the dorm could offer.

  • Breakfast:

Returning with hands full of rice and fruit, you clear a surface off the desk and make room as Jun walked in.

“It’s such a mad house down there.” Pulling a chair up to the desk, Jun shakes his head. “I lived on campus for three years back at Seido and never ever did it get that crazy. Even on pancake day.”

“Uni is different” you chip in, snatching up a coffee and wrapping your hands around the little plastic travel cup. “Everyone is too poor for afford real food so whatever they can snag for free is pretty highly valued.” Tisking as he sat back and set upon his rice, Jun nodded to an apple and pear. “I can fit them both in one hand.” Chuckling, you sip your coffee slowly.

“Well you have very big hands so I’m not surprised.” Watching him cough and spluttering, you hide your smile behind your cup. “It’s a big handful.”

  • Lunch:

Two lectures down with three to go and you’re already regretting getting out of bed. Staying back in your room, all snuggled up with Jun seemed like a much better way to spend the time. But instead you’d have to make do with sharing lunch with your beloved in your single hour off between classes.

“I don’t even know why I picked it, I don’t even like the course.” It was a common enough complaint from your mouth and one Jun was well equipped to deal with.

“You didn’t pick it, your patents did. But it’ll be worth it in the end.”

“Will it?” Sitting side by side in one of the undercover eating areas, you nudge his shoulder. “I just want to say fuck it, give up and become a stay at home parent.” Passing you a set of chopsticks and snapping his own, Jun raised an eyebrow.

“Really? You as a stay at home parent? You?” Punching him lightly in the arm, you pull out your container of tasty leftovers.

“I would be a terrific stay at home parent.” Shrugging off the punch to the arm and digging into his meal, Jum didn’t look convinced.  

“I’ve seen you burn water, good luck with that.” Huffing you crack open a can of soda, taking a tiny sip before offering it to him.

“Well I could have been a terrific stay at home parent, but with support like that…” Sighing dramatically and putting an arm around your shoulders, Jun gives you a quick one armed hug.

“Don’t be like that. You know I’d support you whatever you decided to do.” Snuggling into his hug, you smile.

“Thank you, same for you.” Watching him take a sip of the soda, you press a finger to his lips. “Indirect kiss” you chuckle. Rolling his eyes, he leans towards you to plant a very direct kiss on your lips. Tasting of sugar and something distinctly Jun, you deepen the kiss before suddenly pulling away blushing as you remember where you are and how public.

“More of that soon” the blond says, acting cool regardless of his pink cheeks. “Tonight.”

  • Afternoon:

Tonight doesn’t come soon enough, especially as you find yourself cheering from the bleachers, your man swinging loud and proud. He’s played a good game and while not a major match it’s all good practice for future games. He’s so bloody loud! Even though you’re sitting a fair distance away and high in the stands you can still hear him. And such a filthy mouth! How the umpire hasn’t penalised them is nothing short of a miracle. But you love him. How could you not? It’s part of him. Jun in all his beauty isn’t very quiet, meek or well mannered but you’d never have him any other way. Watching the match wind up, you pack up your bag and hop down with the crowds flooding back to the campus. Pushing through the masses and waiting for the players to exit the field, you catch Jun’s eye with a wave and wait for him to come to you.

“Nice helmet hair” tussling said hair but you immediately pull a face at the clammy sweat coating your hand. “Eww”, wiping it off on his stained and dusty uniform, you apologise with a grimace. Shaking his head and looking down at his uniform Jun sighs.

“Want to start trying to perfect your stay at home parent role tonight? These need a wash.” Laughing, you shake your head vigorously.

“Oh hell no. I’ve given up on that dream already.” Turning to walk back towards the uni, bag slung over his shoulder, Jun pushed further.

“Oh yeah? What’s the plan now then?”

“To marry a rich baseball star and live in leisure.” His look of disbelief was well worth it.

  • Bedtime:

Potatoes and rice made for a good dinner. Not a great one, but passable. You weren’t complaining and either was Jun. So long as there was something in your stomach to to fend of hunger throughout the long night it was well worth it. Reading over the final couple of exercises in your workbook, you groan and literally pitch the book off the bed.

“Good to see those expensive textbooks are doing their job.”

“Expensive door stop” you hiss, fiddling with your laptop. “When does the next chapter of Call My Heart come out? I can’t find it online.” Rolling onto his back with a huff, Jun shrugged.

“This week sometime. You’re best to call sis, she’ll have the dates penned down somewhere no doubt.” Pouting as you pull up the blankets and snuggle under the covers, the look your boyfriend gives you could kill a man at twenty paces. “No.” He says sternly, giving you the eye. “Don’t even think about it.”

“About what?” You ask innocently, struggling to hide your grin.

“About falling asleep here. You’re always like ‘oh no I’m just napping’ and then when I try to wake you, you hiss like a rabid cat. Then I’ve gotta crawl in and bend around you. I’m sorry but the bed is too small for both of us.” Pulling the blankets up to your chin, you snub his concerns. “I’m serious” he warns. “My back gets all stiff and sore.” Arching said back for emphasis, he grabs your foot under the cover and squeezes. Sitting up, the blankets pooling around your waist you reach out and rub his back.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realise it was that bad.”

