his incredible smile

How I imagine Draco's coming out
  • Draco: Mother, Father, I'm gay. I don't care if you don't like it, this is my life and--
  • Narcissa: Draco, we've known you were gay since you were 11.
  • Lucius: The only truly shocking thing about this is that it's taken you so long to tell us.
  • Draco: --I won't be stopped from--what? I don't--But... how?
  • Lucius: Draco, you sent us letters every day about how devastatingly perfect Potter was for five years.
  • Draco: WHAT? I did NOT!
  • Narcissa: You most certainly did, dear. Let me go get the boxes. We saved them all.
Boredom Be Damned - Peter Parker

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Summary:  Prompt #2: “You’re hot when you’re angry.”

All Peter wanted to do was get his homework done before adventuring into the night, but Y/N walks in and turns his study session into a flush session.

Requested: yes @myfriendmagislit

Warning: slight language

Here’s another request for #2! So excited to write this bc this user is the og:) hope you enjoY!!! This is also kinda long so oops lol and I HOPE YOU LIKE IT !!:-) @myfriendmagislit

MASTERLIST <———————-


Were you supposed to be on your way to Peter’s right now? No. Did you tell Peter you were on your way to him right now? No.

You were bored as hell, it was as simple as that. You tried to entertain yourself in numerous ways, even attempting to do your pre-scheduled homework for tomorrow night. But that put your state of mind into greater boredom. So, you decided you would carry your bored, sorry ass all the way three blocks to Peter’s apartment. It’s not that you only did this when you were extremely bored, you did almost every day. It just turns out that today, Peter didn’t mention to you anything about working on homework or hanging out for the night. This surprised you to an extreme length, due to the fact you and Peter were stuck like glue all day, every day.

So, you being the nosy ass you were, you decided to investigate. Which worked out perfectly because you were bored as well! Of course your sneakiness did play a part in your feet carrying you to Peter’s that night, but it wasn’t only that. And it wasn’t just the boredom.

Maybe it was the pulsing excitement that ran through your veins every time Peter would run up to you with good news about his exciting double life. Or maybe it was the way your heart grew heavy in your chest when Peter’s lean, muscled body would sit closely next to you as you worked on homework, the heat radiating off his frame to hit yours. Or it might be just spending time with your best friend—correction, beautiful best friend, that caused your feelings to intensify as you got older. Maybe it was all of those things and more, that caused your mind to shift your boredom to Peter.

You admitted these intense feelings a while ago, your instinct immediately knowing your affection for the brown eyes, sweet smiling boy as soon as you laid your eyes on him ten years ago. Your friendship blossomed, consisting of ever lasting laughs and good times, it was what everyone dreamed of in a relationship.

The only problem was, the feeling was only one sided. To your dismay, they were extremely one sided. Your friends would constantly say otherwise, swearing that he looked at you the exact way you gazed at him, but you never saw it. You knew they were just trying to make you feel better. Especially due to the fact Liz Allen was someone who constantly popped up in conversations between you and Peter. This obviously made you feel instant loss and regret. But if Peter was happy, you were happy.

You slowly let your yearning thoughts of Peter vanish before arriving at Peter’s door. You sigh, grabbing the key underneath the mat Aunt May had told you about and open the door, the silence hitting you. You shut the door slowly, walking through the living room area, searching for Peter in the so far vacant house. As no sign of Peter approaches, you walk to his bedroom door, knowing that he’d be in there. Your knuckles hit lightly against the white door, shoving one hand  in your side jacket pocket and the other holding your thermos with water as you wait for the door to open.

You hear the jiggle of the door knob and and look up, seeing a wondrous sight that made your eyes look everywhere place in the world besides Peter’s eyes.

“Oh, hey! What are you doing here?” he questioned kindly, quirking his head to the side at your sudden appearance at his door. You tried to remember to breath as your eyes came in contact with a very shirtless, very ripped, and very hot Peter standing before you. Clutching your cup tightly,  your eyes lingered on his sculpted abs as your mouth stood agape at the sight before you.

Thank god for boredom. What would you without it?

“Y/N?” his voice quickly snapped your dirty thoughts of him out of your mind, disrupting everything good in this world. Y/E/C meets a playful brown as your mouth snaps shut, shaking your head vigorously as you leap out of a hazed state.

