his ickle little cute adorable smile

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Do you have any super cute headcanons for Sho/Syrus? Just cause he's such an ickle baby :3

(ICKLE BABY 😍😍😍 Such a precious request… Turned into relationship headcanons hope dat ok 😶)

* has stars in his eyes
* this little womb nugget will almost always ask you why you’re with him out of all people
* gets overwhelmed when you’re loud and random
* but he adores you so much
* always thinking of new ways to make you smile
* loves cottoncandy and loves sharing it with you
* you’re the only person who’s allowed to touch his glasses whenever you want
* super shy and very blushy every time he see you; he need to be with you for about 20 minutes to chill out
* when chilled out he gets like a whole new person
* that said, a very fun person :D
* this person that’s not afraid to yell after you if you two get lost from each other in public
* take pictures of you when ur not looking but only to keep them for himself
* thinking you’re too pretty for him
* don’t expect him to make the first move, ever
* expect him to rant about his problems (about his big bro and the jesse-jealousy with his other bro jay) with you when you get closer
* will spill out all his anxieties in your moments
* then he’ll worry he talk too much about himself
* apologize lots
* good at making spagetti
* feels so so so lucky to have you
* <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
* your no1 fan
* <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

“Little Syrus. Poor little Syrus.. he would be the weakest link in a plate of sausages!” -