He must have heard the guilt in your voice because seconds later you were wrapped up in a big hug.

“It’s not that bad, don’t worry about it.” Shaking your head, hands tangled in the front of his shirt, you nuzzle gently under his chin.

“Well if you want I make it up to you?”

“Oh yeah?” The suggestive tone in his voice spoke of an entirely different form of payback and not the one you had in mind.

“Yeah” you drawl, letting go of his shirt and running your hands up under it. Trailing fingers over his ribcage and bare chest, you lean up into a kiss. “Like a massage every time I stay over.” Applying a little extra pressure to the rub his collarbone was receiving, you grin at the little catch in his breathe.

“That’ll be a lot of massages” shrugging you span a hand across his chest, feeling his heart beat beneath your palm.

“Worth it.”


Sho-kun: *cos I ain’t letting you share Jun-kun this way~*

└ at least according to this dreamer shipper. (≧∇≦)ヾ(@^ー^@)ノ

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 06.02.2016

takeshi would be the kind of guy, when with someone he Likes, is outwardly :^) but inside Freaking Out over innocuous things like

takeshi offhandedly says he has poor circulation and tsuna’s just “huh really?” *takes takeshi’s hand and covers them* “Whoa! that’s cold!! you should get mittens like me. but, you know, normal ones” and continues the conversaion but takeshi’s mind is just HE HELD MY HAND HE HELD MY HAND HE HELD MY HAND on repeat and it’s been five minutes and he hasnt spoken a word

or maybe it’s P.E. and after doing laps tsuna’s tuckered out and asks for water and takeshi lends him his water bottle and when he sees tsuna drinkin, his mind goes INDIRECT KISS [SIRENS BLARE AT 1000% VOLUME] and tsuna thinks there’s something weird with the water bc takeshi’s been stock still silent for the last couple minutes (”oh my god…… pls dont let there be weird baseball protein in this drink” tsuna thinks as he remembers a guy collapsing from injesting ryohei’s ULTIMATE PROTEIN WATER)

Steven Universe Classpect - Connie Maheswaran

So I put this off a bit because I basically pretty much agree with Bladekindeyewear’s proposals of these characters classpects, and felt like, well, he already wrote out thousands of words of great points, why do the same thing over again? itd just be rehashing everything? but he only did Steven, Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst (and Ronaldo)

(here’s a link to that btw it’s really thorough: http://bladekindeyewear.tumblr.com/post/114721173059/steven-universe-homestuck-classes-and-aspects )

so instead, I’m gonna talk about someone that hasn’t been done yet!

Connie Maheswaran!

So let’s start with I believe her aspect is firmly Light and here’s why:

Throughout the series she has shown that her strength is her intelligence, just the way she analyzes and theorizes about the hidden meaning behind her favorite book series and rants about the implications that she wishes were brought to Light should be evidence of that lol

and to be honest I was flitting between Mind or Light for a while, but rewatching the series again made me see something the second time around, when we are first introduced to Connie there is a LOT of symbolic stuff going on.

She reveals her deepest darkest fear is that she will die, unnoticed and alone and unimportant to everyone around her besides her parents, and she does this at the darkest deepest part of the ocean, surrounded by a very Voidy symbol. It’s only through Steven’s influence of showing her Hope and saying that she is important to him and that out of a whole crowd, he noticed and payed attention to her the most! and gives her her Glowy Lighty bracelet back that she isn’t upset anymore. He helped reaffirm her sense of importance and agency. 

*EDIT* this deserved a picture or two! It’s just so great and so symbolically important!

look how dark and unhappy everything seems, until..

Steven literally helps Light up her world!

Even throughout the series Connie shows that she is still anxious that she isn’t sure what Steven sees in little old unimportant her and just like how Pearl wants to be so important to Rose, Connie wants to be so important to Steven.

But she also just wants to be important and noticed in general.

Not to mention for Light in particular she is even fixated on Steven’s supposed importance, his ‘chosen destiny’ stuff and everything in Ocean Gem.

actually speaking of, I just noticed this as well, look at Connie’s shirt in that episode!

Light Symbol hello :D

she always wants to know about his stories, like in Indirect Kiss, not to mention, of all the things Steven could have healed in indirect Kiss, he healed her Eyes!

and that’s basically what’s been happening to Connie throughout the show, her self of self worth of importance of basic agency, has been getting stronger and more reinforced.

She even acts out her favorite main character from her favorite book series!

Showing again, a need to be feel important (also heh, look at her eyepatch! so cute!)

Which leads me to her class actually!

So what class is the one that starts out disillusioned with their aspect? That either gives up on it or lets it go to other people? but later learns confidence with it and takes it back themselves? dead ringer for a Rogue!

so basically yeah, Rogue of Light Connie woohoo!