Almost breathlessly you rush out, “Oh! I-I was just really bored. Needed something to do,” you finish, shrugging your shoulders at your lousy interpretation of boredom.

He raised his eyebrows, opening the door farther for you to enter. You took note of his right muscle flexing at the stretch of his arm before he spoke, “Okay. Yeah, I’m just trying to get my homework done. Tony asked me to do something when I got done, and May’ll kill me if I leave without finishing it.”

You shook your head as a sign of understanding, noticing his seemingly stressed state as you sat down on his bed. He shut the door, turning towards you with his hands on his naked hips, “But yeah you can hang here, I’m just gonna finish the assignment for Algebra. You know how picky Ms. Roberts’ can be,” he chuckled lightly, smiling in your direction.

“Oh and those papers next to you are the chemistry homework, if you need to see it.“

You nodded, a close mouthed smile adorned your lips at his sweet gaze. He sighed before sitting down at his desk, continuing his work, leaving you there.

Is this a fucking joke? Is he seriously not going to put on a shirt? He’s never done this before! But, would you want him to? The view from here is fucking incredible. Boredom be damned.

Your eyes once again scaled his half naked body, but this time it was the back view you got to see. The lamp accompanied his brain in helping him finish his work, the remnants of the light shone on his back muscles. You felt your mouth open once again as you carved the muscles with your eyes, craving to run your fingers over every curve of his body. His bangin’ body was another added bonus to Peter Parker. His sweet smile, incredible personality, and extraordinary intelligence were the major factors that made you fall for him. But this, fuck. This was part of the premium package you didn’t know you had signed up for.

You dazedly watched his shoulder move with arm as he sketched the answer quickly on his paper, and sometimes bring his arm up and run his fingers through his ruffled brown locks. You suddenly remembered the drool dripping from the corner of your mouth, that had probably been there for minutes. You reached your arm up rapidly, attempting to wipe the drool silently and sneakily.

Well, that plan failed.

Because as soon as your hand hit the corner of your mouth, your elbow also hit your thermos, knocking it over and open, all over Peter’s chemistry homework that was lying next to you on his bed.


Eyes widened, your heart rate picked up as you made eye contact with the now soaking wet papers lying sloppily on his bed. A gasp emitted from your throat at the sight of the black ink spreading all over the drenched papers. ruining it even more. Well, your gasp awoke Peter from his intense gaze on his work to quickly looking behind him. His eyes grew at the sight of you directed to the now wet papers and thermos lying on top of them. Your mouth agape, you dared to look at Peter’s gaze hitting you like a brick wall.

He ran over to his ruined work, fingers picking up the wet paper, his gaze flashing from the homework to your guilty Y/E/C eyes staring deeply into his own, "Y/N WHAT THE HELL!”

You gaping lips barely stuttered out a response as you reached over and picked up the thermos, “P-Peter I’m so sorry! It was an accident I swear!” you rushed out, throwing the empty thermos to the ground before yanking the remaining papers off his bed and throwing them in the trash can next to you.


Your eyes shut off instantly as Peter’s voice grew weak and strong at the same time, defeat yet anger taking over his demeanor. But, instead of listening to his rant about your previous actions, you watched his arms point from you to the papers, his bicep flexing every moment he stretched them. His eyebrows furrowed and raised at your gaze just staring at him like he’s speaking gibberish. But, you were noticing his arm and neck veins popping out at the stress in his voice and your insides turned gooey, his state turning you on a lot.

“… Mr. Stark needs me! He finally asked me to do something for once and I  was so ready! Now May won’t let me go! Jesus Y/N, could you of been a little more careful? You-”

Your mind shut off his anger towards you, clouding with scandalous thoughts you’ve never thought of before. This caused your thoughts and apparently brain to shut down as you interrupted his rant.

“You’re hot when you’re angry.”

Oh my god. Those words did not just come out of your mouth. What the fuck are you thinking?! Holy shit he thinks you’re some creep-

“W-What did you just say?” Peter questioned, chest slowly deflating from his previous state. You felt your cheeks sprout bright red as his figure inched closer to yours. Your brain finally wanted to work again, your eyes peeking up from staring intently at the floor after your previous comment. His nerves rose immediately, realizing your thoughts on him.

“W-What? I didn’t say-”

“Yes you did. What did you say?” now Peter’s soft brown eyes were gazing intently in yours, his own cheeks matched yours, both flushed and embarrassed. His heart raced at your sudden exposed feelings towards him, and he couldn’t of been happier.

You swallowed the lump in your throat, biting your lip in guilt as your eyebrows furrowed, “I really didn’t mean to say that. I meant to s-say t-that you were scary when you’re angry, not h-hot. Not that you aren’t hot when y-you’re angry, because you are, obviously I mean look at you! O-Oh my god, I’ll just shut up!” you hollered, an extremely nervous chuckle sprang from your throat, attempting to cover up your immense awkwardness.

Peter’s cheeks flushed even more as he heard it roll off your pretty lips once again, a smile played across his own. His eyes sparkled at your red cheeks staring at the floor. He stepped forward slightly, his head daringly leaned towards your ear, his own nervousness growing per second.

Your heart beat sped at his closeness as his lips brushed your tinted-pink ear, his hot breath whispering against your heated skin, “Maybe I should make you angry sometime.”

And you’re pretty sure you died right then and there.

In Which You Surprise Yourselves

Peter Parker x Reader

Prompts: “You’re really soft.” “You look incredible in that.” “Can I kiss you?”
Or in this case: touch that sets your nerves on fire.

Summary: Peter asks you to Prom. All of those accidental touches finally peak, building over the years and finally turning into something more. 2.5k words

Peter is 18.

Part I  Part II  Part III  Part V  Part VI

Warnings: We gettin’ a little hot and heavy in this one folks. But not cliché, so don’t get too excited, you hear? [Y/N] too good for lovin’ on Prom night. Respect yo self.

Not going to lie, little nervous about this one, so, be nice.

It was the night of Senior Prom. Your nerves were in tangles, stomach doing flips as you took one last look at yourself in the mirror. Initially, you’d gone around telling everyone that you weren’t going to this stupid dance; you didn’t want to go. You’d even made plans with your mom, expressing to her that no one was going to ask you anyway, and you didn’t want to spend the money on the whole dress thing. You had been trying to sell it to yourself. You had every intention of sticking to your guns until Peter had asked you to go with him.

You looked up from your book and over the tray of food in front of you to see Peter standing across the table. His hands shoved into his pockets, bouncing on the balls of his feet, the headphones around his neck rebounding up and down off his chest in time with his movements. You smiled at him.

“Hey, Pete,” you offered, becoming curious and slightly nervous when his answering smile looked incredibly uncomfortable. You almost wanted to laugh. You were glad you didn’t. He shocked you with the words that tumbled from his mouth.

“So do you maybe want to go to Prom?” The speed at which the words left his lips would have impressed you if you weren’t suddenly a ball of nerves yourself. “You know, with me?”

You probably looked ridiculous: eyes wide as your mouth flopped open and closed a few times before you managed to respond. “Umm, O-OK,” you nodded your head, the prospect of going to a dance with Peter finally working itself into your brain, “yeah, yes, yes.”

He had stopped his bouncing in favor of a smile. “OK, cool.”

“OK.” You were still holding your book awkwardly almost in front of your face, too afraid of moving to put it down.

He gave you a nervous smile, turning his body away from you, stopping again, his hands coming out of hiding and gesturing to the line of people waiting to get their food, “OK, I’m just gonna…” he said before walking away in the direction his shaking hands had motioned.


You couldn’t have hid your smile if you’d tried.

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what 2 do | (m)

 pairing: kim seokjin x reader,  roommate! jin, college! jin
•  genre/warnings: smut, fluff, slight angst (more like over dramatics), 
•  words: 13,759
→ summary: what happens when the college roommate you thought was definitely going to be girl turns out to be the most gorgeous guy you’ve ever encountered in all your years of life? It’s a stupid misunderstanding on your part, but maybe, just maybe, it won’t be so bad after all…
•  note. this was a request from @immawhalien95 which took me an age to write haha, but it’s finally done and my plan to take over tumblr with Jin fics is taking shape…
•  p.s. listen to I feel you by wonder girls

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What she says: “I’m fine.”

What she means:
“Lee Seokmin is an actual treasure. He works so hard and you can tell he genuinely loves what he is doing and appreciates everyone who supports the group. He’s so humble. He gets upset when he thinks he could do better and he doesn’t realize just how damn talented he is. If you closed your eyes and listened to him sing you would swear that there was an actual angel singing. His voice is so incredible and the world is blessed that he shares his talent with it.

He is so funny and his smile is incredibly beautiful (not mention his handsome face. His nose is so kissable and his moles are so adorable). His laughter makes you want to laugh along with him and watching him makes your mood brighter.

He’s such a wonderful young man and he has such a happy personality but it makes me sad and a little worried sometimes because I just hope he’s taking some time for himself and not spending all his energy trying to make others happy. I hope he doesn’t put on a large smile and crack jokes when he is stressed and needs rest. I hope that his emotional needs are being taken care of as much as he tries to take care of everyone else’s. Above all else I hope he realizes just how much he is appreciated and how important he is. He is loved by many many people and if he ever feels down I hope he remembers how many people’s lives he shines in.”

creep. pt.1

pairing: g-dragon/kwon jiyong x reader
rating: m (language, sexual content)
genre: angst, smut
pt.1, pt.2, pt.3, final


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i don’t care if it hurts. i wanna have control.

“This movie is way too cheesy, Ji.”


“How can you watch this crap? Let alone enjoy it! You already know she’s going to end up with mr. fancy pants from the get go! They already had a slow-mo kiss scene!”

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It All Comes Down To You (Part 1)

Bucky Barnes x reader / Avengers x reader Two Part Series - Part 1 Part 2

When the love of your life suddenly dies in your arms, you don’t think of having children anytime soon. But in your case, the universe (or rather your uterus) decided for you. [~3400 words]

warnings: S A D N E S S, angst, major character death, mentions of blood and violence, pregnancy, language, friendship-fluff (platonic fluff maybe? idk)

A/N: I guess my hiatus is over then (if anyone even noticed it haha). enjoy, though! feedback is always appreciated

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“BUCKY!” As fast as your legs would carry you, you ran towards where you had heard the gunshots. You didn’t care that you could be hit by a bullet as well, your eyes were solely on him.

Ignoring the shouts and orders coming through the intercom, you knelt next to him. Instantly, your hands pressed down on the wound as hard as possible. “It’s gonna be fine,” you said but Bucky’s eyes were already closed.

“You listening to me, love?” There was no answer. “Bucky?!” The panic was evident in your voice. Seemingly startled, his eyelids slowly fluttered open.

“Y/N.” Bucky forced a smile for you but he couldn’t fight off the drowsiness and how foggy everything suddenly felt. “I love you. Don’t forget that.”

You shook your head furiously, partly to shake off the tears that clouded your vision and partly because you needed him to know that you would never, ever forget him. “I love you, too. So much.”

“Y/N?” This time, it was Clint who called your name through the intercom. “Where are you?”

“Bucky is down. He got hit.”

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Sweet Boy, Jealous Boy | Yongguk (t)

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Genre: Light Smut
Warnings: dry humping.
Length: 1.3k

request found here

His hand was warm and soft in your own, giving an occasional squeeze as he took in the nighttime atmosphere. You were wrapped up in one of his jackets, much too big for your frame as Yongguk liked to wear oversized things. You were walking to cool streets of Seoul, window shopping for the most part.

“_____, I have to pee.” He said suddenly, stopping in front of a random men’s clothing store.

You giggled, hitting his arm playfully, “Then go pee!”

He leaned close to give you a soft peck on the forehead before running off into the store. You stood outside, watching cars and people pass by. Your hands were in your pocket, playing with a heat pack inside.

“Excuse me?” A man with a honeyed voice appeared in your vision. You perked up slightly, offering him a kind smile. “I couldn’t help noticing you…you’re very pretty.”

You blinked a few times, processing his words. “I…Thank you…”

“Are you…single?” He asked, looking hopeful.

You bit your lip and shook your head. “No, I’m sorry.”

His face dropped slightly but he quickly smiled again. “No need to apologize. I-“

“_____, I’m ready”

Yongguk interrupted, placing a hand on the small of your back. He has a slight smile on his face as he greeted the other man.

“Oh, it was nice talking to you.” You said, giving a small wave that he returned.

“Ready to head home?” Yongguk asked, taking your hand in his once again.

You walked quietly together, sharing a few words and stories. Yongguk was a quiet man, he loved to listen to you talk. But sometimes you just enjoyed each other’s presences as you enjoyed the crisp city nights. Your hands swung between you two and your breath fogged up the air around you as you exhaled.

When you reached home, you were tuckered out and ready to get in some nice cuddle time with your boyfriend. He opened the apartment, his keys making a soft tinkling noise in the otherwise quiet hallway.

The door opened, allowing the both of you into your warm home. The door shut with a soft click before Yongguk flicked the lock into place, securing the house for the night. Whistling softly, he plopped down onto the couch to turn the TV on. You noticed the way his shoulders were tense, a clear sign that the man was aggravated.

“Gukkie…what’s wrong?” You asked softly, sitting beside him on the couch.

He sighed, letting his shoulders sag. “I’ll be honest…I was jealous.”

Your eyebrows arched, your attention immediately piqued. “Jealous? Of what?”

“…Of that guy you were talking to. I know you rejected him. I have no reason to be jealous…but I was. I’m sorry.” He hung his head, looking incredibly vulnerable.

You smiled, pushing his back flat against the back of the couch, he looked up at you clearly shocked. You tossed your leg over his, successfully straddling him. His eyes were wide as he looked up at you. His hands were hovering in the air, unsure where to put them.

“You don’t need to be sorry.” You whispered. “I think it’s cute you got jealous like that.”

“Cute?” Yongguk scoffed, finally resting his hands on your hips.

Your weight felt nice on him and your body heat calmed him. He caressed your sides through your sweater. A small smile coming to his lips when you leaned down for a kiss. Your lips met softly at first until you leaned into it more, pressing your lips together more firmly.

The kiss gradually grew in intensity, a heat starting in your body. Having him below you and sharing such a passionate kiss with his hands touching your body, you could barely control yourself. Before you even realized it, you ground down onto Yongguk. His reaction was immediately, a soft groan into the kiss.

The sudden sound, one you had never heard from him before, surprised you. You wanted to hear more of the sounds he could make. You experimentally ground down on him again, resulting in another soft sound from him along with a tight squeeze to your waist.

“______…” He mumbled against your lips.

You hummed softly, breaking away from his lips to attack his neck. You found a spot that made him groan out loud, his head falling back against the couch. The sound causing your body to shiver and your panties to dampen. You ground down on him again, whimpering when you felt him hardening in his jeans.

“S-Sorry…” He whispered, realizing you felt him. He attempted to pick you up to take you off his lap but you refused to budge.

“It’s okay…” You whispered, kissing him softly on the lips.

Your body was so hot, your panties sticking to your core by now. They were becoming uncomfortable but the feeling when you ground down on him was enough to make you forget the uncomfortable stickiness. You ground down again, this time setting a slow rhythm. Yongguk’s groan this time was breathy and he was grinding back against you.

His grip grew tighter on you, his nails slightly digging in. You didn’t mind because he was holding you firmer against him, allowing him to grind his cock against you through your clothes much better. The friction was amazing.

Yongguk growled, wrapping his arm around you to pull you against him, his lips finding yours again. His hips set a faster pace, making you cry out against his lips. His other hand cupped your ass, squeezing a cheek in his hand. His body trembled slightly before he stopped completely.

“Shit _____.” He forced you to sit still, flat on his lap. You could feel his cock straining against his jeans as you sat on him. “We…we should stop.”

You frowned, playing with the hair at the base of his neck. “Why?”

“I don’t want to go too far.” He whispered, smiling gently up at you.

“Well…what if I want it?” You were a virgin, something Yongguk respected. He would never go further unless you asked him. And you did want it.

Except, Yongguk shook his head.

“No, not yet. I want it to be special, not starting off by us dry humping on my couch.” You giggled, slapping his chest playfully at his crude words. “But,” He continued. “I can go a little further…”

Before you could question what he meant, he was grinding up against you again. You whined immediately, the pleasure spiking through you. His cock was causing your panties to rub against your clit. He was moving so fluidly, holding you tightly, it was all euphoric.

You buried your face in his chest, clinging to him desperately, needing the grounding. He clenched his hand in the back of your shirt tightly. He was panting by this point, the whole situation driving him closer to the edge. But what he desperately needed was to get you off.

He circled your hips around his covered cock. He was throbbing in his jeans now, holding back the orgasm that was building in him. Your body was trembling, your thighs tightening against his hips. It was a clear sign that you were growing close. Your cries of pleasure drove him on. More than anything, he wanted to watch you cum. He knew you would look like a goddess while cumming.

And he was right.

Your back arched and your arms tightened around Yongguk, clinging to his biceps. You trembled above him, moaning desperately into his chest. He held you tightly as he continued to grind his hips into you, riding you through the high. Your walls clenched erratically around nothing, your juices soaking your panties completely, leaving them sticking to you even more than before.

Finally, you slumped against Yongguk, spent. His own body relaxed and he gently caressed your back. When the shakes in your body finally subsided, Yongguk gently lifted you off his lap. You laid there catching your breath when he stood up.

“Where are you going?” You asked softly.

“…To uh…take care of this.” He mumbled, gesturing to his hard cock in his pants.

“I can – “

“No baby, maybe next time.”

i hope you enjoyed some cutie pie gukkie. x

❝ I fell in love with you. ❞

Plot: Tsundere!Yoongi that, suddenly, falls in love with you.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Romantic, Fluffy ending. 

Words count: 1,3k+

For Anon, I hope you like it! M. 

Gif isn’t mine, credits to the owner! ♥

Originally posted by pastelyoonseok

Trying to do the make up on Jimin is one of the hardest things ever. First; he never stays idle for more than five minutes. Second, his eyes have a strange shape, very closed eyelids and you cuss mentally every time you see a different shade on both of his eyes.



Yoongi’s laugh fills the air and you throw at him your killer gaze, returning to focus on Jimin’s face. They must be ready in 20 minutes and Yoongi still refuses to get the make up. You hate him, you haven’t ever stand him and his behaviours.  

You haven’t stand him because, MAYBE, when you just reached Big Hit you had a crush on him, but Yoongi had decided to break up any hope of yours, making you understand that HE DIDN’T LIKE YOU.

“Y/N, maybe you should change jobs.”

“Maybe you should go to hell.”

“Ouch.” He replies, hiding behind his smile an incredible fun.

Jimin smiles displeased at you and you smile back, being able to finish your job, satisfied with yourself. You give him a slight pat on his shoulder, turning and face, with killer look, towards your ultimate goal. Min Yoongi.

Min Yoongi who’s having fun playing with his phone, snubbing you completely.

Like every day, every week, every month of the last two years of your life.


Seokjin is yelling in desperation, you’ve just beaten him at his favorite game, while you’re laughing at him with Taehyung and Hoseok. They’re friends before people for whom, indirectly, you work and they always treated you like one of the “family”.

Suddenly you feel a cold sensation behind your back and turning you find out that Yoongi has just spilled ice under your shirt, then winked at you and going to hide into in his room.

“YOONGI!” You scream getting up, pissed off, rushing to his door and began to knock violently. No one can treat you like this, let alone him.

“There’s nobody, bye!” He replys, making you upset me even more.


“Please, try again later!”

Namjoon opens the door and let you pass, so without hesitation you cast a shoe against Yoongi, that looks at you, completely shocked. You wink at him, a defiant gesture that “sexy” winking, leaving the room and slamming the door.

-This idiot - You think, back to sit on the couch, trying to shake off the feeling of annoyance that he was always able to provoke you.


“Do you put on weight?”

“As much as you’re dumber.”

“You know you shouldn’t talk to me like that? I work for Big Hit and I cou–”

“I work for Big Hit too. If I wanted too, I could turn you in for verbal harassment. ”

“I’m curious to see who wins.”

“I, Min Yoongi.”

“Try it.”


That day is worse than the others. Suffering from severe migraines has always had its drawbacks and you should be used to it, but you don’t. You are locked up in your room in the dark, trying to clear your mind when the doorbell rings twice.

With difficulty you get up out of bed and drag you to the door, only to groan when, opening it slightly, see the unpleasent Yoongi’s smirk in front of you.

“What do you want?”

“You weren’t at work.”

“You’re really good as Sherlock..” You talkin’ trying to lower your voice as you can.

“What’s the matter?”

“Anything that interests you. Have a nice day, Yoongi. ” You bow at him, closing the door into his face and turn to back on your way to get your sick ass into your comfortable bed.  

You let yourself fall onto the bed, without dwelling on what just happened. You don’t wonder why he was there and why, strangely, when he saw you he seemed mostly worried and not arrogant as his usual.


The makes-up are ready on the table, you’re cleaning brushes and expect them to be there. They’re in for a long and heavy night, then you’ve got the layout to do a particular make up in order to have perfection.


Joyful voices greet you and you greet them with a bright smile, completely ignoring Yoongi. You’re used to doing it, it’s the same treatment you receive from him.

You talk for a few minutes with your coworkers, “splitting” the boys and you’re going to start your work on Seokjin, when Yoongi sits on the chair, looking at you waiting.

“You’re with JunYa, get up.”

“I’m comfortable here.”

“Y/N, I got Seokjin!” Tells your partner excited, while you shake your head resigned and start to apply a coat of primer on his pale skin. Neither of both say a single words while you accurately transform his face.

“What a waste..” A whisper lets your lips and he raises an eyebrow, not understanding what you mean. “Forget it.”  

“I’m curious.”

“It doesn’t make any sense to do the make up, when you’re already good-looking without it.” You stammer out without look at him in the eyes, twist out and taking the brush for blending eye shadow, trying to stay calm.

“It’s me you’re talking about” He mumble shrugging and wrinkling his nose, into that expression of feigned astonishment that you saw him do many times.

You look up at the sky and give him a slap behind the neck, making him understand that his shift is over.

Could you, sooner or later, spend a day without the desire to kill him?


Your brother looks at you and you can see the concern on his face, you don’t sleep well for days because of work but it doesn’t make a big deal for you. You lay your face on his shoulder and together look at the photos of his last trip, when you wince at hearing a thump on the coffee table.

You raise your gaze only to see Yoongi, although much of his face was hidden by a black mask.

“We need to talk.” It was an order, his voice oddly cold.

You shrug your shoulders without understanding and strikes a kiss on your brother’s cheek, smiling because he’s completely shocked by the intrusion of the boy.

Your brothers shyly smile and you follow Yoongi out of the café, clutching into your jacket and trying to ignore the cold temperature of that day. You two walk for almost five minutes and you’re about to screw everything, when he tightens your wrist and takes you in a hidden alley.

“Yoongi what the heck?!?”

“Who is he?”


“That guy!”

Your eyes open wide as he lowers his mask and you just notice that he has shortness of breath, as if he was holding back from screaming or had just made a run.

“Yoongi… Why? ”

“Because… Because… ” He stutters and begins to look around, intentionally avoiding your eyes.

You lay your hand on his cheek, turned his face and watching him finally in the eyes. His are full of doubts and fears, you acknowledge those feelings because you often see them into yours, so you wait for him to say something while keeping your hand on his cheek.

“What’s up, Yoongi?”

“I fell in love with you.”

He’s straightforward and you instantly think of bad joke of his, but his look isn’t the usual. He doesn’t look at you with arrogance, not looking like you’re horrible, he doesn’t look at you like you’re invisible. He sees you and that awareness makes you tremble. 


“Who is that guy? Please.. I need to know. If he’s your boyfriend, just pretend I didn’t say anything. ”

“If he is?”

“It would be a nice suck.” He admits, biting his bottom lip.

“If he isn’t?” You ask hiding, or rather trying, the fun to see him flounder in attempts to get out of that situation.

“I’d ask you to hang out.. Maybe you could give me a slap seen as I’ve been with you, I would deserve it, but I would still ask you a date until you say yes. ”

“He’s my brother.”

“He’s your bro–really?” He asks completely shocked, cupping your face in his hands and approaching dangerously to you, so you feel his breath brushing your lips.


“Yes or no?”


“Will you go out with me?”

“Ye–No. You’re not going to win so easily, Min Yoongi. ”


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i should stop while i’m behind. i’m just gonna walk over here and drown myself in spaghetti until i immerse into a pasta induced comma. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

ivar x blind!reader.

warnings: a little wrestling, fluff. help.

“Ivar,” You called out patiently, a sweet tilt to your voice.

Silence, darkness. Your head twitched to the side. “Ivar … “ You stressed, your teeth clicking together a few times as you waited, patience thinning. You finger tapping your clothed thigh.

Ivar!” You snapped, finally seeming to catch his attention as you heard a loud grunt.

“What? What do you want woman!? I am right here!” His voice was tight, and something harshly meeting the forest floor hit your ear. Probably the boys fist, no doubt.

Exhaling deeply, your head cocked and your foot shuffled off to the right. “You did not answer me.” You stated, only to be met with more silence, and it was times like these where you wondered why you stuck around with him so often – or why he kept you around actually. “I did not realize being crippled also meant you could not hear as well!”

“How did you even know I was still here, hmm? I could have left. I could have crawled away and left you all alone in the middle of the forest.” He told you, a tilt to his voice that caused you grave headaches, like you had just given him a very good idea to make someone’s live more miserable than his own.

A chill ran through your veins, and the muscle under your eye twitched. It would not surprise you if Ivar were to do something that – he did have quite a cruel streak in him, and he had no obligation to you, nor you to him. You were not his slave, nor were you his wife, and he not your husband. But after years of an agreement between you both, you had come to trust the youngest prince with your life. Your first mistake, his brothers always told you, and sometimes you wondered if they were right. His mother, no doubt, was just happy he had found a friend and seemed to trust you with his life for some odd reason, not that you could properly protect him in anyway. There was also the fact you two seemed to argue more often than you didn’t, but you were stubborn aside from not being able to see anything, and you wondered if that’s why the prince kept you.

You were marked as completely helpless by the people of Kattegat who knew you, and even if you shouted in the wrong direction or at the wrong person, there was not a moment where you did not stand up for yourself. Of course, people laughed and taunted you, but you took it in stride – if a crippled could be the most feared and respected man, why could you not be successful in your dreams?

“I am blind, not deaf you bastard! Besides, I could not miss the sound of your portly ass dragging across the forest floor!” You retorted, bending your knee to kick out your foot in the direction of his voice, but a vice grip wrapped around your bare ankle and the world was no longer steady.

With the air knocked out of you, your back was flat against the hard ground and a hand pressed to your forehead, pushing on it to keep you down. His breath fanning across your nose, and you could hear the grinding of his teeth. “You are also a stupid child.”

Gripping onto Ivar’s wrist, your curled your fingers, your uneven nails digging into his bracers and you wished at that moment it was his skin. “I am older than you.”

Yet you were under his wing.

Only physically,” He punctuated, pressing with head to the ground harder with each word before his weight lifted from you completely, but your grip on him held and you came flying forward with him, sitting beside him now instead of standing like moments ago.

You knew you would have a bruise in a few hours from the poor treatment to your forehead, and you could only imagine how sore your back will be in the morn. Reaching out slowly, your finger-tips found his bicep, and he sat only breathing as he allowed your hand to crawl up until it found the feathery hair on the nape of his neck. You twirled the short strands between two fingers. The two of you began to laugh, a weight now on your clothed thigh, his thumb seeming to idly pet you. “I hate you, Ivar.”

He was never a man of emotions besides anger, and that was one you knew well, as did everyone around him. He was so cold and distant, and there were times you could feel the expressions painting his face during certain moments. While you did not know what Ivar looked like, you thought his smile was incredibly beautiful, whether it was brought on by happiness by something innocent, or by the way he had made someone miserable and ruined them. You could just feel it. “I hate you, too,” There was a lightness in his voice that you did not hear very often, and you felt the corners of your mouth twitch upwards until a peaceful expression lasted on your face.

He was your strength more than you would ever know, nor were you bold enough to admit. In a sense, he gave you hope for yourself and your future, even if it wasn’t right beside him.  

A blind and a cripple; he was your eyes, and you were his legs.

Cold Feet | JIMIN

Originally posted by bwipsul

pairing: jimin x reader

↝ genre: angst & fluff | best friends to lovers

↝ length: 6.8k

↝ summary: snippets of your years with park jimin. you have an awful habit of getting cold feet when it comes to jimin but lucky for you, he’s a trooper. 

“Can I sit here?” The boy in front of you asks gently.

“No,” comes your brutally immediate reply.

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Unintentional Jealousy

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Group: BTS
Member: Taehyung x y/n
Genre: smut.
Warnings/contents: jealousy, quickie (kind of not really), public sex in restroom, yeaaah. 
Word Count: 3,818+

Request: BTS has a comeback with female dancers and you’re paired with V. You go out to celebrate and are dared to do a sexy dance on a pole that is conveniently placed in the room. V gets jealous and fucks you in the bathroom.

Things happened fast. Too fast, actually. You somehow found yourself in the public restroom in the club with your dance parter. His long, slender fingers running up your waist and down to your clothed ass. The feel of his hands alone was absolutely wondrous. He had your full consent- you didn’t want him to stop. In fact, you silently hoped that things would escalate even further…

How had everything led up to this one moment?

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